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  1. Mochi088

    Jay’s Art 3(:)0

    My lil OC dudes 3(:)0
  2. Lyndis

    Art Gulag [ Come get this Commish!! ]

    Commissions are OPEN! What's good friends! Setting up a thread for all your character concept and design needs. My favorite thing to do is design characters, so whether you want just a regular piece of art or something highlighting their design, I'm your huckleberry. PRICING INFO...
  3. Fraseandchico

    Ask to Join Guardians (Discussion Thread)

    In the beginning, there was nothing but darkness in the Universe, then, the first Cores came into being: Time and Space. These two Cores worked in harmony, but soon, the Stars came. From these stars, created by chance, multiple Cores appeared, Fire, Life, and Soul, Soon other Cores starting...
  4. Gamingfan

    Ask to Join Kirby series: War for the galaxy

    The time is after all the current kirby games. OG kirb is somewhere in a different galaxy, destroying some other planets for the sake of strawberry cake or something. Nightmare comes back and revives dark matter, which in turn recreates previous enemies who Kirby had defeated. He attacked other...
  5. UstanTheDragonSlayer

    Ask to Join Pokemon: Hoenn Crisis

    Magma Headquarters Mt. Chimney Depths Axel the Admin leaned back in his office chair, furrowing his brow at the amount of paperwork that had ended up on his desk. "What's this?" he asked, referring to the grunt nervously standing in front of his desk. "Uh, n-new recruits, sir!" he replied...
  6. Socordiasomnia

    A Gijinka Story Nuzlocke Question (I want your opinions!)

    So, I've been really curious about something for a while now! I'm currently doing a Gijinka Storylocke challenge fanfiction for Pokemon Sun and I'm having a ton of fun with it, but there's times where I wonder if the world of the plot has any holes in it. For example, I've decided that the...
  7. Merciless Medic

    Tell Us About YOUR Cringy OC!

    The title explains it all. Just tell us about your OC, who you think is a Mary Sue/Gary Stu or is just plain cringy and should be thrown into the abyss and forgotten forever. Now, we are only talking about YOUR OC, nobody else's. We don't want to just force someone to show their OC here; that's...
  8. TheOneCipher

    OC Submission For The Writen Work I am making

    Hello reader, I am TheOneCipher, formerly SeafolkDhelmise789. I am creating a written work that has some of my own ocs in it, but I would like some suggestions for other ocs as well. You can leave them in here and I will tag you on each page and put you in the credits segment once this series...
  9. Pokewolfgirl18

    Open Subject Number RP

    Hello! Welcome to this RP... Subject Number! This is similar to Monsters Vs. Aliens, and will probably be based on a lot of things. But anyway... here's the main summary. Far in the future, experiments on humans are becoming more and more numerous. There are new creatures that have been...
  10. spookyscary

    Ask to Join Warrior Cats: The Dawn of Clans

    (Currently, we're still accepting people for this RP, so if you want to join here's the sign up: https://pokecharms.com/threads/warrior-cats-dawn-of-new-clans.15821/#post-415696) The moonlight glistened in the sky, giving light to the Thunderclan camp. The stars above shone brightly, reminding...
  11. spookyscary

    Open Warrior Cats: Dawn of New Clans

    I love the warrior cats book series, and I noticed a few threads about it! So... I decided to create one myself! Okay, here's the story. (Years after the events that take place in the books) Twolegs have begun to mercilessly capture the Clan cats, and take them away, or even slay them, all for...
  12. Ember Cryptic

    Requests Open!

    ¡Hola, buenos noches! I decided to open requests, even though I can't figure out how to post my art on here rip. If anyone doesn't mind helping me with that, I really would like to try doing requests for people! I can draw out most Pokemon, and I do better with gijinkas than I do with actual...