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Ask to Join Godsword (Magic Academy RP!)

A group of highly skilled teenagers is recruited to put a new, powerful kind of magic to the test; special weapons that are bound to their very soul, acting as a lightningrod for magical prowess and granting them superhuman powers. These "Artifice Knights'' prove to be impressive deterrents to the forces of evil, but while most admire them, others fear the consequences of so much power in the hands of so few...


This RP is open to any fans of high fantasy, steampunk, and intrigue!

Set in a world full of old magic and emerging technology, you will play the role of one of the Artifice Knights- disciplined warriors reaping the arcane benefits of “Fragments”, weapons so called for their most vital component; fragments of the core of the Godsword.

Through your battles and accomplishments, you may rise from anonymity to fame and prosperity. But on your shoulders also rests the responsibility of keeping the realm safe from evildoers and monstrous influences, who seem to be gaining in power… And your very existence may disrupt the fragile balance of power between societies.


The year 27 NE (New Era) is an exciting time in the realm of Naedria and its many composite nations. After the continent-spanning Totality Wars between old Naedrian kingdoms, which brought about unprecedented destruction and loss of life, a period of rebuild followed under the banners of those who had ended the wars; the Arcanist Assembly. This Assembly was a gathering of mages of many different disciplines and kingdoms, rebelling against their employers after forced participation in the wars, where their magic caused many innocent casualties.

With their combined power, the Assembly eventually overthrew every regent and dissolved their armies. Borders were redrawn to divide the Naedrian continent into various magocracies, or nations led by conclaves of mages, and the populace was given the opportunity to rebuild their homes and lives in peace.

An important role in both the war and the rebuild was played by the Artificers, mages committed to the craft of machines; their squadrons of brass automatons (dubbed “stiffs” by the common folk) were instrumental in ending the war, and other magi-technical inventions like streetlights, factories, airships and skytrams allowed cities to be built back greater than ever before.

By far the most imposing and relevant of these cities is Godsword, named after its most prominent feature; the two-thousand-foot-tall sword of grey stone that protrudes from the valley floor at an angle, dwarfing the city- a relic of the Titan’s Age, when gods of monstrous size and shapes still roamed the half-realized, half-dreamed world, according to lore. The city is the Naedria’s greatest repository of mage’s guilds, schools and archives, and thereby serves as the headquarters of the Arcanist Assembly and centre for cutting-edge arcane research.

Not all is well across the nations. Some still support the old ways of kings who have gone into hiding, vying for power from the shadows (mostly those who reveled in or benefitted from the war). Others protest the absolute power that the arcanist conclaves hold over the realm, some going as far as to suggest they orchestrated the outbreak of the Totality Wars so they could play hero and put themselves in charge, and campaign for nations to be ruled democratically by their people.

Many families who had their farms or shops ruined in the wars turned to the cities and factories to eke out a living, finding poor working conditions and poorer pay in some; this has caused some workers to form their own guilds and unions who campaign before the conclaves. Alongside these civil unrests, magical beasts and rogue arcanists with dark powers still pose a threat, especially in rural areas, though walls of stone and patrolling mages abate those fears to a degree.


I hope that after reading all that, you’re still looking forward to creating your Artifice Knight!

Here’s a few questions to help you get started on your character, and how they came to be picked for knighthood from the ranks of the prestigious arcane academy of Ivermore.

  • Where and how did they grow up? Were they born to poor labourers and had to fight their way into a spot at Ivermore, where they faced much snobbery? Were they born to former royals and charged with maintaining the family’s image of superiority?

  • Did they choose to join the Artifice Knights because they truly care about guarding the innocent, or because they’re attracted to danger, or just want to prove their greatness? Perhaps just for fame?

  • What particular skills do they bring to the table, outside of their proficiency with a weapon? Is there a certain field of magic, alchemy, or artificing they excel in?
Now, onto some of the meat of the story!



The magic weapons, or Fragments, can be forged into whatever type the Knight has the greatest fighting skill with. Here are a few categories with examples;

  • Blades (swords, daggers, longswords, waraxes, scythes.)

  • Polearms (halberds, tridents, spears, lance.)

  • Blunt (Quarterstaffs, warhammers, maces, gauntlets and shields.)

  • Ranged (Bows, firearms.)
To explain what makes the Fragments special, we will dive into the nature of magic!

