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Ask to Join Avatar: The Discussion Thread

Water, Earth, Fire, Air, the four elements and you know the rest. Welcome to Avatar AU, where you can dive into an unexplored world filled with adventures and dangers to come. In this rp you will join a group of younglins (or oldlings?) ready to take on the enemy and save the world!

The rp will happen during the era of Avatar Aang, who doesn't exist here but just to give you an idea of the world. Steam technology is becoming a thing, people are still very spiritual and cabbages are not that popular yet. In this world, the Avatar didn't disappear, which means the fire nation didn't go crazy and they were stopped before anything could happen. However, a mysterious group rounded up benders from all over the world and created their own united organization. They will do whatever is needed to force the world into one happy family, whether you want to or not.

Fire Nation: Still in their own little kingdom, after getting turned back by the Avatar, they have focused more on building their culture and less on taking over the world.

Southern Water Tribe: Stronger than ever, their water benders were never taken, which means they are at par with their sister nation in the north.

Northern Water Tribe: Their strict rule of males are warriors and women are healers still applies. Their navy is feared throughout the world, but they show no intention of using it against anyone anytime soon.

Earth Kingdom: Still the biggest and the most secured kingdom in the world. They are very strict with outsiders getting in, specially into their capital. This of course has caused them to be ignorant of the outside world and what is going on.

Air Nomads: They live in peace, following their traditional ways of life as always. Some of them travel the world to learn and teach while others dedicate their lives to the temples and reaching inner peace.

Making an OC:
Here are some things to consider for making an OC:

No Avatar OC.

Your character can be a starting bender or a master, BUT if you are going with a master, consider that being a master of an element takes years of practice, some not reaching that level until their 30's or 40's. So yeah, you're not Toph or Katara who went far and beyond in a short amount of time.

No branch elements, for now. Metal bending hasn't been invented yet, lightning is to a very selective few, only one person is known to blow up things with his third eye, etc, etc...

If you're not using a bender, that's fine! You can specialize in a weapon. Same rule as benders apply though, you can't be a master at the age of 16, sorry.

You can be from any nation, the plot will force the OCs together, maybe more than one group, depending how many join.

No connection to any OG characters. So you can't marry Zuko, Iroh, or my childhood crush Ty Lee. You can't be their cousins or anything similar because they will not be appearing or existing in this world, I know, bummer :c

If you're going for an inventor, make sure your inventions don't go beyond that of what is shown in Avatar: The Last Airbender.

That's all for now.


Charms Rules apply.

I'm not looking for people who post every hour, but we also don't wanna wait an entire week for a short post. (If you like to make big posts and that takes a week that's fine.)

PG 13, it's a kid's show!

If you wanna do your own adventure within the rp and solo for a bit you can, just run your ideas by me.

You can make a villain character, I could always use help with those, but I prefer if that's your second or third oc, make sure the main one is in the main group.

React with a crying emoji because while you read this Iroh is singing Leaves From the Vine.

This is still being worked on, hope to start in the middle of May, or tomorrow if I can't sleep and my brain is on overdrive. So ask questions, drop a comment or a beat, give suggestions, or anything related xD

This message is approved by Bonzu Pipinpadaloxicopolis

OC's so far:
Dareno Air
Rei Mitsuko Air

Tazia Chen Fire
Yamato Hayashi Fire
Maiko Sumeragi Fire

Mu Ziyi Earth

Ahnah Water
Etsumi Aikawa Water

Motsuke None

@ThePlayfulFox here's your tag btw

Element: (If none just put none.)
Place of birth:
Physical appearance:
Clothes: (We will be changing this a lot depending on the nation they travel to, so just focus on their casual set)
Weapon: (Just one for now, don't need an arsenal with swords, bows, smoke bombs, slingshots...)
Pet (If any):
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Previously gutens
Name: Dareno
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Element: Air
Place of birth: Air Nomads
Personality: Kind, smart, brain constantly on overdrive. F$*&...
Physical appearance: Blue eyes, green (naturally brown) hair, attached earlobes (yes, that matters) and pale skin.
Clothes: Typical clothes everywhere he goes. Especially the Fire Nation and Ba Sing Se. Doesn't want to get caught being an Airbender, just in case a war starts. Of course.
Weapon: Smoke bomb (and he says, more accurately screams, "SMOKE BOMB" before using one and flying into the air.
Background: (revealed in RP)
Pet (If any): All killed by random people. Why...?

