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Private/Closed Bio-Cross

The RP: https://pokecharms.com/threads/role-of-bio-cross.19341/

The U.S. military has discovered an ancient tomb when digging a trench for navy battle practice, the tomb was excavated and explored, it revealed a stone box that when opened uncovered an ancient artifact that has be given the name Bio-Cross, after the artifact was obtained scientist began to study it and stone tablets that were found with the item,after deciphering the tablets they read: the king's praise to the world god was granted as a special relic was created,a powerful item forged by the gods to give the king the abilities of a tyrant creature that has terrorised out kingdom for years ,the Hydra,the relic when used transformed the king's appearance to that of a snake creature with the godly powers that the Hydra possessed ,however the relic was too strong and eventually brought the king's demise,afterwards the relic was locked away in a tomb never to be released... the tablet was unintelligible from then on
Despite reading the tablets the scientists attempted to harvest the material the Bio Cross was made of,upon impact of a drill the Bio Cross released a explosion that destroyed the whole research facility,and many streams of light and darkness flew from the explosion as well, these lights were absorbed by humans across the globe,these chosen peoples offspring would have powers alike the ancient king, however the Bio Cross explosion caused ancient monsters from when it was created to exist again,and caused some Cross holders to become what are called an anti-Cross who are corrupted and evil.
Humanity does not have the the technological capabilities to harm these creatures or anti-crosses, leaving this epidemic to the children who hold the skills of the Bio-Cross

(Intro too long,nah)

You are the children who possess these powers, you have been given the ability of a creature which have been called your Cross. This allows you to change your appearance to that like the creature
(EX. your creature is a dog,you'll grow dog ears and a tail and possibly other k9 parts,but not being transformed into that creature completely) and a weapon with magical properties,as well as a familiar, a miniature creature that lived during the time the bio-cross was made, they allow you to transform and detect corrupted creatures


Read the pokecharms global rules
Two characters at most
No Mary sues
Romance and swearing is allowed but please to not be excessive with either
you may only kill off a character if you want to leave the RP or make a new OC


Age: (9-20)


Cross: (your animal power that you possess)

personality: (just a few main traits of your personality)


Post-trans. Appearance: (what you look like after you transform)

Weapons 1:

Weapon 2:

Familiar: ( same/ similar to your Cross)

Special ability:
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I'm interested! I'll work on a bio soon.

Name: Kyle Rainer

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Cross: Lynx

personality: Kind, Brave, Gets kinda freaked out by weird stuff that happens to him. Likes athletics and rock climbing. Although he likes high adventure sports, Kyle isn't really accustomed to combat. Enjoys riding around on his dirt bike.

Appearance: Kyle has average height and build. He has blondish-brownish short hair, and brown eyes. He usually wears worn blue jeans and converse shoes, along with a Marvel T-shirt of some kind.

Post-trans. Appearance: After he transforms, Kyle looks a little different. He has cat ears sticking out of the top of his head, and a cat tail as well. He has armored gauntlets on his forearms, containing his weapon Killer Claws. Kyle also has light leather armor around his legs, and two holsters for his Magical Revolvers on his waist. He wears a leather armor breastplate, with light chain mail underneath. Kyle also becomes a bit more muscular, and has better vision, hearing, and reaction times when transformed. His hair on his head becomes a bit more scruffy as well.

Weapons 1: Magical Revolvers. A pair of magical revolvers that carry seven bullets each, and never have to be reloaded. They also effect the Anti-Cross.

Weapon 2: Killer claws. A pair of blades that sprout from the gauntlets on John's forearms whenever he needs them, kinda like wolverine claws. Their main transformation is into wolverine-like blades, but they can also turn into other weapons, such as a longer blade on one arm with nothing on the other.

Familiar: Lynx. But a small Lynx. So it's kinda like a kitten. However, when threatened it will turn into an actual Lynx.

