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Ask to Join BNHA: FLOTSAM LOT 2.0

When the gates opened, Asami's nerves shot through her body but after she took in a bit sip of her water bottle she managed to force it down. This was just an Entrance Exam, she had done this already overseas once and she had the capacity to do it again. She just had to give it her and remind herself she could do this. She could do this. She. Could. Do. This! Asami managed to actually hype herself up which scared her for a second but thankfully it seemed nobody noticed her literally pump her fist up, or least she hoped nobody had taken notice as she moved through the gates and went along a path that could suit her.

Asami's firs obstacle soon became clear, some classic monkey bars. Asami's quirk had some obvious disadvantages on dry land vs. areas with water, but when it came to a solid grip the scales on her wrist worked to make sure it was nice and secure so she felt she had a fair shot at this. She climbed up one and and had two long but deceptively strong arms latch onto an overhead bar and after she took a deep breath she began to scale them; all one motion, no pause as she tried to will her arms through as she managed to make it from one end of the monkey bars to the other and landed on solid ground safe enough. Alright, one obstacle down! Asami took a moment to drink some bottled water to keep hydrated before she advanced along her path to whatever obstacle came for her next.

And soon enough that obstacle appeared itself, and once more Asami seemed to bank on her added grip from her scales as she soon faced a rock wall. It seemed to be rather daunting, and as one student near the top slipped and landed on his head it seemed one wrong step and down you went along with any chances to get to the academy. Asami took a deep breath, working to try and make sure her arms were good after the last climb-related obstacle before she moved up to the wall and placed one hand on two rocks. With one more deep breath, she began to scale it. Once more her own strength and gripping aid proved handy in this as she moved at a steady pace along the rock wall and apart from one moment where the grip on her right hand slipped a step, she managed to catch herself. Before long she had made it up and over the rock wall as she landed with a pant. Man only a hero school could take something like this and make it feel like a challenge, but Asami could not afford to stop here. She cleared her second obstacle, but there were still more to go as she paused to drink her water before she shook out her arms and moved along the path.

Thankfully as she made her way to what seemed to be the next obstacle, it gave her arms a needed relief. Though it offered a different kind of challenge as she had soon be faced with an exceptionally long balance beam. Asami had not been the more, naturally coordinated individual but she only hoped that social clumsiness had a lack of correlation with actual clumsiness. Regardless she took the sip of her water bottle before she moved to one end of the balance beam and as he climbed on she extended both arms out to the side and with a deep breath she had began to walk forward. Thankfully it seemed her Quirk did have a benefit here, as her tail provided a natural counterbalance so that when her body leaned a little too far to the left or right, she could have her tail sway the opposite way to right herself up and maintain needed balance. As such, this obstacle was the smoothest to date and before long Asami had scaled with shocking grace by her standards as she landed on the other side having cleared it.

Asami continued along her path where the next obstacle had perhaps been set to be the trickiest, as a lone rope held up what seemed to be several "box" platforms that seemed annoyingly spaced apart at irregular levels & paths as it seemed to combine an obstacle course with climbing and balance. Asami took a sip of her water and sighed a bit as she tried to find a "steady" platform to begin with and once she got on she realized that a step too far to one side or another risked the whole thing flipping around and her being knocked off. Asami would begin her climb through the floating boxes, each jump had to be careful as could be as she scanned with her eyes to try and find the center or "sweet" spot of each and while she had been a touch slow in her movements she had made progress even as the increased height had nerved her to the degree, that was which mattered most as she managed to get to the second to last one, but as she jumped on it her landing caused it to rotate in a 180 degree motion which threw her off as she clung onto the side for dear life. "Woah woah s-s-no!"

Asami managed to prevent a fall and clung on, carefully climbing to the middle as she sighed out. That was far far too close for comfort and soon enough she made it across the floating boxes as she sighed out in relief. Alright, she was almost to the end she could practically smell it she just needed to press on as she quickly moved along the next path as she told herself to be prepared for just about anything and everything.

Eventually Asami crossed with a tree, as she saw the sight of what seemed to be the last obstacle and despite it possible being the least exhausting it had been the one to give her the greatest concern; the zipline. Asami had not a fear of heights per say, but she was more comfortable on land or in the sea than high in the air where she lacked any attachment to the Earth or Sea below. Still, Asami downed the last of her bottle of water as she scaled the tree and just tried to assure herself. Remember, she could do this, she could do this...

H-holy cow t-this is so high!
Asami's eyes widened as she nearly felt the need to gag once she saw how high this tree was and the path of the zipline she'd have to take. For a brief a very brief moment she had the urge to climb down and go vomit somewhere, but Asami managed to maintain slim composure as she took panicked breaths before she slowly settled into a gentle rhythm. This was a chance for her to make the true first step to becoming a hero, she already ran away once when she moved back home and had always carried a degree of shame in that. No more, she was not gonna run here, even if she was petrified she'd face this head on. She....she wanted to become a hero, she would become a hero and she for damn sure was not gonna let some dumb zipline stop her! Asami took a moment to collect herself before she moved her hands to the zipline as she hooked herself up and before long she was sent flying down as she cried out in the air but managed to ride it out and eventually landed on solid ground as she tumbled out.

She made it! Asami quickly managed to get her equilibrium as she stood up and quickly moved to catch up with the other students who had made it through the obstacles.


Previously Shadow_Pup
Garrett looked forward, "hmm a straight run, I guess Zuron would probably work pretty well for this one" he muttered to himself before shifting into the speedster and taking off and breakneck speed seeing other people using speed or sliding quirks to speed through this part with almost simple ease, as they ran he had Lorenzo analyse there 'database' of faces and the quirks that came with them, they had picked up a few more like this shark girl he had heard talking earlier and the principal from a phone call before he started school. He made it to the next challenge and looked around.
Haruki darted onward to the obstacle course and decided to start off with the monkey bars, the first chance he got, he managed to make short work of them and smiled at how easy it seemed, but he knew he shouldn't get cocky or assume every other obstacle he chose to do would be a breeze. He made his way over to the rock wall and noticed how a few people tended to struggle with keeping a grip and fall back down, before he decided to climb up, he went to help up the nearest person who fell off and smiled before he climbed up himself, Haruki's panting was a bit more noticable, but after the training he used to do, he was used to feeling the burn and knew things would only get harder even after he completed the course.

