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Private/Closed Bootleg Bros: Melee

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
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Join the Bootleg Smash Bros - Discord Discord Server!

Dear Contestant....

You are hearby invited to the most ambitious gathering that has ever been hosted! The S̶m̶a̶s̶h̶ Bootleg Bros tournament! You, our skilled fighter, will battle through the a fierce foes, making your way to the top to claim the grand prize: One wish of your choice! You heard it! Anything you want right at your finger tips! Any desire, light or dark, who cares! Anything in your wildest dreams! All you have to do is win, think you have what it takes? Touch the gold coin attached to this letter to take your place amongst the chosen!

—Signed with anticipation,
Master Hand



Masaru Daimon stood in the middle of a battered street, clad in his white tee and shorts. His headphones were snug around his head, cradled in his red hair. He crossed his arms, looking as an adult was blocked in to an alley, shuttering with wide eyes.

“D-Don’t! Please!”

“Look at that, your not even putting up a fight! You’d think that demons like you would be more of a challenge...”

That’s when thunderous footsteps were heard behind him. A large mech came from behind, piloted by the child with his catoonishly sized controller. The mech was white and golden, with two large large drills as arms, standing ready to attack.

“Hero bot Mark Guyver!” Masaru commanded. “Get rid of ‘em!”

The drill on the bot revved up, attacking the screaming man as purple colored blood began to run down the street, the cheering of onlooking kids watching as he slayed the ‘demon’. Wiping his brow, he looked back, a piece of paper catching his eye, caught in his rivits.

“Eh? What’s this?”

Snagging the letter, he opened it up, reading the contents of it. He gave a laugh out loud, like this was some kind of bad fanfiction a kid made or something. That is, until the coin fell out of the message, which Masaru quickly grabbed so it didn’t hit the ground.

“Ha! Gotcha little coin. Not getting away that easy.”

That’s when suddenly, a rift opened in front of the kid, a powerful vacuum pulling him toward it. Caught off guard, he stumbled back, tripping to the ground. After he tripped, he was quickly dragged inside the drift, the gate closing behind him.




NiGHTS flew above a colorful landscape, gliding across trees made of strawberries, luscious paires sparkling with moondust, and even swirled by a glistening sea. They were having fun cruising along, not a responsibility in sight.

They entered a cave that was just off the side of the ocean, the walls and rocks made of mirrors, reflecting their face across them. Taking their time, NiGHTS stopped at one of the mirrors, sticking their tounge out at it and making a funny face. Giggling, they were about to move one when they noticed something inside the mirror next to their reflection. A small envelope with their name printed on the front...they even got the ‘i’ right!

“Oh? What a surprise!”

Smiling and reaching into the mirror, they pulled the letter out of the rippling surface and opened it up. Their face lit up when they read about it. They folded up the envelope and looked at the coin.

“A challenge huh? I’ve never been one to back down from anything. I’ll take this challenge, as long as it’s all in good fun!”

Excited, she grabbed the coin, freely expecting the rift to open up. The purple jester flew inside, leaving a trail of glitter in their path.


“Interesting...this paper is not of this world.”

Specter stood in a laboratory of his, examine the invite paper all opened up. He had found it extremely suspicious, and this did what any self respecting scientist would do: investigate. The cultured simian sat atop his floating throne, stroking his chin.

“The coin gives off strange readings, as if it really does have a connection with spatial distortions. Have to study this material...could be the key to understanding dimensional travel as we known it-“


A kid burst through the doorway, donning blue hair and what seemed like a lightsaber. The boy looked at the coin that was magnified on the screen, it’s makeup under intense study.

“So that’s the anomaly the professor was talking about! You better hand it over Specter, or you'll be sorry!”

“Greetings Kei, make yourself at home, I just redecorated.” The Cultured villain offered sarcastically. “As you can see, I have no intention to give this up, so you can just stay right where you are.”

“Like that’s gonna happen! I’m tired of your schemes!”

The boy took out a device, which appeared to be a magnet built into a gun. He shot the gun, a purple beam hitting the coin and magnetizing it toward him and off the study table. Hitting the magnet, the coin began to rumble.

“What have you done?!” Specter chastised him.

It was too late, the unsuspecting boy was suddenly in the epicenter of a portal that opened up on his location. Specter slammed a fist into the arm rest of his chair.

“You are not getting away with the sample! Set base on lockdown protocol! I’m going after him...!”

Specter quickly flew in pursuit of the boy, not willing to let him go with his possession. And just like that, they were whisked away from their dimension, going who knows where...
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Previously Deathstalker62
Somewhere in the seas of the Olathe..
Brad was sailing across the sea over to Rando Land on the dead body of Tardy, silent as usual. However, he noticed something moving in the waters infront of him. He picked it up, and examined. It seemed to be some kind of letter, that is strangely dry for floating on the ocean surface. Brad opened the letter and read about its contents, about the tournament and the grand prize. This tournament.. the prize.. it could bring Buddy back! Or even better, kill off everyone who would want a piece of her! Though, he would have to abandon Buddy currently.. which wasn't in his favour. Well, if anything happened to Buddy, he could probably wish her back... right?

Brad took out the coin inside the letter as soon as he reached Rando Land and flicked it onto the ground. A rift had opened up where it landed, and Brad entered the portal. This would be nothing to him. It would mean nothing. He's fought worse before, how hard can this be? Besides.. if it's for Buddy, Brad is willing to do anything.

And so the Courier, who had cheated death in the cemetery outside Goodsprings, cheated death once again, and the Mojave Wasteland was forever changed.

The Courier, with the aid of Yes Man, drove both the Legion and the NCR from Hoover Dam, securing New Vegas' independence from both factions. With Mr. House out of the picture, part of the Securitron army was diverted to The Strip to keep order. Any chaos on the streets was ended, quickly. Chaos became uncertainty, then acceptance, with minimal loss of life. New Vegas assumed its position as an independent power in the Mojave.

Supporting the ideals of independence, the Courier was recognized as the man responsible for a truly free New Vegas. He ensured Mr. House's tyranny was broken and neither Caesar's Legion nor NCR would ever gain control over New Vegas.

* One loooong explanation of all the Courier's good deeds later.. *

And so the Courier's road came to an end... for now. In the new world of the Mojave Wasteland, fighting continued, blood was spilled, and many lived and died - just as they had in the Old World. Because war... war never changes.

Then, one day, there rose an opportunity to fix what has been wronged. The Courier had been given a chance, to participate in a grand tournament and win a prize.. a wish, for anything he desired. Leaving behind all that he had been working up for the past months, the Courier stepped within the rift accompanying the invitation, leaving his companions, allies and friends to work on helping out the Mojave in his place.


Dracula's Castle; The Dark Chapel

Dmitrii laughed in an evil, sadistic laughter, as he slaughtered every single monster that resided within the Dark Chapel. So many powers to copy, and yet so little time to test them out! It was sad, but he did have to not waste any further time. Who knows, Soma could be here any minute, and Dmitrii's plans would be ruined! As he got to the room where he should have found a Malachi, there was instead but a tiny imp cackling to himself, holding a strange envelope. Dmitrii, having no current ability copied for ranged attacks, instead had pulled out a simple silver gun and shot the Imp dead. As the Imp burned up into blue fire, the envelope it had been holding was dropped, Dmitrii catching it with the other hand. He had put his firearm away again and looked through the envelopes contents. A tournament, with a wish for a prize? Easy pickings, and far better than Celia's plan. This requires just fighting a bunch of lowlifes to gain a power even beyond Dracula's! Dmitrii picked the coin out of the envelope and threw it to the ground, walking into the rift as soon as it appeared.


In the wonderful lands of Terraria:

The Terrarian was a simple man. After defeating the Moon Lord, he lived a life of peace, removing all his equipment and instead opting for a life of fishing and partying. While fighting was certainly fun, nothing just seemed to be a challenge anymore! That was, until one day..

The Terrarian was sitting by the pier leading out to the left ocean, just outside the Stylist's Barbershop. He noticed a strange envelope laying on the crate next to the Palm Chair the Terrarian had been sitting on and waiting for fish to pick up on his bait. The Terrarian pulled his fishing line out of the water and put the rod away before inspecting the letter. Expressing himself with a text bubble with an animated exclamation mark, then with an animated happy face, the Terrarian was excited for what this letter proposed him. A giant tournament, AND a wish at the end of it? He could finally wish the cultists away, and ACTUALLY settle peace in his world! Excited, the Terrarian took out the included coin and threw it on the ground. He held a Potion of Return at the ready, however. He was going into the portal to see what it was like, but then use the potion to go back to his home and leave a wormhole behind just so he could get his stuff first and get ready. After all, what fight is a fair fight when you don't have anything to defend yourself with?

