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Ask to Join A Naruto AU Roleplay that isn’t closed or dead (yet)

"Geez is this guy weird. He just went said all that other random stuff..." TK thought to himself. "I...uh...okay?" he said nervously. "So your name is Hisato Kaguya. I'll remember that..." TK extended his hand out and shook Hisato's hand. "I hope we become good friends. He's the first person I talked to in a while. Maybe I can have the chance to talk to others. But maybe we'll see." "Hey...uh...shouldn't we be doing some sort of training or something?" he asked.

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Tsuzuki watched as the sword split in two, and his Lightning Whip began to pull Zeren toward the cliff face before the weight on his whip suddenly vanished. That could mean one of two things, either Zeren had let go of the second half of the sword and fallen, or he'd been substituted out. He knew it wouldn't be a good idea to check if he'd fallen, lest he get hit with a sneak attack, so he turned around and sure enough, Zeren was standing there, second half of the sword in hand and looking quite dazed.

He wondered for a second if the sword was made with the intent for it to split, so both squads could pass, but he quickly vacated that thought from his mind, since it wouldn't be good if they returned to the bottom of the waterfall with one half and fail because they didn't bring the whole sword. He needed that second half, even if it was just to confirm his suspicion. "I'm gonna need that sword back, if you don't mind." He said in a precautious tone. He knew they'd probably retaliate, so he'd already prepared himself for that by formulating a strategy in his head. Although his chances in a 3 to 1 fight were extremely low, Clone Jutsu would probably bolster his chances.


Previously Gamingfan2
Zeren's musing was cut short by Tsuzuki, who had asked for the sword half. He held the sword half defensively, and sighed. Of course Shock-whip here wants to complicate things more. Zeren began wondering if this was really worth all the trouble.
"Um, how 'bout no. I do quite mind, so it's not gonna happen." he hissed.
As he spoke, his eyes darted around, hoping to keep track of Tensai or any other obstacles. He motioned between him and his squad, and grinned.
"Even if you try to take it with your edgy buddy, you're still outnumbered. Tell you what, I'll make a deal. You give me your sword half, and I'll leave, simple as that. And before you say anything, I don't care if you mind." he spoke in a patronizing way, holding his katana out confidently.


Previously Night's Shadow
Kaori took a stance next to Zeren, casting an anxious glance back at Senshi, who seemed to be holding his own. Not that their sensei had done much; it seemed to be more of a distraction technique than an actual attempt to stop them. She pulled out her sai again, setting them humming with chakra for the quickest possible response to attack. Her blind gaze was steady, but under her mask, she chewed her lower lip in agitation.

I knew this would be tough, but this standoff is kinda creeping me out. Where’s their other teammate? Or their sensei? What’s the big picture here—? No. A true Shinobi shows no fear.
The girl took a breath, relaxing into the familiar stance she’d learned from her father before her parents’ deaths and her injury. Inhale. Exhale. Feel the chakra. Hone your senses. The second your opponent makes a move... that is when you strike!


Previously Schrift007
Tensai knew they were out numbered, but maybe not outsmarted. He had used up a lot of his chakra, and he was dangling off the side of a waterfall. "Hey Tsuzuki, do you trust me?", he didn't bother waiting for an answer, time was their enemy at this point. Tensai managed to just crawl onto the top, before he used up his last bit of chakra he knew he had. "KURAKEN!", he shouted. One long slender misshapen tentacle burst from the ground. It went at Tsuzuki's legs, if it caught his legs as he had planned it would throw him over the edge into the water. If the luck of the gods were on their side, then Tsuzuki would be fine and land in the water. But if not then this would be very very bad.

In response to Zeren, Tsuzuki pulled out his own Tachi, and electrified it by releasing chakra from his palm. “This’ll be a difficult fight, but if I utilise Clone Jutsu just right, I might have a chance.” He thought, and just as he’d prepared himself to take on the opposing ninja, he heard Tensai yell out something from over the cliff, then he heard something snaking toward him from the direction of the cliff edge. He quickly raised one leg, and prepared to hop back with the other, but he was too slow and was thrown off the edge by the tentacle.

