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Which type is your favorite?

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I have a great idea for an RP!
You have one character, and each character has one Pokèmon. All of them enter the tournament; sixteen enter and only one leaves.
The catch is: Nobody can have pokèmon with the same PRIMARY type.
In case you don't know what a primary type is, it's the type that is dominant in the pokèmon.
For example:
Charmander is pure Fire-type, so it's primary type is Fire.
However, Charizard is a Fire-Flying type. It's primary type would be fire, since it is the type in the front of the two.
If unsure, just look it up on google!

Primary Type:
Held Item (If applicable):

My character:

Name: Dasken
Gender: Male
Age: Sixteen
Appearance: 6' Exactly, slender, long and messy dusty brown hair, wire frame glasses, grey eyes
Personality: Intelligent, calculating, crazy, spontaneous
Primary Type: Ground
Pokèmon: Dugtrio
Name: Protato
Appearance: Normal
Personality: Fun-loving, can get serious, caring, silly
Held Item (If applicable): Focus Sash
Name: Ry Burst
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Apperance: Ry has reddish brown hair and sparing green eyes. He wears a white t-shirt, with a open red jacket. He has grey jeans and red converse sneakers. Over his shoulder he has a green backpack (brendon from pokemon Emerald style.)
Personality: He is an upbeat kid with an intense love of battling. He has a well knowledge of Pokémon breeding, but loves batting more. He will do anything for his pokemon. He is pretty naive to non Pokemon related subjects.
Primary Type: Fire
Pokémon: Infernape
Name: Fuego
Appearance: Normal
Personality: He is very upbeat like his trainer. They both have similar dreams and are best friends. However he has a habit of giving thumbs up. He always does it before he faints.
Held Item: Black Belt

Is it okay that he doesn't only use fire types (on a regular basis) but does for this tournament?
He's my main OC, who aims to be a fighting type master, but none of his stronger pokemon are fighting type primary. So I went with fire.
Name: Drew Leuric
Gender Male
Age: 23
appearance six four, well built, Short sandy blonde hair that goes down to his ears. Has emerald green eyes. He wears a white Polo shirt with a green jacket. He primarly wears black jeans.
Primary Type; Psychic.
Pokémon Gardivour
Name: Tess
Appearance: Shiny
Personality: She is loving and a bit of a troll very kind hearted
Held item: none.


Previously LunaLuma
Name: Alice
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Appearance: 6'1'' Long straight black hair with 1 Purple line on the right. Black Frilled shirt with a Purple Flame on the front. Black Jeans.
Personality: Serious, Not afraid of anything, Spooky.
Primary Type: Ghost
Pokèmon: Chandulure
Name: Flicker
Appearance: A normal Chandulure
Personality: Tries to act Elegant but spooky at the same time
Held Item (If applicable): Heat Rock
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May I possibly join? This idea looks interesting to me.

Name: Hazel Everwood
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Appearance: Hazel has long, wavy light brown hair that's about down to her shoulders. She has brown eyes and freckles. She is about 5'5. Her outfit is a long pink sleeved shirt with blue jeans and brown boots. Around her head is a woven light brown headband with some light blue feathers in it.
Personality:Hazel is a very relaxed person who goes with the flow. She is a lot like Mina, the Fairy Captain in the Sun/Moon games but she isn't a artist by any means. She is generally friendly to most people unless you offend her somehow. She is often quiet and observant rather than loud like most trainers her age.
Primary Type: Fairy
Character Theme:Fireflies by Owl City

Pokèmon: Clefable
Name: Clara
Appearance:Normal Appearance
Personality:Clara is general sweetheart and is friendly to most evryone. She is very motherly and loves to take care of younger pokemon. But when battling, she can be a bit of a monster becuase she always tries to win.
Held Item (If applicable): Leftovers
Moveset (AKA Tank-fable)
  • Fire Blast
  • Moonblast
  • Ice Beam
  • Soft Boiled
Abilty:Magic Guard
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Name: Lottie
Gender: Agender if that's alright with you, if not than male - he/him/his
Age: 20

Lottie is quite short, standing at 5' 1". His hair is dark brown and is naturally scraggy, being around chin-length. He has small pupils but his eyes are brown in colour, wearing circular glasses, though makes his eyes look bigger. He has quite a slim build though his his face is round and quite plump.
Personality: Lottie seems to follow the usual nerd stereotypes. He is soft-spoken, lacking social interaction with others and is quite knowing to make up for it. Despite his shy nature, he is a determined individual who will fight till the very end, giving everything 110%.
Primary Type: Bug

Pokémon: Golisopod
Name: Charlie

Personality: Happy-go-lucky would be a good way to describe Charlie, he can be easily excitable outside of battle and affectionate to... Pretty much anyone! However, Charlie can be like any other Golisopod when battling and so he looks like he's in for the kill. A concern Charlie has is that he keeps on scaring people away, and he actually gets pretty upset because of it.
Held Item (If applicable): Assult Vest
Will it be purely battles, or RPing in between battle too? I don't care either way, but am just curious.

And I mean like a prize for winning the royal.
Nope. xD
It won't be a tangible item.
Hiwever, you will be able to use it...

I gotta work out the details. Just RP as normal. I may not even do it...
Of course! :3
The only time you can't change anything about your character card is when the RP has started. Even then, it's very limited on what you cannot change.
Just remember; no primals, no megas, no legendaries, and no z-moves.
We can do that now.

- Earthquake
- Stone Edge
- Aerial Ace
- Sandstorm
Item: Focus Sash
Ability: Sand Force (Bonus attakc in a sandstorm & immunity to said sandstorm)
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Alrighty, here's mine

Charlie (Golisopod)
- First Impression the move that no Golisopod is complete without
- Liquidation
- Leech Life
- Poison Jab
Item: Assult Vest
"When a Pokémon with Emergency Exit drops below half of its full HP in battle, it will flee in wild battles, or switch out in Trainer battles. It can only activate when a Pokémon's HP falls from above half to below half; if it does not activate at that time, it will not activate at all (unless the Pokémon with this Ability restores HP).

Emergency Exit will not activate if the Pokémon's HP falls below half due to hurting itself in confusion, hail, sandstorm or using Substitute. This Ability will not activate if the HP of the Pokémon with this Ability is restored to above half immediately after it drops below half (such as due to a held Sitrus Berry).

It will activate only after the last hit of multi-strike moves, even if the HP of the Pokémon with this Ability drops below half before the last hit. If this Ability activates due to being hit by U-turn or Volt Switch, the user of that move will not be switched out.

Trapping moves do not prevent Emergency Exit from activating."
Sorry, Bulbapedia provided a decent but rather lengthy explanation. So credit to them
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