Special ability: A Cat's Luck. John has a lucky aura around him when transformed, and can cause up to 9 very lucky things to occur before having to "recharge".
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I have some questions before I decide further:

1. Do humanity really can't do anything? Even nuclear can't hurt them?

2. How much of these ancient monster and anti cross exist? How much destruction they already caused so far?

3. Are we restricted to real life cross? Or are we allowed fantasy creature like pegasus or dragon too?

4. I'm still unclear about anti-cross and familiar. Can you re-explain?
@Captain Cardboard accepted, and FYI your weapons can either be always on hand like your characters weapons or they can phase in and out of existence when you use them( like if I have to fight something I'll transform then a sword or something appears in my hand) just thought I should mention

@Spoiled Bread
It's kind of hard to explain, but they can be killed by nukes or stuff like that but that would destroy countrys and there spread across the world so it's not a very good idea, they can withstand stuff like normal bullets or tank shells, but cross holder weapons are mostly made of magic, same goes with anti crosses and monsters, so they ignore damage from most physical weapons

2.There aren't very many anti crosses but there is allot of monsters, they haven't been around for too long but all in all they have done plenty of damge world wide, several large cities without cross holders have been destroyed already

3.Any creature either real or not, as long as it's power is controlled( you can have the cross of a dragon but you can't be as overpowered as a fragdr would be)

4. Anti-Cross are just like cross holders except they're corrupted and have only negative and cruel Instincts, their was 3 kinds of light that came from the bio-cross, white light which humans absorbed who then had children with these powers, black light which created the corrupted monsters, and red light which was similar to white light excep gave anyone who absorbed it immediate killer instinct and powers as well

The familiers are basically like little ghosts that live by the holder at all times, from the day there born to the day they die
Ah, I remember this from the previous RP. I'm gonna join back causs the last one didn't really began.

Name: Medu Cisthene

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Cross: Gorgon

Personality: Stern and blunt, Medu almost never takes things as a joke. Her cross heritage is something she despise for most of her life. The constant fear of accidental harm on others frightens her. Although she might start off cold towards others, but she cares much for anothers health and safety. Though a strict person, few things may cause her to be flustered or simply flabbergausted when caused.

Appearance: Medu is 5'5 with a slender pysique, magenta shoulder-length hair and magenta eyes with glasses. Wearing a white hoodie with red trims, black leggings and black sneakers.

Post-trans. Appearance: Medu's skin turns slightly scaly, her eyes becoming vertically slit. Her teeth baring fangs with her tongue similar to a snake's and her hair is messy and unkempt. Her pysique seems slightly more thinner.

Weapon 1: A flint Harpe coated with toxins strong enough to dissolve concrete.

Weapon 2: A circular copper reflective shield.

Familiar: An Amphisbaena. Both of it's heads have seperate minds.

Special ability: A glare that causes temporary paralysis. Though, making eye contact will cause the paralysis to be permanent. Therefore, she rarely uses it.


Resident Furry
Name: Sebastian Sonne
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Cross: River Otter
Personality: Sedate, Careful, Analytic, Friendly / Wrathful, Single Minded, Determined, Aggressive
Appearance: Sebastian has a lanky build suiting his Cross and Familiar, standing 5'10". He has a decent amount of lean muscle despite this. Brown eyes and hair, with a fair amount of stubble on his face. Wears a black t-shirt and pants, with gray shoes.
Post-trans. Appearance: Sebastian's appearance at first remains unchanged aside from the additions of his weapons. As his rage builds through Tempest, his transformation progresses from his limbs to his head, starting with claws and webbing, then brown and cream fur, a tail, otter-like ears, and finally a muzzle, until he's fully transformed into an anthropomorphic river otter. As his transformation progresses, his clothes also change into a ragged black tunic and loincloth, with a chainmail undershirt protecting his torso.
Weapon 1: Harpoon - A fairly normal looking harpoon with a stainless steel head. It is longer than Sebastian is tall. As his rage builds through Tempest, the weapons head grows larger, darker, and develops several wicked barbs while the wooden shaft grows gnarled and discolored. A chain connected to the end of the shaft ties the weapon to Sebastian's right forearm, wrapped around a leather strap, magically extending or retracting when the weapon is thrown or recalled. Much like the spearhead, the chain starts out normal looking and gray steel colored, with the links growing larger, blacker, and slightly rusted as Sebastian's rage grows.
Weapon 2: Hatchet - An innocuous hand axe, with a stainless steel head. It is small enough to be wielded in one hand. Much like the harpoon, the axe's head grows darker and more wicked as Sebastian's rage grows. The head curves into a bearded axe, with a wicked hook useful for catching weapons or ripping away shields to expose an enemy to spear thrusts. The wooden handle changes much the same way the spear's does.
Familiar: River Otter. He calls it Sylas.
Special Ability: Tempest - Tempest is Sebastian's berserker rage, which grows as he engages in battle. Along with progressing his transformation along and increasing the effectiveness of his weapons, Tempest boosts Sebastian's strength, stamina, and pain tolerance continuously the longer he remains in a fight. It is not without drawbacks however, overuse of Tempest results in severe physical and mental fatigue, so while Sebastian gets stronger the longer a fight goes, it is in his best interest to end it as quickly as possible. Likewise, he runs the risk of falling into a haze where all his mental faculties are redirected towards fighting and he loses the ability to distinguish between friend and foe. Only his familiar can take him out of this state.

