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Ask to Join Avatar: The Discussion Thread

Hey everyone so we need a name for our secret organization that's searching for the avatar. You guys can pitch in your idea or vote for one that gets provided. The idea is to have a simple name and can make it a simple, like the White Lotus.

Leave your suggestions, opinions and once we have decided on one, I'll be able to post xD
I would like to propose the idea of the organization being named "Harmony Ring." First off, the avatar is known to keep peace, or harmony, among the people of the world. The organization, therefore, would try to name themselves after the avatar in some regard. Secondly, I like to believe this is a good reference to the White Lotus in some way, as both are a reference to Pai Shao, the White Lotus being a tile from the game and a harmony ring being a certain formation of tiles.


Previously Creeps You Don’t Need It
Name: Luka (Swanson) Baron

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Element: Water

Place of birth: Southern Water Tribe

Personality: Luka is a man who sees himself in a room. A room monitored, where every move he makes must be one in his favor. He takes everything seriously even if its a joke (he doesn't really understand humor/comedy and takes everything in a literal way). He over-analyzes his situation and marks out a plan to proceed with even the simplest processes (ex: showering, eating, etc). Though Luka does semi realize this and sees it as a large error. Because of this he's sensitive about himself and remarks made in his expense. Luka is also very curious. Due to his severe amnesia Luka is in search of who he once was, hoping to one day return to his friends and family the thinks he once had.

Physical appearance: Luka stands at a height of 5 ft. and 11 inches, though he just states that he's 6 ft. He has long dark brown hair that runs jaggedly due to being cut by himself. His skin is a dark tan to match his hair, though they're not quite on the same level. His eyes are a light gray, similar to the snow and ice he grew up in. His left eye was burnt during a battle a couple of years ago and as such he covers it.

Clothes: Luka wears a white tank top with a furry blue and gray coat covering up. He dons scuffed black pants with white socks which have holes for his toes so tick through. The nicest part of his clothing are his brown fur boots. The exterior is a nice light leather with a comfortable wooly inside. To cover his scorched eye he wears a black eye covering with small blue patches.

Weapon: Luka uses a large wooden quarterstaff with an ice/water orb compacted at the top. Luka can store water in the orb and use it to fire out ice and water attacks. He also carries around two waterskins, one to drink and one for combat purposes.

Background: Luka was born into a large family. By the time he was 12 he had several other siblings, 3 older and 4 younger. Because of this he constantly sook out his father and mother's attention/approval. Luka would also constantly have to entertain himself. He would run around the village grounds exploring, growing more and more interested in the outside world. By the time Luka was 15 he finally decided to leave the tribe, in search of acceptance and adventure. Stealing a boat along with a month's worth of rations he sailed out. Over his adventure Luka gathered up an army of followers under him. When Luka turned 25 his group was split at a battle between many others. He was jumped by many other groups and his force was completely cut from 200+ to around 50. After the ordeal the members split up and retired, leaving just Luka and around 5 others. Seeking vengeance he charged in, taking down many strong warriors in the process. Though Luka was also defeated. Thrown into the ocean Luka would wash up 2 weeks later on another island, his memory completely gone. Spending the next 2 years searching for who he is Luka continues his journey.

Pet (If any): N/A
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Hope it's not too late to join, it sounds fun! Here are my character ideas.

Name: Soro Kitai

Gender: Male

Age: 28

Element: None

Place of birth: Fire Nation

Personality: Soro is defined by his strong work ethic and his loyalty towards his loved ones. He is a stand up guy who believes in chivalry and honor. He is sincere and deals honestly with others. He is cold on the exterior, keeping relationships formal and professional, but with loved ones he is more eager to share in bantering and showing inner emotions. He is driven by a desire to be recognized and bring honor to his family's name.

Physical appearance: Muscle-bound, this fair skinned man has a tough feel about him and stands at a solid 6'5". His cinder black hair is worn at shoulder length but is typically tied back into a braided ponytail, keeping his face clear of hair while in combat. He has a stubble covered jaw and well defined eyebrows that accentuate his pastel blue eyes.

Clothes: Soro typically wears a black robe lined with blood red silk, fitted with armored shoulder pieces. A sleeved cloak decorated with an ornate crimson sea serpent - the family emblem - fits over the robe, concealing his armored bracers and chains. While fighting, he'll tie a blood red sash tied across his forhead.

Weapon: He wears bracers made of durable metal that were designed by his brother Tekku. They act as a clasp for his two chain whips draped around his upper arms while also conceiling two twin knife blades that can be extended from above the top of his wrists.

Name: Tekku Kitai

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Element: None

Place of birth: Fire Nation

Personality: Tekku is the most egocentric of the three Kitai siblings, taking great pride in his more than substantial intellect and prowness. He is often times held back by underlying anger issues and an unkempt rebelliousness when rules seem to get in his way.

