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Private/Closed Something Wicked in the Air (RP Discussion)

Where is your comfort level when it comes to dark atmosphere, such as violence/blood/death?

  • I don't really care for blood or violence and would prefer to keep it PG13.

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  • I want to discuss this further before deciding.

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Previously ThatMoodyHipster
Hello there! I'm so happy that you've decided to check out my ideas and maybe join in on them.
I've been wanting to get back into roleplaying for a while now, and maybe make some new friends out of it!

So I have a vague idea for a kind of spooky plot. If you have any thoughts or ideas to add to it please feel free to share them! I'd like to know if there is anyone interested and willing to play with the ideas and commit to a solid plot before posting anything in the actual PRP threads. So without further adieu, here it is.

The legend goes, if you enter the Chamber of Emptiness on the night of a full moon at just the right time of the year, you can enter an alternate reality. What that reality holds, no one has returned to tell. All that's left of those brave enough to try are items that wandering trainers find and take as their own, unaware of the dark reason to how it got there. The stories have been passed down for generations around the Kalos region, but few have dared to attempt to find the truth.

That is, until that time of the year comes again, and a group of bold trainers decide that they have what it takes to take on the challenge and see what's on the other side. Whether out of curiosity, disbelief, or just being in the wrong place at the wrong time, it was almost as if destiny had brought them together to find out how these stories came to be.

What they find is more terrifying than any of them had imagined. The legend is true. And now they must stick together and find a way back before they suffer the fate of those who came before them.

So that's the gist of it so far. Now there's a few things I'd like you to keep in mind before we get the ball rolling. A few rules / guidelines to keep things manageable and make sure everyone's on the same page before anyone tosses their thoughts around.

  • Follow the Pokecharms rules, obviously. You should know what you can and can't do prior to joining the discussion / future Roleplay.
  • Please keep it to 3 characters or less per person, it's just easier to manage.
  • While this is a spooky plot and bad things will most likely happen, let's not go overboard with any violent or graphic situations. Things such as injuries, intense battle scenes, or death to possibly further the plot can be discussed to see where everyone stands with that.
  • In the case of characters arguing or anything of the sort, let's keep the language clean and respectful.
  • Romantic interests within the main plot is totally okay! As long as you keep it non-graphic and PG13. We can further discuss possible interests here before we start the actual PRP thread.

Okay, now that we got that boring stuff out of the way, if you'd like to be a part of this spooky mystery story then please fill out this character application sheet! You can be as detailed as you like!
If you have any questions or ideas to add to the plot please include them separate from your character sheet.


Sexual Orientation: (if you're interested in any romance)
Description: (feel free to add pictures or trainer cards if you have any)
Reason(s) for going to the Chamber of Emptiness:
Extra Info:

Additional Information

Your Character's Role: (protagonist, antagonist, or 'the lost')

If they are one of 'The Lost', please include a brief description of the item they left behind in the Chamber of Emptiness, and how long they've been trapped there.

If they are an antagonist, please briefly explain their link with the other reality.

Here's an example, which will be my character of choice!


Name: Georgie Bernard
Age: 16 yrs
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Hometown: Lavender Town, Kanto Region

Description: Georgie is fair-skinned, has large ocean blue eyes, framed by thin rimmed glasses, and long, curly black hair. She's a bit small for her age, her body thin yet full. She normally wears a black midriff halter top with a red skull design on the front. The bottom ties into a cute red bow on the side, and red jogger capris with suspenders she never really uses to match. They've formed a few rips after all the washes and continuous wear and tear. Her shoes are old and tattered from years of use, just simple off brand black hightops. And to complete the aesthetic, she has a striped arm sleeve with fishnet underneath on one arm and a bracelet with a similar bow to her shirt on the other. (this look might change at some point though, not really sure yet)

Personality: Georgie is very energetic, getting excited over silly things. This often makes her very rash when it comes to decision making, never really stopping to think things through before barreling into something. She has little to no patience, and at times can be rather short tempered and even a little rude sometimes. Despite her disposition and stubborn attitude, she gets along fairly well with most people and can be quite friendly. Once she considers someone a good friend and learns to trust them, she's very loyal and protective of them, even if it's hard for her to verbally express such affections. She has the confidence of a leader, but tends to be a little too hard on herself if things don't go right. She can be a little angsty in these situations, but after going off on her own to blow off some steam she's back to her old self like nothing ever happened. She's gotten very good at rolling with the punches.