Next up was the Balance beam which reminded Haruki of the tightropes they had at the circus, he decided to wait until the next would-be hero crossed and began to walk across it himself, he made sure his arms were leveled and only focused on what was ahead rather than what was below, the tension alone was enough to make his heart race. When he finally made it across, he let out a long relieved sigh before he jogged over to his next chosen obstacle: The floating boxes. Haruki could tell this was quite the challenge, but that wasn't going to stop him, he immediately went to climb up one of the boxes an noticed a strange shark girl who seemed to have a good idea on how to traverse this tricky obstacle, he managed to jump between the boxes and waited for the right time to get a good surface to grip on, eventually he made it over to the other side and went to his final obstacle: The zipline. As Haruki approached it, he noticed the same shark girl who seemed to be afraid of having to go through with it, Haruki wanted to go and comfort her but couldn't find the words to speak, but when he did, the shark girl seemed to already get on the zipline and move across it, Haruki smiled at this and went to go down the zipline as well. Haruki found this part of the obstacle course to be entertaining and couldn't help but yell "Woooohooooo!" as he made it down and immediately dashed towards the finish were he and the other students who passed all their obstacles seemed to go to.
Unlike most- Marik, the American examinee, was fairly unimpressed with the obstacle course. Not because he felt it was easy, but because...he’d basically already completed it before.
Sure, this was the other side of the world, and sure, he wasn’t anything special...but he’d managed to squeeze by at the entrance exams of the top hero school in America.
Needless to say; the entrance exams for this school were slightly less...lethal.


Marik roared as the gates opened, charging in ahead of most normal runners, while the students with mutations and physical augmentations charged ahead of the pack with ease. This immediately put a massive gap between roughly a third of the contestants- and everybody else.

“Damn...so many people with quirks that allow them enhanced mobility...hadn’t expected such harsh competition, I’ll give em’ that.”

As expected- Marik cleared the monkey bars without much effort, and swiftly made his way to the next obstacle- a steep rock wall he’d have to climb in order to proceed.

“Pft. I’m climbing over here.”

Marik mentally scoffed at the sight of multiple people crowding the same area of wall space, quickly detouring to a steeper, yet less populated area.
The climb was intense; pushing Marik’s forearms to there limits...yet, there was one more hurdle to clear. It became apparent why ‘normal’ climbers had been avoiding this side of the wall, as there was a massive gap at the top where no footholds could be seen.

“Well- shit.”

The fiery-haired young man cursed, realizing his overconfidence had gotten the better of him. He couldn’t afford to lose more time detouring to the side, so he tightened his body, allowing his quirk to activate.

“Okay...just one big push...one...two...three!”

With his teeth grinding together, Marik took hold of his entire skeletal system, and gave it a hard ‘push’ forward as he jumped; sending the young hero-to-be soaring more than fifteen feet up and over the ledge of the wall.
He rolled to a stop, curling up as the pain of violently jarring his bones racked his body with internal bruising. The pain was intense, but all too familiar at this point.


With a simple murmur of pain, the exchange-student pulled himself to his feet, and broke back out into a sprint towards the next obstacle.

“Huh? Oh- no way-he-hey!”

Marik couldn’t help but chuckle at the ‘’challenge’ he faced. He used his Osteomancy to stabilize his feet and perfectly align them with the beam.
Wanting to show off a bit after the moment vulnerably he displayed earlier, Marik didn’t slow his pace; dead sprinting across the balance beams without hesitation.

“Hah! As long as there aren’t anymore big jumps, I should be fine.”

The young man’s confidence had returned as he effortlessly cleared the balance beam, quickly leading him to an obstacle he wasn’t expecting. The floating boxes.

“You’ve gotta be KIDDING me!”

Marik couldn’t believe it! He used the practiced with the exact same obstacle at the old parkour gym he attended back in America. He’d spend his days attempting to use the courses provided to hone his concentration with Osteomancy; both allowing him to stabilize his movements better, and utilize his quirk while running more easily.
He’d never managed to clear all the boxes back then...

“What do I do? Ah shit- I can’t risk another big jump. Maybe I could crawl? But I’d get so far behind!”

With no other option besides failure, Marik ultimately decided to attempt the run.

“Just gotta...”

He jumped out, planting both feet flatly on the first box. The row of boxes rocked and swayed from the impact, causing Marik to lower his stance in hopes of remaining stable.

“...land on...”

He jumped once again, moving cleanly from one one box to the other. His feet acted as target-seeking missiles, allowing him to land perfectly balanced after each leap.

“...the center!”

As Marik went for a third jumped, his control slipped slightly, causing him to land about a quarter of an inch off his mark.


He panicked as his knees began to wobble rapidly in an attempt to keep the box steady. It was in vain, however. Marik felt his weight begin to shift forwards, causing the box to creep into a slant.

“Not this time!”

Marik dove off the flipping box with all his might- sending him careening into a rope just across the way. He cling on for dear life, eventually managing his way into a solid ledge.
Now, thoroughly rattled, he continued across the rest of the a slightly slower pace.

“Hah! Take that- ya damn boxes!”

The young bone manipulator shouted in victory at the floating boxes, a spectacle that probably rather silly to anyone watching.
With that, Marik continued on to the final obstacle.
Seeing that it was a simple as getting up on the platform and zip lining down, the young man couldn’t help but appreciate this part of the course. He found it more relaxing than competitive, and was happy to see the finish line fast-approaching ahead.

“Yea! Two for two!”

Marik shouted in joy while crossing the finish line, throwing both hands up into peace signs for a photo-perfect shot.
Now all he had to do was...not get kicked out this time...


Previously Deathstalker62
'We started as one of the first, but people are catching up! Yuzo, what do we do?' Red sounded, his voice like Yuzo's, emanating from the entire motorcycle that he was formed into. Yuzo thought, then had an idea.

" Red, let's stop, then you get me into the air and we do the Wrecking Slingshot move we practiced, but you form into a wheel instead! "
'That's smart, Yuzo! Yeah, let's try that! Hold on now, I'm going up!'
And with those words, Red came to a grinding halt, but not before jumping into the air. The mass of flesh de-formed and moved onto Yuzo's back, sticking onto him, then forming 3ft long stretchy limbs on each side that stretched out and stuck to the walls of two buildings. Red and Yuzo put their strength together to stretch as far back as they could, before yelling out their own invented move.


Now what would've happened, if it were performed normally, is that Red would've let go of the walls as Yuzo was launched, Yuzo going into a fetal position for protection, and Red forming around him as a massive ball as tough as an actual wrecking ball. However, instead of forming into a ball, Red formed into a wheel around Yuzo as to not accidentally crush the participants infront (and currently above) of the two. Red bounced a couple times upon landing, Yuzo being safe inside with Red zooming down the street MUCH quicker than within his previous motorcycle form, since the added velocity and the combined speed of the two made for one hell of a combo. The two quickly rolled past those slower than them and through the checkpoint. Yet since they were going so fast, they had no control over their speed and rolled with slowly-decreasing speeds into the third part of the exam.