Name: Motsuke (kinda like a Japanese person)
Gender: Male
Age: 36
Element: None
Place of birth: Air Nomads
Personality: See Dareno's personality.
Physical appearance: Red eyes, black hair, attached earlobes (yes, again) and tanned skin.
Clothes: See Dareno.
Weapon: He's a hand-to-hand combat master, he doesn't need weapons. He's also very agile.
Background: (revealed in RP)
Pet (If any): He experienced what happened to his pets along with his little brother, Dareno.


Previously Night's Shadow
Name: Tazia Chen
Gender: Female
Age: 21

Element: Fire
Place of birth: Fire Nation

Personality/Background: A bit of a jerk, Tazia wholeheartedly subscribes to the philosophy that anger is better than sadness and that it’s better to distance yourself from others than risk losing people. It was for these personality traits that she was chosen and trained from a young age for the Fire Nation’s military. She was a fearsome foe and took orders well. Tazia never let on that she ever considered a life outside fighting, taking on her role with gusto. She wasn’t deployed with the troops when the Fire Nation attacked, deemed too young and inexperienced for the front lines. That was what spared her defeat at the hands of the Avatar.

After that defeat, the Fire Nation became far less militaristic, and the program that took promising young firebenders and trained them for the military was disbanded. Tazia was left adrift, completely confused on what to do with her life after being told for so long that she was a fighter and nothing else. She kept training with her weapon of choice and the tigerdillo she had known since it was a cub, but it felt hollow. She no longer knew what she was fighting for. In a way, being free was what she had always wanted, but now that she was, she didn’t know what to do with herself.

Tazia’s family, after so many years apart, hardly recognized her, and it seemed like they had moved on, nearly forgotten about her. She had two siblings that had been born in the time she’d been gone and she never knew. Her parents had grown to hate the military, and to an extent, firebending, for taking their daughter, but without the flames, there was nothing for Tazia. She took Yael, her tigerdillo, and left home, prepared to search the world for something worth living for again.

Physical appearance: uhhh picrew go brr

Clothes: Prefers to wear tighter clothes, as they get in her way less. She ops for more flame-resistant designs, if possible.

Weapon: 3-section staff. Most often wielded as a flail weapon to whip up her flames, turning it into a spinning wheel of doom. When not in use, folded and tucked inside her belt.

Pet (If any): A tigerdillo named Yael

Demonic Bunny

Previously Moxxie the ultimate imp
Name: Yamato Hayashi

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Element: Fire

Place of birth: Fire Nation

Personality: Yamato is calm, strong willed and takes time to plan out his next move, even though he can be quite reckless and has a habit of lashing out when angry. He is extremely loyal and respects old people, but will point out when he believes they are wrong about something.

Physical appearance:
Screenshot_20220504-142514_Samsung Internet.jpg

(Credit: Mato_Mag)

Clothes: He wears a black Shihakushō with a red sash around his waist.

Weapon: Two Katana's. (but he has no problem just punching or kicking people)

Background: Yamato was born into a family of well trained swordsmen, who were known for their honor and respect across the Fire Nation. Once Yamato hit the Age of nine he began to train with his father, along with his siblings.

When he turned fourteen he had became well suited with a sword and had also learned how to Firebend, but of course he had a lot of trouble with learning the basic of it. Once he turned Sixteen, he left home to explore the world and make a name for himself, after a while of traveling he had began to fight with two swords, even though he is better with one, he still wants to try and master using two swords, at this current point in time he is known as a bounty hunter, even though he only ever hunts people if he needs the money and is starving.

Pet: None
No sorry, we're staying away from branch elements for now. Lightning shouldn't even be possible without the proper control because you could kill yourself just trying to summon it xD

Also, I have the bad guys!

