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Open A RP about Mechs and Battles and Guns? (Probably going to Contain Violence and a Large Title?)

Well this is a idea that i thought about after watching someone play Titanfall 2
My Lore idea:
Earth Extended their Technology to new Heights by Creating Mechs and Grappling Hooks and Strong Battle Armour, Some evil Country got a Hold of these Weapons and wants to kill everyone, With some Mechs and Stuff Left over the Military Made (Insert name here), A Group dedicated to destroying the Rogue Mechs, The Pilots of the Mechs have been Fitted with Armour Enhancements that Allows them to Control their Mechs without Being in them
Appearance (Without Armour):
Appearance (With Armour):
Battle Role (Scout, Sniper, Soldier etc):
Weapons (Normal Weapons like Snipers and Machine Guns etc):
Utilities (Grappling Hook, Cloak, Light shield etc):
Mech Type (Speed, Cloak, Tank, etc):
Mech Weapons (This is where you can throw in Massive Swords and Rail Guns):
Name: Jack Devlin
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Personality: Jack is a Joking Guy outside of Battle but when he is in Battle, He is a Serious Fire Breathing Demon
Appearance (Without Armour): Jack has Hair Dyed Red and Yellow eyes, He is the Average Build and Height for his Age
Appearance (With Armour): Jack wears a Helmet with A V Visor and Standard Battle Armour
Battle Role: Scout
Weapons: Dual Pistols and a Short Sword
Utilities: a Grappling Hook and Light Shield
Mech Type: Speed
Mech Weapons: A Massive Sword and a Gattling Gun
Ill Open the RP when i have Finished thinking about everything and when enough people have Joined