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Ask to Join Warrior Cats: The Dawn of Clans

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The moonlight glistened in the sky, giving light to the Thunderclan camp. The stars above shone brightly, reminding the cats of who they had lost. It had been two moons since the prophecy had foretold about Thunderclan's future, and who will save them. Of course, just a moon later, a wounded fox had arrived, as well as five kits.

Lightkit got up onto her feet, looking around the camp under the night sky. She sat outside the nursery, in awe. Her fur tingled as if something was going on, and slightly worried, Lightkit began to meander around camp. Is anybody there..? nervously, she looked around, and everything that seemed beautiful at night suddenly seemed dark. Of course, there was nobody there. Relief flushed over the kit, and she rushed back to the den, curling up, and trying to go to sleep.

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Hawkkit tumbled in his sleep. He was having nightmares.

Hawkkit walked through the dead forest. "Hello? Anyone there?" He called. There was shadows leaning over a cat. "Hello. Would you liek to train?" The cat asked Hawkkit. "No," Hawkkit replied. "Fine," Snapped the cat. It disappeared into the darkness.
Icestar grumbled in his sleep. The leader of thunderclan turning over in his sleep and kicking at the moss of his nest. He was dreaming of a chase, a hunt of a rabbit running through his head.
The sun began to rise and Grayheart did as well. She rose and looked around the camp, organizing the dawn patrol.

Bonekit got up quickly. "Another day for Bonestar, the leader of all the Clans!" he turned around and looked at his companions, the other kits. "C'mon guys, get up! Losers are the ones that stay in the nursery all day." he snickered and dashed outside the nursery, looking for something to satisfy his boredom.
Hailkit woke up with a start. "Ek!" She shook her head. "Just a dream." She got up watching Bonekit race out of the nursery.

Bright Wing woke up yawning. "Maybe a bit longer." She said curling up then went back to sleep.
Hailkit yawned then got up. She walked out of the nursery following Bonekit and Hawkkit. She tripped over a random stick on the ground. "I'm okay." She said to herself and got back up following her companions.
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Lightkit grunted, enjoying a sweet dream of being a warrior, but then to be disturbed by Bonekit. He was already making his way across camp, and knowing she had nothing else to do, Lightkit stumbled up, looking up at the sky. Of course, Hawkkit and Hailkit were already up. Grayheart was organizing patrols.. and they were five moons old! One more moon! she thought to herself excitedly, and ran outside of the nursery.
Bonekit looked back at the other kits. "Finally, you guys aren't snoring yourselves to death!" he looked into the medicine cat den, which was pretty empty. "Booring." he looked over at Grayheart, who was organizing patrols. "How about we leave camp? We're almost apprentices, nothing bad will happen!"