Avatar's Disciples
After the Avatar went missing, all nations are now suspicious of each other. They fear the Avatar was captured or killed in order for a war to break out. There is no evidence at all to show what did happen to Avatar Aang. However, a group of benders united in his name. They wish to bring unity to all the nations, believing it is their duty to continue the Avatar's work while in his absence. They go around gathering people for their cause and get involved in any problems they seem Avatar worthy. Despite their good intentions though, rumors are spreading that they are using force as a solution to everything and have been seen working with outlaws.

Still working process, but that gives y'all a general idea. I will be posting my bio soon, believe it or not, I'm stuck making his catbear e.e
Here's what I got so far @Hecotoro

Name: Mu Ziyi (Ziyi is the Courtesy name of my personal pick for a Three Kimgdoms General)

Gender: Male

Age: 29

Element: Earth

Place of birth: Ba Sing Se, Earth Kingdom.

Personality: Stone Faced, and stone willed, he is not one to falter. He is known to criticize, usually Constructively, technique for Earth bending. He knows the horrors of war, being on draft in case of the war that never came due to the Avatar. He is watchful, observant, and inquisitive.

Physical appearance: Mu stands 5'9", and somewhat muscular from being a town Guard.

Clothes: (We will be changing this a lot depending on the nation they travel to, so just focus on their casual set) He is commonly seen in the color green, but is changed up depending on where he is.

Weapon: Glaive, he can use his glaive to channel Earth element when wielded, as an extension of source point, the handle is made of Obsidian.

Background: He was a guard for Ba Sing Se, from age 18 to age 26, he was born to middle level Earth Benders, and his childhood was the average earth bender's. He then rescued a Ostrich Horse named Ai shortly after he was discharged from the Guard.

Pet (If any): A Ostrich Horse named Ai


Name: Ahnah

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Element: Water

Place of birth: A Settlement of Southern Water Tribe

Personality: She is shy, yet knowledgeable, and approachable. This is easier on her subject of choice, but she is soft spoken.

Physical appearance: She is 4'10", a dark complexion on her face, on a feminine frame, that frame is usually well hidden with her casual clothes. On her body is a line of scars that are around her midsection from a Polar Orca attack she was assisting helping with on site usage of Water bending for healing applications. Her brown hair goes to her hips, usually kept out of the way, blue eyes.

Clothes: (We will be changing this a lot depending on the nation they travel to, so just focus on their casual set) She commonly wears blue outer clothes that are fur lined if in colder climates.

Weapon: A Boomerang, used when there is no water to bend. A water skin is used when out of other sources of water.

Background: A Bender from the Southern Water Tribe, she is traveling the world to learn about culture, with her Polar Dog Akuma. He mother was a bender known for her abilities in healing, where her father was a non bender and the one to teach her about usage of a Boomerang. When she was younger, a Polar Orca attacked a Fishing Vessel she was helping with, since she was a bender in learning, her parents were a bit more practical than average when it came to training. Her father was a village Elder, and as such taught her combat.

Pet (If any): A Polar Dog named Akuma
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Previously Tokki_Boki
(I hope this is alright)
Name: Maiko Sumeragi
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Element: Fire
Place of birth: Fire Nation

Personality: Well mannered and soft spoken, Maiko carries a facade of elegance and grace wherever she goes. But her patience can only go so far. When annoyed to an extent, she tends to lose her composure and become violent and very un-lady like. She's considered to be cold, but she actually just doesn't know how to talk to people from the heart since she grew up practicing what she would say to others. Maiko was also very vain, she believed her beauty was unparalleled but it wasn't entirely her fault, she was fed nothing but compliments of her looks ever since she was born.

Physical appearance: Stands at 5'1" with fair porcelain like skin and a slender build. Maiko has straight black hair with fringe bangs, her hair is usually styled into a half up and half down style, the upper part held into a bun by a golden pin. She sports almond shaped eyes that were dark amber in color.

Clothes: She prefers to wear dresses, especially ones that cover her up nicely.

Weapon: a bladed fan (it was gifted to her by her mother, a safety precaution in case she were in danger.)

