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Open Warrior Cats: Dawn of New Clans

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I love the warrior cats book series, and I noticed a few threads about it! So... I decided to create one myself!
Okay, here's the story.
(Years after the events that take place in the books) Twolegs have begun to mercilessly capture the Clan cats, and take them away, or even slay them, all for the sake of their needed land, to build Twolegplaces and other necessities. The Clans have begun to lose faith in Starclan, but then... A prophecy is received.

The Light will shield Thunder from destruction, however not all shall be saved. Hail will heal the weak as it falls from the sky. Together, assisted with Ashes, Skulls, and a keen Hawk, Thunder will be revived, and time will pass, and Thunder will roar as it becomes a Blaze.

Days after the prophecy is received, Thunderclan's hope begins to regenerate. Then, a fox arrives. The fox isn't any normal fox- like Midnight, the fox is connected with Starclan deeply, and can mew like a cat. Wounded, the fox is leading 5 kits, whispering and murmuring under her breath. Out loud, she waves her tail to the kits and pronounces their names, Lightkit, Ashkit, Bonekit, Hawkit, and Hailkit.

Then, the fox faints.

This is the story of those five kits and their Clan.
1. If you want to RP as Ashkit, Bonekit, Hawkit, or Hailkit, please ask. If I approve you, then you can! Also, don't drop out of the RP if you are one of these characters. If you even plan on dropping out, PM me first..? Please?
2. You can make your own character.
3. If you are going to make a prophecy, PM me about it first.
4. No using 'Moon', 'Star', or 'Silver' as a prefix. Don't use things cats wouldn't know about, either.
5. Don't be ridiculously overpowered or gain 9 lives without being a leader.
6. If you are going to die, PM me about it first. Same thing for killing other characters- PM each other and me about it, ok?
7. If you're using a character I made please act like them! They are story-important, so don't die quickly either.
8. If later in the rp, you must choose a new deputy, please choose a good RPer and someone who is active in the rp.
9. Read Pokécharms rules before joining in!
Put your favorite color in the "Other" section if you read the rules!~ (I won't though)
Appearance: (can be image or description, or even both!)
Here's the info for the 4 prophecy kits you can rp as.
Ashkit is unusually small for her age, but she is extremely determined and will do anything to get the job done. She is clever, finding ways to use her small size to her advantage. She speaks her mind and is always up for an adventure!
(imagine that but a tiny bit smaller.)
Bonekit thinks he's the leader of everyone. He's not humble, either. He can be demanding and cruel- which is saying something because he's a kit! However, he'd do anything for his friends and is always up for a fight, especially if it means proving that he's special.
(He's a bit more sturdy than the kitten in this image, though. As in, muscle.)
Hailkit is shy and actually worried about the Clan's future, unlike the other kits. Another difference about her is that she remembers her parents, unlike the other kits, who only remember the fox who brought them to Thunderclan. Having deep compassion for others and hating seeing others hurt, she strives to be a medicine cat. (Yes, she's in the 10-20% of white cats with blue eyes who are not deaf.)
Hawkkit is kind and gentle, but mess with him and he'll try to attack you. He's quite gullible, hopefully just an effect of being a kit, and definitely a gentleman. He is ambitious, too, wanting to be Clan leader and take Thunderclan back to flourishing. He's always speaking his mind, and never shy. One thing does worry him even at the young stage of being a kit- the odd dreams he has of mysterious cats in a dark forest with dead trees casting shadows over these suspicious cats, who always offer to train him. He wants to accept.. but he always denies. Some day, will he accept?

Here's the character that I chose, Lightkit- and the rp form for her, you can use this as an idea for how yours has to be, I guess.
Name: Lightkit
Rank: Kit
Appearance: An orangish yellow shekit, with green eyes and a darker shade of stripes over her body.
Personality: Lightkit is defensive of herself and others. Anxious about the Clan's future and the state of their "mother" and caregiver, Ember the fox, she dreams of being the leader of Thunderclan, or creating her own Clan. She is quick to become friends with someone, but tries not to yap a lot.
Backstory: (Most of this will be revealed in RP, so this will be very basic.) Like the other kits, she was lost and disconnected with her parents, leaving her to be alone. Ember, feeling pity and knowing Starclan would appreciate her kindness, took care of them for 4 moons, leaving her, and most of the other kits, to forget about their birth mothers. After catching a cough and being horribly wounded, Ember ran to her last resort: the Clans. There, she gave up Lightkit and the others.
Other:hah nope


Lightkit: Me!
Bonekit: @Skiddo
Hawkkit: @StevenUniverseDiamond
Hailkit: @SuperPokemonFan43

Leader of Thunderclan: @Stormursa (Icestar)
Deputy of Thunderclan: @Skiddo (Grayheart)
Medicine cat of Thunderclan: @SuperPokemonFan43 (AcornBlossom)
Warriors of Thunderclan: @SuperPokemonFan43 (Brightwing, Deweyplant)@Sun and Moon (Swifttail and Rapidfur)
Elders of Thunderclan:
Apprentices of Thunderclan: @SuperPokemonFan43 (Mistypaw)
Kits of Thunderclan: @Sun and Moon (Stripekit) @Stormursa (Mousekit)

NPCs will be a part of the rp, and I'll make a Clan cats thing later. Also, your cat's appearances, personality, etc. can change in the rp- you don't have to edit your first post. Just make sure it was something that makes sense, like kits growing up, or a traumatic event. Also, if I approve of your cat dying- just make a new one. But don't be dying nonstop, it ruins the rp.

