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Previously Manu456Alola
*deep inhaling*
Alright. My first RP like, ever. I can do this. I had debated at myself about this for a long time.

In case you didn't realize by the title, this is an RP based on the Azure Striker Gunvolt game, which by the way I enjoyed a lot.

This is a world where technology is highly advanced, leading to the discovery of the Lifewave.
The Lifewave, it is the force of nature which connects all living things in this world. Extensive research has been conducted on the Lifewave for many generations, and it is (was) known that up to six different stages of the Lifewave existed, from the Primordial (1st) stage to the Senary (6th) stage. Depending on which stage of the Lifewave living beings are attached to when they are born, they are granted varying levels of cognitive and physical capabilities. The average human being or animal will be born attached to the 1st to the 3rd stage of the Livewave, but there are many exceptions to this. Mystics, soothsayers, psychics; all of the people who possess supernatural powers are almost always born attached to the Tetrad (4th) stage of the Lifewave. The most powerful people among this group of supernaturals are sometimes born attached to the Quinary (5th) wave, but these are quite rare. When someone is born attached to the Senary (6th) wave, however, it is considered nothing short of a miracle, and these people and animals are viewed by society as being sacred; no different from a holy person.
However, there was another stage of the Lifewave that was recently discovered, which defies earlier concepts: The Septimal (7th) stage. Those few born attached to this wave have manifested supernatural abilities: Kinetic Abilities, running at blinding speeds, you name it. These people are referred to as "Adepts."
Some people see them as threats. Others as some sort of hope, a miracle.

Since there were a lot of Adepts that expressed this Septima as energy (such as heat or light), the Sumeragi Group, were the first to set their eyes on it. They carried out researches to create a new source of energy from it. There’s a very influential theory which says that Septima, through an unknown bodily strength, controls and changes pair annihilation in the body to create a gigantic energy. Yet, since most of that manifestation mechanism is unknown, there are several scientists that have doubts or misgivings about whether it can be used as an energy source. Sumeragi secretly wants to use Adepts as weapons and for their personal purposes, being the most powerful company in the world. To track adepts down and control them, they used Lumen, or The Muse, some sort of Septima that resonates with Adepts via her songs, making them relatively easy to track.
But there are people that know about Sumeragi's true intentions, and want to stop this plan and silence The Muse.

Sorry for the long intro. Anyways, since you read through all this, you probably know where this is going. Now, this is a WIP, so I'll only start this when this is supported by enough people. Hope you like this.

Rules are the regular Pokecharms rules, but also:
No Godmodding.
No Autoing.
No Double Posting.
Replies should be at least a paragraph long.
Max of 2 OCs.

These are the forms: (NOTE: You can be part of Sumeragi or a human if you want. It's your choice.)

Adept form:

Backstory (Optional):
Weapons (if any):
Skills (special techniques used when chanalizing enough energy/Septima, then unleashed by using an invocation. You can also make new ones upon progression):

Human form:

Backstory (Optional):
Weapons (if any):
Skills (special techniques used when chanalizing enough energy/Septima, then unleashed by using an invocation. You can also make new ones upon progression):

My form:

Name: Manuel Stone
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Septima: Aireusora (Air Manipulation)
Appereance: Manuel has black hair and brown eyes. He often wears a blue jacket with a white shirt underneath, blue jeans, brown shoes and glasses. He is 4"7, and also skinny.
Personality: He is calm and kind, sometimes shy. He can end up caring more for others than himself. He can be sometimes underestimated due to his height.
Backstory (Optional): N/A
Weapons (if any): He can manifest a sword fueled by his Septima, which can create small tornadoes.
Skills (special techniques used when chanalizing enough energy/Septima, some being unleashed by using an invocation. You can also make new ones upon progression.):
Storm Barrage: Air, come forth/ Create the perfect storm/ And send my foe to oblivion! Storm Barrage! (Strong wind currents pick up debris and throws them at the foe, then said current forms a small tornado and charges at the foe.)
Wind Deflect: (Deflects objects by using a strong air current.)

@_obsequious @The Protato @GreninjaTrainer013 Any of you interested? You can also invite other people you think could be interested.

Also, I accept any advice or ideas for the plot. Hope you enjoy!