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Hello! Welcome to this RP... Subject Number! This is similar to Monsters Vs. Aliens, and will probably be based on a lot of things. But anyway... here's the main summary.

Far in the future, experiments on humans are becoming more and more numerous. There are new creatures that have been created. Some have worked out... some have not. While most of the population have been able to continue on with their normal lives despite this, some have not been so lucky. Whether they have become a host for a parasite, received certain traits or abilities from lab experiments, or maybe something entirely different, the government has agreed on one thing: these "special" humans and creatures are a danger to society and must be removed.

Of course, they aren't gonna go on a killing spree. Instead, they have founded Protection for Unique Humans, or P.F.U.H. People who have been moved to this facility come from all sorts of backgrounds and ethnicities. The only requirement is that they have some sort of special power. At this facility, everyone is given a number that they are referred to by the staff. These people are taught normal school curriculums, have living quarters that they share with a maximum of three people, and are taught how to use their powers.

It is only when they can fully control their power that they are allowed back into normal society, and can be called upon when more difficult problems arise.

If you are interested, please post a form for your OC in either the Subject OC form thread or Staff OC form thread, or ask me any questions you may have. :)

OC Forms: https://pokecharms.com/threads/staff-ocs-subject-number-rp.16364/
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As the bell rang, Eva hurried out to get to her next class, which was on the other side of the school building. She dodges students and staff alike, but alas, it did her no good for she smacked right into Dr.Jake. "Oh, I'm so sorry!" She exclaimed.
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The Dr. just stared stared blankly at Eva. "Ya know what? It's fine. Just don't do it again kiddo." Jake ruffled Eva's hair and walked off, going through notes on experiments, another person would be walking down the hall, wearing thick gloves over his hands. "Hello!" Said the kid as he walked past Eva, in no particular hurry.
"Yes sir." Eva responded, relieved that she didn't get yelled at. Ayla snickered. "Awe, look. He's a softie." She said. Eva ignored Ayla, hearing the kid greet her. "Hello," She called back to him, ready to start rushing to her next class, hopefully not bumping into anyone this time.
The kid would sink through the floor, and reappear in Eva's next class. He would be perfectly calm the entire time. He would start to read lord of the rings at his desk. The kid would realize that Eva was in his class, can't teleport. He would sink through the floor again and reappear I front of Eva. "Hey, need to get to class fast?"
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Eva let out a surprised gasp and quickly forced herself to stop before running into the kid. "Hey, watch where you're going!" Ayla snapped at him, even though he probably couldn't hear her.
As he asked his question, Eva thought. Could be a trap. But hey, who cares? "Yes, I do, actually." She answered, inwardly reprimanding Ayla as well.
Ok, the boy said, he walked right next to Eva, stopped, snapped his fingers and they were both teleported to their next class, which they had the same class, he just sat down at his desk and read.
"Whoa!" Eva exclaimed, not used to the feeling of teleporting. Seeing that she was now in the exact class she was supposed to be in, she smiled. "Hey, thank you." She told the kid as she passed him, taking a seat in the back. (Or a seat or two down from him, if he's already in the back.)
(He's in the very back) "No problem!" He'd be reading lord of the rings, as the teacher walked in, it was dr Jake, a substitute for the day. Suddenly, what appeared to be a sort of VR headset would appear from a panel in the floor, and attach itself to the kids head "HEY!!! What give-" "hello class, I am Dr. Jake, your substitute teacher for today. (This is science now) Now everyone, please open your books to page 492, if you do not see the chapter title "brain anatomy" then you are on the wrong page."
Eva glanced over to the kid out of concern, but obeyed Dr.Jake's instructions. "Brain anatomy? How boring." Ayla complained. "Boring, but necessary." Eva mentally told her. However, she couldn't help but think that Ayla was gonna be right about the class interest level.
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"Subject 183, I did not know you were in this class..." The kid would bare his teeth "well I am, MONSTER." Dr Jake walked up to the kid, he injected something into the kids arm as the kid squirmed. The kid went limp. Jake pulled a walkie talkie out of his pocket. "We need a pickup crew to my location, and relocate Subject 183 to another classroom for today."
"You see, it's not what he HAS done, but what he COULDVE done, you see, I... Created him, and he is not to happy about that or my fellow science members. When he awoke from the experiment he tried his new powers and, just touch one of the staff with his PINKIE, and it killed them. Why do you think we have him wear gloves? He shows hatred to the science staff and this is just a countermeasure. To insure safety." Jake said as the retrieval team entered the room, carefully handcuffed the kid, pulled him out of his chair, they attached a heart rate monitor to him, to make sure he survived, it showed 0BPM, which the retrieval team was not worried about. They dragged him through the rows of desks and right past Eva's, they dragged him out of the classroom.
Eva could do nothing but watch. Even though he the power to kill someone with a touch, she was sure he wouldn't purposefully kill someone, even if he hated them... right? "I just... it still seems... unfair." She said, barely above a whisper. Why couldn't he stay in the normal class with the rest of them? Why couldn't he have just had a chance first? "Giving chances to guy like that could be fatal, my naive host~" Ayla said, pleased that the class wasn't just a huge snore fest. "I know, but he doesn't seem like he would hurt someone for no good reason." Eva just stood and stared at seemingly nothing as she replied to Ayla.