Flareon (M) - "Pepper"
Quilava (F) - "Winnie"
Rapidash (F) - "Whiplash"
Houndoom (M) - "Axel"
Vulpix (F) - "Ginger"
Arcanine (M) - "Archie"

Reasons for going to the Chamber of Emptiness: After getting all the badges in her hometown, Georgie grew bored with the typical trainer lifestyle. She wanted to travel the world and find new and exciting things to do with her pokemon. While she was wandering around the Kalos Region, she heard of this legend and wanted to see for herself if it was really true, and the timing couldn't be any better, according to the locals who weren't warning her to leave it alone.

Extra Info:
- She has 2 sisters she loves very much. Her older sister, Ami, and her younger sister, Anika.

- She loves fire, loves watching things burn and bend to it's will. That's why she chose to be a fire type trainer.

- She lost her parents at a young age, which is what triggered her fiery temper. She learned that being angry was easier than feeling sad, so anger is the only way she knows how to cope with things that upset her.

- Her first pokemon was Pepper, an Eevee, which later evolved into Flareon. Being her first, she is very much attached to Pepper, and Pepper to her. More often than not, she lets him travel with her outside his pokeball, as she prefers his company.


The plot has come a long way since I first started this thread, and the characters as well! I couldn't be happier! Thank you to everyone who has been giving me your input on things! We've all made quite a team!

The thread has gotten pretty lengthy, so I figured I'd organize some important information for anyone new or has been falling behind on updates. It'll just make things easier to find for everyone.

These are our main characters, set off on an innocent adventure, only to be thrown into something much bigger than they knew.
Together they must protect themselves and each other from the many forces against them within this newfound reality.
The 'entity' wants them.

Georgie Bernard, Age 16, from Lavender Town [Krisseon]

Shay Vyle (M), Age 16, from Shalour City [AnimeTail]
Tiara Siel (F), Age 14, from Hearthome City [EeviumZ]
Alex Techten (M), Age 16, from Icirrus City [Retr.0]
Ty Winters (M), Age 17, from Lavender Town [EmoKitty21]
Loah Getcha (M), Age 13, from Palette Town [lazy guy who loves to eat]
Amelia "Lia" Robbins (F), Age 15, from Jubilife City [arally]
Pyroshu "Pyros" Rastixen Darastix (M), Age 30, from Cocona Village [ Merciless Medic]


The characters who set out to trap or trick our protagonists. It's unknown if they're native to the realm or were trapped there and just enjoyed it, but they work alongside the 'entity' that wants to take control of the protagonists, whispering manipulative thoughts and feelings into the minds of those not yet corrupt by it.

Mia Luxae (F), Age 13, from Slateport City [EeviumZ]
Elizabeth Smith (F), Age 18, from Almora Town [EmoKitty21]
Angelia "Angel" Shayton (F), Age 35, from Laverre City [Merciless Medic]
Fernanande (M), Age 26, origins unknown [LunarSilvally]

These are the unfortunate trainers that made it to this other reality, but could never make it back.
The 'entity' that took their minds in their relentless struggle to find a way home uses them to break down the willpower of our protagonists, though the severity of their deterioration depends on their own willpower and how long they've been fighting the 'entity's pull on them.

