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Which type is your favorite?

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What Did You Do To Snoke?

Previously Ratbag the Coward
Name: Darren Dareway
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Appearance: Blackish hair with blue eyes and sunglasses. Wears a black hoodie and casual black gear
Personality: cocky but cool at the same time.
Primary Type: Dark

Pokemon: Bisharp
Name: Night
Personality: Fast, powerful, loves a good fight
Held Item (If applicable): Focus sash

Moves: Night slash/knock off, Iron head, Stone edge, Poison jab.

I may change this.
Name: Daniel (Danny) Ibuki
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Appearance: Daniel ha black hair and blue eyes. He wears a royal blue hoodie with a water shuriken pattern above his heart. He has black gym shorts and electric blue tennis shoes.
Personality: Daniel is sarcastic, but still polite and kind. He tries to be comedian and if the time is right, makes a lot of puns. Daniel loves the water and Pokemon battling. Few have ever bested him in battles.
Primary Type: Water
Pokèmon: Greninja
Name: Saizo
Appearance: Shiny
Personality: Saizo is very serious when it comes to battling. He is Danny's most loyal Pokemon and will fight with him till the end.
Held Item (If applicable): Mystical Water

Two questions.
1. Can my Greninja be Battle-Bonded?
2.Can we have six Pokemon?
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1. Battle Bond is considered an additional evolution, and you would need special permission from a moderator. I think. Also, for the sake of this game, you shouldn't have a battle bond because none of us have any z-moves or megas. It just balances it all out.
2. We can have 6 pokemon, but only 1 is usable in the tournament, and it cannot be changed.