Previously Shadow_Pup
Garrett raced through the city streets in the form of Zuron, speed quirks were great in Garrett's opinion the wind and the adrenaline felt amazing. He swiftly weaved around anyone in his way and he sighed "Stop wishing we had every quirk we ever copy, our quirk is great and we get to look great while using them" came Lorenzo's voice clearly pleased with Garrett's choice to use Zuron "could you take your mind off boys for one second Lorenzo" Garrett sighed before he came to a screeching halt just before the third and final part of this exam, he faded into himself once more, "hey Garrett use this person next he's got a good quirk and it'll be funny", Garrett laughed and nodded "good choice Lorenzo" he said as he shifted smoothly into the principal and stood prepared for the next challenge.
~Yu Wu...~

"One small step for Yu. One big step... for Super Yuuuuuuuu!" Yu stretched his arms grabbing a hold of two buildings and slingshoting himself forward. Yu slapped against the side of one of the buildings, then hit the pavement, and continued to bounce a couple more times before landing on his feet running. Every so often he'd launch himself once more, and body slamming into random things along the way, ranging from the window, to the wall, to the vette driving down the road.

Yu even almost slammed into another student, but missed as Yu flew right over his head. For a brief moment, as Yu flew passed him. The two awkwardly exchanged looks before Yu hit the floor, bounced back up, and continued running as if nothing happened. "NEEEEEEED FOOOOR SPEEEEEEED!!!!" Yu shouted.

~Ren Arasaka...~

"Let's do this Ren. You got this Ren. Go get em'. Eye of the tiger" Ren said calmly as he casually speed walked down the street. Arms swinging and hips rotating. Ren was doing full on speed walking. Long strides too, and another student passed Ren by. Ren let out a yawn and rubbed his eyes.

An unaware student attempting to pass Ren made the mistake of running through the cloud, and passed out. Fast asleep. He had a pretty big grin on his face, so atleast his dream was a very pleasant one. Ren didn't even notice the boy as he had his eyes covered due to him wiping them. "I wonder how much farther till I get to the finish?" Ren said now speeding up even further. No longer power walking but an all out light jog.
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Zuron started slowly down the path of the long run ahead of him, sticking to the sidewalk and sandwiched between the other students. Zuron seemed complacent in his position, at least he was until a blur raced past him and caused him to blink and slow down. "The hell?" Zuron took a moment to process what he had just seen- not only was it his quirk... but his body too! The boy's lips twitched in irritation as he watched the figure disappear in the distance. "Insolent punk..." Zuron growled as his formerly dull gaze filled with spite, the boy parted from the crowd by taking a left down an alley- the desolate back-streets gave him plenty of room to speed up. Still, even as his rising anger begged him to activate his quirk, Zuron took off at his normal speed. Though incredibly fast for a civilian, Zuron only pulled ahead of the group of normal runners, still a ways back from those who used their quirks to their advantage.
Cutting back into the main streets, Zuron kept his fast pace for a surprisingly long while. It wan't until the last half a mile that the boy began slowing down, he could tell from the squeezing pain in his chest that he was running out of endurance. Zuron coughed and winced, opening his mouth wider to enable himself to take in more oxygen. Not much longer Zuron thought to himself You can't fall back now. Zuron's run became sloppy and he began losing track of those ahead of him as he closed in to the next part of the exam, marked by an open field. Zuron came to a pause, as other simply raced ahead, he needed to catch his breath. It was impossible to know how much time he had left, but continuing in his condition would just be stupid. The boy slowed to a walk as he looked about, the distant sounds of grunts, yells, and crashes put him on alert. There was no doubt that there laid opponents ahead.

Kishi flinched when a familiar voice sprung up behind him, the boy's head turned over his shoulder as a wide grin spread across his lips at the sight of Kat. Mixed in the crowd of students, Kishi had trouble keeping track of the girl. "Hey! Wait!" the boy chuckled, extending a hand and lengthening his stride to meet back up with Kat. After a second the boy sighed, "Your on!" he yelled out, unsure if Kat heard him or not, based on the weird stares around him most of the area had heard him. With that, Kishi begun the run. Frankly, it wasn't even a long. It wouldn't be too hard after all his training with Kat. What little did he know.
After exhausting himself on the obstacle course, the soreness of Kishi's limbs caught up with him about halfway through the run. Where was Kat, now? She couldn't have raced ahead with her quirk, but the route Kishi took was almost bare so he was sure he would've spotted her. The boy assumed his friend had taken a different path than him, meaning he'd only see her again at the next part of the exam. Kishi forced his body to maintain proper form, but everything ached. He had developed the will-power to push through the pain, but the boy has wished his body had taken more to getting in shape with his training. At last, the open field came into view. Kishi smiled and let out a breath of air he had been holding, speeding up slightly to make it to the gate of the field.The boy continued forth, eyes searching for Kat, before coming to a halting stop as the sky flashed with bright red color. Was that fire? Kishi's entire body halted as he blinked in the direction the attack had come from, he prayed that was a student and not an obstacle.
Kat ran through the crowd of students, beginning the second part of the course. This looked to be where there was an actual run. Kat ran through the streets, keeping a steady but quick pace. The intensity in which she had attacked the obstacle course was starting to come back to haunt her, but the girl pushed through the tiredness. By now, it appeared that quite a few students were pulling ahead from using their quirks. There was the winged girl Kat remembered from last year, but never really interacted with. Another student had turned into what appeared to be a massive red wheel after flying and was rolling along quickly. Zuron racing ahead with his quirk.

Something whizzed past Kat's head, and Kat caught a glimpse of the rubbery-pink student fly by and continue bouncing. An interesting quirk...

Making her way down a street, Kat could see an open field in the distance. Another obsticle course for the exam? There were a few students already there, and it sounded like there was combat. This should be interesting. Pushing herself to go faster, Kat drew her two escrima sticks and continued running. A familiar sight caught Kat's eye, a student pausing to catch their breath. Not just a student... Zuron?
"Almost there, keep it up." Kat encouraged Zuron as she passed him.