I imagined when you said not transforming into a creature completely, you meant a normal feral version of that creature. I apologize if I misunderstood.
Name: Gaia Riko

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Cross: Snow wolf

personality: Gaia stands at 5'6 and has an average build, he's stubborn and overconfident, though he is quick to befriend someone and often asks for help if something is too difficult for him alone
Appearance: Gaia has dark green spiky hair with white tips, he wears a black jacket with a white undershirt and blue jeans, he also wears green pilot goggles

Post-trans. Appearance: his hair becomes fully white and white ears sprout out from his hair, he also grows a white bushy tail, his eyes become black with a large yellow vertical line as an Iris and grows a sharp fang

Weapons 1: a silver scythe with white edges, the handle is dark wood and has a small chain on the end of it

Weapon 2: bright green kunai, he is very skilled and can throw several with great accuracy and speed

Familiar: a small grey wolf about the size of a cat, is very knowledgeable and always being smug about the stuff Gaia says, goes by the name Sly

Special ability: violet blizzard ; he can activate this ability only three times a day and can last for several minutes, when in use Gaia's weapons are faster and stronger, they also have a neon purple trail that follow the weapons and Gaia's eyes if they move
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Name: Clover Ashenfield

Age: 17

Gender: female

Cross: wasp

personality: calm and reserved. Except for emergency event, Clover acts slow and rarely take things seriously. She only wants to chill down.

Appearance: Clover stands at 5'3 with long blonde hair. She has fair skin and gray eyes. Usually wears white one piece dress with leggings and combat boots.

Post-trans. Appearance: Her skin turn into gray color with rings of yellow on her wrists and ankles. Orange chitin armor will envelop her torso, forearms and lower legs. Two antennaes and chitin helmet grow on her head. She will has a pair of transparent wings sprout on her back. Her eyes can be switched into coumpond eyes mode, which enable her to detect fast movement at the cost of a lower quality vision.

Weapons 1: a spear with a huge spearhead. Can be infused with wasp's paralyzing poison.

Weapon 2: wasp army. She can infuse wasps with her cross energy and command them to attack enemies. She can commands up to 300 wasps at a time.

Familiar: a bumblebee named Polly

Special ability: Knight Rush (Clover charge at the enemy with supersonic speed. Delivering powerful blow and shatter her wings to pieces. This skill can't be used when Clover has no wings.)
Cool. Now I have more questions and suggestions.

1. I think it will be cooler if we gave the monsters a unique term. Kaiju? Titan? Pandora? Or something else...

2. I found the naming of cross and anti-cross weird. Since, chronologically anti-cross already exist and rampaging through cities when the cross was still newborn right? So how come we name them an anti of something that haven't exist yet?

3. How do you plan to start the RP? Are we gonna be the cross holder of the same city or different city?
Hmm how about we call them Strangers, I just think it sounds cool, and strangers can be either any animal from ancient times or present ones, and they are capable of breeding so it's harder to get rid of them

They were originally called phantoms considering the black and red aura they have. So when the cross holders showed up they changed it to Anti-Cross.

I plan on all of us to be in the same city for the sake of sociality in the RP
I'll think of what dirty later
A few questions...

1) How do our guys change from their normal human form to their cross form? Is it in an instantaneous flash of light? Some sort of Sailor Moon transformation? Or were they permanently changed to the Cross form when they were struck by the white light/born?

2) So chronologically, this RP takes place approximately 20 years after the explosion from the lab that released the white, dark, and red lights that caused Anti-Cross and "Strangers" to exist? Meaning they've been rampaging around for like 20 years?

3) Are there adult Cross? As in, are our character's parent(s) that were struck by the light Crosses?

4) how many more people until we start? 'cause I'm excited!
Name: Axel Reily

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Cross: Fox

Personality: Unlike the common conception of foxes Axel is actually honest and open with people. That being said he is relatively clever but is just too trusting with people.

Appearance: He has very dirty blond hair with light blue eyes and pale skin. He is about 5'6 and wears a plain white shirt with a plaid flannel outer shirt and dark blue jeans and tan work boots.

Post Trans: His hair fully changes to a brownish color and gains a fluffy tail, which he loves to play with. He also grows ears and his eye color changes to a brownish amber color.