Magic is present, often undetectably, in every aspect of the realm; even in every inhabitant of Naedria to a degree, but for the vast majority it would take considerable time and effort to will the smallest effect into existence, so few of them bother. As with most skills, though, some are born with an inherent talent for the arcane, and have an easier time attaining powers the longer they study the craft. They learn to make their soul, their very essence of magic, a repository where these universal energies can build up and be used later. In the process of taking power and forming it into a spell, though, the key is efficiency; much of it is wasted in the process. This can be countered to a degree by the use of a focus, an object that attunes itself to magic; crystals are well known for this ability to streamline the release of energy, though some disciplines use metals. These materials are often worked into wearable or wieldable objects such as amulets or wands.

Through the use of foci, spells can be much more powerful and more magic can be used before the soul finds itself drained. In recent years, the pet project of one of the Assembly’s Ascendant Magisters, Izin Oprix, has bore fruit; boring into the core of the Godsword yielded crystalline shards that proved to be unprecedentedly powerful foci, so much so that attempts to simply cast spells through them made the caster lose control of their magic, with disastrous results.

It was theorized that making the shards into the cores of weapons, making those weapons indirectly act as less-but-still-very-powerful foci for fine-tuned spells to be cast through, would offer enough control to make the wielder a formidable arcanist. Through careful forging by artificers, rune-warding by arcane theorists, and other systems and safeguards from various fields of magic it was ensured that the wielder could cast the spells to make them hit harder, cut deeper, move faster; for each spell that had some application in combat, a version could be crafted that the Fragment wielder could incorporate into their fighting style. The weapons were also made exceptionally sturdy through metallurgy and inclusion of drakeglass, a nigh-unbreakable and incredibly sharp glass-like material.

Young, fit, aspiring mages who could dedicate themselves to the cause were seen as ideal subjects, and Oprix could think of no finer place to source them than the most prestigious academy of Godsword; Ivermore.

Potential Fragment powers are listed below; I recommend only choosing a few and sticking with them, as your character would likely specialize in certain spells in the first place! If you can think of other fun ones, feel free to run them by me.

  • Elementalism (flames, flash-freezing, blinding light, electric charge, air blasts, etc.)

  • Metamancy (telekinetic force, arcane shielding, holding/trapping spells, etc.)

  • Psionism (illusory images, distraction, energy draining)

Place Of Origin:
Age: (Probably 15-17!)
Physique: (Build, complexion, etc.)
Clothing: (They’ll be in their white-blue Artifice Knight gear when fighting, but what might they wear in their off time?)
Identifying Marks: (Scars, accessoires, magitech prosthetics?)
Fragment: (Which weapon? How’s it look?)
Skills: (What magic do they specialize in? How proficient are they with the type of weapon they chose?)