Now in the air, Tsuzuki wasn’t very keen on going splat on the ground, so he turned to face the cliff and plunged his sword into it. The electrification definitely made it easier to get a hold on the cliffface, but now he was stuck, suspended in the air approximately 1/3 of the way down the cliff. “What the hell!? You could’ve killed me! You’re lucky I’d pulled my sword out, otherwise I might not’ve been able to pull this off!” He yelled angrily at Tensai.


Previously Gamingfan2
Seeing Tsuzuki hold out his own weapon, Zeren prepared to move...before everything was cut short by Tensai yeeting Tsuzuki off the edge. Zeren stood for a second, trying to process what the heck just happened. Looking down the cliff, he saw Tsuzuki now hanging off the rock face, held up by his weapon. Now sure that there was no danger, Zeren sheathed his katana and sighed
"Welp, that happened. Maybe it's for the best, I'm not in the mood for a fight, not after all this crap."
He turned to glance at Senshi and Kaori. Everyone look pretty beat up, including him. They needed to get this test over with.
"Okay, we may as well go back down. There's no reason to stay up here. We'll just turn in this part, and if they complain, it's their own fault for putting a crappy sword here. So, any ideas?" he asked, raising his voice so Senshi could also hear.

Minral stomped towards the two students who were now his pupils. He cast a stern glance at them, even though they had done nothing wrong, and spoke in his gruff voice.
" Okay, first of all, I am called Minral Stock, but you will call me Sensei and only Sensei. Second, I want no foolishness in this squad. Any tomfoolery will be dealt with severely. Follow me."
He led the students toward another cliff face with a waterfall, and turned to them. "Your first test will be to take a sword on the top of this cliff back down. I see no point in lying to you, so you should know that the waterfall is filled with chakra and will try to knock you down, as will I. Now, show me what you can do."
With that, Minral promptly disappeared.
@ThAtGuY101 @LightNexus
"Training? I'm always ready to train! I'm always ready to train and win! Training and winning cause they go together hand and hand like a glove on my hand" Hisato said.

Hisato turned to hear a gruff voice, "What about Stock Sensei? Or Minral Sensei? Or Sensei Stock?" Hisato said as he followed. Hisato began thinking of all sorts of nicknames like mini sensei, mineral sensei, grumpy sensei, MinSto sensei, stocky sensei. The list of nicknames he thought of were practically endless.

"Swords? Can I just use my own sword? I bet mine is better" Hisato said grinning. The sensei disappeared shortly after giving them instructions, "Man that's lame... why can't we just go around the waterfall? Its dry. No chakra. Way more practical way to get up the cliff. Instead Stock Sensei be like juuuust gooo up the waaateerfaaaall hyaaa!" Hisato said jokingly. "I guess no point in complaining. Let's hurry up and get this over with" Hisato said running and leaping against the waterfalls edge. He took a few running steps before ultimately falling down getting soaked, "aaaagghhh... twice I'd the charm" Hisato said as he stood up.
Ryu Shirogetsu had no idea if he had a team, but apparently he had one, he was assigned sensei of Squad four. The man dropped down from the podium and called out two names.

"Nezo Kinshi and Lin Arasata, report to the roof of the Hokage building and we'll start training there, you have two hours, starting now."

Ryu hopped from building to building at high speed, causing people below to start asking questions. He arrived on said building and waited, making sure his Katana was in good shape.
Hisato pointed up at the top of the waterfall, "watch me go!" Hisato said before leaping out of the water. He ran up the side of waterfall he made quick progress ,but before he could get halfway up he slowly began feeling resistance as he went up. His feet slid out from under him as if the chakra if the waterfall itself were prying his feet off the wall. Still he continued to move upwards as he attempted to run faster. As he slowly reached the top it became harder and harder to stick to the cliff. As he reached the top he felt so much better as he stood at the top. He looked over to where TK was, "Come on up! We can't finish the mission unless we do it as a team! You can make it up! Believe it!" Hisato said.


