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Private/Closed Bootleg Bros: Melee Discussion

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Alright. I will start off the voting.


It’s been a brief fight with two powerhouse characters, making this a challenge to even start judging. Joker however picked his home turf, and is able to attack Metal at long ranges even when metal Flies, which usually is what metal does to evade enemies.

Not only this, but Metal’s melee attacks will be easier to block, as when NiGHTS fought Joker, melee attacks proved greatly ineffective unless he were distracted. Even if he was distracted, Joker could reflect the damage.

Metal has long range, sure. But Joker has that as well as the ability to freeze him at range too. So I have to give it to joker.

Metal may be able to fly, but Joker has too many tools to be able to combat metal's advantages. Although not much has been able to go on, i can see joker getting the upper hand, as Arsene will be able to help joker in combat.

And Joker's close combat surpasses Metal's, but he also can fare well in long range.

Joker overall has the advantage in my opinion, as well as getting Metal into an area that he can't battle to the fullest in.
plus joker has a gun


Previously Manu456Alola
This is a tough one, but...


Arsene really gives Joker a multitude of options to attack Metal Sonic, speedy as he may be. If he can get a Nocturnal Flash on Metal it would render its mobility useless unless he wants to risk running into a wall. Joker knowing the general area has a slight advantage and can find ways to move around efficiently.

His long range options aren't too bad, gun deals decent damage although dampened by Metal's... metal. Eigaon help too and can deal damage over time if need be. The ability to heal some damage gives him better survivability as well. Should Metal ever get close, a combination of his dagger and several of Arsene's Skills (most notably Myriad Slashes, Cleave and Bufudyne) can deal great damage if used right.

As much as I wanted GV to beat Metal up, I have to be honest and say Joker takes the win here.


Previously Kid_Nukas
Alright, I know the vote has already passed, but I said I would vote, and god damn it, it is my right as an American citizen to vote.


Alright, I know everyone knew who I was going to vote for, but I still have my reasons. Right off the bat Attorney was able to put Captain at a disadvantage by making them go inside the castle. The castle is a building, and it's a lot harder to fly at very high speeds inside a building. Granted, it is a large castle, but Joker can take the fight to narrower places which puts Metal at even more of a disadvantage. Arsene also is a huge boon to Joker. Metal has a good moveset and it would end up being pretty close if they were to fully duke it out, but I think Joker just has too much going for him. I think some of his moves wouldn't have too much effect on Metal, but his wide arsenal gives him plenty to work with.