If you have any questions let me know! I’ll be glad to answer.
Name: Rusty Goldenrod
Gender: Male
Place Of Origin: Godsword.
Age: 15
Height: 4'8
Physique: Skinny build, dark skinned with freckles.
Hair: Black, Medium, Messy, Red Streaks.
Eyes: Green eyes.
Clothing: Maroon jacket, mostly, with blue pants, brown boots and steampunk goggles that usually rest on his forehead.
Identifying Marks: For an accessory, he wears a red and navy bracelet on his arm.
Personality: Energetic, Helpful, Agile.
Fragment: He uses a shield which can shield him and his allies with arcane magic, and shape that into blasts he uses. He calls it The Guardian.
Skills: He specializes in arcane energy magic that changes color based on which effect he wants (White is basic, red can burn the opponent, blue delivers a slowing effect, green delivers a poison effect, etc). He also uses his shield with accuracy, but not his full potential.
Past: Before he was born, his parents were able to get enough money to move to a lowly part of Godsword. When he grew to 9 years of age, he was able to train with a ordinary shield, and was optimistic in using it. His father mostly taught him, showing him all the tricks and defenses. His father also taught him that he should never hurt the innocent, and instead, use his unusual power to help all. Rusty fully agreed with his father's ideals, and promised to match them. Rusty also promised himself to help the family that helped HIM so much growing up. When he reached 15, his current age, he got his Fragment Shield, Guardian, and decided to join the Artifice Knights to protect the innocent and get his family a better spot to live in Godsword.
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Previously Shadow_Pup
Name: Void Morningstar
Gender: Male
Place Of Origin: Godsword
Age: 17
Height: 6'2
Physique: Athletically built with lightly tanned skin. He has a large tattoo of a Fallen Angel on his back.
Hair: Pale blonde hair in a neat trimmed style with a longer strand that hangs by his face.
Eyes: Dark grey eyes
Clothing: He is usually dressed in black suit trousers with a black shirt with rolled up sleeves and a black tie.
Identifying marks: A small scar beneath his left eye
Personality: He is gentle and smart with a kind heart. But he has appearances to keep up, so he tends to be unnecessarily harsh and egotistical but if you can get his defenses down then he is a lot nicer and easier to get along with. He has acute alektorophobia and hates being pitied. He is a talented singer and musician one of the only traits his family is proud of.
Fragment: His fragment was forged into a pair of fang like daggers that turn life energy into raw physical strength and durability but he risks becomes feral if he doesn't maintain a sense of inner peace.
Skills: He specializes in psionic magic particularly very convincing illusions and has been trained in both magic and hand to hand combat practically since birth.
Past: The Morginstar's are an incredibly wealthy family that has raised powerful fighters for years. They are well known to delve in more criminal activities utilizing they expertise in psionic magic to rule several crimes rings. His family also aren't the nicest to those they deem lesser than them and Void was mocked by his siblings and parents for having a kind heart. An example of this was when he was 11 he saw a group of his fathers enforcers were abusing a group of kids for money and thrills, he played horrific tricks with their minds via illusions and was arrested for causing permanent mental damage to the men. Now usually his father would bail out any of his children immediately by having a talk with the police but in Void's case he was left in jail for a year as punishment for going against his fathers enforcers, from then on he worked to hide his soft side and began to blend in with the rest of his twisted family. He was sent to the school to solidify the Morningstar legacy.
Other: In my head Void's singing voice is very similar to that of Matthew Mole (google him) and alektorophobia is the fear of chickens.
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Name: Keelan Bronzebender
Gender: Male
Place Of Origin: Marren's Eve, a small town hit hard by the war outside of Godsword.
Age: 16
Height: 5'10"
Physique: Toned, lithe, the type of musculature one would get from manual labor day-in and day-out.
Hair: bright, auburn, worn tied back into a low pony-tail.
Eyes: Gray-Blue
Clothing: A heavy navy peacoat with pockets galore, a simple white button-up shirt beneath that, black trousers, heavy gloves that have had the fingers worn out, and rough boots.
Identifying Marks: Scars cover his hands from working and tinkering from early childhood, spectacles that have attachments for magnification on the side, a yellow ribbon that he uses to put his hair into his signature pony-tail.
Personality: Spaced out, kind-hearted, good work ethic. Keelan is a tinkerer, he always has been, and he has a habit of focusing too much on the gizmo in his hands and missing what's going on around him. Grew up with very little and knows how important it is that he make something of himself at Ivermore.
Fragment: Scythe, chosen because his family owned a farm and a smithy in Marren's Eve, and he was familiar with it's design.
Skills: Holding/trapping spells, force blasts, distraction. Basic Alchemy, and an inquisitive mind that he keeps busy with various inventions he makes with his tinkering.
Past: After the war, the town of Marren's Eve was run-down, many residents had fled or been involved with the war. When the town tried to recover, Keelan's parents took to metalworking in addition to tilling and working the land with farming. When Keelan was born, they had to work even harder to keep up, but the town relied on them for metal repairs and food at farmers markets and the like. As soon as he was old enough, Keelan began helping out on the farm, and when he was old enough he helped his father with the forge. When he reached puberty, they discovered his innate talent for magic, and saved what they could to send him to Ivermore. Keelan wants to prove himself capable as an Artifice Knight to help his hometown climb out of poverty, and help his parents move from the country to the city.


Resident Furry
No one knows where the Beastfolk came from. Some say they were magical beasts created by some conclave of mages or other, and eventually they overthrew their magical masters. Others claim that they were once mages themselves, whose flesh was reshaped by the wild magic they claimed dominion over, who eventually forgot their true selves and the power they once wielded. Others suggest, far more mundanely, that they simply came from a land far beyond the horizon, and simply forgot their ancestral home over the decades. All that is known for sure is that they appeared quite suddenly many centuries ago, claiming Redrock, a large island off the coast of Naedria, for themselves, and they have repelled every attempt to dislodge them since.

In order to explain the situation of the Beastkin in the year 27 NE, it is important to first explain their history leading up to that point. The island of Redrock is named for the distinctive reddish tint of its minerals, from the greatest inland rocks to the very sand on is beaches. The red tint hints at the island’s deep mineral wealth, among the old kingdoms of Naedria, Redrock iron was and is second to none. Burrowing Beastkin of the island’s interior for centuries set up petty fiefdoms dedicated to mining that iron, and trading it out to the coastal cities of the island in return for supplies.