Lin was so lost in thought that she completely ignored the man by the podium. Her mind was focused on tinkering her legs so she could jump even higher which was saying a lot considering how high she could already jump currently.

She eventually snapped back into reality as she heard her name. She let out a grin as she awaited orders. "And show off in front of the Hokage! At the Red House too no less" Lin said excitedly. As Lin leaped high in the air she began making her way towards the Red House.


Previously Night's Shadow
Kaori’s opponents moved... but not nearly in the way she was expecting. Tensai’s chakra seemed to grow a tendril that approached Tsuzuki’s chakra, and then suddenly Tsuzuki was falling. Off the cliff. She relaxed her guard slightly, taking a half step back, when she was relieved to sense that his chakra was still hanging onto the cliff. Maybe he’d gotten his sword in a crack at the last second. “Ideas? Other than what you just said? Nope.” Suddenly, an idea did strike her. “Wait a second... lemme feel it.” Carefully, the blind girl ran a hand over the side of the blade, then the handle, before straightening up.

“Hmm. I’m no sword expert, but isn’t it kinda strange that it came apart cleanly like that? It’s almost like... was it meant to come apart? But that’s— but— never mind, you’re right, let’s grab Senshi and get the hell outta here. I don’t feel like getting smashed into the cliff wall on the way down again. With any luck, going down will be easier than going up. With my luck, it’ll probably end up the opposite.” Kaori offered a tired grin before slowly, deliberately, making her way to the edge.


Previously 5DigitNeb
Nezo gave a small smile at the congratulations before listening to the instructions of his new sensei. Figuring it was better to be early he decided to reach the roof of the Hokage building immediately. He began leaping in the air and heading towards his destination. He arrived at the roof and waited, inspecting his new sensei and taking note of his Katana.
When TK saw Hisato at the top of the waterfall, he was surprised. "Wow, he actually made it to the top, without my help. Well since he's up there, I might as well join him." he thought to himself. He apprroached the waterfall. "Hmm...how can I get up that waterfall? I can boost myself using my clones and climb the rest of the way up." "Water Clone Jutsu!" he yelled as he performed hand signs. Three clones of TK appeared surrounding them. "Alright guys, give me a boost up the cliff." he told the clones. They nodded their heads and gave him a huge boost up the cliff. TK grabbed onto a piece of a rock that stuck out. He looked down to see how far he was from the ground. "Okay so...I'm that far from the ground." TK continued to climb up the cliff until he felt something tug him down the cliff. "That can't be good. Maybe one of my clones can stop that waterfall from pulling me..." TK looked down at the clones and pointed at the waterfall tugging his leg. All three of them did hands signs. "Wind Style: Wind Stars Jutsu!" the clones yelled. Shurikens made of wind appeared from between the clones' fingers. They threw them towards the waterfall and it cut through the it. TK was free and kept climbing. As he progressed, he made it to the top and met with Hisato. "I made it..." he said to Hisato. The clones turned into water and began to burst.
Hisato leaned over the cliffs edge watching as TK had come up with a strategy to overcome the waterfall. "Like a ninja! Strategizing like that is bound to come in handy on our first mission. You even managed to make it up here on your first try too. Not bad" Hisato said looking down as his wet clothes. Well at least they weren't soaked anymore ,but it would be a little while before they would be dry. Hisato then turned his eyes towards the sword in the ground, "Do you wanna get it? I can get it if you want. I don't need it cause I got my ostaclast blade" Hisato said bending his hand back revealing the exposed palm of his hand. He then began forming a bone blade from his palm ,but before it could fully extend he began to retract it back into his arm as he didn't need to now. Looking back Hisato could have used his bone blades like picks to help climb the wall. If only he had thought of that sooner. He was still happy to be at the top now anyways.
"Heh...thanks." TK said as he smiled. "I tried my best, that's all." After Hisato asked him if TK wanted to pull the sword or should he, he thought about it for a while until he made his decision. "I mean...I already have my katana...but we have to pull the sword out. So I'll just pull it out." he said. He gripped the handle and used all of his strength to pull the sword. "Argh...it won't budge...Hisato, can you help me please? I would appreciate it." TK asked.
Hisato smiled, "Sure! Maybe its one of those team work things! Would probably be easier if we knew where our third teammate is but lets give it a go!" Hisato said. He walked over grabing the part of the hilt that TK wasn't holdig, "Alright... Oooone... Twoooooo ,and threeeee!"Hisato said pulling on the sword as hard as he could.