Leander "Leo" Norwood (M), Age 17, from Laverre City [Riverrunner]
Hitoshi Moto (M), Age 16, from Goldenrod City [DManArt&RP]
JC (F), Age 18, from Iki Town [LunarSilvally]
Shadow (M), Age 19, from Iki Town [LunarSilvally]
Shadara "Shade" Arcafiwhed Darastix (F), Age 30, from Cocona City [Merciless Medic]
Aria Allagrette (F), Age 16, from Celestic Town [EeviumZ]


The 'entity' is an unseen force that seems to embody the reality itself. A looming darkness that seeks to take whatever wanders into its realm and feed off the misery of its victims.
This is the only non playable character/creature.

- Each protagonist has a special item that they carry with them into the Chamber. This item is left behind when they're taken to the other reality, and it is the only thing keeping them tied to their correct reality. This item also enables them to activate a special ability in this other realm related to this item. This is the link that can possibly send them back. As long as the item remains in the Chamber, they have a chance of getting back home.

- In the chamber, they find other items. Items that may have belonged to trainers who have disappeared in the past. These items are brought with them, as they are not their possessions. This makes room for the possibility some of the Lost can be saved, and they must some how reach the real soul still sleeping inside of the shadow of what once was.

More can be added as the plot progresses!
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I would like to join this!


Shay Vyle



Sexual Orientation

Shalour City, Kalos Region

Shay is very tanned, and has dark brown eyes. He also has brown, spiky-topped, mid-faded hair. He is an average height for his age, and he is muscular (but not like people who go to the gym WAY too much, just a healthy amount). He wears a small black hoodie with
gray outlines. He wears ripped jeans that include a black belt. Additionally, his shoes are blue sneakers that look like they were just bought (because they were?).

Shay is an isolated person, and does not enjoy being around people. He trusts not even his parents (only his loyal pokemon), and his trust issues sometimes to get to points where he gets aggressive with people because they attempt to talk to him. Shay loves either being alone or with any of his pokemon inside his room. He tries to have faith in people, but he knows they will always fail in being trustworthy.

Drapion (M) - "Sludge"
Zoroark (F)
Krookodile (M) - "Quake"
Bisharp (M) - "Blade"
Hydreigon (F) - "Hydra"
Greninja (M) - "Shadow"

Reason(s) for going to the Chamber of Emptiness
As a child, Shay was abused by his parents, because they told him he wasn't 'perfect'. He was very isolated from his parents, and he was enrolled in a private school. He never made any friends, because people were too afraid to talk to him. He turned to pokemon, hoping they would understand Shay's struggles. A majority of them did not, but one such pokemon was a Skorupi, which later evolved into Drapion. He then turned to only dark-type pokemon, because they were really the only ones who understood Shay, dark-type pokemon being thought of as evil creatures. His parents moved to Kalos, and Shay went along too. He had lots of free time because he was not allowed any electronics, giving him plenty of time to work out and improve other things. His trust issues still did not improve, however, and after hearing of this legend, he was excited. He thought this was the perfect way to get away from the real world, especially his parents.

Extra Info
(Might add stuff later, but for now this would be N/A.)​

Hope this is enough.
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Previously EeviumZ
This isn't typically the type of RP that I participate in, but this actually looks really interesting. I'll give it a shot~

: Tiara Siel
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Hometown: She's a traveler, but was born in Hearthome City.
Description: Standing at a height of 5'8, Tiara has long blonde hair and blue eyes. She typically wears a pale blue tank top and a black skirt, white leggings, and black combat boots. She is of Caucasian descent and has a slim but athletic build.
Personality: Tiara is a bit of a lone wolf, tending to be rather vague. She can be rather suspicious and cold, although she will warm up to those who she trusts. She is fiercely defensive of her allies, and is willing to kill for her loved ones. She prefers the company of Pokemon to humans, but in truth, she desperately seeks someone who she can trust and confide in.
Glaceon (F)
Mismagius (F)
Zebstrika (F)
Zoroark (F)
Gothitelle (F)
Chandelure (M)
Reason(s) for going to the Chamber of Emptiness: Curiosity.
This seems exactly like the type of thing I look for, and I’ve been meaning to get back into roleplaying here for a while now. I’m very much looking forward to this! :D