In these coastal cities, the iron is refined into steel, and once refined, it is either forged into tools and weapons for use by the Beastfolk, or else put on a ship and sent to the continent for trading. Redrock steel fetches a high price for its strength, and its enchantability is appreciated by aspiring mages from one end of Naedria to the other. This great exchange of mineral wealth is facilitated by the Otter Beastkin, the most outward facing of the Beastkin races. There was once a time that many otter holts, as their great houses were called, each controlled a slice of the coastline and competed with one another to dominate trade. That all changed with the rise of the Fisher King.

Originally just a minor lord of Holt Rudderdog, the first Fisher King set about on a war of conquest, eventually capturing the entire coastline of Redrock. From there, his armies pressed inwards, until the entire island was under his control. But, the Fisher King knew the independent minded barons of the island’s interior would never submit to otter tyranny, so once the wars were over, he became a great diplomat. The cities of the coast all remained under the direct control of the Fisher King, protected by the most powerful navy in Naedria. The interior, however, was “merely” placed in a state of permanent vassalage, as the Fisher King became the one and only trade partner the barons had access to. He soon the became the go-between in disputes, a neutral party that was trusted by all.

He also secured a number of marriage alliances. As once might expect, the various species of Beastkin can only produce offspring with their own species. However, marriage alliances were seen as a key way to secure good relations between families. As such, it became common for the Lords and Ladies of Redrock to take multiple spouses from among the sons and daughters of their neighbors. They would then simply take a suitable local of their own species to produce heirs with. This system allowed the Barons to maintain their political strength, as without heirs being produced with claims to multiple families, there was never a risk of one Baron consolidating too much land and power. The heirs of the Fisher King also took advantage of this system, marrying their daughters and younger sons to the heirs of the interior baronies to ingratiate the petty nobles of the interior to the Fisher Kings on the coast.

It wasn’t all happy trade and good feelings between the Beastkin and the humans of the continent, however. Various Fisher Kings in the years since the death of the first have made expeditions to the continental coast and other neighboring islands, capturing territory or simply razing and pillaging as they saw fit. The Redrock Navy was the most powerful military force on the continent, and though limited to the sea and the deepest rivers, they made their presence known time and time again. Their privateers were especially feared. Even when their advances into the continent were stymied, Redrock itself remained an impenetrable fortress for the peoples of the continent. Though the territory of the Fisher King grew and shrank over the centuries, that core island remained the pearl of Holt Rudderdog’s oyster.

That all changed with the coming of the Stiffs. Really, though, how does one fight back when your opponent is an implacable magical automaton? Even if you sank their ships they simply marched to shore from beneath the waves. For every one that was successfully cut down, two more appeared from beneath the waves to take their place. It was a slow, and bloody conflict, but eventually Fortress Redrock fell. The last Fisher King, Harald III Sygurdsson, was made to bend the knee, and then he was relieved of his head. But in return for his own death, his family was spared, and allowed to become private citizens. Time will tell if this attempt at magnanimity would prove to be a mistake.

Name: Seth Sylasson Rudderdog
Gender: Male
Place Of Origin: Riverwatch, Redrock.
The ancestral home of Holt Rudderdog, and the former capital of the Kingdom of the Fisher King. Built on a river delta, Riverwatch is a city of great canals, bridges, and islands of stone. It is located on the coastline facing towards the continent, it was and is a center of commerce and used to be home to the largest contingent of the Redrock Navy, though the destruction of its warships was a key element of the treaty for peace for Redrock. Still, trade ships and transports enter and leave the port hourly with the aid of a great lighthouse, while order is maintained on the streets by the watchful eyes of the Stiffs.

