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Private/Closed Bootleg Brothers 6

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

"Hmm...yes. I think it's about time." A familiar voice spoke in the blackness.

"Now that I'm back at the reigns...how about we get things back to normal? Let's see...got my list of prospects for the new, Not Nexus dependent tourney. Let's see if we can't scout them here."


The Dino Duelist

"...Beat it, twerp."



A teen in a red beanie, Rex Raptor, was flung out of his room, his duel monster cards being thrown out with him, littering the floor of the hallway. His back landing next to him, being flung by a tall blonde woman standing in the doorway. Rex adjusted himself, sitting up to meet her, careful not to sit on his cards.

"Hey, no fair! You cheated somehow, I know it!"

"Thanks again for the room Raptor~"



The door closed behind him, locking in a single deft movement. That just happened. A tall drink of water swindled him out of his room just like that. Licking his wounds, the short duelist had no choice but to grit his teeth and start shamefully picking up his cards that were scattered.

"I swear, that's the last time I make a bet with chicks..." he grumbled. "I'll show her. When we get where we are going, I'll stomp that lady down to size!"

What a way to start this championship. Bah, it's a good thing Weevil didn't see that, else he'd never let me live that down. At least I got a chance with her, that puny pest has no game! Ha! That makes me feel a bit better. ...Ah...I'll have to get new sleeping arrangements. Don't tell me I'll have to sleep with all the amateurs...

After packing up all his cards, he rose to his feet, turning around to go to the common rooms when he realized...the hall looked a bit different than before. Since when had it become all purple and swirly? Was this some kind of event or something? Even further...where were the walls?! His questions would only raise further when a voice echoed through the area.

"You have been chosen, prove yourself worthy to partake."

"Wha-? What is this? Some kind of thing to weed out the chumps from the champs?!"

That's when an odd device appeared in a flash of light, mounted to his wrist. It seems silver and blue, with red lights in the center of it. Rex was taken aback by it, recoiling at the sight.

"Ah! How did that happen- what is this thing?!"

"Clever, is it not?"

A vaguely British voice spoke from the other end of the void. Soon enough, a figure appeared, whirring out of the shadows on a suspended chair, hovering just a few feet off the ground. It was...a monkey? One with a strange hairdo and fancy get up.

"The proctor of this test crafted this device for you, letting you play your monsters without use of a dedicated arena." The cultured ape started. "Ingenious, really. How they can whip something up like this spontaneously."

"Uh...a monkey." Rex blinked. "I'm talking to a monkey."

"Ah! An introduction is in order. You may call me...Specter. And I'll be organizing your opponent this evening."

"...Starting to think that chick slipped me something."

"Weather you believe this to be truth or fiction won't matter for long. Either you come to your sense or fail, to Pipotron G!"

"Ehh? Who's Pip-"


A thunderous boom was heard as a body mass landed down from above. A large, white and black furred ape with intricate jagged tattoos across it's body reared it's ugly head. It's white, soleless eyes stared back at Rex before it rose it's fists up to the air.


Rex winced as the loud gorilla cried out, shaking the room. It sure looked...real. Was that truly a duel monster?

So this guy is some kind of monkey duelist? That's so dumb! Like a monkey would ever know how to duel in a million years. It'll probably some kind of hologram Pegasus made to challenge newbies to weed them out before the tourney begins. Well, I ain't gonna be picked on so easy!

"Ha, oh yeah? Well that overgrown primate better watch out, cause he's about to set foot in the world of Titanic tyrants!!"

The duel disk activated as his deck was placed in the slot. Seconds later he drew his hand, Pipotron G stomping forth toward him. He eyed a good opening card, grinning devilishly as he placed it on the field.

"Megazowler! Mash that gorilla down into Dino Chow!"

An orange scaled triceratops appeared on the field, lined with spiked all along its spine and sides. Its front had two sword like spikes jutting out from it which emphasized it's hostile demeanor. Woah, that things looks way more real than usual...

Megazowler howled as it charged headlong, orange flames building up as it galloped toward Pipotron G. The giant enemy gorilla raised it's arms up, preparing for the dinosaur, so when impact came- it caught the dinosaur right on it's two horns!

"RAAAAHHHHH!" Pipotron G bellowed.

Pipotron G lifted Megazowler into the air by it's horns alone, leaving the helpless dinosaur to fight desperately to free with it's legs, to no avail. That's when Pipotron G would swing the dinosaur like an axe, slamming it into the ground! Dust and debris flew everywhere as the Dino crumbled to pieces. Rex growled, covering his head from the debris when one of the rocks that flew up and hit his cheek, a thin drop of blood dripping down his face.

"...!" Rex gasped. "Don't tell me these are actually-"

"Real? Ha, so you've finally come around." Specter amusingly spoke. "Yes. They and the danger here is quite real. So you better have more than that, human. Or else Pipotron G will make you part of the floor."

Beating their chest, Pipotron G gave a triumphant yet threatening howl over the crater that Megazowler was defeated in. If the danger was somehow real, he couldn't just stand around surprised!

"Tch! Ain't no way I'm gonna get crushed by some monkey." He snorted, drawing a card. "Trakadon! Mow down on that ape!"

As he played the card, a slender blue dinosaur appeared on the battlefield, lined with tiger stripes. The carnivore had rows of sharp teeth and dagger like talons. It seemed almost the size of Pipotron G, so it should be enough to do damage! It raced across the ground, flanking around to the side of the ape, snipping at their heels.

"GRR...RAAAHH!" G winced.

G swung a punch at Trakadon, though the swift Dino slid under it, taking a bite out of his back. It went on, Trakadon dodging blows and flanking, snip after snap, making Pipotron G more and more frustrated, red gashes forming on many parts of his body. Pipotron G went down on a knee after the Dino clamped it's jaws down on the joint, but as it did so, Pipotron G gripped the reptilian's neck, ripping him off of the knee, before squeezing and popping the dino's head right off it's body! It disintegrated in a flurry of polygons.

"Trakadon might have been downed, by dont think-"



Suddenly, Pipotron G interrupted his words, punching the ground right where he stood! He backed up just enough to avoid the brunt of the blow, but the force was so strong he was thrown up into the air by proximity! He hit the ground and tumbled back, coughing as the air was practically knocked out of his lungs.

"Hm? Did you think we would sit back and listen to that no doubt riveting dialogue?" Specter mused. "Im afraid this exercise is at an end. G? If we would be so kind as to wrap this up."

"Your right about one thing."


"This thing IS over!"

When Pipotron G slung his punch towards him, a new monster appeared, one that wrapped around G's arm with its serpentine body. It's slender form tied it up, preventing it from reaching its master!

"Take a look at one of my star monsters! Serpent Night Dragon!!"


The dark azure dragon screeched to life, it's twin wings flapping as it's slender, scythe shaped beak was revealed when the wings flapped out of the way. Pipotron G growled in anger, reeling a second punch and flinging it towards the dragon. That's when the dragon pressed it's talons against the fist it was wrapped around before kicking off in a swift move, sending G's own arm in the way of the fist, the Pipotron hitting it directly!

"RAH-AAHHHH!!" It roared out in pain, grabbing its injured limb.

"Heh! Not the smartest monkey, is he?" Rex sneered. "Now I'll give 'em an attack that'll send 'em back to the Stone Age! Go Serpent Night Dragon, Nightmare Sonic Blast!"


The slender dragon glared at it's target, it's body pulsing with an odd, black energy. That's when a flurry of shadows fired out of it. The shadows were shaped like spears or arrows, traveling along the ground. When they crossed over G's shadow, the giant ape took the attack! Arrow after arrow, spear after spear, flurries bombarded the monkey, the giant brute howling in pain.


The sizable simian collapsed to the ground, his body battered and spear / arrow wounds littering his body, despite not taking any on his physical body. Specter, was surprised, his eyes slightly wider than before, the back of his wrist moving to prop up his chin.

"What a development. To be honest, I had no faith in your abilities. But for a human, you preformed adequately. To knock down G like that is no small feat." Specter commented, his red irises moving to the side of his eyes. "Is that the same conclusion you reached, hand?"

Pipotron G struggled, getting back up to it's feet as a entity emerged from the shadows. A giant white gloved hand, appearing next to Specter, facing the Dino duelist.

"Is that a..." Rex started, shaking his head. "Nevermind...I have a feeling I should stop being surprised."

"Right..." the hand cleared his 'throat'. "Mai Valentine, is it?"




"...That is you, yes?"

"...You have got to be kidding me..." Rex twitched.

"Oh. Seems we have the wrong one. Guess we'll wipe his memories and go take the true candidate-"

"Not so fast." Specter closed his eyes. "I believe the talent scouting rules specifically state: 'whomever passes the test and comes out victorious or reasonably capable shall be accepted'. Whomever being the key word, it does not specify that they have to be the target of said test to pass it. I'm afraid it's against the rules to kick this one to the curb."

Master hand and Specter exchanged a look. Master hand's fingers curled up into a ball, as if he wanted to clobber the ape. But he was correct. Unfortunately. If he had brought in Atriox instead he was sure that he wouldn't call him out on the technicality...

"Thank You for that reminder. Specter. Master Hand grumbled. "Alright then. You...whoever you are, are formally granted to attend a tournament of grand scale-"

"Rex Raptor, buddy." Rex interrupted. "And if you haven't noticed, I'm already a guest of honor in my own tourney! I don't need whatever weird carnival show you guys got going on. I gotta get my trophy, AND my revenge. So buzz off!"

"I wasn't done. Raptor. What if I told you that you could receive the means to defeat your rival, and attain a better reward in this tournament, and return to the exact time that you were taken out of?"

"Eh...? You can do that...?" Rex blinked. "Well, returning me back...with even stronger cards to best that crazy chick? ...Huh...well that doesn't sound half bad..."

"Are you coming? Or should we leave you here?"

Rex Raptor laughed, a rising laughter that got louder as he got more confident in his position. Deactivating his duel disk, he looked up at the hand, a grin on his face.

"Line up my foes, and I'll stamp them to dust!!"


The Child Demon

Rinku's Improved intro


The laughter was followed by a small figure shattering through a window, the glass fragments flying everywhere right after a pink explosion detonated behind him! Some kind of pearl colored gas was left behind. A woman screaming was heard soon afterwards. Clambering to the broken window, a lady stuck her head out, black marker having drawn all over face in all sorts of profane ways.

"Thiiiiiief!" She wailed.

The kid turned around mid air, pulling down an eyelid and sticking his tongue out at her, waving a pearl necklace out in front of her, before dropping down. She gasped and pointed down at him, yelling for the authorities as he slid down her elaborate roof tiles like a surfer. This is what he was looking for! The excitement! The thrill of the chase!

In the demon world, the weak didn't resist against the strong much, because they knew it was pointless. The big powerful took what they want, destroyed what they want, and the weak simply allowed it to happen. ...Talk about boring! What's the point in doing bad things if nobody is gonna call you out for it and do something about it?! But here...in the human world? Everyone was on everyone else for the smallest thing. So taking up this human disguise, he, Rinku, could have all the fun he could ever want! There were humans everywhere!

Leaping off of the mansion rooftop, Rinku leapt to another roof, and then another, hoping with an almost weightless fashion, laughing all the while as he saw cops attempt to catch up, and failing miserably. Some get crafty though sometimes, like right now there was a blockade ahead. Four cops with a makeshift barricade. They were getting faster about their responses! Nice!

"Stop there kid!" One yelled on their megaphone. "Give us what you stole and-"

"Nice try, Steve!" Rinku called him by name, leaping over him, pulling down the cop's hat over their eyes mid frontflip. "But you gotta get better than that if you wanna caaaatch meeeeee~"

"Argh! Run him off! Don't let him get away again!!"

Rinku laughed, winking at them as he dropped down into the crowd below. The bazar was packed today, which was all the better for him! The cops on the other hand struggled to get past all the buyers and traders. Rinku slid under a stall selling fresh apples, where he sat and softly giggled to himself. These guys were absolute chumps. They were looking in all the wrong places! Did they even see where he went? 12 different chases and they still didn't know how he picked a good old hiding spot! He shook his head as he reached his hand up and snatched an apple from the merchant's batch, sneaking it down below and taking a big bite out of it.

These guys are nice to mess around with, can do so much with these goons. Hmmm...wonder is there's higher difficulty ones around here though. Or maybe I can try to get captured and see how easy it would be to break out! Gotta try some more challenge runs...maybe try to escape capture without using my legs and only my hands?

Rinku told another bite out of his apple, cocking his head as he swallowed the sugary fruit. He'd have to think more on it. Simply plopping the pearl necklace where he sat, he left it there when he crawled out from the apple vendor's stall. The police going the opposite way than him now, he calmly walked down a different alleyway. Right as he took another bite of his apple, a set of boots were heard on the alleyway end behind him.



"Well? Ain't ya gonna read my rights or something?" Rinku spoke to them without turning around.

"...Demon." A man in green armor spoke.


Someone knew he was a demon. He couldn't contain his laughter, which escaped his teeth as his eyes narrowed. At this moment he knew. Whoever was talking to him wasn't going to be making it out of this alive. Still not turning to face his foe, he gripped the apple tightly in his palm.

"You ain't like the rest of those mooks, are ya? You came here to kill me. Didn't you?"


"Hahaha, you don't gotta say anything. I know what you mean." Rinku chuckled, crushing the apple in his palm, allowing the pulp to trickle down. "But, before you die, I want to have a little fun first."

Rinku vanished in a second, the soldier, the Doomslayer, hoisting his super shotgun cautiously as he looked around for the boy. From above, the boy landed down right on top of the soldier's double barrels. He grinned right in his face before leaping straight off with surprising force, forcing the gun's aim down. Right as Doomslayer was getting back up from that disorientation, Rinku has already maneuvered around to his back, delivering a swift kick to his spine.

Doomslayer was shoved forward, nearly staggering to a knee. But he refused, slowly getting back up from the deceptively powerful hit he took. Rinku cocked his head in place as he levitated.

"Huh, I was hoping to paralyze you with that and watch you try and feel with your legs...looks like you are one tough cookie." Rinku applauded. "Alright tough guy, let's see how you-"

That's when Doomslayer rushed toward him like lightning, grabbing his ankle. That's when the slayer swung the boy like a club into the brick wall to his left. WHAM! there was a large crater in the wall now, where the boy now lay, seemingly unconscious or dead. The armor clad man investigated the crater, examining the boy's condition. He didn't appear to be breathing, and his eyes were closed firm shut. Right as he went to check the boy's pulse, Rinku's eyes snapped open, a grin forming on his face.

"Got ya!"

Rinku gripped Doomslayer's wrist with both of his hands, and with one move-


He twisted and broke the Slayer's wrist. He looked for some kind of reaction. Pain, agony. But there was none. Instead, the Slayer socked him with the fist attached to the broken wrist, despite its broken status. Rinku's grin faded instantly. This guy wasn't kidding around. Grunting, the boy planted his feet on the slayer's chest plate.

"I think your under the wrong impression!"

Rinku kicked with both of his feet, the force kicking Doomslayer far up into the air. The boy flew right up to meet him, his arms crossed.

"The world is my playground."

That's when he suddenly replicated into multiple instances of himself. Soon enough, over a dozen versions of Rinku were flying circles around him, taunting him and laughing. Doomslayer, who grew Increasingly annoyed, raised a new weapon: A chain gun. Specializing in wiping out numbers. He layed down the pain a storm of bullets rampaging out from the barrels and into the field of demons. But the bullets seemed to just phase through them, not actually dealing damage. With all of them bouncing around like this, it was hard to tell which one was the real one and which one as an instance he had already shot before... That's when one of the Rinkus, presumingly the real one flew up, stopping right at his visor.

"...And you aren't being a good playmate."

That's when he raised a finger and flicked against Doomslayer's forehead, knocking him down, working with gravity. The clones dispelled as Doomslayer hit the ground with a resounding boom. Knowing him, he wasn't dead. So he needed to keep the pressure on. Right when he was to dive after him, something stopped him. Or rather, someone.

"Hold it. That will do."

A giant gloved hand appeared, snapping itself into reality. The hand pointed at him, despite the little demon's puzzled expression. He began to introduce himself.

"I am Master Hand, and the display you just showed was enough to tell me you have what it takes. So I'm formally inviting you to-"

"So, that guy was your attack dog?" Rinku arched a brow, almost amused. "You brought a demon hunting human after me? You sure know how to pick 'em."

"Ahem. He had a purpose. He was to test to see if you were good enough to partake in a tournament of my design. One filled with many entertaining and strong fighters."

Rinku's attention was grabbed. The put his hands on his hips and looked the hand up and down. That's when he cautiously looked over his shoulder down at Doomslayer before gesturing to with his head at him.

"More entertaining than that guy?"

"How about you find out for yourself?"

Rinku laughed, impressed with the Hand's sales pitch. He was looking for stronger fights, fiercer challenges. This could be the perfect Avenue for exactly that. What perfect timing it was!

"Alright then, handy. Lead the way~"


Future Rockstar



A large glass window shattered apart as a boy flew out of it, rather ungracefully. The scarf wearing youth flailed his limbs in the air as he took an uncontrolled landing, tumbling to the ground with a series of bangs and whacks. The boy lay dazed and confused, face planted into the ground while a black spherical drone floated around him.

"Learned your lesson about these famous shortcuts of yours yet, Chai?" The machine's speaker scolded, the voice of a girl on the other end.

"Mmmmrrph." Chai painfully replied, his face muffled by the ground it was stuck to.

"Ugh...well, get up and look alive." The drone's optics rolled, floating ahead of him.

Chai groaned, peeling himself off the floor, massaging his face with his non-robotic hand. Shaking his head of any remaining glass shards, he did a once over, looking at his appendages looking for injuries.

"Okay...arms are fine, legs...look to be in once piece." Chai commented. "Soooo that means my shortcut worked, peppermint!"

He stood up in a quick move, shooting finger guns toward the drone, 808, which just shook it's 'head' as it didn't even turn his way.

"Yes it did, but in typical Chai fashion, we are now lost." Peppermint said, examining the room they were in. "It's strange...I don't recall this room on the schematics of the building."

"Soo that means we are in a top secret room that Vandelay doesn't want us knowing about!"

"Or I just haven't updated my map. But it seems spacious in here. Why would they make such an open area in a tower? It doesn't make any sense."

"Hiiiiighly suspicious." Chai added, half listening. "Say, peppermint. Can you turn on the lights? I can't see anything."

"That's strange. It doesn't seem connected to any electric or power source. Just what are they-"

"Your trial begins now." A new voice boomed "Prove yourself."

The voice interrupted her, echoing across the room with a tone of authority. It wasn't any of Vandelay technologies's leadership. ...Could it be a new threat? A new robot they had developed to get rid of them? Whatever it was, Chai was ready for it! He held out his grabber stick, bolts, gears, and other metals magnetizing to it, forming a scrap guitar. Holding his new weapon defensively, he prepared for a fight.

Blue lights began to kick on, revealing the rest of the blank room, covered in black tiles. A figure stood on the opposite end. They weren't a robot at all. In fact, they were pure organic, with red fur and equally dreadlocks on either side of their head. They were an anthropomorphic echidna, crossing their arms with protruding spikes on their gloves. Chai blinked, taking this all in.

"Uhhh, peppermint. Is that like, a new mascot or something? Looks like Vandelay is reeeeeally trying too hard to appeal to the young crowd."

"What did you call me?" The mascot twitched. "Name's knuckles. I'm nobody's mascot. Remember that."

"I don't know what that thing is. Vandelay isn't an expert on organic fabrication, let alone something this uncanny." Peppermint spoke through 808. "Be on your guard Chai, I don't have any info."


Knuckles broke his composed demeanor, stomping on the ground, rumbling the room. He shook his fist in front of him, his face whipping up to glare at Chai, teeth bared.

"I'm Knuckles, of the echidnas! Guardian of the Master Emerald! I won't be labeled as some thing!"

Before the guitarist could say a quip to Peppermint, Knuckles rushed forward with surprising speed, leaping and hurling a corkscrew punch at Chai. The boy raised his guitar to match him, though vastly underestimated the echidna's power, being knocked back from the parry, skidding back until he hit the wall behind him.

"Oof! What is that guy made out of?!" Chai shouted out.

"I don't know, but we don't have time to mess around. Let's wrap this up, Chai."

"Yeah, alright." He agreed, looking back at Knuckles. "Alright ya looney toon, come and get some!"

Chai charged forward, sweeping his guitar from the left to smack Knuckles. However, Knuckles raised his fist, soaking the hit with his glove. So Chai struck again. And again. And again. Several slashes with his scrap guitar, Knuckles raising both of his hands, looking for an opening.

"Whats wrong, big boy? Too much for ya?" Chai taunted as he kept swinging away.

"Grrrr...I hate smart mouths!"

Knuckles gave a backhand to the next strike, forcing Chai to back up from the force. The red character spread his legs apart and raised a fist high into the air, smashing down on the black tiles, cracks spidering across it. Chai and 808's eyes grew wide when he did this.


Knuckles grunted, pulling out a massive chunk out of the ground. It was the same color as the tile, and looked incredibly heavy. Knuckles raised the boulder over his head, it being roughly twice his size!

"It'll be hard, but I think you can evade this one, Chai." Peppermint observed. "He'll be predictable right before he throws it. If you time it right, then maybe- ...Chai?"

The feline looking drone noticed that Chai was missing. Swiveling around, he found the scarf toting boy, running the opposite direction, clambering towards the window he fell out of.


"...! Chai! Where you going??"

"Away from that thing!"

That's when knuckles flung the black boulder towards the pair. The drone, 808, flew up to the window Chai had almost climbed out of, pushing up on him to round the ledge right as the boulder struck the wall. So when it hit, the entire wall shattered apart! Chai was flung out, catching serious air time before noticing a conveyor rail above him. Getting an idea, he raised his robotic arm, aiming it up at the rail. He reversed the magnetic charge on his arm, magnetizing up towards the rail and gripping it. The impact on the rail jostled his MP3 in his chest, the device clicking on a new track.

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=T5dIrub_N9A (The Black Keys - Strange Times - Vinyl - HQ)

The guitar on the track rang out, the environment altering to the beat of the drums and the bass. Alarms blared to the rhythm, elevators raised and lowered along, and speedy conveyors started and stopped every few beats. Behind Chai, Knuckles yelled up from below.

"You aren't getting away that easy! Get back here!"

Knuckles jumped, gliding to a nearby rail. His shoes grinded against the rails, sparks flying up as he gained on Chai. Chai took that as his cue to make his escape. His metal arm slid down the rail as well, sparks flying off his robotic hand as he slew down the slick transport system. The chase was on!

*♪ ♫ Kings and sons, of God.

Travel on their way, from here. ♫♩*

"So! Recap. Big angry animal guy is strong, hates me, can glide, and can throw boulder twice his size. Oh yeah, and he's CHASING ME!"

"Yeah, this is why we don't take your shortcuts, Chai."

"Not the time!"

"Hey!" Knuckles yelled at him, sliding on the rail to his right. "The fight is right here! Coward!"

"...Coward? Who you callin' a coward!"

Chai took his guitar with his free hand, hurling it at a billboard ahead. The billboard was struck directly in its supports, plummeting down toward the right rail system.

"Ha! Good ol' Chai surprise attack!"

*♪♩Calming restless mobs

Easing all of their,

All of their fear ♫♬*

Knuckles braces himself before he was smashed by the billboard. Chai letting out a quick laugh before he leaped off his rail, landing on a ledge nearby. Putting his hands on his hips, he let out a whistle at his handiwork.

"Woooo! Pretty rockstar move, eh peppermint?"


Knuckles punched a hole straight through the billboard, glaring daggers at him. Chai kept his smile, but it quickly grew into a worried one, sweating as Knuckles fell off the rails, sprint toward him from a platform below.

♩♪ Strange times, are here. ♫♬

"Uhhhh peppermint?? A little help would be nice."

"While you were busy celebrating, I was hacking into the doors behind you."

Doors? Chai flipped behind him, seeing several rows of doors opening from a large building. He hadn't even noticed where he was. Huh. Convenient. Chai took that as his cue to rush into the opening. Sprinting down the hall, he looked to 808, who was floating next to him.

♩♪ Strange times, are here. ♫♬

"Say, this is nice and all. But how is this gonna help us beat that guy?"

"These doors don't just open one way." Peppermint slyly spoke. "These heavy doors should be able to trap that thing."

"Hey that's...actually really useful!"


Knuckles got up to the entrance to the building, sprinting down the hall towards him. 808 nodded it's head, 0's and 1's seen lighting up in her eyes, the heavy doors closing in. Knuckles picked up the pace, trying to beat the doors. One by one they were evaded. However, right as he was about to reach Chai, the last one closed on him.


The door slammed shut. Banging was heard on the other side, but no headway was made on the door. Chai still had his guitar raised, just in case. But for now, it seemed pretty contained.

*♫♩Statue in the square.

Meant so much

When it first stood. ♪♫*

"That's Z shielding, Chai." Peppermint explained. "Only heavy weapons can make a dent through that."

"Oh? Well that's nifty. Think that'll hold him this time?"


"Well, he sure is trying, anyway." She remarked. "None of this makes any sense...*


Chai stepped back a bit. "Uh...that's getting louder."

"No way. He can't be THAT strong."

"Well obviously he is." Chai complained, readying himself. "If we can't contain him, we just gotta beat him!"


A big crack was made in the Z shielding wall. Yup. He was breaking through.


A small hole was made in the wall, Knuckles's eyes seem on the other side as fragments of Z shielding were punched out. Knuckles, a bit out of breath revved up his fist punched for a final time.

*♫♬ People come from

Far and near

To bless them if,

Bless them if it would. ♫♬*


The door broke open, Z shielding chunks flying all over the place. Chai ducked when a rather large chunk sailed over him as the Echidna put his hands on his knees, catching his wind. The guitarist cocked a brow at this, Knuckles having a moment of weakness.

♩♪ Strange times, are here. ♫♬

"Oh? Getting a little tired there?" He asked.

"Tch! This...This is nothing! It'll take more than just a door to stop me!" Knuckles exhaled. "You...You finally done running?!"

"Yeah. Yeah I think so. You ready for me, big boy?"

♩♪ Strange times, are here. ♫♬

Knuckles elected not to respond. He punched his fists together, readying himself for his opponent. Meanwhile, Chai's guitar began to rattle. This didn't concern the echidna at first. That is, until the Z shielding fragments on the ground began to rattle too. That's when, piece by piece, small bits of Z shielding began to accumulate onto Chai's guitar weapon, fusing with plethoras of other scrap that began to pile on top of each other. Soon enough, Chai was no wielding a weapon twice his size, glowing red from the color of the dense Z shielding, electricity arching in around the top of the weapon.

"You might be great at punching things, guy..."

Knuckles backed up, beginning to sweat from the newly forged weapon in front of him. The weight of it seemed to be bringing Chai down substantially, but the boy walked slowly forward, the clamor of the scrap building up ringing across the hall.

"But I'm REALLY good at hitting things with a guitar."

Springing forward, he reeled back his massive weapon. Knuckles raised his hands to defend himself from the attack, but it wasn't going to help him.


That weapon smacked right into him, electrocuting him as well as giving him a heavy impact! The sound of a whip crack was heard as knuckles was blown back at lightning speeds, the scrap of the guitar, now shrapnel flying after him. Knuckles smashed right into the Z shielded wall behind him, making a Knuckles sized indention in it. Before the echidna could try to recover-





All the shrapnel smashed into him all at once! All the destruction and breaking kicking up a cloud of dust and debris. Chai, folding his grabber back into the port on his wrist pumped his fists into the air.

"WOOOOO! Now that's a finishing move! Tell me you recorded that!"

"...Huh. So you wanted him to break apart the door so you could use the scraps as a weapon. I'm actually a little impressed."

"Oh. ...Yeah. That was totally the plan."

"...Chai. Look."

The drone gestured up with it's eyes. Chai followed suit, peering up. He couldn't really believe what he saw. A giant...hand? A gloved one. It appeared out of nowhere, floating above them. Was it a hologram of some kind? Or was it...something weird like knuckles?

"Excellent. You passed the test."

"That's the same voice from in the chamber..." Chai put two and two together. "What kind of test, exactly?"

"A test to see if you are worthy, to participate in a tournament of the ages-"

"Nah. Hard pass dude."


"Ya see, I'm already on a mission. To go shutdown that Spectra program thingie and stop Vandelay from using it. So if you'd excuse me-"

"Did I mention that there will be a great reward for the winner? And that the biggest crowd to have ever come together will be present?"

Biggest. Crowd? This had Chai's ear instantly. A rockstar would die to have the biggest crowd in history. With his new abilities...this could be just what he needed. But then again, he needed to make sure this was all good with peppermint.

"'Scuse me for a sec." He said to the hand."


Chai turned around, looking at 808. 808 rolled it's eyes, transforming into it's more robotic cat form compared to it's drone formed. The cat's eyes were half opened, seemed not impressed.


"But c'mooooon peppermint. You heard what he said! Biggest. Crowd. Ev. er."

"But that has nothing to do with shutting down Spectra. You know, our whole objective? Besides, what do we know about this guy? This is obviously a trap. A reminder he socked that red thing after you."

"Hmmm...this is true..." Chai nodded. "Buuuut, he did mention a reward. Maybe this reward could be our way to take down project spectra!"

"...You make the call Chai." The cat crossed its arms. "I'm staying out of this."

Chai got a glint in his eye. One peppermint knew too well. There was no stopping him. He was such an idiot. Chai flipped around, pointing to the hand.

"Count this guy 100% in!"


Explosive Kangaroo

Boing Boing


Wumpa island echoed through the tree with the sound of incoherent laughter. A blue specimen with swirling eyes was seen, collecting sticks of dynamite, keeping them loosely clutched in his mouth. What a lovely day it was! So many big booms!

What the maddened roo didn't notice was that he was being watched. Sights aimed down towards him. Seconds later, a loud 'Ker-Thunk' sounds resonated through the tree line. A sphere like object bounced twice before being lodged in the dirt near ripper's feet. The roo cocked it's head at the object before-



The sphere detonated, throwing Ripper off the ground, dropping all the dynamite sticks in it's mouth! He landed face first into a mound of dirt, his legs sticking straight up out of it. The hostile that attacked walked forwards as Ripper attempted to dislodge himself using his feet to push up against the ground.

"Ha! Wasn't that a proper blast off??" An Australian voice spoke.

Ripper managed to pull his head out of the ground, shaking off the dirt in it's fur, before turning to the aggressor. Looked like some kinds of junker guy. Charred from gunpowder, with a mechanical arm and a peg leg. What was most noticeable though was the big gun he was carrying around.

"How was that, mate? You like my little beautie?!" They called out. "That was a Junkrat special, and I got plenty more of 'em!!"


Another detonator bomb was launched directly at Ripper! Junkrat's detonator charge bounced, tinking off the ground two times, ready to blow! Right before it could bounce a third time-


Ripper had bit the bomb, gripping it in between it's teeth! As he closed his mouth and swallowed, a boom was heard, his stomach and eyes expanding for a brief moment. Smoke then poured out from his ears as his eyes danced around chaotically. He just digested an explosion!


"My my, what do we got here?" Junkrat wiped his brow. "What they feeding kangaroos round these parts-"

That's when roo lept into action...quite literally. He jumped to the trunk of one tree, bounced off it, pinged off another, next thing you knew, he slid right under junkrat's legs...with a lit stick of dynamite between his teeth!




Cough cough


"Eh? You call that a bomb? Ha! I've seen firecrackers stronger than that!"

Seems both were still standing...and in remarkable condition, considering the soot that covered them. Ripper cackled madly, saliva spitting out of it's mouth as it's tongue lapped out of it's own accord.

"This'll get ya!"

Launching another mine at ripper, the roo leaped out of the way, landing further ahead. As they landed, the ground they stepped on became hue of red. Junkrat's detonator went off, missing roo, so he just sent another one! Running after the blue creature.

Roo kept leaping and more and more ahead, creating more red surfaces as he went, dodging bombs as they came in.

"Oi! Stop dodging my bombs! I worked hard on these you know?? Stay still and take me razzle dazzle!"




Looking behind him, he saw all the red spaces on the floor detonating, one by one in rapid succession...in the same order they were jumped on! Looking down on the ground, he noticed he was stepping in one of those exact red spaces!

"Ah, hell-"



Junkrat was sent flying into the air, a stream of smoke tailing behind him. Ripper Roo saw this, and immediately howled in a fit of controllable laugher...not noticing that he too stopped on one of them.



Ripper was sent flying in the same exact direction that Junkrat was sent too, landing in a clear blue river with a splash!



Swimming to the surface, Ripper spat out a glob of water from their throat, treading water with their feet as Junkrat was nearby, just getting his bearings as well.

They looked at each other for a single moment, before both prepared their explosives to attack again! ...Only to realize that the water had ruined their bombs, making the rest of their arsenal total duds!

"Oi...ain't that a downer? Ugh!"

"Heheh...bleh blah!"

"...Say, my big footed friend, you hear something?"

Ripper lifted an ear as they floated along the river. Yup. He certainly did hear something. They both slowly looked ahead. It was a waterfall! A pretty huge one too, as they could see the distant trees below.
"Ahhhhh!" They both screamed in terror, clutching each other tight.

"It was nice knowing you, ya fuzzy freak, you!"


"I know buddy, I know..." Junkrat gave a teary expression to the horizon. "Goodbye cruel world!!"

That's when they fell over the edge, catching airtime as they spiraled down into the depths below. But they didn't hit water. In fact, nothing wet at all. In fact, it was rather soft and dry. They opened their eyes, looking down. They were on a giant white hand!

"...What was that." Master hand inquired.

"Oi! I did just what you said, just got a bit...carried away s'all." Junkrat reasoned, getting to his feet.

"Carried away? That was a disaster! All you succeeded in doing was putting the both of you in the same situation!!"

"Blehhh?" The Kangaroo cocked his head, confused.

"Aw, come on handy." Junkrat pleaded. "Look at 'em! He's like me but almost as good looking! And fluffy! Can we keep him, pleeeeease???"

"...Okay, look." Master hand sighed addressing the the Kangaroo. "We are holding a tournament, one that will give a prize to the victor if you are to succeed."




"You may also use your explosives in the matches-"


Ripper roo leaped into the air, positively ecstatic! That is, until he realized he leaped a little bit too far to the side, falling off Master Hand and into the chasm below. The hand gave a deep groan in response.

"There is one every tourney..."


Previously Deathstalker62
The Trial of Ţepeş
Another day of gloom and ominous brooding in the throne room. It had been pretty quiet ever since his most loyal minion had been taken away to another place in a different realm. Granted, it was not the first time such interdimensional problems arose, but it was still strange nonetheless. The King of Chaos sat upon his throne, head leaned on one hand, a wine glass filled to the brim with human blood in the other. Really now, when was his trusted reaper to return again? He had only seen a fight of his, projected to him via some kind of strange portal. It was him against.. some kind of bear creature with mechanized headgear, and quite the foul mouth. Really, it was quite a sight to see, even more so to see his collector of the dead fail to beat this bizarre being. Considering the Prince of Darkness couldn't tell of its abilities just from the fight alone as it seemed to rely on being annoying more often than not, he couldn't blame his harvester all that much. Still, if it was him in there, he'd have no remorse, rest assured.

Swirling around the blood in his glass, the Vampire King looked to the liquid flowing within, trying to find any reflection of himself but failing to do so. Of course, being a vampire meant there was none to find to begin with.. but maybe, somewhere under all this hatred.. maybe there was a bit of humanity still left within. It was conflicting. On one hand, humanity was corrupted and well beyond saving in his eyes, deserving to be eradicated. On the other, it would be against the will of his son Alucard and his beloved Lisa.. oh Lisa, how could he ever let it happen? He should have held on to her better, but a free soul like that is best left unchained. If only he knew what cruel twist that Fate had planned for her all this time..

" Ah, Death. I'm glad to see you have returned. And here, I almost thought you found yourself a new king! "

The ravager of the dead was not amused by this, which the vampire lord found quite odd.

" There is no time for banter, my liege. There's more important matters to attend, believe it or not. "

Dracula raised an eyebrow. Was this really his most loyal subject? He was gonna hear him out, but he had his suspicions.

" Alright, you may speak. "

Death ominously raised his scythe, Dracula now looking up with curiosity.

" I was sent here to test your skills. "

" Test my Skills? Surely you jest. You already know what I'm capable of, are you not? "

" I am indeed, Lord Dracula. But the one who sent me isn't, so now I'm his errand boy for some reason. "

Dracula stood from his throne, taking another sip from his wine glass while he processed this. Death, willing out someone else's wish?

" And just who might this 'one' be? "

" That I cannot say. Are you ready for battle, or do you need a few to put your make-up on first? "

The Prince of Darkness snickered. Even despite being sent out against his will, the Grim Reaper still can throw a good verbal punch. Good. So it really was him, then. Tossing away the wine glass to the side, Dracula swiped his hand upwards, a beam of light erupting from the ground and casting him away, then back again right in front of the stairs leading up to the throne as his arm retrieved back behind his cloak again.

" Have at you! "

Miniature Scythes begun manifesting as the two drew their weapons, the Vampire Lord remaining unbothered as they all just bounced right off his body, none ever flying close to hit his head. Death lowered himself to the ground, his scythe held behind him. Dracula held his arms outward, the Chaos Claws manifesting on them. Then, the Reaper charged head-on, dragging the blade of his massive weapon through the ground, ready to throw it upward and cast out a crimson circle around himself after the initial slice. However, before he got to do so, Dracula quickly closed the distance and dashed through Death, leaving behind a trail of a glorious, golden blaze as a Shoulder Charge allowed him to ram through his minion, singing and charring the floating half-skeleton, burning holes through his robes.

Death himself now held his arms over his head as his Scythe flew over to his Ruler, Chains emerging from violet and black portals to keep the Prince of Darkness trapped while the Scythe was ready to shred him. That is when Dracula held one arm over his head, his Chaos Claws disappearing and instead being swapped out for the Void Sword. With several swings, the Scythe and the Blade clashed against one another, sparks flying everywhere as the two gracefully danced around each other, soaring through the air and clashing each time. The chains themselves would be wrapped by Dracula's own, cast out by his Erosive Chain spell.

The spell was promptly broken by massive demonic skulls expanding in size and opening their jaws to bite down on the Vampire, who leapt toward his attacker and left the Skulls to be turned to ash by pillars of flame erupting from his position. The Harvester of Souls flew up, casting giant scythes to each of his left and right, ready to cut up Dracula.. but found that he had not simply fallen into the trap.

Rather, Death found his master high above him and far away, as the only thing he then saw coming his way was a ball of demonic and unholy energy.. before promptly being blown up by the power of the Demonic Megiddo. As the blast of evil cleared, the Reaper was still floating - damaged, but still there. Dracula wondered for a moment why, then realized that, before the Demonic Megiddo hit, his minion had used one of his portals to get away, getting only partially damaged in the process. Vlad smirked at this and readied to fight again, but the Harbinger held up one hand, signalling them to stop.

" Enough now, my liege. This will suffice. I believe he deems you ready now. "

Dracula once again raised another eyebrow, arms now tucked away again in his cape.

" You've still yet to tell me who this 'he' is, Death. "

" That would be me. "

The Vampire King turned to find a giant, disembodied hand in a white glove speaking to him with no visible mouth present. Well.. strange, but not the strangest.

" So, what was this test for then, if I am to assume that you're the one that sent Death? "

" That I am. You may call me 'Master Hand'. And this trial was to determine if you held a worthy place in my tournament. "

" Tournament? You mean, gladitorial fights for some kind of reward for the sole survivor? Now why would I take part in such barbaric things? "

" You say barbaric, but have you seen the kinds of things you've done? Oh wait, you have. And yes, there will be a prize for you if you win. "

" So, a mystery then, hm? Very Well, 'Master Hand'. Count me in. "


Test of Twin Fates
Well, here he was. Summoned in with a bunch of strangers and forced into fighting for some strange thing against their enemy. Well, Dmitrii sure as hell wasn't gonna start anything now - he JUST got done holding off another attack for the old professor, so right now all he was gonna do was head into the room his new boss assigned him to and sleep. That was the plan, at least until he opened the door and found himself on a large stage, like one would see inside a theater where an opera would be held. In the background, there was an abundance of large, ornate, red curtains while the foreground was a row of seats, filled with human life and tables supplied with drinks and snacks. Right in the center, a rather rotund and tall man dressed in a fancy white suit stepped out in the open, white hair slicked back, a well-cared for goatee on his chin and ash-black eyes, raising a hand as the other held a microphone. Floodlights shone on Dmitrii, causing him to flinch momentarily before his eyes adjusted, making him take out his flask in annoyance and take a swig.

