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3v3. Fix my team. Please?

I first made this team for it be a joke and it started working pretty well. My record is terrible only because I'd say more that 75% of the people I beat they turn off their game before they've been further embarrassed by losing to my team. I know it's not very good, I'm just looking for a bug fix on it and hopefully turning it into a competitive team.

Ninetales @ Leftovers
6 Spec. Attack 252 Defense 252 Speed


Togekiss @ King's Rock
Serene Grace
252 Spec. Attack 6 Defense 252 Speed

-Air Slash
-Aura Sphere
-Morning Sun

Exeggutor @ Mind Plate
252 Spec. Attack 6 Spec. Defense 252 Speed

-Giga Drain
-Hidden Power(fire)

That is my first team, here is my second team. I sometimes mix and match with Garchomp.

Tyranitar @ Quick Claw
Sand Stream
252 Attack 252 Defense 6 HP

-Stone Edge
-Fire Punch
-Ice Punch

Aron (lv. 1) @ Shell Bell


Garchomp @ Focus Sash
Sand Veil
252 Attack 6 Special Defense 252 Speed

-Dragon Rush
-Iron Head

The Aron sweep has almost always worked, but Garchomp just sits there ready to take on whoever is smart enough to stop it.


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I can see your sandstorm team doing far better for 3vs3 than your sun team, so I'm going to focus on improving that:

- Quick Claw isn't that great an item for Tyranitar. Chople Berry is currently Tyranitar's best item choice, Fire Punch can be useful but only if you find hordes of Scizor as your opponents and Ice Punch likewise for Dragons, although Stone Edge already hits most Dragon-types hard as it is. Earthquake is a solid option for T-Tar as is Superpower, but your elemental punches are good too - just don't forget that Tyranitar does have other options available to consider.

- Aron, seen it before, you already know how it works. Just don't rely on it to beat a smart opponent since they'll know full-well what your plan is the moment they see it in team preview.

- Outrage is superior to Dragon Rush for STAB on Garchomp (honestly, Dragon Rush is shit) and with a Sash you might as well run Swords Dance too. The third move is up to you, although since Substitute ruins your Sash I'd either pick a different item (Yache Berry probably) or run Fire Blast or something and keep the sash.