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Alola Also Means Goodbye (Official Sun and Moon Playthrough Thread)


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The sun has risen on Pokémon Sun and Moon, and so it's time for our official Sun and Moon playthough thread! This thread is for chronicling your adventures in Alola, and thus non-story spoilers are allowed. Turn back here if you don't want to know about the contents of the Pokédex or other non-story-related spoilers. If you want to discuss story spoilers, please use our Sun and Moon Spoilers thread.

Tip: If you want to post types, try the [type]electric[/type] BBcodes. That'll produce something like this: [type]electric[/type] Obviously replace "electric" with whatever type you want. ^^

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I've been taking the game slow these last three days. First of all, I spend a good 90 minutes or so soft reseting for a Modest Popplio because I looked up that their Special Attack is their best stat. I know I'm insane, shaddup. Then I've spent the rest of my time catching every Pokemon I can find to fill up my Pokedex, including a Shiny Wingull who I dubbed Seahawk. So far none of my Pokemon have evolved. I am currently on Route 2 and only have one Pokemon left in the area to catch before I'm ready to move on. I'm playing Moon and this particular Pokemon can only be found during the day.
It's Drifloon

My current party right now is:
Gerald the Popplio Lv14
Pikipek Lv13
Yungoos Lv13
Rattata Lv13
Grubbin Lv13
Makuhita Lv13
So uh...what did Mega Evolution ever do to Sun and Moon? A few Pokedex entry "highlights"

Salamence: Mega Evolution fuels its brutality, and it may even turn on the Trainer who raised it. It’s been dubbed “the blood-soaked crescent.”

Metagross: Mega Evolution stimulated its brain. It emerged as a ruthless Pokémon that will clutch at any means of ensuring its victories.

Gengar: Gengar’s relationships are warped. It has no interest in opponents unless it perceives them as prey.

Gyarados: Mega Evolution also affects its brain, leaving no other function except its destructive instinct to burn everything to cinders.

Well, I'm just about to try tackle this game's Victory Road, and this feels like a good time to do a write up as I don't think I'm going to change my team around any more. I didn't really plan what Pokemon I was going to use throughout the game, nor did I look up any of them (which proved to be a mistake), so I ended up using more Pokemon than I normally would. My final team consists of:

Kommo-o (Cherche), level 52: This was one of the few Pokemon I knew for certain I wanted on my team - its just too freaking cool.
Primarina (Auberon), level 57: Hey I'm not ditching my starter on the first run, that would just feel so wrong.
Mudsdale (Terra), level 57: I have to say Mudsdale has jumped very high on my overall favourites list for Pokemon, its honestly really good. I thought its base stats wouldn't be that great with an ability like Stamina but nope! This thing is crazy - its one weakness is its speed, but its so tanky it barely cares.
Muk (Midnight Oil), level 56: Muk was the last thing I expected to use. I'm not a big fan the Alolan Forms, and I sorta just caught it at the start of the game because I've been catching every new Pokemon. But it proved itself to be really useful, especially during one of the trial's, after which it had most definitely earned its place on the team.
Vikavolt (Bomber), level 55: Another Pokemon I never expected to use on my team, but I sort of just had a Grubbin sitting in my party just to get it to evolve and hey it grew on me. My only problem with it is its speed, but eh.
Lunala, level 55: I don't usually use legendaries on my teams because they feel just too overpowered, but I just couldn't bring myself to box it. Because plot.

Also due to the lack of planning there was a bunch more things I trained but eventually boxed, which I'll mention below. Well there's more than these, but these are the one's I was considering having on my final team and not just raising for the hell of it:

Toucannon (Tooheys), level 52: I kept it around for quite a while after it learning Rock Smash I think it was early on made me think it would be flying/fighting, which sounded awesome. Unfortunately that was not the case, but by this time I'd trained it enough that I was originally intending on keeping it around for my end game team. And then Lunala happened. Sorry.
Marowak (Tiki), level 45: I was considering using this because I wanted a fire type and I kinda messed up with Salandit, but I just found it couldn't put out the level of damage I'd want, plus at that part of the game almost everything had a dark type move, and it was just too much of a hassle.
Mimikyu (Spark), level 39: It took freaking forever to find this damn thing! As much as I wanted to raise this guy because its adorable, its a ghost, and Disguise is a pretty darn good ability, I just didn't get that attached to it and wanted to try out other Pokemon, plus I already had a fairy type. Maybe next run.
Lurantis (Pascal), level 35: After getting my ass handed to me by another Lurantis, I figured maybe I should take that as a hint and try one out. But I found that due to Primarina having a grass type Hidden Power it couldn't compete with my starter, so it felt a bit redundant having it around. Another Pokemon I'd probably use in a different run.
Salandit (Lithium), level 36: Ugh. I didn't realize that only female Salandit's can evolve. Guess what sex this one was? I ragequit on training it shortly after I realized.
Shiinotic (Mycena), level 24: Design wise this thing is pretty damn awesome, but I found in battle it was really struggling. Maybe that's because I was comparing it to Mudbray which was insane, even unevolved, but still I just... eh...

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Just starting out as I finally got my game yesterday, and I haven't even gotten to the first challenge yet (still on Route 2). I have a few special 'mons on my team given to me as eggs from friends, and I'm looking forward to raising them into strong Pokemon~

Current Team:
Kira the Litten, level 15
Battery the Grubbin, Level 14
Hanamaru the Pichu, level 14 (bred by @Tailon )
Shiitake the Drampa, level 14 (bred by @112% Elusive )
Makuhita, level 14
Drifloon, level 14

Makuhita and Drifloon probably won't end up as my E4 team, hence why they don't have nicknames, but I felt the need to raise them early on to help round out my current team until I find other 'mons.
I finished the story-mode and I'm on to Post game. Yay XD :
Primarina level 69
Raichu level 69
Crabominable level 69
Salazzle level 69
Mimikyu level 71 (I don't know how it got so over leveled...)
Alolan Exeggutor level 65.


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Now that I've finally obtained my 6th party member (which is very unlikely to be my last, but hey!), I'd like to share my current game progress and mah babies. :D

General Information

Player: Kenji
Version: Moon
Current location: Moments away from leaving the first island
Poké Finder: Version 3
Pokédex: 42 (Caught), 51 (Seen)


(Current look of my player character!)

Once I figure out what my current Festival Plaza rank is I'll update with that, too. Does anyone know if there's a way to freely view that information?

Anyways, I'm a bit too tired/headachey at the moment to give proper impressions of the game but I will say that I'm loving Moon thus far. The music is excellent (both in its direction and quality), the visuals are really nice, and I'm really enjoying Pokémon Refresh, the Festival Plaza, and the Poké Finder.

The characterization of Team Skull is a hoot, too, and their theme music is great. Can't wait to see how they develop throughout the story. ^^

The Crew

I'm not able to grab their exact levels or movesets at the moment, but here be my current team:

Yoichi (M) the Dartrix
Jinora (F) the Trumbeak
Slimer (M) the Alolan Grimer
Siri (F) the Pikachu
Maggie (F) the Crabrawler
Hachiko (M) the Rockruff

Again, I'd like to ramble a bit about my team but, at the moment, I don't have the brain to do so. Will have to do so later. :3 However, overall I'm having a lot of fun with these guys and really love pampering them after battles with Pokémon Refresh. Being able to go straight into it after a match is amazing. ♥
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I finished the game because I'm a loser guys.

My team was about level 62ish or so when I beat the E4 the first time, it's now about 73.
Tavi (Male Raichu) - He's honestly made of plastic. Once he survived a Dark Type Z Move because of Pokemon Refresh affection but other than that, yeah... He tries?
Liceta (Tsareena) - Queenly Majesty is a beautiful ability and it no sold some first priority moves. Lovely. Also type coverage is sweet.
Ennore (Male Ariados) - He was the only pokemon I didn't plan on having but just kinda kept him around. He managed to out tank one of the totem pokemon I was having so much trouble with. Good boy. Also tried Battle Royal mode, and after basically getting wiped with no kills and only this guy left, he managed to clock three kills. Leech Life's buff is a beautiful thing, as is Infestation's Chip Damage.
Sireen (Male Primarina) - I like him, he gets good type coverage too, pretty bulky. Also early game Scald TM is OP as hell.
L'oreal (Male Dugtrio) - His hair is fabulous and he gets Earthquake and Iron Head. Except he's brave nature so he gets outsped by lower leveled Dugtrios.
Saisa (Salazzle) - I like her, but she's pretty frail. Toxic is good though, TOXIC ALL THE THINGS BECAUSE CORROSION. Chip damage was my friend early game.

Also none of the above can learn false swipe so Tapu Koko became my designated pokemon catcher when I caught him. :U


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I got my game at midnight yesterday, so I've not managed to play that much yet – I've only just gotten to the first city. I'm focussing on trying to catch as many Pokémon in a given route as I can, so it's likely to be pretty slow going for me. :)

Click for the latest team :)
Player character: Bethany
Starter Pokemon: Rowlet
Current playtime: 4 hours, 35 minutes
Pokedex: 19 seen, 14 caught (19/14 Melemele)
Current location: Hau'oli City

Bowie the Rowlet / Male
Level 13
Nature: Modest
Ability: Overgrow
Moveset: Tackle, Leafage, Astonish, Peck

Galaga the Grubbin / Male
Level 12
Nature: Bashful
Ability: Swarm
Moveset: Vice Grip, String Shot, Mud-Slap, Bite

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I did it! I just beat the E4 in my Sun game, and I've never felt more emotional about being Champion than now (having just come back from watching Moana probably made me more emotional about doing so, because Hawaii. Polynesia. I have so many feels, ahhhh)~ Man, that was such a blast. I can't wait to do all the post-game stuff and beat them all again IN CHINESE~

Final Team! (changed some nicknames around, all named after my RL group of friends)

Kira - level 60 Incineroar
Misaki (aka Alice) - level 60 Mimikyu
Yumezuki (aka Megan) - level 60 Vikavolt
Steve - level 59 Drampa
Jason - level 59 Midday Lycanroc
Helen - level 60 Lurantis
Sooo it's been 3 days for me. Where am I now?

I've filled my team with pokemon pretty early on, ending up with a full team of mons by the time I was half-way through Melemele island. I had Littlen, Pikipek, Yungoos, Grubbin, Machop, and Greninja. The Greninja I used once against the red card trainer when his whole strategy backfired and made me call out the pokemon 3 times stonger than his, and it actually listened quite fine.

As I progressed though, I found mons that I decided to substitute in because either I wanted them on the team from the get-go, or they just made such a lasting impression I wanted to use them. So now here I am right before the Lush Jungle with a pretty different team.

Torracat - Ricky - Lvl 24 - The Starter
Chargabug - Socket - Lvl 24 - The one who beat the WishiWashi
Gumshoos - Detective - Lvl 24 - The Ace Attorney Gag
Rufflet - Patriot - Lvl 24 - The one who almost swept my team before I caught him
Rockruff - Archie - Lvl 23 - The cutie I spent ages looking for in the wrong place before I finally found him
Mudsbray - Buck - Lvl 23 - The bulldozer

I've currently got my eye set on a Wimpod to take Detective's spot, but they're being a bit tricky to catch, so I might just wait until after the trial. When I do though, I might call him Wimp!, because I was watching that one Fairly Odd Parents episode fairly recently. A better name is still in planning.


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I have just set foot on Route 4, so slowly making progress xD

Player character: Ferne
Starter Pokemon: Rowlet
Pokedex: 14% (53 seen, 44 caught)
Current location: Route 4

Stilts the Dartrix (Male)
Level 26
Nature: Calm
Ability: Overgrow
Moveset: Razor Leaf, Astonish, False Swipe, Pluck

Felwinter the Rockruff (Male)
Level 24
Nature: Impish
Ability: Keen Eye
Moveset: Rock throw, Sand Attack, Bite, Rock tomb

Atlanta the Eevee (Female)
Level 12
Nature: Modest
Ability: Adaptability
Moveset: Tackle, Tail Whip, Sand Attack, Baby-Doll Eyes
I'm proceeding pretty slowly! I had to make a long drive to visit a university in another town but now I'm back on track. I just did the Electric/Steel Z-crystal trial. Here are my buddies:



I traded myself two of the starters, so I have all three of them-- normally I wouldn't do this but I might not get around to playing Moon. The breakaway favorite so far has been Mudsdale-- even before she evolved she was a total powerhouse who exploded Totem Salazzle, and she tanks hits and dishes out damage like nobody's business. A must-have pokey. Golisopod has disappointed me a bit, its ability means that it /flees/ wild battles instead of just switching out so it cost me a capture of a wild pokemon. :p

Tsareena is another strong pokemon, and the one an NPC trades you (Bouncee) has a max attack stat, so I'm quite happy with her. I forgot how fragile Pikachu is, haven't trained one for a long time, and as soon as it hit level 34 for Discharge I was like SCREW IT to future moves (eh, they're almost all heart scale-able) and evolved it. Very pleased with Lycanroc as well, another strong pokey.


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Still going, albeit very slowly as I'm trying to catch as much as possible before moving from each area. I've only just gotten onto the second island...

Click for the latest team

Player character: Bethany
Starter Pokemon: Rowlet
Current playtime: 14 hours, 14 minutes
Pokedex: 57 seen, 46 caught (52/42 Melemele, 24/20 Akala)
Current location: Paniola Town

Bowie the Dartrix / Male
Level 24
Nature: Modest
Ability: Overgrow
Hold Item: Normalium Z
Moveset: Tackle, Razor Leaf, Astonish, Pluck

Galaga the Charjabug / Male
Level 23
Nature: Bashful
Ability: Battery
Moveset: Spark, Bug Bite, Acrobatics, Bite

Johnstone the Alolan Diglett / Male
Level 21
Nature: Lax
Ability: Sand Veil
Moveset: Bulldoze, Metal Claw, Astonish, Mud-Slap

Rousey the Crabrawler / Female
Level 19
Nature: Hardy
Ability: Iron Fist
Hold Item: Fightinium Z
Moveset: Bubble Beam, Brick Break, Leer, Pursuit
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I've finished Sun a couple of days ago and I'm currently working my way through the post game. To put it simply:

Pokemon main series games: Good story or good gameplay. Choose one.

Needless to say, Sun and Moon have the former. Game play is a step down (seriously, SOS battles are the WORST when you're just trying to catch a Pokemon), but the storyline is stunning for a Pokemon game. On two occasions, I found myself staying up late when the story got involved. I've never done that with any previous game. It more than makes up for the excruciatingly slow start when I was wondering what the heck Team Skull had to do with the plot. Lillie and Hau are interesting characters and I loved Lillie's character development throughout the story.

This is a little thing, but I loved the increased skin color options this time around. I was able to go through the game looking like the main character of the first piece of fan fiction I ever posted: darkest skin tone available + long platinum blonde hair (white hair post E4). I even added glasses that look similar to mine. I loved every cutscene with the PC as a result.

My main story-mode team:

Primarima - Mikhail
Mudsdale - Bay
Magnezone (Nicknaming it never felt right even though it's easily my best Pokemon)
Butterfree - Chota
Hariyama - Mako
Lurantis - Dawna (I really should've used Tsarina instead but alas)

And in case you're wondering, yes, not having a Dark type or a Fire type came back to bite me a LOT.
I've barely played! I had it all worked out, I was going to play on launch day! Tomorrow! Tomorrow will be the day I finally start kicking some poké-ass...
So far I've literally managed to do the first trial, my team is as follows

Torracat lv 23 - Blink (Named after my cat, will hold everstone because screw these starters)
Charjabug lv 20 - Tickles
Trumbeak lv 20 - Flaps
Cutiefly lv 18 - Bullet
Meowth lv 19 - Pudding
Mudbray lv 16 - Derpyhooves

Yes, I enjoy silly nicknames.

Got a 13 hour flight tomorrow, I will pretty much be playing pokémon the whole time. *macho pose* the next time you see me, I shall be the champion of the Alola region... And I'll have a better team, with blackjack, and hookers! <Note. Hookers is a possible nickname, i might have to call wishiwashi it ;) >
I got the game the day it came out and I basically haven't really stopped playing it? I've already beaten the story of the game (what a rush! I haven't enjoyed a game's story this much in YEARS!) and I'm onto the postgame. I'm probably going to work on completing the Pokédex with the aid of my Sun-owning friends but I've already got future teams planned out for when (not if, when) I replay this game.

My current team as it stands is:

Nermal - Persian - ♂ - Lv. 70
Igloo Azalea - Sandslash - ♀ - Lv. 70
Miles - Decidueye - ♂ - Lv. 71
YadoYadoDaZe - Slowbro - ♂ - Lv. 71
Budjack - Mudsdale - ♂ - Lv. 73
Kuwaga - Vikavolt - ♂ - Lv. 73

I'm probably going to be switching out one of the higher-leveled 'mons for one of the Tapus (probably Bulu because I like the aesthetic) to aid in weakening/catching wild 'mons to finish the Pokédex (that is, if my tried-and-true strategy of QUICK BALL EVERYTHING doesn't pan out.)
Alright, I'm past the second trial of AlaAla Island, and my team has developed a fair bit, including some well timed evolutions. Figured I'd also give some thoughts on how the team is doing so far.

Ricky - Inciniroar - Lvl 35. I love him, but I finally got aroudn to checking his nature and it hurts, because he's Rash. His boosted stat is Special Attack; the one stat that's useless to him. I haven't used his Z-move yet, but I'm waiting for the perfect moment. Earlier on, I gave him Swagger and it was probably the worst decision I made, because nothing EVER hurt itself in confusion, so all I did was buff up pokemon that really didn't need any buffing. It nearly cost me the Guzma fight and the Mimmikyu Totem.
Archie - Lycanroc - Lvl 35. He evolved almost immediately after my previous post, and became one tough dog. I've recently thrown stealth rock onto his moveset to see if it will get much use in game. Not getting much use, but I'm not sorely missing the coverage yet, so I'll reserve judgement.
Socket - Charjabug - Lvl 35. One tough little bus battery. Slapping the Electium Z on him was one of my best choices in the game, because combined with Charge, meant doubling the damage Gigavolt Havoc could do. Everything I've used it on so far has been 1-hit KOed. Only concern I have is why he hasn't evolved yet. It's unusual that a bug type has gone to this high of a level without reaching its final evo yet, and I'm starting to wonder if I'm missing something. It's not a stone, so it might be a trade evolution, which would be a problem because I don't have local friends right now.
Patriot - Rufflet - Lvl 34. He's been a good hitter, and Aerial Ace has lended him some much needed sure hits. Unfortunately, he hasn't had many noteworthy victories to mention, mostly because he does most of the damage on a tough pokemon but doesn't last the whole fight. He's got Defog now, which I know will be useful at some point, but not just yet. I wasn't using Scary Face either so not much of a loss.
Buck - Mudsdale - Lvl 35. I knew Stamina was going to make him a tank, but I wasn't expecting his one type to offer so much coverage. There's always a pokemon in the totem challenges that Mudsdale can wipe off the board straight away. And whenever the rest of the team isn't doing hot, he can soak up the damage while I heal them all up.
Scuttler - Golisopod - Lvl 35. I just KNEW Wimpod was going to evolve into something legendary, and I was so right. Well worth all the times I went back and forward on Route 8 to make one appear, and the 10 levels of pathetically weak Struggle Bugs. He just needs to open up with First Impression, and then Sucker Punch his way to a knockout. He hasn't got anything else yet, but I don't have any physical Water TMs to let him use his other STAB, so I'm just hoping he learns one soon. I've already heard some people complain that Wimp Out Emergency Exit abruptly ends wild encounters, and that's why I've been cautious in the tall grass. Even without it though, he's not exactly built to subdue, only to decimate. It's been a blessing in trainer/totem battles. It means I don't need to worry about exposing a needed switch-in to attacks on their appearance; something that's very precious in the totem battles.

All in all, my team's got 2 bugs, but they check each others weaknesses quite well, so I'm not too at risk to the usual bug weaknesses. My lack of Fairy and Dragon coverage is probably my biggest flaw, which was a mistake I made in the last generation too, but I haven't had a chance to fight either type yet, and Mudsdale does have Heavy Slam now, so it's only dragons I'll need to be especially careful for.
I got Moon on Thursday and I beat it at like 3:00 am on Sunday. I was up at like midnight and I carried on playing till like 9:00 am doing post-game stuff that same day. The story was by far the best story in a main series game, the plot twists and revelations were amazing. The kahuna's were on-par with gym leaders in my opinion. The E4 was also one of the best, not very difficult but the actual members were memorable for certain reasons.

This was my team when I beat the main game.

Robin - Decidueye (Male)
Level: 62
Moves: Synthesis, Leaf Blade, Spirit Shackle, Brave Bird
Ability: Overgrow
Item: Decidium Z

Maria - Salazzle (Female)
Level: 64
Moves: Toxic, Flamethrower, Dragon Pulse, Sludge Wave
Ability: Corrosion
Item: Charcoal

Epona - Mudsdale (Female)
Level: 62
Moves: Earthquake, Rock Tomb, Double Kick, High Horsepower
Ability: Own Tempo
Item: Bright Powder

Winston - Golisopod (Male)
Level: 63
Moves: First Impression, Brick Break, Liquidation, Leech Life
Ability: Emergency Exit
Item: Big Root

David - Wishiwashi (Male)
Level: 63
Moves: Ice Beam, Faint Attack, Hydro Pump, Scald
Ability: Schooling
Item: Mystic water

Charlotte - Beware (Female)
Level: 62
Moves: Rock Tomb, Brick Break, Dragon Claw, Façade
Ability: Klutz
Item: Amulet Coin

I got a few rubbish abilities like Klutz and Own Tempo, but since I wasn't catching these pokemon for competitive battling, I wasn't really bothered. I would've loved Stamina on Mudsdale and maybe Fluffy on Beware. All the natures were rubbish. Beware had one that boosted SpA I think. But they got me through it.

Socket - Charjabug - Lvl 35. One tough little bus battery. Slapping the Electium Z on him was one of my best choices in the game, because combined with Charge, meant doubling the damage Gigavolt Havoc could do. Everything I've used it on so far has been 1-hit KOed. Only concern I have is why he hasn't evolved yet. It's unusual that a bug type has gone to this high of a level without reaching its final evo yet, and I'm starting to wonder if I'm missing something. It's not a stone, so it might be a trade evolution, which would be a problem because I don't have local friends right now.

Unfortunately, Charjabug won't be able to evolve till near the very end of the main game. I won't say anymore in case you don't want me to, but I though I'd let you know.
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So speaking of endgame....

Surely I wasn't the only one who wanted to leave Nebby with Lillie. After everything you went through in the story, it just didn't feel right battling and capturing it.

Edit: just realized that was a story spoiler. I'm an idiot.
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So I purchased both Sun and Moon upon release last 18th and recently cleared Moon's campaign last Saturday with my team looking like this:


Just a few levels behind? Just a few.

I'm starting my playthrough of Sun now and I'm gonna try to do a no-evolution run. (I'm gonna let Rowlet evolve tho because of reasons)

And yes, I absolutely did want Lillie to have Nebby. I was actually hoping for a battle with her at the Pokémon League where she would quickly catch up as a trainer and use Nebby in battle, but what actually ended up happening made a lot more sense, so I can deal.


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Lots more progress since I last posted – I'm now onto the fourth island, and some evolved critters and two new Pokémon in tow. :D

Click for the latest team

Player character: Bethany
Starter Pokemon: Rowlet
Current playtime: 43 hours, 14 minutes
Pokedex: 200 seen, 127 caught (98/68 Melemele, 103/68 Akala, 98/68 Ula'ula, 63/45 Poni)
Current location: Poni Wilds

Bowie the Decidueye / Male
Level 53
Nature: Modest
Ability: Overgrow
Hold Item: Decidium Z
Moveset: False Swipe, Leaf Blade, Spirit Shackle, Pluck

Galaga the Charjabug / Male
Level 53
Nature: Bashful
Ability: Battery
Moveset: Wild Charge, X-Scissor, Acrobatics, Thunder Wave

Johnstone the Alolan Dugtrio / Male
Level 53
Nature: Lax
Ability: Sand Veil
Hold Item: Steelium Z
Moveset: Earthquake, Iron Head, Sand Tomb, Sucker Punch

Rousey the Crabrawler / Female
Level 53
Nature: Hardy
Ability: Iron Fist
Hold Item: Fightinium Z
Moveset: Crabhammer, Brick Break, Thief, Rock Slide

Artemis the Wishiwashi / Male
Level 54
Nature: Bashful
Ability: Schooling
Hold Item: Waterium Z
Moveset: Aqua Tail, Double-Edge, Aqua Ring, Feint Attack

Artemis the Sliggoo / Male
Level 52
Nature: Modest
Ability: Hydration
Hold Item: Eviolite
Moveset: Blizzard, Muddy Water, Rain Dance, Dragon Pulse

What Did You Do To Snoke?

Previously Ratbag the Coward
I got Moon for Christmas and in that first run through period I've already got a shiny Cubone. However, I'm spending ages getting a female Salandit so I can get a Salazzle. The problem is that Salandits only have 12.5% female population. To get over this, I saw on the internet that you can get a male even and evolve it into a Slyveon. This Sylveon will then have cute charm,Mohicans will mean that there are then more females than male Salandits. However, Evee I got in the ranch on Akala island hatched as a female. I only noticed this once I had the Pokemon evolve. I've just beaten the fire trial meaning I have more access to Salandits via the new route that's created. I went back to route 2 and route 4 to get a male Evee. Despite ages of running in the grass, I could find a single Evee. I looked on the Internet and it's actually only 5% chance of finding one in those routes anyway. Now I'm wondering, if I use another Pokemon with cute charm. People on e Internet say it's easy to find an Evee. I disagree.
Finally got round to beating the elite 4... Team is as follows....

Torracat - lv 65 (Blink)
Mimikyu - lv65 (Mimi)
Mudsdale - lv64 (Derpyhooves)
Ribombee - Lv 63 (Bullet)
Vikkavolt - lv 63 (Tickles)
Lunala - lv55 (Sprinkles)

I found once I had Mimikyu I pretty much didn't use anything else, I finally got round to putting some z crystals on some pokémon when i reached the league, they suck and I'm not happy. As you can tell I didn't use lunala enough to even level it up in the league, just I'd had a revolving 6th slot and much like *most* of this game where I seemed to have no idea what the fuck was actually going on both with the narrative and in general with the game, geniunely I didn't realise I was about to do the pokémon league, and figured I'd replace lunala with something from victory road, then I was in a battle with hau and just went "meh" and kept going. So glad to finally be done with the damn narrative of these games.

The island challenge sucked. Z moves and the stupid animations your character does when using them specifically, are just a terrible addition to the franchise (and right now nothing will convince me otherwise so piss off before you start trying) oh and they're a terrible addition, that takes over half the damn touch screen, and there's no way of switching which side of the touch screen its on, what's the point in L=A if you can't play the game comfortably one handed!

I've heard the game gets better in post-game... Can't get much worse, right?

I hate the Alola region, if this is what pokémon games are becoming, I guess it's time to grow up
Just to clear any confusion: I originally planned to acquire Pokemon Moon for various reasons, but I unexpectedly received Sun for free at Christmastime, so that is the version I'm going playing for my first trip to Alola.

Now that I've said "Alola" (as in "goodbye") to Melemele Island, I must say that I am enjoying this game a hell of a lot more than X and Y already. I actually care about the characters and the story, for one thing. The location is also utilized so much more effectively, going all out on the Hawaiian theme with fantastic results, while offering surprises with varied environments( I just reached a ranch, which I was not expecting at all). Team Skull cracks me up, and all of the other characters are lovable in their own ways. The new features and changes, from Z-Power to trials and Totems, mostly work for me.

Now, there's the matter of the Pokemon. I the variety of new Pokemon, Kanto Pokemon(some with new types and appearances), and a healthy mixture of Pokemon from the other other 5 regions. It gives me so many options,vso much so that I have teams planned for no less than 6 different playthroughs. For this first run, I'm definitely going to have more than 6 permanent team members, with 4 I am using during most if not all of my journey throughout Alola. Here's my current team, plus some honorable mentions:

(I did not nickname anything because I like having the species names only throughout my first playthrough of a game for memorization purposes and consistency in regards to older Pokemon.)

Dartrix (Grass/Flying)
Level 17
Moves: Razor Leaf, Work Up, Peck, Astonish

As I've said before, Rowlet was always going to be mine from the moment I saw that adorable leaf bowtie :love:. And that was BEFORE I learned that its final evolution is a ranger owl with a hoodie that shoots ghost--feather-arrows. Needless to say, she is going to be a permanent member of the party, although the future Ghost typing complicated my team-planning...plans a little.

Grubbin (Bug/Soon-To-Be-Electric)
Level 16
Moves: Bite, Bug Bite, String Shot, Spark

I'd known about this little bug for a while, and ever since, I'd resolved to make it a part of my team. A new electric bug sounded great, and I loved the designs of the whole line! Although it is a permanent member there will be times when I do not use it. I've substitutes it for Magnemite at times because it has yet to evolve and gain the Electric Type, and the Steel typing makes it more able to take hits. Also, it will go a long time without evolving into Vikavokt from what I've heard, so I might want it on the bench until then. Still, this little battery bug is one of my favorite new Pokemon, and I'm keeping him for the long haul! :D

Slowpoke (Water/Psychic)
Level 15
Moves: Water Gun, Yawn, Confusion, Curse

Yes, yes, I know. It's not a new Pokemon, and it does not have an Alolan Forme. Plus, it's Slowpoke. So why is it a permanent member of the team? Well, for starters, I did not want it to be all newbies; I figured I should try some Pokemon I have never used, new or old, and I happened upon it and decided to use it. Sure, it's slow, and it hasn't learned attacks that utilize its Attack, but it's bulky and quite amusing in Pokemon Refresh, plus it has Yawn to put wild Pokemon to sleep fro easy catching. I have never owned a Slowking, so I have decided to use one and see how it is (plus, it kind of fits the Hawaiian island theme a little bit ;) ). So, yes, Slowpoke is a permanent member of the team.

Rockruff (Rock)
Level 16
Moves: Rock Throw, Howl, Sand Attack, Bite

Yes, the popular pebble pooch is also a permanent member. Although he unfortunately does not become a werewolf in Sun, Midday Lycanroc still looks like a cool Pokemon to use. In addition, it has high Speed for a Rock Type, something I do not often see. Also, and most importantly, you can high-five it in Pokemon Refresh. ♥

Growlithe (Fire)
Level 15
Moves: Ember, Leer, Roar, Bite

Okay, I have to confess: as much I want this guy on my team long-term, there's a new Fire-Type Pokemon in this game I already planned to use, so it will probably replace Growlithe eventually. However, I'll use it for now, being a decent Fire Type in its own right that also happens to be on of my favorite Pokemon of all time. (And you can high-five this one as well!)

I still might switch it in from time to time and use it, but the new one I have in mind will give me some much-needed Fairy coverage to protect one of my other party members until he's not quite so frail. Either way, it's been a solid party member so far.

Bagon (Dragon)
Level 13
Moves: Rage, Ember, Leer, Bite

Holy shit. This took me forever to find. After hearing that it was on Route 3, I rushed there and tries to find it, searching for an hour. Sadly, I was not informed that it had to be found in the patch of grass south of the bridge. Even after figuring this out, it still took another 30 minutes to track down, due to that wonderful 1% encounter rate. Yes, I'm crazy and I am quite proud of it!

So, I finally found my Bagon. This little guy will eventually become my replacement Flying-type, as Dartrix will lose its Flying-type after evolution. It will also be the member of my team that will hopefully Mega-Evolve, as I'm not using Slowbro. This is a permanent team member that will also spend some time on the sidelines, as it will take a megaton of training to blossom into a beautiful Salamance of death! >:D

Now for the honorable mentions. These are Pokemon I currently own that I have used from time to time, but they are not team members.

Magnemite (Alternate Electric-type Pokemon until Grubbin evolves)
Yungoos (Decent Normal Pokemon)
Pikipek (Briefly considered for replcement Flying-Type before learning about Bagon)
Eevee-(Will evolve into Sylveon and use as an alternate Fairy-type until I get Alolan Ninetales)

So far, I've been able to use everything new that I've wanted to try, with only Cutiefly and Mudbray being reluctantly reserved for a future playthrough as they did not fit in my team. So, looking pretty good so far!

I really cannot wait to see more of Team Skull than just Grunts A and B ( although they do crack me up), and seeing more of the characters and how Nebby figures into the plot (which I've heard is surprisingly good, so I'm excited!). Most importantly, I cannot wait to explore more of the beautiful region of Alola!

I'll update again later, but until then, Alola!
Ok i started Sun in december, spent longer on this than moon, but mostly been chaining pokemon and trying to use loads of different things. I got sick of my team in ula ula meadow, chained for a shiny cottonee and oricorio, just wasted hours of my life in the aether paradise and doing the poxy useless exegutor island bit, just entering vast poni canyon, currently my team is as follows

Lycanroc level 60
Ninetails level 55 (Sprinkles... it has snow warning,,!)
Cottonee lv 52 (keep sending pokes to find me a sun stone, Missy as in mischevious)
Oricorio level 48 (twirl)
Komala level 54 (hugsy)
*Fearow level 61... This is my chaining pokémon....

I've never used so many leppa berries than in sos battles, fearow is perfect for them, aerial ace, roost, false swipe. Still not enjoying these games, they're bloated with too much crap, but i will finish this game, and i'm going to find a good kommo-o soon and probably keep this as my team with just cotonee evolved and kommo replacing fearow
I was mostly a bit unexperienced when I started Pokemon Sun. It had been YEARS since I last played a Pokemon game, and I forgot all the type advantages, disadvantages, etc. (Except for the easy ones, like Fire = Weak to water) I picked a Litten in the game, and it became my trusted partner throughout the entire game. Then I transferred my Greninja from the demo, and then I quickly began to grow and grind my team up way higher. I had no trouble with the trials, though I had a lot of trouble with the last trial.

Here is my current team:
Incineroar named Tigre.
Greninja named.. Well, Greninja.
Toucannon named Peck. (I'm unoriginal with names)
Mudsdale named Dreamy.
Alolan Raichu named Volt.

My last member depends. Here are the Pokemon that are usually my last team members:
Goodra named.. Well, Goodra.
Serperior named Verdinho.
Lycanroc named.. Well, Lycanroc.

I'm still grinding up my team and my Greninja is almost level 100 at the time I post this!
Picked up my copy of moon for the first time in months yesterday, figured I should finally finish my pokedex on there as I'd caught all the sun exclusives on my playthrough before banking my whole pc and restarting. Turned out I needed a splattering of random pokemon from past gen's too so spent a bit of time on bank, bred a couple fossils, and picked up my porygon, everything is now complete except for now having to wait until 6pm to go fetch my cosmog from the alternate world, totally forgot about that. The lack of national pokedex in the game makes completion that little bit less fun, but a lot less of a slog, going to try and do all the side quests, then look about doing some chaining and breeding for the battle tree.
Okay, I'm now just starting on my Moon game, and wanted to do the other, more recent Ultra Sun/Moon thread, but I don't have any of those games, yet. :( So, I'll be doing my Moon playthrough for right now until I get the newer games.

I haven't played Sun yet, but I'm planning to, as I want want to get the exclusive Pokemon on to Pokemon Moon from Sun. Anyway, I haven't even gotten to any trial just yet, and I've been catching every new Pokemon I see and that I can get after looking up their locations (yes, I'm cheap ^^ ).

Pokedex/Melemele Capture: 17
Pokedex/Melemele Seen: 25
Pokedex Total Percent Completion: 5%

Player character: Shadara
Starter Pokemon: Popplio
Current playtime: 11 hours, 27 minutes
Current location: Pokemon Center in Hau'oli Outskirts

I'm currently grinding up my Pokemon to a satisfying level, and I'll be listing off all the Pokemon I caught.

Tapu Koko / Genderless / Shiny
Level 60
Nature: Timid
Ability: Electric Surge
Held Item: None
Moveset: Discharge, Electro Ball, Nature's Madness, Agility
Got this guy from the event a while ago.

Here's the rest which I've caught in-game:

Prima the Popplio / Male
Level 11
Nature: Quiet
Ability: Torrent
Held Item: None
Moveset: Water Gun, Disarming Voice, Pound, Baby-Doll Eyes
Planning to evolve into Brionne, then Primarina.

Chu the Pichu / Female
Level 11
Nature: Relaxed
Ability: Static
Held Item: None
Moveset: Thunder Shock, Charm, Sweet Kiss, Tail Whip
Planning to evolve into Pikachu, then Alolan Raichu.

King of FNAF the Slowpoke / Male
Level 11
Nature: Modest
Ability: Oblivious
Held Item: None
Moveset: Water Gun, Tackle, Curse, Yawn
Planning to evolve into Slowking.

Vika the Grubbin / Female
Level 11
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Swarm
Held Item: None
Moveset: Bite, Vice Grip, Mud-Slap, String Shot
Planning to evolve into Charjabug, then Vikavolt.

Touca the Pikipek / Female
Level 11
Nature: Sassy
Ability: Keen Eye
Held Item: None
Moveset: Echoed Voice, Peck, Rock Smash, Growl
Planning to evolve into Trumbeak, then Toucannon.

Pelly the Wingull / Female
Level 11
Nature: Lax
Ability: Keen Eye
Held Item: None
Moveset: Wing Attack, Water Gun, Growl, Supersonic
Planning to evolve into Pelipper.

Sis-Bro the Slowpoke / Female
Level 10
Nature: Bold
Ability: Oblivious
Held Item: None
Moveset: Tackle, Curse, Water Gun, Yawn
Planning to evolve into Slowbro, then Mega Evolve into Mega Slowbro.

Gumsha the Yungoos / Female
Level 10
Nature: Quiet
Ability: Strong Jaw
Held Item: None
Moveset: Tackle, Pursuit, Leer, Sand Attack
Planning to evolve into Gumshoos.

Schmetling the Butterfree / Female
Level 10
Nature: Sassy
Ability: Compound Eyes
Held Item: None
Moveset: Gust, Tackle, Harden, String Shot
Already fully evolved.

Ledyba / Male
Level 10
Nature: Lonely
Ability: Swarm
Held Item: None
Moveset: Swift, Tackle, Supersonic
Planning to evolve into Ledian.

Aria the Spinarak / Female
Level 10
Nature: Hardy
Ability: Insomnia
Held Item: None
Moveset: Poison Sting, Absorb, Infestation, String Shot
Planning to evolve into Ariados.

Alocate the Alolan Rattata / Male
Level 10
Nature: Docile
Ability: Hustle
Held Item: None
Moveset: Bite, Quick Attack, Focus Energy, Tail Whip
Planning to evolve into Alolan Raticate.

Meowth the Alolan Meowth / Female
Level 9
Nature: Naive
Ability: Pickup
Held Item: None
Moveset: Bite, Scratch, Growl, Fake Out
Planning to evolve into Alolan Persian.

Magneto the Magnemite / Genderless
Level 8
Nature: Rash
Ability: Sturdy
Held Item: None
Moveset: Magnet Bomb, Thunder Shock, Tackle, Supersonic
Planning to evolve into Magneton, then Magnezone.

Alomuka the Alolan Grimer / Female
Level 8
Nature: Bashful
Ability: Poison Touch
Held Item: None
Moveset: Bite, Pound, Harden, Poison Gas
Planning to evolve into Alolan Muk.

The Pokemon I'm planning to have on my final team will be my Popplio as a Primarina, and my Pichu as an Alolan Raichu, but I'm not so sure about what else I could add. I'm also going to add the other starters from my other game, so I can have all three starters in my Moon game, and then repeat the process, so I can get all three starters in the Sun Game. I'm also vying for a Happiny by trying my luck finding Pichus near Iki Town on Route 1. Hopefully, I get something. ^^