And as he was announced to the crowd, all who had indifferent and confused looks as they didn't know who he was, another name was called up. A man dressed in all black, tuxedo, cloak and top hat came walking out from the other side of the stage, sliding in and pointing a finger upwards, hyping the crowd up. It seems those who were seated knew of this man, Dmitrii assumed he was an actor of sorts by the looks of his apparel and demeanour. But what would happen here, where he was taken out of nowhere for no reason? It seemed like a stage play, organized by whoever's identity that announcer was with his voice booming through the speakers. His opponent's name was now spoken loud and clear, for all to hear.

' Ladies and Gentlemen, you know him well and you love him even more.. the esteemed magic prodigy, Mr. Miracle! '

The crowd roared, a polar opposite to their reaction upon Alexeev's entry. Drinking his flask on empty, Dmitrii scoffed at this, silently swearing under his breath and stowed it away in his coat.

' Tonight is a special one, for these two will duke it out for your entertainment! Remember, boys! No killing! This is a public act, after all! '

The announcer pointed to the camera men stationed closest to the stage, which Dmitrii payed only a glance to. Great, he couldn't even end this sucker's life. Well, at least there was no rule about causing severe injury, so there was that silver lining.

' This match will get red hot... AND BEGIN! '

The microphone-equipped man disappeared behind the curtains as a band started playing a tune for the two to fight with - comedically, it sounded like one of those songs in the cartoons of olden days, where television was nothing but a black and white screen straight full of fuzzy static. Really, it was quite jazzy, but nothing at all what the Russian Bulletslinger had expected. It would suffice, however. Making the first move, Dmitrii begun firing bullets from his fingers, using their recoil to his advantage to quickly close the gap to his opponent. His foe, however.. just stood there, planting both feet to the ground, legs packed against each other and pulling out some kind of red rag. Like a matadoré, the magician stepped aside when his opponent was about to hit a kick, the fabric slapping him in the face as it was let go in the process. Somehow, it managed to wrap itself around his legs and caused Dmitrii to fall on the ground, his bottom half wrapped together like tobacco in a cigar.

While he freed himself and moved to stand up again, now more agitated, his foe seemed to pay him no mind, rather entertaining the crowd by doing card tricks! How utterly stupid was this guy to just ignore him outright? The crowd seemed to decide on picking one card to remember - the Ace of Diamonds. As the actor got shuffling, Dmitrii now charged forward with his legs emitting flames, scuffing and charring the fine wooden flooring. He stopped before making contact, raising his hands and blasting shotgun pellets from his fingers - only to find they were piercing through nothing but a smoke cloud, as it suddenly went dark! In truth, Mr. Miracle wrapped a blindfold around his head, using his skills as a magician to be as silent and quick as possible with his nimble handwork.

While Dmitrii was confused, he stumbled back, he had fallen once more, this time on his back. Something cut into his leg. Not very deep, but enough to cause enough discomfort to make him lose his footing. Now becoming too angry to think straight, the Drunk Russian begun firing aimlessly around himself with 10mm bullets, firing like a spinning minigun. Despite this, it seemed nothing hit his target as there were no sounds of pain! Instead, the pain was on him, as several of his bullets somehow made their way back into his chest, not getting too far but making sizeable holes! He was losing blood fast now, and as if that wasn't enough, his foe reached a hand within a larger hole, causing Dmitrii to squirm and struggle to stand and gain footing. Then, something was pulled from his chest, and a foot was slammed down instead, forcing him to stay down.

' And would you believe it, ladies and gentlemen.. the Ace of Diamonds! '

With that, confetti cannons shot over the stage, ending this act. The foot was lifted and, for some strange reason, Dmitrii started feeling better quickly. He could stand again, now quickly removing his blindfold.. to find a giant, white glove floating where the old announcer once stood.

' Well done, well done! Truly, an entertaining act, Mr. Miracle! '

' I'm an actor through and through, Mr. Giant Floating Hand! I aim to please! '

' You're free to call me Master Hand. As for you.. '

The hand now turned to Dmitrii, who now was more confused than annoyed.

' You put a good fight, but I don't think you're as good a fit as I thought for my tournament. '

The Russian raised an eyebrow in disbelief. This whole thing was just to try out for a tournament? If he knew that, he'd have tried harder and would have taken his foe seriously! Bah, what a bunch of bullshit.

' Блядь, can I leave now? I have had enough of this whole thing, especially that guy. '

A finger pointed to the showman, who bowed with remorse.

' Million apologies, sir! But this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hit it big! '

' Yes, yes, whatever. Just put me back where I was or something. '

The hand snapped his fingers- limbs? And Dmitrii was popped right back in his room. Then, it turned to the magician.

' What a handful that guy is- '

The magician gave Master Hand finger guns.

' Eyyy, nice one! '

' Nice on-? Oh, for Galeem's- nevermind. Here's your invitation. '

Another snap, this time a letter manifested right in front of Mr. Miracle, who grasped it between two fingers.

' I'll expect you to put up a good show at the tourney. We'll hope to see you there. '

' Oh, I do promise I will, my good hand! A good magician is never afraid to work out of his usual acts! '


Trial of the King
A tall figure stood on a platform of writhing, bleeding flesh, surrounded by a bottomless abyss and infinite darkness. Ahead of it, there was a descending path of a ginormous spine, a single torch on a pedestal lighting the way and strange, serene music lightly echoeing throughout the area. Picking up the sole source of light, the large figure made its descent on the twisted path of spines, the formerly calming sounds started twisting into something ominous, giving a sense of dread that would strike fear into the hearts of man.. but not into this one, for it was no man at all.

Soon, its path was too steep to continue walking and it fell, sliding down into a gaping math of human teeth cast wide open and swallowing it into some large, fleshy area. And right in the center of this area, there was some kind of octahedron-shaped structure.. made from skin. A large, human-like mouth with a lack of lips faced the creature, the eyes on its side briefly peering at it as it spun before it roared up a battlecry - and was quickly silenced and torn apart by a blast from Master Hand's fingergun, who had then promptly vanished just as quick as he appeared.

" Prove yourself. "

As the flesh prison tore apart, a glowing, formless shape descended from it, lighting up the surrounding darkness as it fell to the ground. Upon its soft landing, it formed into a humanoid shape, a significant lack of a face on its head, a red system of nerves visible beneath its ethereal skin.

" Ah, free.. at last.. "

Flexing its hands and examining its body, it spoke to itself, first seemingly not acknowledging the simian in the room.

" Oh, Gabriel.. now dawns thy reckoning.. and thy gore shall GLISTEN before the temples of man.. "

A finger now shot out at the slender simian, the crown-wearing entity now referring to it directly.

" Creature of Unknown, my gratitude upon thee for my freedom.. "

The finger was clenched into a fist, the King now flexing and preparing to fight.

" ..but it is my duty to prove to thee my might, and I shall not intent on holding back. "

Now taking up a battle stance, the glowing being put its clenched fists in front of itself, ready to move forward.

" Prepare thy self for Judgment! "

With a sudden movement, the creature burst forward with surprising speed, making its way over to Pipotron J unexpectly quick! Due to being caught off-guard, the first hit struck him with sheer might, a projected snake launching him into the air as an uppercut landed its forceful blow on his chin! After this, J was starting to adapt to his opponent's speed and striking strength - shockwaves clashed through the air as the two went at each other, fists clashing against each other. However, the Prime Soul was starting to gain the upper hand, what with his serpents granting him extra range and firepower to his already incredibly strong punches and kicks. That is when J had an idea. Landing upon the ground, the Pipotron reached to the fleshy terrain, manifesting a sword from the wriggling mass underneath.

And in proper timing too, as a large, orange serpent was making its way right on over to him! With a swift slash of his sword, the snake was cut down and shattered - only for Minos to immediately appear in front of J in its place, smashing the ground with a fist and creating a large shockwave that knocked the Simian back, this time prepared for it, allowing him to jam his blade in the ground to stop himself from being pushed back too far. With a sprint, the two now clashed against each other, serpents striking against sword swings. What would end up breaking this clash was a dropkick on Minos' side, causing an explosion and breaking the sword in its entirety, alongside pushing J back more from the blast. Just as the Prime Soul was about to start bearing down on his opponent again, a loud, booming voice echoed into the fleshy arena that was once his prison, just as his opponent had disappeared. A large hand now hovered in the simian's place, to which the King now fully stopped his assault.

" You have proven your might, King Minos. You may partake in my tournament. "

Crossing his arms, Minos Prime glanced at the giant hand in curiosity.

" Thy want I to participate in a gladitorial bout? If I am able to win, what will thy present as a reward? "

" That, I can only reveal if you join in the first place. The decision is yours. "

As the hand seemingly snapped itself out of existence, a letter was swapped with its previous location. It gently floated down to the King, who took it in one hand. A tournament.. this would be a great warm-up for when he'd finally get to face Gabriel.

Trial of Gratitude
In a distant land, there stood a tall, tall mountain, piercing the sky and reaching past the clouds. Befittingly, this mountain was titled ‘Sky Peak Mountain’. Along its path leading down the peak, there was a beautiful, dense forest full of teeming wildlife running about. This was the land of Pokemon, where trainers have never existed. Where Pokemon have taken upon themselves to build civilizations and live amongst each other in harmony.

And, among all these different camps and towns, there exists a peaceful village of small, white hedgehogs with leaves and flowers lining their backs. These were the Shaymin, the mystical Pokémon who embody gratitude itself. It was a calming, shining spring morning. The sun was bright, the wind was graceful and bug-types and flying-types flew about in the air. And it was within that sky where another Pokémon flew. Another Shaymin, but unlike some of its brethren below, it had more of a dog-like appearance. This was its Sky Forme, used typically for migration. Today, however? It was to simply enjoy the new dawn. Landing again in its village, something nabbed the attention of the flower-growing Pokémon. A voice, ringing in his head from no particular direction. A psychic-type, perhaps? This didn’t feel like much of something a psychic Pokémon would say to it, as the message made itself loud and clear.


The Gratitude Pokémon stood by for a moment, confused on both who this voice belonged to, as well as for what he has been chosen for, nevermind the part about proving himself, whatever that could mean. Then, on the opposite of it, at the other side of the small village’s centre, a light appeared, a figure manifesting. It looked large, bulky and had brown fur. Was it another Pokémon? Shaymin tried speaking to it, but all that escaped its lips was but one sound.

‘ Hoouuh? ‘

Well, it seems like it wasn’t a Pokémon, that was for sure. Now the other Shaymin came out of their huts to look at the new creature. They all spoke within the universal language shared between Pokémon in wonder. The one facing the large creature however? He had sent out a telepathic message over, given the language barrier between the two seemed only passable mentally. ‘ What am I proving? ‘ What the creature answered is what frightened the Pokémon a bit. It pounded its fists together with a determined look, then pointed over at him. A fight? Well, fighting was a prime instinct of his kind. But here, of all places? He couldn’t just let the village get destroyed in a fight like this. So, another message was sent over, quick and simple. ‘ We can’t fight here. Follow me, please? ‘ Even though Shaymin thought the giant Primeape-like creature couldn’t speak, one recognizable word did escape its jaws, a rather simple one at that, followed by a thumbs up.

‘ OK! ‘

The two went on their way, Shaymin trodding along the ground while the giant ape moved along on his knuckles. Quite a peculiar creature, that one was. Still, it was always nice to meet new friends, right? The two went on their way onto the Sky Peak Mountain Path, ending up in Sky Peak Forest, where the newcomer felt right at home, as Shaymin had thought. It already seemed pretty calm for someone who was meant to be his opponent and the forest seemed to just make it even more relaxed.

We can start now. ‘

The land-formed Shaymin transmitted over, before the giant ape signalled over a nod and its mood suddenly changed. From being awed at all the surrounding creatures, it now had a determined look on its face and rushed on over to the Gratitude Pokémon, using the trees like platforms to jump between them to close the distance faster. The Grass-type responded by curling up, seeming to be startled by the Kong but actually using Defense Curl to help aid against what it thought would be an incoming punch, its back now camouflaging into the grassy terrain and briefly tricking the creature into pausing as it caught up.

With that moment, Shaymin uncurled and distracted the Kong more by staring at him with a sparkling set of eyes, as Baby-Doll Eyes set into effect, making the Dong flustered and reducing his attack power as a result before remembering he was supposed to be beating this creature up and slamming a fist into Shaymin - with a reduced attack stat and Shaymin’s increased defence, the punch wasn’t as hard as it should’ve been, mostly in thanks to Shaymin still being in Land Forme where its stats were all evenly high. The small Pokemon was still knocked back reasonably far, who had then responded by firing a green ball of energy from his mouth at Donkey Kong!

The Dong put two arms up, expecting to be blasted back… only to not move and barely feel the energy hit. As his eyes opened again, he found that he was now wearing a collar of flowers made from colourful energies around his neck. This did not help the ape’s confusion, but seeing as it seemed to have done nothing but make him look good, he didn’t really mind it all that much, even if it hid his tie just a slight bit. Looking back to his opponent, leaves were sent the Dong’s way, weaponized by some kind of energy. Quickly, the Kong showed off his durability and agility, punching and slapping away some leaves while taking the majority, who seemed to have not a very big effect against whittling this monkey’s health down. With another punch, Shaymin was dug into the ground, before being promptly yoinked out of the dirt and flung into the sky with a mighty throw as Donkey Kong leapt into the trees to catch up with his foe. Unfortunately for him, he had just given the Shaymin a good advantage.

Light began enveloping the Gratitude Pokémon as it shifted into its Sky Forme and ceased to fall, now floating mid-air as it slowed itself down. Donkey Kong looked onward to his enemy from a tree’s top, befuddled as to how this hedgehog-looking creature could now fly. Even more so when its eyes and body began glowing green, as the same green energy now enveloped the ape himself and flung him into the skies, far above Shaymin as its flower turned black, sucking in the pollution in the sky that was blown over from Sky Peak Mountain’s..well, peak.

As Donkey Kong began revving up an arm with an accelerating spin, his opponent’s body had started glowing a bright light-green, as his flower now was emitting a bright, light-pink energy. A strong, winded up punch hit the Gratitude Pokémon as he tried moving above Donkey Kong, emitting his attack early. A large explosion was set off as several shockwaves of the same light-green energy he stockpiled were sent outward, blasting the Dong to the ground with great force and, in turn, the plant life below was teeming more as Grassy Terrain was forced out from Seed Flare, expanding the surrounding grass, flowers, trees and the like by increasing their growth and spread. Upon the attack now fading, Shaymin lowered himself to the ground again.. Only to find his big, brawny friend not there anymore. Instead, he found a rather large, white hand wearing a glove. How even more peculiar.

“ You have been chosen to participate in my tournament. Here, open this letter once you’re ready. “

Master Hand was just this close to disappear, when a word from Shaymin’s telepathy had stopped him.

‘ Wait. ‘

The massive, disembodied hand turned to the small Pokémon, seeming rather impatient.

‘ Can I take my friends with me? ‘

The giant hand made an ’OK’ sign as it gave a positive answer.

“ The more spectators, the better. Now, I really have to go. “

With one snap of its enormous fingers, it disappeared as quickly as it came. Shaymin looked at the letter laying in the grass below him.. This would be quite an event to participate in, wouldn’t it? He wondered if he’d meet more Pokemon there.. Or maybe even one of those mythical ‘trainers’ he had heard about in passing.
Audrey's Trial Of...Not Redemption, actually.

SMASH! was the sound made, as a blade clattered against a red robot - it's original shape indeterminate due to being crushed by the massive sword. The user scowled as she slowly lifted it back up, sipping from a canteen soon after before wiping the water away from her mouth.
"Urgh, this is so boring..." She groaned, putting the sword down for a moment. She took out a strange device, like a circular flip-phone, and opened it, pressing a key button. She waited a few seconds, and...
"Yo, Doctor, is there seriously nothing better for me to do? I know you got a lotta these guys, but surely there's something more important, like some twerp to deal with?" Audrey immeadiantly asked, glaring - Not at all intimidated by the mad Doctor, who had shook his head.
"No can do, I'm afraid." He explained. "I-" Suddenly, the power in the device cut, and it was forced shut.
"Huh?! What the hell?!" Audrey scowled, trying to turn it back on.
"Audrey Redheart. You have been chosen - Prove yourself."

A kid appeared out of nowhere. And...uh, a weird blob.
"Who are you?!" Audrey immeadiantly asked, raising her blade before lowering it a little as she realised it was just some kid. "What do you mean 'Prove yourself'?!" She added, growling.
"Ah!" The kid almost yelped, before calming. The blob, meanwhile, didn't speak. "Sorry, but, um...we have to fight. I need to test you...Audrey, was it? I'm Bowie, and this is Blob, by the way." He explained.
"Oh, cool. Wait, fight? What are you on about, kid, what could someone like you do to fight me, the Her-" She began to say, before stopping as Bowie took out a dark red jelly bean, tossing it to Blob. The strange creature ate it, and transformed into a bubble around. "Woah!" Audrey was surprised she quickly stepped to the side as the duo rolled towards her, not wanting to get run over. She quickly shot back forwards, growling as she swung her sword - It bounced off the bubble, which certainly was not what Audrey wanted, and in fact she was forced to quickly roll to the side as Bowie and Blob attempted to roll her over again - Surprisingly, he noted he was going slow. Someone was hesitating, clearly. Soon after, Blob transformed back, and Bowie gave him a little pat. Audrey, still somewhat hesitant to hurt a kid, hit him with her scarf. Still hurt, though.
"Ow!" Bowie yelped, backing up.
"Seriously, ow?! You started this fight, kid!" Audrey complained, pushing Bowie to the side. Blob quickly caught him, and Bowie thought for a moment.

"Sheesh, that stung, thanks Blob...Well, this is a test, so let's give our best." He told both his friend and Audrey, tossing Blob a dark purple bean, transforming Blob once more - this time, into some form of Mech, with large fists and a hole for Bowie to use as a cockpit. Honestly, if Audrey wasn't so confused by this she'd have half a mind to take it for herself, but was forced to cut that thought short as she narrowly dashed to avoid several punches. She swung her blade to block another, before hopping back....And another punch swiftly knocked her back with an oof, her device falling out of pocket onto the ground. She growled, not noticing at first, and pointed her blade up.
"Fine, kid! You want to die!? So be it!" She yelled, lightning striking down into the blade with a flash of light. After several seconds, it stopped, and Audrey pointed her blade at the surprised Blob mech, the lightning shooting out and zapping the mech, forcing Blob to transform back to normal to protect Bowie from being zapped too!
"Wow!" Bowie was awed - And, to be rather frank, scared - of that. "But we're not done yet, I think. Have at- Oh, wait, you dropped something, lemme get it for you." He walked over with Blob behind, picking it up, but stopping as he noticed a certain symbol...

"Wait...is that-!? No way, you're on the side of Sonic The Hedgehog's most dangerous enemy, Doctor Eggman!" Bowie seemed to yelp as he paused - He was going to give it back, but now... "But, I've never seen you before..."

"Crud," Audrey muttered as she readied her blade. "Never seen me before, huh?! Well consider me the new gal!" She yelled, the sword coursing with electrical energy as she dashed forward. Naturally, Blob moved to shield Bowie (After being given a quick Strawberry Bean) in shield form, the boy holding his blob with weight. Audrey's sword stabbed right through, though didn't reach Bowie. The lightning, however, began to zap Blob, forcing Bowie to let go of his friend before...!

Audrey swung upwards, cleaving Blob in twixt! She then kept cutting down, annoyance in her eyes.
"STAY! DOWN! YOU! ANNOYING! BLOB!" She yelled ferociously, before stopping; Blob was left as mere pieces of it's former self. She stepped away, laughing. "Well, have I passed that test of yours yet, kid- ...Kid?" She stopped as she noticed Bowie holding Blob, the child starting to tear up. A tinge of guilt entered that spot, a reminder of sorts that she was never the type of person she needed to be. In that moment, Bowie's sobs (Which Audrey could only assume was crying over Blob, wanting him to come back) struck a chord, while the Hero turned around.

No, why was she pausing, stopped?! It was just one kid, who had come here where he shouldn't have been, he should've known better?! And Now, Audrey was to finish him off for good, so no one would know...Just one kid, why was she hesitating?!

Who cared if he was a kid, she'd destroyed a whole UNIVERSE! What was one kid to...to...
"Urgh, just quit crying already!!" Audrey yelled at him to shake off her own grievances. "YOU brought this upon your friend, idiot, not me. Don't cry over something you caused, and run along before I finish this-" Before she could finish speaking, she stopped as her head turned to see the blob was pulling itself together, forming back together!

"Oh. right. It's a blob." She muttered to herself, as if it was obvious that it could reform itself upon being broken apart. Bowie seemed to harden his tears too, with him getting to his feet and wiping away tears.
"A-alright, you win."
"Huh?" Audrey was perplexed, so to say, at this.
"You heard me...I won't let Blob get hurt anymore for me, you win!" And...nothing happened for a moment.
"...Was something supposed to-" Suddenly, Bowie disappeared before Audrey could finish speaking, shocking her. "Hey, what's the big idea-?!" Suddenly someone began...well, not quite clapping, but rather snapping fingers, slowly. Close enough, Audrey decided, when she saw the one making the sound - A giant, solitary hand.
"Good job, Redheart. You passed this test." It said, leading Audrey to scowl.
"Listen, weirdo, I'm not up for some stupid games or whatever, so just leave me alone before I kill you, got it?!"
"As if you could," The Hand told...no, mocked her, of course it freaking did! "At any rate, congratulations. Audrey, you are being invited to a tournament, once more." Audrey's eyes began to widen at this - Another one? Part of her hesitated, but another part...
"I see you are thinking on it. Here," An envelope appeared in Audrey's hand. "Just open this if you choose to join. Try not to bring the Doctor in to this, though. Last one he was in..." The Hand seemed to shudder. However, he soon disappeared.
"Tournament...well, if it's like the last one, there'll be a wish involved..Plus, even if I lose (Somehow), I might be able to get some data for the Doc." She noted as she thought. "Orrr, I could train here, against robots I know I can beat easily." She grumbled as she looked at the envelope - After she regained her device, of course...

Axe's Test

"Axe, get down from there! You're going to fall and hurt yourself, young man!" A shout echoed upwards a tree, nearly shaking it (Well, from the recipiant's perspective) in the process. The one yelling was Ember, the mother of the hero of this tale and one of the past...Axe. Who, at this time, was sitting on a tree, trying to relax. "I'll be fine, Mom!" He insisted - His Mother didn't believe him. "Oh no you will not!" Honestly, Ember had it in her right mind to climb up there and carry him down herself...luckily, Axe decided to come down soon after, smirking. "Now, make sure you get home in time for dinner, alright? I know your friends want to hang out, but don't forget!" "I know, Mom...I'm not a little kid anymore, y'know!" Axe responded, Ember laughing before the parent said bye to her son for the day, Axe running off to meet up with his pals...

"AXE, YOU HAVE BEEN CHOSEN!" Axe suddenly heard a voice in his head...it reminded him way too much of Torren- "Prove yourself!" The voice spoke again, and before he could think on it again, he barely leaned back in time to avoid a sword as it swung at his neck.
"Aw, did you really need to dodge? Just making my job harder, buddy." A creepy voice rung out, but when Axe raised his shield the attacker...well, there was no one there. "What the...?" As he tried to register the situation, mist began to seep into the area - Any possible witnesses Axe could've sworn were there a split second suddenly missing. "Missing something~?" The voice taunted, noting that Axe couldn't find his attacker. From the mist, a dark tendril launched that Axe barely managed to use his shield to block - Pushing it back into the mist before he attempting to strike with his pickaxe. Of course, the mist was merely pushed aside temporarily before reforming. "Tut, tut, you think you can slash mist to pieces? Pray that's the last time you make this mistake." (edited)

Is this guy a ghost or something...?! Axe thought to himself, trying to focus. No, if it was a ghost, it'd probably act more like Margo did... He suddenly had to raise his shield again, as another tendril battered against it, like a spike, only for another to grab his leg and trip him! "Gah!" Axe was surprised but quickly managed to roll to the side to avoid the spike tendril coming down on him. Right, gotta focus...Maybe if I get outta this mist, I can figure it out! He decided, putting his shield on his back and quickly dashing out of the mist, much to the surprise of his foe. "What the..?! Hey, where do you think you're going?! Get back here, Brat!" The mist began to settle as a whisper of wind moved to catch up to Axe, who took his shield off his back once more to block another attempt at a slash...or so he thought as the wind zipped behind him and grabbed him, slamming him to the ground with a suplex! (Axe really wished he was heavier now...) "guh...!" He rolled away again, the wind and mist beginning to form into a shape - Like a boy with a sword and a shield, and a strange look of clothes. This was none other than Shadow Link, the trickster of evil who was clearly delighted with having winded the kid. Axe snarled as he got to his feet, pushing the underlying fear his opponent made him feel as he raised his shield with a glare.
"Who are you?!" Axe asked, annoyed. "Keep asking questions like that, and you'd be dead before you know it, dopey. Lucky you're against someone so merciful, haha!" As he said this, Shadow link leapt forward slamming his sword against Axe's shield. Axe grunted, obviously, pushing back to force the foe back. He then threw his shield, richocheting it off of a nearby tree and letting it slam into the side of Shadow Link's head, the improvised weapon returning to his hand by a second richochet off of the enemy.

"Usually, bad guys tend to respond, monolouge a bit, y'know?" Axe half-mocked, half-justified his own question, before jumping forward to strike Shadow Link, his shield easily knocking away the smaller sword in SL's hand (As it turns out, a pickaxe combined with a shield is much heavier than a one-handed sword), with Axe following up with another slash with the pickaxe end extending out. Unfortunately, this time, Shadow Link seemed to fade to mist and the attack flowed right through, like clouds. Then, the mist moved, picking up the sword before spreading enough to seemingly disappear into the air again, only to reappear as a thicker fog that tripped Axe once again, narrowly missing stabbing the boy in the back due to Axe narrowly rolling as he could, kicking the mist off. "Damn, this is tough...but I'm not just gonna let some weirdo walk all over me!" He retaliated with a sweep to the mist, which obviously didn't work but shook it away long enough for Axe to take something out of his pocket - A small piece of dynamite, more like a firecracker -, lighting it against his boots before throwing it into the mist. The explosion was small, but light and strong, causing the mist to disperse and clearly doing a fair damage to the foe - At least, maybe his confidence. Maybe. "Axe!" Suddenly, Axe heard a voice call out to him, turning his head to see his friends - Nelz, Matock, and Pasmina - Approaching with worry, concerned as they'd heard the explosion and shouting. "What's going on?!" Pasmina asked, her green hair and worried nature clear. "Look, I told you he'd be fine- Hey, what's that?" Matock, flicking his own green hair, noted, before pausing. He wasn't nearly as worried about Axe as the others.
"Axe, look out!" Nelz, adjusting his goggles for a second, called out as the mist materialised again into a hand that attempted to wrap around Axe's neck while he was distracted. Thanks to Nelz's callout, however, Axe managed to knock away the shadowed hand. Instead, it was forced to grab his legs, throwing him against a tree! Axe grunted in pain as he bounced off the wooden conifer, shaking himself to his feet soon after. As he shook himself up, he nodded to his friends. "I don't guess you guys know what's happening, do yous?" He asked, darting his eyes as his foe had disappeared once more. They didnt have a chance to respond before Axe heard Nelz gasp in pain, the mist forming into a strangehold around his neck before it targeted Pasmina and Matock too - Axe quickly leapt to the their position, fending it off with his shield before dashing to try and knock it off his best friend. Shadow Link quickly moved Nelz in the way, forcing Axe to stop with a yelp. Once again, Shadow Link tripped Axe with another tendril, before appearing to stab him with a sword! This time, Matock leapt into action, kicking the sword away!...again!
"What the-!? Outside help?!" Shadow Link seemed peeved at this - This wasn't in the rules. "Hey, I dunno who you are, but you brought us into this by going after us!" Matock countered out, helping Axe up. The pair then swiftly knocked the materialised hand off of Nelz's neck, knocking Shadow Link away. "Nelz, are you alright?!" Both Pasmina and Axe asked, the former bringing Nelz to the backline of the fight. "Urk, yeah...that really stung though, gonna need a drink...!" The blacksmithy apprentice commented, chuckling. Pasmina's worried glare shut him up fast, before Axe turned to them.

"Listen, guys, I dunno what this guy's deal is, but maybe yous should stay back and get to safety?" He suggested, with the trio shaking their heads.
"No can do, Axe, can't let my rival get beat by some no-name weirdo!" Matock claimed, Pasmina grabbing his arm.
"And besides, I told you I wouldn't let you get hurt, didn't I?" Pasmina added, Axe shaking his head. "I guess..." "Also, you do kinda need our help sometimes, ya know." Nelz piped up... Suddenly, Shadow Link appeared again.
"Wow, maybe the Hand was wrong about you having a chance, if you need some help from your friends-" Shadow Link attempted to mock, leaning forward and laughing...only to get a punch in the face from an annoyed Axe, a glowing red stone in his hand. "Pipe down, trying to have a moment here- Guh!" Axe angrily began to say, before Shadow Link struck back by launching his sword hilt into Axe's face. "No, you pipe down, I'm trying to make you feel bad!" Shadow Link laughed, taunting as he sunk into the ground in a misty form, Axe leapt forward but was too late to stop him from spreading around Axe, spread out into a wispiest of forms.
"Axe, he's gonna come up behind you!" Pasmina called out, noticing a minor concentration behind Axe, to which this shout spurred Axe to swing his pickaxe out, extended slightly to try and slash Shadow Link...Only for Shadow Link's blade to sever the Pickaxe from the shield, the sharp pickaxe shooting into the side of a tree. Axe barely moved his shield to block him time. "Hehe, how'd you like that? Not the greatest weapon if it gets screwed like that, loser- guh, what's that smell?!" Shadow Link began to push forward, stopping as he felt a disgusting scent enter his nose, making him back off. Axe finished shaking a small bottle, putting it away as he stopped spraying it's mist.

"You like THAT?!" Axe taunted, slamming his shield into SL's face to send him tumbling away, slamming into the tree where the pickaxe was impaled. So close to get his head, had he been a couple centi-meters to the left... Axe moved to follow up, Shadow Link rolling to the side as he shook off the horrid stench in his noise, before dodging another attempt to strike with the shield. This repeated for a moment, Shadow Link searching for an easy opening as Axe struggled to keep up. Nelz, meanwhile had an idea. "Let's see...if I...then...!" He decided, running to grab the pickaxe out of tree! "Axe, catch!" He pulled it out, throwing it with all his might. It richochetted off of a cliff face, then bounced up as Axe caught in his hand, using it to pull Shadow Link's sword out of his hands again. "Ugh, I'm on an off-day." Shadow Link murmured, turning to mist again as Axe reattached the pickaxe and shield - clicking them together. The mist quickly surrounded again, aiming to grab at Axe's neck. Though Axe attempted to bat it away, the mist soon solidified like a claw around the boy's neck, strangling him in the air as Shadow Link appeared in full at the end. "I'm done, no more playing games, kid." He threatened, his voice turning from creepy to just plain sinister. Axe's friends gasped, with Nelz and Pasmina dashing to help. Try as they might, however, they lacked the power needed to pull it off. SL moved to slap them away with what seemed like magic of sorts, though Matock quickly pulled them away, shielding them from the attack with a low groan.

"Axe, green stone!" Matock called out as a reminder to his rival, knowing he probably couldn't do much. "!" Axe managed to gasp at that, remembering it as he struggled to shake his hands to reach into his bag... Ngh...this could kill me...I don't want to die, alright?! He thought to himself, coursing his intent into the stone as it began to shine! SHING "Wha-" A flash of light interrupted Shadow Link, and Axe was gone from his grasp. Soon after, the boy slammed into him from above, hitting him with an elbow to the face, surprising Shadow Link as the dark creature scowled. Following up, Axe smirked. "Let's finish this!" He noted, jumping up and extending out his pickaxe, spinning in mid-air. He slammed straight to the ground in front of Shadow Link as the enemy began to jump back.
An explosion of flames shot up from the ground at high power, striking Shadow Link and burning him hard! Shadow Link fell back, struggling. "Gr...fine, Red. Not gonna underestimate you next time, haha...!" Shadow Link laughed as he fell to a knee. Axe walked up. "HYAH!" Axe swung his shield into Shadow Link's chest, dropping a lit firecracker into his foes hands and shoving him away. The firecracker then exploded, dusting the area as Shadow Link let out a loud yelp. "I think...ah got him." Axe huffed out, Nelz and Pasmina rushing over to help him to his feet as he nearly fell to his knees. "Be more careful, please..." Pasmina pleaded, Axe sheepishly rubbing the back of his neck. "I'm serious! That guy almost killed you!" She added, worry clear in her tone as she held Axe's arm longer than needed, while Nelz chuckled a little. "Pasmina, if he's finding time to be so relaxed, I'm sure he's fine. Have some faith!" He pointed out. "I don't see anyone worrying about me..." Matock muttered, slightly envious. "Matock, you just kicked him a couple times at most, you'll be fine-" Axe began to retort with a chuckle, underestimating his rival's wince. (edited)

"Good, you passed the test." A voice boomed - Certainly loud, though not as scary as, say, Ember shouting at Axe to get home that instant (Thank goodness, she wasn't). As the dust from the explosion settled, a giant floating hand appeared. What. "I have my reservations of the assistance, but Shadow Link did bring them into the fight himself, so, hm." "Uh... who are you? What test?" Axe asked, confused. "The... The trial I told you of before I summoned-? You know what, nevermind. You are cordially-" Master Hand took a breath right there for a second, a mistake.
"What does Cordially mean?"
"...You are invited to a Tournament, one of the ages, across Space and Time itself, with fighters from every corner of everything."
Axe was interested now, dismissing any concerns he may have had (His friends were noticeably more worried, especially Pasmina). "That's just like that last tournament I was in!" He turned to his friends. "Told you guys I wasn't being crazy!" He laughed with his arms behind his head. "Well?" Master Hand asked, an envelope appearing. "Huh? Oh yeah, I'm in, no worries! I need to shake off some rust anyway-" Axe began to agree, though Nelz tapped his shoulder. "Ahem?" Nelz crossed his arms. "Oh! Um, big Hand guy, is it possible for my friends here to come and watch?" Axe asked. If Matock palming his face was any indication, this was not what the group wanted, but Master Hand seemed fine with it. "Yes, there is no issue with that. I will teleport them into the spectating crowd as soon as you agree. Here, open this." He tossed the envelope to Axe, who easily caught it between two fingers. "Alright, now what-" He began to open it as he spoke. And another flash of light came...


Trial of Strength

"HAH!" The resounding noise from a kick to the head sent a young martial artist flying, knocking the man on his back out-cold with dazed eyes. The one who launched the kick wiped the sweat off his brow, breathing slowly. "Not bad, buddy. You got a lot to learn, though. Keep at it." He offered words of encouragement to his defeated opponent, giving a bow of respect before turning to leave the small arena. This was Masaru Takahara, the World's Strongest Man, and one who wished to learn more - This fight was a stop of his, made to find some opponents to fight for training and to see if there was anything to learn (There was not, though it did help him reaffirm his learnings of Koppo), on his way to China. He had business there, as he wished to see if Lei's, an old friend of his, martial art stuck around to his era so he could learn it.
"guh..." His opponent was taken off stage by a medoc, though it was incredibly clear Masaru did not kill or injure his foe in any overly meaningful way. That just wasn't Masaru's style, he'd decided a long time ago...

However, just as he was almost out...
"Masaru Takahara." A voice, almost from the heavens, called out. "You have been Chosen. Prove Yourself." It added, curious and challenging in the tone. That made Masaru curious himself.
"Huh? Not just whisking me away this time, voice in the sky?" He wondered, trying to discern what was different this time from when Odio grabbed him. At least this one wasn't critiquing his entire life... "Hey? You gonna say anything else, or-"
"He's not going to respond."

Someone called out from the spot where the light shone the moment Masaru looked away - A japanese man, with a nice suit. A business man, at first glance, but his aura certainly made it clear what he was; A fighter. "Name's Kiryu Kazuma. You know what to do, right?" He added, cracking his knuckles as Masaru put his bag back down and approached.
"Takahara Masaru. Let's do this, Kiryu-Shi." Masaru soon agreed - Whoever was asking for him to prove himself wanted him to fight, clearly. This was fine, he figured, since experiencing new foes was always useful.
"Yobisute. Let's go." Kiryu steeled himself to fight, that much was clear, before the fighters took their stances - Kiryu taking one akin to simple street brawling with his legs shoulder width apart and his dominant hand closer to his face, whilst Masaru kept his hands lower, closer to his waist, and his legs spread out.

"HAH!" Masaru launched out the first attack, aiming with a kick towards Kiryu's chest, which the Yakuza blocked though stepped back to contain the blow - Countering with a headbutt, surprising Masaru as he was made to step back himself from the blow. Kiryu then launched into a counterattack, throwing a right hook, a left hook, a right uppercut, and a left kick towards Masaru. Though he blocked the hooks with his strong forearms, the uppercut and kick struck his stomach true and caused him to grunt as he backed off. "Damn, that hit hard." He noted, before launching into his own attack while Kiryu raised his guard once more!
Gale Strike!
The blow, technique proclaimed in mind, punched straight throw Kiryu's guard, knocking his arms to the sides with enough force to shatter a mountain of plates! The force of the blow collided with the Dragon's face, knocking him on his back after he was launched a few meters away. Despite this, Masaru let him get up. "C'mon, don't tell me that's all, Kiryu-shi?"

"Not even close." Kiryu leapt back to his feet, taking a new stand as he danced on his toes, constantly moving his arms up and down as if in a Rush. He suddenly dashed towards Masaru in the form of quick steps, sending out a fast flurry of punches that sent Masaru on the defensive with his guard blocking the constant blows of the enforcer, forcing him to step back.
Eventually, Kiryu seemed to slow, and Masaru saw a percieved gap in his foe's defenses. He dropped his guard for a second, knocking aside a punch as he sent out his own!

Which Kazuma easily dodged, side-stepping it. "Well, well. Not good enough," He noted, before striking Masaru's gut with a hard knee, stunning the martial artist before he struck him with a quick flurry of punches ending with a semi-circular kick to the head, knocking Masaru to the ground; the warrior barely rolling in time to avoid a stomp as he got to his feet.
"Damn...can't say I was expecting that!" He complimented. "How'd you move so fast?" He wondered, questioning.
"Couple days of training, had some great teachers." Kiryu stated matter-of-factly, earning a nod from masaru - As he had learnt more than thrice, a good teacher made all the difference.
"Interesting. I'm not going to back down, though. I want to see where this goes, I think!" Masaru began to take a stance, not too disimilar to Kiryu's own while still his own. Kiryu shrugged and moved in to attack again.
Something changed this time, however.

The first punch from Kiryu was dodged! Almost exactly like Kiryu before, Masaru sidestepped the punch, and slammed his knee into his foe's gut, catching him off guard and stunning him.
German Suplex!
Following up from that, the martial artist quick-stepped behind Kiryu, wrapping his arms around him and suplexing him! He then let go, allowing Kiryu to get up after a moment, though he made Masaru jump back to avoid a tornado kick as he jumped up. They began to circle one another in the arena, talking once more.
"Hm. How'd you learn the rush style so fast?" Kiryu wondered his thoughts out-loud.
"Oh, it's...kinda my thing. An opponent hits me with a technique, martial art, or otherwise, and my brain just kinda clicks, that make sense?" He explained somewhat sheepishly. "...It's a modern technique." He then added, noting Kiryu's somewhat confused expression.

"Ah, I guess that makes sense. I guess I should go all out!" the Dragon of Dojima finally decided. Suddenly, he threw off his jacket and shirt, surprising Masaru. "Now let's kick things up a notch, I'm getting excited." He challenged, with the strongest noting a tatoo stretching over past his back on his shoulders. And his energy...it felt far more intense! Suddenly, Kiryu took a different stance, his legs spread out wide and his hands in an open-claw position; Masaru could've sworn he felt a fierce yellow glow for a second. The stance itself reminded him of more serious pro-wrestlers, the ones always associated with heels rather than faces like Max Morgan - Perhaps he was a wrestler? Masaru still wasn't entirely sure what this guy was like, but he seemed way too polite to be a heel... Still, he took the 'Rush' style stance, the one Kiryu was using before, wondering if that was the counter. He dashed forward, throwing a flurry of punches. Kiryu didn't even try to block, his body simply taking the punches as he seemed to almost bounce off of the Yakuza!
"Huh?" Masaru was shocked for a second, before the Beast struck him with a Clothesline Bash, knocking his foe to the the ground again before attempting to stomp. This time, Masaru blocked the stomp instead of dodging, the very ground beneath him cracking from the force of the blow. "Gah!" Even through said block, Masaru felt the stomp sting!