As Lin jumped from rooftop to rooftop she began doing backflips and all sorts of jumps as she headed towards the Red House. She mostly did this to look behind her ,but didn't want to stop and turn around. That and she just genuinely enjoyed doing flips and showing off. Lin eventually arrived at the Red House ,but was slightly disappointing she wasn't the first one there. As she arrived she landed on her hands, "Hiya! How's the weather up there?" Lin said jokingly. She then leaned back landing on her feet. She began walking towards her new teammate, "I'm Lin. Lin Arasaka! Nice to meet ya!" Lin said.
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Senshi looked at Tsuzuki he knew Kaori and Zeren could beat Tsuzuki by them selves, so Senshi scouted around for any team mates of the enemies, when the enemy as thrown off the cliff Senshi dropped down from his perch. After thinking for awhile he spoke to his team. "They want for us to spilt the sword how would more than one team pass otherwise our best bet is just getting to the ground if anyone tries to talk i'll just explain that to them hopefully we can end the test quickly and leave, you guys fine with that?" Senshi asked his squad, nervous he wasn't sure his theory was correct but just wanted the test to get over with.


Previously 5DigitNeb
Nezo watched with interest as his other teammate arrived while doing tricks. He gave a small laugh at her joke and walked up to her as she did as well. "Nezo Kinshi, a pleasure as well." Upon closer inspection his new teammates skin seemed a bit.. off but Nezo didn't think too much about it. She seemed pretty happy with her body given her doing stunts so he suspected it wouldn't be that bad to talk about but he didn't know too much about Lin to make a decision on whether or not to bring it up. He then turned towards his new sensei.

"So what's our training?"
"Sezo, Lin, I am Ryu Shirogetsu, your sensei, and here's training, this training will be about stealth, you two are to hide from me, I will be tracking, and it won't be easy, trust me." Ryu told his students, "We have two hours for this training, because if I don't find you then, A couple of ANBU, including an Ice Release User and Field Medic (his wife), will be finding you, then the ANBU will give me a heck of a time."

