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Open [Splatoon 2 RP - Signups]


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くコ:彡Inkopolis Square is your one-stop for all things fresh! Home to all squid, kids, and all other things. Don't get cooked, stay off the hook!C:彡
If you know anything about Inklings, then you know about Turf Wars. The locals are rarely seen not talking about their latest victory, newest weapon, or trick. Any Inklings unfamiliar with the sport should get started here...
...and that wraps up this tour! Stay fresh!

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Hello !! This is my first sign-up/roleplay thread I've hosted, so sorry if it looks off or something isn't explained right. Feel free to ask questions and discuss the roleplay ♪
This roleplay is all about Splatoon. Turf Wars, Ranked Battles, and working at Grizzco. We'll be roleplaying as a rookie team looking to make it big, so the main focus will be on them. This means that most action will be more "normal" Splatoon things (but there will be other events going on.)
Also, this roleplay will be chapter-based, if that makes sense. For example, the first chapter is about forming the team: we start with everyone's characters outside the Battle Lobby (the elevator thing nearby Judd). So, your character shouldn't be doing something completely different. Basically, having a reminder of what the current chapter is about helps me move the plot forward, and sometimes helps people remember what has happened or catch up with what's going on.


(the roleplay hasn't begun, but when it does, the current chapter and link will be here.)
i. I shouldn't have to say this but follow the Global/General Pokecharms rules.
ii. No canon characters, please.
iii. You can be 3 characters max, as long as you can handle that.
I'd prefer if we had 4 or 8 total characters so that it's even.
iv. Don't be overpowered or a Mary Sue.
v. Stay on-topic/mostly in-character and try to follow what's going on.
vi. Be active. I understand that we all have lives, but don't drop one message and never reply again.
vii. This is optional, but try to keep your character forums in a spoiler box (if they're big).
- extra -
∙ This roleplay is set after the events of the Octo Expansion and Splatoon 2's hero mode. So, we'll be using weapon loadouts, specials, subs, etc. from Splatoon 2, rather than Splatoon 1. Updates will happen in the roleplay, too. (ex: somebody mentions that they've seen a brand new special being used, or that Sheldon has a new weapon in stock)
∙ I'm not sure if we should roleplay any Splatfests, but if we do, they don't have to reflect ones in the game. We can do custom prompts.
∙ ...and since Splatfests happen at night, while most battles take place during the day, skipping nighttime ("the next day...") is fine, as long as we have reason to.
∙ Our characters are childhood friends unless stated otherwise in your character form. They should know each other before the start of the rp, though, even if it hasn't been for that long.
If you have an idea for the next chapter, just say it here!

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Character Sheet:
(Squidkid or octo... uh, nevermind.)
Age: (They should be around 14)
*Main Weapon:
(Put whatever feels best, but we might discuss the ranks/levels here, and change it to something that makes sense, and has everyone at around the same level.)
You can add anything else you'd like, (goals, sexuality, crushes, etc.) and remove anything with an asterisk, as well as the extra text I added.
Name: Komuiwa
Nickname: Komu
Species: Komuiwa is an Octoling.
Age: He's about 14.
Gender: Male.
Appearance: Komuiwa has a cool, pale complexion. He has delicate yet defined features and is of small stature and slim, lithe musculature. His expression would never give away his thoughts, although he usually appears worn out and tired. Komu has ebony, dull eyes, matching his sense of style: his preferred ink color is black, and he shifts towards baggy, long-sleeved clothing. His casual outfits are different from the ones he uses in battles. The mask around Komu's eyes is thinner than it should be. Komu has messy, mid-length hair.
Personality: I'm not good at writing these...
Backstory: By nine, Komu was already tweaking with gadgets and experienced with weaponry. He was on par with elite Octoling apprentices, but he was shamed off of the battlefield. Only a few years later, he found himself lost on Mount Nantai. In an attempt to get back home, he distanced himself from it and neared Inkopolis. Here, he met his friends and moved on from the Octarians. (oof sorry it's bad)
Skills: Komu is good with machinery, and likes to take things apart and rebuild them.
Main Weapon: Komu likes to use the charger.
Ranks+Level: Komu is level 28, and he's around rank A in everything.
Other: Komu is quiet, mostly because his grammar is poor.