Thankfully, Kiryu allowed Masaru to get up, thanks in part to Masaru using the same Tornado Kick that Kiryu had used to get up before. He decided to retake his original stance, grunting. "Huh, that one stings a lot..." He noted; This was part of the flaw with how he learnt techniques that he noticed. A skill that he isn't hit by, annoyingly, was much harder to analyse. And that resistance was...intriguing. "You'll have to show me how to do that if we ever meet again!" He decided, Kiryu smirking at his foe.
"Sure, if we do." the Beast humored Masaru's suggestion. "Pretty big if." He added, before charging Masaru once more with a Shoulder Bash this time! Masaru blocked the blow as best he could, pushed back all the same, but managed to hold on long enough to jump to the air!
He backflipped onto Kazuma's shoulders, and while his foe moved to push him off, flipped both of them to drive Kiryu's head to the ground!
Mano Toss!
From there, he grabbed his foe like a sumo wrestler and tossed him away, letting him crash to the ground.
And finally, he leapt forward and struck the downed Kiryu in the gut with a kick, disorienting him with surprise as he hopped back and finally let Kiryu recover.

"Hm...You've certainly got everything else I've got down, right? Regular brawling is too simple, Rush was copied, and you're too quick for Beast." He complimented, huffing as he took a stance comparable to his original..but with some noticeable differences; his posture was stronger, and he was swaying his fists slightly. He began to emit a mix of a red and white aura that was clear for any to see due to it's intensity, too!
"Woah...!" Masaru was intrigued further by this, wondering what else was different. He soon got his answer when Kiryu suddenly dashed up to him, all the speed of Rush combined with the power of Beast as he struck Masaru with an uppercut to his jaw, sending Masaru up into the air before a powerful front kick impacted with his gut!

"Now, you face the Dragon of Dojima!" Kiryu boasted, badass in tone in a way that amazed Masaru even through his pain - Clearly, there was so much more for him to learn...! Of course, he hardly had time to adore this, as the kick sent him away 10 meters, skidding to a stop on his feet.
"Guh...You've got so much more than I could've guessed, this is awesome!" Masaru admitted, retaking his stance. The Dragon was hardly fazed, quickstepping his way towards Masaru once more, moving to strike him with a rushing combo of a jab, a right gut punch, a left hook, and a right kick. The Jab and gut punch struck, causing Masaru to wince again, but this time...

Lookpanjama Kick!
Masaru leapt upwards while the hook was sent out, spinning with a kick as he went up and forcing Kiryu to hop back. Unfortunately, this strategy fell short as he soon landed, and Kiryu chose to move in and grab him before throwing him over-the-shoulder to the ground.

Masaru narrowly avoided a stomp once more, getting to his feet. "You know...you're not wrong about how we should go all out, maybe!" He decided, taking out a set of wraps - Feeling like pure gold in Masaru's hands. "I've been a little worried about wearing these, since it'd probably kill most people, but maybe you can take it!" He explained, wrapping them around his fists. As he did, a small orange-ish glow came off. "My full potential...let's go!"

"So, you've been holding back? This'll be good." Kiryu smiled, cracking his knuckles. The pair moved in to clash with one another, their fists meeting one another in a blur of punches most people would struggle to keep up with - A true fight of skilled martial artists, but it was clear Masaru was winning, though not without difficulty due to the Dragon's far longer time spent fighting in his life. Even with that, however, Kiryu was forced to step back...But that was a mistake!

Rolling Wheel Kick!
Masaru struck Kiryu in the side of the head with a whirling kick, sending the Dragon to the side with a groan. He then cracked his knuckles, and began to move fast enough to create afterimages as he punched his foe.
Alola Slap!
He struck Kiryu several times over, hitting him with the force of a mini-hurricane as the Yakuza was knocked back, falling on his back - Completely dazed as he crashed into the wall.
Masaru walked over as the dust settled, intending on giving his opponent a hand up. Only to find he was gone.
"HUH?!" He was shocked, but his surprise was soon cut off as the original voice returned.

"You have passed the test, congratulations." A strange floating white hand appeared (This did not faze Masaru as much as it should have), speaking to him. "Now, I will explain; You have been chosen to participate in a tournament consisting of warriors from across all of time and space...The multiverse, so to speak. If you participate, to do so simply open this letter, you will-" Masaru did not let him finish, shushing him.
"Hold on, a tournament with those kinds of fighters??? I don't need to hear anything else, sir, no way! I'm in, no doubt!" He explained, excited. He could've sworn he heard the Hand chuckle as an envelope fell into his hands.
"That's rather funny - You're not the first one to think like that. Open this envelope to enter, and time shall not pass while you are gone."

Masaru opened it with no hesitation, barely stopping himself to realise he never fully learned that last style. Whoops.


Appraisal Of The Chosen

Within the inner sanctum of a hidden facility of a mountain, only accesible by a teleportation platform, a tall and foreboding figure was waiting in the nigh stagnant air with the glow of a strange golden device behind him. He felt at one with it, the voices of the Elders in his head reminding him of what was at stake... He knew what was coming; The heretic resistance coming to slay him...and die trying. He would make those fools suffer for defying the Godly Elders...
He was going to destroy those reckless humans, and track down that Commander of theirs - A clear plan in his head and visions of him ruling this planet.
"Sir, they are breaching the outer defenses at rapid pace. Sensors indicate their forces are made up of Corporal Kelly, A Spark Unit, A Reaper - Dragunlova, a Skirmisher - Mox, A Templar - Cleavor, and-" A robotic unit, one of ADVENT's 'MECS' explained. The Warlock waved him off. "Yes, yes, I get it; Those heretics send everything they have, just to have a hope of defeating me. They did the same to my siblings." He cut the robot off, annoyed at the obvious persistence. "Peh, as if a pale imitation of life such as yourself could understand."
"You are correct." The MEC agreed before walking off - They always agreed, another reason the Warlock found the robotic life to be pathetic. As feckless as Humanity was, at least they had the will and gall to disagree and call him out, along with the Gift of Psionics. This did not make humanity much better in his eyes, even as he recalled when he was once a human himself, when the world was so small and all he did was run from the Gods...
And as for that wretched Viper accompanying the MEC as it guarded the room in case XCOM arrived while the Warlock was busy, eugh. A disgusting creature, only good for fooling human masses into thinking the Thin Men that infiltrated humanity were gone. He was disgusted he shared dna with that species, with it's slime and incessant tactics. A viper may have been good for pulling resistance soldier's out of cover, but that was it.
Honestly, with how pathetic all these aliens, robots, and hybrids were, the Warlock wondered why the Elders did not start with Earth in this conquest - Such is the will of Gods to concern those beneath them...Though the Warlock hardly believed he was below them.

And he would prove it this day, when he succeeded where his siblings had failed, and show the Elders just what he could do-
But that was interupted when a flash of light appeared, not by the teleportation platform by in the center of the room. The purple lighting of the room seemed to shift as the impact of whoever arrived seemed to shatter the guardrails at the sides of the rooms, annoying the Warlock as he stood up.
"Who's there?" He scowled, though confused on who could be here if not XCOM or the Elders. Smoke appared for a moment from the site of the light, the few troops in the room seeming to be completely stunned.
"Dhar-Hur Mordenna.." A voice boomed before pausing. "Warlock," It added, as if choosing what to call him. "You have been chosen. Prove yourself."
"...What?" The Warlock questioned, angry at being asked to prove himself for anything."How DARE you ask one of the Elder's Children to do something for you!?"

The fog faded, and suddenly lept out a strange...fish alien?! It was unlike anything of the species seen by the Elders themselves! A blue, armored creature with a spear that glowed - Not quite the same as the purple of Psionics, but a glow nonetheless.
"HAH! Shouting like that just makes you sound like a kid!" The creature spoke, laughing almost as she spun the spear in her hand before throwing it right at the Warlock, who scowled and sent out a wave of energy that dragged the Viper into taking the spear for him.
"Do not speak to me as if I am a child, I am your god!" Another wave of psychic energy was readied, this time blasting out in the form of a laser - The Null Lance, the power of which one could feel the very void beyond death. Undyne, the creature's name as the Warlock had determined as he scanned the surface level detail of her brain, shot to the side, mostly avoiding it with a nasty scar on her right arm with a gasp of pain.

"Is that all!???" Undyne smirked, almost madly (The Warlock certainly knew what Madness looked like...). Unforuntely for the Monster, this angered the Chosen Warlock further.
"SILENCE! I will not be mocked nor questioned by a fool, unable to even comprehend the power of the Elders and my own. I assure you, 'Undyne', whatever brought you here, be it that XCOM or your own will, it will suffer." The Warlock spoke off, insulting Undyne to no end as she charged him. Her spear stabbed right into his chest and forcing him to let out a loud cough of pain as his weakness to close range was exploited.
"Next time, talk less-" Before she could even finish her quip, a flash of light appeared as the Warlock teleported across the room, behind Undyne. Another wave of psionic energy escaped his grasp, entering Undyne's mind...and doing nothing, as Undyne was too strong-willed. Unsurprisingly, this annoyed him.
"...Peh." The Warlock scowled at this fact, before raising his hands, surrounding the fish from 3 sides with beings of pure Psionic energy - Psi-Zombies. One by one, they clicked themselves, beginning to pulse before they moved to strike Undyne, her counterattack moving to hit all three.

Smoke erupted from the scene, and Undyne tumbled out, looking somewhat worse for wear and somewhat dazed. Another wave of 3 Psi-Zombies arose, with similar results, as this continued as Undyne was forced to fight her way through the explosions and seemingly never ending foes on her way to the Warlock, who merely laughed at the struggle.
"Now..." He waved out more Psionic energy, the now weakened and slightly tired Undyne unable to stop it this time as it entered her mind, scorching her reflexes and dazing her - Bringing the mighty hero to her knees. Her last action before this dazing act was to throw her spear, which soared true to the unsuspecting Warlock, and pierced his chest..! "!" He gasped in pain, the energy disappearing from his chest moments later as he held a hand to it. "You..."

He walked over to the fallen warrior, not giving her another chance as his psionic energy covered the wounds in his chest. He moved his free hand to her head. "Now..I will learn everything. All you hide shall be revealed, and destroyed." He taunted, drawing from all faucets of information in Undyne's mind. She certainly was not XCOM but...something else. "Is that all?!" He threw Undyne's own taunt back in her face, before turning around, charging psionic energy in his hand.
"Take pride, and know you die to a technique I do not use on humanity!" He mocked, the psionic energy concetrated...Just as another flash of light took Undyne away!
"What?!" The psionic energy flew off as a concetrated beam, practically destroying the entire top half of the Advent MEC from before, who had been standing to the right. The Warlock had been planning to finish off the Monster, put 'it' up for display to scare XCOM off, before he thought for a second. "...I suppose that means I have passed." He decided for whoever was there, the strangely mystical, er...Hand, known as Master Hand appearing.

"Well, yes...I see you know then."
"Of course, I gleamed the fish's mind - Win your tournament, and have your mysterious prize. I will participate - If this 'test' of yours is any indication, that prize is mine, zero issues." The Warlock almost taunted the strange being, narrowly stopping himself at a boast.
"Fine," Master Hand snapped. "Open this letter, and you shall be whisked to this tournament - time shall stand still, and you will see for yourself what you have in store..."

"I will."


Previously turnt3chGodh34d


Dart Feld vs Gunvolt

Outside of Seles

Peace, like the world had never seen. No tyrannical ruler, no world-shattering Gods, no Virage, no war . . . Just peace. A peace brought about by the return of the legendary Dragoons, and after their long and brutal struggle, they had finally attained it.



A young boy with shaggy, dark brown hair turned, grinning wide, revealing a large gap in his teeth. He could have been no older than four. “Mama!” He called back to the woman who’d called his name. His mother, at the bottom of the hill, crossed her arms as she looked toward her son.

“Not out of my sight, okay?”

“Yes, mama!”

The boy kept running toward the peak of the large hill, for the purpose of laying upon the graze and gazing at the heavens. A large spectacle was taking place, one that had begun the previous night. A comet was soaring by, extremely close, and it was beautiful. The way it shown and sparkled in the sky, who could even make out its tail with the naked eye, and if you were observant, you could even catch a shooting star zipping through the sky.

“You worry too much, Shana.”

The mother turned her head to look at her husband, a bit of a block head for a man, with chiseled, mature features, and long dirty blonde hair that was swept back long his scalp, giving his hair the impression it was the hide of a porcupine, in her opinion.

“I don’t worry enough,” Shana replied, keeping her arms crossed. “After everything that’s happened . . . I fear the peace won’t last.”

“It won’t,” her husband replied with a shrug. Despite the fact she hadn’t seen him in his signature red armor for years, she still thought he looked too skinny without it. A simple woven shirt covered his torso, and allowed her a look at his bulky arms. They’d grown up together, and she’d always held a special place in her heart for Dart Feld. It took him a long time to learn how to reciprocate those feelings. In some ways, he still struggled. Even in their romance, and passion, he still preferred to treat her as a close friend. It was just who he was. She knew he loved her, beneath all that child-like love for fighting and camaraderie. “But the Dragoons will always be here to stop any dangers. We control our fates now.”

Shana looked away from Dart toward their son, Lavitz. He’d been named after a close friend of both of theirs. The noble knight who had aided their journey, became the Green Dragoon, and was slain by Lloyd. It felt like ages ago, but she still thought about Lavitz. She knew Dart did too. They’d visit Lavitz’s widowed mother to keep her company. She loved their son, and loved the honor bestowed upon her own son by the shared name. Little Lavitz was such a treasure to have, Shana thought as she watched her son lay upon the bed of grass and begin pointing at stars, counting the constellations.

Shana turned her gaze back to Dart to find he was staring out at Lavitz as well, though his eyes seemed glossed over. “Thinking about Rose?”

She knew Rose occupied a space in Dart’s mind just as much as the man Lavitz, and probably forever would. The cold woman had done colder things, hurt Dart on the deepest personal level, but he’d pulled her out of the darkness she’d consumed herself with. Rose was almost like a sister to Dart, as much as a mentor, and her death at the end of the war still hurt her husband, much like the death of Sir Lavitz. Considering Rose's relationship to Dart's father, he could have even seen her as a mother for the one he lost, taken by Rose's own hand.

His eyes focused, and he looked back toward her. “Nah, not today,” he chuckled, scratching the back of his head. “I was actually just getting this weird feeling. Like a prickle on the back of my neck. Can you feel it too?”

She couldn’t. “No, are you sensing trouble?”

“Maybe. I’m not sure . . .”

Suddenly, a voice cut in on their conversation, booming from the heavens above. “Dart Feld,” it rang. “You have been chosen. Prove yourself.

“Shana, get Lavitz inside,” Dart urged immediately. He didn’t need to say so twice, his wife already calling their son to her as she raced up the hill to meet him. Shana was a capable Dragoon herself, but it had been Dart’s name that had been called, and Lavitz needed to be protected.

Your family is not in danger,” the voice said. “Only you.

There was a flash of light, and at the top of the hill, once Shana and Lavitz had covered enough distance away, a figure appeared. One of the likes Dart had never seen before. He frowned up at it. Was this the speaker? “Who are you!?”

“I am Gunvolt,” the figure called back, “and I’m your opponent.”

Dart wasn’t exactly sure what was going on, but he’d been itching for a fight, knock off a little rust. Hell, this could even be fun. “Alright!” Dart called back. “But I’ll warn ya, I don’t go easy!”

He could see Gunvolt smirk slightly. “I would expect nothing less.”

Dart stuck out his arm, and in a flash of fire, his heat blade materialized in his grasp. “Then let’s GO!” Dart shouted as he rushed forward. Gunvolt was just as quick to react, procuring a strange weapon, and firing it. Projectiles hurtled for Dart, who concentrated, slashing his blade through the air, cutting through every dart headed his way, closing the distance rapidly, but a sudden cloak of what appeared to be electricity flashed around Gunvolt. He stopped himself in time before running into it, leaping back from a few more shots that whizzed by.

“What is that?” Dart asked.

“Flashfield,” Gunvolt replied. “It’s as useful as it is deadly.”

“Cool!” The warrior called back. “Let me try something!”

“MOON-!” Dart’s blade ignited with volatile energy as he lifted it above his head, leaping into the air, before he hurtled toward the flashfield, swinging down. The field seemed to try and push him back, electricity arcing at the mercenary, but even as it started to burn away at his shirt, it didn’t seem to bother him much. His strike was pushed away, Dart falling short of barreling through and striking Gunvolt. The blade slammed against the hill, the ground exploding on contact, in which Dart slashed Heat Blade upward through the air. “-STRIKE!” A sudden burst of flaming energy lit up the hill, powerful gusts of raging flames barreling against the flashfield. Gunvolt frowned, leaping backward as the flashfield was shattered, the flames barreling through it. He avoided the flames, but as he touched down, Dart was already at his throat, slashing with the blade.

Gunvolt quickly used his armor defensively, blocking a blow from the sword with his bracer as he took aim with his pistol, but as he fired, Dart moved to the side, leading with another slash. Again, Gunvolt glanced it away from dealing any real damage, firing again, this time Dart raising a knee to knock Gunvolt pistol away, missing the shot. Back and forth the two went, shots firing left and right as the two clashed, before Dart made a surprising move, turning with his blade after another glance—and elbowing Gunvolt in the face.

Gunvolt took a step back with a wince, feeling blood trickle from his nose. A good hit, but Dart didn’t seem finished. It was as though that one hit had drastically increased the mercenary’s speed, as suddenly, after-images of dart were appearing at every angle all around Gunvolt. One slashed across his back, knocking him forward and into another strike that cut across his cheek, a third on his shoulder, a forth along his leg, a fifth across his gut, before a sixth strike slashed upward along his chest, “MADNESS HERO!”. Gunvolt was sent flying as Dart came to a stop, huffing, a wide grin on his face.

Gunvolt suddenly dropped to the ground as an orb appeared behind him, and he was already back on Dart the next second, firing his weapon on full-auto as his flashfield activated again. Dart’s eyes widened as he began to quickly deflect the shots, but the moment he was caught in the flashfield, he winced as the full force of it caught him, and the shots began to land.

Ramming his shoulder into Dart’s chest, the mercenary went flying backward, and the darts along his body seemed to attract the energy of the flashfield, its electricity arcing past the flashfield to continue dealing damage to the warrior.

"Lightning that flickers like a star, and purges all that violate its realm! Astrasphere!"

Dart tugged the darts from himself, throwing them to the ground as Gunvolt rose into the air, his electric field sparking with energy, three large orbs of light orbiting rapidly around him. Dart grinned, feeling excitement rush through every nerve in his body. This was an exhilarating fight! Massive bolts of lightning surged for the Mercenary, and Dart began to move, racing around Gunvolt, trying to keep ahead of the strikes, but each one drew nearer and nearer, the air crackling and heavy. Dart didn’t think he could get close with this active. Would it fade, or was this perpetual? There had to be a weak spot...

A bolt of lightning hit its mark, slugging Dart into the dirt, earth spraying up around him. It was fortunate that, at that moment, the Astrasphere seemed to fade, and Gunvolt dropped back to the ground, taking aim with his pistol. This guy was good! Dart spat mud from his mouth as he got back to his feet, quickly slashing against the bullets headed his way by Gunvolt’s firing. He was really good, always able to keep up the offensive.

“Sacred sword agleam, barbarous and bathed in blue, cleaving right from wrong! Luxcalibur!”

Another big attack? Despite his grin, Dart grit his teeth. A massive sword of light manifested, and it launched his way, bursting at the seams with deadly energy. Thinking quickly before it launched, Dart pulled a small orb from his back pocket, and threw it forward. As Luxcalibur launched, the orb shattered, and a massive wave of swirling fire was summoned, smashing against Luxcalibur. To Dart’s surprise, it held, cutting through the Burning Wave, but it gave the mercenary time, as he dove to the side, the blast passing him by before it dissipated.

Dart pushed himself, rushing back to close the distance, slashing a few more times to deal with the collective darts shot his way, before he slashed. Gunvolt leaped upward, flipping over Gunvolt, firing a few shots into the mercenary's back, before electricity surged from the adept. Dart winced as the energy surged through him, but he still turned, much to Gunvolt's surprise, landing a solid blow with the flat side of his blade against Gunvolt's face, knocking him aside.
“Bolts of rebellion . . . !”

Dart winced at the sound of Gunvolt’s voice. Another big attack!? It had been so long since he’d fought, Dart was out of practice. He was ill-prepared for this fight.
“A thunderous voice in his heart . . . !”

The Heat Blade disappeared, green flames flashing from his hand as a new sword emerged, Dart having called upon Mind Crush.
“Speaks of one true law! Voltaic Chains!”

Massive chains seemed to fire from the sky, firing rapidly down to the earth. Of course, each of them hummed and crackled with electricity. Dart dove forward as one chain smashed into the earth, before he rolled to the side, barely avoiding another. Despite getting a damaging shock, Dart kicked off of this chain to avoid a third, before he swung heavily with Mind Crush—and cut through a fourth chain, preventing it from landing a blow. Spinning with his slash, Dart cut through another, before he landed on the ground in a roll, right at Gunvolt.

Springing up, Dart swung up with Mind Crush. Gunvolt glanced the aside blade as he had before, taking aim with his pistol, before his eyes widened. His contact with the new sword had induced an effect over Gunvolt, his mind clouding with confusion as his vision blurred and throbbed. He missed his shot, and also Dart’s next blow, which slashed upward along Gunvolt’s chest again, “BURNING RUSH!”. A split second after the attack launched Gunvolt off of his feet, the air seemed to explode in a flash of flames where the attack had landed, and blasted the Azure Strike into the ground, dirt spraying in every direction from the impact.

His mind muddled, Gunvolt struggled to focus, the anomalous effects of Mind Crush holding weight over him. Dart moved in again, and Gunvolt felt the blade slug into his side, knocking him to the ground before he could fully get back up. He needed to get the mercenary off of him. Suddenly, a gigantic surge of lightning barreled down from the heavens, consuming Gunvolt in its throes, and blasted Dart backward off his feet, Mind Crush vanishing in a flash of green fire. He went sailing through the air, before he slammed heavily against the ground, rolling to a stop, chest heaving with breaths.

As his vision cleared, Gunvolt shook his head. Dart turned over onto his back, hand on his stomach as he continued to breathe heavily. Gunvolt found himself panting as well, before he started to approach the mercenary.

Dart glanced at the Azure Striker, who came to a stop, staring down at the Red Dragoon. “That’s enough, for now,” Gunvolt said. “You fought well.”

“I think I lost,” Dart grimaced. Gunvolt offered him a hand, which Dart accepted, getting pulled to his feet.

“You weren’t at your best,” Gunvolt replied. “I’m told you haven’t fought for years, and you lacked any armor in our fight. I’m sure we could have gone on much longer if you were prepared.”

Dart chuckled, brushing dirt off of himself. “So . . . what was this all about?”

“You’ll find out,” Gunvolt bowed his head. “You passed the test. My job here is done.”

Dart blinked. “Wait, will I see you again? I’d love to spar some more one day!”

“I’m sure we will.” With that, Gunvolt disappeared in a flash, leaving Dart alone atop the battered hill. He stared up at the sky, seeing the comet still illuminating the night. And from it, a hand seemed to emerge, floating down, moonlight glancing off of its white-gloved appearance. Dart blinked, unsure of what he was seeing.

If you want to fight, I have an invitation.

The disembodied voice from before spoke, and Dart realized it belonged to this weird, giant, floating hand. He found his voice a moment later: “I’ll need to train,” he stated. “If your fights have more people like Gunvolt, I’ll need time to get ready. I’m not the fighter I used to be.”

But you can be,” the hand replied. “All you need to do...”

A letter seemed to manifest between its forefinger and thumb, and it lowered to offer it to Dart.

...Is open this letter. It will take you to my tournament once you’re ready. Take all the time you need. No time here will pass when you join us.

Dart reached up, hesitated, before he grasped the letter in his hand.


Neph the Gardevoir vs Ranamon

Streets of Jubilife City

Refining one’s skills was mandatory when returning to the fight after such an extended absence. She had actually struggled in a recent battle with a Luxray. A Luxray! That should have been smallfry, wild Pokémon of any level were a simple battle on their best day. Creative, sure, but they lacked the honed abilities and skill of a truly trained Pokémon. Put simply: they didn’t compare. A trainer who allowed their Pokémon to lose in wild battles was doing something wrong, in her experience.

Still, the Luxray was bested, left to recover in the tall grass as Neph, short for Nephthys, made her way throughout the Sinnoh region. It was admittedly very refreshing to be outside of Hoenn for a change. The sights, the sounds, the smells, and the hilarity when random trainers would throw Pokéballs at her only for the balls to bounce right off. She was a claimed Pokémon, after all. Despite being on her own, for as long as her Pokéball remained intact, and she wasn’t released, she could never be captured by another trainer.

This could have been considered her “rebellious phase,” as some would put it. Setting out on your own, seeking independence. It wasn’t like her master was about to put her skills to use anymore. He spent all his time working, eating, and sleeping. How did he prefer that over battling!? He’d been the Hoenn Champion! Then he threw it all away for some 9-to-5? How did that make any sense? Her thoughts of the man who’d trained her soured Neph's mood as she traversed her way through Jubilife City. She captured attention from plenty of people passing by, but none approached her. It wasn’t common to see a Pokémon in a third-stage evolution running about freely without a trainer, but Pokémon running errands for their trainers wasn’t unusual, so most turned their heads and carried on. Gardevoir knew this, because she peered into their minds, waiting for someone to dare challenge her. It was disappointing when none did.

Part of her, despite her anger toward her master, really did miss him. She’s spent so much of her life with him, and even though he didn’t act like how she wished he did, she wished he was by her side here. They shouldn’t have stopped at the championship. They should have traveled to every other region, together. The gardevoir hated to admit that she wasn’t having nearly as much fun without him as she’d hoped.

Neph the Gardevoir,” a commanding voice boomed suddenly. She stopped, looking about, as did many other people around her. A strange silence had fallen over the city. “You have been chosen. Prove yourself.

Prove herself? She was a champion’s signature Pokémon, what did she have to prove? Who was speaking?

A flash of light at the other end of the street signified the arrival of an entity, some sort of blue creature, with red eyes. It was clearly a water-type. “Hi y’all!” The creature waved to the human onlookers with a practiced smile plastered on its face. “Don’t worry, little ol’ Ranamon is just here to give a show, maybe boost your franchise’s ratings with my presence. Heaven knows yah need it.”

That last bit, “Ranamon” had spoken under her breath. Neph, of course, had heard it. It was here that Ranamon turned her attention upon the Embrace Pokémon, her smile taking sinister undertones. “And there’s my co-star! Garden Vore! Name could use a little work, but I shouldn’t judge. I’m sure it’s a beautiful name wherever you’re from, sugah.”

The Pokémon wasn’t particularly amused.

“You don’t talk much, do ya?” Ranamon’s smile faltered. “Kinda hard to have banter, you know that stuff can boost ratings, right?”

Neph raised a brow, before she swiped her hand casually through the air. With a yelp, Ranamon was flung from the ground, smashing into the wall of a PokéMart, the brick cracking, leaving a small impact crater. Dazed for a moment, the Digimon shook her head, her face swapping on a dime to express pure and utter venom. Wild eyes turned toward the gardevoir. “You . . . YOU BRAT! YOU UNLOVED BAG OF WILTED LEAVES! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHO I AM? I’M THE SOUTHERN BELL OF THE SEAS! THE DARLING OF THE DEEP! QUEEN OF THE SEAS! THE PRETTIEST-”

< Shut up >

With waning patience, the gardevoir flicked her wrist again, and Ranamon was once again flung against the wall, the crater deepening, knocking the breath out of the digimon. “YOU’RE . . .” Ranamon refilled her lungs. “YOU’RE DEAD!!!”

Neph wasn’t sure what kind of Pokémon this was, but it was certainly loud. Not often you found one that could verbally talk coherent sentences, as well. Not often you found one as annoying and vain as this one was, either.

“Wippin’ Waves!” Ranamon raised her arms, and quite suddenly, several manhole covers erupted from the ground, blasted away by sewage water, which the Digimon clearly intended to cover the gardevoir with. “Sorry sugah, but I figured ya needed a bath. At least you’ll smell better after this!”

Waves of sewage descended upon the Embrace Pokémon, who raised her arm forward. A burst of magenta waves lashed through the air, materializing seemingly out of nothing, a force of psychic energy that propelled against the waves, bursting against them and exploding. Sewage water was blasted in all directions, sending any onlookers screaming to get away from the vile liquid. Ranamon waved her hand through the air, keeping any of it from reaching her, as Neph was left untouched thanks to Psychic’s attack and direction.

“Think you’re some hotshot!?” Ranamon spat. “I’ll show ya who’s really in control here!”

She swiped her hand through the air, creating patterns, water firing out toward Neph, who engaged in the dance, waving her own arms to deflect the incoming attacks, before—

“Dark Vapor!”

Ranamon struck a pose at the end of her water-blasting dance, pointing at Neph. A thick black sludge suddenly fired from her fingertip. blasting toward the Pokémon, who summoned a simple barrier with her mind. The sludge impacted it—and tore right through. Eyes widening, Neph quickly leapt back to try and avoid the sludge as it splattered all over the street where she’d been standing before, and began to quickly eat through the asphalt. Carrying herself, the gardevoir hovered back to the ground as she used Calm Mind, focusing on Ranamon, increasing her special stats as Ranamon scowled, firing more blasts of water to the Embrace Pokémon, who countered with a few blasts of psychic energy from her palms, intercepting the water and canceling one another out.

“C’mon, sugar, gettin’ cold feet? I got plenty more where that came from!”

As Gardevoir touched back to the ground, Ranamon began her dance again, a little more frenzied than before. The Pokémon knocked aside the incoming waves of water, before she realized something was amiss, her psychic senses picking up on an ulterior motive.

Knocking aside one more wave, Gardevoir turned her head to see all the water had merged behind her to form a wave, which now came crashing down.

“Dark Vapor!”

It was the same move from before, coupled with a new strategy. Debating her options, Gardevoir propelled herself into the wave as it rolled over her, splashing out of the other side as Dark Vapor dispersed inside of the wave. “Oh ho ho, you’re really not gonna like this next part!” Ranamon laughed darkly as Gardevoir hovered back to the ground, having taken minimal damage from the wave, which she interpreted as Surf.

“Drainin’ Rain!”

A cloud materialized above Gardevoir, who glanced up, before she swiped the cloud away, a few black rain drops falling upon her. Immediately, a numbness befell where they landed, and the Pokémon understood the strategy, which she’d just played into, the cloud dropping its rain upon the wave, mixing in with the water as it sloshed above, recollecting for another attack.

“It’s like ah said, sugar. You’re dead,” Ranamon said darkly, the waves converging around Gardevoir, who lifted herself into the air. The wave sloshed and spun, turning into a whirlpool as it lifted with her, too quickly. Gardevoir’s eyes darted left and right, searching a safe spot to teleport to. Just before she could be consumed in the waves, the Pokémon disappeared, reappearing on a nearby rooftop. The water curled and lapped at the air, before it surged in her direction, Ranamon laughing almost maniacally as she did so.

Raising a palm, a bright light expelled from her hand, a gleam of power blasting into the water, which seemed to swallow it, unaffected (much to Ranamon's delight) before the entire wave suddenly exploded, Dazzling Gleam blasting it apart from the inside. The tainted water went flying in all directions, a good deal landing on Neph, who felt it burning against her skin, and the numbness combined to wash over where it had touched. The gardevoir winced, nearly stumbling back. To make matters worse . . . the entire wave hadn't been destroyed, and it was already surging back up toward her.

Grimacing, Neph carried herself over the edge of the building before the waves could overtake her, turning her body in the air to follow up with a few psychic blasts out of her palms, directed for Ranamon, who shouted profanities as one slugged her in the chest, knocking her to the ground and momentarily disabling the festering waves.

The gardevoir calmly drifted her hand through the air, and calm to a stop to nearly touch down upon the concrete, though as was common with her species, they didn't need to walk, using their minds to carry them everywhere.

"YOU THINK I'M DONE!?" Ranamon shrieked, her eyes wild and livid, but now wary of the water-type, Neph raised a hand. Ranamon was yanked through the air like a ragdoll, nearly coming to a violent stop at the gardevoir's palm, but she followed up with another blast of light, Dazzling Gleam launching Ranamon across the street a second later—and directly into the same wall the gardevoir had already been slamming her into. This time, it crumbled on impact, and the digimon disappeared within.

Satisfied, Neph lowered her arm. Someone needed to take that insane creature down a peg or two. Might as well have been the Hoenn Champion's signature Pokémon. However, as Neph turned to begin continuing her day as usual, her inner mind was suddenly struck with a precognition. She turned her head in time to see a wave of water, like a rope, lash out at her, wrapping around one of her arms as though typing about. Neph tugged against it to find another had wrapped around her left leg, and to her increasing agitation, the waves from before began to surge back to life, still imbued with Drainin' Rain and Dark Vapor.

"Guess you're not as special as ya thought, sugah," Ranamon emerged from the hole, seething, spitting out the last word as though it were a slur. "Game over, bitch."

And the waves surged around Neph.

She became overwhelmed in them, a numbness quickly befalling her from Drainin' Rain as the Dark Vapor worked to try and begin dissolving the Embrace Pokémon. However, just as quickly as the waves overcame her, they suddenly dispersed, all control of them diminishing, and Neph fell to the ground, struggling to move herself. Across from her, Ranamon had similarly collapsed, confusion and fury etched across her face. “W-what did you do to me!?” she yelled. She was suffering the effects of Drainin’ Rain on the same level as the gardevoir, who closed her eyes, willing control of her body to diminish, knowing she couldn't physically move it right now.

< Every effect you put on me, you suffer yourself >

The Pokémon lifted off the ground, carried by her mind, which could not be affected by the rain. Ranamon continued to struggle, sputtering profanities from her increasingly numb mouth, which ceased to work properly.

< This is over, “darling of the deep.” You failed to disable my most powerful tool >

Neph's limp form hovered toward Ranamon, staring down at her. The water digimon twitched her fingers, the effects of Drainin’ Rain slowly beginning to wear off . . . but not quickly enough, as magenta waves violently lashed through the air, aiming to strike down Ranamon once and for all, but as they came down, the digimon vanished in a flash of light, Psychic ripping apart the street instead.

Had she teleported? Had that been an illusion? Neph sought through her surroundings with her mind as she felt strength returning to her limbs, but Ranamon did not leap out with some counter. Had she done so, Neph felt confident she could have actually lost her first battle in years.

You’ve proven yourself,” the deep and commanding voice from before spoke as the gardevoir drifted back to the ground, and warily held herself up, her limbs still feeling incredibly numb. She glanced up with a wince to see a large hand descending toward her. Another fight? She wasn’t sure she had strength in her for another fight, that Drainin’ Rain had left her incredibly exhausted.

You desire a fight,” the hand seemingly spoke. It wasn’t telepathic like Neph had first thought, yet there was no mouth. It was strangely supernatural. “That was a taste of what I can offer you, if you’re interested. I’m hosting a tournament for fighters across all realities, and you’re invited.

The hand waved, and a letter appeared in the air, before drifting down to the Pokémon. “Should you consider it, all you have to do is open the envelope.

Neph blinked, before she reached up and grabbed the letter, frowning at it, before she looked back up toward the hand.

< I’m not interested in meager titles, if that is your prize of victory >

It’s something much, much more interesting than that. You’ll learn of it, should you join us.


Kassandra of Sparta vs Fjorrd the Crusher

The Sahara Desert

She was beginning to miss the ocean. The beaches all around Greece. The smell of salt on the air, the way the wind blew cold as it brushed against the waves. Here, it was hot, and it was dry. Even as the wind blew, Kassandra could feel little relief from it, shielding her eyes from the heavy sands that blasted her way. This was Egypt, the great land of the pharaohs. At present, the false king Ptolemy I sat upon Egypt’s throne, a descendant to Alexander the Great’s generals, and under the thumb of the Roman republic. Kassandra cared little for the politics of the world at this point. She had dabbled far too long in them during her youth, and it had been disastrous. To pass her time, she sought out ancient treasures, Isu artifacts, tools of distant Gods. Things that humans would squander and misuse if found. If she found and removed such artifacts, she hoped she might spare future heartache and war—but of course, those were inevitable. Humanity loved to spill the blood of their cousins. She herself had felt the blood of her brother as her blade impaled his throat, and he died gurgling, clutching for breath that never came.

A dark shape materialized out of the sandstorm she struggled through, and as she drew nearer, the shape grew larger and larger, until she was in its shadow, shielded from the sand. Lowering her arm, she gazed up at the structure. A pyramid, one she’d found on some ancient scrolls, but no modern texts seemed aware of its existence. It was half-buried in sand, and Kassandra reckoned the sandstorm might have uncovered some of it. With the sandstorm no longer pelting her, she lifted her crimson hood over her head, before she procured a torch. Many had called her crazy for wandering into the desert without food, water, or mount. What they didn’t know was that, as long as she was the owner of the Staff of Hermes, she would never need sustenance again. While she enjoyed a drink here or there, hunger never befell her. The need for water never arose. She had been walking for three weeks nonstop in the desert, searching for this place. Now she had found it.

Lighting the torch, Kassandra made her way nearer to the pyramid, her gaze searching over its rough stone features, finding a small opening. She had to climb the pyramid to reach it, and fortunately, the opening was large enough that she could crawl through. Into the darkness she descended, guided by her torch, its orange glow bathing the ancient tomb. It was probable that no person had stepped foot in this pyramid for a thousand years at least. The deeper within she moved, the more silent the world became, the raging sandstorm fading into the background, until it could no longer be heard. All Kassandra had to accompany her were the flickering flames, her own shallow breathing, and the beating of her heart. Slinking through the dark tunnels she moved, burning away large patches of cobwebs that had gathered to form barriers, shooing away the occasional group of scarab beetles.

It must have been hours. Days, even, before she found what she sought. She had descended deep, deep beneath the earth to find it, probably far deeper than the pyramid itself was. Here she discovered a large expanse, blocked by a massive black door, a faint blue glow illuminating everything. It was Isu. She had found another God’s secret. With her free hand, Kassandra procured the Spear of Leonidas, and placed it against the door, against a small crack. Her grandfather’s weapon was of Isu origin itself, explaining why it could not break. The touch, in the right spot, activated the door. Dust fell from the ancient tomb as it rattled open, stone scraping against stone as the black material parted, revealing a massive chamber within, where a single artifact lay within. It was what appeared to be a necklace, suspended in the air, casting a glow bright enough to make Kassandra shield her eyes, forcing them to adjust.

“There you are, you skýla,” Kassandra muttered to herself as she twirled the speartip in her hand, walking toward the artifact. She expected something to lurch out at her, some Egyption deity or mythological beast, but as she came to a stop at the shining necklace, nothing happened. Perhaps it would after she destroyed the artifact. Setting down her torch, she reached forward and grabbed the necklace. It hummed with energy in her grasp, confirming its Isu properties to her. Pulling it from its invisible suspension, Kassandra looked over the jewelry for a moment, inspecting it. “Hm . . .” she breathed, inspecting the hieroglyphs of the jewelry. “The Amulet of Hathor.”

Hathor was a beloved Egyptian Goddess, one of fertility, pleasure, music, dancing, love, and beauty. Kassandra might have gotten along with her, but judging by the state of things in Egypt, the Gods here were either long dead, or scared to show themselves. Perhaps they were scared of her, knowing of her wrath against the Greek pantheon. That, or perhaps there was something scarier than Kassandra. She laid the Amulet of Hathor upon the stone, and raised the Spear of Leonidas, before she struck down. The speartip cracked the durable jewel of the amulet. She raised the spear again, and stabbed. Cracks spiderwebbed across the amulet. With a third and final strike, the amulet shattered, and the light quickly dimmed until nothing but the ambient blue glow remained, as well as the torch’s firelight.

Satisfied, Kassandra tucked the spear away, and picked up her torch, gazing down at the Amulet of Hathor. Just as the spartan was about to turn and walk away, a voice suddenly rang out, echoing through the dark cavern with a tone of authority. “Kassandra of Sparta,” it boomed. “You have been chosen. Prove yourself.