Background: evident in the way she acted, Maiko was born into a wealthy and high-ranking family within the Fire Nation. She was the pride and joy of the Sumeragi family, their perfect second child who's only use would be to marry a high ranking fire bender when she became of age.
But on a fateful night when she was 16, Maiko danced under the light of the moon in the courtyard, practicing for the lunch party the following day in order to impress her suitors, when suddenly the bushes around her were set ablaze.
That same night was when her father no longer even saw her as a daughter, he saw her as the perfect bargaining tool to rise to the top in the social ladder. On the night of her 18th birthday, the night in which she'd finally choose her husband, Maiko escaped her home along with her Raven Eagle. She didn't know where to go, but she knew she no longer wanted to live in a home where her father only saw her as a tool for his own success.

Pet: a Raven Eagle named Chiyo (assigned to her by her parents in attempt to keep Maiko more safe.)

| Korutesu |

Previously NotAPokemonRanger
If i can't have lightning take air its close enough xd

Name: Rei Mitsuko

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Element: Air

Place of birth: Air Nomad Tribe

Personality: A calm and collected young man, who is not easily able to be distracted by anyone. He meditates most of the time, if not training his sword skills, or air-bending. By doing meditation, he is more able to focus on his surroundings, which help him greatly in his encounters with enemies.

At first he might seem cold, though that is only due to his composure, as he doesn't normally mingle with other people. He calls people "annoyances" behind their backs, since he finds most of them annoying.

Physical appearance: A tall young man, being 6'1 with natual long white hair, with a slim body. He has light blue eyes and an almost pale skin.

Clothes: A long white robe, with blue wavy lines signifying air. It is tied in a dark blue sash, though it is simple in design.

Weapon: A sword forged from iron.

Background: As the only child of a family of amazing swordsmen, Rei was taught how to use a sword and use his surroundings to his advantage. Once he was twelve years old, he was familiar with the sword, though arrogant and stubborn. Due to the pressure from his peers, he was forced to do better. Eventually getting used to the pressure, and embracing his legacy, he comitted himself to focusing only on his studies of the sword.

By nineteen, Rei had decently mastered the art of the sword, which impressed his parents and peers. He promised that he would carry on his family legacy, by any means necessary, even risking his own life to protect the family name. Known to use his surroundings to good use, even hiding in trees to sneak up on his enemies. Currently known as "The Travelling Sword" from the words of the winds, though his location is unknown.

Pet (If any): None
Sorry guys was celebrating Mother's day this entire weekend xD Happy mother's day btw in case we have any here!

So far so good, all characters look great! I was thinking of starting the rp this weekend, probably creating the thread Thursday/Friday. So the rp is gonna start in Omashu, Earth Kingdom. Since the Avatar is missing, lots of people are offering money if someone can find them or give any evidence he is still alive or dead. There's a rumor saying he was heading for Omashu so that's where we're starting.

You could have your oc looking to get some money, maybe wants to meet the Avatar or just happened to be in the area.


Previously EeviumZ
I have yet to finish ATLA (I'm just about done the first season) so I have no idea how well this fits lore wise. Let me know if anything needs to be altered.

Name: Etsumi Aikawa
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Element: Water
Place of birth: Southern Water Tribe
To those who don't know her, Etsumi is as cold as the lands in which she was raised. She's not rude or selfish, but she isn't very eager to socialize either. She is matter-of-fact and quick to the point, and gets annoyed by anyone who does not do the same.

However, Etsumi has quite a lot more to her than meets the eye. She's an extremely driven and determined person - her upbringing has led her to constantly pursue perfection of her skills and abilities. She is highly intelligent and strategically-minded, and can be surprisingly cunning when the situation calls for it.

Deep down, Etsumi isn't quite as cold as she appears. She actually yearns for meaningful connection. However, her absolute dedication to becoming stronger has made that quite difficult. She also somewhat fears attachment, as she believes she will either be betrayed or have them taken from her. When she does warm up to someone, however, she's much kinder and easier to talk to.
Physical appearance:
Created in Picrew. Do not have the link to the specific generator (forgot to write it down) - I'll edit it in if I find it.
Etsumi has an extremely pale complexion, and stands at a height of 5'9. She has grayish-blue eyes and long, white hair that extends about halfway down her back.
Clothes: Varies, but tends to wear black, gray, and blue. See the image in Physical Appearance for an example.
Weapon: Dual daggers. Whether she wields one or both at once depends on the situation. She also has some experience in hand-to-hand combat, but prefers the power that her daggers provide.
Born as an only child, Etsumi has had a lot on her shoulders since she was very young. Her parents were talented benders who valued strength above all, which led Etsumi to set extremely high standards for herself. By the age of ten, she began tirelessly training - both in bending, and in combat.

