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star wars clone wars

  1. EnviousWorm

    Ask to Join Star Wars: The Young Republic

    Neimoidian Space Cato Neimoidia System Rose's Gambit The hook was simple; For payment of 4,000 Huttese Wupiupi and 5,000 Republic credits (Republic credits up front, -- pick up the cargo from Menkret - Weequay Lieutenant for a Hutt Boss named Lanjiirr operating from the underground of the Cato...
  2. MihajloJedi

    Ask to Join Star Wars:Collapse of the Galaxy (SIGN UPS)

    PLOT: This Star Wars RP is placed in times many years before events from Phantom Menace. Galaxy Far Far Away is at the entrance of war that can get galaxy destroyed. But as always there are Jedi, defenders of Galaxy. The Sith are trying to make this war by splitting the Old Republic into two...