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Previously AceAltaria
In this roleplay, we will roleplay as Pokemon. There will most likely not be any humans in this. Keep this in mind.

You just couldn't keep yourself from checking the old abandoned mansion, could you? What's even worse, is that some of you packed to stay overnight. It doesn't matter now, what does matter is that the house is now locked in, letting Pokemon in and not releasing them. You better get to the bottom of this--and fast, because help won't be arriving, and you've only got a week to escape.

We will start when we are already inside the mansion, but before we realize that we're locked in.



1. There will be NO power-playing, god-modding, bunnying, autoing, or anything of the sort. It takes the fun out of the roleplay. [Hey. While you were gone I made your character get killed.] While we're on the subject, please refrain from submitting mary-sue characters. (op characters.) [IT'S OVER 9000!11!1!]

2. No legendaries, please. Preferably no mega evolution, either. Trainers aren't present.

3. You may have up to 3 characters, as long as you can keep up with them. Also, you may only have ONE fully-evolved Pokemon. They can know up to 8 moves. ALL Pokemon from every region are allowed, so long as they aren't legendaries or mythicals.

4. Please follow all of the general rules of Pokecharms!

5. Write AT LEAST a paragraph. It's hard to reply to one-liners, and it's in the rules of Pokecharms anyways.

6. Please be nice to each other. I shouldn't have to say that. This means no OOC fighting. I will not hesitate to remove you from the roleplay.

7. Keep this PG-13. Keep swearing to a minimum. I'll allow romance, but it has to be kept to kisses, hugs, light flirting, etc.

8. Try to include everyone in the roleplay! :)

9. No, you can't escape from the mansion after two seconds. [Hey guys, there's a way out through here. I just dug all the way to China.] It's not that easy. I'll say it has to be DAYS before they find a way to escape.

10. I won't be allowing Fakemon for this roleplay, sorry!

11. Have fun! Not a real rule, but I hope you do!



Any nicknames?:
Sexual orientation:
History (optional):
Moves (at least ONE must be a non-damaging move) [They can be any move that that particular Pokemon can learn, whether it be by level up, TMS/HMS, egg, tutoring, etc.]:

Ability (only one, can be any ability that Pokemon can have--hidden ones, as well):
Crush? (you don't have to have one yet):



Name: Cherry
Any nicknames?: No
Gender: Female
Sexual orientation: She's straight as a board.
A bent one.
Species: Shiny Furret
Personality: Cherry is typically aloof and distant, but despite this she will not hesitate to speak out against things she believes are wrong. She doesn't talk to others a lot, which most Pokemon mistake for being shy, even though it isn't. She is careful with her movements and almost always has a plan for most things she does. She might seem cold and hostile at first, but it's just that she doesn't believe socializing is that important and therefore doesn't talk a lot. However, if you do get through to her, she will be a loyal friend and even open up to you more. Cherry is also pretty stubborn. If she has her mind set on something, don't expect her to change it.
Appearance: She has the normal build of a Furret, but has abnormally pink fur. Her main body is light pink--almost white, and her stripes are a darker pink. She also wears a necklace with a red berry pendant.
History (optional): N/A
Moves (at least ONE must be a non-damaging move) [They can be any move that that particular Pokemon can learn, whether it be by level up, TMS/HMS, egg, tutoring, etc.]:
-Sucker Punch
-Quick Attack
-Shadow Ball
-Iron Tail
-Hyper Voice
-Focus Energy
Ability (only one, can be any ability that Pokemon can have--hidden ones, as well):
Keen Eye
Crush? (you don't have to have one yet): that's funny
Other: No


Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's
Name: Cinnamon
Nicknames: Swirl, Fudge
Gender: Female
Sexual orientation: Straight
Species: Audino
Personality: Cinnamon is a scared and wimpy Audino. They often read books, and are completely oblivious when reading. This makes her witty. She's shy in a way, but seems to be okay with socializing with others in the mansion. She's very skilled in healing and believes fighting isn't a good way to solve anything. She seems very skilled in chemistry, always making potions and the like.
Appearance: Shiny Audino, Blue diamond earrings on her ears, lab coat, black glasses
-Heal pulse
-Hyper voice
-Role play
-Last resort
-Stomping Tantrum
Ability: Regenerator
Crush: None yet.
Other: N/A