“Chosen?” Kassandra hissed back, tossing the torch immediately aside to procure the Sword of Perseus. “What God are you?”

None you know,” the voice replied, and opposite of the chamber to Kassandra, a figure appeared in a small flash of light. She squinted at it, uncertain. Accompanying their entrance of light, a rush of chilly wind seemed to wash through the otherwise stagnant chamber, and the figure’s weapons lit up, runes of magic sparking along two dual axes.

“You don’t want this,” Kassandra warned, taking a battle stance as her grip tightened on her blade. The man opposite her cocked his head slightly to the side, and she noticed his helmet bore what seemed to be two horns jutting out the side and curling in. This was not a warrior she had prior knowledge of. This was not a warrior from her world.

A chill ran up Kassandra’s arms, though not from the cold the man seemed to permeate. Rather, it was because she was reminded of the tournament she’d performed in hundreds of years ago. Kohga, Specter, Rebellio . . . That place was calling to her again. And it appeared it demanded a challenge from her. She wasn’t being summoned against her will. Who had won the one she’d already participated in? What great prize had been given?

That could all be learned later. Now, she had an enemy to deal with.

“Ha! I think I do,” the man replied to her, his voice deep and gruff, laced with an accent purely unfamiliar to the assassin. He clashed his axes together with a hardy chuckle, before he started to walk toward her.

“I warned you,” Kassandra replied, before she darted forward, propelled by the speed of Hermes. In the same second she’s spoken, she was behind the man, slashing across his midsection with her blade. To her surprise—her weapon glanced off his armor, sparks flying. What was even more surprising was the fact he’d turned with her, as though he too possessed speed like that of Hermes. “Malaka . . .”

She swung her sword up, stopping his axes as they came down, more sparks flying that illuminated both warriors. Frost seemed to drip off the axes as they began to trade blows, the mysterious warrior proving his strength as he took step after step, swinging with practiced attacks. He was skilled against the sword, Kassandra thought. As she deflected a dozen blows in the blink of an eye, she tucked back, rolling away from him as he swung down. His frost axes slammed into the durable metal of the Isu floor, bouncing off, shards of ice splintering about.

Mid-roll, Kassandra swapped out her sword, replacing it for a large hammer, which she swung heavily around. The warrior closed in on the spartan, doing a double-hand side slash, coming in with a heavy blow horizontally as Kassandra spun the massive hammer in her hands, slamming it into the axes. Ice and fire burst out of the impact, showering both combatants in sparks and frost, but they hardly slowed, the warrior still keeping up his onslaught, keeping the misthios on her toes, forcing her to take step back after step back. She couldn’t keep doing this, they were making no difference to one another. She could feel her adrenaline charges inside of herself, charged to full. It was time to start getting creative. Consuming a single charge, she called upon Fury of the Bloodline, willing the true speed of Hermes to be granted to her. The warrior seemed to slow as Kassandra’s speed increased beyond his capabilities, and she slammed her hammer as hard as she could into the side of his head. Her speed boost ended, and time returned to normal. The warrior went flying through the air, smashing into a distant wall, his body magically overcome in hellfire. “Should have listened to me!” Kassandra called out to him.

“You don’t disappoint, Spartan!” The warrior laughed as the hellfire suddenly vanished, his body practically seeping with frost. Kassandra bit her tongue, underestimating this guy’s proficiency with ice. Even hellfire could be extinguished by it, and as he began to walk toward her again, she found he barely looked scratched. A small dent in his helmet. That’s all she’d done. “But I think it is my turn . . .”


His shout bounced in the massive chamber, and punished her eardrums, the syllables bouncing about in Kassandra’s skull, disorienting her. She felt her feet leave the ground as the wind was knocked from her lungs. She was flung to the other end of the chamber, smashing into the wall. With a cry, Kassandra dropped to the ground, the Hammer of Hades thundering to the ground beside her. Panting, she shook her head. The hell had that been? Looking up, she found the warrior was already racing toward her, laughing haughtily as he went.

The Hammer of Hades disappeared in a flash as Kassandra summoned her next weapon, procuring the Trident of Poseidon now, and with a growl, she launched herself from her crouch on the ground, swinging the trident. It clashed with his blades, and once more, they were trading blows, weapon clashing against weapon, the entire chamber seeming to rumble with their combined might. “Who are you!?” Kassandra demanded.

“Fjorrd! The Dragonborn! Son of Skyrim!” the man replied between laughs, but his laughter was cut short as she found an opening, quickly learning his fighting style, and swinging the back end of the trident up to slash under his chin, knocking his head back, and allowing Kassandra to slam the trident’s spokes into his chest with all of the strength she could muster. It didn’t pierce his armor, but it sent Fjorrd flying back all the same. He slammed his boots into the ground, sparks flying as he skid to a stop.

“I am Kassandra. Keeper of Humanity. Daughter of Sparta,” the spartan responded in kind, pointing her trident at the Dragonborn. “What is the meaning of this?”

“To survive, if you can,” Fjorrd chuckled.


Kassandra had been waiting for that, and immediately consumed another charge, calling upon the Sparta Kick. She leapt forward, reaching Fjorrd in a single bound. Despite his shout, she seemed to blast right through it. She grew close enough to see the whites of his eyes, and the shock behind them. Using this charge made Kassandra invulnerable to attacks for only a second, but it was extremely reliable in moments like these, to close the distance and barrel through an enemy’s attacks. Her boot slammed into the nord’s chest, and he was sent into the wall once more. Yet, before he even touched the ground, Kassandra had closed the distance again, slamming the trident into his chest and pummeling him into the wall a third time, before she slid him to the ground, and began to spin, dragging the Dragonborn as she moved, before she swung up, sending him flying back to the center of the room.

Gritting her teeth, Kassandra began to approach, watching as Fjorrd chuckled, slowly picking himself up from the ground. Blood stained his teeth. He hadn’t been expecting her to hit as hard as she did. “Not bad,” he complimented. “But it takes much more than that to kill a nord.”

“I’ve got a lot more to give, don’t worry,” Kassandra replied, cracking her neck as she approached, dragging the trident’s spokes against the ground, generating sparks as she neared. However, before either could do anything else, the commanding voice from before boomed again.

You’ve proven yourself, Kassandra of Sparta,” it said. She frowned, and looked at Fjorrd. He grinned back at her, giving a wink, before he disappeared in a flash of light. “You have passed the test.

“Test? I fought in your stupid tournament before, you already know what I’m capable of!” Kassandra shouted back.

Much can change in 400 years,” the voice replied, and out of the darkness above, a disembodied hand appeared, hovering in the air. It was far from anything the misthios had expected, and she was taken aback. “You’re invited to a new tournament, Kassandra. My tournament.

“What’s the prize of victory?” The woman demanded.

You will learn if you accept.

Kassandra narrowed her eyes, unsure of how to respond, unwilling to sheathe her weapon. “Fine. How do I get there?”

The hand twisted, seemingly grasping delicately at something in the air, and a letter conjured between its forefinger and thumb, which it proceeded to offer the spartan after hovering down toward her. “You simply open the letter, and it will show the way.


Mechanized Organism Designed Only for Killing vs Frank Horrigan

Nevada A.I.M. Research Facility

“NO! NO!”

His scratchy voice rang out, little limbs flailing in frustration. “YOU NEANDERTHALS CANNOT COMPREHEND BASIC GEOMETRY!”

His A.I.M. drones were busy making repairs to the laboratory after a recent battle with The Avengers. In truth, their assault had been perpetrated on a fluke, a tip from Hydra to try and get M.O.D.O.K. off the playing field. The genius had managed to fight them off long enough for his more sensitive experiments to get relocated and hidden. The Avengers had been seeking an “infinity gem,” something M.O.D.O.K. did not possess. Now that he knew of them, he would search for them to acquire.

The drones were in the middle of repairing a wall the Hulk had smashed open, but M.O.D.O.K. thought they were doing poorly. Normally he was a lot more relaxed with his underlings, but that recent battle had him on edge, and he was eager to blow off some steam. Sure, he’d traded plenty of blows with the Avengers, but they’d up and left when they found out he didn’t have what they were seeking. M.O.D.O.K. had sent them to Hydra to find it.


The drones collected together and calmly left the room. “Drones” was a dehumanizing term to use for them. Each were brilliant men and women of science, with prestigious backgrounds and impressive IQs, but beneath M.O.D.O.K. they were ants. Additionally, he paid fairly well, and the heroes that often busted up A.I.M. took care not to actually critically injure anyone. All in all, you got a good salary, worked with cutting edge technology, and got to see the Avengers in action every other week. Of course, the treasury was seriously suffering these days.

Rubbing at his forehead, M.O.D.O.K. groaned, now alone in the room. He’d been designing new combat modules for his Doomsday Chair to try out against the Avengers, and it had proven fairly effective—until Iron Man hacked the chair and deactivated it. So as M.O.D.O.K. sat hovering, grumbling to himself, his other hand was flashing across a digital pad on his arm rest, designing a stronger firewall defense for the chair to avoid being so easily hacked.

M.O.D.O.K . . .

“GAH,” the man-mind’s eyes widened as he looked about, body twisting left and right. “WHO SAID THAT?”

You have been chosen. Prove yourself.

“I AM M.O.D.O.K. I HAVE NOTHING TO PROVE! I AM SUPERIOR!” M.O.D.O.K. challenged the voice, shaking an arm at the sky. Sudden ethereal voices were not uncommon in this universe, apparently.

“Rethink that last bit, mutie.”

The much deeper, much more physical voice drew M.O.D.O.K.s attention, turning to see a very large and armored man standing in front of the hole made by the Hulk. He was the size of the green giant, but the armor seemed too worn and bulky for something from Stark. Hydra, perhaps? Had they finally ordered the hit on him he’d been expecting?

“SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE, NAZI,” M.O.D.O.K. retorted, his psychic energy charging at his forehead, before it fired, blasting toward the armored individual, red psionic energy smashing against his skull—but he didn’t budge. After a couple seconds, the beam ceased, and M.O.D.O.K. felt sweat bead on his forehead. Typically that attack proving useless was never a good sign. “HOW DID YOU RESIST MY PSYCHIC BEAM?”

“Nothing can kill Frank Horrigan,” the being gruffed, before it suddenly leapt forward, smashing a fist forward. M.O.D.O.K. howled as the fist slugged into his face, and the man-mind reeled back, blasting into the air to avoid Horrigan, clutching at his face.


Right hand rapidly tapping away at his controls, the Doomsday Chair initiated combat mode, and a film of energy appeared around the genius, his already massive grin widening, before it faltered as Frank pulled out a heavy chaingun, which revved to life. Tapping a few buttons, M.O.D.O.K. laughed, twin gatling turrets emerging from the fronts of his arm rests. At the same time, both fired at one another. Bullets shredded through the air, pinging harmlessly off of the Doomsday Chair’s energy barrier, while red beams of energy rapidly assaulted Horrigan, but they seemed to just disperse against his armor, seemingly doing little to no damage. Gritting his teeth, M.O.D.O.K. growled. “YOUR PRIMITIVE EXOSUIT IS DECEPTIVELY POWERFUL, BUT IT WILL BECOME YOUR CASKET. YOU CANNOT BEAT MY GENIUS!”

With the press of another button, two silos opened up on the back of the chair, and rockets began to quickly rain fire, zipping toward Horrigan, who turned his chaingun to begin shooting led at the rockets as they came in, while M.O.D.O.K. lowered himself down with Frank distracted. Most of the rockets were taken out of the air by the lead-spitting machine gun, but a few hit, bathing the supermutant in fire, though he didn’t budge still, returning his aim back toward M.O.D.O.K., who cackled. “EVEN THE STRONGEST DEFENSE HAS A POINT OF WEAKNESS. I WILL FIND AND EXPLOIT YOURS, AND THEN I WILL MURDERIZE YOU!”

Frank didn’t reply, instead continuing to fire upon M.O.D.O.K.s barrier, the bullets still pinging harmlessly off, as the sides of the chair stuck out, revealing two large energy projectors of some sort, charging up with a blue glow.


The beams fired, and for the first time, it made a mark. Frank grunted in pain as he was lifted off the ground by the powerful weapons, sent flying into a far wall—before he crashed through it, smashing through room after room, before the beam finally relented, and he collapsed heavily. A.I.M. drones scattered about, fleeing the room as Frank grunted, climbing back to his feet, steam rising heavily from his suit, his chest plate melted beyond recognition. That . . . he hadn’t expected.

“You’ll regret that,” he threatened as M.O.D.O.K. hovered into the room through the freshly-made hole.


A plasma blade scorched to life out of Frank’s arm as he leaped toward the scientist, who cackled as a blue beam fired from his forehead, catching Frank in the chest. Telekinesis. He was frozen in the air, before being thrown to the right, smashing against a wall, before being flung to the other side of the room.

“THIS MUST BE SO HUMILIATING FOR YOU! HA HA HA HA HA,” M.O.D.O.K. laughed, before he slammed Frank into the ground, leaving a great dent in the floor. “HAVE I PROVEN MYSELF, OR MUST I HUMILIATE YOU FURTHER?”

Frank was back up in a flash, smashing forward and slashing with his plasma blade. The energy barrier around M.O.D.O.K. flared to life as the hit landed, but the blade failed to break it, glancing off it. It was proving too resilient for the energy. With a huff, Frank slammed his other fist forward—and the barrier shattered, knocking M.O.D.O.K. back, who flailed his arms to regain balance. “NO!” He shouted. “YOU IMBECILE. I WILL PUNISH YOU!”

Frank had had enough, already leaping forward, knowing M.O.D.O.K.s defense was down, but as he was mere inches away from the floating head, a burst of energy fired out of M.O.D.O.K., electricity surging through the air. Horrigan was caught in the most devastating part of it, energy coursing through his body. The supermutant roared with pain as he was flung back, before he slammed his boots into the metal, skidding to a halt.


Frank’s fist slammed once again into M.O.D.O.K.s face as he was flaunting, launching the man-mind back into the previous room, slamming against the wall, before he fell to the ground on his side.

“Time’s up, mutie. Frank Horrigan always wins,” the supermutant stepped into the room, plasma blade flaring as he walked toward M.O.D.O.K., who let out a laugh.


His chair suddenly fired like a rocket, M.O.D.O.K.s head slamming into Frank’s stomach with enough force to actually knock the wind out of Horrigan as they blasted back into the third room, then began smashing through walls, Frank feeling the durability of his suit wane with each wall. He pulled back his arm to stab into the genius with the plasma blade, before he noticed it. A missile had emerged from M.O.D.O.K.s back.

He would blow the both of them up just to win?

But when the missile fired and punched into Frank’s chest, it didn’t detonate. Instead, it continued to carry Frank, who realized they were now outside, and he was being dragged into the sky. He grabbed the missile, trying to crush it in his grasp, but his hands slipped against an invisible barrier. Another energy field? He slammed his fist into it, the shield breaking—before the missile detonated.


From the smoke of the cloud the missile had generated, a dark form emerged, headed directly for M.O.D.O.K., who frowned as its shadow passed over him. “IMPOSSIBLE! THAT SHOULD HAVE OBLITERATED YOU!”

Now nervous, M.O.D.O.K. drew out a relatively small pistol, taking aim, his arm shaking a little bit, wholly uncertain. As Frank neared, M.O.D.O.K. fired, a small ‘pew’ sound coming from the gun as a tiny purple bolt fired, and when it hit Horrigan, it erupted with immense power, launching the man back and into the side of the mountain this A.I.M. facility was built under.

A massive crater was where Frank lay, the mountain rumbling from the damage it had taken. M.O.D.O.K. grimaced at his foe. Frank rose back to his feet, legs slightly wobbly, and he looked back toward the man-mind.
“WHAT WILL IT TAKE TO DESTROY YOU!?” M.O.D.O.K. cursed, taking aim once again—before Horrigan vanished in a flash of light. “WHAT.”

You’ve proven yourself.

M.O.D.O.K.s eyes flitted upward, and he saw what appeared to be a giant hand floating down towards him. The A.I.M. dictator scowled, before he raised his ray gun to aim it at the hand.

I am hosting a tournament that transcends dimensions.

“I’VE HAD ENOUGH OF THOSE,” M.O.D.O.K. replied. The Secret Wars, the Contest of Champions, all had become incredibly dull. It was always some version of Spider-Man stealing the spotlight.

You’ve never had one like this,” the hand assured. “Very rarely will there be individuals from your collective multiverse.

M.O.D.O.K. paused, and lowered the ray gun, thinking it over.

Fight in my tournament for a grand prize—nothing I can share now. All will be revealed once all contestants arrive at my stadium.

M.O.D.O.K. stroked his chin, glaring suspiciously up at the hand, before he nodded (or wobbled, as that would be more accurate).

A letter manifested in the air in front of M.O.D.O.K. as the hand snapped, and M.O.D.O.K. hesitantly grabbed the letter, before gazing up at the host of tournaments.

When you’re ready, just open the letter. I await you in the tournament.


Irnane Bethryon vs Solid Snake

Vivec City in Vvardenfell

Death wasn’t a foreign concept. He perpetrated it—and he’d been killed, himself, more than once. Such were the ways of the multiverse and all its aspects. Solid Snake was experienced in it. He’d faced warriors and soldiers from every walk of life, every dark corner imaginable. If it existed, he’d probably fought it. The entire war against Zeliyis, the death tournament, Smash Brothers, Pipo Snake . . .

He slunk his way around the bend, careful to keep himself covered in the foliage of the jungle. Through gaps in the trees and brush, he could see the dark outlines of enemy soldiers. Armed, automatic rifles, infrared-nv goggles . . . Fortunately, he had his defenses against those. He’d been scouting the perimeter for a good thirty minutes now, finding kinks in their defenses and their patrols. He’d observed enough. He knew what to do.

What came next, from the perspective of the enemy, was a total blackout. One by one, and rapidly, soldiers began to fall, dragged out of the way into the brush. None were killed, they were linked to a heart-rate monitor system to keep track of them. The mercenary was just putting them to sleep. He advanced line after line, before he’d dispatched the entire exterior guard, having no obstructed blockways into the building he intended to infiltrate. Yet just as he stepped toward it, a voice spoke behind him. One he recognized.


The soldier turned on his heel, bandanna tails flipping as he raised the tranquilizer at the giant floating hand. Master Hand, who’d probably just appeared, as a few anti-air missiles on top of the building suddenly swiveled, and fired an entire silo of rockets into the glove. It didn’t budge, and as the smoke cleared, the hand continued to float where he had, not even a scorch mark on him.

“Master Hand . . .” Snake replied, slowly lowering the tranquilizer, fully aware it wouldn’t do anything against him. “You’re making some enemies. Someone’s been asking Ryu about you.”

I’m keeping my distance from Smash Bros, Snake. Don’t worry about that.

“I’m not,” the soldier said, holstering his weapon as the doors behind him suddenly burst open, and dozens of soldiers began to march out, all screaming and shouting orders at Snake, or shrieking at the floating hand. Master Hand snapped his fingers, and every living thing within half a mile of the pair turned quite literally into dust, drifting into the wind. Snake continued, “Your little bootleg thing . . . it’s got the Founders riled up.”

I know you infiltrated one of the tournaments, but that one wasn’t hosted by me,” Master Hand assured. “I haven’t come to discuss the politics the ‘Founders’ are so keen on addressing. I’ve come for a favor.

Snake stroked his chin, a questioning grunt rumbling in the back of his throat. “Can’t say I’m inclined to help you . . . but I’ll hear you out.”

I’m hosting a new tournament. I’m inviting an array of new heroes and villains—all of them will be there by choice. I’ve had a few, er, rejections. My method of recruitment is to test the individual. I’d like you to test this next one.

“Hngh . . .” Snake looked down, thinking about it. “You don’t seem to learn, do you?”

Excuse me?

“I recall being summoned the first time to fight Tabuu—your own creation, something even the Founders don’t know. He turned on you, and controlled you. Then there was the Nexus, another of your creations that backfired. Now I hear of these deathmatches in a shrinking arena, apparently some program of your design . . .”

Master Hand was silent.

“The only thing not your own creation was Galeem and Dharkon—and even then, it was you who attracted their attention.”

This isn’t going to be a repeat of any of those,” Master Hand assured. His fingers notably flexed in irritation. “This time, I am maintaining full control.

“What about the program for the deathmatch?”

I’ll keep a close eye on it. Happy?

“Not particularly,” Snake shrugged. “But I can’t really stop you from doing anything. We were friends before, so I won’t tell the Founders we spoke. I can’t assure that for next time.”

I appreciate it.

“So . . .” Snake’s lips tugged into a grin. “Who am I testing?”


If you had told her five years ago what she’d do, what she’d be known for, what she’d become, she would have scoffed at you. She would have accused you of false visions and lying tongues. The Nerevarine had known nothing but turbulence since Emperor Uriel Septim VII sent her to Morrowind, the land of her ancestors . . . and of her past life. Irnane Bethryon was her name, but not what she was known by. It wasn’t her choice, but the people loved to call her “The Incarnate.” She still didn’t like it, even after all this time. It just didn’t fit her.

Vivec’s eyes were reproachful when she neared. She knew he didn’t like her very much. She was the one who’d destroyed the Heart of Lorkhan, after all. She’d severed the source of his godlike power. It had been his idea, originally, but he’d never expected her to succeed. He’d tasked her to suicide, and she’d prevailed. That was probably the first time he’d felt fear in a thousand years. Now, he was the last of the Tribunals. The last false-god remaining. He recognized her as Nerevar Reborn. He knew not to stand in her way.

If Irnane was being honest with herself, it made her feel incredibly uncomfortable to be feared. To enter a room, for it to hush as all eyes fell on you... she’d probably never get used to it. The Nerevarine took her seat beside Vivec, whose gaze drifted off of her toward the assembled houses. Dunmer, who led the tribes of Morrowind, all assembled before them. This wasn’t a normal occasion, rarely were all the tribes summoned like this—but they didn’t have a choice. Word had come in. The Emperor was dead. Cyrodiil was falling. The rest of Tamriel was under the assault of Oblivion’s forces. Even Morrowind. They had gathered to discuss their plans of war, of defense, of preserving their people.

Irnane felt like it should be simpler than this, but she’d grown to understand how the house politics functioned. Nothing could happen without their approval, even her command only carried so far. Most dunmer were too loyal to the houses they belonged to.

There were murmurs down the longtable. Whispers. “Azura will save us from Mehrunes Dagon.”
“The Nerevarine will stop the gates of Oblivion.”
“We should stay out of it, not attract Mehrunes Dagon’s ire.”
“I had family in Cyrodiil . . .”

She swallowed, feeling a bit nervous as she glanced toward Vivec. She never wanted to kill him, nor Almalexia, though the latter gave her no choice. The false-goddess had gone mad with the loss of her power. She was going to get people hurt, killed, and worse if she wasn’t stopped. It hadn’t been easy, either. Irnane had felt a strange attraction to Almalexia. Underneath who she was, Irnane might have even loved the woman. This was because of Nerevar. In Irnane’s past life, she, as Nerevar, had been wedded to Almalexia. It wasn’t clear on how Nerevar died, but he hadn’t parted on the best of terms with his wife. She hadn’t liked Irnane in the slightest.

Vivec, however, was useful to keep alive. He was smart enough to not challenge Irnane, and wise enough to provide counsel and advice. Irnane found herself often leaning heavily on Vivec’s experience and knowledge regarding politics and governing. The people still loved him, too. It would seriously hurt morale if he were to vanish, be it through exile or death.

“The Nerevarine would speak now,” Vivec spoke, his deep tone commanding the room. All eyes fell first upon him, then upon her. She felt her mouth go dry.

“I can’t believe I must say this,” Irnane led with, trying her best to make her voice as commanding as Vivec’s, “but allying ourselves with Mehrunes Dagon is out of the question. Azura is our guide and our witness, and she has given me a vision.”

The room was deadly silent as they listened to the Incarnate, who looked from each pair of crimson eyes to the next. She’d gotten to know each and every individual in this room, to an extent. She had performed odd jobs for them in her earlier days in Morrowind, and had grown to understand their political and social woes. She knew these people. And she knew some of them would betray her, if the opportunity arose, for their own survival.

“Azura commands we stay our ground, and we fight for our home. Cyrodiil may fall. Summerset, Skyrim, Hammerfell, High Rock, Elseweyr, Blackmarsh, Valenwood . . . they are not Morrowind. We are the most united people in all of Tamriel, and we will not let Mehrunes Dagon, or any other Daedra stop us.”

They continued to stare at her, and she felt the rising panic of stage-fright in her core—though she quelled it. She’d had to learn how to quell it years ago. It was still difficult at times, though, like here. She didn’t get the impression that any of them had the same interests at heart that she did. She was speaking to them like she was trying to rally them. It would work on the common populace. Not on these men and women. She had to change her strategy. Vivec seemed to agree, as he cast her a short glance, before he stood at the table. Eyes drew back his way.

“The Nerevarine is right. Mehrunes Dagon would not spare Morrowind no matter what we say or do for him. He wants Nirn for himself. Nothing more. The best we can do is fight until we no longer can. Maybe then, he can be cast back into Oblivion.”

Irnane let out an internal sigh of relief, as the house members began to converse among themselves, a murmur of agreement circling the table. Vivec had saved her ass on that one, she felt. “Thanks,” she muttered to him. He did not respond back.

“How different is this from Dagoth Ur?” One of the men stood at the table. “He plagued our country for centuries! We cannot allow ourselves to fall victim to such abuse again. None could stop him but you, Nerevarine. So why can you not get rid of Mehrunes Dagon as well?”

She’d known this one would come. A question she’d been asking herself ever since the Emperor had warned her of the coming crisis. She’d had ample time to prepare, to encourage, to warm, but her words had fallen on mostly deaf ears. “Oblivion in Cyrodiil is no concern of Morrowind,” they’d all said. Now here they were, debating on how to die.

But she knew why Mehrunes Dagon was not hers to face.

“Fate has set another on that path,” Irnane concluded, knowing that it was not a satisfying answer. “A Champion of Cyrodiil will arise, and he will defeat Mehrunes Dagon. What we need to worry about is stopping the invasion here. Home. I will not leave this province without my protection to face the Daedric Prince.”

The dunmer stared at her for a few moments, before he bowed his head in surrender, and sat back down. That had gone better than she’d hoped. For the time being, her and Vivec’s words had satiated them. There was no telling how long it would last, but it should give them enough time to properly militarize against the incoming threat.


“I suppose that could have gone worse . . .”

Vivec wasn’t quick to respond as he looked over a large scroll, inspecting signatures. Irnane wasn’t fond of his cold hostilities, especially as it persisted beyond their initial conflict. He’d been the one that tried to get her killed, not the other way around. Sure, he was incredibly wise, knowledgeable, and reliable... but he was also immature. Funny how immortality seems to do that to most people.

“I’ll leave you to it. Let me know if there’s anything I can do,” Irnane rolled her eyes as she spoke, before turned and walked out of the hall. Vivec gave her no parting words. The dunmer woman wandered outside, a hazy light falling over her. The Red Mountain had calmed down since she’d killed Dagoth Ur, but much of its smoke still sat in the air, drifting lazily out of the volcano. The air was clearing very slowly. Maybe her people could live long enough to see the sun shining down on all of Vvardenfell. It certainly would be a nice change of pace. A cleaner change of pace.

The Incarnate made her way through Vivec City, keeping an eye out for anything dangerous. Daedric forces had been getting bolder and bolder, opening gateways in populated areas and sending out their hordes. Seyda Neen had been almost decimated from one such attack. Vivec City wasn’t equipped for an attack like it. They’d always relied on Vivec’s power, but without it now that the Heart of Lorkhan was gone . . . Irnane was the only thing that was stopping Mulag Bal.

Quite suddenly, the Nerevarine got a strange sensation. The feeling of being watched. If she wasn’t alert before, she was now, and her red eyes darted about rapidly, trying to pinpoint the source of what was stalking her. No cliff racers in the skies... no crouching brotherhood assassins in the shadows or around corners . . . perhaps there was an invisible individual?

Without warning, Irnane raised a hand in front of her, closing it into a fist. A twisting green light burst out of her fist, before it quickly expelled, releasing a shockwave of energy all around her. A reverse-chameleon spell. And it worked. It revealed that there, in-fact, was an invisible individual lurking, just ahead of her.

It was as though electricity sparked off of his skin—or rather, his skin-tight suit, somewhat hidden beneath straps and holsters. He was crouched on the ground, staring back at her beneath a large, gray bandanna. He was a man, that much was clear. He didn’t at all appear to be anything she was familiar with. A breton, perhaps . . . no, he seemed more foreign than even that.

They stared at one another for a moment, before the man stood up, still keeping his eyes locked on her. “Neat trick . . .” he said. She was surprised at the sound of his voice—he sounded like a native of Vvardenfell. Either he was, or he spent a lot of time breathing in smoke somewhere else. She’d never seen this man before in her life. “Figured it was time you noticed me. Name’s Snake. And you’re gonna have to prove yourself to me.”

This was rather sudden, admittedly, but Irnane wasn’t unused to dealing with sudden situations. She stared back for a moment longer, before her brow furrowed. “A warrior,” she stated. “You speak like a dunmer, but look like a man. You smoke, you’re not native. Your posture . . . you were raised in combat. Your build, it implies you’re more surgical than powerful. Your lack of grooming . . . you either have no home, or spend little time there. And lastly your hands . . . calloused in a way that implies you’re used to fighting with blades. A dagger, I’d guess.”

Describing out loud the person she was witnessing was not a new thing Irnane did. Some found it annoying, others found it perplexing, but the Nerevarine couldn’t help herself. Her entire life she’d paid attention to the little details. Speaking it all back out loud was just something she’d always done. Call it habit.

“Huh,” Snake seemed impressed, if his eyebrows raising a hair up from his usual pissed-off expression indicated as much. “You guessed all that from how I look?”

Irnane didn’t answer his question. “I haven’t got time for games, outlander,” she narrowed her eyes at him, a silent warning to back off. She’d deduced he was a mercenary, or an assassin, and lacked the interest to engage in the situation. “If you hadn’t noticed, the world is ending. Whatever quarrel you have with me can wait. We are in a crisis, if you could not tell.”

“Sorry,” Snake shook his head slowly. “I was told “no” wasn’t an option.”

Irnane could barely contain a sigh, but before she could respond, or run the man off, he held up one of his hands. It held a small contraption that hadn’t been there a moment ago, and in the middle was a red circle—which he pressed.

A small beep reached Irnane’s ears, and she glanced down in time to see a small black sphere-like device on the ground between her feet, and the next second-


She felt an immense heat reach her, consuming her body as a powerful force flung her into the air. A ringing filled her ears as she flew backward, gritting her teeth. Twisting like a cat, she turned herself, before she landed on her feet, several meters away from where a crater now sat in the middle of the street. Irnane skid to a halt on her heels, drawing her Sword of White Woe.

The man had vanished.

Irnane let out a cough, glancing at the crater. Whatever Snake had used, it wasn’t magic. Some sort of technology . . . the dwemer might have designed something similar, once. Fortunately, she was ash-born. The flames of it barely singed her eyebrow hairs. It was the force of the explosion that did more damage, though not much. She’d taken worse.

Still, this guy might be a problem. Who did he think he was? The people of Tamriel were trapped in a war between realms, and he wanted to fight one of the few people who could defend those who couldn’t defend themselves? Perhaps he was a cultist, or an agent of Mehrunes Dagon. If he was, it was odd he hadn’t made his intent clear. There was something deeper going on here that she just couldn’t get her finger on.

The Nerevarine winced as she felt something prick her neck. Before she reached up to grab the dart, two more stabbed beneath it. She pulled the three tranquilizer darts from her neck, immediately realizing her vision had gone double. The world began to spin as her eyelids became made of lead, too heavy to keep open. She was so tired . . .

A flash of purple light enveloped Irnane as she used a dispel spell, and quite suddenly, the effects of the tranq darts completely vanished. Her eyes darted to the right, to see Snake staring back at her. His eyes seemed a little wider. He hadn’t been expecting that. A small purple orb appeared at Irnane’s feet, and remained there as she darted toward Snake, zigzagging her sprint, his remaining darts flying by her as she avoided them, before the distance was closed and she slashed upward.

Snake sidestepped, before his fist shot out, slamming into her elbow. To the Nerevarine’s surprise, she felt a jolt of numbness spread from her elbow, and her arm went limp, like the nerves had been shot. The sword fell to the ground. Before she realized what had happened, the man smashed his own elbow into her nose, knocking the dunmer to the ground. He was proficient, and despite seeming not that fast, his actual attacks were lightning quick. The woman swung her leg at him as she spun to her feet, but the soldier did a small jump over her leg, before he knocked aside a punch she threw, sliding behind her, and wrapped his arm around her neck, pulling her against his chest. His free hand grabbed his other hand, and helped him grapple with her, squeezing her neck as tightly as he could. She’d never seen a fighting style like his before—and he seemed a master at it. However, he didn’t seem all that accustomed to dealing with magic.

As feeling started to return to Irnane’s numb arm, she struggled against his vice-like grip, feeling her vision cloud as the oxygen was cut off from her brain, but she was far from done. A flash of purple light dispelled from Irnane’s body, and covered Snake’s—an absorb skill spell. The soldier’s acrobatics and tactics . . .

They flooded her mind.

She threw her head back, smashing her skull against his nose. It was enough to force his grip to loosen, and she grabbed his arms, before she dropped forward, throwing Snake over herself. The man slammed into the wall of a nearby building with a grunt, but he was quick to slide back to his feet, holding his arms up toward her, combat-ready. “That move . . .” he said. “How’d you . . . ?”

Despite absorbing the skill, Irnane wasn’t proficient with it. There was no comparing years of training next to the knowledge of it. She wouldn’t be able to match Snake blow for blow, it was the equivalent of taking a fifty question test, and you only remembered the answers for a few questions, then had to guess the rest. She’d need to do her own training to match his skill.

Irnane didn’t respond, instead leaping toward Snake as the Sword of White Woe zipped off the ground and into her hand. The soldier seemed to understand what her spell had done, and he reached toward his waist, deciding against hand-to-hand again. Just as the sword was about to cut across Snake’s chest, a knife stopped it. Sparks flew as Irnane released a volley of blows, swinging her blade from every angle she could, but the man was quick, keeping up with her pace as he blocked her blade, sparks flying with each contact. He was backed against the wall, unable to do anything against her rapid-succession of strikes. Suddenly—the knife was cut in half, the top end of the blade going flying. The Sword of White Woe had been enchanted by Irnane. It had the ability to magically weaken the integrity of whatever it struck, and that knife had been weakened to be like butter.

Snake seemed quick on the uptake, however, pressing a button on the knife as he jabbed it forward. Only an inch stabbed into her side, nothing at all to worry about, but jolts of electricity sparked off the broken blade, surging through her body, making the Nerevarine seize up. Snake took quick advantage of her momentary paralysis, slamming a knee into her gut, making her lurch forward, directly into his elbow as he brought it up to smash into her face.

As she was in the process of stumbling back, the soldier spun, and threw out a kick, his leg extending out straight as his heel pummeled into her sternum. Irnane was lifted off her feet as she flew back through the air, tumbling to the ground beside a small bridge that extended over a water canal. Huffing, she twitched, feeling the knife still jolting into her, the hilt sticking out of her side. Snake watched as she grabbed the handle, and tore the blade from her flesh, tossing it aside. A few lingering sparks flickered over her. “You . . . surprise me . . .” she panted, raising a hand to brush away dark red blood from her nose.

“I can tell you’re holding back,” Snake replied. “It’s in the way you pull your punches, how your strikes are never aimed for something lethal.”

“So you want to be killed.” Irnane concluded, and the soldier chuckled.

“I want you to try.”

She accepted the challenge, one hand lighting with a red aura as she dashed forward, leaping to the side to kick off of a nearby building, propelling herself off of it toward the mercenary. She cut through the air, but he’d predicted her attack, leaping up into a backflip to evade the attack. Perfect. She activated her curse speed spell, inflicting it over the soldier—but he proved his cleverness again. Another mine was left in his wake.

After sustaining another direct explosion, Irnane tumbled to the ground, gritting her teeth, before she slammed her fist into the stone, and leapt back to her feet. Snake, meanwhile, appeared to be struggling. Her spell had turned him sluggish, as though he were moving in slow motion. The Nerevarine walked toward him, noticing the cylinder he slowly pulled from his belt, before she slashed. The phosphorous grenade detonated several meters away, knocked aside by the Sword of White Woe, releasing plumes of red smoke, before she twisted the blade to its flat side, and slammed it against Snake’s side, darting to his left to bash it against his knee, before she brought the blade up, and rammed the hilt upon his forehead.

Snake’s normal speed resumed as he fell to the ground, but to her surprise, he tucked himself into a roll, springing back up, despite the blood soaking his bandanna from the damage she’d inflicted underneath it. However, Irnane did not let up, moving forward to lead with several more strikes, using the flat end of her sword. This allowed Snake to block the attacks with his arms and legs, but he had to realize every time he made contact with the blade, it weakened the integrity of his flesh and bones further. If allowed, his bones would become so brittle, they could turn to dust at a sneeze. He seemed to realize this, as he began to wince with each block, before he dove backward. Another present had been left in his wake, but this time, Irnane was ready. She’d already activated the purple-toned magic, and when the mine erupted—Irnane was not sent flying. She had used her recall spell, appearing back at the glowing orb she’d left behind earlier. It had been a marker.

And it was directly behind Snake.

She stowed the blade, knowing she no longer needed it, as she burst forward, pulling a fist back, before she slammed it into Snake’s lower back, from the side at an upward angle. He let out a cry of both shock and pain as he was launched into the air, but Irnane’s other fist caught his boot, fire magic simultaneously firing from her fingertips, the flames seemingly wrapping around Snake like rope, before she pulled him back, slamming him into the ground, the concrete cracking.

The soldier’s body bounced back up from the force of the impact, but her fist slammed this time into his chest, pummeling him back into the concrete as the sound of bones cracking split the air, the rope of fire still wrapped around him, preventing him from moving.

And to conclude her attack, Irnane grabbed Snake by the throat as he was bouncing back up a second time, spun, then launched the man through the air. He smashed into and through the thick, tough rock of the nearby home. It crumbled over him, kicking up dust, as Irnane let out a short huff, blowing a strand of hair out of her face.

No way that guy had survived that. No way in Oblivion.

Yet, from the rubble, stumbled the man. Blood dribbled down his chin as he nearly fell to the ground, limping out of the hole, one hand holding his chest, no doubt trying to ease the pain of some shattered ribs. “Heh . . .” he let out a small chuckle, grinning. His teeth were stained with blood. “You’re pretty good.”

“I assume we’re finished,” Irnane replied, dark eyes narrowed. Snake gave a simple nod, before he fell to the ground, leaning against the wall beside the hole his body had made. Burns made chain-marks all across his body, some of his outfit burned with the pattern as well. He didn’t seem all that phased at what she’d done.

Irnane Bethryon.

“By the eight, what now . . .” the Nerevarine groaned, looking up into the sky. From the hazy smoke above descended a giant hand, covered by a white glove. The fingers swayed and flexed slowly as the hand approached. Irnane watched, momentarily floored by the sight, unsure how to respond to that. She looked toward Snake for answers—but he’d disappeared. Had he left? No way he could have managed it in his state. Maybe the hand had something to do with it? She couldn’t get a read on the thing, she was used to studying more features, like posture and face. The best she could tell was that the hand seemed to have some vague sophistication to it.

You have been chosen. You have proven yourself.

“Who are you? What was this all about?” Irnane question. Ironically, she was far less nervous about this thing than she was about public speaking for a bunch of pampered dunmer.

I am Master Hand. You passed my test, and in so doing, have earned an invitation to my fighting tournament, where people from far more than your universe are joining to fight,” the hand explained, and Irnane crossed her arms over her chest.

“I already told your Snake: I’m dealing with a crisis.”

No time will pass here, should you accept,” Master Hand assured, and a small letter appeared in the air before the Nerevarine. She stared at it as it began to fall, before she caught it. “To join, all you need to do is open the letter. I anticipate your arrival.

She looked back up at Master Hand—only to find he’d disappeared, too. That totally wasn’t going to get annoying. Her gaze fell back to the letter, and her eyes narrowed. No time would pass here . . . ? Maybe this was a blessing in disguise. If worse came to worse, she could learn much from other fighters in this tournament, like Snake’s fighting style. She could then apply those new skills into defending Morrowind. Maybe even killing Mehrunes Dagon, should the Champion of Cyrodiil fail.