Physical appearance: Tekku's best defining trait is his piercing blue eyes. His short, curly, black hair is un-styled. He stands at a skinny 6'1" but isn't fragile. He has well defined eyebrows and face, thin lips, and hollow cheeks.

Clothes: Tekku wears a light green tinted tunic lined with gold, wearing a golden sea serpent clasp pinned to the tunic over his heart. He wears a roughly made pair of glasses he fashioned himself.

Weapon: Tekku employs a variety of throwing knives using a spring system he has fashioned to fit to his wrists under his tunic.

Name: Akarui 'Aki' Kitai

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Element: Water

Place of birth: Fire Nation

Personality: She is a socialite who knows how to manipulate a conversation to get what she wants. She is sensitive and a good listener but is willing to bend rules and hurt others in order to benifit her family. She is hard to anger and is annoyingly stubborn.

Physical appearance: A petite woman, Aki stands at 5'8". Her medium-length, slightly curly, dark brown hair is braided in a fashion mirroring the women of the Northern Water Tribe. She has smooth cheeks, well defined eyebrows, a rounded chin and a narrow face. She shares her hazel eyes with her father.

Clothes: Aki wears a formal Earth Kingdom dress, a green silky fabric base lined with golden colored fabric along with a cloak of the same colors and featuring the family sea serpent in gold. She wears golden bracelets on each wrist and wears jeweled earrings and a locket necklace bearing drawings of her parents. Makeup is an absolute must.

Weapon: She uses a bow crafted by Tekku, using trees native to the Fire Nation. She also uses a water satchel for water bending on the fly.

Background: Soro and his siblings were born to a middle ranking naval commander in the Fire Nation forces and to a waterbending mother from the Northern Water Tribe. Their mother, desiring a life away from the patriarchal society, fled to the Fire Nation but was eventually held captive by forces protecting Fire Nation waters. Their father, who was commander of the force, took pity to their plight and aided her escape, helping her find refuge and disguise. The two eventually fell in love and were married publicly. Eventually they had their first child, Soro, but the timing was poor as the Fire Nation was beginning to prepare for war. Soro and eventually his siblings were all raised and trained under this context, becoming proficient in their perspective expertise and choice of weapon. However, in their teenage years, their youngest sibling and sister Akarui discovered her waterbending abilities on accident, exposing the existence of the mixed family to the public. Their father quickly took them away from the Fire Nation and seemed refuge using the mother's connections in the Northern Water Tribe where their mother now resides, while their father bought time for them back at home (current location unknown). Soro continued to grow in strength with the men of the Tribe and became known for his ability as a duelist, respected for his uncommon dual-style martial arts using his chain whips, mirroring both firebending and waterbending styles in his movements. He joined a sudo-gladitorial fight club and quickly rose in the ranks despite facing benders. Tekku while serving with the militant men became more interested in continuing his scientific studies, specifically in the form of militant technology. Akarui, facing the same loathing of the patriarchal system shared by her mother, learned to use her already smart mind to manipulate herself into good standing with both her peers and elders. Eventually, once the three were of age, they decided to leave to the Earth Kingdom and seek a new future. Entering Soro into the Gladitorial scene in the Earth Kingdom, the three were able to pass as non-benders from the country and finesse their way into the Middle Ring of Ba Sing Se. The three now thrive off of Soro's gladitorial celebrity status and their tea shop side hustle, with Soro fighting in the ring and sponsoring the shop, Tekku inventing equipment for Soro and new tea concoctions, and Akarui acting as the manager of both the shop and Soro.
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Name: Minxiu
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Element: Earth
Place of birth: Ba Sing Se
Personality: Disciplined, cunning, and stoic, she does not speak much when she is on duty. In contrast when she is off duty, she is a creative and freethinker, a dreamer that hopes to see the world and all it has to offer. She lives with the conflicting duality of her natural self and one of strict discipline and control from her lifelong training within the Dai Li.
Physical appearance: Minxiu’s most striking appearance that people tend to remember about her are her large angled sharp eyes. In addition to striking fear and intimidation into those she focuses on, they are also pure light ice-blue color, something that is extremely rare within the earth kingdom. Her extremely long raven black hair is typically pulled back into a single hair braid that extends past her waist, tied off with a crystal hair tie that resembles a bladed spear tip. She is average in height with a lithe and lean body build keeping herself very flexible and adaptive. Her skin is light tan in color with a large Badgermole tattoo spread across her upper back.
Clothes: (We will be changing this a lot depending on the nation they travel to, so just focus on their casual set): Minxiu wears a modified version of the tradition Dai Li robe uniform to be slightly more form fitting to be more agile and streamline allowing for even more unrestricted movement.
Weapon: (Just one for now, don't need an arsenal with swords, bows, smoke bombs, slingshots...): Traditional Dai Li rock gloves and boots, though Minxiu often times makes modifications to fit the situation. Dai Li Surveyor’s Chains. Kerambit.
Background: Minxiu does not remember too much before her time before she was picked and indoctrinated as a Dai Li trainee when she was ten years old, three years earlier than traditional Dai Li trainees. Her training was grueling, relentless, and merciless as expected from the organization. Contact with her family during her training was limited and controlled during her time training to keep her focused despite her own father being a highly ranked Dai Li officer, Minxiu rarely saw him or the rest of her family during her years in training.