Name: Alex Techten

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Hometown: Icirrus City, Unova

Description: Alex is a sixteen year old with a somewhat slender build. He is 5’11 and 140 lbs. Alex’s facial features include short, brown, curly hair and bluish-green eyes. As of recently, there seems to have been consistent bags underneath his eyes, signaling either lack of sleep, stress, or a combination of the two. It has also been noted that Alex seems to be somewhat shaky at all times; this has been marked as a possible designation of anxiety. Despite this, Alex has a rather positive and adventurous mindset, often inclined to dive deeper into the unknown.

Personality: Alex’s observable behavior shows him to be generally quiet and reserved. Often, his silence leads those around him to not even notice him, which he does purposely. Alex typically tends to wander from the crowd and investigate interesting places, Pokemon, and other things on his own. He is much less interested in battling and much more interested in exploration and, when he can manage to work up the courage, to make friends with people on his adventures.

Pidove (M) “Shisha”
Lillipup (M) “Hōsho”

Reason(s) for going to the Chamber of Emptiness: Being one who has always enjoyed exploring, the tales surrounding the Chamber have drawn Alex’s interest to it.

Extra Info:
  • Alex particularly enjoys flying type Pokémon, and often leans towards using his Pidove rather than Lillipup.
  • Alex acquired his Pidove via an egg he found during the winter when he was just eight years old. He hatched and raised the Pokemon, and then finally captured it upon being allowed to become a trainer
  • Despite being a trainer, Alex focuses less on the challenge of Pokemon Gyms and the eventual Elite Four and more on exploring as much as he can everywhere he goes.
  • His father, a scientist, was often not around due to working in Castelia City.
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Previously ThatMoodyHipster
Alright! Looking like a promising cast so far! I can tell there's gonna be a lot of angst with this group, and I love it!

Since you guys are the first to reply, I'll let you help me decide a few things. First, how many people do you think we should have involved in our story? It can get a little overwhelming with too many people, and I like a clean storyline. Simple and easy to follow. I'm thinking 6-8 people, but if you guys have a different opinion let me know. I'm always open to ideas. Maybe someone will want to play a trainer who has been trapped in this alternate reality, trying to get back home. Who knows?

Second, I have some ideas of what could be in this alternate reality, but I want to see what you guys have in mind for it too. I've jotted down a few simple ideas, like a foggy forest that no matter how far you go, you always end up in the same place. Some sort of entity that you can't see but you know it's there. Things like that, but I'm still brainstorming for specifics.

If you guys have any thoughts on possible enemies or antagonists, that would be super helpful. Is this alternate reality inhabited by pokemon? People? Or something completely different? What kinds of obstacles will our characters encounter? Maybe one of our own will somehow turn on us? The possibilities are endless with this plot, so let's explore it together!
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I have an idea for a plot detail. What if anyone who finds themselves in this other universe wakes up with a weird power. Also might write a bio for this will see how my other rps are.
It might also be fun to have a group of a few people playing parts of trainers who got stuck and in order to get out they need to trap the soul of another person to escape.


Previously ThatMoodyHipster
Yeah, I actually do like that idea. Like an ability that forms from a strong personality trait, and they each learn about these abilities in different situations, or trials of some sort maybe?

I've actually got an idea to add to that last one. The unknown entity whispers to each of the trainers, praying on their insecurities and trying to pit them against each other and pull them closer to its control over them. The lost trainers trying to find their way out could have given in to the whispers and have now become a shadow of who they once were, their thoughts and feelings manipulated by this entity. They've lost themselves, and are willing to do anything to trap the others and get out. What do you guys think?

These are some good ideas. They've got my creative juices flowing!
Yeah. I thought it might be cool and it might give some room for others to join later on if they choose. Though if we go that route we might want to limit the party size to just those that want to be the ones who go into it tjis year and others can be the people who have never been seen again.. Also I am working on my bio for this. It seems like it will be fun.