And so, the Terrarian entered the rift, with nothing but a mere set of angler armour, a golden fishing rod, a potion of return and some master bait, excited for what's to come.


Wars World, Black Hole's Main HQ
Sturm was pounding his fist on the desk, furious that the enemy troops were STILL advancing, despite Sturm being merciless with his orders. Were his commanders really so awful that taking out the enemy nations?! No matter. Sturm wants the other nations to be taken out, even if it costs the lives of his commanders and innocents. Especially innocents. He was about to stand up and exit the room, when one of his soldiers came into the room through the elevator. The soldier, shaking with fear, held an envelope to the towering alien dictator. Sturm ripped the envelope from the downright terrified soldier's grasp, who was more than eager to go back into the elevator and escape Sturm's Wrath. Without a second thought, Sturm ripped the envelope open and read the letter contained within. A fighting tournament, and a wish for a prize? Why, this was more than enough to give him the ability to not just conquer Wars World, but entire other worlds, too! Sturm took the coin contained inside the letter, and marched with loud, menacing stomps into the rift opened by the coin.
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Previously Manu456Alola
"I'm hooome!"

Gunvolt had just arrived at Quinn's house after he had finished up with his last mission. Though it seemed no one else was at home, something that certainly didn't happen too often. He was generally the last one to get there, seeing as missions took a lot of time out of his day. "Well, guess I'm gonna be the only one here for a while..." The blond haired boy muttered as he walked over to the living room, where a letter with his name on it sat on a table.

"GV, were you expecting a letter from anyone?" Joule's voice echoed in his mind, the deceased Adept curious as to who would've sent it.

"Not at all. Wonder what it's about? It's got my name on it and everything..." Gunvolt replied as he opened the letter and read through it quickly. A tournament, huh? He thought, glancing at the coin attached to the letter.

"Wow, whoever wins will get a wish granted to them? That's great! You should enter, GV! You're really strong!" Joule spoke again, clearly excited about the whole thing.

Gunvolt thought about it for a few moments, wondering if he'd truly have a chance at victory. He wanted humans and Adepts to coexist in peace, and if he could achieve that goal, no one on either side would have to fight any longer. "Well, it's worth a shot." He decided as he tapped the coin, a portal appearing in front of him, which he walked into with determination.


Link drove the Master Sword through the last Bokoblin in a group of monsters that tried to attack him. Even though there was strength in numbers, they were no match for his swordsmanship. A white letter gently fell in front of him, seemingly carried by the wind. Curious about its contents, he wasted no time in opening it up and read through it carefully. He'd be granted a wish if he won the tournament, perhaps he could wish Calamity Ganon away? Wondering if such a feat would be possible, he grabbed the coin attached to the letter, a portal appearing in front of him. Link stood surprised at its sudden appearance, though quickly grabbed a few spare arrows that were on the ground and walked into it ready to fight whoever he had to and win the tournament.
Jeez, this took a minute.

[Eggman And Metal Sonic]

Eggman was overseeing the creation of his latest army of Badniks. Metal Sonic was standing next to him. They were in a room in section F of Eggman’s lair. There was an array of controls in front of them, each button, switch, and lever having it’s own important function. The room they were in was a small one, about as big as the average child’s bedroom. There were black walls, but they looked more dark blue because of the bright light coming from the room in front of them, which they could see through a glass wall. The room was a very large factory room, with a bunch of machinery creating the army of....machinery. Eggman laughed maniacally, but aforementioned laugh soon turned into a series of coughs. Metal Sonic rolled his eyes and slapped him on the back. “Ahem! Thank you, Metal. Now, my new army of badniks will surely destroy that stupid blue pineapple!” Metal Sonic looked at him in a “That’s what you said last time” way. Orbot and Cubot suddenly rushed into the room. “Sir, it seems you have received a formal invitation to an event of sorts.” Orbot said. “Yeah, and you got mail too!” Cubot said, oblivious to the fact that that meant the same thing. “What?” Eggman said, and took the mail out of Orbot’s hand. Eggman quickly read the note. “Sounds interesting. Yes... I could use the wish to destroy that blue pincushion and his stupid plush toys for friends!” Cubot also handed Metal Sonic an invitation. Metal looked at the note, and titled his head to the left, considering it. Eggman pressed a button, and his Eggmobile rose out of a panel on the ground. He then touched the gold coin attached to the letter. “Away I go!” He yelled, and quickly flew into the rift that opened. Metal Sonic touched his coin too, although it was just a formality as there was already a rift open, and he flew in too. The rift then closed. “Well, looks like we must take care of the lair while they’re gone. What’s on the chores list Cubot?” Orbot asked. “We have to stabilize the nuclear energy of the boss’s flower garden, and water the lair’s energy core!“ Cubot said. “I think you read it backwards.” Orbot said.



Junkrat and Roadhog were at their home. Roadhog was sitting on the metal couch, watching TV. Junkrat was tinkering with his frag launcher. A note then slipped through the crack of their door. Junkrat picked it up. “Oi Roadhog! We got mail! We NEVER get mail!” He said excitedly. “I wonder why we don’t...” Roadhog said sarcastically. Junkrat opened it. “Oh crap, I’m bad at reading.” He said. Roadhog rolled his eyes, although He had a mask on, so Junkrat couldn’t tell. “Seriously? You’re smart enough to build lethal bombs and weapons, and an explosive tire that drives itself, out of TRASH, but you can’t read?!” He exclaimed. “Nope.” Junkrat said. “Ugh, give me the letter.” Roadhog said. Junkrat tossed it up to Roadhog. Roadhog read it aloud. “looks like it’s only for you.” He said. “Less work for me. You better win.” He told Junkrat. “Don’t sweat it mate! I’ll win this thing no problem!” Junkrat said. “Looks like you need this.” Roadhog said, then tossed him the gold coin. Junkrat caught it, and the rift opened. “Hooley dooley, that’s something you don’t see everyday! Well, I’m off! See ya Roadie.” He said. Roadhog simply waved, and Junkrat walked in, and the rift closed.



Reaper was in a violent shootout between a few rouge Talon agents. He turned into black smoke, then materialized in front of one, and shot him in the head, then turned into smoke again. The remaining 10 hid behind a wall. “I think we’re okay.” One said. Reaper then materialized behind them. “Die.” He said, then gunshots were heard, followed by screaming. Reaper walked out of the room, and threw his two shotguns on the floor, as the clips were empty, and pulled two new ones out of his cloak. (He actually does this, xD)
A note then materialized out of thin air. “What the...” He said, and picked up the note before it hit the ground. He read it. “Hm.. I could use this wish of sorts to kill all the Overwatch agents. Yes...yes...yes!!!” he touched the gold coin, and the rift appeared. “Time to kill everyone!” He said in a casual voice, and walked in.

[Sonic The Hedgehog]

Sonic had just finished battling an Eggman Robot. He rubbed his finger under his nose. "Well, that wasn't so hard." He then dashed from the city to the beach in about a second, maybe less. He chilled a safe distance away from the water. A note then washed up onto shore. It wasn't wet somehow. (I'm guessing that the notes are magic.) Sonic raised an "Eyebrow". (You know what Sonic's eyes look like, and how they're animated, so imagine that.) He quickly went close to the water, grabbed the note, then dashed back. He opened it. "Ah, so it's basically Super Smash Bros. Ha, I must be so great I got invited to one. Yep, I'm the best. Let's hope everyone can take care of this place while I'm away." He charged up a figure-8 peel out. "I'm...gone!" He quickly touched the coin and dashed into the portal.

(Notify me if I made any mistakes.)
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Previously Shadow_Pup
Seamus Cowden was on vacation, he had finished up the tournament of champions or whatever it was called, he couldn't remember exactly. His team had one and earned a decent vacation. He sat back in an arm chair in his family home in Scotland, he was watching the rugby, TV remote in one hand, pint in the other when a letter came through the door. He put down the remote and beer and walked over to the letter. He picked it up and opened it, "hmm, another tournament, aye, well could be fun" he said, not sure what he would wish for but he changed into his gear and picked up his weapons and his hammer and touched the coin, creating a portal "holy shite, well it's now or never" he said as he stepped through and the portal closed.