Snake had been a decent warm-up. Maybe this could be fun, a much-needed break from the melancholy her world had become recently. She would return to free it . . . but first, she had much to learn from this contest.





Control has been yielded to the

seeker > !attach Hero
foil ^msg: MCPO—3.5.23

evade evade evade

!probe extern proc 1
rogue proc

!bite rogue proc 1 recurse
clean !splotch confidence 100

->Bypass Welcome Module



black ink applied
sensitive data withheld
-> fast forward

-> resume


`> Are you sure?

Yes. <
> The others are prepared?
Yes. <
> What is the prize?
I can't disclose that. <
> We went through a lot to make sure there were no more wishes.
A fact I am most grateful for. <
> No more wishes. No more Nexus.
Nothing like that, trust me. <
> We'll do it, just this once.
Thank you. I eagerly await your arrival. <



Previously Gamingfan2
Ryuji Sakamoto/Skull
“Get wrecked!”
The Imprisioned Mjolnir slammed into a Nimble Monkey King, splattering it all over Memento’s walls. It’s user?
Ryuji Sakamoto. Codename: Skull.
Skull wiped his brow, grinning in satisfaction. “Thought you could run huh? Training’s starting to pay off!”
An irritated, feminine voice shouted in his ear. “Ugh! Skull! Where are you?”
Despite having no earpiece, Skull put his finger up to his ear. “Relax, I’m fine! Told you I could catch’em.”
The voice, codenamed Oracle sighed. “I told you not to split off. Now sit still, we’re on our way!”
With that, she went silent. Ryuji shrugged, before leaning on the wall to wait. He didn’t see why Fut-...Oracle was so worried about. These shadows weren’t too much trouble, and it wouldn’t hurt to get as much cash as possible. Hell, he’s taken a few out just by charging at them.
To be honest, he was kinda hoping for something more exciting…

“Ryuji Sakamoto.” A voice boomed, seemingly from all directions. “You have been chosen. Prove yourself.”

Skull started, looking around for any threat, but seeing none. With a huff, he pressed over his ear.
“That shit ain’t funny Oracle!” He accused the well known prankster of the group.
Only to be met by confusion. “Uh…what? What are you…whoa, something’s coming! Beside you!”
As Oracle gave the warning, something flashed behind Skull. The Phantom Thief whirled around, but couldn’t see anything in the darkness. But he heard footsteps, growing ever closer until his test, his challenge of power, revealed itself.

“...The hell?” Ryuji looked over the red-haired child standing in front of him. “It’s just a kid.”
Apparently he said something wrong, as the youngster bristled.
“Wha-hey! What do you mean just a-” but Skull paid no mind to the ranting, as Oracle spoke up.
“A kid? That doesn’t sound right.”
Skull shrugged. “I’m looking at him with my own two eyes here. Kinda mouthy too.”
Oracle took a second to think. “Dunno, he had some weird readings, and not like Mementos weird. It’s like he’s from another world.”
“For reeeEEEEEEE-” Before he could finish his famous catchphrase, the kid decided ranting wasn’t working, and instead chose to kick Ryuji…
Right in the Captain Kidds.
The kid laughed as Ryuji balled up, twitching in pain from the critical hit. “That’s what a Demon like you gets! All you adults will lose to the Leader of the Warriors of Hope: Lord Masaru Daimon!”

“Dirty little…” Skull groaned, though he was beginning to recover. “...You’re not a normal kid…”
Masaru seemed pleased by the admission, crossing his arms and huffing with pride. “You finally get it huh? Feel free to praise me all you want, but I won’t spare you!”

Skull began standing back up, still trembling. Contrary to Masaru’s thinking, it wasn’t out of fear.
“You’re….just some snot-nosed brat!” Skull roared, jumping and grabbing at Masaru. But the kid proved too fast, nimbly dodging and blowing a raspberry.
“Too slow! Can’t catch me!” he taunted, turning around and running off into the darkness.
“You little shit!” Skull yelled, nothing but violence on the mind as he gave chase. Perhaps a few years ago he’d catch up, but Masaru proved remarkably fast, and Skull’s leg wasn’t helping.
“C’mon, can’t you run? It’s easy!” Masaru’s voice jeered from the inky blackness, prompting a retort from Skull.
“Shut up! Come here and…and…oh”
Finally, Skull caught up to Masaru, though only because stopped running. Curiously, in his hands was a device with levers.
And beside him was a massive robot.
“Gettem, Mark Guyver!” Masaru called, cranking the levers. The robot, clearly controlled by said device, raised a drill.
“For re-woah!” Ryuji leapt back to avoid it, shielding himself from the woodchips as Mark Guyver drilled into the tracks.
“Hey! No dodging!” Masaru barked, pushing a lever. At the same time, Mark Guyver’s arm swung upward, striking the phantom thief. Skull flew back, bouncing across the tracks until he rolled to a halt. The phantom thief picked himself up, dazed.
Ugh…that thing hits hard.
Shaking off the dizziness, Skull gripped the Imprisoned Mjolnir tighter.
“Then I’ll just hit HARDER!” Ryuji dashed towards Mark Guyver with reckless abandon, bringing a hand to his glowing mask. “William!”
On command, Ryuji’s Persona, a massive hooded skeleton riding a futuristic boat, apparated, taking Masaru by surprise!
“W-W-What is that?!” he cried.
But in his moment of shock, William already slammed his fist into Mark Guyver!
Ryuji smirked. “That’s all me baby! Ryu-I mean SKULL!”
Masaru pulled and pushed the levers, just managing to keep Mark Guyver from falling over.
“I knew it! You really are a demon! Then take this!”
With the press of a button, Mark Guyver detached a drill from its arms, sending them rocketing towards Skull.
“Not happening!” Skull countered. Blue flames surrounded William as he used Agneyastra, firing a hail of what looks like meteors over a wide range, knocking the drills into the Mementos Walls. Some stray projectiles made their way over Mark Guyver, forcing it to bring up its arms defensively .
But Skull wasn’t going to let it recover. Immediately, William followed up with a blast of electricity, shocking the mech and leaving it open!
Skull leapt, kicking at the obvious weakspot: The Head!
Mark Guyver’s head snapped back, allowing Ryuji to stand on it and aim the Megido Blaster at its face.
“Eat this!” Skull taunted, blasting twice, leaving Mark Guyver’s head charred and dented. But as it started moving, Skull realized it definitely wasn’t incapacitated.
Masaru smirked, and cranked his levers once more. The electrified mech jerked forward, and Skull lost balance, falling and crashing on the floor.
The electricity coursing through the mech seemed to mess with Mark Guyver further, causing it to suddenly open a flap on its leg, sending a hail of sports equipment over Skull. The phantom thief shielded himself from the shower, of balls, sticks, and bats. While most of it bouncing off him,a sudden thunk uncomfortably close to his foot, alarmed Skull.
“Wait, was that an effing bowling ba-OOF!”
Masaru got full control of Mark Guyver, taking advantage of his totally planned distraction to stomp on the phantom thief!
Masaru wore a huge, almost psychotic grin as he saw Mark Guyver squish the demon in front of him.
“HaHA! Another Demon taken down by Lord…huh?”
Masaru craned his neck,and he couldn’t believe his eyes. The demon was still alive!
Though on his back and met with overwhelming force, Skull pushed back against Mark Guyver’s foot with his weapon. Masaru stomped his foot in anger.
“Oh COME ON! Just DIE already! Accept your punishment!” Masaru raged, borderline attacking his own controller. Mark Guyver pressed its foot down harder, but Ryuji held firm.
Masaru, irritated with the lack of demon-smushing, changed tactics. With the press of a button, the wayward drills maneuvered themselves right back into Mark Guyver’s arms. Soon as they reconnected, Mark Guyver began revving them, attempting to drill into Skull from below his foot!
“I’m not going down so easy!” Skull pushed against Mark Guyver, feeling his Eccentric Temper empower his body.
“Playtime’s OVER! HAH!”
With a cry, Skull knocked the massive robot back!
Mark Guyver stumbled as it was knocked back, leaving itself open for Skull to strike the Imprisoned Mjolnir into its chest.
The weird, bear-like insignia shattered, exposing a glowing area ripe for the beating!
“Not fair. NOT FAIR!” Lil’ Ultimate P.E cried. “Take this!”
Mark Guyver brought an arm up, shielding the glowing area, yet also exposing it as the true weakpoint. With its other arm outstretched, Mark Guyver spun, slicing grooves into the Mementos Walls as it approached Ryuji!
Within the thin passage, there weren’t many ways to go but back, but Skull wasn’t one to run away, instead bringing a hand to his mask. William was summoned, but otherwise did nothing, leaving Skull to be struck by the drill.
Mark Guyver’s drill slashed at Skull, tearing into his clothes and leaving a gash that would probably get him yelled at by Mona and Queen. But Skull gave a wild grin as he finished his Charge.
“Blast’em William!”
His persona finally acted, punching Mark Guyver’s with a God’s Blow! The empowered attack shattered Mark Guyver’s leg, and the robot it belonged to toppling down!


With the mech left defenseless, Ryuji brought his weapon down for the final blow…
Only to strike nothing.
“Wha-hey! I wasn’t done!” He complained, looking up to see Masaru gone, to his surprise.
“Enough” Not-Oracle’s voice boomed. This time, it sounded a lot closer. Skull turned to see-
“WHOAH! A giant hand! What a weird shadow.”
“I am not a-” Master hand paused as Skull swung his weapon at the perceived shadow. Master Hand casually pinched Skull’s weapon between his index finger and thumb. Still holding it-and ignoring Skull’s attempts to pry it from his grip-he continued. “You have been invited to a tournament I am hosting, with a prize for the victor. All you have to do is open this letter, and you will enter it. All will be the same once you return.”
With that, the hand snapped and vanished, leaving a letter floating down Mementos.
Ryuji snatched the thing and looked it over. Hearing lots of footsteps approaching, he looked up to see the rest of the Phantom Thieves catching up.
“Finally!’ Oracle sighed in relief. “Skull, you’re okay!
“Erm…mostly.” Mona added, seeing the wound.
Before Queen could shout at him, Ryuji spoke. “Yeah, ignore that. Guys! You’ll never believe me, but this giant hand gave me this letter and told me I was invited to some competition thing! What a weird Shadow huh?”
The Phantom Thieves remained silent, unsure how to take such a story. Only their leader: Joker, had something to say.


The Phantom Thieves all looked at their leader.

“...I know that letter.” he noted coolly.


The wandering traveler, Magolor used the Grand Hammer, a powerful weapon designed to protect against evil forces to smack down an oversized statue of himself, plugging it into a fountain. Magolor backed away for a better view, allowing a brief moment to bask in his incredible craftsmanship before moving on to blowing up a few hundred more balloons, and after that he had to prime the confetti cannons, and after that-
Man, there was a lot to do. The park itself was mostly finished, but Magolor wasn’t one to leave it at that. It simply wouldn’t do for an apology. Granted, this is the second park he made as a way to atone, so maybe it was just for his own sake. Either way, it needed more pizazz, and sparkles. He was sure Adeline wasn’t going to mind him steal-borrowing her art supplies.
Speaking of, he had yet to paint some buildings.
A voice echoed. “Magolor. You have been chosen. Prove yourself.”
“Huh?” Magolor’s ears perked. A voice in his head?
Maybe he just imagined it, he had been working for a while now. But time waits for no one.
Magolor turned towards Ado’s home.
Only to find a different human, clad in orange and black clothing, looking rather unfriendly.
“Oh! Hello!” Despite this, Magolor clasped his hands together, happily chattering. “You must’ve seen my flier. Well, I seem to be a bit busy at the moment, but I’m sure I can spare some time for such a charming customer like your-”
The man cut him off. “I am not here for your wares.”
Magolor blinked, before chattering again. “Oh! You must be here for some gem apples then. Well I’m sure we can work something out! Here!” With a flick of the wrist, a shiny, oddly shaped apple appeared in his floating hand. “Consider this a freebie. It’s Magolor Day after all!”
Magolor tossed the gem apple at the stranger, who was having none of it, smacking the apple aside. Wherever it flew, the sound of cracking followed, making Magolor flinch.
“Great, that’s something I’ll have to fix.” Magolor muttered, his cheery demeanor gone.
‘Enough stalling.” The man barked, bringing up his fists. “I am Scorpion. Prove yourself.”
“Look, buddy.” Magolor sighed. “I’m really busy, can we take a raincheck on this?”
“Are you afraid?” Scorpion goaded.
Magolor gave a muffled giggle, unfettered. “Actually I just rather not waste my time.”
“Then show your worth.”
Magolor moved his hands into something reminiscent of a shrug. “Fine then, but I’m not responsible for what happens from here on out.”

Round 1


Scorpion acted first, leaping at Magolor and striking with a roundhouse, only to be blocked by a mystical, star-shaped shield.
If Magolor had a visible mouth, he would be smirking. “Alright that’s cute, but-”
Scorpion vanished in a burst of smoke.
“Uh…Where did he go?”
As if on cue, Scorpion reappeared behind Magolor, kicking the magician aside. But he wasn’t done.
“GET OVER HERE!” he bellowed, sending out a kunai and chain, stabbing into Magolor’s scarf and pulling him back, striking with his arm once he was close. Except Magolor evaded the attack, smoothly diving under it and pulling the chain with him, throwing Scorpion off balance.
“No, you go over THERE!” Magolor echoed, summoning a rune and releasing a forceful blast of wind over Scorpion, dislodging his kunai and sending him flying!
Hanzo recovered quickly, stabbing the kunai into a nearby tower and swinging onto it. Magolor followed suit, levitating through the air. As he saw Scorpion stab his kunai in the roof of his building, Magolor gasped.
“Hey!” he fumed. “Careful where you stab that! I’ll have to fix the damage, you know!”
Scorpion’s response was to pull out the kunai, and the ridge it stabbed into, and kick it towards the wayfarer, who balked as he dodged it.
It was followed up by another, which actually struck the shocked Magolor. Scorpion kicked a few more off, forcing Magolor to block it with his shield.
“That’s it!” Magolor fumed, summoning another rune from his left hand, which ejected an Ultra Sword. Magolor swung the massive blade, taking out the top of his own tower!
But Scorpion already jumped ship, spidermanning over to another tower with his kunai and chain.
Only for Magolor to put a quick stop to that, sniping Scorpion mid-swing with a ball of magic, throwing the Ultra Sword soon after!
Scorpion was knocked out of his swing, but recovered quickly as he landed on his feet without issue, even nimbly backflipping out of the Ultra Sword, which stabbed into the concrete. Scorpion ran up the massive blade, throwing fireballs out of his hands, which Magolor countered with his own.
But they weren’t meant to strike him anyway, simply distracting Magolor as Scorpion jumped off the sword, gripping Magolor with a flaming fist and slamming him into the floor! Scorpion brought out his katana, only for Magolor to create a portal beside him, which ejected a transdimensional needle, stabbing into Scorpion’s shoulder! Magolor followed it up with a blast of magic, sending Scorpion into the air.
Yet, after the damage sustained, Scorpion landed on both feet, bringing up both fists despite his wounded shoulder.
Magolor’s eyes widened.
“Woah.” he said softly.
Before turning tail and run-erm-floating away. Scorpion, however, would not let him go so easy.
“COME HERE!” he roared, sending out his kunai and catching Magolor again. He pulled Magolor back, who attempted to pull the same trick as last time, only for Scorpion to anticipate it and opt to grab the egg, scorching him further with his burning hand.
“Fool.” Scorpion snapped. “Did you really think I’d fall for the same trick twice?”
“No.” Magolor conceded, before hissing a bit as the man’s hand flared. “That’s why I have another one.”
Scorpion’s blank eyes narrowed. “A bluff.”
“You…” Magolor replied, surprisingly light-hearted. “really should’ve taken the freebie.”
But before Scorpion could ask, Magolor vanished, leaving the same gem apple from earlier.
Which was tripled in size, shaking from all the energy it stored up until now.


From outside the explosion’s radius, Magolor reappeared, dusting off his burnt clothes. He allowed himself a brief giggle at his own genius, before preparing another rune, positive that Scorpion wouldn’t go down that easily.

Round 2

“Enough.” spoke the voice again. A bright light shone from the smoke, and Scorpion was gone.
Finally, the owner of the voice appeared, a massive hand that Magolor recognized.
“Oh, you must be Master Hand.” Magolor said, almost dismissively.
“So you’ve heard of me.” Master Hand replied.
“Kirby’s told me a bit about you. I think I know what you’re here.”
“Perhaps.” Master Hand began. “You have been-”
“Hold up.” Magolor cut him off, pulling out a flier, and offering it to Master Hand, who took his between his index finger and thumb, reading it through unknown means.

Magolor Shoppe!
Armor? Weapons? Gem Apples?
We’ve got it all and more!
Come to Merry Magoland in-

“What is this?” Master Hand asked dryly.
Back into salesman mode, Magolor replied cheerfully. “Oh you know, something for you to pass to others. Drum up business. Hey! We could work together-”

“JUST!” The glove clearly wasn’t having it. “Take this letter, and open it to enter the competition. Everything will be the same when you return.” Master Hand vanished soon after saying this, leaving the letter-and disappointedly, the flier-to float down.

Magolor looked over it. He still had a lot to do, but Master Hand did imply that no, if any, time would pass here.
Well, just in case, Magolor changed clothes, and set something up before he opened the letter, leaving a sign under the entrance to Merry Magoland.

Closed due to construction.
Donations are appreciated!
P.S. Touch my stuff, and I’ll find you.

Alter Knight
It was like Demon World couldn’t relax for a week.
Sirens in Demon World’s Police Department sounded off, and one could hear commotion from the policemen inside.
“Hey! Stop!” one ordered.
“Get her!” another barked.
“Stop in the name of-OOF!” a brave, yet stupid policeman stood in the way of their prisoner, only to be unceremoniously smacked to the side by a shield.
The owner of the shield, and matching sword, was Alter Knight. That wasn’t really her name, but that’s what everyone called her after the Tower fiasco, and she felt no need to argue. Her name wasn’t relevant anymore.
Alter Knight slammed her shield into another policeman, sending her sprawling through the tables and a window.
Wait, window?
She was almost out! But there stood multiple S.W.A.T members, blocking the door.
Poor things, they should learn when to quit.
Alter Knight brought up her shield, glowing a pale blue, before becoming a fierce one as she doubled in speed, smashing through the door and through the S.W.A.T’s defenses!
Alter Knight looked back to see her trail. Many officers were spread around, dazed, some landing unfortunately and injured. Honestly, Alter Knight would be content to avoid this, and relax however many days she had left, but she wasn’t doing it inside a ward.
She wasn’t going to be imprisoned, not again.
Alter Knight turned, preparing to vanish into the night.

“Guardian of Kanterbury. You have been chosen. Prove yourself.” a voice, ethereal and commanding, called out.
Immediately, Alter Knight was on edge, bringing up her sword. Was it the Savior?
But nothing happened, except the sound of light footsteps approaching. Alter Knight turned to face…something. It was short, and wore a blue cloak and a white, horned helmet. It was far unlike any creature she had seen, even in the weird world she lived in.
They seemed unaffiliated with the police, but Alter Knight could see they had business with her.
“Look, whoever you are, turn back. I have nothing to do with you.”
But the thing didn’t answer. Of course not, as it was a Vessel, going by the odd name of Shroom.
Not that Alter Knight would know, who took it dashing at her, blade in hand, as her answer.
“Very well.” Alter Knight said as she blocked the strike with her shield, before striking back with Libera, her sword.
But Shroom proved quick, dashing away. It was nimble, that’s for sure.
Shroom only enforced that belief by running circles around Alter Knight, attempting to find an opening.
Not that Alter Knight was going to let it happen,instead focusing her magic.
And in a second, summoned multiple lightning strikes around her!
Shroom just barely noticed in time, jumping back at the last second, only for Alter Knight to dash through the lightning, and slash upward, sending Shroom back!
Shroom recovered in midair, flapping the Monarch Wings once and dashing past Alter Knight. Oddly, though her shield blocked a strike, the creature phased through Alter, and struck at her back!
Alter Knight took the blow with a grunt, before flipping and jumping back for distance. Shroom wasn’t done with the assault, however, dashing to catch up. Alter Knight blocked the initial strike again, and Shroom dashed again, phasing through Alter Knight to attack from the back once more.
Only for lightning to strike behind Alter Knight, striking Shroom!
“Not this time.” Alter Knight chuckled, slamming her shield into the Vessel for extra injury. Shroom skidded back, helmet cracked and leaking some shadowy energy.
Energy that seemed to coat its body before it released a blast of dark energy.
Alter Knight brought up the shield to block, only for the darkness to phase through it, blasting Alter Knight!
Alter Knight grit her teeth, pushing through the burning sensation throughout her body. It seemed this thing had dark magic, which phased through typical defenses.
Well then, she’d have to change tactics.
Alter Knight summoned a strike of lightning, this time directly onto her weapon! In a flash, she wielded a new one. Libera V2, now shaped as a bow! No arrows were in sight, but Alter Knight clearly didn’t need them as she pulled the string back, and one magically appeared, charged with lightning! Alter Knight fired, and Shroom cut through the arrow.
Only for the electricity to transfer through its nail, and onto the one holding it, stunning Shroom!
“Good bye.” Alter Knight smirked, as she pulled back another arrow, aiming straight at Shroom’s head.
“Enough.” the voice boomed once more.
Alter Knight blinked, and Shroom vanished. She coolly halted her attack, beginning to understand what she just went through. She turned around to face a giant floating hand, an odd sight to be sure, yet their presence was oddly familiar. She felt a similar presence in the Savior.
“I suppose that was a test of my skills.”
The hand spoke, somehow. “Yes, you have been chosen to participate in a tournament, with a prize for the victor.”
Alter Knight raised a brow. “What kind of prize?”
Master Hand dodged the question. “Open this letter, and perhaps you’ll find out,”
He vanished, leaving a letter floating in the wind.
Alter Knight snatched the item, looking it over.
“Halt, criminal!”
Looking up, Alter Knight saw the Legendary Hero Erina standing before her, backed up by a veritable army.
Alter Knight smiled wryly. “Come to take me back?”
“You shall pay for your crimes.” Erina spat, bringing up her blade. “You know what you did.”
“I suppose I do.” Alter Knight replied calmly. “But I don’t think you truly understand yourself.”
Before Erina could strike, Alter Knight opened the letter.

“Lucario! We’ve got some survivors here!”


“Stay calm! You’ll be okay!”

The Aura Pokemon, Lucario, closed his eyes, focusing his power. Through his palms, he projected waves of aura, shattering rubble into a tunnel without collapsing the whole thing, revealing a mother and her child, shivering. Rangers from the union entered the tunnel to rescue the two.
Lucario did not follow, instead turning his head to a familiar voice.
Lucario followed the voice, and the aura it came from, sidestepping any cracks in the ground and rubble in the way as he made it to his partner: Pokemon ranger Kedak.
“What a mess, huh?” they continued. “Didn’t think the earthquake would do this much to Veilstone, did you?”
Lucario didn’t respond, simply looking at his partner attentively.
“Okay, no small talk.” Kedak sighed, before getting to business. “There’s some more rubble we got to deal with, blocking our way.”
Finally, Lucario spoke, though only telepathically. “And you wish for me to clear the way?”
“No, actually. We’re getting some other mons to deal with that. But it might take some time. We’ll need you to scout ahead, see if you can find any people or pokemon that need immediate help. If you can get to them, you have permission to do so.”
“And should I find any aggressive pokemon?”
“Permission to subdue them.”
Lucario nodded, before taking off, leaping carefully off of pieces of rubble further into the city.
As the aura pokemon traversed the ravaged city, he was on full alert, looking for signs of humans caught under rubble, or small pokemon that just happened to get caught up in this mess. But nothing so far.
“Lucario.” A voice boomed in his head. “You have been chosen. Prove yourself.”
Soon after, an odd aura that just seemed to appear near the pokemon. It was alien, not like anything he ever felt before.
Lucario closed in on the aura, turning the corner just in time to find a pokeball flying towards his face.
Lucario bent back on instinct, narrowly avoiding the ball.
“KEKEKE! That’s cheating!” the one who threw the ball chattered. It appeared monkey-like, and wore a massive, mechanical device on its head.

A wild Uratekumon appeared!

Lucario was taken aback by the strange creature, especially since it spoke human english. “...What kind of pokemon are you?” he asked warily.

“Heh?” The question seemed to surprise the imp, before he began laughing. “KEKEKEKE! I ain’t no pokemon! I’m Uratekumon, and I’m the player here, y’hear?”
Lucario had no idea how to respond to that. “...Pardon?”
“Whatever.” Uratekumon did not bother answering. With a faint chime, another pokeball appeared out of thin air, with the Appmon catching it with the hands on his helmet. “Now how ‘bout you get into the ball like a good little pokemon?” the Appmon asked with a wild smirk.
Lucario was utterly baffled by the oddity of his situation, but clearly reading some hostility in the enemy, he raised his fists.
“I do not know what you are, but if you intend to cause mischief, I will stop you.” he warned.
“ROTFL! Let’s see you try, ya furry!” The digimon taunted.

Uratekumon wants to battle!

Uratekumon attacked first, throwing the pokeball in an another attempt to catch Lucario. The aura pokemon struck the ball with the back of his paw, and retaliated with an aura sphere. Yet the appmon did not move save for some fiddling with the controller between his hands, leaving the aura sphere to land a direct hit! But as the smoke cleared, Uratekumon showed hardly any signs of damage.
“LOLOLOLOL! You’ll have to try harder than that!” he sniggered. Some more fiddling with his controller, and Uratekumon helmet extended its fists, punching at Lucario. Lucario responded in kind, hardening his fists and striking Uratekumon’s own with the power of a meteor, knocking them aside until a faint chime was heard. Before Lucario could react, he was struck with a bolt of lightning, knocking the pokemon back and sending them skidding. A cheap shot from Uratekumon, who now held a sword, which was crackling with electricity.
“KEHE! Take this!” they cried, boosting themselves into the air with their mechanical arms, and stabbing the blade down on Lucario. Lucario growled, and summoned a large bone staff, narrowly avoiding getting stabbed by striking the blade to the side, redirecting it to stab beside Lucario’s head.
Still too close for comfort, Lucario kicked Uratekumon off, prompting a pained yowl from the imp. Strange, given it should hurt less than the aura sphere.
Lucario rose up, glancing at the weapon Uratekumon dropped. He grabbed at the handle, only for Uratekumon to swing by, snatching the sword!
“DENIED!” Uratekumon jeered. The digimon was gripping nearby buildings and rubble with his extended helmet hands, and swinging all around Lucario. The digimon nimbly flew across the city, cackling wildly as he summoned more bolts of lightning over Lucario!
With Uratekumon out of immediate reach, Lucario went on the defensive, avoiding bolt after bolt. As he did, he read into Uratekumon’s strange aura, sensing its intentions…
Seeing an opportunity, Lucario fired a small ball of aura where Uratekumon would grip next, leaving him gripping nothing but air.
The digimon’s cackling was cut short as he suddenly found himself falling. He attempted to grab onto another building, only for Lucario to close the distance at a frighteningly extreme speed, striking Uratekumon with a flurry of blows, finishing off with an axe kick to send him back to earth. Lucario dived after Uratekumon, about to follow up with a meteor mash! But Uratekumon struck first with his own metal fist, far bigger than it was just before.
Lucario was sent soaring through the fair, and crashed onto the roof of a building. The pokemon rose back up, to the terrifying sight of a wildly cackling monkey growing to a colossal size!
“KEHEHE!” The imp’s laughing shook the earth.”This was fun, but I think it’s about time to finish this.” he stated, pulling back a fist.
Glaring at the massive digimon, Lucario gave a quick glance to the mega bracelet on his arm. But no…many buildings were barely standing, and he didn’t want to create even more of a mess.
With that out of the question, Lucario brought up his arm, forced to block the uppercut from Uratekumon! Uratekumon’s fist tore through the building, sending bits of it-and Lucario himself-into the skies!
The blow damaged Lucario considerably, yet he shimmered with the power from aura as he studied his situation.
“What? You’re still alive?!” Uratekumon balked at the aura pokemon, before catching himself and grinning evilly again. “I mean, KEHEHE! Then take this!”
With even more cackling, Uratekumon punched at the midair fighting/steel type. But Lucario did not panic, instead summoning a bone staff, extending it so it struck a nearby piece of rubble. The force sent the pokemon to the side, evading the admittedly slow strike. Clearly it’s size was weighing it down.
Lucario could feel the annoyance building in Uratekumon. The appmon tried to punch him again, but Lucario remained elusive, dodging strikes by dashing between pieces of rubble as they fell, slowly closing in on Uratekumon!
Until Lucario went behind a sizable piece of rock, right in front of the appmon. Knowing the rock itself wouldn’t deal too much damage, Lucario instead opted to punch it himself, turning the rock into dust and spraying over Uratekumon’s face
“GYAH! You little-!” Uratekumon then went on a tirade of obscenities as Lucario leapt onto his mechanical helmet, and unloaded all he had.
Aura infused blast after strike, alternating between both in an attempt to break the helmet. It proved tough, but slowly began showing damage. Just a few more strikes and-
“KEHEHE! Game over!” Uratekumon snarked as he realized what Lucario was doing. The helmet’s mechanical arms went to action, closing on over Lucario.
Lucario noticed this, but remained firm, striking with even more power and exposing more of the circuitry beneath the helmet, as the hands began to close their grip…
“Enough.” A familiar voice boomed.
Uratekumon and his metal arms vanished, leaving Lucario back without solid ground to stand on. The pokemon managed to stick the landing, thankfully, looking around for the voice’s origin. Soon, it appeared. A massive hand, or glove, flying over him.
“...Do you want something?” Lucario asked, feeling a sense of expectancy from it.
“Straight to the point. I am holding a tourney, and you are invited as a competitor. Do not worry, everything will be same once you come back.”
No lie was uttered. Master hand offered the letter, and Lucario took it.
The pokemon looked over the paper, thinking. That hand also had an odd aura…

Jeice’s Test – Burn Bright, Red Magma!​

On the distant planet of Zerodia-5, the Ginyu Force worked. People ran through the steets of the planet’s capital city, screaming in terror at the five powerful warriors that rampaged, destroying buildings and slaughtering all in their way. Frieza had ordered the capital city destroyed for it’s lackluster tribute, and the Ginyu Force complied. The planet’s most powerful warriors and war machines were annihilated without hesitation by the elite fighting force. Now all that was left was total destruction.

“Oi, Recoome! Hurry up, will ya?” Jeice called out. The second in command of the Ginyu Force was of an alien of the race Brench-sejin. A mutant, he was easily distinguished by his bright red skin and long white hair. Jeice pointed to a nearby building, firing a barrage of ki blasts to destroy the building to rubble.

“Stop playin’ around with the civies, the sooner we get this done, the sooner we can have our Ginyu Force bowling tournament.” Jeice said.
The massive Recoome chuckled, throwing the corpse of the Zerodian through the wall of another building.
“Don’t get your armor in a bunch Jeice, I’m just takin’ a break. I mean, the Zerodian Elite Guard was almost fun to fight.” Recoome said. “One of them almost made me use my special move.”

“Well, if they almost made you use your special move, then they didn’t. You’re just being lazy.” The whiny voice of Guldo piped up. The green alien used it’s psychic powers to throw a massive chunk of rubble into another building.

Jeice. You have been chosen. Prove yourself.” A voice boomed. Jeice frowned, glancing back to his teammates in confusion.

“Prove m’self? Recoome, did you-“ Before Jeice could finish his sentence, the scouter he wore began beeping loudly. A creature with a high power level, suddenly rushing in! Before Jeice could react, a red, blue, and black blur smashed into him and sent him flying. Jeice stopped himself in mid-air, looking up at what had struck him. A young man with black hair hovered above him. The teen wore a red and blue outfit, with the letter ‘S’ on his chest and a black jacket over his outfit.

The young man looked over the ruined city, then down to Jeice.
“You and your friends did this?” The teen called down to Jeice.
“Who the bleedin’ hell are you?!” Jeice yelled back to the teen. The red alien clicked through the scouter, locking onto the teen. “With a power level like that, the scouter should have picked you up ages ago!”
“I’m Superboy. I’m your opponent, and I’m going to enjoy beating the snot out of you, Red!” The teen said. Jeice chuckled.

“Right. You’ve made a big mistake, messing with the Ginyu Force! 45,000 may be an impressive power level, but you’re going to see just how outclassed your are!” Jeice said. The two flew towards each other, colliding in midair. Superboy threw a punch, but Jeice easily ducked under it and countered with punch to the gut. Superboy went flying back, slamming into the side of a building. The teen barely managed to dodge out of the way as Jeice continued to press his assault, the red alien’s punch shattering the wall the rest of the way as Superboy flew up. Jeice flew after the Kryptonian clone, hitting him with a powerful kick to the side. But to Jeice’s surprise, Superboy managed to tank the blow and grab Jeice’s leg. Letting out a battle cry, Superboy flew back to the earth and slammed Jeice into the ground and kicking up a massive dust cloud.


With another powerful kick, Superboy was sent flying back into the air. Jeice flew up after him, throwing a flurry of punches and kicks.
“So you’re pretty tough, huh?!” Jeice said as Superboy dodged, blocked, and tanked every attack Jeice threw. “Well, let’s see how tough you are when I do THIS!”

Jeice ducked down, grabbing Superboy’s ankle and spinning the teen around. Jeice threw the teen with a yell, slamming him into another building. Then holding out his hand, red energy began to appear and grow.
“Take this!” Jeice yelled, launch a powerful ki blast at Superboy. The powerful energy blast sent the teen crashing down to the bottom floor of the building, and the caused the rest of the building to collapse on top of him. Letting out a breath, Jeice chuckled. Then he frowned.
“Aw man. It’s gonna take forever to get this dust out of my hair.” Jeice said.

“You have proven yourself, Jeice.” Jeice looked over to find a rather unusual sight. An alien, like he had never seen. A massive, gloved hand.
“And who are you supposed to be? Another one to pick a fight with the Ginyu Force?” Jeice said, standing at the ready. Despite having no face, or mouth, the hand chuckled.
“I am Master Hand. You have earned a spot in my tournament.” Master Hand.
“A fighting tournament?” Jeice asked. “Please. The Ginyu Force is the most elite fighters in the universe. No one in this tournament of yours is going to stand a chance.”
“Perhaps. But what of fighters from other universes?” Master Hand asked. With a snap, an envelop appeared before Jeice. The red warrior snatched it, looking it over. “Should you win, a valuable prize will be yours. All you need do is open the letter, and it shall take you to the tournament…”

With that, the hand vanished. Jeice looked at the envelop, before grinning. “Heh. This’ll be easy pickings…”

Weevil’s Duel – Bugging out the Machines​

“So, did you trade for any good cards, Yugi?” Weevil asked. On the deck of the boat to the Duelist Kingdom tournament, the Regional Champion known as Weevil Underwood spoke to the two other teens. He was a short teen, with cyan hair cut in a bowl cut. He wore a green suit, and large glasses. Known in some places the Insector, Weevil was a specialist in Insect monsters when it came to the game Duel Monsters.

“Nah, I’m gonna duel with the cards I brought along with me.” Yugi said with a smile, putting his hand on a small golden box with Egyptian hieroglyphics on it. Yugi Moto, a teen from Domino High School. He was short, with strange blonde, black, and red hair. And somehow, had managed to defeat the legendary duelist Seto Kaiba. Standing with Yugi was his friend, some nobody by the name Joey Wheeler.

“I figured as much. You used the Exodia cards in your duel with Kaiba, right? Those are the strongest cards of them all.” Weevil said.
“And really rare!” Yugi chimed in.
“Could I possibly see those legendary cards?” Weevil asked. Yugi hesitated for a moment, before nodding.
“I don’t see why not, just be careful with them, okay? Here!” Yugi said.

Opening the box, Yugi retrieved the set of five cards and handed them to Weevil. Spreading them in his hand, Weevil looked at them. The Right Arm of the Forbidden One. The Left Arm of the Forbidden One. The Right Leg of the Forbidden One. The Left Leg of the Forbidden One. And the one in the center, the grinning one himself. Exodia the Forbidden One. Alone, each card was extremely weak. But together, they called the full might of Exodia. A monster so powerful, it was able to destroy any monster in a single attack and annihilate any opponent.

These were the cards that Yugi had used to defeat Seto Kaiba. As Weevil looked over the five cards, he could feel the cool night breeze of the ocean blow against him and the boat gently rock in the water. Here they were, miles from land. Weevil glanced up to Yugi, and Yugi gave the bug duelist an innocent smile.

What a sap.

“So these are the cards to summon Exodia. For a long time, I’ve been trying to come up with some sort of strategy to finally beat these cards. But I couldn’t come up with anything… Until just this moment.” Weevil said.
“Huh?” Yugi asked, looking to Joey with a confused glance. A confused expression which quickly turned to fear as Weevil walked towards the side of the boat.
“Say goodbye to Exodia!” Weevil yelled, throwing the five cards over the side of ship.
“NO!” Yugi yelled. But it was too late. Yugi watched helplessly as his cards fluttered down into the ocean.

Weevil laughed, walking away from the pair.
“Hahaha! Now there’s no one who can challenge me!” Weevil said, chuckling to himself.

Weevil walked back to his quarters on the ship, closing the door behind him and plopping down on the bed. This was the life. Seto Kaiba was no where to be seen since his loss against Yugi Moto. And with Yugi’s Exodia now out of the picture, that left easy pickings for the tournament. Who was he supposed to be concerned about now, Rex Raptor the Dino Brain? He’d squish him just like he did in the Regional Championship.
“He he he. Too easy.” Weevil said.

“Weevil Underwood. You have been chosen. Prove yourself.”​

Weevil sat up in his bed. He had seen a P.A. system in his room. What was this, another boon from having been regional champ? He sat up in his bed. He had seen a P.A. system in his room. What was this, another boon from having been a finalist in the regional championship? Suddenly, Weevil’s bed disappeared from under him. The boy fell to the ground with a thud.

“What the…” Looking around, Weevil found himself in a place that was not where he once was. The luxury room he was once in was gone. Instead, he stood in a dark void. “W-what’s happening?”

“Oh ho ho ho!” A voice cackled behind him. Turning, Weevil found himself looking at an unusual sight. Lowering from the sky was a strange grey machine, grey and spherical. Inside was a man, bald, with a large bushy mustache and blue glasses.
“Didn’t you hear, my boy? You’ve been chosen. You should consider yourself honored, because you find yourself facing the great Dr. Eggman! Oh hohoho!” The man laughed.

Weevil scowled, stepping back.
“What is this?!” Weevil sneered.
“Weevil. The Duel Disk…” The same mysterious voice from before spoke out. It was then Weevil noticed something else. On his left arm, an unusual device. A strange blue gauntlet that resembled a duel monster field.

“Now hurry up little boy, I don’t have all day.” Dr. Eggman called down. “Or perhaps I’ll attack with my machines now, while you’re vulnerable!”
“I don’t know what’s going on, but if it’s a duel you want it’s a duel you’ll get!” Weevil said, putting his deck into the duel disk. Drawing five cards, he glanced through his hand before selecting the card and playing it.

“It looks like I can’t do much… I’ll just summon Basic Insect, in attack mode. I’ll also set one card face down.” Weevil said. In a flash of light, a massive ant appeared before Weevil. The insect duelist gasped, stepping back. This wasn’t a hologram like in the major dueling arenas. That insect… it was real!
“The duel monster… it’s… it’s real!” Weevil gasped.
“Of course it is! And it’s going to take a real beating! Go, my Buzzers! Attack!” Dr. Eggman commanded. Suddenly appearing from behind the scientist was a massive swarm of giant robotic wasps. They flew towards Weevil and his Giant Insect, launching fireball attacks. The Giant Insect jumped up, destroying a few of the machines before succumbing to the barrage. Then the machines turned their gaze to Weevil. Weevil let out a scream, and began to run away as the flying machines attacked him.

Weevil drew another card, placing it on his duel disk. He turned to face Dr. Eggman.
“Rrrgh! I won’t let this stand! Let’s see how you like this! I summon Flying Kamakiri #1!” Weevil said. Placing another card on the duel disk, another monstered appeared before Weevil. This one more resembled a praying mantis, a large green bug creature with red eye and claws.
“Kamakiri! Attack!!!” Weevil commanded. The bug monster flew forward, slashing through the metal wasps and destroying them.

