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Ask to Join A Journey Through High School

Andrew made a mad dash after Kayla and caught her before she could turn the corner. "Kayla, no! Bad idea, very bad idea..." he took her under his arm again and began leading her away. "Look, all these girls want is a reaction from you. And if you storm after them like that, they win and get exactly what they wanted. So just ignore them. Please." He wanted to say something but wondered if it was too stupid to say. But then he felt the words get pushed out of his mouth. "But if they try to harass you again...I-I'll protect you..." he blushed a lot from the statement, and blushed even more when he realized that his arm was around Kayla's shoulder yet again.
"But if I ignore them they won't stop!" She said argumentatively, not even fully realising Andrew's blushing and what he said. She kept struggling to get under his arm and make another dash for it but she eventually gave up. "I hate them," She mumbled angrily, sighing gloomily. She could hear them snickering, laughing and spreading rumours about innocent victims of their bullying. The way they bullied Kayla was bad but the way they bullied some others was much worse. She didn't hear what the last thing Andrew said was, and she glanced at him out the corner of her eye, wondering why he was blushing.
"Actually it's the opposite," Andrew said. "If you keep giving them reactions, and that's what they want, they won't stop. But if you just ignore them, no matter how long it takes, they will stop." Again, Andrew hated bullies. He continued to lead Kayla out of the lunchroom but realized that we wasn't actually sure where he was taking her.
"Its not the opposite with those jerks," She said, calming down a bit. "If I ignore them they bully me more, calling me a coward and stuff, saying I'm too scared to stand up to them. If I give them a reaction, they tease me about it." She explained, beginning to get angry again. "I can't believe they came to this school. Out of all the schools, they came here," She muttered, basically talking to herself. The bell suddenly rang, signalling lunch was over. "Oh," She murmured, a wave of students rushing down the corridor to get to their classes. She then remembered Andrew and her had only had a couple bites of their pizza.
And it had probably gone cold by now...
Double whoops.

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Andrew listened to Kayla rant a little bit before he heard the bell ring. He wasn't sure what to say to her, but he knew from experience that sometimes just knowing that someone was listening to you felt good. That was the most he could do for Kayla right now. But now it was time for him to head to his next class. He was still hungry, but it couldn't be helped. "Hey, I'll see you later," he said. "If you want, I can give you my number so that we can talk about this later."
Kayla blushed slightly in embarrassment at the last part he said. She wasn't exactly sure why but the thought of talking to Andrew on the phone made her happy. "Um, sure!" She exclaimed, pulling out her backpack to write her phone number on a note to give to Andrew when a teacher appeared behind her. "Miss Robins, you are needed at the principals office." The ancient looking teacher snapped sternly. Kayla stared up at her with a bit of confusion. "What did I do?" She asked in shock, the teacher staring down at her. "You were involved in a serious incident with Miss Jubilee." The teacher replied. "Now hurry up," She snapped, walking away. Kayla watched her walk down the corridor with anger. "Don't tell me 'Miss Jubilee' is her," Kayla muttered crossly, turning around to look at Andrew. "I guess I'll see you after whatever I've gotten myself into," She murmured, an expression on her face resembling mixed emotions of confusion, shock, sadness, worry and anger as she ran down the corridor, really worried that the girl she pushed had told one of the teachers and exaggerated it so it looked like she was a bully. Probably did.
Oh jeez, this wasn't good...Andrew had no idea what to say. Well, what COULD he say? He stood there stunned and speechless as Kayla turned to him with a very upset expression. "Oh...I guess you had better go then..." he said as he took a tiny slip of paper from her hand. He knew that she meant to give her his number, but he could tell that she wasn't in a good state of mind to do so. He quickly scribbled down his number and handed her paper. "Good luck, I guess. I'm here to support you."