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#720 - Hoopa

StellarWind Elsydeon

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#720 - Hoopa


Japanese Name: Hoopa
Classification: Mischief Pokémon
Height: 1'08" / 0.5 m
Weight: 19.8 lbs. / 9.0 kg
Egg Group: None


Ability: Magician


Revealed: Early on Hoopa was first discovered in the X&Y game code by the hacker smea through replacing memory values. Its existence was finally revealed in a CoroCoro magazine leak on January 10th, 2015, and was later revealed internationally on January 14th.

Additional Info: Hoopa’s rings are said to have the power to bend dimensions and move objects across great distances. It's currently set to play a significant role within the 18th Pokémon movie, Pokémon the Movie: The Ring Genie Hoopa. Hoopa is able form change via the key item Prison Bottle into its Unbound form, which becomes a Psychic/Dark-type.


X: It gathers things it likes and pushes them through its loop to teleport them to a secret place.
Y: This troublemaker sends anything and everything to faraway places using its loop, which can warp space.


Hoopa is currently set to be an Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire event Pokémon and cannot be found via normal gameplay




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Hero of Pizza
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Just wanted to note that, as of its international reveal, I've added some extra information and images for Hoopa. :)
I wasn't a really big fan of Hoopa at first (the same with Diancie. Still not really fond of Diancie) and Volcanion was the only Event Kalos Legendary that I really liked. After the release of Omega Ruby and
Alpha Sapphire, people started hacking into the games and found something.....

Hoopa Unbound form.

I'll admit my first thought on this new form was 'WTF is that thing?'. How could cute Hoopa transform into
something so.... Ugh... It just looked terrible.
Later on, clear images started appearing on the internet, including pics showing it's face. Oh god, as soon
as I saw it's face I changed my mind about Hoopa Unbound.

I mean just look at it, with those sharp pointed teeth and evil grin XD In a matter of days I learned to love Hoopa Unbound's design, because really, it is badass. I'm still not a massive fan of Confined Hoopa
(though it is cute), but Hoopa Unbound is just AMAZING! Still like Volcanion a bit more though.

Thomas Runner

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I think it is what is causing legendary pokemon to come out of the rings at Mirage Spots

I think it is what is causing legendary pokemon to come out of the rings at Mirage Spots
did ya ever think of that yet
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StellarWind Elsydeon

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The connection between Hoopa and the Mirage Spot has been all but officially confirmed - and honestly, clearly visible for anyone with eyes. So yeah, congratulations on the brilliant deduction, Sherlock. XP


Hero of Pizza
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I ... I actually never made the connection between the Mirage Spots and Hoopa until reading this thread. :'| I suddenly feel very, very oblivious for not noticing the signs sooner. Someone even asked me recently what they were meant to represent and I replied that I didn't really know.

Go me. :'D
There are some cuter legendaries then Hoopa. I mean Victini and Manaphy are ADORABLE and probably more cute than Hoopa. And in the movie(Hoopa and The Clash Of Ages) why is Hoopas music EYEGIPTION when Hoopa is clearly Japanese?!?!