In the center of the city, on the largest island of the river delta, sits the great palace that, until 27 years ago, was the center of government for the whole island and the home of the Fisher Kings and their families. Now, it is held by mages from the continent, who impose their will on Redrock. The island does not have home rule, the heirs of the dead Fisher King still enjoy far too much support among the Beastkin. Redrock was never touched by the horrors of the wars until the Mages directly invaded, and, rightfully or not, they are seen as foreign oppressors, not liberators.
Age: 17
Height: 6’2”
Physique: Lean and muscular.
Fur: Brown dorsal, cream ventral, as is typical of an otter.
Eyes: Gray.
Clothing: Despite his noble heritage, Seth dresses fairly plainly in a black tunic and slacks, or even just a black loincloth when he’s going for something entirely casual. He has an additional red jacket and red scarf he wears when the weather gets cold. However, he never wears shoes or gloves, as they restrict and pinch his webbed digits far to much for his liking.
Identifying Marks: He is a large anthropomorphic otter.
Personality: Despite the tragic backstory, Seth is a fairly warm and friendly individual. Often sedate, he is remarkably hard to anger. He was blessed with a keen analytical mind, and an upbringing that emphasized caution and long term planning over immediate self gratification. He knows that he and his family walk on extremely thin ice, and this puts a not insignificant amount of pressure on him to act exactly correctly. It’s exhausting, but it drives him to fight to right the injustice he sees as having been done to him, his family, and the Beastkin of Redrock as a whole. Despite this, he doesn't blame the individual mages he meets, indeed, many of them weren't even alive while the wars were still ongoing. Rather his fight is with the Arcanist Assembly as an institution.
Fragment: Tempest – A wicked looking harpoon longer than Seth is tall. It has a barbed spearhead of blackened steel meant to catch and hold flesh – and tear our great chunks of it when yanked out. It is enchanted with some degree of Metamancy, allowing it to hone in on targets when thrown and return to Seth’s hand when he desires it. For less deadly forms of combat, it can also stab people’s shadows to prevent them from moving. It also has a tendency to try and stab anyone who tries to wield it who isn’t Seth, and generally can’t be used against him. Harpoons are the ancestral weapons of Holt Rudderdog, and Seth has trained with one from a young age.
Skills: Aside from the above mentioned skill with a harpoon, Seth’s skillset is fairly mundane. He’s an expert swimmer and sailor, a good fisherman, has some decent tactical knowledge. While his magic isn’t anything flashy it’s a solid set of workhorse spells that support his lifestyle, not to mention his fighting style.
Past: Seth is the grandson to the last Fisher King. His father, who is styled Fisher King Sylas X Haraldsson, is the current pretender to the throne. In royalist circles, that makes Seth the Riverlord, the title given to the King’s heir. Riverlords, ancestrally, act as Master of the Fleet, and though there is no longer any fleet to be master of, Seth’s youth was spent receiving all the training he would need to take up that position should his father win back his throne. Though he was born a decade after the fall of Holt Rudderdog, Seth grew up getting his head filled with stories passed down from his father of the grand history of the Fisher Kings, who also planted the seeds of a tranquil fury, an unending hatred of the continent’s mages.

However, you can’t just overthrow a continent spanning magical empire, especially when your previous defeat at the hands of said empire is still in living memory. So, Sylas supports Royalist sects so long as he is able to maintain plausible deniability, and Seth was sent off to the shining heart of the Arcanist Assembly: the city of Godsword. There, he intends to learn all he can from his enemy, so he can gain the power to defeat them once and for all. And he will not rest until either he is dead, or the Tyranny of Mages, as he describes it, has been put to an end.
Name: Theodosia "Theo" Mequie
Gender: Female
Place Of Origin: Augury Plaza, a small merchant's town on the outskirts of Godsword
Age: 16
Height: 5'1
Physique: Theo is relatively petite, with a thin, wiry frame and slender build. Her skin bears warm, medium tones, with freckles splattered on her cheeks, nose, and shoulders.
Hair: Her hair is long, dark, and curly; reaching about near her elbows in spiraling black tresses.
Eyes: Dark brown.
Clothing: Theo wears a maroon top, corseted at her waist with a short, off-the-shoulder ruffled sleeve underneath a white blouse. From there it connects to a generic pair of brown pants and equally generic leather boots.
Identifying Marks: A dark splotch of a birthmark beneath her right ear, relatively shapeless; and a long, wicked scar from the base of her left wrist to around the middle of her palm.

