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  1. BlueMew392

    OC Inspiration Meme...Thing

    Greetings everyone! So, for a while, I've been seeing all these OC related memes, templates, questions, etc. over on Twitter. And I've enjoyed seeing them as well as the OCs people use for these interactive type posts. I figured why not do one here with this template I found. The template is...
  2. IDKWhatUserNameToDo

    [OPEN] I'm doing commissions now!

    Hello and welcome to this thread! You heard it correctly.. I'm doing commissions! I'm pretty open to do any type of art work regarding character (or creature) design in the magical realm of digital illustration. Without further ado.. the rest of the thread General info: The prices listed are...
  3. EnviousWorm

    Private/Closed The Tale of the Locily Region

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Pokemon; you can call me Professor Laurel. Very few species of Pokemon were found native to the Locily Region -- instead, in the past several decades, many new species have been imported and bred as they've been discovered elsewhere! I've since come here to...
  4. Lyndis

    Art Gulag [ Come get this Commish!! ]

    Commissions are OPEN! What's good friends! Setting up a thread for all your character concept and design needs. My favorite thing to do is design characters, so whether you want just a regular piece of art or something highlighting their design, I'm your huckleberry. PRICING INFO...
  5. Mystic Zander

    Ask to Join Shinobi’s Dawn

    Not so long ago, the Village of Konohagakure was under attack by a rentlesless, chakra monster known as the 9 Tails. The village tried to quickly pool its resources and mount a defense, but the beast was far too powerful. Hundreds of lives were lost, one being the 4th Hokage, Minato Namikaze...
  6. Mystic Zander

    Ask to Join Naruto: Shinobi’s Dawn (Discussion)

    Hello! Welcome to Naruto: Shinobi’s Dawn. This roleplay is a retelling of the original Naruto story, beginning right at the start of the Chunin Exams- but with a whole new cast of kids taking the reigns. If you’ve ever wanted to insert yourself into the immersive world of Naruto, this is for...
  7. K

    Wanting a Service Pokemon ID for my Pokemon.

    Hello, my name is Kalliana (OC), when I saw others have their own service pokemon IDs made, I thought it was cool. I was wondering if anyone is willing to make me one for my pokemon Lucky the Lycanroc (Dusk Form). I have Autism and maybe he can be a service pokemon or emotional support for my...
  8. Quantum Lila

    Open Star Fox (Except Without Those Guys): Veilon Crusaders

    The Lylat System has let us rely on Team Star Fox for far too long. It is time to initiate Operation Halite. We shall form a new and unified special forces unit, known as the Veilon Assault and Defense Squadron. They shall be divided into several teams, and will be handpicked from all planets...
  9. D

    Hazbin hotel RP (Co-hosted with Qlovers)

    @qlovers Me and Qlovers are creating a Hazbin Hotel RP! (Yay noises) However, due to the chaotic nature of the show, it will be a convo RP. Just tell us here whether you'd like to join, and one of us will add you to the convo. You can RP as whoever. An oc, canon characters, its your choice...