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Ask to Join Pokemon: Hoenn Crisis

Magma Headquarters
Mt. Chimney Depths

Axel the Admin leaned back in his office chair, furrowing his brow at the amount of paperwork that had ended up on his desk.
"What's this?" he asked, referring to the grunt nervously standing in front of his desk.
"Uh, n-new recruits, sir!" he replied, avoiding eye contact. Axel skimmed over the papers quickly, sighing deeply when he realized he would be in charge of training them.
"Alright, you're dismissed." Axel waved the grunt away, he could tell the grunt was close to a breakdown by being so close to someone like Axel. He straightened the paperwork and grabbed a clipboard from a drawer, attaching aforementioned paperwork to also aforementioned clipboard before exiting his small office, locking the door behind him. There were a few sensitive, not to mention highly classified, documents inside of his desk he didn't really want anyone else seeing. With the office security in place, Axel headed towards the waiting room where the recruits were most likely gathered.

Aqua Headquarters
Lilycove City Outskirts
"The hell do you mean, I'm in charge of the recruits?!" Cray shouted at one of his fellow Admins.
"Orders from the higher-ups, asshat!" the Admin shouted back. This particular Admin was a portly man with a stereotypical prate look, save for the peg leg and hook hands. "Now quit yellin' at me 'fore I knock yer teeth in! Stupid brat..." And with that he walked away before any more could be said.
"Damn you, Sully..." Cray muttered under his breath. He sighed out of frustration and was close to exploding with anger, but he realized that would get him nowhere, so he took a few minutes to calm down. "Well, whatever. Can't be all bad, training a bunch of newbs... Guess I'd better get to it." He began to walk to where the recruits would most likely be waiting for his arrival.


Previously EeviumZ
~Lily, Team Magma~

Lily entered the waiting room, her glasses rimming her emerald-shaded eyes. Her arms were crossed as she entered, her eyes cold as her demeanor.
She glanced at the other member in the room. An Admin, from what she could tell. She assumed that he'd be training all the new recruits. She gave a respectful nod, before sitting down.
She held a notebook and had a pencil behind her ear, which she pulled out. She flipped to a specific page, before beginning to write.

~Gracie, Team Aqua~
Gracie, with a skip in her step, entered the waiting room, seemingly not noticing the Admin already present. She was humming a simple tune, clearly with her head in the clouds. She sat down, still humming.
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Thomas was in with the new Aqua recruits, as he walked in he started to have second thoughts about what he was doing. "Well, it's too late now..." He thought to himself as he took a seat, he still wasn't a hundred percent sure what he was getting into. All he knew was that he'd get paid, so that was enough of a reason for him. He looked at the Admin who he presumed would be showing them the ropes up and down, he definitely looked tough and his towering height added to that.
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Akane sat on the side of a couch towards the center of the room. The teen was sitting on the side of the couch, rather than on the cushions. She was already wearing a Team Aqua bandanna, having it draped on her face like a desperado from an old western. The Team Aqua insignia had been painted on her right forearm. On her left arm her Tentacool, Lars, had wrapped himself tightly and was clinging on. Akane flicked a butterfly knife in her right hand, her fingers already having quite a few bandages from where she messed up. The girl looked around the room with a suspicious eye, watching each of the new Aqua recruits. She didn't say anything, keeping to herself. When the Admin came in however, Akane stopped messing with her butterfly knife. With a few quick clicks, the knife was put away safely. The girl kept her eyes on the Admin, waiting to see what he had to say.
Marcus simply stood near the center of the room with his hands in the pockets of his coat, a few people wondered why he wore something like it on a nice day but remained silent about it because of the intense look from his bored eyes and serious expression. His eyes turned to look at the girl with a butterfly knife in hand as well as a few tattoos, Marcus wasn't one to complain about other people's appearances anyway, so he remained silent. When the admin entered, Marcus simply turned to look at him and hear whatever he had to say. He had heard that Team Aqua were a team that tried to liberate Pokemon by making a batter environment for them and hoped that it was true.