Weapon 1: He has a handmade steel bow and is meant for quick shooting.

Weapon 2: Twin kukris that can be thrown or used for chopping down foes.

Familiar: A Swift Fox named Angel.

Special Ability: Rending Havoc (Axel launches his attacks with his bow at faster and stronger rates. When attacking with his kukris he has the strength to knock enemies down, but this ability leaves him very vulnerable when attacking. Due to this he doesn't use it often and never for too long.)
@C65 accepted

@Captain Cardboard
1. Our familiars, when needing to transform they glow bright and then enter the holder in some fashion, which causes a specific colored aura to envelop you and then disappear in your post trans state, the famiars are then like a seperate entity that lives in your body , they can still talk to you and others though

2. 20 years sounds right, so the anti cross and strangers have been rampaging for years, but they are still living beings and require things like sleep and stuff like that so they don't deal nonstop damage.

3. Anti cross yes, but the white light acted similar to a genetic trait that lays dormant in the person who's absorbed it and then is transferred when the fetus of the child is created( I hope that makes sense)

4. We have 6 people right now, if we can't get another tonight I'll start the RP tommorow
but they are still living beings and require things like sleep and stuff like that so they don't deal nonstop damage.
Then can they die by starvation and lack of sleep?

Also, I'm thinking to creating a ranked bestiary. The Strangers will be ranked based on the threat they pose. With well-known S Class that pose a global threat to harmless F-Class that can do nothing but scavenge. Of course Strangers shouldn't always be easily categorized, they don't play by human rules.
@Captain Cardboard anti cross can not reproduce but do not age so killing them all is the only way to beat them

And the ranking would be cool, but all strangers are dangerous in their own way, they are fueled by killer instinct after all, so not being able to kill would pose an existential problem to their existence
Mind if I join?

Name: Niala Redborn

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Cross: Tiger

personality: Niala is what one might call a spitfire and rather sarcastic, but she does hold her friends dearly although she would never admit that. She is a master manipulate being able to read someone in a very short amount of time, which treated her well on her time on the street. She does not often enjoy people in general but loves animals. Her favorite pastime is sitting in the sun reading.

Appearance: Niala is 5'6, has blonde hair that go's down to her neck, amber like eyes that could be considered gold, she has a very light skinned athletic body that would not be considered muscular but still strong, she almost always wears a red coat with some type of shirt under it as well as a skirt and a pair of long boots that come up to said skirt.

Post-trans. Appearance: Her hair now has strands of sliver in it as well as a pair of large white cat ears poking out from under it, she also has a Tiger tail, sharp claws and fangs and fur in some places. Niala also has Tiger markings most notably to two that are on her face that curve down from her eyes to her neck. Her eyes are now all black wherever there was white but she still has the same gold like area around the center but they are not just for show they allow her all the good features felines have in their eyes like having good dark sight.

Weapons 1: Hunting claws, aka just her claws. They are extremely sharp so they can be used as a effective weapon on their own even against the Anti-Cross, but Niala does like to coat home made poison on them from time to time. They also can be retracted like any cats claws

Weapon 2: A pair of automatic cross bows that each have five shots each coated in a slightly different type of poison just in case of immunity.

Familiar: A small Lion named Herald, he has a strange red mane and acts like a rather goofy butlers to Niala but he is also Niala's best friend.

Special ability: Light speed reflexes. Niala jumps or dashes with such speed that it looks like she is teleporting but in truth she is just using cat like reflexes at far faster speeds, she can use this to doge attacks, Chain together attacks at insane speeds and even increase her strike power. But all this power tires her out make her vulnerable after incessant use, so she does not want to use it often.
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Resident Furry
If I can offer a suggestion, Bayonetta style fragile speedsters - characters whose excessive speed is supposed to make up for their lack of defense - don't really work in an RP setting. You can't reasonably expect to be able to dodge everything without causing massive frustration for the other RPers, and likewise I don't think you want to spend fight scenes with your character laid out on the floor because someone, sometime, has to get strikes in otherwise it becomes power playing.

Maybe switch out the weakness for some other limit on the ability? For example, maybe because she's moving so fast she gets tired quicker and thus slows down faster relative to the other Crosses?
Maybe add like a weakness system with the type of creature the cross is based on. Like say... there are insects, reptiles, avians and beasts.