Previously EeviumZ
That could be really fun!
Tiara really couldn't care less about being trapped though. She really doesn't mind that she's trapped in an alternate reality... haha.
I am working on my character. I am thinking of giving him a kind of split personality. I thought it would fun to rp with a character with one.


Previously ThatMoodyHipster
Oh cool! A character with a split personality would be really fun!

Knowing that, it'll be interesting to see what Tiara's intentions will be under strenuous situations, y'know?

This is definitely a fun plot to play with. I'm liking where it's going so far.

Keep sharing any ideas you guys might have, I'm currently working on a sort of outline for events to take place.
Name: Ty Winters
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Hometown: Lavender town, Kanto
Description: Long white blond hair with a dark purple ombre at the ends. He has light blue with a dark purple ring around his iris. He looks almost too pretty to be a guy. Some people have mistaken him for a girl. He is kind of tall standing about 5'7". He tends to wear a light pink tank top, light purple hoodie jacket that is never zipped unless it is very cold out, and a leather jacket. He pairs this usually with a pair of tight skinny jeans in dark blue. On his feet he wears dark purple converse that he has painted pink roses. He also has a guitar case that has his custom guitar that he made with his grandfather. He also carries a leather messenger bag.
Personality: He is very sweet and nurturing. He loves to help others. He will stand up for what's right. He will always try and be the voice of reason. Though sometimes a different side of him comes out and can be very selfish and cold to others. He doesn't really know what causes it but it does happen from time to time. When he is in this state he sort of blacks out and has no control over his actions.
Diva (Sylveon, female.)
Glaceon (Male)
Lola (Shiny Lopunny, female)
Braixen (Female.)
Espeon (Male)
Lumineon (female.)
Reason(s) for going to the Chamber of Emptiness: He doesn't know how he got there. It was like one minute he was walking with Sylveon and the next he found himself in the Chamber.
Extra Info:
  • Ty knows how to play several different instruments.
  • He can sing very well. Though he may not look it he lives heavy metal music.
I might add more to the other info part later on.

trainercard-Ty Winters.png
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Previously ThatMoodyHipster
Okay so just to make things easier we're going to call the trainers lost in the other reality "the lost", and those first entering will be "the party".

And also, I had an idea! I mentioned in the original plot post that there's always an item left behind in the Chamber after a trainer disappears. So what if that played a part in what their ability would be? Like each of them hold an item that is important to them that gets left behind, and sense that is the only thing keeping them connected to their correct reality, it could be a key element in how they get back home as well. It may also seal the fates of the lost if their items are no longer in the Chamber.

Perhaps the party finds a few items in the Chamber that belonged to a few of the lost, and sense they do not belong to them, they're brought along, allowing them a chance to save the owners of the items. The only thing is, the lost will lie to try to take an item that doesn't belong to them, or may even become aggressive towards the holder of the item, so some sort of test or event will need to take place in order for them to decide if the item truly belongs to them, and if they are worth saving.

Another idea would be, sense they will obtain a special ability, the partys' pokeballs do not work in the other reality, so the only protection they have is their newfound power and each other. And whichever pokemon they happen to have outside of it's pokeball.
I like the item idea. But I am not 100% on the idea of only having the new abilities and whatever pokemon is outside of the pokeball. It would not leave much room rping if a trainer had to rely on someone else because his or her pokemon were always in the pokeball. Not that it is a bad idea but it would leave some people in a bind later on.


Previously ThatMoodyHipster
True. It might work if each character had at least one travel companion outside of it's ball, but it's not a particularly important point to the story, so it's not necessary if the others don't like the idea either. No worries, that's why I like the feedback.

