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Open Smash Central Sign-Ups

All, these are the sign-ups for a new RP I'll hopefully be making as soon as we get 5 participants, not including me. You know Wreck it Ralph, right? And how the characters go to the hub when they're not being played? Think that, but for Super Smash Bros. Smash Central is where all of the characters go when they're not being played. Smash Central looks like Tokyo, with the electronic billboards and the hustling, bustling atmosphere. It's always night.

Rule time!

-Only one OC, unless you ask and receive a definitive answer from me.
-OC characters are first come, first serve, which means only one Fox can be in this RP, only one Falco, only one Marth, and so on.
-Though all of the stages are based of off SSB4 on the WiiU, you could be Snake, Wolf, or any other character that was in previous Smash games, but didn't make it to 4. (Moment of silence for Ice Climbers)
- Keep cussing to a minimum
-Keep adult content to little to none.
- To ensure you have read the rules, please input a random gemstone into the Other Category. Make sure no one has used it!
I May Add More Rules Later, Depending On How This GOES

Please note that every character from the Nintendo Franchise lives in Smash central, they just may not be played. Assist trophy characters cannot be played, and are also in Smash Central

Okay, Character Creation



My Character:

Name: Fox McCloud
Character: Fox
Gender: Male
Friends: Falco Lombardi, Falco
Enemies: None (Can be edited)
Spouse: None (Can be edited)
Children: None (Can be edited)
Other: Black Onyx


Thanks for reading, guys.



Previously Mecha Who
Sounds cool.

Name: Sonic
Character: Sonic!
Gender: Male
Friends: None (He has no friends in the game, he is the only character of his franchise)
Enemies: None
Spouse: None
Children: None
Other: None

Sonic is the only character of his franchise.
RIP Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, Rouge, Omega, Eggman, Classic Sonic, Vector, Charmy, Cream, Silver, Espio, Chaos, and Metal Sonic... :(