As she neared the field, Kat spotted another familiar sight. It appeared that Kishi had beat her there.
"Hey, Kish-" Movement caught Kat's eye, and the girl dove forward just in time to dodge a metal fist. Looking to her left, a metal robotic humanoid began to approach her. It had attacked her with a long, extendable arm. In fact, there appeared to be quite a few robots here. It appeared the exam wasn't finished just yet. Gripping her escrima sticks, Kat charged towards the robot.
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Kitsune Kiara

Previously Keen Kitsune
Aurora flapped her wings once more and dove down slightly before she pulled herself back up. Her shoulder-length hair rustled in the wind. She would admit, no matter how many times she flew the feeling of the wind rushing against her was always a good one. She raised her gaze from beneath her and looked ahead as she flew. There seemed to be an open field approaching up ahead. She could hear noises arising from the field. As she drew close she saw that there were opponents of sorts. She paused once more midair, to give herself another rest as she thought through what she should do.
Zuron looked up when a familiar voice briefly passed his ear "What the hell..." the boy grumbled, watching Kat's back before gruffly yelling at her "I don't need your encouragement!" The boy clicked his tongue before springing back into action, running into the battle-ground with alert eyes. He kept his limbs tucked close to his body, shallow breathing low enough that he could hear the footsteps all around him. The boy pressed forward for a period of time, before coming across a rather pathetic looking robot, it was about a head shorter than him and lacked appendages besides it's large wheels. The boy's expression dropped slightly as he appeared to make eye contact with the machine, "Is this some sort of joke?" the boy groaned, clearly amused by the lack of challenge ahead of him. Turning his head slightly to watch a battle between another contestant an a large robot begin, Zuron was caught off guard as his own opponent rushed towards him with such speed that he barely avoided it. The robot's wheels spun at incredible speeds as it charge Zuron, running straight past Zuron after the boy evaded it.
Like a bull, it appeared the robot's only ability was to lock into a direction and charge. Zuron narrowed his eyes, figuring it wouldn't hurt to go a little out of his way and defeat the robot. The boy waiting for it to recharge, it did so be readjusting it's aim before slinging itself forward again, this time Zuron side-stepped the robot before reeling back his left foot and landing a hard round-house kick to the vehicle's abdomen. Yet the machine didn't so much as budge, instead Zuron felt a raw pain shoot up his leg starting at the top of his foot, which made contact with the bot. With a grunt, Zuron landed back on the foot, which went numb after the initial shock, and his unfocused gaze turned into a glare.

Kishi smiled at Kat, jumping back when the girl dove forward. He hadn't even seen the incoming projectile, but was sure glad his body reacted the way it did at seeing Kat's evasion. Kishi's lips parted slightly as he took a defensive stance, intending on protecting Kat and himself from the robot, but, before he knew it, his friend was already charging ahead of him. Kishi let out of breath of air, smiling slightly as he admired the girl's bravery. "Be careful-" the boy called out, but his sentenced died off so it was hardly audible at the end. Knowing Kat, that was't something she would want to hear.
Kishi gaze briefly fell upon the robot, examining each of it's joints before he glanced at it's head. The boy followed Kat, feet nearly tracing her exact steps, "I think it's got a motion sensor-" Kishi spoke from behind the girl, "buy me some time." Kishi said before departing from the girl to move the opposite direction. Kat's quirk gave her the ability to keep the bot's attention, and since picking up her weapon she had, frankly, become better suited for combat than Kishi, who refrained from using a weapon because he needed his hands to use his quirk. The boy ran behind the robot, putting enough trust in Katelyn that he didn't even have to look back. Without having to worry about the robot, Kishi was able to focus on speed and precision within his plan. The boy ran low to the ground, reaching for the particles of dirt that settled after the robot's initial attack. Taking a handful of the sediments, Kishi glanced back towards Kat, ensuring she was ready, before joining her at the machine's front. Kishi waited for the robot to attack again- after it flung it's large metal fist outward, Kishi charged toward's the robot's center. The boy pushed off the ground using as much power as he could muster before activated his quirk in his left hand. The boy squirted a rather soft stream of water at the eye-like features of the robot before using his right hand, closed in a tight fist, to release the dirt that he had gathered. As the dirt, flung at the robot's motion sensor, made contact with the water, it stuck to the robot- momentarily blinding it.


Previously Deathstalker62
'Okay, maybe this WASN'T that good of an idea.. we're going way too fast!'
"Keep it calm. Form back around me and I'll do the rest from here, just follow my thoughts."

With those words, Red formed out of the wheel form and back around Yuzo, putting him back into the full-body suit, this time with no slit open for the eyes as to protect him from debris on the ground. Yuzo rolled on the ground, trying to stand up, with Red taking in most the damage from the tumble. As Yuzo finally managed to stand up and have Red open a slit on the mask to look through, he realized that this crash stunt drew in a lot of attention. Not just by some participants over at the previous checkpoint who briefly glanced at him, but also some hostile robots that had been following the pair. Yuzo had to shake his head a few times, as although he was unharmed thanks to Red, all this fast moving and tumbling still shook him up a bit. Under the mask though, Yuzo was already grinning. Because now, the fun part was finally here.

Red moved away from Yuzo's body as he whipped his hair back with his left hand, shaking his head again to gather himself from that crash and tumble and fully focus on what was going on. Red gathered on Yuzo's back, then formed into the shape of the upper body of a humanoid behind Yuzo, albeit with four arms. Yuzo then stretched his left arm forward, pointing at the group of robots. " Beat 'em up, Red! " Upon those words, the flesh mass moved around Yuzo and in front of him, dashing to the robots and unleashing a flurry of punches at the two robots; each two of the four arms punching out one of the other robots. While Red was double Yuzo's own strength, the punches were not strong enough to cause immediate visible damage. Yet, they were enough to keep the two machines in place and whittle them down as Red just kept barraging non-stop, leaving the robots no space to defend themselves.


Previously Shadow_Pup
Garrett, in the form of the principal, grinned and ran towards a few robots, as he neared them he grew to a large size and crushed them with ease beneath his large feet and fists. He was about to crush another one when he suddenly shrunk down as Lorenzo forcefully took over and shifted in Kishi "what the hell Lorenzo, now is not the time to waste transformations", Garrett said angrily as he wrestled back control by shifting into the shark girl he had overheard talking earlier the two personalities then fought amongst each other for a few minutes until on the ten transformation they had done today, Garrett stood in control in the form of shark girl and with a frustrated sigh he set off to destroying more robots using the shark abilities of the fishy female.
~Ren Arasaka...~

"Heel toe heel toe heel toe heel toe. Left right left right left right. Move those hips" Ren said as he power walked. Ren's mother attended regularly scheduled aerobics classes and occasionally they'd have class at Ren's place. Ren would always hear them say these things and decided to use them to maintain focus as he made his way through the 2nd portion of the test. "Feel the burn" Ren muttered as he continued to move.

