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  1. MihajloJedi

    Ask to Join Star Wars:Collapse of the Galaxy (SIGN UPS)

    PLOT: This Star Wars RP is placed in times many years before events from Phantom Menace. Galaxy Far Far Away is at the entrance of war that can get galaxy destroyed. But as always there are Jedi, defenders of Galaxy. The Sith are trying to make this war by splitting the Old Republic into two...
  2. Riloap

    Open Adventure In The Kanto Area. Sign Ups.

    Adventure In The Kanto Area, Sign Ups. Rules: Follow Poke charms rules at all times. No swearing or trash talking. You may start with 1 or 2 Pokémon's In battles with other group members do not dodge every shot and do not say you will win all the time. Now for the sign up sheet. Name: Age: (...
  3. prince~

    Open Pokéblades: Zerdion Royale Sign UpsUps

    (RP Thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokeblades-zerdion-royal-rp.18759/) Hello! Welcome to another on of my RPs! Well I guess I should explain the concept of this RP. So pretty much in this region the aether waves flow in a very violent and weird way, causing pokemon to turn into weapons...
  4. Økama

    Open Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Roleplay (Sign Up/Discussion)

    Hello and welcome! This is my first general RP ever so yeah... WARNING: THIS RP WILL HAVE MAJOR PLOT AND STORY SPOILERS FOR XENOBLADE CHRONICLES 2 RULES (PLEASE READ): Follow basic Pokecharms RP Rules Don't curse to much but it IS allowed Two Rare Blade per OC Rare Baldes are first come first...
  5. dooto

    Open !Discussion! BrackenClan’s Legacy, a <[Warriors RP]>

    [ https://pokecharms.com/threads/brackenclans-legacy-warriors-rp.18375/ ] A kit runs around, a butterfly wing hanging from his jaw. A lithe, yet compact and brawny she-cat meets a handful of cats; the kit stopping; gazing into their eyes. Her expression is vivid; the stars glow from within. "I...
  6. An0maly

    Open Smash Central Sign-Ups

    All, these are the sign-ups for a new RP I'll hopefully be making as soon as we get 5 participants, not including me. You know Wreck it Ralph, right? And how the characters go to the hub when they're not being played? Think that, but for Super Smash Bros. Smash Central is where all of the...
  7. LizTheDreamer

    Open The Roserade Legion ~ Info And Sign-up

    Roleplay Description 10 years ago, in the region of Unova, rumors of an evil force began to surface. Dark, psychic, and poision type pokèmon began disappearing. Trainers went off in search of them, but no one could find a single clue as to what happened. Over the course of the next five...
  8. spookyscary

    Open Warrior Cats: Dawn of New Clans

    I love the warrior cats book series, and I noticed a few threads about it! So... I decided to create one myself! Okay, here's the story. (Years after the events that take place in the books) Twolegs have begun to mercilessly capture the Clan cats, and take them away, or even slay them, all for...