Previously Shadow_Pup
Name: Blue
Nickname: Shadow
Gender: Male
Sexual orientation: Straight
Species: Shiny Umbreon
Personality: Kind, protective of those he cares about, loyal and caring. But when he is angry, grumpy or annoyed he can become ruthless, not very trusting and cold towards others.
Appearance: normal shiny Umbreon except he wears a black custom made cowboy hat.
- Payback
- Shadow Ball
- Double Team
- Throat Chop
- Giga Impact
- Agility
- Shadow Ball
Ability: Inner Focus
Crush?: None yet
Other: N/A
This RP seems a bit interesting. Perhaps I could have more details on the plot and world? Is this a world where only Pokemon exist, or are there trainers as well? I know we're getting trapped in a haunted mansion, but where is said mansion and how are we supposed to get there?
Name: Her real name is currently unknown. (May be revealed in the RP.)
Any nicknames?: As a result of not wanting to use her real name, she refers herself to as Sophia.
Gender: Although she is a male, she decided to dress and behave like a female. (As a result, she will be referred to as a female for the RP. See history for more info.)
Sexual orientation: She is a transexual.
Species: Pichu / Tiny Mouse Pokémon
Personality: Sophia is described from his trainer to be a meek, timid Pokémon. She is afraid of bigger Pokémon, heights, the dark and pointy objects such as needles. She often flees from combat whenever possible, as being a female allows her to somewhat have an excuse for wimping out, or at least she thinks so.
Appearance: Sophia stands at being only nine inches tall, as she has pale yellow skin and a weak, skinny build. She has a light layering of wrapped bandages around the top of her head. She wears a modest pink tutu dress, along with white mittens and socks. She carries around her tablet, which can be comfortably charged with her electricity due to it not being as strong.
History: Sophia was always looked down by her trainer and from the others in school. She was ridiculed for her poor strength and frail body after losing battle after battle. After having enough of her trainer and her bullies, she decided to wear a dress along with some accessories to mask the true identity behind her feminine nature. However, in doing so, her stress worsened as a result of the source of her problems not being addressed at all. She fled from her trainer soon after and went to the mansion in hopes of finding a better trainer. (Due to not having as much battle experience aside from her TMs she had, she does not know as many moves.)
Thunder Shock
-Hidden Power
-Thunder Wave
-Lucky Chant
Ability: Static
Crush?: She does not have one at the moment.
Other: Her tablet does not have access to almost half of its prime functions as a result of having no signal within the area of the mansion. (If there is a signal especially at the start of the RP, then it would be too easy to escape.)


Resident Furry
I'm with @Eeveechu151, more information would be great. I do, however, have a character sheet prepped.

Robert Dodgson
Any nicknames?: Dodger
Gender: Male
Sexual orientation: Ace
Species: Dewott
Personality: A meticulous sort, Dodger is the 'mon with the plan. He prefers to handle things one at a time, giving the current problem his complete and undivided focus. He's highly driven, but tends to affect an easygoing facade. Though he's very friendly, his interactions tend to be surface level only, he doesn't necessarily seek out companionship. He tends to be very secretive as well, especially when it comes to his past. He also does not like to be the center of attention, usually trying to find ways to turn a conversation away should he become its focus. Though he doesn't seem dangerous at first, in battle Dodger exemplifies a cold fury. He turns his meticulous nature and exacting focus towards the task of completely destroying his enemy with minimal risk to himself and others.
Appearance: Tall for his species, standing just over 3' in height, Dodger is also a lithe individual. Together with his more pointed muzzle and the smaller angle between his whiskers, these traits together hint at his heritage. He has orange eyes partially hidden behind a pair of dark lensed spectacles, which are perched carefully on his muzzle. He also wears a black newsboy cap. Should one actually touch Dodger - an iffy prospect to be sure - they would find that his skin is covered in various scars, a landscape of ridges and valleys, hidden under regrown fur. Speaking of his fur, it's somewhat shaggy, as if he's been growing it out.
History: Though Dodger is a secretive sort who doesn't typically open up about his past, a few things can be gleamed from his appearance. His physical differentiation from the typical Dewott and his knowledge of the move Detect together suggest a father who was either a Mienfoo or a Mienshao. His scars meanwhile suggest a rough-and-tumble lifestyle and a Pokemon used to his life being on the line, while his longer than normal fur suggests an effort being made to conceal this fact.
- Razor Shell
- Water Pulse
- Hydro Pump
- Aqua Jet
- Aqua Tail
- Detect
- Swords Dance
- Focus Energy
Ability: Torrent
Crush: N/A
Name: Nucli
Nickname: N/A
Gender: Male
Sexual orientation: Straight
Species: Reuniclus
Personality: Nucli demonstrates a demeanor of breezy apathy in his regard of others, heavily employing sardonic wit and dark humor in his speech. Indiscriminate in the disagreeable manner by which he treats people, Nucli is known to delight in making biting remarks that induce pronounced discomfort. Nucli also shows a great deal of nihilism, where he airily considers life to be devoid of any meaning or purpose. Using meditation as a means of escapism to avoid chaos, he is known to become irritable when he is interrupted in the practice.
Appearance: Nucli is a Shiny Reuniclus.
Calm Mind
- Psychic
- Shadow Ball
- Skill Swap
- Pain Split
- Heal Block
- Recover
- Future Sight
Ability: Magic Guard
Crush?: None yet
Other: N/A