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splatoon 2

  1. Astrial

    Open City of Color

    Inklings and Octolings stand in the light of the city of color, Inkopolis, battling their days away. Whether it's Turf War, Ranked, or League, nobody wants to miss out on this turfing action. It's the beginning of a new season, and tryouts for various teams are taking place, and everybody is...
  2. norii

    Open [Splatoon 2 RP - Signups]

    くコ:彡Inkopolis Square is your one-stop for all things fresh! Home to all squid, kids, and all other things. Don't get cooked, stay off the hook!C:彡 If you know anything about Inklings, then you know about Turf Wars. The locals are rarely seen not talking about their latest victory, newest weapon...
  3. norii

    Private/Closed Splatoon 2 RP - Ideas/Discussion

    Would anyone be interested in a Splatoon 2 RP? I'll create the sign-up thread after we decide on a concise, or at least good, plot, whether it's slice-of-lifey or more centered on action. I was thinking we could roleplay as Octolings who got lost in the Deepsea Metro. Their story would be...