Personality: She's a witty girl with a bark and a bite, something her parents dreaded for their only daughter. Not one for typical feminity of the time, Theo seeks adventure, frequently bored with things of grace and poise. Headstrong and proud, maybe even a bit cocky, Theo doesn't see the point in awkwardness or shyness, and will bound straight into social scenarios without a trace of hesitance.
Fragment: A simple, short blade attached to a leather strap-made brace, hidden on her left forearm (similarly to the hidden blade in the Assassin's Creed series). The blade is wickedly sharp, with a crest along her wrist where the power-holding shard is embedded. It is mechanized in a fashion that she may extend the blade in a fraction of a second, and pull it back into its hidden sheathe on her forearm in a moment's instance. It is enhanced with a sort of Elemental Metamancy, specifically poison; similarly to that of snake venom, Theo can utilize her weapon by paralyzing those who she is able to cut.
Skills: Fairly athletic, and good at sneaking around, most of Theo's skills apply to social situations. She's got a knack for speech and persuasion, understanding how to utilize her skills to get what she wants. As for magic, she understands basic alchemy and has a small array of basic illusions at her disposal.
Past: Sole daughter of a five-brother home, Theo has grown up in a rather poor area, always having to fight for what she wanted and knowing how to stand up for herself. Having always been a mischievous spirit, Theo and her brothers are somewhat infamous for sneaking around and causing harmless trouble in Augury Plaza. Her parents, realizing her lack of traditional feminine grace, were generally dismayed and unsure what to do with their daughter when they realized they wouldn't be able to marry her off; however, maybe just to prove them wrong, Theo began developing a natural talent for magic when conversing with local merchants. Suddenly it seemed as though magic was her life, and she was constantly pestering merchants and magic-users to teach her more, and combined with her developed ability to wrestle and grapple as a result of her brothers, she somehow managed to earn a spot at Ivermore, astounding her family. The girl immediately accepted despite her lack of housing and is intent on making herself, more than anyone, proud, and her parents are looking forward to their hopefully-rich future Artifice Knight.
What a sudden influx of interest! Thank you all for your participation ^^

@Chadwyck Great stuff! I'm a fan of the idea of a labourer's son stirring up chatter by not only getting into Ivermore, but being elected to the ranks of Artifice Knights over the other high-blooded students.

@Rex Absolutely love the way you've seemlessly melded this RP's lore with your pre-established character, and the attention to detail! Look forward to seeing him in action.

@wona I like her spirit! You're definitely in!

@Shadow_Pup I like the character concept! Would you mind if instead of the wings being a prosthetic, they were a sort of wearable flight-suit worn on missions that his family recently invented? That would be both better fitting lore-wise, and a bit less overpowered within the story. If you think you can pad out the bio with a few more character details to make him come more to life, I think that'd be awesome.

@silverwind2020 It's a decent character biography, but perhaps a little bare! I'd like to hear a bit more about Rusty. Things like his passions in life, how he came to be proficient with a shield and grew his skills in magic, how he got into Ivermore, a bit about his family? (Also, small correction, but he wouldn't have received a Fragment weapon until around the start of the RP- though he could have been training with a different shield!).

If anyone has further questions or has ideas for worldbuilding they'd like to bring into the fold, feel free to bring it up here!
@silverwind2020 Looks better! I'd just like to reiterate that he wouldn't have had a Fragment weapon until the start of the RP, but it's good to go.

@Shadow_Pup Thanks for taking on the feedback!

I think we're actually okay to start now, I don't think I could take many more people than this anyway, so I'll keep working on my first post and report back when it is done!


Previously Shadow_Pup
@Rex there would definitely be some hate towards Void's family from Seth as the Morningstar's are a rather old family and are pretty much a perfect example of the "Tyranny of Mages". So I would think he would hold some resentment there.
not even finished writing up my first post, but can i just say how stoked i am for this??
the world is so well put-together already, but it doesn't feel like a static world where everything is already planned. its super nice to be able to make little edits and insert our own lore into the story, it makes the world feel so much more alive.
also??? i love that we're actually? acknowledging each other????
too often do i feel like people are just "roleplaying by themselves", just stating what their characters are doing, that im genuinely thrilled to see that we're even including what our characters think of each other.
loved reading all of your posts and im super excited to get this rolling : )


Resident Furry
I've been doing a little artwork on the side, nothing too spectacular, but:

Well now- this is absolutely lovely! I’m genuinely uncertain how I’ve managed to overlook this thread for so long.

Got any spare room for another potential character? I realize you said you were approaching your cap, so it’s fine if not. Don’t wanna crowd the world. :)
Well now- this is absolutely lovely! I’m genuinely uncertain how I’ve managed to overlook this thread for so long.

Got any spare room for another potential character? I realize you said you were approaching your cap, so it’s fine if not. Don’t wanna crowd the world. :)
Hiya! We're currently full up on players, though two of them haven't shown their face for a while... so maybe stay tuned? ;)