Previously Night's Shadow
Dare entered the Team Magma headquarters, her faithful Houndoom at her side. There was only one other recruit present: a green-eyed girl with glasses. Glasses Girl was writing in a notebook. What? Dare didn’t know. Nor did she particularly care.

She flopped back onto a couch and Doom clambered up beside her, laying his head on her thigh. One booted foot tapped on the floor impatiently and she took one uninterested glance at the admin before placing a hand on Doom’s head, fiddling with her necklace with the other hand.

“Hey, Glasses Girl!” she called across the room when she could stand the boredom no longer. “What’s your name?”
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Feray walked up to the Team Magma Hideout and was getting filled in on some information from her earpiece. She listened intently while keeping a good eye on the Team Magma grunt that was escorting her, making sure he didn't see the bluetooth in her ear.

"So, all we need you to do is figure out what they are planning. We don't want you to be a hero, so do not sabotage their mission. It would be quick and easy, but we don't want to lose you, as you are one of our greatest assets. Let the shock troopers take them in for questioning and we can pin them with the evidence you provide. Omega, out!"

Feray nodded before taking the earpiece out of her ear and stuffing it in her pocket. Luckily, Feray did it quickly enough where the guy didn't notice, nor turned to look at her.

She finally arrived into the room, looking around at the girl with glasses and another girl with a Houndoom. Feray's Poochyena walked by her side with dignity and poise, confident in herself. The grunt, a formal type, saluted at the admin and walked off. Feray walked over to the middle of the room and awaited further instructions by standing there with her feet spread apart at shoulder's length and holding her wrist behind her back, her Poochyena sitting by her feet with the same kind of attentiveness as her trainer.


Previously EeviumZ

The dark-haired girl looked up at the Grunt who had just entered, her green eyes chilly. It seemed she disliked being called "Glasses Girl." Her voice took on an icy tone, as she spoke.
"Lily. And don't call me that." Her voice held a strong contempt. "I prefer being referred to with my real name, not a name given out of ignorance." She returned to writing.

@Night's Shadow


Previously Night's Shadow
Dare scoffed. “Well, excuse me,” she whispered to Doom. “Who spat in her breakfast?” Doom growled in agreement.

Another grunt, this one with a Poochyena, has entered during their pitiful excuse for a conversation. Dare glanced her way, nodded, then continued tapping her foot quietly.

She wanted to do something! She needed a challenge. But she knew how to hold her tongue, and kept her mouth shut, her long, tapered fingers tracing patterns on Doom’s back. Smoke trailed from his jaws as he yawned in ecstasy.

Dare cast a sideways glance at the admin. Was anyone else going to come? If not, let’s get started please, she pleaded silently. Her parents had long suspected she had ADHD, but it had never been proven. Dare sank back into the cushions and waited.
(Looks like we can progress with Magma for now. I would've liked to wait for Xatu but oh well, I don't think we'll be going too far lol)


Axel ran down the list of recruits as they walked in, checking off their names as he matched them with their descriptions. The salute from one of them caught his eye, but didn't think much of it. Missing all but one for now, huh? Suppose I can move on, rather get this done as quickly as possible. Axel pulled out a pack of cigarettes and out on in his mouth, lighting it and taking a drag as he began to speak.
"Cease your conversations, grunts. It is time for you to pay attention." He took another drag and exhaled before continuing. "I won't bore you with an introductory speech. I would much rather see what you are capable of, so we will be taking to the field immediately for a training mission. Gear up, we head out in 10 minutes. Meet me at the entrance when you're done. Dismissed." He then exited the waiting room and walked towards the meetup point, extinguishing his half-gone cigarette and tossing it away.


Previously Night's Shadow
Yes! Dare was filled with excitement when the admin announced the training session’s commencement. When he said ‘gear up,’ she sprang from the couch, energy levels bursting.

