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  1. Dark Soul

    Private/Closed Godsword - Fate of Naedria

    A pair of mules pulls a wooden carriage over a cobbled street that winds between fields of grain and pastures. The driver, dressed in plain farmers’ overalls, peers out at the valley from under his cap when the cart crests a hill. The sight never fails to fill him with awe, even though he sees...
  2. Dark Soul

    Ask to Join Godsword (Magic Academy RP!)

    A group of highly skilled teenagers is recruited to put a new, powerful kind of magic to the test; special weapons that are bound to their very soul, acting as a lightningrod for magical prowess and granting them superhuman powers. These "Artifice Knights'' prove to be impressive deterrents to...
  3. Dark Soul

    Ask to Join Fractured Realm - A Fantasy RP

    (Hello! Thanks for checking out this RP ^^ If you want to take part in it, visit this thread and feel free to post your biography!) ~~~ Of all the moments to find out that you were afraid of heights, the worst time was when you were standing on the deck of an airship that had just cast off...
  4. Dark Soul

    Private/Closed Fantasy RP - Fractured Realm [No Longer Accepting Members!]

    The pale girl in the black hood turned her eyes to the sky. It wasn’t truly the sky up there, of course- within the hour the floating continents of the Skyland would shift between the Core and the light of the sun, ending the day early, and barely moving out of the way in time for dawn. The...