As Ren neared the end of the running portion of the exam, the boy looked worn out and pure exhausted. Very tired despite the fact that he still retained most of his energy and hadn't broke too much of a sweat so far. The boy continued to light jog when he let out a yawn as he approached the end of the street. before he could turn, a large figure emerged from the cloud. A large robot which looked intimidating. The robot looked down on Ren. The robot was pretty big. Big enough that Ren couldn't possibly be oblivious of its looming presence. He Turned and tripped, performing a roll in the process.. He rolled behind a dumpster. As the robot made its way into the alleyway,

Ren climbed on the dumpster. Just as the robot turned, Ren leaped atop the robot, and grabbing ahold of its neck. The robot began violently and randomly moving around to swing Ren off. As it did, Ren held a tight grip on the robot. As Ren fell, he managed to pull the head off. Bopping himself in the forehead with the robot head as he landed, 'Ow. That hurt. I hope I don't have a bruise now" Ren said pencil rolling on the ground to get to the sidewalk. He got up at his own pace, and dusted himself off. Then continued when he saw another robot. It hadn't seen him yet so he had an opportunity of surprise. He hid behind cover. No point in ruining the opportunity of surprise attack. He stopped to think about his next course of action carefully.

~ Yu Wu...~

Down an alleyway, over a fence, under a rail, around a corner, up to the fire escape, and across roof tops. Yu was moving and using his stretchy abilities to make parkour seemingly child's play. Jump, slap the wall, swing off the clothes line, bounce off the truck, and splat against a robot that had seemingly come from outta nowhere. Well not actual nowhere. It came from just around the corner. Yu bounced off the robot, and hit the ground. Quickly getting up and taking a fighting stance. He dodged the first strike, dodged the second. Got punched in the face, but was just fine.

He grabbed the robot's hand, and ran, creating some distance between him and the robot, After Yu's arms we're sufficiently stretched, he catapulted himself at the robot, and hitting it in the chest. Bouncing off the robot, and hitting it in the chest several times like a paddle ball. Yu managed to get the robot to loose balance, and soon fall to the ground. "Final flank!" Yu said as he kicked it in the head a bunch of times.
So now the second part of the exam had began, and as promised it seemed they really were moving through the city which Asami figured was crazy but given the situation she presumed the staff evacuated the blocks they were asked the move through as a safety precaution. Regardless as she ran she saw other students put their Quirks to action as she suddenly wished that she had the traits of a flying fish that could've made this easier but alas she had to run on land as she drank water while she moved through the streets and just focused on keeping a stedy pace.

Thankfully her morning swims worked to help her endurance with these kind of things, granted swimming and running had not been a 1 to 1 translation but none the less it seemed to serve her well enough to prevent her from feeling much fatigue as she moved through the streets. In fact, she seemed to be making good pace with Asami had been proud of, though that pride gave way to confusion and concern once she heard the sounds of battle before her.

At what seemed to be a large field, she got a glimpse of what this exam had really been about, as greeting them in the open space had been some battle robots which naturally drew some concern as Asami had not had the smoothest luck against these in her school overseas. And indeed it seemed to get off to a rough foot as a robot lunged at her from a blind spot as Asami managed to barley avoid the blow with a less than dignified "eep" having escaped her lips. Once she managed to find her footing, she waited for the bot to lung again as she opened her jaw at the extended limb and bit down on the vulnerable joint.


Her razor teeth bite through the softer metal like tissue paper, as Asami ripped the arm off before she spun and slammed her tail on its head knocking the bot down and out as Asami spat the arm and took a moment to collect herself. That was disgusting...
Kat brought her arms in, taking a defensive stance and keeping the robot's attention as Kishi inspected it. The robot attacked Kat once again with an extendable limb, but Kat quickly bobbed and weaved under the attack and it simply glanced off her. Kat ran to the side as the robot attacked again, and this time Kat knocked away the attack with one of her escrima sticks. Kishi appeared with Kat once again, and Kat readied herself for whatever plan Kishi was developing.

The girl watched as Kishi sprayed the robot, then threw a chunk of dirt at an eye-like part of the device. He was blinding it.
"Nice move!" Kat said to Kishi. The girl ran towards the robot, sliding under a blind swipe, and hooked a leg behind the robot's own leg. Pushing with all her might, Kat knocked the robot off it's feet.
"Kishi!" Kat exclaimed, tossing her friend one of her escrima sticks. Jumping to her feet, Kat struck the robot with her own stick while it was down.

Kitsune Kiara

Previously Keen Kitsune
Aurora paused for a moment before she continued her flight. A worried look took over her face as she continued to hear the fighting noises from below. Her flight patterned staggered as thoughts flew across her mind. Should I stop to help someone? But that'd slow me down quite a lot. Usually, I don't mind helping, but I'm not the best at fighting. She tried to distract herself with other thoughts as she picked up speed once more. C'mon this is the last part just one last push! I'll just have to hope that they take speed into account. A serious look crossed her usually carefree face as she sped up once more. Last year they may have let everyone in, but this year it was different. And she was determined to get in.


Previously Deathstalker62
"Right, now for the finisher and we'll move on!"
'But wait, what about the others that are having trouble with robots?'
"If we help them, others will finish before us though."
'Yeah, but surely we'll get plus points for helping others out rather than finishing the course!'
"How do we know for sure though? It's best we play it safe."

During this internal dialogue, Red extended his arms, forming his hands and lower halves of his arms into sharp blades that he used to decapitate the two robots, who were softened from all the previous punching. Yuzo paused as Red formed back onto Yuzo as his full-body suit, leaving only Yuzo's face open. Yuzo took the moment to look around, seeing if anyone needed help with any of the robots. Though, it seemed like everyone has things handled. So instead, Yuzo and Red just took off running, sprinting the last bit. If a robot tried to get in their way, Red just formed spring coils beneath Yuzo's feet that let him jump over it. Sure enough, with their combined speed, the two were soon at the finish line, with Yuzo actually being kinda tired now that he had to run the last bit. So he just had Red form into a chair with two strands attached to his ankles that Yuzo sat down on to get some rest. The two of them decided to just wait it out until the exam was over.
~Ren Arasaka...~

Ren Arasaka pointed his hand at the robot, in the shape of a finger gun. His thumb upward at a 90 degree angle to his hand. He pressed the tip of his thumb to his finger, like the hammer striking a percussion cap. "Bang" Ren said. A large powerful bullet shot from Ren's finger. The bullet pierced straight through the robots armor, and ripping a large gaping hole in the robot. Atleast that's how Ren imagined it. Ren doesn't have any sort of finger gun abilities, so he was still at square one.

"Guess that obviously didn't work. Atleast it was worth a try. Might work one day" Ren said hoping the finger gun quirk he didn't have would one day work. Ren began thinking more realistically in deciding how to take down the robot. He turned to look for anything since making a robot fall asleep was more than likely not gonna happen. Ren found a dented rod, and a soda can. The soda can seemed useless, but the metal rod could be useful.

