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  1. PokeStorm

    YouTube Community Project

    Hello everyone. Today I wish to bring to light my fan fiction called Dimrill's Pokemon Adventure (More Creative Title later). I have 9 chapters posted and am currently working on chapter 10, but I have an idea for this. Obviously Pokecharms isn't really well known to the entire Pokemon fan...
  2. oceanvenom

    Who are your top 5 favorite YouTubers?

    Mine are: 5. I Hate Everything 4. MandJTV Pokevids 3. Nostalgia Critic/Channel Awesome 2. MattShea 1. CaptainSauce I bet nobody has even heard of #1, but he has around 300,000 subs and is probably the funniest person I've ever seen
  3. BonslyJuice

    First Ever PokèCharms CASTING CALL!

    WAZZUP!?!?! I'm looking for voice actors to help me out with a large Youtube project. I would like to narrate my novel, and I need four talented voice actors currently. You can surely bet that I'll need mor elater on, so don't fear if you don't get it right away. ^^...
  4. theshadedmistress

    Your Favourite Youtubers?

    A simple question, really: What personalities on Youtube do you like to watch, and why? You can name off as many as you like. Personally, I have four channels I've found myself watching a lot lately: LeafyIsHere - He's a funny guy who tells stories and reacts to videos. He's made me laugh more...
  5. TheUmbreonOfTheNight

    Which Game?

    Hello everyone. I am new to the page, but I have a delima regarding Youtube. I am wanting to do a Let's Play on a Pokemon game, but I can't choose which game I want to LP. So I turn to you all. You can suggest any game that doesn't need to be patched. I want to do something other than gen 4...
  6. ShinyZekrom009

    Your favourite music from the Pokémon series

    Admin Edit: This thread was recently merged with another, newer thread by Toastie that essentially did the same job but better, pending someone who decided to revive an older thread without checking if a newer thread emerged on the subject. I'd imagine that it was still within the acceptable...