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discussion thread

  1. InsaneBlathers

    Open Pokemon Isles (Discussion)

    When a visit to a pokemon themed resort island goes awry, trainers are trapped with no pokemon and no way of escaping! To make matters worse, the power at the resort has gone out, and conditions have become inhospitable. The trainers were taken to a nearby island, Goodhill Island, and have been...
  2. VenusaurMega

    Missingno Squad Discussion

    Hello there! This is a thread to discuss and talk about my Missingno Squad: Search for the Glitch Pokémon thread
  3. •spirit•

    Private/Closed The Valorine Region! (Discussion & Sign Ups)

    A newly discovered region for you, Valorine sports many different environments that other regions don't have. New Pokemon have been discovered here, as well as the ones we all know and love. This region is divided into 6 small islands, all connected by red bridges and many cherry blossom trees...
  4. Jarkol

    PMD: The Next Generation Discussion!

    Welcome to the PMD:TNG Discussion thread, where you can leave your BIOs and thoughts about the Role-play.
  5. Jekis

    Ask to Join (Houseki No Kuni) Land of The Gems! (Discussion)

    https://pokecharms.com/threads/houseki-no-kuni-the-land-of-the-gems.21062/ Hello everyone! I made a chat so nothing gets to unorganized. Here are some of the rules Rules Pokecharms Rules Must be followed No overpowered characters, they can't kill a lunarian with a simple slash of the sword...
  6. Jekis

    Ask to Join (ALO) Catch the Thief! (Discussion)

    (Link to roleplay https://pokecharms.com/threads/alo-catch-the-thief.20920/) You must've gotten here from my roleplay in the general roleplay section! Well here, this is where we can talk about out of character stuff, and submitting characters! Here is the format for submission. Name: (ALO...
  7. Rogue the Staravia

    Ask to Join Deltarune: Fates

    Deltarune: Fates or DeltaSave is a story about a young human warrior named Kris and their merry band of friends and their journeys in the dark world. What will happen to them if they can't win? Just have to wait and see. My simple rules: -No rude remarks -Have fun -Be kind -Keep swearing to a...
  8. MihajloJedi

    Ask to Join Star Wars:Collapse of the Galaxy (SIGN UPS)

    PLOT: This Star Wars RP is placed in times many years before events from Phantom Menace. Galaxy Far Far Away is at the entrance of war that can get galaxy destroyed. But as always there are Jedi, defenders of Galaxy. The Sith are trying to make this war by splitting the Old Republic into two...
  9. Riloap

    Open Adventure In The Johto Area. RP

    Before signing up for this RP please read the rules below. Rules: Follow the Poke Charms rules. https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-role-play-rules.9451/ No shiny Pokémon allowed. No romance ( Unless discussed to the owner before hand ) Have Fun!!! Here is the sign up template: Name: Age...
  10. Luke The Riolu

    The Comic Discussion

    First up Hi ! I'm Luke, i've been away for a while incase you forgot about me, this thread is to discuss about my comic, if you don't know about it and want to "be part of the story" I guess ? Go read it here (/^_^)/ SO !! I called you all here, for some information about your characters make a...
  11. Økama

    Open Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Roleplay (Sign Up/Discussion)

    Hello and welcome! This is my first general RP ever so yeah... WARNING: THIS RP WILL HAVE MAJOR PLOT AND STORY SPOILERS FOR XENOBLADE CHRONICLES 2 RULES (PLEASE READ): Follow basic Pokecharms RP Rules Don't curse to much but it IS allowed Two Rare Blade per OC Rare Baldes are first come first...
  12. WingedHussar

    Open The Great War (discussion)

    The time has come. A war started in the Pokémon world. Join the breathtaking war from Kanto to the Raka region full of dangers and threats. Friendship will be tested, as sacrifices will occur every step. Will you take a leap into a devastated world? Important! The starts in Kanto and will move...
  13. avae

    Ask to Join The Hoenn Region (Discussion Thread)

    Welcome! If you have not yet joined The Hoenn Region RP, do so here:https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-hoenn-region.18312/ This is a Discusssion Thread, feel free to post your ideas and thoughts here for the RP! You are free to chat with other members of the Roleplay as frequently as you want...
  14. Tailon

    Private/Closed New Kanto Thing Discussion/Character Repository

    @StellarWind Elsydeon @Rex @Psycho Monkey @Dark Soul Y'all know what's up. Name: Dean Hale Gender: Male Hometown: Viridian City, Kanto Age: 14 Height: 5’ 5” Weight: 130 lbs. Hair: Dark Red, almost auburn Eyes: Green Clothing: Grey t-shirt with black sleeves, overlarge blue jeans, black...
  15. An0maly

    Warrior Cats: Tropic Life Sign-Ups 2.0

    Warrior Cats: Tropic Life Sign-Ups I'm just directly transferring the top post, and if anyone has anything they want added, tell me. So, here it is. General Warrior Cats role play. Everyone is welcome. These Warriors will take place on tropical island(s). Prophecies shall and can be made if...
  16. An0maly

    Private/Closed 'The Beat Em All Challenge' Discussion Thread

    This is the thread for The Beat Em All Challenge, hosted by me, An0malyGaming.
  17. Cerol24x

    Open Into pokémon!!! discussion

    This is discussion for the RP, where people 'transformed' into pokemon. Their life, and problems... (Warning. 1.You can use just un-evolved forms of pokemon. Pokemon babies do not count. You can still have dat Pikachu. 2. Plz, no legendaries. 3. For knowing that you read the rules you need to...
  18. Souji_Okami

    Ask to Join - Alola~Life High - Remastered Signup and Discussion -

    ---- Hello, It's me! Souji_Okami. I'm gladly that i'm about to talk about stuff, that's happening in Alola~Life High. And behind the scenes with the characters. The main protagonist would talk about the behind the characters and the PRP plot itself. I would call Souji to talk about what...
  19. Curtkid

    Pokemon Evolution Conundrum

    O.K, now this is something that has been stuck in my head for a while, at least ever since I got back into Pokemon little over a year ago. I asked my friends about it a while ago, had a bit of an interesting discussion about it, but now I want to ask you guy's. And that question is this: How do...
  20. Ariados twice

    Ask to Join Angel High (Superhero) RP Discussion

    This will sort of be like "Sky High" (for those who haven't seen it there is a school that floats in the sky, hence the name). There will be a few differences though. One of them being that all the students will learn First Aid (please try to be mature about this, and yes, this will include...