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Open Angel's Fall - Island of Mists

Hello Everyone,

I have been playing with this idea for quite some time and I was wondering if there was interest for other higher-caliber writers (by this I mean ability to write more than four or five paragraphs on an average per post) who would be interested in exploring a more customized world

Store Premise:

There is an island on a coast of Kalos that is known as Angel's Fall. In the ancient past the island was a fabled destination for young trainers seeking to become the best in the whole world. It was about three-hundred years ago that this had changed forever. From that day a strange green mist surrounded the island, and travelers who went into the mist never were seen or heard from again. At times the belongings of those who had vanished washed up on the shores of Kalos and the stories the island was now cursed spread across the whole region.

It has now been three-hundred years since the mist had first appeared. More than one-hundred ships have vanished around those waters and most will not even approach the island for fear of becoming one of those numbers. But on clear and cloudless nights that the mist is visible from the shore of Kalos, the laughter of mischievous spirits can be heard enticing those nearby to come into the cool mist to play with those forlorn souls. The spirits of Pokemon long since passed, from the ancient times or more recently as the voices echoed louder every few years.

It is here around the island of death known as "Angel's Fall" that our story takes place as a tourist boat containing at least two individuals (our own characters) was knock off course by a sudden storm. The ribs of the ship shattered and the lone humans aboard washed upon the shore of Angel's Fall forever altered, like those who had come before themselves, to remain a Pokemon forever as long as the curse remains on the island, a shadow of an ominous green mist. For what purpose, for what insidious desire, that is up to our characters to discover...?

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This story would have a "Mystery Dungeon" kind of feel where our characters wake up on the shore of an island transformed into Pokemon. This story would also have a "Mystery" and kind of theme in the form of the locals of the island to interact with the newest additions to the island. From a village elder who is found to spy upon the newcomers from behind every corner and hiding in the darkness; a lone hermit who is coming into town every day screaming about demons the night before; a frightened girl who has claimed she can see the faces of the dead; and a spunky scientist who knows more about the mist and it's darker origins.

Our characters could then settle into their new lives, seek to unravel the mysteries of the mist and the reason they have become Pokemon, or become drawn into the more nefarious nature of their island that could include efforts to indoctrinate the newcomers as Pokemon on the island, the threat that one of the crew could not be who they are believed to be, the search of strange sightings on the island, or any other kind of plots that my partner(s) would like to explore. I am also open to the notion of romance depending on how our characters end up.

A kind of "Cast Away" and "Mystery Dungeon" meets "Mystery" kind of a storyline?

PG-13 as per the site rules.

Character Design:

I am open to my character based on what my partner(s) have in mind. I know that I would like to play as a female Pokemon of some variety and I am leaning towards a Meowstic, or Mincinno or one of the canines such as Vulpix or Eevee or otherwise. I am open to her age and her personality although I do have a couple of ideas once I know better what we are working with and what not.

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Hello there, I'm Blythe. I absolutely love this premise, with all the details and backstory! I'm a sucker for world building and in-depth writing, and would love to join you on this adventure if you allow me to. :) I've only just recently joined this community anew, but I've been into roleplaying for quite a while. Just let me know if there's anything in particular you'd like to know!
@Blythesaur Sounds Good! Do you have any writing samples at all?

Also what kind of a character did you have in mind? I am open to playing opposite of most kinds (males or female) (quadrupedal or bipedal) but if there is going to be any romance than I would like the character to be male and of similar species to whatever I end up choosing.
Well, nothing from pokecharms yet, but here's an excerpt from a sort of 'choose your own adventure' type of story I did a while back with some old characters.

You picked the perfect day to visit the beach. The skies are clear and the breeze feels nice. As you walk the in between where water meets land, letting the damp sand squish between your toes and the smell of salt water lull your senses, you feel at ease. A nice break from the stress and burdens of everyday life.

With the sound of seagulls and the calm ocean waves singing in harmony, time seems to melt away, and before you know it the sky becomes a brilliant painting of orange and pink, and the sun begins its decent into slumber.

It's absolutely stunning. You watch for what seems like forever, and in that moment you wouldn't mind at all if this was what forever could be. Just you and the setting sun.

Before you were ready to end your moment, the sound of splashing and a child's giggle breaks your trance. You reluctantly look away to see a girl carrying a slightly too large surfboard, and a little ways away an older man settling down under a tree with a journal. You're a bit confused as to why the odd pair would decide to come to the beach as the last of the sun was disappearing behind the endless tide.

The moment of contemplation makes you suddenly aware of how alone you've been this entire time. Not in a bad way, as you thoroughly enjoyed your day of solitude in the sand, but in a more... human way. It's a hard feeling to describe, but you feel compelled to include others in your moment of serenity. It's a beautiful evening to make some new friends. With that thought, a confident smile finds its way to your face and you head over to the others that had coincidentally found themselves at the beach this day.

The young girl is already catching some waves, so you decide to start your conversation with the man under the tree.