Jack Joyce
Jack was breathing heavily as he stepped away from Paul's body and started to walk towards the countermeasure, he had to fix the fracture in time before time ended forever. He stopped when he noticed a letter on the ground addressed to him, he picked it up and read it. A tournament with a wish as it's reward, this was perfect, he could do this wish for Beth back and then return and fix the fracture as he would need his Cronon abilities for a little longer. He touched the coin and stepped through the portal.

The Executioner
He knew one of the sacrifices was nearby he could hear them as they tried to fix a generator. He stalked towards them and slammed his sword into the ground before pulling it out hard sending a wave of jagged metal from the ground towards his victim, he heard the scream and walked over picking the girl up and trudging over to the nearest hook, he then dropped her onto it and reveled innher scream as the Entity was summoned and her life was claimed. He made his way to the exit to prepare for the next load of sacrifices to arrive when he spotted a letter, an invite to a tournament, he assumed his new master would be fine with this and touched the coin, before stepping through the portal dragging his sword behind him.


Previously mallard
Olberic woke up from the same dream as always. Immediately, he recalled that it was mail day. He slowly sat upright, swinging his legs over the side of the bed. He stood, and made his way outside. On his doorstep was a singular letter. He grabbed the peculiar-looking letter and took it inside. Olberic opened and read the letter, then wrote his own letter, in which he explained he would be out to a "sporting event" in which they would fight. He grabbed the letter once more as he started to head to the door, when he touched coin that opened up a portal. He resisted the suction of the gateway for a few seconds, before cautiously walking into it.

Psyduck crawled out of his pond, only to be startled by a human running past, making it fall backwards into the pond. When it repeated it's exit from the watery home, there was a letter. It looked in the direction that the trainer rushed off in, wondering if she dropped it. The Psyduck picked up the letter and started to gnaw on it, and was able to rip it open. This action, however, caused a coin to get stuck in it's throat, opening up a portal. The portal's pull caused the preoccupied duck to tumble in.

Tabby was in space, riding on his ship. He was on his way back from destroying Lemonkus when a letter smacked into his face. He opened up the letter and saw a coin inside. He decided to inspect the coin first, and upon touching it, he flew directly into the portal (because of his speed traveling through space).
As Johnny Cage made his way from his dressing room he was ready for an interview when out of nowhere *SMACK!*, Johnny was completely caught off guard as his daughter Cassie nut punched him as he walked around the corner. Johnny quickly dropped to the ground, "ha! I told you I'd get you old man! Mom owes me twenty bucks!" Cassie said. Johnny lied there just lifting his head up, "uuurgh... just... wait till I... get up!" Johnny said. As he finally able to get up he combed his hair as he was still needed to get to his interview, and look good, "thank goodness! Atleast you guys aren't broken..." Johnny said putting his sunglasses on, "My other boys seem just fine too" Johnny said as he headed outside towards his helicopter. As he arrived at the site where the interview was held he jumped down making a dramatic entrance. The crowd of people watching loved seeing their favorite hero make amazing entrances. As the interview went on eventually some talk of a otherworldly occurrence. As Johnny finally got up to see what was going on he saw a portal which as he approached he touched it just before going through, "Woah... talk about deja vu... I have a bad feeling Shao Khan may be involved in this..." Johnny said as he looked around. As Johnny continued to look around he facepalmed himself, "This definitely feels like Deja Vu... I could have sworn something like this happened before" Johnny said.


As Sly Cooper saved the day again he was met with Carmelita was there ,but she promised to give him a ten second head start again. With that he made a repeat of the last time she did by giving her a kiss. However this time instead of putting the handcuff on her wrist it was around her ankle which caught her off guard yet again. Giving Sly plenty of time to run to the van. Murray sat in the drivers seat ready to smash down the gas peddle, and Bentley was in the back opening the door for Sly to hop in and make their escape. Carmelita had a spare key and was gaining on them. Sly Cooper. They eventually managed to give her the slip. As they arrived at their hideout Sly saw an unexplainable line floating out midair. Something only Sly Cooper could see. He followed it around behind the building which lead to a portal of all things. Sly was a little hesitant ,but ran and jumped inside the portal. He looked around confused as to what he was looking at, "What the heck is going on here?" Sly said. He began sneaking off to try find some secret treasure or something Sly needed to evaluate the place further before making any drastic plans. He knew nothing about the place or who owned it. Sly then sat down and patiently awaited what was to come.


Previously Gamingfan2
Kirby opened his mailbox and peered inside. Curiously, there was an official looking letter there, it's bright coloration standing out from the usual dirty death threats Dedede sends him.
The star warrior opened the letter, skimmed through it, and smiled brightly. A competition, for a wish! If he won, he could wish for everyone to be happy!
He took the gold coin in the letter and was soon sucked into the portal.

Mashadow repeatedly punched a forest tree for his training. Suddenly, his clenched hand was holding a letter. Curious, and a little nervous, Marshadow opened the letter and read it.
Curious. This competition would be a good way for him to get stronger, and he'll be able to wish himself even stronger if he won!
Now excited, the mythical pokemon took the coin, and into the portal he went.

Peach giggled as he read the letter. A competition, and she was invited. Now she can show that she isn't just a damsel in distress. She put the letter down, and sped to her room to get her weapons.
Soon after, Rabbid Peach walked past, paused, and looked at the paper blanky. She couldn't read, but the letter was addressed to Peach, so it was obviously for her. Her blank face immediately brightened when she saw the letter also contained something sparkly. MONEY! She snatched it, and yelled her signature "BWAAAAH!" as she was taken through the portal.

After heavy straining with Orpher, Ori was resting on the top of his home. His snoozing was interrupted by a paper than landed on his face. The light spirit opened it, and was surprised to see something bright and gold in it. Spirit light? Ori tentatively took it, and was taken through the portal.
Another sunny day at ...
Corvo Bianco, Toussaint

Geralt awoke late in the day, lying comfortably on the double bed within his luxurious home. He still hadn't gotten used to it ... a life of relaxation and rest. The Witcher was much more accustom to camping out under the stars, walking for miles on end through bog and undergrowth to risk his life facing a wicked monster. Now he didn't need to do all of that, his life as a Witcher had turned more into a want than a need, a hobby rather than a job. Part of him was alright with that. For his entire life he'd been fighting, teetering on the brink of death and coming face to face with it almost daily. He'd almost lost his life too many times to count and now, at least for the foreseeable future, there was no conflict or great evil threatening him or the people he cared about. Geralt could finally relax ... but a part of him didn't want too.

He arose from his bed, getting dressed into a simple pair of trousers and a cloth shirt. Something was cooking. Not only could he smell it but he could hear the muffled fire of the stove with his heightened hearing. Geralt was hungry and he opened the door into the main area of the house only to be greeted by his majordomo. "BB?" The Majordomo's full name was lengthy and tedious, so Geralt often shortened it down to two simple letters. "My apologies for the abrupt addressing sir but a rather interesting letter has came into your possession" Barnabas-Basil Foulty stepped to the side, gesturing to the envelope laying on the table. "Have you opened it?" "I wouldn't dare, I respect your privacy and the mail is addressed directly to you" Geralt moved towards the table slowly, a frown coming across his face as his medallion began to gently flicker. "How's it so interesting then?" He touched it, lifting it up and glancing down to his medallion which was now shaking. "Well, rather than a messenger delivering it, the letter simply appeared on the table" Geralt looked to BB and then back to the letter. "Hm, magic. Speaking of magic, where's Yennefer?" He made conversation with BB was he opened the letter and began to read through it. "Out sir, I believe she's in the cellars practising her craft, shall I inform her of your letter?"

"No" The Witcher had read through the letter and was intrigued. It was less so the prize that interested him but more so the tournament. He'd dealt in wishes before and after portals, they were his most disliked thing. The idea excited him somewhat and he decided that he didn't have too much to loose by participating in the tournament. Geralt didn't press the coin straight away, a good Witcher prepared for anything and everything. He made sure to brew potions, sharpen and oil his swords and carefully pick between his armours before deciding he was ready to leave. Once the White wolf was ready he moved outside and pressed the coin, grimacing as a portal opened up before him. " ... I hate portals" With a grumble he walked through.

The ninja mediated on ...
The cliff sides of Watch point Gibraltar

The light of the rising sun reflected off parts of Genji's metallic body, the cyborg facing eastwards as dawn continued. Whilst the rest of the newly formed Overwatch was asleep he had awoken early to meditate and train in the growing light of the morning. He first worked on clearing his mind, easing it so he could better focus and control his body. The last couple of weeks had been hectic with the reformation of Overwatch and the attack in Rio de Janeiro. He knew there would be more to come but he felt at ease with that. Once again he'd be helping the world turn into a better place, this time without the burden of doubt, anger, hatred and revenge.

He took a deep breath of the fresh salty air, listening to the waves crash against the cliff side far below. Genji felt a disturbance just above him and something begin to slowly cascade from that. The ninja drew his short sword, swiping it in front of him and bringing it to a suddenly halt. Genji opened his eyes, looking to the letter that rested on the flat of his blade. "Hmm" He rose to his feet, sheathing his sword and reading through the letter with interest. A wish, a tournament? Genji scoffed. It didn't sound all to believable ... but what if it was. After a moments hesitation he tapped on the gold button, hopping back in shock as a portal opened up before him. It was impossible, how could something like that even happen!? His mind was searching for an answer though, it was stuck on the possibility of a wish. One wish if he won ...

Genji chucked the letter to the side and checked he had all his weapons on him. He picked up his visor, attaching it over his face as he stared down the portal through a green glow. The ninja took the chance, running towards the portal and then jumping through it into the unknown.

An S-161 Stinger Star ship lay dormant on the planet of ...
Bogano, Outer rim territories

Cal ducked underneath the swinging slimy tongue of a large frog like alien, the droid on his back letting out a terrified 'Woo!' as the attack sailed over there head. Before the creature could retract the tongue into it's mouth Cal reached out with the force, grabbing the tongue and pulling it towards his lightsaber. The blade of energy met no resistance, easily slicing through the long mass of muscle. Oggdo Bogdo, the primitive alien in question recoiled in pain, it's huge jaw agape as it let out a strange croaking roar. "C'mon!" The young Jedi began to run towards his adversary, leaping into the air when he was close enough and igniting the other end of his lightsaber. He sailed over the green creature as his blue doubled bladed lightsaber sliced through the body of it. His landing had a bit of a stumble but Cal was victorious, BD-1 letting out a series of happy chirps over the Jedi's victory.

"That wasn't too difficult" He was a bit out of breath, taking a moment to stand still and relax whilst BD scanned the corpse of the large Oggdo. That was when he felt it, a disturbance in the force, ever so mild but noticeable. He looked up to see something in the air, fluttering down towards him. With the help of the force he pulled it towards himself, catching it in his hands and then frowning. "A letter?" It was a less advanced form of communication, something Cal was not expecting to see less alone receive. He opened it up, reading through the contents of the letter and then looking to BD. "What do you think? Should we go for it?" A wish as a prize. There was a lot of things he could wish for, all to bring order back to the galaxy. His droid agreed, beeping and nodding it's head in response. "Alright then, let's go" Cal pressed down on the coin, looking to the portal that opened before him and walking through.

The Alright Attorney

Previously AlrightAttorney
[Garreg Mach, The Soldiers Academy]

As the sun set on another day at Garreg Mach Dimitri had left the training grounds for his room. As always, the first thing the young prince did was read the letters that had been delivered to him. A few letters from Farghus asking him how life at school was going, nothing out of the ordinary...Except for the last one. The letter was unnaturally clean, as if it wasn't ever touched before. Of course Dimitri opened it up to read it's contents. "A tournament? Wishes granted? Claude's pranks really have gotten pretty lackluster..." Dimitri chuckled to himself, turning around to go speak with his fellow student. Instead, he was greeted by a large glowing portal.

Dimitri's eyes stared wide open at the portal, realizing maybe all that was written on that letter was not a mere prank. If it was true, he could get any wish granted? He thought about Duscur, the strange incidents happening at the school, and that mysterious flame emperor that has been appearing. Perhaps if he won this tournament he could learn the truth behind it all. With that thought in mind, Dimitri grabbed hold of his lance and stepped through.


Akira Kurusu was exporing the deep undergrounds of Mementos, 'The People's Palace', in order to do some training. He knew that the next fight coming up would be his biggest, so he wanted to get some last minute training in, even if that meant going into Mementos alone.

So he entered the MetaNav, found himself dressed in his Phantom Thief attire, exploring Mementos not as high schooler Akira Kurusu, but as leader of The Phantom Thieves, Joker. After a while of exploring the floors and completing some requests from the Phansite, Joker found rest floor, relaxing as he sat down. "Finally, some me time...I should head back soon before the others realize where I am."

Before he could get up though, he had noticed a letter sitting on a chair across from him. Having never seen anything like this in Mementos before he opened it up. "Tournament? Seriously?" Joker muttered out, before glancing to the side, seeing a portal. "I guess a little extra training never hurt." He smirked to himself, quickly leaping into the portal.
"Ship multiple containers to the US, they will appreciate the weapons. Should they not pay with money, they will pay with blood." M. Bison smiled, baring his teeth and his gums as he walked away from his subordinates. Shadaloo was a criminal syndicate which had contacts all over the world, hidden among the public. It made for a lucrative market of illegal goods, not to mention an intelligence web on the most powerful fighters in the world, Ryu in particular. His Satsui no Hado was incredible, and Bison wanted it. With his Psycho Power and Ryu's Satsui no Hado, he'd be unstoppable in his conquest to conquer the world!

"Master Bison, Master Bison!"

An employee ran towards him with something that resembled a letter, but how? Shadaloo was untracable, no one knew where they were. "Track down the writer of this letter and dispose of them after extracting any and all important information, increase safety measures too. Shadaloo must not be discovered, lest those despicable pests barge in to try and stop me." Snatching the letter from the employee's hand, the Psycho Power user returned to his private quarters.


"Interesting, veeery interesting. A wish of any kind?" It couldn't be true, but they also said that of his revival. If it was true, then this was an amazing opportunity to finally rule the world and get Ryu. If it was a lie, his henchmen would take care of the prankster. Touching the coin, a portal opened up and the tyrannical dictator went through, a bone-chilling laugh as his arrival music.


"Whahaha! Look at my stash! No dragon can compete with this!" Drogoz rolled around on top of countless golden coins and other golden items, the payment he received after the Magistrate or the Resistance hired him to quickly -and violently- end fights in the favor of his contracter. The Wyrin really could not care less about the war between the two factions, it could rage for ten million years for all that he cared, as long as he got paid. People fight, friends lie and leave, but gold remains and there was nothing that anyone could do to change his mind. That's when he found a letter lying on his stash. "What's this? I said I wanted to be paid in gold, not stupid paper!" Tearing the envelope open, he began reading it. A wish? A chance for more gold? Drogoz was sold immediately, he was going to get that wish! After all, he had yet to find anyone who could withstand his mighty Dragon Punch. Strapping on his rocket launcher, the gold addicted reptile touched the coin and opened the portal before tossing it on his piles of riches. No one would notice a missing coin, not during a tournament. "Beware fools, behold the dragons fury!"

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Many portals opened, ferrying competitors from across the cosmos to one specific location. The zone was a futuristic plaza, concrete paths and grass strewn about similar to a park. There was a giant archway in the center of the plaza, blue energy coursing through it of unknown origin. But what was most strange about this place, was a giant floating white hand, seemingly waiting for them to arrive.

“Aha! Finally, the contestants are flooding in!” The hand spoke. “Welcome! Allow me to introduce myself. I am Master hand, host and recruiter to this tournament! The greatest spectacle of all time!”

The hand drifted in front of the crowd, scanning their expressions and looks, mixed of confusion, intrigue, and excitement. Master hand pointed to them, moving his index finger about as if he was pointing at everyone.

“Now I know you are just dying to get in the ring and duke it out for that wish you were promised, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. There are some ground rules that need to be placed first...”

Snapping his fingers, a floating board materialized in the middle of the plaza. Master hand floated near the front of it, gesturing to it.

“Rule number #1: You MUST fight, no opting out of this. Skipping fights would just so disappoint the viewers.”

The rule appeared on the board right as he was saying it, leaving a void for further rules to be placed under it.

“Rule number #2: wait to fight when you are in the ring, attacking each other outside of the ring will lead to immediate disintegration. You have been warned.”

This new rule allowed a void for only one more to be placed under it.

“Lastly and most simply Number #3: You will report to the archway when it is time for your matches. This archway will bring you to a special arena, titled ‘second to last destination.’ This special arena will host the battle, and those that can watch are allowed to sit in the stands and watch. And don’t even think you can destroy the stage, I have thousands of replicas! Ha!”

Snapping his fingers, the archway lit up with energy, showing a shrouded veil in the middle of the arches that showed a suspended platform surrounded by a gladiatorial arena style stands.

“Now that’s enough yapping, I think it’s time to see who is actually fighting whom. Let’s see what we’ve got!”

Snapping his fingers, a large scroll unfolded right next to the rules. It clearly displayed the names of all those present, even those that weren’t. Photos of said participants appeared to the left of their names.


“Bear in mind, a few of you have been given crutches that will allow you to actually fight, given the constraints of where you come from. The most common crutch is being able to bring your tools/weapons with you...I won’t say any names...” the hand said looking over to Strum and Masaru’s names. “That being said, it’s time for the preliminary matches! There’s a stage waiting for each of you prelim fighters. Don’t worry, the archway shall get you to the right stage, don’t think too much about it. If you still have any annoying questions, hesitate to ask me, but I will answer. Just call my name out if you need me. But without further adieu, Let’s get to fighting!”

With a snap of his fingers, the giant gloved hand vanished into nothingness, leaving all the competitors open to access their matches and explore the plaza.


Specter sneered as he read the rules. ‘No harm to another’ especially. Looking over to Kei, who had just gotten up from the ground, he glared at him with a threatening but smug superiority.

“W-what? What is this?” Kei blinked, hearing about this tournament. “I didn’t even want to be here! I just came to look at a weird reading for the professor...”

“It would appear you have little choice.” Specter spoke from behind him. “You will be forced to fight. Do you think our gloved host with tolerate someone who will break his precious tourney...want to try your luck knowing there is a disintegration rule?”

Tightening his fist, Kei hated his position. He had been tricked! Somehow... he couldn’t get out of this situation without fighting or dying. He raised his stun club to attack specter, that is until the ape raised a finger.

“Ah ah ah, remember? Cannot attack or harm another competitor outside of matches. Looks like you will have to let this play out.” Specter chuckled, swirling a glass of wine around in his other hand. “While this tournament is less than ideal, I will enjoy it as long as I am here~”

“Specter...!” Kei grit his teeth. “I’ll show you...!”

“Mhm...I’m sure you will.” Specter steered his floating chair toward the crowd. “If you excuse me, I have other matters to attend do. Play nice~ he-he-he!”

With that, Specter floated into the crowd, his chair ferrying him from Kei and deeper into the crowd of misfits, heroes, and villains. Kei grunted and hit the ground with his stun club in frustration. While he had been played, he just needed to beat everyone in his way and then he had to fight specter eventually! Even though that sounded mean, he had no other choice.


Masaru sighed as the hand finished up his blabbering. To be frank, he didn’t care much about what he was talking about because he sounded like a middle aged DEMON. In fact, most of the people here were demons...and some like Kirby and some kind of rabbit he couldn’t even tell. He just knew that they get to beat each other up to get anything they wanted! Just sounded like his kinda place.

“Not like it’s gonna be a challenge, cause I, Masaru Daimon, will win easy peasy!” The twelve year old boasted, not caring who heard. “If all of this is real, you get I’m gonna wish for all the adults to be poof! Gone! Then everything will be perfect for us kids! Ha-ha!”


NiGHTS clapped as Master hand left the scene, pleased with the arrangements to make it a fun and exciting game. They scanned the list of names, recognizing a few of them from when they visited the Dream world, but one of them stood out. Sonic? Metal sonic? Looks like their friend had gotten an upgrade since last they met!

Looking over, NiGHTS found the blue hedgehog look alike in the crowd. Their expression lit up as they soared over to him. Flying upside down, NiGHTS came an inch from his face, smiling wide.

“Hey Sonic!” They exclaimed cheekily. “Looks like you made it here too! Ain’t that just a coinkydink? Gotta say though, you look a little different, did you wax those quills o’ yours?”
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Previously TheJustinMan
(Yu's hometown is vaguely stated as Tokyo, so I'll put him there. This'll be after the events of P4G and PQ2.)


A slightly saddened Yu Narukami sat on the edge of his bed whilst thinking of Inaba. "Guess this summer's gonna be another boring one..." He said quietly to himself. His phone then began to ring. After quickly pulling it out of his pocket, he flipped it up and checked the number. It was Yosuke who was calling him, which really surprised him. "Hello?" Yu said, the relief and excitement vibrant in his voice. "Hey bro! It's been a while, hasn't it?" Yosuke remarked. The two talked for a while, before Yosuke went silent. "Hey, uh, Yu, there's a letter here in Inaba for you. I don't... I don't know who sent it or anything, but it sure seems weird that they'd send it here of all places. It's gonna be a while before it gets to you in Tokyo... or you could come pick it up within a 6 hours?" The Prince of Junes spoke. "I'm already on my way." Yu said in an rush, before heading straight to the train station.

A few hours later...

Yu arrived in Inaba only for the entire gang to show up. "It's great to see you again, man!" "How have you been?" "Sick of the city yet?" He was barraged with questions without answers. "Alright, but seriously... this showed up here. It's addressed to the Dojima residence, but you've been in the city for a long time now... Why'd they send it here?" Yosuke asked, handing it to him. The rest of the gang had their usual investigative banter about them, while Yu took the letter and opened it, calmly, and without ripping the envelope. After reading it, Yu was a bit concerned, but also intrigued. "It's... a fighting competition?" Yu said, a small bit confused. "Wait, what? It even says that a portal will open if you touch that coin thing... Wait, Yu?" Yosuke said, only for Yu to open the portal, head in, all while saying "Sounds cool enough to me."

{RED Baracks}

Scout was minding his own business, doing the casual things back at RED Base, when the letter kinda just appeared near the table. He didn't think much of it until he saw who it was addressed to. "Aww, sweet! Mail for me? Let's see here... Fi-tin-g Com-put-i-ton? What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Scout said, his lack of reading skills ever so obvious. Spy then came from out of no where, and snatched the letter to read it to him. "It says fighting competition, Scout. Although, what you were saying sounds more interesting. Press this pin thing if you want to go." Spy said, and walked off. "No goodbyes? No good lucks? I'll just get going then. You guys all suck!" Scout finished, as he warped off, RED team caring less than they could.


"...Mr.Freeman? Wake up, Mr.Freeman. It seems that we have an interesting business opportunity at our disposal... My employers were skeptical, of course, but we seem to be able to manage... You know what this means for you, Mr.Freeman. I'll be sending you off, then. Goodbye, and good luck, Mr.Freeman..."

A confused Gordon Freeman woke up right where he'd been left, all of his comrades gone at the moment. He was seemingly still in the hanger that Eli had died in, but no one was there. All that remained was a letter on the floor, with a interesting cross seal. Quickly, he opened the letter, read through it, and was instantly teleported away, despite him not seeing or even touching a coin. A faint chuckle from the same voice that was talking to him before he woke up was audible right before he was whisked away.


Previously Deathstalker62
Brad simply stood silent and let this giant disembodied hand explain the rules and somehow cast out a giant scroll listing names of the participants of the tournament, aswell as photos next to their names. Brad looked on to the list and walked around a bit, just looking around the place while keeping a distance from everyone else.

Upon hearing someone shout the name 'Masaru Daimon', however, he turned to look at the person who did so. Brad hated what he saw and realized. Not only does he have to beat up a child in the preliminary round, but now he knows that his next opponent after preliminaries would, again, be just a young child. Brad was reminded of his experience with Marty and Columbo, how as a young kid, he was constantly beaten down by his Father Marty and Columbo's Gang. Sure, he had gotten revenge on both of them, but those memories bore a deep seat into his mind..

Brad stood in silence as he took out three joy pills from his pocket, and internally fought with himself whether or not he should be using them. On one hand, it would repress those horrid memories and flashbacks. On the other.. he shouldn't be taking them. For buddy's sake.


The Courier carefully examined all the names and photos on the list of participants, aswell as the rules displayed. Then, when he had gotten a fair idea of what to do, he wandered through the area, looking for his opponent. Of course, knowing a photo of them had the Courier find this 'Link' easily. The Courier approached the Hylian and waved, looking to strike up a conversation pre-battle.

[ Hello, I am The Courier. Or, as you see on that list, Courier Six. I'm your opponent. Care to talk before the fight? ]


Dmitrii smirked as he saw the list. These brutes, they would take eachother out, while Dmitrii had some brat to deal with. And after that, another Dmitrii, with his name spelled incorrectly aswell! Well, maybe it was from a different language, but Dmitrii really didn't care. Dmitrii walked around the place to find his opponent, Yu Narukami. With a picture next to the name, it was easy to spot the enemy out from the crowd. Dmitrii walked up to Yu and looked the boy up and down. " So, you're my opponent. I'll admit it, you don't look like much. But neither did Soma. Tell me.. do you have something up your sleeve? A special power, perhaps? " Dmitrii asked, in an arrogant tone. If this Yu did, he could copy it. If he didn't, this would be an even easier victory than Dmitrii imagined.


The Terrarian looked at the list, and was just about to ask the Host something when the giant hand disappeared. The Terrarian emoted a silent chat bubble, then emoted an alert bubble as they placed a firework they had in their inventory from last night's party down onto the ground. Without using a fire or anything, the Terrarian simply touched the red firework to send it into the sky and let it explode. Since he couldn't talk, he hoped this would draw attention to the giant hand. Then, the Terrarian could explain his situation. @Shen: King of the Mist


Sturm just simply laughed with a strange red gas coming out of his mask, laughing at the list of participants. Sturm will have no problems squashing all these worms underneath his boot. Or better yet, letting his troops run amok on them and pop them like a balloon with their shots. He didn't bother to notice the Hand's remark and instead just remained waiting at the archway until there was a battle to watch.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
As a firework was set of just after the hand left, there was a moment of silence. After a few second, the hand snapped his fingers, bringing him back into the plaza. He looked around to who sent off that firework, seeing a faint trail of smoke coming from the Terrarian’s location. He floated down toward the competitor.

“That was quick. Are you lost already?” The hand said with hints of frustration covered as well as a tissue over an oil spill. “What do you need?”


Previously Deathstalker62
The Terrarian jumped back a bit, startled at the Hand's sudden appearance. The Terrarian then performed a set of emote bubbles, consisting of; An Alert Emote, followed by an emote of two swords clashing against eachother and a red circle with a cross in it, then an emote consisting of a tree from his home world and after that, a running emote, indicating that the Terrarian was currently unfit for fighting and needed to return home temporarily to grab his stuff. The Terrarian then, without another emote, pulled out a Potion of Return and drank it. The Terrarian vanished into purple particles, leaving a purple wormhole behind for him to return to the Lobby after getting his stuff.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
The hand was following...sort of. While he was still digesting what the man was trying to say, they had warped away, leaving their wormhole to come back. The hand twitched slightly.

“...I could have warped your things here...but sure, you do you, I guess. Would be dissapointing and not to mention a lot of work to replace you so early on. I’ll let it pass.”

Shaking what could considered his ‘head’, the hand floated off into the sky, examining the competitors. The last batch didn’t have the results he required, hopefully this batch would be more exciting and less stress filled. Galeem knows that rich kid was enough on his own...


Previously Manu456Alola
Gunvolt listened intently at the giant hand's explanation of the rules, looking around the futuristic plaza. It reminded him of some of Sumeragi's installations that he had visited in previous missions. Once the hand was done talking, he glanced at the scroll listing the participants. "Junkrat? That's an interesting name..." Gunvolt muttered as he looked at his opponent's photo, which seemed to be just as strange as his name.

"You're one to talk, GV. Since when is 'Gunvolt' a common name?" Joule rang up mockingly.

Gunvolt sighed as she spoke, deciding to walk around and meet this 'Junkrat' guy in person. It took a bit to find him as he had to get through the crowd, but the photo helped him greatly. Is his hair on fire? He thought as he approached him. "Hey, Junkrat, right? Looks like you're gonna be my opponent. I'm Gunvolt, though I assume you already know that." He said, gesturing toward the name list. "So, what's your deal? Ignoring the fact your hair's on fire, of course. I see you've got a few grenades, you an explosive specialist?" The Adept asked as he looked at his opponent's attire curiously.
@Captain Pokémon
Link stood silently as the giant hand spoke, and it seemed like there was quite the amount of competitors. He was then approached by the man that would be his opponent, who towered over him and introduced himself as 'The Courier'. Was it some sort of codename or title? The Hylian wasn't sure, but it wasn't like he was going to ask anyway. At his competitor's request, Link simply nodded, taking a look at him. He pointed at the Courier's revolver, which was barely visible from where he stood- he hadn't seen a weapon like that, and if he had it was likely prior to being sent to the Shrine of Resurrection. He showed the Courier a slightly curious look, hoping the man would understand without need of verbal communication from his part.


Previously Shadow_Pup
Seamus stood and looked around "holy hell, what drug induced trip have I stumbled across" he muttered to himself as he looked at the assortment of creatures, after the disembodied hand spoke he looked around, "hmm, Metal Sonic, who could that be" he said to himself before spotting what looked like a robotic bipedal hedgehog, he stepped over to the thing and tapped it lightly, "aye, excuse me, are you Metal Sonic, I believe your my opponent and I would like to wish you luck before the fight" he said stretching his hand out for a handshake.
@Captain Pokémon

Jack listened to the hand, not even attempting to try and think about what had happened, he looked at the list and found he was against someone called Tabby, he saw other people talking to their opponents and decided not to, he would feel bad if he got to know his opponent so he just lent against a wall and hummed to himself.

The Executioner looked in anticipation of his next victim.....and found it was some kind of duck creature, he turned to the hand and gave a silent, faceless look to it as if to say "really, I'm an ancient executioner of hells sinners and you put me against a duck.
@Shen: King of the Mist


Previously TheJustinMan
"Hmm?" Yu said, as the man confronted him. "Uh... I, uh... I guess I don't know." Yu said, genuinely unsure of if his powers had come back to him. Unless he was in a place that Shadows existed, he wasn't really able to use his Persona. Before long, the portal which took him there opened up for a split second, and a sturdy and powerful looking katana came through, dropping by his side. The portal closed back up, and Yu picked up the weapon, quickly brandishing it over his shoulder. "I guess I come in handy with a katana. That, and looking cool in these glasses." He continued, pulling out the grey glasses he wore when in the TV World. A voice then came ringing through his head...

"It appears as though you require your power yet again... I will help you control the power you lost not too long ago so that it may aid you in your coming battles. The Wild Card will not be accessible to you during this, but the true other you will be by your side. I wish you the best of luck..." The voice said. Yu nodded, and knew he was capable of using Izanagi. He kept quiet to this fact.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Master hand looked down at the executioner, even though the man was silent, his ‘fine with everything’ gesture said it all. Master hand hovered down to him, putting a hand up as if to whisper to him with nonexistent lips.

“Hey, isn’t like I made the match ups...”

Somewhere far distance, in a library surrounded by dimension names, another glove, worn on the opposite hand as master, wrote names in ink, laughing as he placed psyduck on the bracket.

“Ha...hahahahaha!!!!!” Crazy hand laughed out Cruely to the void.



Previously mallard
Olberic arrived and saw all sorts of people and creatures, many of them had alien clothing or appearances. He was just barely following what was going on, but his first opponent would be by the name of M. Bison. Let us hope he is a worthy foe, He thought.

Psyduck was thrown into a large crowd, but it didn't notice because it was choking on the coin. The duck finally spit the object out, only to realize how hungry it actually was. As the giant hand spoke, the creature stared into space, thinking about food.

Tabby was thrown into the world, but had no idea how. He face planted into the ground, and upon looking up he saw... humans. His "face" screen lit up with starry eyes, as he'd never seen a human before.
(Time to start losing my sanity writing for five characters every day, but, I don't care, cause my characters are great, and this rp is great. Oh, by the way, the brackets I have hat show who I'm writing about will have two or more characters in them if said characters are in the same situation/ interaction.)


Eggman flew into the lobby with his Eggmobile. "Greetings imbeciles! It is I, Dr.Eggman, and I am here to win! Right Metal-" Metal wasn't there, although there was a distinct trail of energy smoke leading up into the sky from where he had been standing before. "Ah, oh well." Eggman said. After Master Hand was done talking, Eggman studied the Scroll. It looked like he was fighting some guy named Kei, but that was after the preliminaries. Eggman sighed and put his feet up on his Eggmobile's dashboard and twiddled his thumbs, as he wasn't fighting any time soon.

[Metal Sonic and Sonic]

Metal immediately flew away when Eggman started gloating, and landed somewhere random. Meanwhile Sonic was just running around, leaving a blue trail where he went, and only appearing as a blue blur. A minute after he landed, someone came up to talk, which was new. Metal made a "P'shaw" motion with his hand, as he had gotten washed and buffed and waxed this morning. Metal then quickly shook his head, making a series of beeps. It was obvious this person thought he was Sonic. The actual Sonic then dashed into the area they were in. He ran in a circle then quickly stopped in front of Metal. "Alright buddy, thanks for being here, appreciate it.." Sonic started pushing Metal away. "But I got it from here. Go wash Eggman's feet or something." He said. Metal made a series of annoyed beeps and flew away. He didn't want to be involved in any friendships anyway, he was here to win. Sonic looked at NiGHTS. “Hey! Long time no see!” Sonic said.
Meanwhile, Metal landed, and got approached again, but this time the person knew who he was. The person wished him luck for the fight, and offered a handshake. If he could talk, he would say “You need luck more than I do.” But, he can’t talk, so, he just shook the guy’s hand without much enthusiasm. He may be evil, but he won’t reject a handshake. (This paragraph was hard to make. I tried to tie everything up into one part, as multiple people approached Metal Sonic at once, so I had things happen at different times. Hope that’s okay.)


When Master Hand finished talking, Junkrat took in his surroundings. “Hooley Dooley....” He said. “Sure are a lot people here.” He said. Someone then walked up to him. It was his opponent, a dude named Gunvolt, he thought. “Yep, Junkrat’s the name, junk’s, no..j-junks the, exp-, junk.. Ah never mind! Joke over! Blah!” He said disappointedly. “My deal is...well, I’m kinda messed up, so I got a lot of ‘deals’. But, yeah, I’m an explosive expert. What about you mate? What’s your deal?”


Reaper walked into the lobby. He looked around, observing the competition. “Hm...” He said, and nothing more. His opponent seemed to be some guy named Cal. “What’s that fancy glowstick that he’s holding?” Reaper said, but then realized he didn’t care. It seemed everyone else was going to meet their opponents. But, Reaper didn’t really care, so he didn’t bother.

(Notify me if I made any mistakes.)
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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
“Oh? There’s two of you!” NiGHTS exclaimed, watching the metal version of sonic fly away. “So that’s why ya hate robots! Good to meetcha, for real this time!”

NiGHTS laughed off the exchanges with metal, getting used to talking with the real sonic this time.

“What’s been goin’ on in mobious since last you visited the dream world? That Amy girl finally pin ya down yet?”

@Captain Pokémon


Masaru walked through the crowd, a swagger in his step. He knew these adults couldn’t stand a chance against him, and that their time would he cut short. If the rest of the warriors would here, we could barge in and KABOOM! KAPOW! KABLOOHY! all these demons! Then i, the hero of the warriors of hope, will stand triumphant on-

Too lost in his fantasy, Masaru ran into someone when he was walking, falling to the ground. He growled, looking up as Jack Joyce’s back was facing him. Getting up, he pointed at Jack.

“Watch where you going you dumb demon!”

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A floating hand? M. Bison had to admit, he didn't expect that when he joined. No matter, he would still dominate this tournament, starting with this Olberic person. They didn't look like much judging by the picture, but maybe that could change in the fight itself. After looking around for his opponent and crossing his arms, Bison disappeared with a flash leaving purple clouds behind that lasted for a second before reappearing in these same clouds near someone who looked like Olberic. "Hmph, you are the one they call Olberic? You really think your sword can help you against my power? Huh huh huh, I hope that it doesn't hesitate. If it does, you'll pay dearly for that." The dictator smiled in his signature style, teeth clenched and gums bared.



Drogoz stepped forward to look at the pictures of his potential opponents. One had hair that looked like Grohk zapped them a bit too much and the other one seemed to be a bit charred. "Whahaha, these are my opponents? I'll burn them to the -". The Wyrin stopped talking abruptly and folded out his thrusters, taking to the sky with no concern about anyone nearby. He heard the sound of gold falling, and he was not going to let anyone take it away from him. "Move it!" He yelled as he landed rather roughly, practically crashing down next to a yellow duck with three strands of hair before picking up the coin and smiling, running his tongue over his sharp teeth for a second before stashing it. This tournament wasn't too bad, he already got two golden coins for his stash and he was allowed to shoot at opponent with his rocket launcher. This day just couldn't get any better, could it?


Previously mallard
Olberic turned to the man speaking to him, who he presumed to be Bison. He had on an outfit that seemed rather regal, although it wasn't as flamboyant as most king's robes. Without hesitation, he replied, "Confidence. 'Tis a man's great ally, but a fool's great weakness. I shall seek to exploit that weakness in our battle, Bison." Olberic then turned away to examine the other curious people that gathered there.

Psyduck was still thinking of food.

Tabby didn't really want to fight a living and breathing human, but he'd have to in order to win the tournament and wish to heal his version of earth. He'd kill for that one wish. His screen flashed to an expression of grim determination as he put a hand on the handle of his katana.
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“Nice to see you again too!” Sonic said. “Interesting things HAVE happened, but it’d be a pain to list them all, so let’s just say I stopped Egghead a few more times.” He said casually. “And no, she hasn’t. She tries, but she can’t keep up.” He said, referring to Amy. “Plus, she’s a little crazy.” He said in a whisper, while spinning his finger in circles next to his head in the typical ‘cuckoo’ motion.


Previously Manu456Alola
Kinda messed up, eh? I mean, he sure does look the part... Gunvolt thought, before wondering what he should answer. It wasn't exactly wise to reveal one's abilities to an opponent before a battle, but at least he could give him a general gist of his power. "Well, put very simply, I can shoot electricity and stuff, which is something I'd show off for you but I'm not really sure if it technically violates the 'no fighting before the match' rule. Oh, I also have some good marksmanship skills." He replied, taking his Dart Leader pistol out of his holster briefly for Junkrat to see, before putting it back.
@Captain Pokémon
"Hah, you aren't easily scared. I'll show you a reason to fear me, consider that a promise and a threat. We will meet again, with you kneeling in front of me, begging for mercy. Heh heh heh!" M. Bison mocked the swordsman, there was no way that a commoner could beat the international crime lord and Psycho Power user Bison. No one could beat him, and he would enjoy seeing this wannabe knight break down in front of him. There was no rule against killing or seriously injuring your opponent, and he was going to abuse that missing rule as long as he could. Olberic would only be the first of many victims, that wish and the world would be his. Chuckling to himself, the dictator of Shadaloo slowly walked away with crossed arms and a malevolent grin plastered on his face.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
NiGHTS giggled, fluttering around Sonic with their hands behind their head playfully. “Hehe, at least she’s keeping you ‘on your toes’ eh?”

Pun completely intended, they came around to the front of the blue hedgehog, getting a kick out of hanging out with their friend. Looking at the board, they pointed to it.

“Say ol’ Blue, you see why familair names up there? I can recognize a few of ‘em.”

@Captain Pokémon

Sonic laughed. “Yeah, you could say that.” He said, getting the pun. He then cocked his head to the side. “Hm. Lemme check.” He said and faced the board. He quickly tapped his foot. “The only people I recognize are you, Metal Sonic, Kirby, Link, Eggstache, and I think I’ve seen that Joker dude before.” He concluded. He turned to NiGHTS. “You recognize anyone that I don’t?” He asked.


“That’s a cool ability you got, mate.” Junkrat said to Gunvolt. “Personally, I think aiming’s overrated. Although, I am pretty good at calculating where my grenades will land when I shoot them. I made my equipment myself, y‘know.” He said proudly. “Out of TRASH. And the equipment I used to make this equipment was ALSO made out of trash.“

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
“Hummmmm...it’s hard to tell by names. I rarely get out of the dream world ya see...” NiGHTS explained. “I know dreamers that come in mainly, though most I just see passin’ by, they don’t really tell me names. Though I do recognize a few like...oh! That junkrat fellow! He’s a real hoot, loves dreamin about his bombs! He’s so much fun. And that Kirby one! I recognize that face! He has such sweet dreams! If only I could show you!”

Getting lost on a tangent about dreams, they caught themselves rambling. They rubbed the back of their head sheepishly before remembering something.

“Oh! You have a match up next! You were always one to come first, Knock that Gordon guy dead ol’ blue! Just not so literally, ehehe...”


Specter examined his competition, matching them to their names. Taking mental notes on their shown personalities and traits, he began to calculate ways to overcome them and beat them. That human...bison, overconfident, boastful. Easy weakness to exploit. The duck...that one will be taken out before I fight him. The swordsman link? Simple. Ranged attacks. That shall be child’s play. The rat...? I’d be surprised if he doesn’t explode before his round starts....

Eliminating possible threats and putting it down to a list of variables, Specter noticed ‘eggman’ on the list. Egg...man? Surely they are joking? What type of skill could he possibly bring to this tournament? Perhaps there is something I’m missing?