As her teenage years began, Etsumi's desire for strength became more and more unhealthy. Ten hours of sleep went down to eight, then six, then four. She sometimes spent all night training, pushing through her exhaustion the next day. This behavior was encouraged by her parents, and went unseen by the rest of the tribe. To everyone else, she was just an unusually gifted bender for her age.

She experienced a period of severe burnout and weakened physical health around the age of sixteen. Her dedication had turned into an obsession, and it was destroying her from the inside out. She spent a few months recovering, which she deeply resented. Afterwards, she adopted a slightly healthier training regimen to avoid another resting period - it still wasn't normal, but it had improved.

At age eighteen, Etsumi had become quite powerful. She was not a master by any means, but it was enough for her to gain a small local reputation for her strength. However, this had come at the cost of her mental health and her social skills. Believing that it would help her hone her craft, she left the tribe and became a wanderer, seeking to learn more about bending.

In the present day, her travels have brought her to the Earth Kingdom. Rumors of the Avatar's presence caught her interest upon her arrival. She now finds herself searching for the Avatar in hopes of learning more about them.
Pet (If any): N/A
Alright guys I updated the first post with the OCs so far and used this same post to post my post about the post including my oc, post.

Name: Fang Jiahao
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Element: Earth
Place of birth: Ba Sing Se
Personality: Cocky, prideful and considers himself a ladies man. He cares for himself as a top priority, always making sure he is good before anyone else, using the motto "If I'm not okay, I can't help the rest."
Physical appearance:
Clothes: He usually wears his traditional school green uniform. He will switch colors depending on the nation they're visiting. He includes black harem pants, white socks with black flats.
Weapon: Emerald Katana, he rarely uses it since he depend son his earth bending more, so his skills are not that great, but he looks cool with it!
Background: Fang was born in an upper middle class family in the famous capital of the Earth Kingdom. He was trained to become a top notch earth bender and wants to one day join the King's best soldiers in order to have a wealthy life. One day he heard of how incredible the powers of King Boomy were. He wanted to reach such level and felt that he had no space to grow inside Ba Sing Se. He left his school and home to pursue the secret of becoming the best earth bender in the world and what better place to start than visiting the best.
Pet: CatBear named Gato.
I like ATLA a lot and so when Renz told me about the RP I thought I'd join! I've also been looking for a Pokecharms RP to join for a while so here I am trying to join RP with my OC Nina basically Mulan but in ATLA XD If anything needs to be changed let me know.

Name: Nina Huā

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Element: Water

Place of birth: Northern Water Tribe

Personality: Nina has always been a determined woman and stubborn too, but she puts this attitude to good use being also very hard working. She has the ability to look at a situation and think quickly to find out the solution to a problem or as she would put it "The best solution!" She tries to always stay calm but has her times where she will get stressed or find something funny. She thinks rules are opitional if they don't make sense to her.

Physical appearance: Nina's hair is chestnut brown and straight. Her hair is always in some quick to put together and tight packed style that is simple for her to do and hide well under her hood. Her hair is usually styled to have two buns at the top near the back and two small puffy pigtails which are usually held together by two strings.
Her eyes are bright teal and give this forever determined look. Her skin is light brown and has a few freckles on her face. She about 5'5.

Clothes: Her usual clothing is clearly water tribe attire. In her hair are two expanding hair bun holders that look like the snowflakes.
She has a big fury white cloak with a hood. The rest of her outfit is a dull sky-blue long-sleeved tunic with a white fringe at the bottom and white fur around the cuffs. On the upper part of the sleeve is leather sewn in with a pattern. Her pants are navy blue and are tucked into dusty brown lace up boots. Her gloves are dusty brown and a deep blue whatever it's called that's tied around her neck. She wears a leather breastplate.

Weapon: A spear with a metal harpoon like point. The handle of it is white with a sky-blue ball connecting the two together. The spear can be separated into two parts making it so she can put the metal part of it into the barrel of a harpoon which she has.