A beam of energy suddenly shot through, destroying the insect monster.
“Ohohoho! Your bugs may be powerful, but they’re easy prey for my machines!” Dr. Eggman cackled.
“Perhaps that’s the case for Kamakiri #1. But I wanted you to destroy that monster!” Weevil said, pointing to Dr. Eggman. “Because thanks to Flying Kamakiri #1, I can special summon his more powerful brother from my deck! Come out, Flying Kamakiri #2!”

With a screech, another bug monster appeared. It looked similar to the first Kamakiri, but larger and a lighter green color. The insect monster let out a screech, lunging towards Dr. Eggman. But the mad scientist merely swooped out of the way, laughing.
“When I’m through with you, your insects will be but a smear on my windshield!” Eggman taunted.

But the scientist was nearly launched from his flying machine when a swirl of energy appeared around it, stopping him from moving.
“What? Why aren’t my controls responding?!” Dr. Eggman exclaimed. Weevil grinned.
“You old fool. You activated my trap card!” Weevil said, revealing his face down card. The purple card showed a clawed hand, with energy swirling around it. “My Vortex card prevents you from moving or attacking. Now, Flying Kamakiri #2! Finish him off!”

With a screech, the Insect monster flew towards Dr. Eggman. The doctor let out a scream of fear- before vanishing!

“Congratulations, Weevil Underwood. You passed my test.” Turning, Weevil screamed in fear at the sight of a massive, floating gloved hand.
“W-what are you?!” Weevil asked. Master Hand sighed.
“If I could roll my eyes, I would.” Master Hand grumbled. “I am Master Hand. I am searching for competitors for a tournament.”
“I’m already in a tournament. One I can’t afford to drop out of right now.” Weevil scowled.
“You will have no need. With this tournament, it will be very different from the Duelist Kingdom. The monsters, and the danger will be real. And the prize will be far greater than the rewards of Duelist Kingdom.” Master Hand said. Weevil’s eyes lit up. Greater than a wish granted by Maximillian Pegasus himself?

A letter appeared in Weevil’s hand.

“Merely accept the invitation…” The hand said. Everything around Weevil faded, and the boy found himself standing in his quarters once again. And yet, the Duel Disk and letter remained.
"A new tournament... Yes, this will be most interesting." Weevil said, grabbing his backpack and putting it over his shoulder.

Dagr & Nott’s Trial - Sun's Radiance and Moon's Elegance vs the Street Fighting Soldiers​

It was a beautiful day in the Kingdom of Askr. The sun shown brightly as a cool summer breeze blew over the rolling, grassy hills. Sharena, the Princess of Askr, ran to the top of the hill and looked around. She was an older teen with blond hair braided over her shoulder. She wore the standard armaments of Askr Royalty, golden scale mail armor and a white cloak. Her lance and shield slung over her shoulder, she called down to the group she was leading.

“It’s over here! I can see it!” Sharena called down. Four others followed Sharena up the hill. The first was her older brother, Prince Alphonse. Like Sharena, he wore the golden scale mail armor and white cloak, and his sword was at his side. He stood a little taller than his sister, and had dark blue hair that faded into gold at the end. Behind Alphonse was the red haired captain of the Order of Heroes, Commander Anna. The final two of the party were Nótt and Dagr, the twin princesses of Jötunheimer.

“It is a pity Kiran and Reginn could not join us for this picnic.” Nótt said, reaching the top of the hill. Alphonse nodded.
“Yes, they would have liked to be here. But Reginn wanted to be the one to lead the Aether Raids this week. And Kiran is off on a Hero’s Journey with Fjorm.” Alphonse explained. Dagr sighed.
“Everything’s finally settled down in Jötunheimer, and they’re still not able to hang out. Lame.” Dagr said.
“That’s okay! I know we’re going to have a great picnic anyway!” Sharena said cheerfully.

The group reached the point Sharena had seen, a ruined stone portal on top of a hill. The princess of Askr began to set out the blanket and get the food out of the basket as Alphonse and Anna spoke to Nótt and Dagr.
“Thank you again for accepting this meeting. I would have preferred our lunch to have been at the dining hall of our castle, but…” Alphonse trailed off, scratching his cheek with embarrassment.
“Some of the heroes made a terrible mess of the place.” Anna spoke up.
“Plus, it was such a nice day! No way we could pass this up.” Sharena said.

Nótt smiled gracefully.
“That much is true, the weather here is rather nice.” Nótt said. “I believe an alliance between Askr and Jötunheimer could be most fortuitous.”

“Dagr of Jötunheimer. You have been chosen. Prepare yourself.” A deep voice rang out over the hills. Instantly, the group of five were on their feet with their weapons drawn.
“What was that?” Alphonse asked.
“Everyone look, there!” Anna exclaimed. The energy began to swirl within the ruined stone portal. The group of five watched as a pair of figures stepped out. The first was a muscular man. He wore a green tank top and pants, with black combat boots. But what stood out more was his hair, blond and in a very tall flat top. The second was a woman, in a tight military outfit that resembled more of a one-piece swimsuit. Although she stood shorter than the man, she was also clearly very fit, and had a scar on her let cheek.

“Whoa. A bit of a bigger reception than we thought.” The woman said, noticing the group of five warriors.
“Who are you?!” Alphonse called out.
“Yeah, and what do you mean I’ve been chosen?” Dagr said. The man sighed, cracking his neck as he stepped down from the portal.

“Look… It’s a long story. I’m Cammy, and this is Guile.” The woman said. “We’re just here to fight Dagr. We’re not trying to kill her or anything. And if she wins, this whole thing is going to be explained.”
“And why should we trust you?” Anna asked. “That portal isn’t even supposed to be working anymore! How did you use it?”
“Look, there are five of you and two of us. We know you’re skilled warriors, and we’re unarmed.” Cammy explained.

“… And you just wanna fight me?” Dagr asked. The woman grinned, resting her ax on her shoulder. “Well, sounds fun. First thing you wanna do after jumping out a portal is fight? I wasn’t looking forward to this whole diplomatic meeting, but this is going to be much more exciting! Let’s go then!”
“B-be careful!” Sharena called out as Dagr stepped away from the group. She stood at the ready with her ax, staring down Cammy and Guile.

- ROUND 1 –
- FIGHT! –

Dagr rushed towards the pair, slashing with her ax. Cammy ducked under the ax, while Guile moved forward and blocked the ax at the handle with is forearm. Cammy popped back up, spinning in place before attempting to strike at Dagr with a backfist. But Dagr was quick to react, knocking away Cammy’s fist with the butt of her poleax as she stepped back.

Guile pressed the attack, suddenly flipping towards Dagr. A powerful kick struck Dagr in the stomach, knocking her back even further, and suddenly Dagr found herself on the defensive. It was all she could do to block with her poleax as the pair of fighters pushed her back, barely able to keep up with their continuous attacks. They’re fast.

“Come on, Dagr! You can do it!” Sharena cheered from the sidelines. Seeing an opening, Dagr lunged forward with her ax and struck Guile in the stomach. The American was knocked back, and Dagr turned her attention to Cammy just in time to get punched in the face by the woman. Dagr grinned, lunging at Cammy and attacking with a barrage of slashes. Now it was Cammy on the defense. Dagr slashed with her ax, first striking Cammy’s leg, then knocking her arm she was using to block away. Dagr pushed forward for the finishing blow, when-

“Sonic Boom!” A blade of energy struck Dagr in the back, knocking Dagr off balance. Taking advantage of the opening, Cammy jumped up and struck Dagr with a powerful high kick.
“Booo! That’s a cheap shot!” Sharena called out.

“Sonic Boom! Sonic Boom! Sonic Boom!” Guile called out, launching energy attack after energy attack at Dagr. The Jötun turned, knocking away two of the attacks with her poleax only for the third one to break through.

“Look out!” Anna yelled from the sidelines. Dagr felt Cammy’s arms wrap around her stomach, and with surprising strength for a woman of her size, Cammy suplexed Dagr and slammed the Jötun into the ground. Dagr gasped in pain, Skinfaxi dropping out of her hands as she stared up at the sky. Cammy raised her foot for the final kick.


In a flash of light, Nótt appeared between Dagr and Cammy and knocked the army woman away with her lance. The older princess smiled at Guile and Cammy.
“Two on one is rather unsportsmanlike, isn’t it?” Nótt said, before helping Dagr back to her feet. “I would prefer you not sully our family’s good name by losing to these strangers.”
“I could have taken them.” Dagr grumbled.
“Once again, it is on me to bail you out.” Nótt said. She readied her lance, and Dagr her ax.

- ROUND 2! –
- FIGHT! -

The two sisters charged at Cammy and Guile, with Dagr taking the lead. As Dagr reached Cammy, Nótt vanished. In a flash of light, Nótt appeared before Guile. The sisters slashed down in unison, Cammy quickly jumping back while Guile was unable to dodge in time.
“Yeah, go Nótt! Whoo whoo!” Sharena cheered.

Cammy and Dagr exchanged blows, with another powerful strike sending Cammy flying back. The army woman slid across the ground, before suddenly launching herself in a corkscrew kick towards Dagr. The Jötun threw down her ax, catching Cammy as her kick landed.
“Let’s see how you like it!” Dagr exclaimed, throwing Cammy over her shoulder and slamming the woman into the ground.

Guile launched a roundhouse kick at Nótt, which the princess blocked with her lance. She moved around Guile, stabbing at him with her lance and pushing him aside. Guile suddenly lunged forward, slamming his knee into Nótt’s face. The soldier ducked down and swept Nótt’s legs out from under her, then flipped forward to strike with a powerful slashing kick. The green haired princess barely rolled out of the way in time, pointing her lance at Guile. A blast of magic shot from the lance, knocking the soldier off his feet and onto the prone body of Cammy.

- K.O.! –

Letting out a breath, Nótt pushed herself back to her feet.
“Tougher than they look, huh sis?” Dagr asked, striding over to her sister with a grin. The world around the pair darkened, and suddenly every else disappeared from view.

“Well, this was… unusual.” The same deep voice from before spoke. To Dagr and Nótt’s surprise, the twins found themselves looking to see a massive gloved hand floating towards them.
“Whoa! What the heck?!” Dagr exclaimed.
“Well done, both of you. I am Master Hand. And I even thought that test was supposed to be for Dagr, I supposed you passed my test.” The Hand said. “Hm… What to do…”
“And what, pray tell, was this test for?” Nótt asked.
“I am arranging a fighting tournament, with powerful fighters from other worlds. Even worlds that the pair of you are unfamiliar with.” Master Hand explained. “And as it so happens, we do have room for an extra fighter. So congratulations, Nótt. You get an invitation as well.”

Nótt frowned.
“You’re telling me that my sister was originally invited, but I was not?!” Nótt said. Dagr stuck out her tongue. With a snap of Master Hand’s fingers, a pair of letters appeared before the princesses.
“The tournament will be perfectly safe, and with a grand prize. So, should you choose to accept, you need merely to open the letters before you.” Master Hand said. “I hope to see the pair of you there.”

With that, the hand disappeared and the world was returned to normal. The Princesses looked to each other, a large grin on Dagr’s face. Nótt shook her head.
“No. We’re not doing this.” Nótt said.
“Aw, come on sis! A fun fighting tournament is just the relaxation we need!” Dagr said.
“Oh please. We both know it will end with me defeating you.” Nótt said.
“Um, that’s not what I remember happening last time!” Dagr said. Dagr looked to the sky her smile growing. “Oh, I got a good feeling about this!”


Previously Manu456Alola
The Battle Priestess

Her footsteps echoed throughout the evacuated underground mall as she sprinted to meet her target. Ever since Moebius’s awakening and following disappearance alongside Gunvolt, the amount of Dragon Radiation across the globe had skyrocketed. Shadow Yakumo, Sumeragi, and ATEMS all had plenty on their plate, working to keep things under control as more and more Primal Dragons appeared every day, unable to control their overwhelming power, putting everyone at risk. And as the world’s only wielder of Radiant Fetters, Kirin was the most reliable solution to this issue.

She’d gotten there quickly thanks to Shiron’s directions, and thanks to Apollo’s quick suppression of the target, so all she had to do was place the seal. Rounding a corner and heading down a flight of stairs, the Primal Dragon came into view: It was a tall man donning yellow armor and a strange mask, held down by a pile of scrap, seemingly unconscious.

“Nice job here, Apollo. Efficient as always.” Kirin said through comms, though she doubted her ally would be able to focus on her words given how he was already dealing with another Primal Dragon, high above 3rd Avenue. Oh well. Crouching down next to the neutralized Primal Dragon, Kirin held her hands up to the man, concentrating---and a seal was promptly placed on him. The man quickly returned to a human form, donning a yellow shirt with black jeans, a series of tattoos along his face and arms. Odd fashion sense, but she supposed she’d seen weirder.

“Target sealed,” Kirin announced through comms. “Shiron, point me to the next target.” Instead of the young boy’s voice, however, the only thing that came through her earpiece was white noise. “Shiron?”

“You have been chosen, Kirin,” a commanding voice boomed throughout the empty mall. “Prove your worth.”

“Who’s there?!” The Adept replied as she drew her blade, looking around for the source, but it was not clear where the voice came from. Suddenly, the entire hallway Kirin stood on went dark for a moment, a flash of light coming from the shadows, before the lights came back on. In front of her was a small blue robot, just over three feet tall, cold red eyes staring back at her, arms crossed. It was familiar, but she didn’t know why.

“You looking for a fight, tin can?!”

Her opponent did not take kindly to this, a jet on the machine’s back flaring to life as Metal Sonic closed the gap in a split second, Kirin bringing her sword up, the robot’s sharp claws glancing off her weapon, sending sparks flying. The Adept was immediately forced on the defensive, taking several steps back as her foe struck again and again, Kirin moving to deflect the attacks almost as quickly as they were thrown her way.

Metal’s speed eventually proved superior, the robot faking a low hit before suddenly dashing high, baiting a block from Kirin and leaving a gash across her cheek before she could dodge. A metallic boot struck her chest soon afterwards, sending her staggering backwards, nearly bumping into the still unconscious man near her. She regained her footing quickly, standing her ground as Metal approached again, curled into a ball, striking Kirin’s blade---but she was ready for it this time.

“Warden Flash!”

With a perfectly timed parry, the Battle Priestess sent her foe flying into the ceiling, causing Metal to become lodged in it momentarily. Kirin took the chance to throw a series of talismans at the robot, the projectiles merging into the machine, reaching their max stack of 7, a purple reticle appearing around him. Metal soon zoomed straight down with a burst of speed, landing on the ground for a moment before dashing at Kirin, aiming low.

The Adept leapt over her foe, who quickly turned around before quickly firing a series of electric orbs at her. They moved towards her at high speed, seemingly unavoidable, when Kirin suddenly vanished, leaving an afterimage. A trail of azure electricity weaved through Metal’s attack at lightning speed, Kirin appearing right in front of her foe, having used her Arc Chain to move so quickly even Metal struggled to catch up.

“Too slow,” Kirin quipped as a clean slash struck Metal’s midsection before he could get his guard up, the concussive power of the talismans being released, increasing the damage of the blow. Metal was sent flying down the hall, rolling along the ground roughly, activating his thruster to counteract his speed, skidding to a stop a ways from Kirin, the Adept throwing another barrage of talismans as she ran closer to the doppelgänger.

Metal was far from done, thruster firing on full blast as yellow electricity arced along his body, forming an electric orb around him. The robot flew straight ahead in a flash, destroying the talismans in his path, catching Kirin off guard as she was forced to deflect, taking a step to the side---but Metal’s V. Overdrive was still powerful enough to send her flying, the Battle Priestess crashing through a glass panel and into a furniture store, slamming into a surprisingly comfy sofa that somewhat broke her fall. Metal had zoomed way past the store, giving her a little time to prepare for the next assault. Ignoring the pain coursing through her body, she began throwing white talismans along the walls.

After a few seconds, the machine returned, hovering in the middle of the store. Kirin was laying low behind a few tables, something Metal easily figured out thanks to his sensors, charging a chest laser to burn through the Battle Priestess’s hiding spot---but the girl came out of hiding while he charged, a smirk on her face.

“Eat this!”

Holding her pewter staff up, a wave of energy burst from it, dealing no damage to Metal. It did, however, summon a dozen clones of Kirin all around Metal, the charged talismans along the walls coming to life! The azure clones all converged on the robot, slashing once they were within range, leaving a series of cuts along his metal exterior, before the doppelgänger released a field of electricity from his body, Ring Spark field tearing through nearby furniture and preventing Kirin from following up with another attack. Metal dropped to the ground, lunging at the girl again, claws out---


Metal stopped an inch from Kirin’s blade as the voice from earlier boomed once more. The blue robot vanished in a flash of light, much to Kirin’s surprise, but she remained on guard as the source of the voice came into view. It was a huge floating hand in a white glove, squeezing through the broken glass to get into the store, hovering slightly above Kirin, giving an air of authority.

“You have passed the test.” The hand explained, though Kirin was still on edge after the assault, Master Hand waving the hand (or maybe it was his body?) dismissively. “No more fights, I promise. You’re a seasoned fighter. Fought alongside one of my tournaments’ champion, even. Though he did nearly doom the multiverse…”

It was here that things clicked for Kirin, who put her weapon away. Among the many stories Gunvolt had told her about his life prior to being sealed, he’d mentioned a tournament with fighters from across the multiverse. This was the very same host, she was sure of it. “Was that test to see if I was worthy of participating in one of those?”

“Precisely. And there will be a prize for the victor.”

“The situation here’s REAL messy though. Tons of people are counting on me. I don’t know if I can leave them behind…”

“Time here will not pass once you join,” Master Hand assured her with a snap, a white letter with a red seal materializing in front of Kirin, drifting down to her hands. “All you have to do is open the letter when you’re ready.”

“…Got it.”

The Iron Delinquent
“…29! 30!”


A boulder fell to the ground, leaving a sizable crater. Next to it stood a muscular man in a school uniform, brown spiky hair poking out of his black cap, forehead covered in sweat. He had just finished all of his sit-up reps, using the boulder as added weight, his new personal best! Despite this being his day off work with the Dragon Saviors, Cayman was still devoting every moment to his training. A true man should always seek to better himself, even in his off days.

Walking over to a nearby rock, Cayman sat down, grabbing a bottle of water before chugging it all down in one go. His gaze was focused on the beautiful sunset in front of him. His favorite training spot was in the mountains just outside of the city, right under a waterfall, the flow of water like music to his ears. The view made things even better, but his favorite thing? Wild boars tended to wander around these parts, and they made for excellent Dueling opportunities.

“Great training session today. Time to head on home…”

The Iron Delinquent stood up, ready to get on his way—-when a chilling breeze whizzed past him, and he heard some rustling in the nearby foliage, accompanied by a flash of light.

“You have been chosen,” a commanding voice boomed throughout the mountains. “Prove yourself.” Was this the God of Manliness? Had he been chosen for his rigorous training and drive to improve? And how was he supposed to prove himself?

The answer became clear as a humanoid creature stepped out of the bushes. It had grayish skin, some kind of championship belt around its belt, and most strikingly, four arms. Machamp walked up to Cayman, stopping a couple feet in front the Adept, flexing every muscle in its four arms.


Cayman couldn’t help but smile. Of course! The best way to test someone like him was a Duel! And against such a manly opponent, too… This one would be legendary! The Adept brought his arms up, and with a flash of crimson light, his body had been covered in gray and black armor, with some crimson accents. His ‘gloves’ now resembled heads, each one of them briefly spitting flames before the man slammed both of his fists together.

“C’mon, show me what you’ve got!”

Both fighters threw two punches in unison, fists clashing as a small shockwave spread from the contact points, their strength about even. However, Machamp had a clear advantage; his two extra arms were quick to follow up with a double haymaker, forcing Cayman to leap upward, knee raised and covered in flames, managing to deflect the Pokémon’s attack.

“I’ll smash you!!”

Following Cayman’s roar, the Adept came crashing back down, smashing his fist into the ground, Machamp leaping back as an explosion burst in front of Cayman, chunks of earth flying towards the Pokémon, who shattered each one apart with quick punches. After doing this, he flexed again, and an orange aura covered his body, muscles growing bigger through use of Bulk Up. Cayman was quick to rush back in, practically soaring through the air, fists extended, entire body enveloped in flames.

Machamp held all four hands out, catching the man as his heels dug into the earth, sliding back a small distance, wincing due to the heat---before he managed to find his footing, letting out a proud “Machamp!” before judo throwing his opponent, sending the man flying into a rock wall, leaving a sizable crater upon impact. Cayman fell to the ground with a wince, but his smile only seemed to grow bigger.

“Amazing! My muscles are burning hot at the sight of this Duel! Let’s keep it going!!”

Slamming his foot into the ground, a series of quick-moving explosions burst from the ground, moving straight towards Machamp, who rushed back in, moving side to side to avoid the blasts, reaching Cayman in a matter of seconds. Raising all four of his arms, the Pokémon went for a Close Combat, but Cayman was quick to duck, throwing a quick and fiery uppercut, striking Machamp’s iron gut, the Pokémon’s eyes widening at this.

The two went airborne, a trail of flame following Cayman’s movements as he proceeded to combo his uppercut into a dive kick, heading right back down even quicker than they’d risen, Machamp’s back painfully grinding along the rocky terrain. They soon slowed down, Machamp flexing his pecs with such force that they practically repelled Cayman, getting him off just long enough for Machamp to throw a quick Thunder Punch. The Duelist brought both of his arms up, blocking the attack, but the jolts of pain still coursed through his body, and he was sent flying backwards.

Cayman managed to land on his feet, smile wide, enjoying the trill of the battle. It’d been a while since he’d been faced with such a strong opponent, and he was savoring every second of it. Machamp began grabbing a series of boulders, launching them straight towards Cayman, who weaved out of their way, smashing through one with a fiery fist. His body was enveloped by a crimson aura, the Adept pushing his Septima further.

“You’ve got nowhere to run!!”

Suddenly, a powerful pull quickly dragged Machamp closer to his target, interrupting his plans to stay at a distance. Cayman charged in, seizing the opportunity to weave and deflect a series of frenzied punches from the briefly-panicking Machamp. Once again, Cayman’s flaming fist slammed into the Pokémon’s chest, the sudden shift in momentum aiding the Duelist’s attack, causing the humanoid to sail backwards due to the force of the blow, landing on his back. Cayman closed in, ready to follow up—-when his opponent disappeared in a flash of light.

“Hey, what gives?!” Cayman exclaimed, understandably upset that his Duel had been cut short.

“You have passed the test.” The voice from earlier echoed, and Cayman turned to see a massive, floating gloved hand. Not what he expected the God of Manliness to look like. “You have been chosen to participate in a tournament I am hosting, featuring fighters from across the multiverse. And there will be-“

“Powerful fighters from across the universe?!” Cayman interrupted the hand. “Think of all the Duels I could have! Count me in!”

Master Hand, taken aback by the man’s eagerness to battle, snapped his fingers, summoning an envelope that drifted down to Cayman’s hands, his grin somehow even wider. It was almost unnatural.

“Open it when you are ready. Time will not pass while you are gone.”​

The Flightless Angel
“Aw yeah, it’s go time!”

A bright blue sky met the angel’s eyes, gentle winds breezing past him as he leapt out of a magical door in the sky. A bright blue glow emanated from his wings, a sign that he had been granted the Power of Flight, giving him an ability he wished he could use on his own. Unfortunately for him, his wings just didn’t work properly. But with the goddess of light by his side, he could accomplish anything!

“Ahh, feels nice to get some fresh air,” Pit remarked. “Hey, Lady Palutena, why’d you send me out today?”

“We’re paying Dyntos a visit today,” the goddess’ voice echoed in his head. “A little birdie told me he’s got something special planned for you.”

“Ooh, what’s it gonna be? A super cool new weapon? Rad battle armor? Rocket-firing sandals?”

“…you sure about that last one?”

“What? Don’t act like they wouldn’t be awesome!”

With his flight path controlled by Palutena, Pit plunged through the clouds, his vision momentarily obscured as he sped up slightly, wings glowing a little brighter. Within moments, the once blue sky suddenly went pitch-black, but even the… dim-witted Pit knew what was going on. He’d been here once already, after all.

“Hello there, sonny.” An elderly voice echoed, a spherical structure coming into view, illuminated by a cool blue glow. “And Palutena, always a pleasure!”

“Hey Lord Dyntos!” Pit was quick to reply, the entrance to Dyntos’s Workshop coming into view, stars flickering through the darkness. “We haven’t seen you at all since we got the Great Sacred Treasure and defeated Hades. What’ve you been up to?”

“Obviously my craft, my winged friend.” the god of the forge answered, Pit entering a hall that seemed to go on for far too long. How did a hall this massive fit in a place the size of a house? Maybe Dyntos really was that powerful…

“We heard you had something in store for Pit, Dyntos.” Palutena spoke, the elder god letting out a hum in agreement.

“That’s right. A special trial just for him,” Dyntos explained, the end of the overly long hall finally approaching. “I had a little help for this work of art, but it is certainly my finest yet!” The god explained with glee, Pit soaring through a gate at the end of the hall, being greeted by a starry sky---before he quickly rose, zooming high above the real workshop, an arena-like platform appearing in front of him, a series of massive red, green, and blue crystals emerging from the void, lining the edges of the platform.

Pit landed in the center of it, Power of Flight deactivating, the angel staring up at Dyntos, who lay floating comfortably on top of a massive pillar. “All righty, Lord Dyntos,” Pit spoke, readying his Palutena Bow, two golden halos appearing around his forearm. “What’s the trial gonna be? And what’s the reward?”

“You know better than anyone spoiling stuff isn’t fun, sonny,” Dyntos replied with a huff. A massive gate appeared to Pit’s left, two doors swiveling open to reveal a void. “Right through there, little angel. Have fun!” Pit turned to face the door, a little disappointed by the lack of information, before he headed on through.

After a brief loading screen (one that he was told couldn’t be addressed), Pit emerged through the other side, now located in a beautiful grassland filled with cherry blossom trees, a lake flowing nearby. He could see a forested mountain range in the distance, and a massive mountain loomed far beyond that, reaching high into the sky.

Also, everything looked as if it was made in a watercolor painting. Weird, but very cool.

Whoa…” Pit was, of course, amazed by the view. “You’ve really outdone yourself this time, Lord Dyntos!”

“Heh heh heh! Beautiful, isn’t it?” Dyntos chuckled pridefully. “The Celestial Plains are truly a sight to behold. Recreating this place took some collaboration and hard work, but wouldn’t you say it was worth it?”

“Yeah! I could totally lie down and enjoy the breeze.”

“This is supposed to be a trial, you dunce! Though I do appreciate the compliment…”

“Right. Sooo what am I supposed to do?”

He didn’t have to wonder for long. Emerging from the nearby trees was a white wolf with crimson markings along its body, tail peculiarly shaped like a brush. Swirling around the canine’s body was some kind of free-flowing shield, red and teal in color. Plants formed at Amaterasu’s feet with each step, leaving a trail as she approached Pit, stopping and sitting down a few feet from the angel.

“That’s the Sun Goddess, Amaterasu!” Palutena chimed in, surprised. “Really digging deep for inspiration here, Dyntos. Such a faithful recreation must’ve taken forever.”

“Oho, this part is no recreation. This is Ammy in all her glory, and she’ll be your opponent for this trial!”

“…wait, seriously?!” Pit couldn’t believe what he was hearing, taking a step back. The wolf in front of him let out a yawn, stretching for a moment before giving Pit a smile. Of course, this was just like his trial against all the bosses way back before Hades’s defeat! A spar to test his worth. He wasn’t exactly sure what for, but he was going to give it his all!

Palutena Bow at the ready, the angel began firing arrows of light at Amaterasu, strafing around the goddess as he focused his fire on her. Ammy was quick to act, swiftly moving in between Pit’s shots, staying low to the ground before leaping at him, Solar Flare reflector lashing out at Pit. In an instant, the angel’s bow split in half, forming two golden blades that aimed to block Ammy’s flaming weapon.

The clash between holy weapons was brief as Pit suddenly ducked, swiping upwards with both blade to successfully hit Amaterasu’s belly twice in quick succession, the goddess’s body flashing red for a moment as she was knocked away. Her Solar Flare did strike the angel’s shoulder, leaving a painful burn, Pit wincing as he watched his opponent briefly retreat.

“Lady Palutena, do you know Amaterasu?”

“Of course! She’s the Sun Goddess of Shintō, Japan. Some countries have different gods in charge of them, and Amaterasu is the All-Mother to those under her protection. It’s been ages since we last met. Almost like getting back in touch with an old high school friend.”

“Huh, she does seem a lot more level than Pyrrhon… Got any tips for beating her?”

“To deal any real damage, you’ll have to take out her godhood first-“

“I’m knocking the God out of a God!?”

As Pit interrupted Palutena, his foe closed in again, now wielding her Tundra Beads. The large beads moved like a whip, a cold chill filling the air as she swung the Divine Instrument. Quickly swapping to his Guardian Orbitars, the angel summoned two large barriers to intercept the attack, shields managing to stay up---but Amaterasu quickly swung again, shattering the barrier and slamming into Pit’s side, ice covering his side as he was knocked away with a shout. Rolling along the ground roughly, he came to a stop a dozen feet from the wolf.

“Focus, Pit. Amaterasu’s godhood works as a shield against all attacks, but it can only take three hits. You’ve already got two in, so she’s down to her last level. Keep the pressure on and watch out for her Celestial Brush techniques!”

“Got it!”

Once again, Pit swapped weapons, his right arm now enveloped in flames, a mysterious tattoo covering it. Now equipped with a Burning Palm, the angel fired a large floating hand at the set of incoming Tundra Beads, shattering one of them, creating an opening that Pit barely sprinted through.

A series of rapid-fire burning shots flew at Amaterasu, who drew two lines in the air with her tail. Mist burst around her, Pit’s shots flying into the cloud---and they slowed down dramatically, giving the goddess a chance to leap sideways and draw an upside down Q in the air, forming a cherry bomb that she lobbed at Pit.

The angel kept sprinting past it, bomb exploding behind him. His shots would be near useless if she retreated back into the mist, so he’d have to act quick. With a burst of speed, Pit lunged at his opponent, using his Upperdash Arm. He proved just quick enough to slam the arm-mounted weapon into Amaterasu’s body, finally eliminating her godhood, sending his opponent flying upwards.

With a swap to his bow once again, he let out a flurry of blue arrows skyward, some of them direct hits, others cancelled out by the wolf’s Solar Flare. Ammy seemed to have less movement options in the air.

Pit’s fire ceased for a split second, this time firing a charge shot as Amaterasu fell back down, when the wolf swiped her tail, ink splashing onto the large glowing arrow and reversing its course. Despite his surprise, Pit was able to leap backwards and avoid the reflected arrow, giving his opponent a window to land and swap to her Thunder Edge, wasting no time in going on the offensive, dashing towards Pit with a massive electrified blade.

She swung low first, Pit leaping over the weapon in response, though some of the electricity arced over to his body, stunning him long enough for the goddess to slash upward, leaving a cut along his chest, sending the angel a decent distance backwards.


Landing on his feet this time with a grunt, Pit watched as Amaterasu ran in his direction once more, using another Celestial Brush technique to cause the wind to move in her favor, increasing her speed. He had nowhere to run. He’d have to face Ammy straight on here! He swapped to a powerful but risky weapon: the Babel Club, a massive club resembling the tower of legend. It was lighter than it looked, allowing Pit to swing it in front of himself to intercept the Sun Goddess’s own swing, the electricity dampened by the club’s rock-like composition.

The two weapons clashed repeatedly, the Babel Club’s size preventing Ammy from quickly flanking him. The angel faltered for a moment, leading to his opponent to charge her Thunder Edge for a devastating blow---but Pit’s own charge shot was also available.

“Here you go!”

With a powerful swing, Pit’s weapon kicked up a violent storm that crashed into Amaterasu, dealing heavy damage and sending her flying backwards, the goddess slamming against a tree. With a huff, he rushed back in to continue fighting, club trailing behind him... when Ammy suddenly vanished in a flash of golden light.

“Huh? What’s going on?”

“Ah, what a shame… I wanted to see her fry you into barbecued angel wings!” Dyntos spoke up for the first time in a while. “Can’t we keep the trial going for funsies, Hand?”

Confused about the situation, Pit looked upward to spot a familiar palm: Master Hand! The disembodied glove flew down towards the angel, who gave him a smile as he approached.

“It’s been forever, Master Hand! Been busy with tournaments and stuff?”

“You could say so,” the hand somehow spoke. Pit wasn’t quite sure how that worked yet. “And you have passed the trial for the next one I am hosting.”

“Really? Heck yeah!” Pit cheered, pumping a fist.

"The boy didn’t even defeat good ol’ Ammy.” Dyntos interjected. “Are you sure he actually passed?”

“…sometimes it’s about the viewership.” was Master Hand’s response, the hand snapping its fingers and summoning a white enveloped that drifted down to Pit’s hands. He had some experience with these already, so there was no need for the hand to explain its functionality. “There’ll be a prize for the victor, of course.”

“Thanks a lot, Master Hand,” Palutena replied, a bright light washing over Pit as the angel stared at the letter. “Let’s get you ready for the tournament, Pit.”

“You bet! See you soon!” With that, Pit was called back to Skyworld in a flash of light, leaving a few white feathers in his wake.

The Sand Fortress
(co-written w/ Shen)

“Pheew, this is jus’ what I needed…”

Walking along the beach was a young girl with a chubby frame, long blond hair flowing slightly with the breeze, tied into two rings by blue accessories. With the amount of Primal Dragons that were popping up everywhere, Grazie, the Knights, and practically all of ATEMS had been working overtime, keeping things under control as well as they could. It was getting tiresome, having to do so much fighting constantly---but she had to be there for prince Zed. If it was to help him, she would do whatever it took.

Still, things had calmed down just enough for her to enjoy a relaxing walk at a local beach, at least for a bit. It was pretty much empty, probably because most citizens thought it safer to stay at home, which made total sense for her. There was no telling when a new Primal Dragon would pop up.

“Grazie. You have been chosen,” a loud, commanding voice came out of nowhere, startling the girl, who promptly looked around her. Not a soul in sight. “Prove yourself.”

"This one? You sure, sugar?" A second, southern voice spoke out. "To me looks like she could lose a bit more of that baby fat first.~"

Suddenly, a fountain of water erupted out of the ocean close to the shoreline. A feminine figure stood atop it, adorned with an aquatic like bathing suit, fins across her ears and hips. Striking what could he considered an elegant pose, Ranamon shot a plume of water behind her into the air, dispersing it into the sunlight, making it appear as if a rainbow was behind her.

"Allow me to introduce myself. I am the most precious pearl of the sea, the idol that all envy, the sweet southern bell of the deep: Ranamon!"

Whatever this 'Ranamon' was supposed to be, it was something she'd never seen before. Sure, water-controlling Septimas were a thing, but she'd never seen anyone that looked like a walking fish.

And she'd never seen anyone throw an insult at her right out the gate.

"H-hush it, missy! What's yer deal?!" Grazie shot back, taking a step backward. She'd rather not deal with some wannabe Luxia right now.

"Oh, my deal?" Ranamon scoffed, putting a limp wristed hand to her collar. "Honey, my deal is you. Bein' better of course. You see, I got a name to uphold, and I'm thinkin' if I take you out like some fast food garbage, then I can take your spot. So no hard feelings. But let's be honest, they want a real beauty for this, and you...ha...let's just say you are outclassed."

Waving a little goodbye, she flicked her wrist, the snap of her fingers sending an arch of water forwards from the ocean, intent of slapping some sense into her opponent with a whip of the ocean blue! Grazie dove to the side as the stream of water approached, her white blouse and green jersey covered in sand and some water from the impact. It was going to come down to a fight after all, though she wasn't exactly prepared.

"Fast food garbage? Real beauty? Outclassed?!" Grazie growled as she scrambled to her feet, pushing her round glasses up with a frown. "That's it! Let's see you talk trash with this here sand down yer throat!"

On cue with Grazie's words, a stream of sand from the shoreline shot out directly towards Ranamon, aiming to bury her alive in an instant!


Ranamon layed down on her belly on the stream of water, nonchalantly paddling her feet in the air. Pointing toward the shore, she made a shooing motion. That's when the stream she was perched on shot backwards deeper into the ocean, allowing the sand wave to fall into the water, becoming a brown mud.

"Huh, what do ya know. Muddy. Just like your personality, sugar." Ranamon teased. "Didn't catch that name o yours again darlin', was it mud slinging harpy?" Clapping her hands together, she pointed them both towards Grazie, who was at the beach.

"Dark Vapor!"

Between her hands, a black funnel of condensed black mist that would shoot out at her. It was acidic in nature and would melt her skin right from her bones! A wall of sand rose to meet the Dark Vapor, its structure compact and durability on par with a concrete wall, but Ranamon's attack was still melting through it. She had little time to work with.

"The name's Grazie, fishy! And I ain't goin' to lose to ya!"

As the Dark Vapor punched through her wall, a pillar of sand rose from underneath Grazie, sending her high into the air. A shovel-shaped staff manifested in her hand, one she proceeded to throw at Ranamon.

"Ehhh? Now hold on-"

Standing to her feat, she lifted both of her hands into the air. That's when two water pillars, the shape of her hands, rose from the ocean, clapping together and smacking the shovel right out of the sky!

"A dirty little shovel all you got there, honey? Awww."

What she didn't see was the sudden influx of sand coming from the beach, wrapping and swirling around her location until it was too late. They all began to compile down towards her with furious fervor. Her water pillar she stood on collapsed as she was swamped by the sea.




Seconds passed of silence. Not a peep from the deep. After a little while of waiting, bubbles began to rise to the surface. More and more of them. Suddenly, Ranamon jet out from the ocean, sending her right into the air!

"Ugh! That's no way to treat a lady!" Suddenly, one hand would materialize out of thin air next to Grazie. It was a manifestation of Ranamon's own appendage. it would wind up and pimp slap her across the face. "Thankfully, you ain't no lady!"

Still standing atop her sand pillar, Grazie watched as the floating hand reared back for a moment. From her platform, a sand drill the size of an arm suddenly burst, stabbing into the hand as it attempted to slap the Adept.

"I'm way more of a lady than ya, missy! A lady should keep 'er wits around 'er!"

Coming from below Ranamon was the shovel-like staff from earlier, now covered in sand as it spun in the Digimon's direction, controlled telekinetically by Grazie’s Septima.

"Ehhh?? I thought I took care of you!" The idol spat. "Well, no matter. Looks like I gotta rain on your parade!"

Twirling about in the air, Ranamon put her hands together, pointing straight up.

"Drainin' Rain!"

A sprawling black cloud erupted from her fingertips, spreading across the sky around her. That's when black water would fall down from above. The water that came down would drain the energy from the sand, as well as make it all moisturized, the stability of the sand form falling apart.

"Aha! Just like a sand castle! See honey, you just ain't no match for-"


..Seemed she forgot about the staff inside of the sand. It slapped her right side of the head. Dazed and confused, Ranamon could see stars, dropping down into the waters below.

"...Okay. I have seen enough." A voice boomed from above.

A large gloved hand descended from above, and it seemed to be the source of the voice. Grazie was a little taken aback by this, nearly flinging a sand stream at Master Hand, but she controlled herself.

"You have passed my challenge. This grants you entry into the tournament I'm hosting. You seem pretty capable, as much as someone might protest. What say you?"

"H-hold your horses. What kinda tournament we talkin'? When's it happenin'? I hafta help my friends out here, y'know...?"

"Yeah, so I've heard." Master hand retorted, as if he heard that many times before. "We will be whisked away to a place where time does not pass outside of it. Meaning that you would have all the benefits for partaking without any of the negatives of leaving. Including...the grand prize."

She had to say, the hand drove a real hard bargain. A free trip with no risk while she was gone, and a grand prize for the winner? Zeddy always said her Septima could match his at full power. Maybe she could give it a shot! As long as Sistina didn’t find out…

"Alright, Mr. Handy! Ya can count me in!"

With a snap of the hand's fingers, a letter appeared before Grazie, the southern girl grabbing it out of the air, wasting little time in opening it, a bright light engulfing her...​
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Previously mallard

Zürich, Switzerland; June 14, 2011

Swiss security was never as tight as most other western countries. Their banks were easiest to launder money through, and that was what Artur Maes was there for. He was headed to the bank right now, but he stepped on some toes to get that money. Big toes, both literally and metaphorically. The Kingpin had hired a hitman that was watching the procession of black vehicles from the bell tower of a cathedral, digital binoculars pressed against the eye-holes of his skeletal mask. The Taskmaster was tasked with killing Maes and collecting two cases of money for Kingpin, and his payment would be all the money in a third case, if he could get it. Of course he considered taking all three cases, but he doubted it was worth crossing the Kingpin for. He could sneak a few bills extra, the big man wouldn't mind a couple thousand missing from the total. The procession was getting close, now. Three SUVs, with smaller cars taking up the front and back of the line. Tony saw it before, the three SUVs were most likely armored, each one carrying a separate case. They'd scatter at the first sign of danger to preserve the cases, and each was packed full of men with guns. All according to plan.