Grayheart watched as the patrol she set up left. Knowing Bonekit was a young troublemaker, she kept her eyes on him. He's almost an apprentice. You can trust him... her mind told her. But another part of her mind couldn't accept it.
As light streamed through the entrance of his den, Icestar got up. The tom looking out over the camp before stepping out and prowling toward the fresh kill pile. His tail hung low as he yanwed and picked a robin from the pile to eat. He perked up at the sight of his mate as she nudged their first kit out of the nursery.
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"I agree with Hailkit.. without it, how will our Clan be helped from disease?" of course, Bonekit then suggested a horrible idea. Leaving camp. "I really don't think we should, or can, leave camp." Lightkit shuddered. "It's not safe.. not every fox is as nice as Ember. Or cat." Shrugging the idea off, Lightkit tried to bring up something else. "We can play a game. Just no leaving camp, Icestar might get mad.. or Grayheart!"
"Also, you said that we're almost apprentices. But we aren't apprentices yet," Hawkkit protested. He glared at Bonekit. "Do you really want to break the rules?' Hawkkit asked. He looked towards Bonekit. Hawkkit didn't want anyone to get in trouble.
"Breaking rules are bad and we're too young." Hailkit managed a little smile. "We're almost apprentices anyways." She said quietly with an awkward smile. She flicked her tail.
Bonekit rolled his eyes. "Lightkit, if we even get into danger, I could just defend us. Easy!" snickering at Hawkkit, he replied, "Nobody will find out. It's just so boring in camp!"
"At least Hailkit knows how to have fun." he looked around, just to make sure nobody was watching. "We're all going, even if you don't want to."
Rapidfur woke up from a rock being tossed by him. "Time to wake up already?" He mewed. He looked outside his den, glad to see everyone happy and ok. Getting back to thinking Rapidfur forgot to wake her sister this morning. "Swiftail wake up!" He said quietly.
"Waa! Oh. Hi Rapidfur, You startled me!" Swiftail said. She walked to the Fresh-kill pile and carefully picked a Mouse to eat. "This will do for now..." she thought. taking the mouse back to his brother so they can both share.
"You can't make us," Hawkkit growled. He eyed Bonekit. "I'd like too see you try getting me out of camp," Hawkkit said. He gave a glare at Bonekit.
"Alright, fine!" Bonekit backed up and ran towards the others, trying to push them outside of camp. Why won't they just listen to the best one out of all of us? I'M the one who is going to be the best warrior. he kept on going, trying to move the other kits.
"Eek!" Lightkit tumbled over since she was in the back, all the other kits were also being pushed against her. Quickly, she rushed back up. "Bonekit, this isn't fair. If you wanna leave camp, just go on your own terms!" Lightkit dashed back to the nursery, worried about getting in trouble.
Hawkkit watched as Bonekit tried to move the group. "Bonekit, why do you want to leave camp so much. Even you aren't dumb enough to know you don't stand a chance against a fox," Hawkkit insulted. He was started to get annoyed. First his mysterious dream; then a mischevious kit? Hawkkit didn't follow Hailkit and Lightkit. He just sat there.
Bonekit growled lightly. "If you don't want to have fun, just go back to the nursery. Anyway, I could just go by myself while you guys stay here." he was trying to seem superior, but failing. "Plus, if I come back alive, it proves I'm the best kit! I'll just leave today." They'll see! I'll show them, and when I come back, they'll want to come outside of camp... after taking a brief look around, Bonekit dashed outside.
"He's gonna die out there," Hawkkit said to himself. "Better make sure he doesn't. I'm pretty much forced to go now," Hawkkit took a cautious glance. He raced after Bonekit. He grumbled to himself.
Bonekit heard Hailkit and stuck his tongue out, before spinning around outside camp. The trees loomed above him, and he could feel the breeze that was carried around the lake. Wow. It's so much better than the camp... just then, he heard shuffling. The small body of a mouse was scampering around, trying to rush back to its home. Bonekit smiled to himself and slowly creeped up on it- then pounced! Shocked, the mouse felt his movement and scurried away. Bonekit ran after it until he was decently far from camp. Stupid mouse... he thought to himself.
Mousekit shivered as she looked around. She saw the other kits as they ran and talked. The grey tabby she-kit hid under her mother as they padded over to their father, sticking close to ther parents. She flipped down and whined softly when Sandpath groomed her.
Hawkkit followed Bonekit. He stopped. "Bonekit! You shouldn't be this far away from camp," Hawkkit commented. "I don't think I can remember the way back to camp," Hawkkit sighed. Why was Bonekit always getting in so much trouble?
While Hailkit chased after her companions Silverkit followed. She has good memory. Hailkit swallowed and shivered. "We should be turning around, right?" Silverkit bounced. "No way! It's so cool here!"
Lightkit listened to Hailkit. Worried, she realized almost everyone had left. What if they die..? Or get scented by someone. Lightkit hurried to leave camp, and once she had left, she looked for mud- anything actually- to disguise her scent. After briefly rolling around in mud, Lightkit took a look around. How far did Bonekit go? Did he die? How close is he to the lake? panicking, Lightkit looked up towards the sky, hoping to find an answer. Hearing Silverkit, Lightkit's hope returned. Following their scent, she tried to get an image of where everyone was.
Bonekit flinched realizing he was not only being followed by the other kits, but he had been discovered. "Erm..." he tried puffing his fur up to seem tougher. "I'll find my own way back to camp!" He looked over at the lake, which seemed much closer, and then forward. He began to pad back to where he was before, but really didn't know where he was going.
"Why do I smell mud?" Hailkit asked. "Anyways we might get lost, so let's leave." "No way! I have good memory. Don't worry. I will probably remember the way out." Silverkit protested. Hailkit always admired bravery especially because she's shy. "Fine." She grumble as they followed Bonekit.
Hawkkit caught up with Bonekit. "You don't know where you're going, do you?" He asked him. Hawkkit looked at Bonekit teasingly. He smirked slightly.
Stripekit was waken up by all the sounds going on. "Who disturbed me?!?" He hissed. Oh its nothing... He quickly fell back to sleep.
After eating a nice kill of mouse. Swiftail smelled the scent of some ThunderClan kits outside of camp. "Oh no." She thought. The blind cat began searching for the kits using her amazing sences to her advantage.

Leaving camp, Swiftail knew she was super close. She couldnt see them but she could smell them a couple of tail lengths away. "And what excatly are you doing outside of camp?" She asked, surprised while twitching her tail. Kinda feeling sorry for them.
"Eek!" Hailkit squeaked running behind Hawkkit. "It was Bonekit's fault, don't hurt us." She stuttered. Silverkit turned her head. She flicked her tail. "Yeah, but why not? We're almost apprentices." She protested.