Ryu internally counted from thirty five back to one, and yelled, "Go! I will be after you in five minutes!"
Lin smiled as Nezo greeted himself, "Cool!" Lin said. Moments later Ryu introduced himself ,and told them to hide. Lin chuckled, "You better run and hide Nezo! You don't want Sensei Ryu to find you!" Lin said cheerfully before backflipping off the roof. Lin created 4 shadow clones. one Lin clone hid under a table in a restaurant. Another Lin clone hid in the girls bathroom. Surely the instructor wouldn't look in the girls bathroom right? He'd be a pervert if he did! disguise jutsu or not! The next Lin clone hid in a clothing store within clothing racks. The last Lin clone transformed into a fat goofy looking man with a bag of potato chips ,and a soda. The real Lin was underground beneath the bench the Clone Lin was sitting on. If the Lin disguised as a man with chips saw Ryu anywhere nearby he would act suspicious and try to leave his line of sight. Each of the other Lin clones with be giving small clues as to their whereabouts to draw the instructor away from where the real Lin was hiding.
When Hisato counted, TK helped him with the hilt and pulled it out as well. After he contributed pulling the sword, it finally pulled out. "Hey, it worked. Working together pulling out the sword worked. You know...for someone who I hardly know, we make a pretty good team. Maybe we can be...friends..." TK said before he could decide what to with the sword. "Well, before you respond to what to all that stuff I just said, the sword is pulled out. What should we do with it. Should we wait for...Minral Sensei, I-I mean Sensei to come back and take back the sword?
"Of course we pulled the sword out! I said we would didn't I? Don't doubt me like that man. Woah now... Friends? One step at a time... Nah just kidding! Team mates usually are friends! and the best thing about being friends is coming up with good excuses so when they fail they don't get in trouble! Or maybe it was accomplish their goals so they wouldn't need excuses?" Hisato said. He looked at the sword. It didn't look to special. "Minral Sensei? what about him? Yeah I suppose we probably should bring the sword to him. Where the heck is he? Is he snacking on lunchtime break or something? I doubt he'd want us to laze about. He probably wants us to find him. Like duck duck goose! I mean I spy! No. I mean hide and seek! He's probably somewhere waiting for us to come tooo him" Hisato said confident Minral Sensei was somewhere nearby. He began looking around in hope of spoting some hint or clue that their instructor was nearby.
TK sighs. "I don't want to feel like going through the process of finding Sensei. He should just come here and take this stupid sword." he thought to himself. "Alright Hisato...let's go find Sensei. Let's not waste anytime. I want to continue this." he told Hisato. TK picked up the sword and jumped down the cliff and landed perfectly on his feet. He looked up the cliff waved at Hisato telling him to come down so that they can find Minral Sensei.
Hisato began running towards the edge of the waterfall. He leaped off the edge of the waterfall in a rotational front flip sticking his feet against the wall ,and let the chakra slide him down the waterfall. As he neared the bottom he lunged outwards landing on the grass. How would they draw their instructor out of hiding? Would seeing his students fight bring him out of hiding? Hisato's calm face turned into a sadistic grin with malicious intent. Moments later the grin faded away as he doubted that. He then looked around for foot prints or others clues. So far he didn't really see any immediate obvious clues. He turned to TK, "What do you think we do now? We could look for him. We could wait. I bet if we do nothing it will piss him off. That would definitely get him here quicker" Hisato said.


Previously Gamingfan2
Zeren rolled his eyes. "I meant ideas for a way down people. I think it's pretty logical to assume that this sword was supposed to split. They have the other half, so let's just get down together. It would suck if I got a bad score thanks to you screwing up."
After another look down the cliff, he sighed. "Ah well, if you're not gonna help, I'll make it down myself. Don't die."
And with that, he jumped off the cliff.
As he fell, he saw Tsuzuki still hanging, and couldn't resist a jab.
"Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee " he called out as he shot downward.
Well, that was fun. Now to the problem at hand: the ground. Landing would break more than his leg bones, and his momentum and damaged hands wouldn't allow him to imitate Tsuzuki's little trick. Zeren thought of something, it wasn't the most safe strategy, but he may as well try.
Now nearing the floor, he took out his katana, and threw it diagonally to his side. Immediately, he used his Substitution jutsu, and swapped with his katana. Once he landed on the floor, he used the diagonal momentum to roll across the floor. And just like that, he was fine. Well, excluding the soreness rolling across stone does to you, and the heart-stopping surprise he had when is katana stabbed the floor, barely missing his hand.
Zeren got up, and faced above him. He wondered how they two would get down here. Kaori had similar justus as him, so that was possible, and Senshi had those vines of his.
Zeren's thinking was cut short by something. Was someone watching him? He turned around, holding the sword firmly.