Background: When Nina was small everything seemed to have rules that didn't make sense to her. Whether it was something so simple as "No snow leopard caribous at the table!" or as strange as "Woman can only use their bending to heal not to fight!" And with so many rules everywhere she went, she would soon enough rebel, with her brother's help of course! Nina would teach her brother how to use his bending to heal and he taught her how to fight using her bending. She honestly got pretty good at it, but Nina wanted to break more rules and that next rule would be "No woman can join the navy." and so with careful planning Nina and her brother got her into the navy. It was the hardest thing they had ever tried to do especially with Nina needed to act like she was a guy! But she did great, and no one seemed to suspect a thing...

Pet (If any): A snow leopard caribou named Kreen (they were in a ATLA comic i haven't read it though) Kreen was given to Nina by one of her parent's cousins who bred snow leopard caribou and gave her Kreen as a gift.
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Name: Koreal

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Element: None

Place of birth: Wolf Coast, Southern Water Tribe

Personality: Dedicated and passionate, Koreal is serious about her training and her primary goal: to prove that she, even though she is a non-bender, is capable of besting any bender in a fight. She sometimes struggles with her insecurities on this matter, wondering if, as a non-bender, she can ever truly contribute as much as other members of her family do. However, she usually manages to get out of her funk and back on the war-path, defying others and the world. She’s a kind enough person outside of her pursuit of martial prowess, usually willing to lend others a helping hand so long as it doesn’t put her too far out of her own path, or put her sister Kerrora in danger.

Physical appearance: Light brown skin, dark hair tied back into a short tight weave, and eyes like gray stormclouds brooding over the southern sea. Sometimes seen wearing streaks of blue and white Water Tribe war paint. Her body is littered with small scars, light wounds and cuts from her training that occasionally weren’t fully healed by the tribe’s water-bending healers.

Clothes: She wears clothes in the traditional blue shades worn by most water tribe citizens. Since she is no longer in the frigid south and doesn’t need much in the way of warm clothes, she generally opts for a simple and unrestrictive garb; sky blue cloth covers her from shoulders down to around calf level, bordered at the bottom by a pattern of darker blue waves, and simple bands of dark blue at her neck and at the ends of her sleeves, which reach down to the middle of her forearms. Around her waist rests a leather belt, from which hang her bolas. Slung across her back is a simple bag which stores a change of spare clothes, rations, a carving knife, a small tent canvas, a light coin pouch, and a simple leather-bound book, of which most of the pages are empty. Those which have been written in show roughly drawn sketches of people fighting, with arrows drawn to indicate their movement, and scrawling notes in the margins. On her feet rest a pair of simple sandals, somewhat worn with travel. She has small bead earrings which she occasionally wears, with two smaller blue beads on either side of a larger, pearly-white bead, which upon very close inspection appears to have a carving of a fish etched into its surface.

Weapon: Primarily her spear, but also a simple shield; has training in other weapons commonly used in the Southern Water Tribe, but does not carry them with her. She has recently acquired a pair of Bolas, one of which hangs from each hip. She is still training with these, however, and is still getting a hang of the technique required to properly throw them.