Gear up. With what? It didn’t matter. Dare’s battle skills would serve her well enough. Her eyes narrowed as she tied her blond hair up into a high, lopsided ponytail. She zipped up her leather jacket so the Magma insignia was visible. Doom growled beside her, pre-battle adrenaline burning in both their bloodstreams. Dare’s raven tattoo creeped up from below her collar on her back.

She was ready for anything. After all, she was Adaira Black— daring battle expert. She crossed her arms and headed towards the place the admin had said to meet, her eyes glittering with the dark light of anticipation.
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Feray nodded and began going through her belongings. She had her three PokeBalls, Poochyena's was on her belt while the two with her Abra and Dusknoir were hidden from view within her jacket pockets. There really isn't anything she needed to do. Making sure her boots were on tight, she clicked and her Poochyena followed her obediently as she marched towards the entrance. When she reached the entrance, she knelt down to pet the top of her companion's head, a soft smile forming on her lips before it disappeared as she got up.
Cray tapped his foot impatiently as the new recruits wandered in one by one. Once the final recruit walked in, he stopped the foot taps and walked to the center of the room.
"Alright, listen, maggots!" he shouted in an authoritative tone. "This is the Team Aqua headquarters, AKA your new workplace if you can manage not to mess up our little training mission!" His eyes darted from face to face, making sure they were all paying attention before continuing. "Now, as you all may have gathered, I'm obviously in a higher position than you. Which basically means you're gonna obey every order I give you or else my trusty Sharpedo will bite your head clean off, understood?! If yes, then meet me back at the entrance of this hideout ready to start your evaluation. Get to it!" With that, Cray stormed off towards the designated meeting point.


Previously EeviumZ

"You betcha!" the girl squeaked, seemingly not caring about the death threat that she'd literally just been given five seconds ago. She really had no idea what she was doing here, but she didn't care. She twirled on the spot and headed to the meeting point.


Lily stood up, nodding respectfully. "Understood, sir."
Already holding a Pokeball at her side, she left the room for the field, ignoring everything else around her.
Akane listened to the admin, keeping her face set as the man yelled at the group. As she listened to the admin, Akane was glad that she was wearing a bandanna to hide her face. The Tentacool wrapped around Akane's arm looked up at his trainer with worry in his eyes. This human guy seemed kinda scary. Maybe this thing wasn't the best idea for his human to do. Noticing her Tentacool's apprehension, Akane's face softened slight. She petted her Tentacool, trying to calm Lars down. She was gonna be okay.

An unusually cheerful, 'You betcha!" brought Akane out of her thoughts, and the girl watched as another girl, one with blonde hair green eyes, twirled around and practically skipped to where the admin wanted everyone to meet. A rather strange reaction. Hardening her expression once again, Akane jumped off the side of the couch before walking after Gracie. Akane leaned against the entrance to the hideout, readjusting her bandanna and making sure it was still hiding her face.
Thomas stood up silently from where he was sitting and began walking toward the designated meeting spot. He was glad to finally be getting up- it felt like he’d been sitting down for ages. He glanced at the girl who seemed to be overly jubilant about this whole thing, but he didn’t let it bother him too much. He had to make sure he passed this test.

Feray walked over to the training site, as commanded by the Magma Admin. She got herself mentally prepared. She had to come off as a completely normal person who just wants to help a team with expanding the land for humans to thrive. But there were so many problems she could think of about that. What about the water? Humans were 70% water. What would be the point in expanding the land? Hell, it would destroy all of the ecosystems that were associated with water. And their Pokemon they were normally using were mostly weak to Water. What if the sea Pokemon attack? What would be the point if two-thirds of their force were weak to one element?

She quickly got those thoughts out of her head though. Despite her thoughts, her face was stoic. She needed to be ready for anything and everything.

She waited for the admin's next orders.