The problem with that is allot of strangers are mythical creatures and other things like that so it's hard to depict what class they would fall into, and most of them have weaknesses but you have to figure them out. And the weakness aren't required to beat them anyways, it just makes the fight easier
Well, I guess there goes that idea. I was actually thinking that it would be similar to Tokyo Ghoul's Kagune system where depending on the tier of Kagune is weak to the one below it. Buuuut, the system for the cross may be a little to complicated cause let say someone chooses to be a Manticore, which has a lion's body, a tail of a scorpion and wings like a bat, so it's hard to tell whether it is classified as a beast or an insect. I've looked through everyones bio and no one has chosen a creature with this type of feature, but who knows, someone might join and create a bio with said features.


Resident Furry
There is not really enough written in the first post to formulate a good reply. Could you maybe try expanding the post with more information? I've thought up a couple questions below, maybe try adding some of the answers into the post, and see where they take you.

Where is the city? Yes in the discussion thread you said it was in Japan, but that information should be in the post. Why Japan specifically? Where exactly in Japan are we talking? In the mountains, on the coast? Is there any particular reason our characters, despite the fact that none of them seem to be of Japanese origin, are all in Japan? If the city is Japanese, why is it called "Botanical City?" What's the history behind its founding? How old is it? Is it a large city or a small city?

With a name like Botanical City, it sounds like the city has large and frequent green spaces. Describe them. Give a general overview of the city: What it looks like, what the people are like, who lives there, what do they do. How have the Anti-Crosses and other monsters effected the lives of the people? Do they approve of the Crosses or do they think they're dangerous vigilantes?

What are the markets like? Paint a picture in our heads. Is it an outdoor mall? Is it more like the city's downtown? How active is it? Does Gaia have a hard time getting places, or are there only a few people around? Do people loiter around the area, or has that become too dangerous? How has business been in the years since the Anti-Crosses became a thing? Have shops been forced to close up any? Are there abandoned lots or empty buildings? Or has everything managed to keep going relatively normally?

How close are the gardens to the market? Are they large or small? What grows there? Is it an open park space or a more managed garden? Is it a traditional Japanese Garden, or is it more western or modern in design? Is there a shrine, a temple, or even an old feudal estate attached to the garden?

What are other parts of the city like? At least, try to imagine what's near enough to the garden for Familiars to be able to sense the Stranger, so we're not all blundering in the dark as we try to establish the scene. What kind of Stranger is it? What does it look like, what is it doing? Are people in danger, or is it just destroying the place? What do the character see when they get there? Your posts ends abruptly with no idea given what exactly the threat the rest of us are supposed to respond to is.

That's just what I've thought to ask from reading your post. Hopefully these questions give you a few ideas to further flesh it out!
Rex gave good questions. Although not all need to be answered right away. As long as there's general description of the town and what makes it unique, I'm good to go. For now, only one thing bother me, botanical city doesn't seems like a name of a Japanese countryside, and I think its better to set it in America instead. I want to have Tanaka-kun and and Shizuka-chan as my neighbor but when the players are the only people with europanish names then it become weird.
Woof, that's allot of questions

I'll try to change the post some but I won't be able to give tons of detail for every part of the city

Around the coast,The marketplace is a street with many shops around it, and the garden is open and large and is outside
Anti cross barely ever show up in the city but it's common for strangers to appear, the cross holders often deal with them before the cause a citywide panic and usually the familiars sense them before anyone can see them

I guess we can change the location, I just don't know where it would be and it doesn't matter really so sure it will be in america

The city isnt that big but explaining it all would be difficult to keep the same for when the actiaa part comes into the RP, we can nake up the city as we go, and anyone can do that as long as it doesn't change a place that's already been described


Resident Furry
The post still lacks a lot of information that I would call necessary to an OP. If you're going to leave describing other city sectors to the rest of us, you should at least describe the scene at the gardens, we still have no idea what exactly it is we're supposed to be facing, what it's doing, what it looks like, anything.
Nope america

The post still lacks a lot of information that I would call necessary to an OP. If you're going to leave describing other city sectors to the rest of us, you should at least describe the scene at the gardens, we still have no idea what exactly it is we're supposed to be facing, what it's doing, what it looks like, anything.

I haven't arrived at the garden.yet, if anybody gets there before me then they can describe it the way they would like too, if they don't change the fact that it's a garden and that it's on the north part of the city then it's ok, and the stranger is a grizzly bear, same thing applies to the strangers as it does with describing locations, but I'm the only one who can say their is an anti cross due to their strength and that their uncommon in the city

Like I said not the most literate so it's Tuff to explain these things wirhwit making another flaw in the RP,
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