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Open Star Fox (Except Without Those Guys): Veilon Crusaders

The Lylat System has let us rely on Team Star Fox for far too long. It is time to initiate Operation Halite. We shall form a new and unified special forces unit, known as the Veilon Assault and Defense Squadron. They shall be divided into several teams, and will be handpicked from all planets across the system. We shall assign them the proper missions for what needs to be done, and if necessary, launch a full out assault upon our greatest threat, the Trell. Furthermore, if any insist on standing against us, they shall be eliminated. Come help the Veilon System stay upright, so we may prove ourselves to be strong.
- Sergeant Fellwright

Oh boy... surprised I've never seen one of THESE yet in my 7 years of roleplay experience. This is a Star Fox themed roleplay, where you can make your OC a full fledged member of an assault or defense team. You should not expect for this to be taken seriously, one of the best parts of this series is the hammy dialogue. This takes place in the Veilon System, a fictional neighbor to the Lylat System. The main antagonist are the Trell, an alien race that focuses only on building their own empire. You will be part of the Veilon Assault and Defense Squadron, and will head out to perform several missions with plenty of time for banter. Now for the rules.

1. Standard Pokecharms rules obviously, no Mary Sues, all that jazz.
2. Please... if you could... choose relatively simple animals. Nothing like... Mongolian Flying Scorpion or something.
3. Minor romance is allowed, just don't get too showy with it, I don't need to know how an anteater makes out with a pigeon.
4. Squads must be teams of four and there may only be 5 teams total for now. I will help assign said teams.
5. Put the word rosebush in your bio.
6. No relation to previous characters in the series, so no "my dad's Falco".
Now for characters.
Age: (17-26)
Role: (Pilot, Mechanic, Operater, etc)

And my character:
Name: Chill Zerose
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Species: Artic Puffin
Role: Operater
Appearance: Chill wears a beige jacket that spans her entire torso and most of her wings, but is unzipped slightly to show a green sweater. Apart from that, it's fairly standard for the rest of the outfit with black boots and beige pants. Her feathers are dark blue, and her beak has a central strip of red on it.
Personality: Chill is a smooth talker most of the time, and generally stays focused, calm and collected. However, she has a bit of a temper, but she'll give a verbal warning before smacking someone upside the head.
Skills: She's not good at much, but she does have a knack for diplomacy. She's relatively basic otherwise. Except for making a cup of coffee, she's pretty alright at that.
Weaknesses: She doesn't have many downsides either, but can occasionally let her anger get the best of her. Prickly as a rosebush.
Backstory: Chill lived on the tropical planet of Garunga, and absolutely hated the heat and humidity. She wasn't allowed to leave her parent's home until she could successfully convince them that she was ready. She practiced her speaking for about 4 years before she was finally able to have them let her free from the nest. She headed off to space academy, and was able to land herself a position as an operator on VADS.

If you want to put more, go ahead. Let's kick 'er off!
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