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April Legendary Distribution Now Live in Europe, North American Details Revealed


Eevee Tamer
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The latest legendary distribution for owners of Pokémon Sun, Pokémon Moon, Pokémon Ultra Moon or Pokémon Ultra Sun has now gone live in Europe. This event gives Pokémon fans the chance to get their hands on either Entei or Raikou. To find out more about the two as well as information on the North American distribution, read on!

If you have Pokémon Sun or Pokémon Ultra Sun you'll get an Entei which will be as follows:
Entei sprite.png
Level: 60, 100 (Ultra Sun)
Nature: Any
Hold Item: None, Gold Bottle Cap (Ultra Sun)
-Lava Plume

(Ultra Sun)
-Scared Fire
-Stone Edge
-Iron Head
-Flame Charge

If you have Pokémon Moon or Pokémon Ultra Moon you'll get a Raikou which will be as follows:
Raikou sprite.png
Level: 60, 100 (Ultra Moon)
Nature: Any
Hold Item: None, Gold Bottle Cap (Ultra Moon)
-Thunder Fang

(Ultra Moon)
-Volt Switch
-Calm Mind

This even is now live in Europe via the Nintendo Network and can be downloaded until the 25th of April. If you're in the US then you'll need to go to your local Target store between the 22nd of April and the 29th to obtain a code to be redeemed in game. In Canada trainers will be given codes via the Trainer Club Newsletter, so make sure you're signed up to that!