Sorry for such the long post ;v;! I see a lot of warrior cats roleplays here so I hope mine doesn't get ignored.

also i found all the pictures online
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Name: Icestar
Rank: leader
Appearance: light grey tabby tom with a white underside and hazel eyes
Personality: serious, stubborn, doesn't like to see his clan suffer
Backstory: grew up in thunderclan
Other: purple

Name: Mousekit
Rank: warrior
Appearance: small grey tabby she-cat with green eyes
Personality: shy and quiet though she loves those close to her ferociously
Backstory: she is the daughter of Icestar and her mother Brackenwing
Name: Icestar
Rank: leader
Appearance: light grey tabby tom with a white underside and hazel eyes
Personality: serious, stubborn, doesn't like to see his clan suffer
Backstory: grew up in thunderclan
Other: purple

Name: Mousekit
Rank: warrior
Appearance: small grey tabby she-cat with green eyes
Personality: shy and quiet though she loves those close to her ferociously
Backstory: she is the daughter of Icestar and her mother Brackenwing
good to see this isn't dead!
Accepted :p
One thing that might turn people away is how the prophecy is kinda vague. So what are the kits going to do to save the clans? Are they taking them to new territory, will they destroy the clans, what?
I'm thinking they should remain sorta peaceful, and move to a new territory, however they will have to fight their way there, which is why Hailkit eventually becoming medicine-cat apprentice is important.
Name: Bright Wing
Rank: Warrior
Appearence: Light Grey Tom with Golden eyes
Personality: Mostly on the Bright side, Kind, loyal, Brave
Backstory: Her parents died after a war between her clan and another, so she joined Thunderclan to escape war.
Other: Flinches easily

And also, are you reading Dawn of the Clans? It sounds like it with territory and the title Dawn of Clans. I'm reading that one now.
I was planning on making a warriors rp called "Warriors: The Cats Among us."
But then I saw this. The prophecy seems decent, same as the introduction so I was like "why not?"

Name:Swiftail (idk... took me a name randomizer to find it :/ )
Appearance: A "Cloudy" Grey She-cat with Light Blue eyes (is blind)
Personality: Calm and always eager to solve mysteries
Backstory: Her parents was burned to death by twolegs making a "mistake" and set their own house on fire. Her parents did everything to save her and her brother, Rapidfur (was Rapidkit back then). After the fire department came and put out the fire, Swiftail saw her parents burned to ashes... she was brought to thunderclan thanks to Starclan...
Other: Favorite color is red.

Name: Rapidfur
Rank: Warrior
Appearance: A Dark Grey tabby kit with Light Blue eyes
Personality: Over-Protective. guides his Sister, Swiftail around the world.
Backstory: Basically the same backstory as Swiftails (However he sometimes dreams the future ahead of him, even though he doesnt know it yet)
Other: Orange

Name: Stripekit
Rank: Kit
Appearance: a Amber-Orange Tom With Dark Green eyes
Personality: Fierce, trys to show the leader that he can be a good warrior.
Backstory: Stripekit was born in a Twoleg Nest. However.. he once met a warrior of Windclan and wanted to live like him. So he fled the nest but took a wrong turn and got with ThunderClan thinking it was WindClan.
Other: Purple

Its been a while since I roleplayed /: ( I DIDNT FORGET THE RULES)
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Unless somebody joins, the medicine cat will have to be an NPC everyone can control for now. We could choose a deputy here or in the RP, or the deputy could be an NPC just like the medicine cat.
Name: Grayheart
Rank: Deputy
Appearance: Dark gray with one single black paw- and icy blue eyes.
Personality: Serious, doesn't like trouble and isn't afraid of anything.
Backstory: Born in Thunderclan, however she's a Half-Clan cat, because her father was from Shadowclan. This has been kept a secret so that her reputation is held high.
Other: Blue
Here are the NPC characters (I noticed @Skiddo was setting up a patrol so we need them, and they are free to control)
Name: Lightningfur
Appearance: Yellow tomcat, with amber eyes

Name: Clawstreak
Appearance: Calico shecat, with bright green eyes

Name: Bluetail
Appearance: Gray tomcat with an odd color of tail, looking sort of blue-ish

Name: Specklepelt
Appearance: Tortoiseshell shecat with yellow eyes.


Name: Blizzardpaw
Appearance: Ivory colored tom with a gray paw, and blue eyes. (Mentor = Specklepelt)

Name: Russetpaw
Appearance: An orange shecat with green eyes, similar to Firestar but a darker fur color. (Mentor = Clawstreak)


Name: Sugarheart
Appearance: Solid white shecat. Deaf on one ear.