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the protato

  1. BonslyJuice

    Commissions~! (OPEN)

    Welcome, one and all! I'll be doing commissions here and there, and if you want one, just talk to me! Here are the options and prices: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Undertale Sprite Customization -----$10 Pokemon Sprite Fusion (Only gens 1-5) -----$12 Trainer Sprite...
  2. BonslyJuice

    Ask to Join My Hero Academia - New Generation

    Ask to join the thread right here: https://pokecharms.com/threads/my-hero-academia-new-generation-discussion.17813/page-2#post-543354 Zach shuddered and sprang out of bed; the damned nightmares had got to him again. He glanced at the clock; still only 5:40 in the morning. He cursed himself...
  3. BonslyJuice

    Open Type Royale Discussion

    I have a great idea for an RP! You have one character, and each character has one Pokèmon. All of them enter the tournament; sixteen enter and only one leaves. The catch is: Nobody can have pokèmon with the same PRIMARY type. In case you don't know what a primary type is, it's the type that is...
  4. BonslyJuice

    8-Bit Requests

    Alola, everyone! (Prepare the cringe syringe) I'm doing a request thread, and I can do any pokèmon (wihtin reason; not too much detail) as an 8-bit character. The space is 32x32 pixels, so it can only be one object/character/pokemon, and if you have a request that isn't a mon, feel free to ask...