He grabbed the metal rod, and decided to try use it. It seemed better than nothing. He attempted to sneak up on the robot, but Ren was no stealth expert. Ren could barely walk down a hallway without tripping over his own feet. He hid behind a trashcan that was closer to the robot, but too far away to attack it. The robot must have heard a noise because it was looking in a different direction from Ren. Was someone over there? Who knows. Ren took the lid of the trashcan and held it like a shield in his left hand. Ren got a lot closer, but the robot detected him before he could sneak attack on it.

The robot thrusted its arm down, to be met with a trashcan lid. Ren was pushed back, and the lid was dented. Ren was however still standing. He thrusted the rod towards its eye, and cracking the eye. Ren also further dented the rod. The robot charged. Ren awkwardly performed a forward roll, and narrowly avoiding getting hit on his body. However the rod was knocked out of his hand. He threw the trashcan lid at the robot to distract the robot so he could turn to grab the rod.

Ren thrusted the rod again at the robot's eye further cracking it. The robot began to charge at Ren once more. Ren threw the spear at its eye, and missed, which caused Ren to become concerned and nearly panic. Ren managed to run towards an alleyway, but the robot gave into chase. It threw a punch and missed, *Smack!*. The robot's arm was stuck in one o the alleyway walls. Ren used this as an opportunity to punch the robot in the face. He punched it again, and again. After the third punch, several wires inside the head were torn, and the robot beaten.

Ren fell on his bottom, and let out a sigh of relief. he looked at the robot, and pondered, "Oh my goodness, that robot was kinda big. I could go for a nice nap, right about now. I'm sure the others... *Yawn* Are doing just fine *yawn* without me. Just a five minute nap and I'll be ready to go" Ren said. He got up. Ren figured he might as well continue and finish the test. Ren didn't mind sleeping on the ground, but a bed was obviously more suitable for sleeping.
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Zuron, more embarrassed than in pain, felt his muscles twitch with anticipation as the robot spun around to charge again. This time, Zuron allowed his quirk to rage through his body. After not using his quirk for some time, it felt like ice running through his veins- though overwhelming, it was a bit refreshing. As the enemy charged Zuron's ability made it easy for him to step out of the robot's aim, he then leapt into the air while twisting his body. Creating a drill-like impact, the velocity of the boy's turn allowed his feet to warp the head of the robot as he landed on top of it. Then Zuron jumped off the robot, which was missing the left side of it's upper half, and sped the opposite direction. The robot, unable to find it's target, turned to pursue a different student when Zuron launched himself, foot first, straight through the metal body of the robot. With a running start, the boy was able to build up the momentum to crash straight through the machine, which fall with a thud and turned off. Panting, Zuron looked down with a smirk. Now that he had a taste of it, there was no way he planned on deactivating his quirk "Alright, bots, let's play.' But, before he could take off a loud siren sound caused him to cover his ears and growl at the sky.
"Dearrrr students! 5 minutes left until the closing of the exam, make your way towards the exit at the other end of the field. If you're not there by the end of 5 minutes, it will result in disqualification." Mr. Zumiti's typical, cheery voice boomed over the open area. Zuron glanced back, with his quirk he could make it to the end in seconds, giving him plenty of time to release some of his pent up energy on the pesky robots. Zuron clicked his tongue, standing almost scarily still for a moment before sighing and taking off towards the exit instead. Along the way, Zuron encountered another robots, going slightly out of his way to take itt on. The robot, a tall dangly looking thing that shot spiked from it's neck, was easily taking down as Zuron kicked out it's legs. Zuron then picked up a small rod, robot scraps he assumed, he launched it with his quirk, giving the rod enough speed for it to lodged itself right through the torso of the robot. Zuron then charged in with a flurry of punches and kicks, a mix of unnecessarily aggressive and equally impressive attacks that end with the bot smashed to a point where parts of it were completely flat. Zuron's knuckles swelled from the repeated impact, which his body was no longer used to, so he made sure to finish quickly. Not only was he aware of the effect this exam would have on his body, but he wanted to be first. He wanted to make sure he was the first to cross the finish line so that he could watch every other person walk in after him, and so that every other person that walked in would have to look at him and acknowledge that whether or not they passed the exam, they didn't win shit.
As he suspected, Zuron located and passed the finishing gate in about 12 seconds. He was the first to cross, met by a smiling Mr. Zumiti. The purple haired principal gave a nod of praise towards his former student before fixing his gaze back on the exit to greet the other finishers. Zuron, upon releasing his quirk, let out an exasperated gasp and coughed several times before standing up straight, "We'll have all of the students get checked out by the nurse after we finish. Just in case." Mr. Zumiti added the last part with a wink, causing Zuron to cringe- this guy's enthusiasm was just too much sometimes.

Kishi watched Kat move in, his own body instinctively weaving between her in a seeming seamless motion, landing him on the other side of the bot as it fell over. "Awesome!" Kishi cheered on his friend while charging in towards the robot before Kat even called his name. At the girl's voice, Kishi looked up, grinning as he snatched her escrima stick out of the air. Kishi launched himself off of the ground, reeling the stick over his shoulder before swinging it down hard on the surface of the bot. With a sickening crunch, both Kat and Kishi's attack's created large craters in the metallic skin of the machine. Kishi then flipped the weapon in his hand, using the head of the stick in order to stab the blunt end into the center of the dent he had made. The pair must've done some sort of internal damage because, despite not breaking through the surface of the robot, it appeared to malfunction as it twitched in place. The boy prepared for a final attack when the loud sirens went off overhead causing him to look up in a confused panic. Mr. Zumiti's voice caused Kishi to let out a breath of relief, he wasn't sure what he expected from the alarm, but he was glad it was nothing more than a warning.
"Dearrrr students! 5 minutes left until the closing of the exam, make your way towards the exit at the other end of the field. If you're not there by the end of 5 minutes, it will result in disqualification." Kishi listened to the announcement before bringing his gaze to meet Kat's. The pair was hardly a few steps from the entrance, it was probably about a 5 minute run for an unconditioned student to the other side assuming they didn't run into any more obstacles. Safe to say, a good percentage of those scattered across the field were not going to make it to the exit. "Race?" Kishi panted out to Kat, a challenge in his eyes and playful smile across his lips. With that, Kishi took off.
The boy was in a full sprint, and while he wasn't the fastest student in exam, it looked pretty impressive to watch him give everything he had in the short sprint. By some miracle, he hadn't run into any robots. Perhaps it was the path he took, following someone strong, he could tell by the scattered robot parts. He didn't mind, of course, it allowed him to finish quickly, even though he slowed down a few paces away from the gate. By the time Kishi finished, there was already a handful of students waiting, much less than there were at the entrance, they still had 2 minutes left. The boy glanced around briefly for Kat as he slowed his feet, stumbling through the gate before collapsing, rather dramatically, and looking up at the sky while he attempted to slow his breathing. Kishi had joined the group laying on their backs and panting, other's sat upright on the floor, and others stood impatiently with their arms crossed. Only a few people dared to make conversation, it was mostly just the sound of heavy breathing and Mr. Zumiti's occasional praise as another student came out the exit.
Haruki's dash slowly turned to a simple jog as he wanted to save some of his energy, that was until he heard something from the speakers. "Dearrrr students! 5 minutes left until the closing of the exam, make your way towards the exit at the other end of the field. If you're not there by the end of 5 minutes, it will result in disqualification." They said, Haruki decided to pick up the pace and not fool around as much as he ran towards the end only to see some students ahead of him go toe to toe with robots, just as he was about to assume he may have to fight some of them, a few robots ran towards Haruki and one of them attempted to punch him, Haruki managed to dodge out of the way and went to deliver a punch with each arm, one towards the robot's face and another towards it's chest, this sent the robot back while the other two attempted to attack with a flanking maneuver. Haruki managed to block both attacks and moved back with a few backflips, his eyes analyzed the area in front of him to make sure there were no other students in the way and suddenly took a deep breath and started to blow, however, the wind that came out of Haruki's mouth was as strong as a powerful hurricane, the robots struggled to remain where they were, but were ultimately blown away.