@GalacticDeg @Fraseandchico (you guys can tag whoever was interested !!)

also i cant think of a title for this... so... if anyone has one-
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Name: Sayori
Species: Inkling

Age: 14
Gender: Female
Appearance: Quite short, she has green eyes, and peachy skin. She prefers the ink colour green, and wears a squid face-mask, a Dark Bomber Jacket, and Cherry kicks. Her hair is the main Splatoon 2 Inkling girl one.
*Personality: Quite rebellious, and hates weaklings(At first), however, deep down, she is actually a really kind person, and she really enjoys music. She has a soft spot for Octolings. However, she hides this by being a bully.
*Backstory: When she was younger, Sayori became obsessed with turf war, and, despite her lower level, became one of the go-to teammates for a Splat-fest. She later, when Octolings first escaped from the Deepsea Metro, joined a gang which, like her, was obsessed with Turf war and the like. She is currently their leader.
*Skills: Turf war/Any game mode. Leadership.
*Main Weapon: Sayori normally uses a Krak-on-Splat Roller.
Ranks+Level: Lv30, and A in everything.

*Other: N/A
Name: Kyla Watts
Species: Inkling
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Appearance: Kyla has quite tanned skin, green eyes, and is quite tall for an Inkling. People joke about her being partly jellyfish, but she isn't. Her hair is exactly like the long newer female one. (long hair and fringe, all straight). Usually she wears a white and ink colour striped sweater, a skirt with leggings, and ink colour converses. Her preferred ink colour is magenta.
Personality: Her personality matches that of a jellyfish, mostly. She's hard-working, determined, however, sometimes she can get so intrigued that she gets caught up, and fully ignores people around her. Another detail, she can get bad tempered at times.
Backstory: Grew up as a normal squid, nothing too big, except that her dad was splatted permanently mysteriously.
Skills: Generally skilled at Ranked Battles, doesn't like Turf Wars since splatting a necessary thing. Great at most weapons, and making infiltration techniques on the enemy team. However, still learning to fully use Squid form at ease.
Main Weapon: Undercover Brella, occasionally uses a Splatterscope.
Ranks/Levels: 24 / B in everything except Clam Blitz, which is a C-.

May I mention, I love the presentation of the main post. A lot of detail went into that.
Species: Inkling
Name: Steve Storm
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Appearance: Steve Is a brown skinned Inkling who is pretty tall, Overall he is one of the tallest inklings in inkopolis square, His hair is the exact same as the topknot hairstyle. Most of the time he wears the FA-01 Jacket and some Purple Sea Slug shoes.
*Personality: Steve is a huge perfectionist, trying to follow match rules and trying to win perfectly, other than that he works extremely hard and has a knack for reading.
*Backstory: Had an average upbringing, has always wanted to become a turf battler since he was six years old.
*Skills: Pretty good at exploiting when the enemy team is caught off guard and using that to his advantage, works at grizzco often but has some minor troubles using his squid form.
*Main Weapon: Dark Tetra Dualies.
Ranks+Level: Level 23, Go-Getter in Salmon Run, Pretty bad in ranked with everything other than Splat Zones and Tower control have a B-, Splat Zones and Tower Control are A. Pretty good in Turf war.
*Other: His main goal is to get better at Rainmaker and Clam Blizt.
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@norii Two questions, first, can you at least use a few words so I know what to expect from Komu? Second, how many people are you looking for to begin? Also, wouldn't recommend putting the RP on private as soon as the actual roleplay begins.

We're on 4, if we get over 4 before we begin, I'll try making a second if it means we get eight.


Previously autir
Shoot, sorry! I'll add some in a second, and thanks for the advice, I wasn't sure if I should put it on "ask to join" or "private". I'll try to create the thread as soon as I can- since we have 4-unless we should have more people?
The one thing about having a Splatoon RP is the amount of people. Four people, whilst being simple, can be a bit boring, but then eight people... most likely will have some people who don't even post.
So... @norii I don't think we'll get many more people, are we fine to begin soon? We're at a good enough number, anyway. I have an idea for a second character if we get to a certain point in the RP with the octo-prison thing if we use it.
@norii I'm sorry to triple-post now, but I'm gonna be honest, I've been excited for this and now you've been dead for nearly 2 weeks! Hopefully you can come back and start this or something?