Koreal was born into the Tidal Spear Clan of the Southern Water Tribe, a family known for their strong water bending and expertise with polearm techniques. She was this generation’s firstborn child, and from a young age she was taught to be proud of her family, their heritage, and the strong water bending they’d been blessed with. She was expected to begin training with her water bending and spearmanship lessons once she was six years old, but when she was two, another heir entered the family. Her younger sister, Kerrora, was born. Koreal loved helping her mother take care of the baby when the weather was gloomy, but when it was sunny she loved to play outside in the snow and ice, practicing her aim with snowballs against the other South Pole kids.
The day she turned six began beautifully, with a clear sky and a nice breakfast of fried eggs. She went outside with her parents into the training grounds of their compound, effectively an icy backyard with high walls and racks of weapons and equipment near the wall of the house. She was told to try bending some snowballs in a bucket into water, and then into ice, one of the more simple skills for new benders in their tribe. She tried, but nothing happened. Her father reached out a hand and melted the snowballs, while her mother instructed her to raise up the water from the bucket, and showed her the motion to do so. Koreal watched carefully, then practiced the movement a couple of times before turning back to the bucket and aiming all her focus towards the bucket and properly performing the motions.
Nothing happened.
Her parents barely tried to hide their disappointment. They said they would start teaching her the art of the spear in case she was a late bloomer, but this barely served to dull the cold feeling that twisted Koreal’s stomach, chiller than the frigid lands they dwelt in. She went to bed early that night, and cried herself to sleep.
Two years later, her sister’s bending training began. Kerrora was strong, and had great innate power. She was a natural. Koreal couldn’t help beginning to feel a bit jealous of her sister after that, as their parents began to give Kerrora more and more of their time and attention and Koreal was left more to her own devices. But instead of letting it rankle and brew, she pushed those feelings aside. She knew it wasn’t her sister’s fault, or even really her parents’ either. So she did her best to support and encourage her sister, and helped her in the ways she could. But it still hurt sometimes. In a long line of powerful and skillful masters of bending, she was seemingly the first to be a non-bender.
She determined not to let that hold her back. She spent more and more time training with her weapons and honing her own body as she grew older. She rarely played with the other kids anymore, too focused on her new goal to waste time on snowball fights or penguin sledding. She was training to prove herself, that she was just as strong as anyone in her family, even without her bending. For by the time she was ten years old, she had given up any hope that she was a late bloomer. Now, she wanted desperately to prove that she could be as strong- no, stronger. Stronger that ANY bender.
Not long ago, two sisters, daughters of the Tidal Spear, left the southern water tribe. They sailed across the sea, arriving in the earth kingdom. One seeks insight on the combat styles in the Earth Kingdom, and the other to keep her safe. Whether either will succeed has yet to be told… so join me as we weave this tale together.

A completed bio for your viewing and reviewing pleasure.
Name: Kerrora of the Tidal Spear
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Element: Water
Place of birth: Wolf Coast, Southern Water Tribe
Personality: Kerrora hates attention. She feels uncomfortable when she is brought into the spotlight, trying to have to judge what everyone thinks of her and keep the people liking her clan. She hates showing off and being put on the spot as well. This isn't to say she doesn't like talking to people, however. Kerrora is quite friendly and approachable, though sometimes she doesn't know what to say at the right time and has a hard time reading the situation and emotions unless they're from her sister.
Physical appearance: Kerrora has dark skin, lighter than her sister's, and black hair tied into a braid that falls down to halfway down her back, the tie being blue and having the water tribe insignia. Her eyes are a bright blue, like a glacier submerged in water. She stands a bit shorter than her older sister and doesn't have scars. She doesn't like having scars.
Clothes: Due to her not being in the frigid waters of her homeland, Kerrora had forgone the large fluffy coat of her people due to the warmth of the more temperate and tropical climates. However, she still has a light blue sleeveless shirt-like garment that splits at the hips and cascades down to her knees. She has gloves and armguards, the armguards tan in color. Around her waist, there is a dark blue cloth belt with a wave pattern in white. She has dark blue cloth pants that are tucked into tan armored books that match her armguards. She has a waterskin slung over her shoulder and often carries around a metal spear with her clan's insignia.
Weapon: She owns a spear and a waterskin. She also has a crudely made knife on her person, but it is most effective against the vicious fish of the ocean and rivers, not fellow humans.
Background: Kerrora was the second-born daughter in the Tidal Spear clan, and seemingly the most talented of the generation. She didn't exactly like all the attention it brought her, though. Once she was shown to have a gift in bending, Kerrora was thrown headfirst into the spotlight, a spotlight she didn't want. Koreal, her older sister, hardly changed. Koreal treated her the same as before and Kerrora loved it. She wished her older sister got the spotlight as well, though. As she grew older, she still hated the thought of training if it wasn't one on one with her sister, as she hated being used as the demonstration and just would rather train with her sister, alone. Her sister didn't seem to expect as much from her and Kerrora felt comfortable with making a mistake or laughing about something around her. When her sister decided to leave to become stronger, Kerrora insisted that she went too. Koreal was the one person in the clan that made her feel safe with not being perfect. She made up an excuse to not accidentally make her sister upset over the attention she got and left with her sister.
Pet (If any): N/A