Minral grinned at the sight before him. Zeren got the sword, and didn't look too bad. He even found a quick way down, even if it was a bit risky.
Suddenly, he heard two people landing a somewhere away. The two students must have finished as well. Minral quickly ran off, his movement spooking Zeren.
Minral then walked through what was seemingly nowhere and took the sword. He gave a small nod.
"Adequate work. Although, if you do not see me around, you don't have to worry. Simply stay where you're supposed to be, and don't wander. I don't want to deal with two dumb students who got lost thanks to their impatience."
He sighed, and stabbed his sword into the dirt. "I suppose we'll wait until the others are ready. I may as well get to know you two. What are your names?" he asked , completely forgetting that their names were called out in the ceremony.
"Okay first, uncool....we're not dumb." TK thought to himself. "Well I guess we can get introductions out of the way. Uh...my name is Takato Yoru. But I would prefer that you call me TK. It's a pleasure to meet you Sensei. Also we thought you wanted us to look for you as if it was like another test or something. We're not impatient...well I'm not. I don't know about him." he said. "But...the other teams aren't finished with their tests?" "I thought they would be finished before us because we were one of the last teams to begin our tests...huh"
Hisato let out a burp, "My bad. I had a really good breakfast this morning. My name is Hisato Kaguya by the way" Hisato said cheerfully. Hisato didn't think much of what Minral Sensei said. In Hisato's mind he did a good job ,and to him that was good enough. Hisato was still content that Minral Sensei merely ran off to get a quick snack ,but Hisato had no intentions in confronting him about it. Hisato was confused when Minral Sensei talked about the others, "Wait for the others? More waiting? Is that it? I guess I can wait ,but is that it? I assumed there would be more for us to do" Hisato said.


Previously Night's Shadow
Kaori blinked as Zeren’s chakra seemed to do some acrobatics, then became stationary at what she could only assume was the ground. She drew a kunai from the bag at her thigh, flipped it idly in her hand, and caught it again, debating her options. Finally, she charged the kunai with chakra so she could “see” it, and threw it down the cliff where it lodged in the ground somewhere near Zeren, a comical repeat of the katana incident. She’d fastened a chakra thread to the kunai before releasing so she wouldn’t lose it when she switched places with it.

Hand signs. “And... substitution it is.” She gave a halfhearted grin to the others still on the cliff face before disappearing as the kunai reappeared in her place. She appeared at the bottom of the cliff in a puff of smoke near Zeren before yanking the chakra thread, causing the kunai to stick in the ground near her foot. She felt along the ground for a second before she located it and slipped it back into the pouch.

“Well, that certainly was...” Kaori cast around for the right word. “Er... invigorating. Now just Senshi is left.”

@Thomas the trainer
Senshi looked down and just hopped down from outcrop to outcrop. "Guys I might need your help I used a lot of chakra on the water thing." Senshi told his team nervously i can still help but the more stuff on that scale the worse I could make the situation. Senshi remembered that his father had told him that his chakra was his own to use and to use it to help others would be a waste. Senshi shook his head. "Only thing he was useful for was his genetics Senshi muttered." Stomping his foot. "So whats next?" Senshi asked the group.


Previously 5DigitNeb
Nezo listened to the instructions and nodded before proceeding to do hand seals. He summoned some regular clones and started doing hand seals, as did they. The shinobi dispersed and went to different locations, similar to Lin's strategy. Some hid in bushes or in the trees while the real one substituted with a tree trunk which he transformed into.
Yasumi Kojuro ran over to his squad as quickly as he can. Once he arrived into scene, he was obviously out of breath. "I thought... I wouldn't... make it...," he paused, looking at his teammates," Ah, and I see you've met the best member of the team for the first time. That, of course, being myself. I have no time for names, let's get down to business!" Kojuro didn't notice the sudden change in attitude, or that other people were talking. He was just plain late.
"Nah. I'm a names guy. I trust TK over here ,and maybe Minral Sensei if he lets us have an early lunch todaaaay ,but I don't know who you are. Then there's me! Hisato. I don't know you. Your kinda like a stranger, but your not a stranger ,yet you are a stranger cause I don't know you well enough to call you anything else... Stranger" Hisato said standing there perplexed as the mysterious boy who showed up late acted like he was number one. Hisato looked at TK for a moment not really sure what to think about the new guy. Seeing this as an opportunity to rise to the occasion he turned and smiled, "Welcome to the team! Looks like everyone is here!" Hisato said.


