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A Breeding Question

Hello all,
I am having a burning question on which I would be delighted to get a answer from you:
for Example:
I have a Female Espurr with its hidden ability Own Tempo.
What happens if I breed it with a pokemon in the same egg group? Will the offspring ( Espurr ) still have a chance that it will have its hidden ability or is that chance completely denied by the fact that it is not the same pokemon from the same evolutionary line breeding?
A Big Thanks in advance for the help!


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Female Pokémon with a Hidden Ability have a 60% or so chance to pass down that ability when bred, regardless of the father. If you're breeding with Ditto in Gen 6, any Pokémon (including genderless or male, unlike Gen V) can pass down their hidden ability too, which is changed from Gen 5.

So as an example: - for gen 6:
  • Breeding your Hidden Ability Female Espurr with a Dedenne (also in the Field group) has a 60% chance of producing an Espurr with its hidden ability.
  • Breeding any Hidden Ability Espurr (male or female) with a Ditto also has a 60% chance of producing an Espurr with its hidden ability.
Bulbapedia have a very extensive article on breeding, which I recommend you peruse.