With the robots out of the picture, Haruki used this opportunity to charge towards the finish line, although any robots that were in his way whether he was their target or engaged with another student, he delivered a few punches and kicks to take them down before he finally crossed the finish line and slowed his pace before he came to a stop. He put his hands on his knees and panted heavily, clearly that blow attack he did took a lot out of him, Haruki wiped some sweat off his forehead before he looked to see who else passed.
~Yu Wu...~

"Don't stop! Don't stop! We're in luck now! Don't stop! There's so much to be found!" Yu sang as he continued down his merry path.

"Dearrrr students! 5 minutes left until the closing of the exam, make your way towards the exit at the other end of the field. If you're not there by the end of 5 minutes, it will result in disqualification."

Yu heard this and began to run faster, and slingshotting himself across rooftops. He jumped off the roof, bounced off a smaller building and slapped the sidewalk on his next bounce. He began running. There was a robot just down the street. It spotted Yu, but Yu would be still heading towards the finish line. He went through a few alleyways to try throw the robot off him.

A few more students had already finished. Yu didn't care about that. He was just happy to have made it before the time ran out. Yu stepped past the finish line and continued running for 10 more ft before slowly coming to a stop. Yu bent his head back, contorting his neck so he could see if any students we're not far behind him. He reverted his neck back. "That was pretty fun actually! I hope we can do that again!" Yu said excitedly.

~Ren Arasaka...~

Ren continued to speed walk. Ren was going to conserve his energy in case he needed it. That and Ren already looked so tired, one might assume he ran through literal hell. Though funny enough, he didn't look much different than he did prior to starting the exam.

Ren walked through an alleyway, and around the corner. Then past a red building and around the corner and past a building with large windows. The through an alleyway and past a red building. Ren ran into a complete circle. It took him two full rotations to figure this out. Ren's face didn't show it, but he truly felt somewhat embarrassed by this.

"Dearrrr students! 5 minutes left until the closing of the exam, make your way towards the exit at the other end of the field. If you're not there by the end of 5 minutes, it will result in disqualification."

Ren took a deep breath, "Okay. Focus. Speed. I am speed" Ren said now set on finishing the exam. For a brief moment, Ren looked like a completely different person. Determined and attentive.

He eventually emerged from around the street corner. As he reached the final Stretch, the determined look on his face was gone, and his carefree blank expression sat on his face as always. A small grin creeped on his face as he approached the finish line. Ren made a full stop after crossing the finish line. Not bothering to run through the finish line. Ren looked down and began feeling his pockets. He always forgot which pocket his phone was in. Ren was hoping to tell his mom about the exam, but decided to tell her later. Ren was confident he'd remember to call her.

For now, Ren would sit down to catch his breath. He leaned back to look up at the sky and wait for the results to be announced. Occasionally glancing over at the students to see if he recognized any.
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Kitsune Kiara

Previously Keen Kitsune
Aurora continued to fly forward, the same determined look on her face. As she tilted her body to do a slight spin, a loud siren rang around the field. Startled, she stiffened mid-flight and kept herself still for a moment before she started to flap her wings again. With quick flaps, she propelled herself back up so she wouldn't fall down onto the hard ground and hostile robots. Five minutes huh, definitely that should be enough time. She closed her eyes for a moment simply relaxing in the flow of the wind around her. When she opened them again, she sped up her flight speed. As she approached the finish line, she kept on at her steady pace. She passed the line and continued to fly forward, a small giggle escaped before she looped back and descended towards the ground. As her feet touched the solid ground, she let out a sigh of relief and relaxed her wings. Besides all the commotion that had been going on mostly underneath her, the exam hadn't been anything she didn't experience before. That being said, she was nervous about the results. Almost out of habit she hummed a soothing melody to herself. With nothing to do but wait she sat down, her eyes wandering aimlessly.
Jumping back to her feet, Kat, took her escrima stick and struck the robot at the same time Kishi did. The mech sparked and sizzled, but stopped moving. A clean takedown. The girl couldn't help but to smile as she stood up.

At the sound of the announcement, Kat locked eyes with Kishi. She returned the playful smile, putting her escrima stick back in its holder.
"You're on." Kat said in response to Kishi's challenge. Kat sprinted with Kishi, managing to keep pace her friend and hurdling a few downed robots in the process. Pausing a moment to throw her escrima stick at a robot that was harassing a student, Kat pushed herself across the finish line just behind Kishi. Breathing heavily, Kat sat next to her friend with a smile.

"Well... It looks like you managed to beat me this time." Kat said. The girl took a look around to see who all had made it to the finish line. There was the tall, amber-eyed boy who Kat had seen create a massive red wheel during the test. He had used his quirk, whatever it was, to create a chair as well. Interesting. Then there was Zuron, of course. A male student with brown hair and a stylish jacket. The winged girl from last year. The student with the bouncy quirk that had whizzed past her earlier. And a rather tired-looking boy with brown hair. But still, the test wasn't over just yet.

Kat turned her attention back to Kishi.
"Well, looks like you won this time!" Kat said to Kishi with a grin. "I guess we were able to finish after all."
Kat laid down next to Kishi.
"How are you feeling?" Kat asked.
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"Dearrrr students! 5 minutes left until the closing of the exam, make your way towards the exit at the other end of the field. If you're not there by the end of 5 minutes, it will result in disqualification."

O-oh no!