Also, Georgie's hometown is Lavender Town too! Considering it's a small town, they may have crossed paths in the past. That would make for an interesting twist.
That's what I was thinking. It could be fun if our Eevees knew each other before they were taken to different parts of the world, and evolved differently.
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Previously ThatMoodyHipster
Any ideas of an instance they would meet? If you want we can message each other personally to come up with a more detailed idea without giving away too much or distracting from the main topic. Unless we just want to keep it a brief encounter to where they still recognize each other.
We can do that. It would be nice to bounce a few ideas for our characters in more private setting.

Well how about they meet in the chamber. They could wake up after they enter it. I was thinking instead of just one place where someon can enter that there are multiple entrances to the chamber. That way everyone does not conveniently have to be in the same place. Like there could be different rumors to how to get to the the place or legends of people disappearing from there only to return a different person.
Man, all these ideas are ccoming in so fast. My heads gonna explode!! I can't think of any new ideas because all I'm thinking about are those awesome ideas you guys came up with!
Well anyways, I had a question.

Where are the party going to start in the rp?

Dead account

Previously Super Lazy Man
Name: Loah Getcha
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Hometown: Palette town
Description: with his glowing blue eyes and cyan hair, Loah stands at 5"4 , he wears a light blue hoodie that says "You try, and again, but you fail, here's the thing, you can't fail every time " in small letters , he wears some black pants that have thunder pattern, he wears some black shoes
Personality: he is caring and talkative, some may even say he is annoyingly cheerful
Shiny Gyarados
Reason(s) for going to the Chamber of Emptiness: HE JUST WANTED A PLACE TO STAY
Extra Info:
Role: Protagonist
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Previously AceAltaria
ahh i haven't roleplayed here in a long while.

Name: Amelia "Lia" Robbins
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Hometown: Jubilife City
Description: Amelia is an average 5'04" girl. She has medium-long chestnut-brown hair that is usually worn in a high ponytail. She has palish blue eyes and a slightly tan complexion. She often wears a casual white t-shirt with a plain light pink hoodie over it, as well as blue jeans or jeggings. Her left arm has many bracelets on it and Lia sometimes wears a necklace with a pink flower charm. She wears Adidas Superstar shoes.
Personality: Amelia is a relaxed, easy-going person who doesn't like getting involved in big situations that don't concern her. She tends to be too relaxed in most situations, actually. Lia is quite playful with her friends and Pokemon. She is also stubborn and clings to her opinions fiercely unless there is a good reason to change. Amelia is generally a happy girl as well, and rarely gets really angry at people or things.
Amaryllis (F) - Leafeon
Crest (M) - Empoleon
Alizee (F) - Staraptor
Ryuu (M) - Garchomp
Thunder (M) - Luxray
Phoenix (F) - Houndoom
Reason(s) for going to the Chamber of Emptiness: One of her friends dared her to go.
Extra Info: Here's her trainer card


Previously EeviumZ
I'd actually prefer if Pokeballs worked. But the items idea sounds really cool.
I also may introduce a second OC before the RP starts, just for fun. Probably not though, just to keep things simple.
Hoo boy, this place blew up while I was asleep ;-; anyways, I kinda want to expand in one of the ideas that Krisseon mentioned earlier. Particularly, the bit about ‘trials’ and the strange locations found within the Chamber of Emptiness. I personally think it would be pretty cool to combine those two ideas and turn them into puzzles of some sort... I don’t know if that’s something that has already crossed anybody’s mind, but I think that’d be neat.


Previously ThatMoodyHipster
@AnimeTail At the beginning I'm thinking all characters are going to start out at or around the Chamber fairly close to the correct time they end up trapped. As EmoKitty suggested, I like the idea of multiple enterances, so they don't all have to be at the same place at the same time. They can all meet inside the Chamber right before things get crazy!

@EeviumZ You can include a second character if you'd like! Everyone has the choice to have up to 3 playable characters, as long as you can keep up with them.

@Retr.0 I've actually had a similar thought! I've been trying to implement things like that into an outline, but it's difficult to do so when we still haven't even started the actual story, so I think I'm just gonna wing it when we get to it, lol. Nothing sparks the imagination like working in the moment, y'know? I think I have a few good ideas to work off of when the time comes.

