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  1. Krisseon

    Private/Closed Something Wicked in the Air

    NEW Posting Schedule: Everyone posts twice per day to allow those who haven't posted to catch up. That's pretty much it! ------ Kalos was a vast, wonderful region, filled with happy people and pokemon alike. Vibrant cities, plentiful farmlands, whimsical forests and beautiful beaches all...
  2. Krisseon

    Private/Closed Something Wicked in the Air (RP Discussion)

    Hello there! I'm so happy that you've decided to check out my ideas and maybe join in on them. I've been wanting to get back into roleplaying for a while now, and maybe make some new friends out of it! So I have a vague idea for a kind of spooky plot. If you have any thoughts or ideas to add to...
  3. BurbleBurble

    Ask to Join The Strange Lights of Route 14

    [[Notice: This RP is now "Closed" to most, but if you really really want to join, shoot me a message.]] They say when night falls on the Route 14 of Unova, a thick fog rolls in. And when you look closely, you’ll see them- the flashing lights. Green, red, yellow- blinking in patterns. And if...