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[OPEN] I'm doing commissions now!

Hello and welcome to this thread! You heard it correctly.. I'm doing commissions! I'm pretty open to do any type of art work regarding character (or creature) design in the magical realm of digital illustration. Without further ado.. the rest of the thread
General info:

  • The prices listed are for one character
  • Payments will be split into two parts. One upfront and the rest once the finished piece is done (50/50).
  • Payment is done through Paypal
  • references would be heavily appreciated
  • Endless revisions during the sketch phase, if a major change happens after the sketch is completed it will result in an additional cost (which will be negotiated)
  • Commissioned artwork is for personal use only
  • I may display and share the commissioned artwork in my portfolio and all pieces will be signed
  • I have the right to deny a request
  • Feel free to message me for more info or if you have any questions!

Quick info also on what I won’t draw
  • NSFW
  • Excessive gore
  • mechas



Portrait - 12€
Half body - 15€
Full body - 20€

Tarantula MommaComEx.png

Line art:
Portrait - 15€
Half body - 20€
Full Body - 25€


Flat colors:
Portrait - 20€
Half body - 25€
Full body - 35€


Portrait- 25€
Half body - 35€
Full Body - 50€


Additional fees
  • Additional characters - 50% of the original price (per added character) (if pokemon is added, we'll negotiate the added fee)
  • Simple background +5€
  • Complex background +15€
  • complex pose +10€ (can be negotiated though)

Portrait + Pokemon:

Simple background examples:

Complex background:

Misc./prices that will be negotiated on case by case
  • Animal/creature design requests
  • Requests involving pokemon or Fakemon (drawing them that is)

Animal/creature design:

Creature ref sheet:



If you’re interested in comissioning me or have any questions, you can either PM me here on charms or DM me on Discord (IDKWhatUserNameToDo #7513)

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