That was his cue. Three cases, three SUVs, three booms. Taskmaster stationed three goons with high-powered bombs on a balcony, and they had done their jobs performing a swift and decisive attack. The assassin leapt from the bell tower, his cape billowing behind. He landed on the roof and began to sprint towards the scene. Taskmaster arrived just in time to witness the beginning of the ensuing firefight, and one of the SUVs peeling out of there. Shit. Tony Masters leapt down, drawing his sword as he landed next to one of the SUVs. In a quick upwards slash, he took off the arm of one of the bodyguards, before turning towards another. The bodyguard aimed his gun at Taskmaster, but was met with a heel to knock the weapon out of his hands. Taskmaster then grabbed the man's arm, twisted it, and thrust his sword through the man from clavicle to lower spine. It took him seconds to dispatch the bodyguards, and he punched through the cracked window of the SUV. Inside was a man with a case. Not Maes. Immediately, Masters grabbed the man's shirt and slammed his head into the car door, knocking him out. To his right was another man, not Maes, with a case handcuffed to him trying to make a run for it- Taskmaster dealt with them by throwing crescent shuriken into his and his bodyguard's spleens. They'd be dead in seconds. Taskmaster yelled, "Secure the cases! I'm pursuing Maes!"

He didn't trust three cronies to take out the rest of the trained bodyguards… which is why he had two more flanking the men. He ran in the direction of tire tracks, sheathing his sword and replacing it with his grappling hook. A truck was headed his way, and in three steps he ran up the front, leaping as he threw his hook through a window, anchoring and allowing Tony to tug himself higher, mimicking Spider-Man in this action. He swung to a slightly shorter building's roof and gave chase to the direction he saw the final car race off in. He reached the end of the block, and with a quick left glance he saw the vehicle smashing through a smartcar as it headed for the bridge. Not hard to miss. Taskmaster leapt down and landed in front of a scooter, whipping out a pistol to aim it at the driver's face. "I need to borrow your scooter."

- - -

Taskmaster raced down the road after the SUV. The scooter wasn't nearly as fast as the car, but it was more agile. And, frankly, he was a better driver than Mae's goon. They both knew that, and thus the black vehicle couldn't go at top speed while evasively driving. But the hitman could. Taskmaster gained on his target, and in response, two men with big guns leaned out the windows on either side, quickly opening fire. They were not as fast as Taskmaster was to procure his shield to protect himself from harm. However, it did not take long for them to pop the scooter's front tire, causing Tony Masters to flip into the air. This wasn't a problem; he just had to move quickly. Dropping his shield, he quickly grabbed his bow and three arrows, drawing them as he flipped around to face his targets. From the assassin's perspective, this was like slow motion. He saw the bullets whizz beneath him as he remembered his recordings of Hawkeye, and took aim. Then, release. He hit both cronies in their throats with regular arrows, but the middle arrow sailed over the car altogether. It was a flare arrow, and as Taskmaster landed on his shield, grinding across the stone brick road, he closed his eyes. The burning magnesium blinded the driver, and caused the vehicle to crash.Taskmaster ground to a halt, and picked up his shield. Now there was no one between him and Artur Maes. The man pushed himself from the SUV on the opposite side that Taskmaster was, and rushed into an abandoned brewery. Good, it'd be better without witnesses peeking. The Taskmaster rushed in after him. It was dim inside. Dusty, too, but that was a good thing since it outlined Artur's footprints.


Christ, this was not a good time. Whoever needed him to prove himself could fuck off; go check his file or something. He was busy at the moment. "Hey, Skeletor!" Tony whipped around, just to be met by a fist to his cheek. The assassin flew back, landing on his back but recovering by carrying his momentum into a roll. In front of him was a shirtless man, with fist wraps and sunglasses. He had a name tattooed on his chest- presumably his, given that he also wore one of the douchiest smiles the hired gun had ever seen. "What're you doing here? Your show was canceled back in the 80s!" Taskmaster's eyes narrowed. He didn't have time for this, but this man didn't seem to care.

"Who are you?"

"What? I'm Johnny Cage! You know, the actor? I can sign your cape if you want."

"Doesn’t ring a bell. Why are you here?"

"You're not gonna believe me, but a huge floating hand told me to come and open a can of whoop-ass on some scary-looking hitman. I haven't seen him so far, could you help me find him?"

Prove himself in combat? Against this guy? Taskmaster really didn't have time for this. He rushed up the stairs, following Maes's trail. "What's the matter, bonehead? Stage fright?" Johnny Cage rushed after Taskmaster, but as he sprinted up the stairs, a circular table soared to meet him, taking him back down to the bottom. Meanwhile, the assassin was on the prowl. He followed the tracks up another flight of stairs, leading to a level where the brewery owner used to live. Taskmaster followed the trail, and it led to the bedroom. Quietly, he crept up to the door, turned the handle, and pushed open the door. "Those were five-thousand dollar sunglasses, asshole."

They both spun around, Taskmaster wheeling around to defend against the attack he knew was coming, and Cage to deliver a roundhouse. Taskmaster was able to block it, though barely, as it still caused him to stumble into the room and smash into a dresser, knocking over and smashing an ancient vase. In the second Taskmaster had to himself in that room, he narrowed down Artur's hiding spot to one place: the wardrobe. The window had planks nailed over it, and the bed was sheetless, which made the assassin certain of his judgment. He attempted to sling his shield into Maes before he had to deal with Cage again, but the actor cut him off with a sliding side kick imbued with green energy! Taskmaster grunted as he slammed into the wall.

“I’m gonna be honest, you’re kind of blowing your audition, pal.”

“Really? I’m just getting warmed up. Get ready to fire your agent after we go a couple more rounds.”

“I’ve heard more threatening comebacks. Do better.”

Cage rushed Taskmaster again with an explosive side kick, but the hitman rolled to the side, causing the kick to do major damage to blast out the brick and mortar wall instead. Taskmaster countered by throwing his bladed shield at the man, but Cage uppercut it above him to embed in the wall. He then launched projectiles of green energy at the shieldless hitman, in futility, as Taskmaster weaved between them to swing a spinning low kick. Cage jumped over this, but it was followed up by a punch, which he blocked. The actor swung an elbow, met by the Taskmaster’s forearm, countered by an orange elbow to Cage’s face.

“Ah! Not the face!”

“Don’t worry, nothing a little more plastic surgery can’t fix. Yet.”

Taskmaster stepped back to avoid a hook, and another to avoid the swinging kick that conserved the punch’s momentum. Then, he backflipped, supernaturally accelerated as his Flippy Kick caught Masters off guard, smacking the assassin into a backflip of his own. Cage gained his bearings midair quicker, and grabbed Taskmaster’s cape. “NO CAPES!” The actor jeered, before slamming him into the ground. Then, Johnny swung him again, but with a push of the button, the cape detached (though his hood stayed on), launching the assassin into the window. He broke both the glass and the wood covering it, but reacted quick enough to catch himself from fully flying through the window. And to make matters worse, the wardrobe was empty, and someone had just escaped through the doorway. Damn it all. He pushed himself from the window frame.

“Was he important?”

“Yeah, let’s wrap this up.”


Taskmaster threw a pair of crescent shuriken, which Cage twirled to dodge. Taskmaster ran to the right, jumping to yank his shield out of the wall, before kicking off and swinging the blunt side to attack the actor. Johnny blocked, as expected, but then Masters slugged a knee into the back of the shield as well, which the kombatant did not expect. It sent him tumbling, giving Taskmaster the opportunity to give chase towards his top priority. He practically flew down the stairs to land behind Maes with a thud. Artur fell down, twisting to face The Taskmaster. He was horrified. "No, no- please, don't-" Taskmaster stared back coldly. His cowled skeleton mask was the visage of Death. However, instead of raising an arm to hurt his target, the skill-for-hire stepped to the side. "BY THE POWER OF GRAYSKULL- oh, shit!" Cage came sailing down the stairway with a yell and a flying kick, directed at Taskmaster but flew into Maes's skull instead, spraying bone fragments, blood, and grey matter everywhere. BRUTALITY!

"Ugh, damn it, these are brand-new shoes!"

"Heads up."

Taskmaster headbutted the actor and sent him reeling. With a cry, Johnny Cage retaliated with a straight, but the skull-masked man sidestepped to the outside of the punch. "I see through your movements now." Tony Masters hammered a punch into his foe's side. "Yeah? You like what you see?!" Cage threw a high kick, deflected by the assassin to throw the actor off balance. "Nah." Taskmaster pressured Cage with a 1-2 combo, preventing the man from getting his bearings. "Gotta admit, though, you're not as shallow as I thought." Cage threw a hook to retaliate, but Taskmaster saw it coming. He followed up with a jackknife kick, but Masters deflected that too, throwing the man to the floor. "...But come on. You fight mostly with a combination of Muay Thai and Taekwondo." The assassin leapt to stomp out Johnny Cage's skull, but the man rolled out of the way, as predicted. "They've got some of the flashiest moves in martial arts, it's a no-brainer for a narcissistic prick like you."

Hollywood's richest man attempted to get his bearings to stand, but the Taskmaster would not allow him. Upon uttering the final syllable, Taskmaster used Johnny's own attack against him, backflipping as he delivered a devastating blow to the kombatant's chin. The Flippy Kick. "Too bad you don't have the bite to back up your bark." Cage groaned, but tried to get up, and get up he did, though it was slow. Taskmaster heard police sirens, so he drew his sword. "What? First time losing? It'll be your last, I'll make sure of that." Johnny Cage chuckled, "I'm shallow, huh? Do you know how many awards I've got? You think I got this far by sticking to the script? Wait until you see my improvisation skills-" Suddenly, the actor began to fade. "Wait, huh?! No, I'm not done yet! This is the part where I make my comeback! You're gonna hear it from my agent, you lousy-" And just like that, he was gone. Instead appeared a giant floating hand. Weird day.

"Congratulations, I would like to formally invite you to my tournament!"

"What? You mean this was just a tryout for a tournament? I'll pass."

"Not just any tournament, a multiversal tournament. You'll test your skills against foes from across the omniverse! There's also a prize…"

The hand made a fist, and printed out a letter from the gap between its middle and ring finger knuckles. The letter fluttered to Masters's feet as he stared.

"If you open up the letter, it'll show you where to go! Ta-ta!"

The hand disappeared, and all the while sirens were getting closer. Moving fast, the Taskmaster sliced off the dead Maes's arm and took the briefcase. He sheathed his sword, and then hesitated to move. He looked back at the letter, thought for a second, and then moved to pick it up before escaping.



The Vulture Devil. An ugly thing, its center a spotty plume of vantablack feathers. From it jutted a long, slender neck with purple veins spiderwebbing up it. The neck ended in a gnarled, warty knot of a head that itself ended in a small beak. Its aforementioned body also supported a mess of massive wings sticking out at seemingly random from the round body. Its breath carried the potent stench of rotten carrion as it roared, inciting instant nausea in the fleeing shipyard workers. However, one… creature was not bothered by the overwhelming stench.


The Shark Devilman shot out from the side of a warehouse, headed straight for the clumsily airborne devil. Beam's head was monstrously deformed into the head of the Shark Devil, and he bit into the throat of the opposing devil. The vulture panicked, and the fiend thrashed, both crashing to the ground as a chunk was ripped from the bird's neck. Beam snapped up the food as his prey bled out on the floor. The fiends head shrunk as it morphed back into something closer to being human. "DONE! NOW TO GO BACK HOME!" The shark turned to leave, but he was cut off by an explosion, sending him tumbling across the concrete.



Beam sunk into the ground to reorient himself, but his heart quickened. He had immediately assumed- no, it didn't smell like her. That was some solace, but a huge blue robot rocketed through the air after him, which subtracted from his solace. "...Hmm… you're ugly even for a demon…" The voice came from a masked child sitting atop a warehouse. On cue, the robot shot two black-and-white orbs from cannons on its shoulders, which arced through the air and landed in front of Beam on either side, exploding and blasting the shark fiend away again. "Buuuut.., I guess I could make it work…yeah…you'll make a reeeeeaaaaallly pretty work of art all strung up!" "OUCH!" The shark-man took a moment to recollect, but as soon as he did he was on the run, swimming through the concrete as the robot gave chase.

"Heyyyy, come back heeere!"


Doctor Von Gerdt rained down explosives upon the shark, who narrowly avoided his obliteration. It took Beam a moment, but he realized his running away plan would not work. Thus, he dove down under the cement, prompting the bot to stop it's attack, before he came up again, shooting himself towards the flying mech! His head twisted into its more monstrous form, and chomped down on Von Gerdt's arm. The bite force was massive, but the mech's armor plating was thick and durable, the bite barely bending the steel. Beam, not used to this level of durability contesting him, began shaking the robot doctor's arm. This only had a minor effect on the weighty robot, who responded by shooting an explosive down Beam's gullet! The fiend was thrown back from this most devastating attack yet, smoke flowing from his jaws as well as his gills before he hit the ground. The shark devilman lay there for a moment, the damage he sustained was getting to him as his head shriveled back into his more humanlike head.

"You robot…in real life…"

"Mannnnnn, you're realllllllyyyyyyy hard to work with! Just stop moving alreadyyyy!”

The fiend pushed himself up, an leapt at Von Gerdt, his head becoming monstrous once again.

"You already tried that…"

The mech caught Beam by the nose, and gently pushed him away to fall onto the wet concrete again. His head shrunk, and looking closer, Beam suddenly got an idea.

"Alright, you're realllllllyyyyyyy boring nowww. Time to wraaaaaap you up, I guess… Mass Murder Bomb Punishment!"

The mech rained down hell upon the shark, but he dove into the concrete to avoid the deadly storm. All was still for a moment, a sea of smoke obscuring what was left of Beam. Then, the fiend shot from the cloud, and phased through Von Gerdt's chestplate! Beam's lower half was sticking out, legs flailing, until the mech plucked him out. Beam had a shit-eating grin on his face, and in that grin was a mess of wires.

"Awwww, mannnnnn…"

The robot sputtered, dropped Beam, and spun to the ground, but disappeared before hitting the ground. In its stead was a giant floating hand.


The shark fiend, lying flat on his back, lifted his head in a struggle to look at the hand.


The hand disappeared, on to do more hand business or something, and a letter fluttered down to land on Beam's chest.

"Hehe..… Beam wins."

Kool Kats

Night had long since fallen on the city of Saint Sunny City. It was sometime after midnight, and somewhere downtown a half-dozen bad actors, dressed in a black silk combination of a tuxedo and a kimono, stood underneath a flickering streetlight. They were agitated from impatience, waiting on their late date.


The group turned their heads to a dark alleyway, and there was a group of trashily-dressed punks with glowstick jewelry to illuminate their features. The Kool Kats, there were about a half-dozen of them as well, led by Troy Monet and Allison Addams.

"You're late."


Troy lumbered out into the streetlight, his followers trailing behind him. The other goons rolled their eyes and braces themselves to be frustrated by the man's mannerisms.

"Our boss has an offer for you."

"Yeah? It's about time. Talk, man."

"Even though you've been a pain in his ass, he's taken notice to your strength. He wants to offer you a spot as an underboss."

Troy's shark-toothed grin widened, and Allison behind him giggled. He leaned in, and replied,

"Nah. Let Ken know he can pound sand."

"So it's a war you want?"

"Yeah. You dig?"

"We dig, alright. We'll give him the good news."

Troy nodded. He wanted this war, whether he would win or not, though he was sure of his victory. Troy hated Kenneth Kai, and the great Red Carpet was to be painted with his blood. Troy would have it no other way. The goons walked away, leaving the Kool Kats to themselves.

"Kool Kats, you have been chosen. Prove yourself."

Troy looked up, silently acknowledging the voice. Allison had a bit more surprise in her expression, and a gasp caught in her throat. A man appeared squatting atop a five-story building, back-lit by the half-moon. He soon leapt down, spinning in the air with a weapon clutched in his hand, a weapon that he aimed to use on Troy! The Kool Kat clicked his tongue.



The girl jumped towards Troy as well, shifting into a sword midair. The blue-haired narcissist caught her, spun around, and then blocked Punk's bat with the flat edge of the sword.

"Hey yourself."

Punk's green dreads bounced from the collision, but they were soon to trail behind his head as he fell forward. The roof rager connected his skull with the cult leader's, and the latter was staggered as Punk pushed away. Troy snarled at the cheap shot; he didn't vibe with it. Punk didn't let up though, smacking a spiked softball at the cult leader's and following it up with a huge leap and a 45 degree dropkick.

Troy ducked the projectile, and then blocked the dropkick with the flat side of his sword yet again. But this time, he had his own trick up his sleeve. The angled tip of his sword morphed back into limbs, though Allison maintained the other half of her sword form, and she hammered her knee into the side of Punk's as he landed on the weapon. Troy pulled in the same direction as the attack to sweep the roof rager's legs out from under him.

Punk spun in the air while Troy spun on his heel, and around his right hand began generating a volatile, compressed ball of air. The spinning backhand didn't make contact with Punk, not directly, at least. The Vortex Ball delivered that brunt, erupting upon contact into a small shockwave. The delinquent spiraled through the air, crumpling and bouncing off the back of a mustang to continue soaring through the air. He met the ground in a tumbling fashion.

Once stopped, the fighter hopped to his feet, wincing for a second at his knee, but otherwise toughing out the punishment he'd just taken. Troy had been steadily walking after his foe after hitting him away, Allison fully reformed into a blade. The Punk wound up for a swing, before bursting forward with frightening speed. Troy in his arrogance did not expect this, and his parry was desperate and inadequate.

The attack overpowered Troy's guard, sending him spinning through the air towards a building. However, he recovered midair, spinning his legs to face the building. Vortex Balls spun into existence around his feet, taking the impact. But Troy wasn't done, he bent his knees before leaping forward, the Vortex Balls exploding as he did to amplify his jump to superhuman levels. He brought is knee across Punk's cheek- causing the criminal to feel a molar come loose- and he landed on the ground, immediately moving to slash at his foe. The delinquent recovered quick enough to block, and then push back.

However, Punk was suddenly seized by an invisible force, as he learned that the Vortex Balls didn't just effect the air, but other things too. The Vortex Ball around Troy's whole body was active for only a fraction of a second, but it was enough to throw Punk to the ground. The rough asphalt did little bruising as the man rolled into a ball, maintaining his momentum, before he popped out to kick off a car. The Punk soared through the air, raised his bat in the air…


…And was met by Troy, who'd gotten up to him with the same Vortex Ball jump he showed off earlier. The two swung and parried each other's attacks for a moment as they fell, but Punk was miffed that he had lost the height advantage so soon, and planned to regain it through his signature move: spinning! Troy helped out with that on the way up, catching the criminal in the foot with a Vortex Ball to make him spin even faster.

Troy landed like a cat as Punk reached the zenith of his propulsion, a bit higher than he wanted thanks to Troy. Both prepared projectiles: Punk with a shiny new softball covered in red spikes, and Troy with his sword, which he had aligned with the eye of his Vortex Ball, essentially spinning the weapon like a drill before blasting it into the air. The sword shredded through the ball and continued toward Punk. He twisted midair, but the blade still grazed his torso.

Punk wanted to capitalize on Troy's now- lack of a weapon, and he fell with a downwards swing. The false prophet hopped backwards, and the delinquent smashed into the road hard enough to create a crater. His foe was rather unimpressed, as Troy halfheartedly kicked the side of his head. Punk then leapt from the crater, and began spinning on his head, swinging his legs around to hit Troy. This, too, proved futile, as Troy yet again created Vortex Balls around his feet, but instead of jumping, he slid backwards, as if the orbs were roller skates. Punk leapt at Troy swinging, but the man dodged that, too, with his enhanced mobility.

"Face it, dreads."

Troy had his hands in his pockets now, as he limboed under a swing and then slid to avoid another.

"You don't have the stuff."

Troy backflipped away from a low sweep, and then ducked a spiky softball.

"You got spunk, and I dig that. But up against Troy Monet…"

The narcissist dodged a dropkick, spun around Punk for a followup swing, and then zoomed backwards before he could hit him with a spin attack.

"...You never stood a chance."

This whole time Troy had been moving around the battlefield, the Vortex Balls had been picking tiny pieces of debris. With a hop, Troy swung two kicks, respective Vortex Balls exploding to send scattershots of glass shards and asphalt chunks, which ripped into him like bullets. That's when his sword fell into his hand, and the world's coolest cat rushed forward to deliver the final blow, a calm, shark-toothed grin still remaining plastered on his face.

Punk disappeared before the murder could take place, and Troy frowned. Instead, a massive floating hand appeared. Allison shifted out into her human form, and the cult members, who knew Troy had wanted them to stay out of his way for the duel.

"Greetings, I am the Master Hand. You have passed my test."

Troy stared blankly at the hand. Allison pressed her back to his, and they spun around in unison; Troy wasn't about to deal with a second being that appeared out of nowhere.

"Your test? How dare you bring that guy in? He gave Troy a bruise, that'll take at least a few hours to heal!"

The hand snapped and Troy felt good as new.

"There, he's all fixed up. Anyway-"

"...And another thing! Who the hell just shows up-"

"Alli. Chill pill."

Troy spoke up, now sitting cross-legged on the floor and picking at some weeds that grew from cracks in the road. Allison shuddered and composed herself.

"Hi, how can I help you?"

"...You two are invited to my tournament. If you are victorious… there is a notable prize to be had."

"Oh… sweet!"

"Yes… I shall leave the invitation here, it will show you the way."

A card appeared in Allison's hand, the floating hand disappearing, and her eyes lit up.

"I LOVE being invited to things!"

"Mhm. Let us go kick some ass."


Flannery had a disappointing evening. She'd gone out as far as Route 111 looking for a challenge, but it'd been futile. She sighed, on the verge of throwing in the towel, when an omnipresent voice reached her ears.

"Flannery. You have been chosen. Prove yourself."

"What? Who-"

Out of the corner of her eye, a figure rose from a tree's shade. The small form of Marshadow walked into the light, and then struck a fighting pose.

"Prove myself? You got it- you're about to get burned!"

— — —

The Master Hand offered the letter down to Flannery, who excitedly snatched it.

"The letter will show you the way, should you wish to come."

"Woo-hoo! Thanks! You'll see me there!"

The glove disappeared, and the fire-type gym leader was off, sprinting home to tell everyone she knew and prepare for the fight to come. She'd shoved the letter in her cloth belt, a spot she'd overestimated the security of. She crossed a wooden bridge at the same time a large-bodied fisherman was crossing from the other direction. Both tried to sidestep the other, but ended up stepping in the same direction, and Flannery bounced off the man, landing on her behind. The letter fluttered out of her belt and over the side of the bridge as they exchanged apologies, unnoticed by both, and down into the stream below.

A small Pokémon hidden in the reeds spotted the incident take place, and the letter flutter into the water. Mudkip dove into the cool creek and snagged the letter, which was surprisingly dry. He paddled onto the bank, and began galloping after the gym leader. The fisherman noticed this little blue champion out of the corner of his eye, and got the wrong impression. See, all he saw was a wild Pokémon making a beeline after a celebrity!

"I don't think so, little buddy. Come on out, Magikarp!"

The man threw a Pokéball into the air, and a large orange fish appeared, falling into his hands. The man held his Pokémon like a gun and took aim.

"Magikarp! Hydro Pump!"

The fish blasted a high-pressure beam of water, blowing apart a spot of soil beside the 'mon. Mudkip realized what was happening, but was not to be deterred, and began taking evasive maneuvers. This proved effective, and the water only punched a bunch of potholes in the path. The axolotl went off the path, seeking to take cover amongst the tall grass. However, one blast of water came a little too close, and Mudkip stumbled; he tumbled into a burrow.

Out from that burrow shot a Linoone, fast as the wind, and Mudkip clinging to its back hair. The Linoone made a beeline straight forward, uncomfortable with turning. Luckily, the mammal was fast, and its course intersected with the path in a way that brought Mudkip much closer to Flannery. Unluckily, the Rushing Pokémon would continue his mad dash off the path again, and Mudkip had to forfeit his ride. At this point the fisherman had been left behind, and the Mud Fish Pokémon was only some twenty feet away from his target! He practically had returned the letter already, when-


A Skarmory swooped down out of the blue, plucking the lightweight Pokémon off of his feet. Mudkip was helpless as he watched Flannery get farther and farther away. He'd failed, and it made the usually-cheerful Mud Fish 'Mon a bit upset. He looked up towards the five-and-a-half foot metal bird and growled. This caught its attention. Unusually so, as most basic types were simply another easy meal. However, Mudkip was different, different in a way most humans wouldn't notice, but the mystical power within every Pokémon allowed them the necessary sense. Mudkip surged with potential- and for a split-second, Skarmory saw a full-grown Swampert in its talons. The bird loosened its grip, and the water-type squirmed free.

Mudkip splashed back into the stream, surfacing just a moment later. He dropped the letter in the water and stared at it for a bit, sad that the lady lost her letter. But, always optimistic, he had an idea:

What if the letter told him where to find her?


A boulder speedily rolled down The Great Rock Wall. However, this boulder was named Kragg, and in actuality, was a hulking beetle-creature and a legendary warrior, simply in the form of a boulder at the moment. He was one of the infamous Wallrunners, a group of powerful sentries who both imprisoned and protected the Aetherian Forest. The name was quite fitting, as Kragg had run up and down the Wall several times in his lifetime, more than any other Wallrunner in history.


The Earth's Bastion exited his Defense Ball and skidded to a halt. Kragg did not understand the voice, and thus perceived it as a threat. He scanned the lifeless dunes outside the wall, contrasted by the overgrown forest behind him, for any attackers. Sure enough, he found one. A large-framed, warm-colored figure stood amongst the sand, just staring at him. Kragg could've sworn it wasn't there a second ago, but there wasn't time for double guessing; the creature moved. It beat its translucent wings at blurring speeds, kicking up the sand around him, before he lifted off with a powerful 4-legged leap!

The mosquito made a beeline for the beetle, and the beetle prepared. He summoned a rock barrier a foot thick, planning to stop the foe before countering. This plan was cut short. Buzzwole's hand ripped through the wall like wet cardboard, pulverizing the wall and grabbing the Earth's Bastion by the neck. The two flew into a massive Aetherian tree, too thick to break, but as Kragg slammed into it and ricocheted off, he took with him a rain of mulch and left behind a sizable scar in said tree. Then, the Pokémon pitched his rival into a vast mess of absurdly thick brambles; the vines were like tree trunks. Kragg's armor proved stronger as he plowed halfway through the bush before he came to a halt.

Buzzwole flexed midair to assert dominance. The earth warrior wasn't one to be angered nor impressed by this display, and while he didn't have wings to fly… he was really good at throwing things. Next to him on the massive vine was a thorn no less than the size of a man, and Kragg snapped it off its host with ease. He threw the spike like a javelin, and despite the fact it splintered against Buzzwole's skin with no hope of drawing blood, the force of impact was enough to draw the Swollen Pokémon's attention. He entered the sea of thorns as well, and went in for another punch. Kragg didn't bother blocking it- that went poorly last time- and instead prepared something. One may assume he was relatively vulnerable so far above the earth. One would be correct, but the remedy was simple: he would bring the earth to him.

Buzzwole closed in, but the big bug was intercepted by a pillar of earth. Kragg jumped and dug his fingers into the rock, hurling himself after the reeling Ultra Beast. Following him was a swarm of rocks emigrating from the pillar and coating his fist to add some extra weight to his punch. Buzzwole returned the notion with an Ice Punch. The fists clashed, Kragg's rock gauntlet shattering and freezing simultaneously. They hung in the air for a moment, before Kragg flipped forward, smacking Buzzwole down into the pillar, shattering the top section. He flexed his fingers to shatter the rock-ice covering his hand, before maintaining his flipping momentum to roll into a defense ball. He slammed into Buzzwole, shattering the next length of pillar before being swatted away.

Kragg shot through the jungle of spines again, plowing through wood in his defense ball, and behind him, Buzzwole snapped off a length of the pillar and chased his rival with the mass of stone. The Earth's Bastion unrolled to be greeted by this attack, the Swollen Pokémon thrusting it to the air at an angle. He aimed to keep going until Kragg was smashed into the ground. They escaped the bramble maze, and that's when the beetle dug his fingers into the pillar, shattering it into gravel. Buzzwole may have been wielding the chunk of rock as a weapon, but it responded primarily to the Wallrunner's will.

The hulking beetle skid across the grass as Buzzwole landed. It didn't take long for the two to rush each other again, Kragg bringing up both his forearms to meet a haymaker, before stomping on the ground to create a squat surge of earth beneath the mosquito's feet to throw it off balance. Then, the earth warrior's fist met the opposing creature's midsection, and sent it flying back. Buzzwole recovered midair by flapping his wings before landing, but Kragg was already in pursuit. He was rolled into his defense ball, however the Pokémon was ready. The UB grabbed the defense ball, which slowed its spin before coming to a complete halt. Buzzwole pitched his rival, who unrolled as he soared through the forest. The mosquito caught up and tackled the Earth's Bastion into the dirt, but maintained the speed, uprooting smaller plants and smashing through thick roots as they went. This continued until they smashed into a tree the size of a skyscraper.

Kragg quickly retaliated by clapping his foe's head, palms laced with rock, to create a stony prison around Buzzwole's head and muting his senses. The beetle sidestepped a blind swing, before laying into UB-02 Absorption with punch after punch. Buzzwole was resistant to Fighting type attacks, but the damage still began to add up. The Aetherian ducked one more unaimed hook, before finishing off his onslaught with an uppercut enhanced with a rock gauntlet. The impact shattered both the gauntlet and Buzzwole's helmet, blasting the mosquito away. He didn't recover midair this time, instead tumbling until he smashed into a boulder. Kragg anticipated that to be the end of it, but the Ultra Beast got back up. He used Earthquake to disorient Kragg's power, and then rushed the beetle. The Earth's Bastion was not deterred. The earth may be influenced by others, but it bent to only one bug's will. Kragg did not calm the Earthquake, but instead harnessed its violence and redirected it. As Absorption closed in, the earth erupted beneath him with the full might of Kragg enhanced by the power of Earthquake!

Once the dust settled, Buzzwole was nowhere to be found. In his stead was a big hand.

"Kragg, you have been chosen to fight in my tournament. Time will not pass here while you are gone, and, should you win, there will be a prize."

Master Hand kept the description quick and concise for the dull creature, before offering him a letter between his thumb and forefinger.

"That letter will show you the way."

The host disappeared, leaving Kragg to stare at the letter in his hand for a moment. Then, he turned around and walked back to the wall.
Casually pushing a shopping cart while whistling to himself, an adolescent Inkling roamed around the massive superstore known as MakoMart. He had tied up blue tentacles that appeared to look like hair, goggles on his head, a white t-shirt with black sleeves underneath, and black track-pants with a blue line running down each leg. Calming music was playing over the loudspeakers and all of the boy’s movements echoed throughout the store. The comically large grocery store was closed for preparation of the Turf War that would soon take place, and the squid kid decided to check it out before the day of the battle. Of course, there were no cashiers present, so Inkling didn’t really have a need for a shopping cart, but he felt obligated to take one due to the atmosphere.

It was then that the blue boy reached one of the many escalators in the store, this one leading to a lower floor. Inkling looked at his shopping cart, then the escalator, then his shopping cart again. His eyes sparkled with excitement and naivety as he was struck with a genius idea. He gave the shopping kart a big push and quickly hopped into it, transforming into a blue squid and gripping onto it.

It did not go well.

The shopping cart quickly tumbled and flipped, launching Inkling right out of it and into a wall with an inky splat. The squid comedically slid down the wall, occasionally flipping over and getting stuck with his suction cups, before finally making it to the floor. “Woomy…” The squid uttered before transforming back into a kid, holding his head in pain.

“Hahaha, that sucked!”

Inkling looked up to the top of the escalators, spotting a bipedal red animal that was quite foreign to the squid kid. The creature was wearing spiked boxing gloves and cool shoes, grinning with his arms crossed. “Watch and learn!” The echidna jumped up and slid down the railing of the escalator, jumping off of it with a flip and landing in front of Inkling, leaving a small crater in the floor. “Woah….awesome! Just who are you, man?….or, what are you, to be honest.”

The red animal chuckled to himself. “Nobody you’d know, kid.” The echidna’s voice was gruff and deep, but almost friendly. “But, you can call me Knuckles. Normally, I wouldn’t be too jazzed about sparring with a shrimp like you.” Knuckles said, despite clearly being smaller than Inkling. “But I don’t really got a choice here, little guy. Sorry in advance.”

“Sorry for wha—“ The blue inkling was quickly cut off by a giant uppercut! The adolescent was sent soaring to the next floor of the mall, landing in an antique shop. Knuckles was quick to pursue, leaping up to the same floor with a single bound, walking towards the boy with a grin. “C’mon, show me what ya got!”

“Dude, why are you fighting me! Cant we just talk about shoes or something?!” Inkling grabbed some kind of lamp and chucked it at the echidna, bopping him in the nose, causing him to take several steps back. Blue took this opportunity to sprint past the anthropomorphic animal, his shoes squeaking against the floor as he ran. “See ya, boxing guy!”

The boy frantically turned a corner, almost tripping in the process, before he came across a comically large glass container. It had a phrase painted in red across the glass.


Close enough.

Inkling grabbed the small hammer next to the container and hit the glass with a cartoonish amount of force, causing it to shatter. Inside the container was a large array of weapons, from the Splattershot to the Charger to the Nova Blaster! The adolescent quickly grabbed a large array of weapons and sub-weapons. Knuckles then caught up to him, skidding to a stop several meters away from Inkling.

“Heh.” The blue boy put his goggles onto his eyes with a mischievous grin on his face. “Game time.”

Inkling turned around on his heel and threw a small, roomba-esque device that left a blue trail of Inkling in its wake. Knuckles stopped it with his foot and let out a snicker, barely hiding his laughter. “Seriously kid, this all you got—“ The machine quickly blew up in his face in an explosion of blue ink, sending him flying and covering him in blue paint!

“BLEH! Gross!” The echidna said, attempting to wipe himself off but not being very successful. Meanwhile, the squid kid went full squid and jumped into the ink trail left by the machine, swimming across it, fully concealed, before leaping out of it and transforming back into human form midair and kicking Knuckles across the face! The kick did astounding damage and sent the echidna soaring into a nearby wall.

“What the heck?! WHY YOU SO STRONG, KID?!” The brawler asked in anger, wiping blood from his jaw. Inkling smirked, eyes concealed by his goggles. “That’s the power of ink, buddy! Now come get some!” The squid kid pulled out a large brush covered in ink at the tip, rapidly spinning it around and flinging paint everywhere, before he confidently held it to his side like a staff. With a growl, Knuckles curled into a ball and dashed forward, aiming to slam into Inkling’s torso. However, it was not effective since the squid kid hit way harder thanks to the ink! He pulled out a large blaster and shot Knuckles point-blank, doing massive damage and sending him right back to where he started!

However, Inkling got cocky and charged Knuckles directly, going in for a good old fashioned punch, but it was quickly intercepted by the professional fist-fighter. “Uh-oh. Hey, look—“

The echidna didn’t want to hear it, grabbing Inkling by the wrist and spinning him around. “WOOOOOOOOMY!” Knuckles then let go of Blue, sending him rocketing upwards.

Frantically flipping around, Inkling pulled out the Splatana, a window-wiper looking ink sword. Knuckles leapt up, aiming to finish him off with a giant punch. Blue arched the sword over his head before swinging it in h the air, causing a blast to ink to fly forwards and intercept Knuckles, sending him back towards the ground.

Inkling’s hair then began to glow brightly and his eyes shined blue beneath his goggles. His special was ready! Doing a flip in the air, he pulled out a massive, megaphone-looking machine—the Killer Wail!

“Wha-no fair!” Knuckles complained.

Blue grabbed on to the handle of the giant machine, which reminded airborne, and took a deep breath.


A massive laser of ink and a deafening sound came from the machine at the same time, hitting Knuckles directly and sending him towards the floor immediately, pinning him there! He spot Knuckles was stuck in quickly formed into a crater in the floor, further pushing him into the ground. Cracks expanded along the floor in a spider-web pattern, doing extensive damage to the mall. After several very long seconds, the Killer Wail deactivated and Inkling fell to the floor, landing in a puddle of ink.

Knuckles crawled out of the crater in the floor in a complete daze, holding his head and walking in circles before falling to a knee. “Aw man…geez…you got guts, kid.” The echidna chuckled/coughed. Inkling took his goggles of his eyes and gave the brawler a wholehearted grin, clearly holding no ill will towards Knuckles. “Sorry if I got carried away there, I was just having too much fun! Anyway, you wanna go get something to eat, or?” However, Knuckles then vanished in a flash of light. “Hey! Where’d ya go, man?!” Blue yelled out, heavily confused.

“He served his purpose.”

A deep, resounding voice responded. The answer had come from a giant, disembodied hand covered in a white glove. “Woah….I’d love to play rock-paper-scissors with you, big hand guy!”

“…right. That is besides the point. Knuckles served as a test for you to see if you were worthy to join a tournament I am hosting.”

The hand snapped its fingers, a letter manifesting in front of Inkling, floating down into his hands. The boy’s eyes were sparkling with joy and excitement, he was completely awestruck!

“Consider it.”


A shockwave rang out as a certain blue blur picked up the pace dramatically, running along a fragment of a large track in the sky. Turning a corner with a grin on his face, a Sonic leapt off of a large ramp in the shape of Perfect Chaos: a titanic enemy that the hedgehog bested in the past. He soared through the air, striking several stylish poses as he did so, and landed on a large loop-de-loop in the sky. He ran through it with joy and cracked several floating eggs in the process, though they did not burst into a yolky mess after being hit, instead bursting into sparkles.

At the end of the loop the track went downwards at practically 90 degrees, a challenge the hedgehog gladly accepted, curling into a ball and rolling downwards until he reached a field of…chili dogs? With a chuckle, Sonic snatched one and took a bite as he ran through it, enjoying his jog through the land of dreams!

The land was littered with familiar terrain the hedgehog had ran in in years past, but mainly the fun bits! Lots of green grass and platforms, rails connecting floating islands of greenery and road, springs scattered just floating in mid air with rings a plenty scattered in and around. Best part? Not a single badnik in sight! The only thing that was missing was-

"Hey, is that a blue amigo I see in that field over there?"

That English voice could only be from one person. a purple Jester cut into view, a sparkle trail behind them as they flew up to the jogging hedgie. The old friend of his, NiGHTS, flew upside down as they waved to the blue blue blur.

"Hey! Glad to see ya you old spiny! How you been?"

The hedgehog perked up at the sound of his friend’s voice, looking to his left and smiling at sparkly being of dreams. “Hey!” Sonic said with a laugh, delighted to see his pal. “Been a while, haven’t seen your sparkly mug since that racing tournament!”

As the hedgehog spoke, he jumped up and dashed into a spring pad, launching into the sky with a boing! He flipped about in the air, not concerned about leaving his friend behind due to their ability to fly.

Flying in tune with the Hedgehog through the floating checkered pattern dirt blocks in the air, NiGHTS left a long sparkly trail behind them as they put their hands behind their head, maintaining that same speed as the visitor.

"Yeah, a whole bunch of familiar and new faces there. And I can't believe I lost a battle of personas." NiGHTS snapper her fingers in the air in a darn it fashion. "Come to think of it, didn't that same guy eliminate you?"

Landing on a large, floating square of checkered grass, Sonic clicked his tongue in response to NiGHTS’ question, not a fan of being reminded of his unfortunate loss.

“Yeah, he was a toughie.” The hedgehog said, crossing his arms. “I coulda taken him, but I wasn’t feeling that tournament, ya know?” The blue hero said with a wink.

"Oh boo."

NiGHTS stuck out their tongue, which transformed into a party horn and tooted at the blue blur. They knew Sonic was talking it up. He lost fair and square, he just wasn't good at losing. Of course, this gave them some ammo for the future, which balanced the scales a bit.

“I actually ran into that guy again, though. He was in another, less bootleg tournament. Guess he must’ve been pretty important.” Sonic said, leaping off of the grass and landing on a long, rail-shaped log that snakes throughout the dreamland, grinding along. “So, what’ve you been up to these days, purple?”