His thin frame is hunched inward, writing what seems like a novel in the little black journal in his lap. He doesn't seem to notice you walking up to him, lost in his own little word as he scribbles away. Upon further inspection, he has a nice tan. He must come to the beach a lot during the day, too. His eyes are a deep orangish-red, a rather unique eye color. They were framed by long, equally as deep dark crimson red hair messily tied back. A rather attractive look, if you were being honest with yourself. The sudden intrusive thought causes a light blush to spread across your features.

"Hey there! Mind if I join you?" You begin cheerily.

The other looks up from his journal, and with him fully facing you, you feel a little less confident in yourself. His eyes are steely, brows furrowed, and you notice dark circles under his eyes as if he hadn't slept well for weeks. He doesn't really seem happy to be interrupted, and the blush in your cheeks deepen.

"O-oh, I'm sorry... I didn't mean to disturb you, I just... um..." You flounder under his gaze, finding it harder and harder to keep calm. He hasn't moved a muscle, nor voiced any sort of distaste of your presence, but for some reason you can just feel it.

"Oh, hi! Don't be nervous, he's not much of a talker." Comes a sudden friendly voice, cutting your panic short. You look to the source to see the little girl approaching with her surfboard, a smile on her face. You smile back, silently thanking her for coming to the rescue.

"I'm Nilla, and this is Mental. What's your name?" The young girl asks, plopping down next to the man, now known as.. Mental? 'What strange names. Nicknames maybe?' You think to yourself, but follow suit and settle down with them under the tree.

"My name is [Y/N]. Nice to meet you both." You respond. Perhaps a friendship with them isn't completely off the table? As you make yourself comfortable, Mental pulls out a lantern to give them some light now that the sun had left them with only the rising moon.

You talk on with Nilla as Mental continues to write, stopping every once in a while to nibble his pen in thought or give the younger girl a look as if to say 'you're saying too much' when you try to sneakily steer the topic towards the silent man. You learn quickly he doesn't trust easily, and he prefers strangers who just waltz up and start talking to him know little to nothing about him. That's fair enough, you suppose.

Yet Nilla has no problem talking about herself and opening up about pretty much anything. But she's young and surely impressionable. Perhaps Mental is a guardian of some sort. You can tell ever since you sat down he's paying more attention to everything you say and do. His writing had slowed down, and he knew his ques when Nilla said too much. He was doing a decent job at being overprotective, and you'd prefer not to see his less calm side come out, so you tread lightly. You have a feeling he has a short fuse.

Nevertheless, you and Nilla hit it off quite nicely, and decide to meet up here again tomorrow, much to Mental's aggravation. But he seems to agree, if only for Nilla's happiness, and it makes you smile. The young girl has quickly grown on you, and you'd love to see the two again, all things considered. And now with a friendship of sorts formed, you're determined to learn more about this mysterious silent redhead as well.

A few weeks pass of meeting up with the two on the beach, and you notice that the closer you and Nilla get, the more comfortable Mental is with being around you. The first hint was the small smirks he'd give when he liked something you said. They were normally sarcastic statements, so you start to get his humor. The second hint was that he would allow Nilla to speak about him in a little more detail.

It was clear from the beginning that the two were close. It's quite a cute dynamic they have, if you're being honest, and you enjoy seeing the two interact. Mental was finally spending less time buried in his journal and more time joining in the conversations, more or less. More with eye rolls and gestures than anything else. You've still never heard him speak a word, and you were beginning to think he might be mute, but the younger of the two had mentioned this was not the case. Mental had a voice, but he rarely used it. The reason behind this behavior was even lost on her, but she'd heard him speak only a few times before.

You're hoping one day, you'll be able to be privileged enough to hear his voice, if only just once. But until that day comes, you're content learning about the redhead from his most trusted friend.

As for my character, I can be either male or female. I'm not apposed to romance, in fact it's always fun to see how different characters interact and grow into their dynamic. I'm a sucker for slow burns.

Anyway, I don't have full fledged 'character sheets' made up for them yet, as I've seen them used frequently here, but I do have a few characters to choose from. I'm leaning towards my newest, Kai, who is male, or my oldest, Blythe, who is female. Do you have any information about your character that can help me decide what would be the best choice? We can bounce some ideas of who would make the best duo.

Just to give an idea of who the characters are, Blythe is gentle, kind, soft-spoken, and very in tune with nature and loves grass and fairy types. She would most likely become a Lilligant, or maybe Kirlia.

Kai is laid back, up for anything, polite but kinda dumb sometimes, and loves music. He carries his favorite guitar around and plays for tips or just to have fun. He likes fire and fighting types and would probably be either Gallade or maybe Cinderace. That would be cute. Haha, bunny boi. :)
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Update: I made some quick info sheets for each of my characters which I've added to my signature, so if you'd like to know a bit more about each of them to get a feel for who would work best, feel free to check that out.