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  1. Astrial

    Open City of Color

    Inklings and Octolings stand in the light of the city of color, Inkopolis, battling their days away. Whether it's Turf War, Ranked, or League, nobody wants to miss out on this turfing action. It's the beginning of a new season, and tryouts for various teams are taking place, and everybody is...
  2. Octodragon

    Open Inkopolis Heros

    So, this is a Roleplay that takes place a month after the events of Octo Expansion. Make sure your using an OC, so no RP as any Idols or Agents, and no stealing anyone else's characters. Write in third person, and please add a description of your character before you begin writing, here's an...
  3. Pollen-Puff

    Ask to Join Killer Wail (Splatoon RP) Discussion

    Story: All was going well as Splatfests and Turf Wars raged on. Inklings and Octolings had somewhat of a stable relationship, as the latter was even allowed to participate in the Turf Wars. However, a new threat arose. After the events of Splatoon 1 and 2, strange life forms showed up. They...
  4. norii

    Open [Splatoon 2 RP - Signups]

    くコ:彡Inkopolis Square is your one-stop for all things fresh! Home to all squid, kids, and all other things. Don't get cooked, stay off the hook!C:彡 If you know anything about Inklings, then you know about Turf Wars. The locals are rarely seen not talking about their latest victory, newest weapon...
  5. norii

    Private/Closed Splatoon 2 RP - Ideas/Discussion

    Would anyone be interested in a Splatoon 2 RP? I'll create the sign-up thread after we decide on a concise, or at least good, plot, whether it's slice-of-lifey or more centered on action. I was thinking we could roleplay as Octolings who got lost in the Deepsea Metro. Their story would be...
  6. GalacticDeg

    Multiple Roleplay Ideas

    I have too many ideas in my head... if anyone has one of these ideas they want to do, use the poll above and I'll see what's the best option to do. OPTION 1 - Animal Crossing RP OPTION 2 - Splatoon RP OPTION 3 - Harry Potter RP OPTION 4 - Steven Universe RP
  7. shipsea

    Open Inky Cephalapods: Splatoon Discussion - potential rp

    Two years have gone by since the events of Splatoon 2. Inkopolis Square is still the freshest place in the city; it's in the heart of Cephalopod City- the proposed name brought up by Pearl and Marina only a year ago: the benchmark for when Octolings and Inklings could finally 'get along' in the...
  8. Talos

    Is it possible that Callie will be the Villain in Splatoon 2?

    I know this is crazy, but here goes, So there you have it! Can I get a round of applause? Please? Look, I put effort into this so I hope so! >=O:p And yes, this means that Callie is not dead.
  9. Razzmatazz

    Ask to Join Splatoon RP

    INFO & STUFF Your an inkling, and your ready for turf war. Be your own inkling with a personallity, name, and gender. And fresh outfit too! Rules: 1. This time actually ASK to join, instead of just joining without asking.(Like SOME people do) 2. Be Fresh!! 3. Fill in character sheet: Name...