As the first Lin clone was in the bathroom she sat there quietly and patiently in the stall confident. She was confident that Ryu Sensei would never find her there. She chuckled to herself wondering why the real Lin didn't simply hide in the bathroom instead. This was a perfect hiding place after all since Ryu couldn't waltz in there!

The second Lin clone was sitting in the clothing rack. She was pretty bored so she decide to look through the clothes, "Man... What's this? A red shirt. I could totally rock this shirt ,and look at this! It has gliiiiitter. I mean... It has glitter. I don't care about that, why would I possibly want something just cause it has glitter? It's stupid and I would never buy it ever in a bagillion years. What is the price of this thing though? Huh... Not bad... If I actually intended on buying it which I don't duh" second Lin clone muttered to herself.

The third Lin clone was under the table sneaking an unopened soda from the table. She used her thumb to try quietly press in the tab so it wouldn't make a loud crackling noise. However her soda slurping made a feint noise from under the table. A few burps here and there didn't improve the situation, "Excuuuse me...my bad..." third Lin said each time she burped.

The fourth Lin clone was cheerfully enjoying the bag of chips, "Lowkey I only really got this bag because it looked like something a weirdo would eat ,but I'm definitely gotta buy this again Later on!" fourth Lin clone said cheerfully. She continued to enjoy the chips ,but kept a ever watchful eye out for Ryu Sensei for if she spotted him she would need to get up ,and try flee.

Meanwhile the real Lin was angry and bitter about having to listen to fourth Lin clone eating and not share. Lin definitely wanted to try some of those chips now ,but she couldn't come out to get any for if Ryu Sensei saw her she'd be a loser. For the time being Lin continued to wait quietly, bitterly ,and reluctantly patient.
Kojuro felt defeated, but he didn't want to strike back to risk and even greater defeat. "Yes then, team... Please don't keep on calling me 'stranger', my name is Kojuro...," he replied. He thought about his first impression, then chuckled. It was probably the best entrance for him: brief, narcissistic, and it made him look like a buffoon. Well at least he got to know everyone's names. Hisato, TK, and Minral-sensei. He better get used to them if he wanted to pass the Chunin Exams one day.
"What's up with this new guy? He seems so self-confident but on a high level. I get the feeling that he's gonna handful as well. Here's hoping I can tolerate him. I can tolerate Hisato. We seem to get along with each other. But that...what was his name again...Kojuro...yeah I don't know about him. But I'll give him a chance and see what happens from here." TK thought to himself as he checked out the new guy. "Kojuro.....my name is Takato Yoru....but I would prefer to be called TK. It's....a pleasure to meet you." He told Kojuro.


Previously Gamingfan2
"Nice moves" Zeren spoke sardonically, before taking out the sword from his katana's sheath. "Isn't it obvious? We're supposed to wait for Sensei Shuriken to take this sword, wherever he is. Come out come out wherever you are!"

Minral glared at the his new disciple. "Another one" he groaned under his breath before addressing him.
" I see that you have no sense of timing, Kajero. For simplicity's sake, I'll allow you to pass this exam with you teammates. I hope you have better timing in the future, or we will have problems."
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After Kojuro introduced himself hisato smiled, "Nice to meet ya Kojuro..." Hisato said. He turned to TK for a moment then turned to Minral Sensei for a moment. Minral Sensei was rightfully getting onto Kojuro on punctuality. In Hisato's mind all what he could think of however were what there next goal was, when lunch was ,and what their first official mission would be.