The kid woke up again, just before leaving the room, the vision impairer was off his head "YOU!!! YOU SON OF A-" the door slammed shut behind him before he could finish his sentence. A single loud gunshot was heard, then crying. The crying faded as it traveled down the hall.
Eva heard the gunshot and the crying. Her eyes widened. She felt frozen. "D-did they shoot him...?" She stammered, voice tight. However, she didn't wait for an answer. She already had begun to run for the door to make sure he was okay. Ayla laughed. "Man, you humans are HILARIOUS!" She exclaimed.
A trail of blood led to the infirmary, it doesn't look good. There would be guards outside the infirmary. They were holding machine guns.
Eva follows the blood to the infirmary. She takes a deep breath and looks at the guards. It took all her nerve not to run away then and there. "May you please tell me why there is blood on the floor, leading here." She asked, trying to ignore the large machine guns.
"A mutant tried to harm a staff member, so we shot 'im in the knee." One of the guards said."IT, not HIM. That THING doesn't deserve to live." The other guard replied.
Eva normally did not hate people or things. Only dislike. But that insensitive statement... and that accusation! He didn't harm anyone, he only called him a name! She tried to keep cool. "Pardon me sir, but I have to disagree. See, I think you misunderstood the entire situation... I was in the room, and HE did not harm anyone, or attempt to harm anyone. He only called someone a name, which is a very childish reason to shoot someone in the knee. In fact... can it even be called a reason? I personally do not think so." Eva stated, shaking ever so slightly from what she perceived as the tense situation.
"He tried to take off his gloves and touch my face, which would kill me! Also, that little brat killed five good men the day he got his powers! So watch your tounge ya little b-" the other guard would cover the guards mouth. "Oi, calm down, she's just a kid, listen, girl, if you want go on in and see your friend ok?" The other guard said sweetly.
Eva smiled at the other guard. "Really? Thank you so much." She said, and quickly walked in before the first guard said anything. She looked around the infirmary for the kid, or Subject 183. She wished she asked his name after thanking him; she wasn't exactly comfortable giving him a number like he was some item that she was taking stock of.
Eva looked at the door. "Bet'cha control it's that one." Ayla said. "How about no?" Eva replied. But she still opened the door, thinking that perhaps he was in here. "Hello...?" She called quietly as she walked in. She searched the room for a familiar face.
Eva saw the kid and dashed to his cell, skidding to a stop in front of it. "Are you alright?" She asked, then mentally slapped herself. "No, I apologize... that was a stupid question... but did they heal you at least?" She asked, concern filling her voice.
Eva shook her head wildly. "No, you're not. You're a person with a name, feelings, opinions, thoughts, and an entire life ahead of you." She sighed softly. "I dunno what or who put it into your head that you're a monster."
He looked you dead in the eye, his nose was broken and he was bleeding from his forehead. "Really?! You don't call THIS, monstrous?!" He put his bare hand to the wall, the metal rusted almost immediately, then he touched his cloth cot, it rotted away. "THIS IS WHY I AM NEVER GOING TO LEAVE!!! I'll just die in here...."
Eva gasped slightly as she saw his face. But she quickly regained composure and shook her head. "No. I call it, 'something you can't control.' Or maybe, 'a power that you can control, given time and practice.'" She sat down. "Listen... I won't lie. I have absolutely no idea what you are going through, or you have been through. But I can tell you this... you are not what others say about you, nor are you what your ability is. You are who you choose to be. And right now, it looks like you're choosing to be the harsh labels and judgements of people who know nothing about you." Realizing her last sentence may or may not have been a bit harsh, she continued. "listen... you will leave. You won't die in here. I won't let them keep you prisoner. This place is supposed to protect people, not lock them away in some cage to and leave them to rot. And no one has any right to blame you for what you can't control."
"Heh... t-thank you..." the kid wiped the tears and blood from his eyes. He smiled weakly. "Hey, can I show you something?" The kid asked as he pulled on his gloves.
He gently grabbed her hand, and they sank through the floor, entering another dimension, it wasn't pretty, but it was cool. "Welcome to the pocket dimension! My great great great great grandpa made this place! Also if you see two glowing eyes in the distance, let me do the talking, k? He's a little, cranky..."
"Whoa..." Eva breathed, looking around. It was cool. Even Ayla was impressed, though she refused to admit it. "This is really cool." She said looking at him. "Thank you for showing me this." She smiled.
"No prob-" You and the kid heard raspy breathing and a corroded human walked towards them. "Pal, get behind me," the kid whispered. "Heya gramps!!! Just wanted to show my friend this!"
Eva listens and gets behind him, glad that he sees her as a friend. Ayla whistled. "Man, that guy has probably seen better days." She commented as the corroded human advanced. "Ayla, don't be rude." Eva hissed, and remained silent. She remembered him mentioning to let him do the talking, which she was more than glad to obey to. This guy sounded like he could be dangerous, and she didn't feel like becoming host stew.
"Who... is this?" The man said. "J-Just a friend! Hehe!" The kid had broken into a cold sweat. "Hmmm... but why now?" The man asked. "They... locked me up... again..." "that's it... this ends now." The man said. "WAITWAITWAIT!! Grandpa no!!!" But the man had already entered the earth dimension. "Oh no..."