"Me? Oh you know the usual, dream surfing." NiGHTS whistled. "Lots of strange ones lately, like there was this really far out one. There were tons of these massive floating cotton candy-"

They were going to continue their no doubt enthralling story when a strong gust of cold wind overtook the pair. The jester closed an eye as black cloud had begun to roll in. The world was beginning to shift. Sonic's dream was shifting...

A raindrop fell onto Sonic’s nose and he looked up to the now gloomy sky. The sun was hidden by a massive raincloud.


Thunder could be heard in the distance. Looking at each other, the jester and the hedgehog silently agrees that this wasn’t good.

A shadow overtook them, flying overhead.

"Oh dear, I think your starting to have a Nightmare." NiGHTS explained, looking above. "And I think that thing might be the cause of it."

It appeared to be a shadow of a familiar figure...Metal Sonic. But that's it. Just the shadow. A silhouette. It ominously floated overhead. It's limbs not even budging. It froze just above the pair. That's when a swirling aura began to emanate from deep inside of the silhouette.


A massive robotic talon clung to right side of Metal's silhouette, erupting from writhing the chest of the shadow.


A second one, clinging to the right side. That's when the knife like fingers would work in unison, pulling out a much larger form from deep within the shadow. It was a giant, crimson abomination. A crude effigy of metal: Monster Metal Sonic. Except he appeared to be made of pieces of badniks all over the generations. All melded and meshed together with disfigured eyes and faces.

The silhouette burst into a thousand pieces, the shards of the silhouette transforming into embers that coated the environment, slowly setting ablaze to parts of green hill.

"GYAHHHHHHHHH" The robot screamed in techno, reverberating across the dreamscape.

Two giant mechanical wings spread from the monstrosity’s back, constructed from pieces of previously failed Sonic-robot designs. Mecha Sonic, Silver Sonic, even some unnamed models that Sonic had seen aboard the Egg Carrier.

“Heya Metal, you’re looking slightly more hideous than usual-“ Sonic began to quip, but he was cut off as the robot shot sharp pieces of scrap from its wings like knives. Jumping up, Sonic rapidly kicked the air, sending slashes of energy forwards, which intercepted Metal’s attack. The robot beeped aggressively and flew forwards, arms extended!

NiGHTS grabbed Sonic with one arm and rapidly extended it and gave it elastic properties. The jester coiled their arm up tight like a spring and aimed at the rapidly approaching robot. “Happy trails!”


NiGHTS extended their arm, releasing the tension and firing the curled up hedgehog like a bullet! The blue blur hit Metal dead-on! The robot was sent barreling backwards as Sonic continued to spin against his body, sparks flying. ”GRRRAGH” The robot growled in techno, grabbing the curled up hedgehog and throwing him right back at NiGHTS!

"Woah...hedgehog coming in hot!"

NiGHTS prepared a countermeasure, blowing into their thumb, they pumped up their hand as it transformed into an enlarged baseball glove. She lifted her glove as the hedgehog was thrown into it, grinding them to a halt.

"Phew...that was a close one, mate."


Scrap Monster Sonic roared out, red beams coming from his eyes. It quickly flashed over sonic, scanning him. Mer moments later, the giant creature rolled into a ball, energy blades materializing all over it. The scrap monster copied Sonic's data! It then preformed a much more deadly spin dash, smashing through the ground as it barked toward the pair.

“Oh boy.” The jester and hedgehog said in unison , eyes widened as the monstrosity approached. “Whatever, I got this!” Sonic said with a smirk, legs turning into a figure-8 as he charged a Super-Peel-Out and ran forward at blitzing speeds, kicking up a massive dust cloud.

He did not “got this”.

The hedgehog curled into a ball of his own and the two circled each other for several seconds, tearing up the previously lush grass of Green Hill and turning it into a mud pit. However, the mechanical beast had more up its sleeve, deciding to copy another of Sonic’s tricks. The robot flew up and circled in midair before dashing towards the hedgehog with increased speed and momentum, foot stuck out! The kick landed clean across the blue blur’s torso, sending him flying backwards with a painful-sounding THUMP that resounded throughout the field.

Sonic recovered quickly, despite the new large bruise across his chest, and charged a spin dash as Monster Metal snapped his head towards NiGHTS, who stuck out their tongue in return. The hedgehog circled Metal’s body as the robot spread its wings to take off, leaving a cyan trail in his wake. Sonic quickly made a full circle around the robot, who was suddenly thrown into the air off-balance, notable dents now apparent on its chassis. “You’re up, bud!”


The monster machine only suffered minor damage thus far, dents and scratches, and no major loss to it's parts. Hopefully this would change that! NiGHTS spun their body around like a drill, their blurred form flying toward the mecha abomination, striking it's chest and then bouncing off. It cause a notch in the armor, and staggered the machine back some. But it wasn't going anywhere.

"Oh, well that ain't good."


The machine screeched, activating something within itself. ...it was an auto repair system? The damage began to fix itself, the dents, cuts, and dings began to revert to their previous state, effectively removing any damage they dealt! NiGHTS retreated back to Sonic, looking to him with concern. But this isn't to say there wasn't any solution.

"I have an idea. It doesn't seem like we'd do enough damage quick enough before it can heal itself. That means we need to hit him hard and fast. How about we dualize to take him out, for old time's sake? What do you say, you spiny spitfire~?"

They bowed their head at Sonic briefly, smiling before holding out their palm to him. All the while Scrap Monster Metal drew ever closer...

Sonic smirked, eyes glistening and determined. With a light chuckle the hedgehog took NiGHTS’ hand, grinning brightly.

“You had me at ‘fast’!” He said with a wink.

Suddenly, upon Sonic grasping NiGHTS's hand, the field of white shined brightly around them. Sparks and glittering light twinkled as their bodies became as one. Sonic, now resides as a sort of transparent after image, floating just behind NiGHTS.

The Nightmaren took on Sonic's signature smirk, peering up at the mecha that was rapidly approaching melee range.

"So, you are made of a bunch of robots of the past, huh?" Sonic spoke through NiGHTS's mouth. "That just means I got more toys to bust up!"

As the mecha's crimson talon cleaved toward them, NiGHTS soared upwards with a sonic boom resonating behind them. Rotating themselves in the air at a rapid rate, NiGHTS soon became a blur, instead a purple ball floated in the air. This was Sonic's homing attack! ...Or was it?

NiGHTS fired forward, barreling toward Scrap Metal's wings. However, the homing attack began to shift, spinning and spinning, growing sharper and sharper. It show appeared as if it was a thundering drill, ripping through the air with the sound of a mighty engine's roar. Was this a drill drive? No. Wasn't a homing attack either. It was something new. A Spin Drive if you would.

The Spin Dive drilled straight into one of Scrap Metal’s wings, turning it into shreds of steel! The second one was quick to go as well, falling to the same technique as the jester circled around and drilled into it. Spinning around to face their adversary, NiGHTS chuckled with notable sass. “Pfft, look at you! Someone clip the little birdy’s wings?”

”RRRRAGAGA” Was Metal’s only response before charging forward while covered in electricity! “That old trick again?” NiGHTS said before they spiraled up into the air. The Nightmaren flew left, then right, then down, then up again! Zig-zagging all over the place, the jester ended up completely avoiding Metal’s electric charge and ended up behind him. NiGHTS winded up a punch, elastically stretching out their arm and increasing the size of their fist. “Have a nice flight!” They released the punch and uppercutted Scrap Metal high up into the air, soaring into the clouds rather non-majestically.

“Heh!” NiGHTS smirked and flew after the robot, leaving a sonic boom in their wake as they took to the skies. Hovering besides Metal, the jester waved tauntingly before speeding ahead. They left a sparkling trail behind them as they flew and created a full loop in the air—just as Metal passed through it! The Paraloop exerted massive crushing force onto the robot, heavily damaging its chassis. NiGHTS created another paraloop, performing the same attack again! Then again, and again, and again, until Scrap Metal was nearly scrap himself, completely vulnerable!

The jester grinned and charged up in a ball in the air, covered in sparkling energy. Time to send this creep back where he came from—nothingness!

”Grand Slam!”

NiGHTS shot downwards into Scrap Metal at unbelievable speeds, sending the two straight down into the ground like a falling meteor! They shot straight through one of the floating islands in Dreamland and ended up landing on a floating fragment of a highway, creating a massive cloud of debris on impact!

“Phew! Got my daily cardio in and then some!” The jester spoke while looking down upon the completely wrecked robot. “Way to go, us!”

With a laugh, the dualization was finished. NiGHTS and Sonic seperated, back to inhabiting their original bodies. As the dark storm cloud began to fade, clear sunlight beamed back into the world once more. Alls well that ends well right?

"Hmm...I must say." A voice called out. "I did not actually expected you to defeat that one."

This put Sonic and NiGHTS on alert. There was a living presence. In Sonic's dream. That could only mean one thing: Nightmarens. Looking around, they found no marens of any kind. Instead, a floating glove that descended down. Their guard dropped after seeing the familiar face...err...palm.

"Oh, back to your old tricks again, handy?" Sonic wiped his cheek with his thumb. "That big guy was a new one."

"Didn't know you could access dreams and all that." NiGHTS added, floating upside down and examining Master Hand. "So what gives?"

"You see, I made that monster from your memories, Sonic. I made it to test you to see if you still had what it took to access this newest season of Bootleg Bros. But, here I come with you tag teaming with someone else. Unexpected, but welcome. Hell, why not? I'm sure the viewers would like the both of you to join."

NiGHTS and Sonic both exchanged a look. One of excitement yet also competitive spirit.

"Don't lose early again this time, eh ol' blue?" NiGHTS winked.

"Heh! See you in the finals, sparkly!”

The wind howled in the night as the nocturnal Pokémon in Santalune Forest went about their daily routine. A Noctowl soared in the air, eyes glistening through the darkness as it searched for prey. A certain purple eye from the darkness observed as the Owl pokémon dived down abruptly and caught an unfortunate Caterpie that was inching along the grassy earth, taking it back to its nest.

Losing interest in the owl, the Royal Sword Pokémon emerged from his spot in the shadows of a cluster of trees and floated upwards. Aegislash enjoyed the calm nature of this forest, even if it was a rather long journey from where he usually spent his days, and made a point to come visit every once in a while.

The haunted sword reflected on the recent events of the past. Fjorrd, Shroom, that fearsome creature made of metal…what had happened to all of them? No matter how hard he tried to forget, Aegislash‘s concern for his friend’s remained apparent.

Suddenly, a bellowing voice pierced the calm silence of the forest.

”Aegislash, the royal sword Pokémon, you have been chosen. Prove yourself!”

Turning around, Aegislash’s eye glared towards the direction that the voice had come from. He looked left, then right, but was unable to find anyone at first. But then, a small being appeared, standing on a tree branch. The tablet that made up its face lit up, an emoticon face appearing on the screen. The being was apparently a robot with a mostly humanoid form, save for the tablet face. They were armed with various weapons, yet they seemed rather casual.

”….Aegi?” The sword muttered in confusion.

”> : )” Was Tabby’s only response before he leapt into action, pulling out two machine guns from who-knows-where, and opening fire! Aegislash raised his shield hand, not having time to change forms, and held it up to block the bullets.

clank clank clank clank clank!

The bullets dinked against the shield without much effect, although it was very loud. The bird Pokémon in the trees jolted awake and flew off while tweeting frantically. Tabby leapt off of the tree branch and pulled out a kunai that was attached to a grappling rope, throwing it onto the ground next to Aegislash. The tablet was carried forward by the grapple and extended his foot to kick the pokémon—but he phased right through! Sliding across the ground, Tabby looked up in confusion and irritation. “> : 0”

Aegislash threw his shield like a boomerang, a tactic that the tablet was not prepared for, and hit Tabby right in the screen! As his opponent stumbled back, the shield bounced back towards Aegislash who connected the tip of his body to it as it returned, spinning around rapidly. A steel-colored beam was then released from the shield and fired directly at Tabby, who did not appreciate this in the slightest.

The robot ran into the trees to escape the Flash Cannon, using the trunks as cover. The beam cut down several of the trees before finally stopping. In response, Tabby decided to partake in spike deforestation of his own!

The tablet leapt up from within the trees and unsheathed two katanas, the blades glistening through the darkness of the night. He dashed forward and bounced off of a tree trunk, then another, and another, and another! Tabby kept leaping between the trees in a circle around Aegislash before jumping high up into the air after the final one! For a moment the sword wondered what the point of that was, but it quickly became clear.

Tabby had cut straight through all the trees that he had leapt off of with his katanas! The tree trunks fell towards Aegislash with an ominous chorus of lurching, no doubt going to crush him unless he acted quickly! The sword flew up higher into the air, cutting through the trunks as he went, taking no damage but becoming occupied with surviving—a fact that the tablet took advantage of.

Tabby pulled out his machine guns once more and opened fire, raining two streams of hot lead down upon his enemy as Aegislash dealt with the trees!

The sword attempted to dodge but ultimately failed and was struck by several of the bullets, the lead projectiles leaving dents on his body. Tabby threw a kunai down to the ground below Aegislash and used the grapple to fly towards him, one sword extended out to his side. He made direct contact with his katana, causing the Royal Sword Pokémon to spiral downwards. Tabby wasn’t done yet, however, and pulled out his second katana and dashed at Aegislash!

The ghost’s eye squinted in concentration and annoyance before he swung his body around and hit one of Tabby’s katanas head-on, knocking it out of his hand! “:0” The tablet looked towards his now-empty left hand then back at Aegislash as his momentum betrayed him and continued to carry him towards the Pokémon. Aegislash had mercy on his opponent and didn’t cut him down immediately, instead whacking him across the face with his shield and sending him tumbling along the ground.

The robot found himself on the ground with his katana beside him in the dirt. He looked back up at his opponent, who was simply staring at him. Aegislash briefly looked at Tabby’s weapon then back at him, causing the robot to get the message: he wanted a proper duel. The tablet got up on a knee, picking up his second katana, and stared back at the Royal sword pokemon, his blue cloak moving in the wind.

There was calm for a moment as the two stared each other down. The moon was directly overhead now—it was midnight. Then, Tabby struck first! He dashed forwards and struck against Aegislash’s body with both of his katanas at the same time. Sparks flew as the sword spun the tip of his body in a small circle, forcing Tabby to reposition his arms and ease up on the pressure with his swords. As the tablet slid back he threw several shurikens at the pokémon, who blocked them with his shield arm, then slid under the sword ghost. Tabby intended to strike from behind, but Aegislash was fast! The Pokémon tossed his shield up and slid his body into it, changing forms! The pokémon used King’s Shield just as Tabby’s katanas impacted his shield, causing it to glow golden and release a counterattack! A large projection of the shield emerged and pushed Tabby back, causing his body to seize in midair as Aegislash gained the benefits from the move, his body glowing gold.

The tablet landed on his feet with cat-like reflexes and intended to attack once more, but Aegislash wasn’t having it. The sword cut straight through Tabby’s right arm in one smooth motion, causing both it and the sword it was holding to fall to the ground.

”> : O“

Tabby pulled out a machine gun and leapt backwards at the same time, aiming to get in a few shots while Aegislash was still going through the cutting motion. However, the sword used his momentum to his advantage and spun around in a circle, extending his body and power with Sacred Sword as he did so! The tip of his sword grazed Tabby’s screen, leaving a large scratch on it and partially obstructing the robot’s view. Aegislash used this opportunity to cut off the tablet’s other arm, leaving him defenseless!

Tabby fell to the ground on one knee, surprised at his sudden complete lack of arms, before Aegislash spun downwards and pointed his tip directly at the robot’s face, squinting at him. Checkmate.

”Well done.” The voice from the beginning of the fight bellowed from the darkness as Tabby abruptly disappeared in a flash of light. Aegislash spun around to look upon the speaker and was shocked to find that it was a…hand. A massive, disembodied, floating hand. The sword‘s eyelid raised slightly in confusion and bewilderment as Master Hand descended to the Pokémon’s level.

”I am hosting a tournament, you see. Comeback special, yada yada, you know how it is.” The hand said, only to be met with a blank stare.

”Ahem. Anyway, I‘ve been looking for worthy contestants and you are definitely an intriguing one. I mean, a ghost sword? And you’re a Pokémon, those are always good for ratings.” With a snap of his fingers Master Hand summoned a letter that fluttered down to Aegislash, who grabbed it out of the air.

“I look forward to seeing you again.”

drip, drip

A few drops of water fell from the ceiling of the dark dungeon below Card Castle. The rhythmic marching of the security soldiers echoed from the floor up above. Lanterns clinked as they span ever so slightly above the jester’s head while he floated throughout the air.

Jevil’s grin didn’t falter as he sat criss-cross-applesauce high up near the ceiling, idly revolving around in circles. It was quite fun to listen to the oblivious ones up above as they went about their business, unaware that they were trapped inside.

But the jester was not, oh no. He was the only one who was truly free. Locked outside, peering into the giant prison they had constructed around themselves to escape him.

Giggling at his situation, Jevil spiraled downwards and stopped himself before he reached the ground. His little freedom could get lonely but it did not bother the jester, many visitors were quite boring anyway.

A gust of wind seemed to move through the air.

A curious thing. He'd never noticed a draft before. His active imagination played up immediately, and the jester perked up, wide grin seeming to widen further.

"Jevil," the disembodied voice rang through the dungeon. One Jevil wasn't familiar with. "You have been chosen. Prove yourself."

Alongside that strange breeze, a chill permeated the air. The temperature seemed to drastically be falling as the room began to fill with a light fog.

From this fog, a shadowy figure stepped into view. He was dressed in a blue-garbed ninja uniform and had a large scar running down his face. The most prominent of his traits, however, was the sheet of frost covering his hands and forearms.

Jevil titled his head to the side at an almost unnatural angle and raised a an eyebrow, but his mischievous smile remained. “Why hello! A visitor, what fun, fun!” The jester said, floating up close and personal to the figure. “And what brings you here outside, my frosty fellow?”

"A challenge," the Grandmaster replied, his voice low and harsh, like gravel. His eyes narrowed as he raised one arm and turned his body to the side, getting into a clear fighting stance. "You don't remember me?"

Jevil squinted for a moment, trying hard to remember who the man was. After a moment he snapped his fingers cartoonishly. “Ah, of course, of course! You and I have played this game once before.” The jester vanished for half a second and reappeared right next to Sub-Zero, arm wrapped around him. “You and I go way back, don’t we?” Jevil joked.

Ice seemed to immediately begin swelling around Jevil's arm as he touched the ninja, forcing him to pull his arm back. Sub-Zero turned his head slightly, before suddenly, a spike of ice seemed to materialize, stabbing out from the Lin Kuei warrior in an attempt to impale Jevil. Evidently, he was finished with the formalities.

The jester flew backwards with a surprised chuckle, spiraling into the air above the ninja as the ice spike emerged and barely missed his shoe. “My my, someone’s excited to play! Well then, if you are that eager, what else is there to say?”

Jevil thrusted his hand forward as he finished speaking and summoned several sharp Diamond-shape projectiles that flew towards Sub-Zero at the speed of bullets, piercing the air with sharp whistling sounds as they flew.

His opponent seemed to keep up, dual blades of ice emerging from his palms. He was rapid in his response, cutting through the diamonds with clean slashes, getting nearer with each movement. This only seemed to humor the jester, who bounced a few times on the spot. “You are fast, fast!”

Jevil flew into close range and spun in circles around the ninja, spewing clusters of spade projectiles from his mouth and giggling out loud as he did so. The jester’s movements were sporadic and unpredictable, he never even remained within the same distance from Sub-Zero as he bounced around like a cartoon, clearly enjoying himself.

Kuai Liang was indeed fast, slashing his way through the storm of projectiles, but Jevil's sporadic and unpredictable style proved fruitful - more than once, Sub-Zero grunted as a spade rammed into him, though surprisingly, he was sturdy, showing no outward signs of slowing down.

Finally, he stamped his foot in a clean movement, and a wall of ice seemed to erupt from the ground and into the air, simultaneously forcing Jevil to stop in his tracks, while also blocking a great deal of additional spades, allowing the ninja to leap forward with a slash, Jevil caught between him and the ice wall.

The jester’s eyes widened slightly and his grin only grew as Sub-Zero approached with a sword, slashing Jevil across the torso. However, the clown suffered little visibly damage safe for damaged clothing. His neck turned into a spring and his head sprung off of his body as he laughed.

The head quickly sprung back onto Jevil’s body and gave the clown a bit of a boost forward back towards the ninja. The jester manifested a large scythe in his hand and he spun around, going in for a swing!

Scythe met ice blade, shards of ice and sparks flying from the contact. Jevil cackled as he began to swing and spin the scythe, matching the warrior's own strikes, both weapons bashing again and again, before the jester stuck out his tongue and vanished, immediately appearing behind Sub-Zero with a slash-

Yet the moment the scythe made contact, it seemed to stick, as though frozen in place, a sheen of ice having manifested around the Grandmaster, before his form shattered into pieces. The ice rapidly shot up the scythe, enveloping Jevil in an instant, freezing him in place as well, and as for Kuai Liang...

He emerged from the ice wall he'd constructed, as though stepping from water, an ice axe in either hand, which he hurled through the air. The first struck Jevil's frozen body, lodging in his middle, before the second shattered the spell, both axes bursting apart as the darkner flew backward through the air, sputtering.

Jevil controlled his levitation and came to a stop near a wall, his smile unchanged.

"You're not proving much of a challenge," Sub-Zero taunted.

The jester grinned and pointed upwards with a mischievous giggle, prompting the ninja to look above. The stoic ice-wielder’s eyes widened in shock as he saw what was in the air.

Dozens upon dozens of bombs had appeared above him as the two were clashing with their melee weapons, and their fuses were lit! With a snap of his fingers, Jevil caused the bombs to drop towards Sub-Zero, who attempted to respond accordingly.

The ninja partly phased into ice but was unable to fully change forms before the bombs landed, causing him to get hit by some blasts and take damage, ice shards flying everywhere. Kuai Liang grunted in pain before shifting into the floor and appearing behind Jevil, ice blade already moving towards the clown’s neck.

Waving goodbye gleefully, Jevil vanished in midair with a wink and left Sub-Zero swinging at nothing and faced with…dozens of projectiles?! The bombs from moments ago had also released several waves of bullets of various shapes: hearts, clubs, diamonds, even spades!

They began to pelt, eruptions shaking the dungeon, a cloud of smoke and fog violently bursting about, swirling in the cramped environment. Jevil let out a quick laugh. "Ho ho! The snowman's been pelted, but now he's all melted! What fun, fun! Sorry it's over, ice cube!"

Yet the jester's fun was short-lived, as from the smoke emerged the still-breathing form of Sub-Zero, a series of ice daggers in his hands. He was quick to fling them toward darkner, who choked on his spit after coughing out a "Double-you tee eff!?"

Spades were summoned quickly, striking back against the daggers as Kuai Liang simply summoned more. Jevil bounced in-place, before he shook his arms with excitement, watching as the warrior drew nearer, their own projectiles canceling each other out. Jevil propelled himself forward, after-images dancing in a frenzy behind him as he struck - only to be met with a massive warhammer made of ice that collided with the scythe, its force far superior, knocking the blow aside.

Jevil recovered quickly, swinging the scythe again, but Sub-Zero had spun, gaining double the momentum from before, and when their weapons collided...

Jevil hovered backward with a twirl as his scythe was obliterated on impact. "Rude, rude! Don't worry, little friend! These will make amends! HAHAHA!"

Several more scythes had manifested above Sub-Zero, blitzing down toward the Lin Kuei Grandmaster, who hurled his hammer toward them. It shattered on contact with the centermost scythe, an intentional effect, as its shards pelted into the other scythes, encasing each in more ice. They dropped like rocks, shattering on the ground.

“Clever, clever! But you can’t keep up with me forever!” Jevil grinned as he boosted up into the air, clearing some fog in the area. He bounced around in a dancing frenzy, summoning dozens of more bombs in the area to serve as distractions while he whipped up his next attack.

With a wave of his hand Jevil summoned many…carousel animals made of magic? They spun around Sub-Zero in a large radius, circling faster and faster until they practically formed a barrier. The carousel kicked up a cyclone of dust and pebbles that were gathered on the dungeon floor, but the jester seemed rather unbothered by it.


The carousel closed in around Sub-Zero, and he disappeared from view. Jevil paused in his bouncing, slowly turning to look behind him. Rising slowly out of the ground in a pool of frost was his opponent, arms crossed over his chest. "Not fair, FAIR!" Jevil cried, recalling the devil's knife into his hands and slashing.


When it made contact, Sub-Zero had sealed himself in ice once again, his form shattering, leaving Jevil to be immediately coated, frozen in-place once again.

Kuai Liang appeared in a flash of shuddering snow behind Jevil, slamming his elbow into the jester's back, before he disappeared, reappearing in front of the darkner with a kick, jutting his leg out. Jevil let out an "oof" as he was knocked into the air - right into Subz, who'd appeared in a third flash of snow directly above him, both hands clasped together, driving down his fists like a hammer into Jevil's skull.

The jester plummeted, bouncing off the ground, beginning to feel the slightest twinge of agitation, but when he looked up, he found a literal guillotine made of ice barreling down for him!

It was the darkner's turn to vanish, appearing all about the room, bouncing and dancing, his cackling reverberating off of every surface. "Fun's been had, had, I'm a happy lad! But the fun ends, and reality bends! The voices quake! The heavens shake, shake! The heroes are falling, THE WORLD'S REVOLVING! HEHEHEHEHAAAAAA!"

From every corner of the room, spades began to manifest, zipping toward the Lin Kuei warrior, the Jevil's coming and going, as though phasing through some secondary dimension as they hazed about the dungeon. Above Sub-Zero, more bombs began to drop, but this wasn't all Jevil had in store as the entire room seemed to shake, spinning as though the dungeon itself were its own carousel.

The Grandmaster was quick to react, launching many spikes, lacking any form due to how quickly they had to be used, cutting back against the spades as he ducked, rolled, and summoned ice walls to deal with the bombs, but it was beginning to overwhelm him-


A Jevil rammed the devil's knife into Sub-Zero's gut, too quick for him to form his ice encasing. In the same second, another Jevil appeared behind him with a swing, Kuai Liang lurching forward.


The jester was so quick, it appeared as though a dozen were swatting the warrior between themselves, Sub-Zero unable to react, before finally, the darkner stopped, waving his hand wildly as though saying "goodbye" as one final bomb slugged into the Lin Kuei's chest.

The Grandmaster smashed into the far wall, which cracked from the force, before he slumped to the ground, gritting his teeth. "I suppose I... found my challenge..." he grunted, slowly picking himself back up and onto his feet.

The room was heavily damaged, a stray lantern falling from the ceiling and shattering against the cracked concrete of the dungeon. It seemed that the jester had gotten a bit too excited in his game, a fact that the clown didn’t seem to care about in the least.

All the Jevils around the room cackled with pure, ecstatic glee as Sub-Zero struggled to regain his footing. The ninja had lost! “Oh what fun, fun!” Each jester said at the same time, creating an uncanny chorus of insanity. “You lose, lose! Now—“

“Okay, settle down there wack-a-doodle.”

A thundering SNAP echoed throughout the damaged room, causing it to revert back to its previous state as Sub-Zero vanished in a flash of light. A floating hand descended down towards one of the jesters floating around the room and gave him a letter of some kind.

“Geez, you’re giving me a headache…wait.” Master Hand said to himself before continuing. “I’m hosting a tournament, you may remember one that you participated in previously. It’d be best if you didn’t mention that for both your sake and mine, clown. That letter is your key in, so don’t lose it—or eat it, or anything.” The hand said before vanishing.

Several Jevils converged into one place to read the letter that Master Hand had given to one of them, all of the, peeking at it at the same time. Suddenly, all but one vanished as the original’s grin grew wide as can be and he looked up from the letter.

“How fun! Playtime for EVERYONE!”

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

As the hand picked cast (Baddum tsssh) arrived to partake in the tournament arrived, they were met with a lush and bustling plaza. Concrete paths cutting between green grassy pads. A few stores for food and drink were scattered about amongst others, and to top it all off, a fountain was in the center of the plaza, a statue of a hand with it's index finger pointing up was displayed, water pouring out of it.

"Ah, it seems that everyone is here. Pretty timely this time, perfect."

Master Hand, the host that now everyone was familiar with, snapped his fingers, appearing before everyone in a blip of purple light. Pointing at them all, he began his speech.

"I made sure to choose the best candidates for this tourney, so we should be in for a jaw dropping tourney this go around! I know you bloodthirsty suckers want to rip each other's throats out already, but let me just go over a couple of rules. Ahem..."

A black screen appeared behind him, the Hand putting a pair of glasses on top of his index finger. The Hand pointed at the first line on the screen, which materialized as he read it out.

"Rule 1: Fighting in the main plaza would result in instant elimination to the aggressor(s), so NO fighting unless we are ready to film it."

"Rule 2: Participants in battles may decide on a map for their battle with a maximum of two maps selected. In case of team battles, the teams must agree amongst themselves."

"Rule 3: All wounds will be recovered after every match, so don't go crying to Master Hand that you got an owie."

"Rule 4: Upon elimination in the first half, a Loser's bracket will be provided. So don't throw a fit if you suck. Losers are able to quite the tourney at any time."

"Rule 5: If you have a question, HESITATE to ask it."

"Rule 6: Eliminations are counted when the foe is Defeated, forfeits, gets destroyed, or somehow gets knocked out of the stage. "

Master Hand looked up and down on the board, putting away his glasses with a snap of a finger. Then he swerved back around to the crowd.

"I'm sure that even the thickest of you can understand these rules. So we are golden. Okay. So let's get right to the good stuff! The first set of matches will have this criteria:"

------- Battles
Select your Enemy

Missing letters. What was with that? Master hand gave a thumbs up, signifying that he was ready to get this show on the road.

"Oh. And one more thing..."

Snapping his fingers one last time, in a flash of light, a massive circular colosseum appeared in a wide berth around the entire plaza. There were so many people! the crowd roared to life as they appeared.

"...You are live!"

That's when the hand disappeared. An archway appearing in front of the water fountain. Inscribed in gold above the archway states: 'This way to the bloodbath'. Seems like it was time now to start....



"Now there's that biggest crowd I was hearing all about!" Chai exclaimed putting his hands in the air. "Wooooooo!"

"Calm down Chai, we haven't even hit the field yet." Peppermint reined him in, the drone looking up and down at the cast of characters. "Wow. I'm kinda surprised at the diverse cast of characters here..."

"Diverse is good...that's good."

"No Chai. I mean many of them have energy readings I haven't even seen before. We may be out of element here. All because YOU decided to show up to a tournament on a whim."

808 prodded angrily close to Chai's face. The wannabe rockstar winced as he shooed the drone back a bit.

"Hey, relax! We are totally gonna be fine. They don't look too tough. Watch."

Chai scanned the crowd and selected a random person that didn't look too alien amongst them. That's when he spotted a dude with a black hat and jacket. He looked like a brawler. Eh. It was just fist fighting, how bad could that be? And he was human to boot. Putting his hands behind his head, his waltzed closer to Cayman, whistling as he approach.

"Heeeeey, you." He struck up a conversation. "You look like a captain with a rather...uncomfortable shoe choice. How's it hanging?


Rex Raptor

That's a whole lot of people in that crowd...I might be more popular than KAIBA if win this thing! Nyheheh! I'd like to see the look on Weevil's face to see that I made it to something this big-

In that very moment, he locked eyes with none other than Weevil Underwood, his rival that bested him in the regional championship! Seeing him here made his blood boil. That creepy crawly freak just had to show up here to steal his thunder!

"Just what are you doing here, termite?!" Rex demanded, pointing at Weevil. "Don't you have other maggots to take care of at home or something??


The crowd didn't bothering him any. No, instead the demon was sizing up the competition. There were a couple of demonic energies he couldn't pin down amongst them, which made him greatly curious, but on the same token, he also wanted a chance to fight something new. Choices choices. Scanning the crowd in great detail, he set his sights on a man, no, demon that appeared to resemble a shark. He looks fun~

Putting his hands behind his back, he wandered unassumingly toward him, cocking his head to the side. Looking up at the tall figure of the carnivorous beast, Rinku cracked a smile.

"Hey, you look like a cool one. A big ol' shark guy. Haha, how many you think you killed, big boy?"


Ripper Roo


The kangaroo didn't really...seem to care all that much about anything that was happening around itself. Instead, it just hopped madly all about, ricocheting off of bushes and concrete. He eventually found himself at the base of the water fountain, looking down at the water pooling in it.

"Ooooooh, heheheblehehe!"


Ripper decided to stick his head into the fountain water...for no apparent reason. Bubbles erupted as he was no doubt hysterically giggling underneath the depths.


Nudging sonic with their elbow and gesturing to Master Hand, Nights cupped one hand and put it to the side of her face.

"Do you remember when glovey had to boot Terreria for breaking the rules last time?" NiGHTS chuckled in hushed tones. "And he released that big fairy thing? Oh dear I haven't seen him so angry! Haha! I wonder if his ego recovered from that!"

It was good to be back. The vibe was fun and the atmosphere was competitive. The question was: Who was gonna be their first opponent? They were sure, in the back of both of their minds, they considered finally duking it out with each other, since they didn't manage to do it this last time.

@Captain Pokémon


Previously Gamingfan2
The interdimensional wayfarer took in his surroundings. This tourney really looked like a massive organized event, not that savage bloodbath he expected. There was quite the array of participants too, none of which looked anything like the inhabitants of popstar or halcandra.
Interesting. But that aside...it was time to get to work.
From his cape, Magolor pulled out a stack of fliers for his shoppe. Not one to miss a business opportunity, the False-Halcandrian floated around the plaza, slapping fliers around the walls, stores, and even people, all while giggling to himself.
This is going to get me so many customers~

"Whoah!" Ryuji was stunned by the plaza. "Joker wasn't kidding when he said this was a big deal!
"Skull?" A familiar voice chimed in his head. "Skull? Come in."
"Yeah, I hear you. Oracle, you won't believe what this place-"
"I can see it through your eyes Skull. I get it. It's definitely elaborate."
"You think it's a palace?"
Futaba seemed to pause. "It's definitely not. I can't even do anything other than talk to you. Sorry Skull."
"Naw, it's all good. But check out the lineup! Some of these guys look like personas!" Ryuji scanned the crowd, until his eyes rested on...
"Whoaaa! Kid!" Letting his curiosity get the better of him, Ryuji ran towards what looked like a child, except...
"Are you like...part octopus or something?"
@Captain Pokémon

If Lucario though the monkey and hand's auras were alien, few could understand how jarring it was once he appeared with the others. It was borderline sensory overload, with how many auras he could not make sense of. Thankfully, he could sense a few familiar ones, proving he wasn't the only pokemon in this.
One stuck out, not because it was extraordinary, but completely average compared to the variety of energies. Lucario pinpointed the aura to find...a mudkip. Huh.
"Hello." Lucario spoke to the little mon curiously. "Pardon me, but I'm surprised to see a pokemon like yourself in this tourney. How are you here?"

Alter Knight
And Alter Knight thought their world had a lot of races. Yet hardly any of the contestants looked familiar to her, leaving their weaknesses and exploits ambiguous, something they did not like.
The knight walked through the plaza, giving suspicious glances at the surrounding people before coming to a stop at the fountain, staring at the odd creature that looked like it was waterboarding itself....poorly.
"What...are you?" They said, though mostly to themselves. The creature didn't look intelligent enough to understand speech anyway.
@Shen: King of Digimon


Previously Deathstalker62
The Prince of Darkness
Arriving at the plaza of pre-battle banter, the Lord of Vampires seemed rather surprised at being able to pick out an enemy. Given how he spectated Death's fight, he'd assumed that opponents would've been pre-selected.. and he had his doubts that the Hand would change this set of rules anytime soon. So, he figured this may just be a trick.. and whatever trick it may be, he might just play along to see how things play out. Sharp eyes glanced across all the participants, deciding on who to 'fight'.. and his eyes fell a rather odd-looking woman. Blue like the deep sea, hair like the feathers of a raven and a particularly interesting armor to boot. Silently, his figure hovered over, his entire being floating just mere inches off the ground as he approached the Nerevarine, looking down upon them wordlessly for but a few moments before speaking up.

" I am Lord Dracula, and I shall be your first opponent. Any objections? "

The Magician of Miracles
Floating about in the lobby, Mr. Miracle could not help but explore the area in joyful glee as figures started pouring in, some he even recognized from his favourite childhood games! So, this really was something incredible that he had been invited to, what an honour it truly was! However, one stood out to him - a small, hooded figure that seemed busy putting up fliers of their own business just about everywhere they could fit them. Ah, a fellow entrepeneur? Well, to be honest, he wasn't that big on economics, he usually let his agent handle his business expenses and promotional material. But his agent was not here, and he was on his own. So, Terry proceeded to land on the ground and toss both a smoke bomb below himself and confetti above himself, arriving in front of the small magic-looking thing with a puff and a pop, a flier of his own advertising his show flying out toward the creature to catch and examine.

" Behold! The wonderous and fantastical Mr. Miracle has arrived to entertain the people and give the folks the show they desire! But how can I show the folks the wonders of magic when a competitor is out and about, trying to take my thunder! Ha-ha, I challenge you to a duel of mystical proportions, hooded figure! " @Gamingfan

The Pokémon of Gratitude
With awe and wonder, Shaymin looked about the area, taking in all the surroundings and all the different beings around him, which even included some Pokémon! One however stood out to him - a sword with arms but no legs, floating about and holding some form of shield? Could it also be a Pokémon, or perhaps something else? Either way, the Gratitude Pokémon made his way over, not afraid a single bit as he was just grateful to be here and would not waste the opportunity of being a boring ol' scaredy cat! Telepathically, he transmitted over a mental message over to the seemingly living weaponry, seeing if it could pick up on it.

' Hey! I'm Shaymin! Are you a Pokémon? I've never seen someone like you around where I'm from! ' @Captain Pokémon

The Prime Soul
Ever-shining with the light of pure willpower, the manifested soul stood by as he carefully read the rules, then the board displaying the participants. There, one stood out to the former King. An angel, unlike the one that had imprisoned him. This seemed more like a traditional angel, human in nature with but mere white wings and a matching garb. Now granted, he already had a pretty bad impression on angels, given his imprisonment and his.. well, ruination of his entire paradise he had going on so long ago. But.. something about this one was different. He didn't seem to be like Gabriel. So, Minos walked at a normal, if rather slow pace over to the Angel, stopping just a few metres short, holding a respectable distance, bowing as a greeting as soon as the bow-wielding individual would turn to face him.

" My greetings, sacred one. I am Minos, formerly a King of Hell's layer embodying lust. Would I be able to inquire as to thy's name? " @ArmedBlue

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Ripper Roo

The kangaroo, once approached, placing its feet on the rim of the fountain and pulled its head up, almost as if prying it out. In a few seconds, the bubbles began to go away, and instead-


Ripper Roo's head flung out of the water, ending up inches away from Alter Knight's face. The dazed eyes of the insane marsupial rolled around in their sockets as his tongue lapped up and down in his wide open jaw.

"Hehhehehe! Blehehehebleheheh!"

They hopped up and down, rotating their head 360 degrees, clearly off their rocker. It seems as if this wouldn't be an enlightening conversation...


Previously Manu456Alola

This was just like GV's tales. A plaza in another dimension filled with all sorts of fighters. He never mentioned a crowd, though...

The screen where Master Hand once was read "Select your Enemy". It seemed the bracket wasn't set in stone just yet. Looking around, she spotted a familiar face in the plaza: Cayman! Not just him, but one of ATEMS's Knights was also here. Grazie, if she remembered correctly.

A flier was suddenly stuck to Kirin's back, courtesy of a strange egg-shaped blue creature. She managed to grab it, taking a closer look with a squint. It didn't look like it was made for a human.

"Magolor Shoppe...?" She read out, a little confused, before looking over towards the giggling traveler, who was already being intercepted by some sort of magician. Maybe she should leave that one be for now. After a bit of searching through the crowd (given how those she knew were already engaging in conversation with others), she picked out an individual: a humanoid, female-looking creature whose body resembled a gown. A little mysterious looking.

Curiously walking up to the Pokémon, Kirin gave her a wave. "Cool place, huh?" She lead with, trying to do some small talk.

The Iron Delinquent's head turned towards the new voice. A brown-haired man around his age wearing a yellow jacket and a red scarf. What stood out most was his right arm, made out of metal. