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Anyone play Genshin Impact?

...well ? I think more people have started playing since Zhongli - Ganyu , and I'd like to know if anyone here did on the NA servers ._.

I currently main Amber and Tartaglia , hopefully Diona as well soon !
I play Genshin too! I main Mona and Fischl most of the time, and my main party consists of those two, Jean, and Amber for utility.

I also have a second party consisting of Razor, Barbara, Rosaria, and Sucrose that I use less often.
nice to see others that use Amber too !
i may or may not have a forever grudge against my jean since i got her on my ganyu 50/50...
fischl's my comfort character and i reaally want mona....it's not for the looks i swear to rex lapis i lean more towards beidou there anyway-

my main team right now is lumine, barbara, amber and razor !
Nice! I’m sort of clunky with archers; 99% of the time I do just use Fischl as another utility unit since Oz is great, but tbh my team doesn’t have any great damage dealers. You’d think Jean could do that, but her burst is more about healing and she’s more tanky than anything else.

But darn, that’s really unlucky. Ganyu is a favorite among many, and I can understand being upset about getting Jean instead of Ganyu. I’ve been wanting Venti and Tartaglia(never mind the fact that both of them are archers, I just like them) for forever, and I HAVEN’T GOTTEN EITHER OF THEM. ARGH
I hear Mona can be pretty viable, and as an amber main she’s better than what the tier lists say, genshin is simply a game where it’s the player builds that count
like right now i have 2pc gladiator and 2pc noblesse on amber
Genshin Impact has been a real sensation, and I've definitely dived into it. It's fascinating how Zhongli and Ganyu's arrival brought even more players to the NA servers.
Amber and Tartaglia are awesome choices for your main characters! And adding Diona to your lineup sounds promising. The game's got so much to explore and discover.
I totally get the thrill of exploring Teyvat, and if you ever want to spice up your gaming experience, here's a personal tip. You might want to check out some real money games. As for me, it's a whole new level of excitement, and who knows, you might find it just as thrilling as the adventures in Genshin Impact.
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Yup. I do. I roll for every single unit, do all the quests and pretty much everything. This game was probably the first thing since Pokemon that hooked me extremely hard.