During her early years of training Minxiu primarily focused on earth bending forms, mental training, and martial arts training. When she reached her late tween years and entered her teenage years, she had already shown great skill and high potential in her earth bending skills. In addition to traditional earth bending forms Minxiu developed her own style of earth bending specializing in rapid close quarter’s takedown techniques that focuses on powerful strikes, joint manipulation and the use of a small hook knife known as a kerambit. (Inspired by the Martial Art known as Pencak Silat), with these techniques combined and enhanced with other earth bending techniques made Minxiu into a powerful agent of the Dai Li. Initially she was to be used as a precision assassin in anticipation of a potential war, but since then tensions had dropped, but not entirely.

Now a days Minxiu found her duties to be much more mundane by Dai Li agent standards, occasional throne room guarding for the earth kingdom royalty, spying or watching a potential person or persons of interest, and even on rarer occasions stopping occasional criminals that were too tough to be dealt with by the regular guards. Recently there has been a resurgence of foreigners entering the city following rumors or tails about the Avatar. Something that the Dai Li and the Earth King found… troubling.

Pet (If any): None for now.
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Name: Tora
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Element: Fire
Place of Birth: Fire Nation
Personality: Can I make this up as we go?
Physical Appearance:
Tora screenshot.png

Clothing: Everything you see above, minus the armor
Weapon: Naginata, plus a Katana later on
Background: Tora was named for her birthmarks which resemble tiger stripes. She is the only Bender born to a family of warriors, her ability manifesting rather early in her life, almost burning one of her siblings when she was upset. Despite this, she wound up learning to use weapons from her father instead. Most of her Fire bending was self-taught and crude, she didn't have a proper teacher until she was well into her teens. Thanks to them, Tora's bending improved drastically, though she's still far from being considered a master. She eventually left home to explore the world beyond, occasionally taking odd jobs to survive. It was during her travels that she obtained a young male Komodo Rhino that she named Tatsu.
Pet: Komodo Rhino, Tatsu

In case you're still accepting people, I'd like to join.
Finally finished

Name: JC Wolfa
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Element: Fire
Place of birth: Fire Nation
Personality: She is quite distant and slightly stubborn which can be a pain to handle. She has a strategic mind. She is brave and fearless but that doesn't mean she cannot feel her emotions just hides them well. Despite her stubbornness, she is a gentle young lady that judges no one no matter who they are as she will protect you as if her life depends on it.
Physical appearance: She is a light-skinned young lady that is 5'3 in height with a well feminine build. She has dark brown long hair pulled up in a high ponytail which almost touches the ground secured with a dark purple bow. She has light blue eyes, right completely blind which her bang covers along with glasses upon her face.
Clothes: The casual set of the fire nation but wraps her wrists and ankles with bandages including her stomach to keep her scars hidden. She wears a white wolf, blue-streaked mask upon her face to hide her facial appearance with a black and silver cross around her neck and flats as the straps wrap around her ankles securely.
Weapon: Katana(Not afraid to use her hands and feet to defend herself)
Background: She was born in the fire nation with a mother, father, and elder brother Shadow. She had a normal life as her whole family including herself wielded fire. But, at the age of 6, a tragic accident involving her father killed him instantly. Grief had struck the family hard especially towards her as she took it much harder than Shadow. With the support of her family, she was able to pull through her grief and move forward. By the age of 12, she pick up a sword training in swordsmenship, Martial Arts, and training her fire Element. She was very consistent with her training, never missing one practice to the point where she would train until sundown. She even started wearing a wolf mask to hide her facial appearance and black out distractions that would conflict with her training. By the age of 20, she became an experienced fighter with her sword and her martial arts but as for her Element, she had completely mastered on how to control it but not completely mastered on the Element itself since she understood herself that it takes years to master everything regarding her own Element. Shadow was always her training partner to keep her going always beating him every time. By her 22nd birthday, she received a Dragon hawk from her mother but was quite young and needed training as a messenger bird so she took it upon herself to train the bird and named her Gem.
Pet (If any): Dragon Hawk~Gem~Messenger Bird~(was taught aerial moves to avoid being attacked easily)