Asami had been in a bit of a bind, as a robot managed to get her from behind and had her in what could be best described as a grapple as now panic had began to set in. She needed to escape this vice grip and get moving to the exit before time ran out or she'd flunk out of the school and the prospect of failure once more was one she had not been prepared to accept.

She was not gonna miss the cut, no here...not now!

With a fire rare from the sheepish student she struggled and bit at the "wrist" of the bot as sparks flew, which weakened the grip as her tail swung and slammed into the legs which knocked a few bolts out and left it staggered. Having managed to escape the hug, Asami turned and in a rather short-sighted act of impulse slammed her hardened skull for a headbutt right onto the bot. It managed to crack its metallic cranium and the bot toppled over down and out, though it caused Asami to rub her own head as even with a hard head it was a bit of a self sacrifice maneuver.

"Ow....okay, not the best idea..." Asami said as she rubbed her forehead, but quickly she moved in what could be best described as a panicked sprint. She had taken down a couple bots between the one she first took out and the one who grabbed her, but this was less about getting the high score and more about her bad luck of somehow always bumping into one, as she made an active effort to avoid confrontation on her final sprint as she worked to weave and avoid the bots best she could.

With the end of the field in sight, and time ticking down, Asami was not one if not paranoid and decided to leap for the distance as she crossed to the end of the field with a tumble and rolled with the other competitors who crossed the finished. She made it! But now Asami had to hope she had done enough beyond it to make the cut...
After a slow and steady run to the next event, Marik wondered the battlefield with glee. The young hero-to-be was excited to see some variation in these robots. The American droids were built kinda soft, to save on costs.
These bot, however? A lot sturdier than your average American exam bot.

“So over in America, they have a harder obstacle course, to compensate for weaker robots...now I get it.”

Battles began flaring up all around the young man, as students started to ravage any robots in sight.
The Irish-American’s eyebrow twitched in annoyance. People would undoubtably be selfish and cruel to make the cut. Because of this, Marik believed his best bet would be to head out into the less populated zones of the city.

“Here goes nothing...”

With a pained grunt, Marik activated his quirk. The bones in either of his forearms contorted and bent, before finally fusing together into one, large bone respectively.
The mobility in Marik’s wrists was now severely hindered...but that wasn’t much of a problem for his plan.
The now thickened bone extended and sharpened, slowly protruding from the center of his palms in the form of sharp, white spears, roughly two feet in length.

“Phew. Not bad.”

With that, Marik began scaling the buildings nearby, using his Bone Spears like an ice pick to shimmy his way up the side.
Upon reaching a high enough vantage point, Marik quickly retracted his bones, and set up camp on the ledge of the building with the largest field of view.
Now, it was a waiting game...


Every once in awhile, a robot could be seen making its patrols through the city...only for a small, bullet-like, blur to whiz by, tearing a perfect hole through the robots tough, metallic skull. The source of these ‘bullets’? Marik.
He sat along the edge of the roof with his hand pointed outward like a pretend gun. Whenever he saw a robot pass by, he would line up his aim, take a deep breath, and then flex his thumb.


Surprisingly, the young man’s imaginary gun fired an actual projectile. He achieved this by sharpening and hardening the tip of his finger bone, before sending it launching away from him with the highest acceleration he could achieve.

Using this little finger-sniping strategy has worked in the boys favor tremendously, allowing him to rack up a serious load of kills over the course of the exam.
Not only that, but his high vantage point had allowed him to swipe a few kills away from contestants still down on the ground. All in all, the exam was going smoothly.

Suddenly, a booming voice bellowed throughout the exam grounds, signifying the students only had five minutes left to return back to the entrance, or they fail.

“Well...hadn’t planned for that. Oh well!”

With a small shrug, Marik waited for his finger bone to return, catching it out of the air once it had done so.
Now, back in one piece, the young transfer student considered his options. If anytime were a chance to show off...why not now?

And with that- Marik leapt off the roof.

Rather than take his chances with gravity, though, the examinee produced a Bone Spear from his right palm.
With a grunt, he pierced it through the building next to him, causing his descent to earth to slow drastically. In his opinion, this move always looked pretty impressive.
Asami had naturally been relieved she made it across, though as she waited to hear whether she passed or not she pulled one of her bottles of water and worked to down a shot and make sure her gills had been properly moist as she found a place to sit hoodie raised and all and scanned the field. There were some faces she seemed to recognize, others she had not but that was expected as regardless of what happened next if she were to pass and be accepted by what she guessed would be her future classmates. Asami took a sip of her water as she began to think over what to do while she passed the time, her tailed rocked side to side as thankfully this area she found had space for it. Perhaps Asami should consider some journal writing? She was never the best speaker by any means but she always had a lot on her mind, maybe a journal would help her to put her thoughts to words and express them to better learn how to work through them?

Asami sighed, she really had too much on the mind...she just focused on the people entering the area and had kept a silent watch.
Marik landed flat on his feet rather hard, sending shooting tingles through his feet and up his legs. It hurt, of course, but not enough to acknowledge- Marik was busy.

“Jeez! The real competition is finding a way to squeeze through the finish line...”

The fiery-haired American groaned, taking note of the overcrowded exit ahead of him. He’d have no just...he had to help them budge.
With a series of shoves and shouts, the shoulder-to-shoulder crowd of contestants exploded through the gateway.

“Ah! Watch it! You savages!”

Marik barely managed to scramble through the crowd, clawing his way out as if his life depended on it. Hell- with how eager some of the contestants were, it very well may have.
As he stumbled to a stop, he quickly took a moment to look around at those who had made it before the big crowd. Lots of obviously...gifted individuals were already through, many also appeared completely unremarkable, but one...one stood out instantly.

“Is that...?”

Marik recalled a girl he had met at the American entrance exams last year. A nervous girl, who he started to form a friendship with over their short time during the exams.
What she was doing here, he had no idea- but he certainly wasn’t gonna wait to find out!

“...hello. You’re Asami, right...?”

Though, he couldn’t hide the giant smile on his face, Marik approached slowly, not wanting to startle the rather secluded girl.
Asami had been in the middle of drinking her water when she heard a voice speak to her, a somewhat familiar voice which itself was enough to make her turn to the source. After all, Asami had not been familiar with many people due to her own admittedly shy nature so to be familiar with someone's voice and as she turned her own eyes widened as she nearly chocked on her water.

Was that? No it couldn't be....but, there was no way, right?


Indeed, as impossible as it seemed, the fellow American first-year who she had met and formed a kinship over their shared struggles with had now appeared before her much to the shark girl's disbelief. She moved to get off the bench as she kept in her hoodie but peeled it back a bit as she tried to give him a look over and she seemed to confirm that it was him.