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  1. •spirit•

    Private/Closed The Valorine Region! (Discussion & Sign Ups)

    A newly discovered region for you, Valorine sports many different environments that other regions don't have. New Pokemon have been discovered here, as well as the ones we all know and love. This region is divided into 6 small islands, all connected by red bridges and many cherry blossom trees...
  2. |:| DarkPast |:|

    Open Pokemon: Web of Lies - Sign Ups!

    What would you if you were in the situation that many are in? The pokemon we know and love are not what we think of. The people we meet along our journeys aren't who we think they are. It was all...fake. You have a choice: to believe these lies...or find the truth. You are a trainer who leaves...
  3. MelodyMay

    Ask to Join A Call to Action Sign-Ups

    Rp Link: https://pokecharms.com/threads/a-call-to-action.20496/ Introduction: Hello, everyone! It's been a while since I've hosted an rp, but, boy, am I excited to be back in the saddle! This is different than my usual fare but I'm excited to try it. It's a superhero rp with a steady but loose...
  4. norii

    Open [Splatoon 2 RP - Signups]

    くコ:彡Inkopolis Square is your one-stop for all things fresh! Home to all squid, kids, and all other things. Don't get cooked, stay off the hook!C:彡 If you know anything about Inklings, then you know about Turf Wars. The locals are rarely seen not talking about their latest victory, newest weapon...
  5. arally

    Ask to Join PMKN: 7 Days [Discussion]

    In this roleplay, we will roleplay as Pokemon. There will most likely not be any humans in this. Keep this in mind. __________________________________________________________ You just couldn't keep yourself from checking the old abandoned mansion, could you? What's even worse, is that some of...
  6. An0maly

    Open Warriors: Desolation Island Sign-Ups

    Note that you may make as many NPC's (non player characters) as you like, but I'll only allow 3 OC characters. Making NPC's is actually very helpful to me, as the more you make, the less I have to. I'd like to have enough cats, NPC or otherwise, so that I can fully populate the island. To see a...
  7. prince~

    Open Lumiose, The city of Love !ROMANCE! (Discussion/Sign Ups)

    Hello! Welcome to my first ever RP!!!! Now what I wanted to originally was kind of a battle tournament but I had the sudden urge for a romance RP so here ya go :p. Also all characters should be adults because we don't want this getting banned and sorry but NO POKEMON, ONLY TRAINERS. And one last...