Sonic nodded. Junkrat? Oh, that’s the guy with his hair on fire. He had a strange feeling that that dude would get along well with that one bomb guy from Mirage Saloon. Sonic nodded again. “Yep! I’m going against this Gordon guy, he doesn’t look like much, but he got invited, so he must be able to do something.” Sonic noted. Sonic did a thumbs up. “I got this though. See you when my match is over!” He said, then dashed away. He appeared in front of the Gordon dude. “Hey man! I’m Sonic, your opponent. I came to wish my opponent good luck! And to make sure you’re prepared to fight!” He said enthusiastically.


Previously Deathstalker62
" Hm.. I guess we will see about your power in battle, won't we? " Dmitrii remarked and wandered off. Little did that boy know about what Dmitrii could do. One hit is all it took. And whatever power this Yu can do, Dmitrii should be able to copy. Dmitrii sat on a bench near the archway and waited until Yu was either ready or that giant hand announced the preliminary rounds to start.
[Perception 4] [Guns 100/80] [ Oh, I see you've noticed my Ranger Sequoia. It's a heavy caliber hunting revolver, normally only capable of holding five rounds, but I've swapped the five-rounds cylinder for a six-rounds one. Usually, it's one of the only weapons I can rely on to take out any enemy, but here, it seems I have to make use of all the various firearms I've collected. Say, what's your weaponry look like? Do you also use firearms? ] While talking, The Courier had taken out his Ranger Sequoia to show it to Link, and put it away as soon as he asked Link about his weapons.
The Terrarian looked through his mountain of chests before finding what he needed - the holy four objects; A piggy bank, a safe, a defender's forge and a void bag. The Terrarian swapped his things around, stuffing all what he would need into these four portable storage objects, which is to say a whole truckload of weapons, armor, potions, mounts, hooks, accessories, boss summoning items and even pets. Finally, he put all his fishing equipment in the void bag and settled on a set of armor to use; A full solar flare set, complete with solar wings. The Terrarian had returned to the Lobby through the wormhole of the Potion of Return, now with a floating suspicious looking eye and a moonling besides him and had begun standing idle, waiting until it was his turn to fight.


Previously Manu456Alola
"Well, having good aim is certainly good, though it depends on the kind of weapon one uses. Grenade launchers are probably the ones that require the least amount of aiming to hit their target." Gunvolt commented, before being shocked by Junkrat's ability to make his own equipment out of trash. I've only seen people with certain Septimas do that kind of stuff! He thought, amazed. "So you made all of your gear out of trash all by yourself? That's amazing! My gear is vastly different from yours, being all hi-tech, running on my own powers... well, except my pendant, rings and the like." Gunvolt replied, now realizing just how varied every competitor was.
@Captain Pokémon
Link inspected the Courier's revolver curiously. While he didn't comprehend some of the terminology he used, he managed to get the gist of it. Upon being asked about his own weaponry and if it consisted of firearms as well, he shook his head before unsheathing the Master Sword for the Courier to see. The blade gave off a moderate glow, the weapon being at its full power since he had completed the Trial of the Sword. He swung the weapon around, making sure not to hit anybody, wanting to let his opponent know he was skilled at using it. Once his demonstration was done, he put the weapon away and took out his Traveler's Bow, showing it to the Courier so he'd know he at least had some long-range options. Putting the bow away, he sighed and wondered when the matches would begin.
Geralt of Rivia
Geralt's portal had opened a few feet above the ground and so the Witcher had a little fall as he came through. He landed on his hands and knees, huffing in annoyance as he rose back up to his feet. It was better than dying in a portal accident he supposed. The place he'd fallen into was unlike anywhere he'd been before. It was very futuristic and the Witcher couldn't relate any of the scenery or objects to things he ha seen before. For a moment he wondered if Ciri had ever visited here but his thoughts were interrupted by the giant floating hand. "Master hand" He clearly thought the name was a little stupid but he wasn't one to judge, instead he folded his arms and listened up to the rules. of the tournament.

Once the names on the weird floating board were shown Geralt looked up at it, finding his name next to that of- "Shovel knight?" A quite peculiar but self explanatory name. As silly as it sounded the Witcher knew to nether underestimate an opponent and set about to find the mysterious knight. "Shouldn't be too hard to find" He mumbled to himself as he began to make his way through the crowd which he was scanning with yellow eyes. "He'll have a shovel" @Nukas

Genji Shimada
Genji comfortably walked out the portal, taking in his surroundings with an impressed expression. The scenery was grand and impressive, a strange blend of futuristic and naturalistic. It seemed the cyborg ninja wasn't the only one to be arriving and after he'd taken in the crowd around him he looked up to see the giant talking floating hand. "... Huh" Despite the strange host Genji listened to it's rules, his hand idly resting on the short sword on his back. Once the names came up on the leader board he sifted through them to find his own but he spotted someone else's.

"Reaper?" His head recoiled and his voiced was shocked. He once again took a look around the crowd to search for the blasted wraith. He could feel anger welling up inside of him as thought about all the torment that talon had brought to Overwatch and the world it inhabited. Genji spotted Reaper and began making his way towards the black cloaked villain. His hand robotic hand tightened around his short sword as he shouted to the wraith in anger.. "Reaper!" @Captain Pokémon @Shen: King of the Mist

Cal Kestis
The Jedi came out of the portal with his light saber double drawn. He was holding the glowing blade in a defensive stance but he soon lowered it once he figured out he was not in a hostile environment. Cal wasn't shocked by his surroundings. In his galaxy he was used to strange places filled with an array of people, aliens and robots. That didn't mean he didn't find it interesting and whilst he was a little awkward he did intend to mingle with some of the competition. BD-1 let out a worried whir at all the different fighters that were around them. "It's okay BD, we're not fighting anyone yet"

He looked to the leader board to see his name next to Reaper's. "Sounds scary huh?" Cal joked with the droid on his back, who didn't find the situation funny at all. His scans were coming back with little information and he was very confused. He beeped his concerns to Cal who began walking through the crowd. "I know, I can feel the force here but it feels ... strange, artificial? Like it doesn't belong here, like it's just been pulled and plucked down" Cal he was so lost in thought he almost walked into something ahead of him. It wasn't an object and nor was it a person, instead it was a strange duck staring into space. The jedi crouched down in front of the Pokemon, waving a hand in front of it's face with a smile. "Hey there little guy, you alright?" @mallard

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
“Woah there!”

Master hand Karate chopped in between Genji and Reaper. Upon interrupting what was going to be a fight between the two the hand waggled a finger at Genji.

“Looks like someone didn’t read the rules. No infighting outside the arena or face immediate disintegration! You’ll fight him soon enough. Probably. Just know the consequences and read the rules before you try to act like a hero!”

Pointing a finger gun at Genji, the hand floated just shoved the reaper and him, being sure to keep everyone in line. It wasn’t going to be a seamless tournament if they killed each other before the tourney started after all.

@Martin Pine
Genji halted when the giant hand separated him from Reaper.There was a frown beneath his visor and the cyborg was about to explain all the suffering Reaper had caused and all the lives he'd taken but he didn't. He felt an overwhelming sense of power coming from this odd entity, power that needed to be respected. The hand also seemed like it wouldn't care. Genji calmed himself, stifling his emotions and then sighing. "You better make sure I face him!"

He allowed the hand to shove him away, turning in the opposite direction and grumbling to himself. No. Anger was not how he was going to win this, he needed to be calm.

Reaper looked next to him and saw Genji. He chuckled. “Well, if it isn’t Mr.Kitchen Knife.” He said to Genji. “I must admit, I’m surprised you made it here. With that butter knife you use as a weapon, I’d be surprised if you made it to the second round.” He said, but the swordsman started to walk away, so he stopped caring and just stared into space again.


Junkrat looked to the sky and smiled proudly. “Yep, I am the bomb.” He looked to the leaderboard. “Oh, looks like we’re opponents.” He said, somehow just noticing. “Wanna fight?” He said bluntly.

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Previously TheJustinMan
(Adachi is living proof that even if you copy the power, it won't ensure victory)

Yu saw as that guy walked away, still a bit confused. "Guess he wanted a head start on the competition. Can't say that I'm the same way. Guess I'll find out the answer to that once we start fighting."Yu said quietly said to himself, not remarking much else. "Although, maybe he has something up his sleeve." Yu thought, even though he wasn't too concerned.

Gordon looked down to the small blue animal looking creature, confused as to if it was alien or just a coincidence of nature. Gordon then noted that it was able to speak, wishing him good luck. Considering Gordon was non-talkative, he just gave a smile and a small thumbs up. He then checked his HEV suit, making sure all of his weapons were intact before be began fighting. He seemed to have all of them, including the Gravity Gun and Crowbar, so he was somewhat confident other than the fact that he didn't know what this creature could do.