So things are coming together nicely guys! With how this plot is coming along we may have the PRP thread up and running sooner than I thought! With that being said I still want you guys to share any thoughts or ideas you might have until I decide for sure when to start it.

I also want you guys to keep in mind what your character's special item is going to be, as this is an important part of the story. You don't need to mention it here, just keep it in mind for when we start. Hopefully you're all following along with the thread so you're up to date on new additions to the plot.


Previously ThatMoodyHipster
This post is just to kind of gather up what we've got so far into one place. I'll update this list as more characters are added.

Our Protagonists So Far
Georgie Bernard, Age 16, from Lavender Town [Krisseon]
Shay Vyle (M), Age 16, from Shalour City [AnimeTail]
Tiara Siel (F), Age 14, from Hearthome City [EeviumZ]
Alex Techten (M), Age 16, from Icirrus City [Retr.0]
Ty Winters (M), Age 17, from Lavender Town [EmoKitty21]
Loah Getcha (M), Age 13, from Palette Town [lazy guy who loves to eat]
Amelia "Lia" Robbins (F), Age 15, from Jubilife City [arally]

Alright, that's a good group to start with. At this point, I think I'm going to change the thread to 'Ask to Join' from here on out, and anyone else who wants to join will have a role as one of the lost within the other reality. Let me know if you'd prefer your character to be an antagonist instead of a protagonist and we can work that out, and vise versa later on.
I would like to join, but I'm quite busy today, so I won't be able to get a character sheet up. My character will be a part of the lost though, and because her mind is already very strained, she most likely will be very insane.

Is it alright if I add a character to the party, as well? It will be her brother trying to find her. I know the party is quite big already, but a family member lost on an expedition to the Chamber of Emptiness will cause a stir in her family.

I would also like to add an antagonist that would further try to bend people to the will of this disembodied voice to make them become more like the lost.

If this is alright, I'll put up my character sheets later (like probably 8-10 hours later because work has been kicking my ass XD).


Previously ThatMoodyHipster
Also, I'd like to know everyone's opinions on violence, blood, intensity of certain situations, injuries, the more dark and heavy atmosphere, things of that nature. The journey these characters will take is going to be a brutal one, pushing their boundaries and trying to break them down, so it's not going to be all sunshine and rainbows the whole way through. I want to know where everyone stands with how far we will take these things before we start. I want everyone to be comfortable as well. So I've started a poll for everyone to gauge how they feel about it.


Previously ThatMoodyHipster
@Merciless Medic Well it seems you already have a good idea of what you want to do, and I honestly like it! It will add more angst to the group and make more possible connections with what's happening with the lost. Welcome aboard!
I totally hear you about work! I'm back at it tomorrow, so I won't be quite as active myself. Can't wait to see your characters! Feel free to throw in any thoughts or ideas you have as well.

@Lazy guy who loves to eat It's a suggestion I made a few posts back that everyone liked, so we implemented it. Scroll up a bit, it should be easy enough to find. I think I'll compile a sort of master list for important plot points soon so it's all in one place and easier for everyone to keep up with.

Dead account

Previously Super Lazy Man
Mine would just be a family heirloom, a necklace with a diamond in the middle

((Eveything that is the diamond or the string is wood))

Cliche? I know. I like it? Yes


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@Lazy guy who loves to eat That's perfectly fine! Keep in mind, if you haven't read the post yet, this item is going to be what links your character to the correct reality he belongs, and will be what decides his newfound ability in the other reality, so this item is going to be very important to the plot.


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@EmoKitty21 It's a good idea in theory, but this could possibly cause someone to overlook an important development, interaction, what have you, if they choose not to read it. This could cause some confusion down the road and could interrupt the overall smoothness of the story.
Well I was thinking it could be two versions if you want to post a gory post then you put the clean version in the post and add a spoiler for the gory version.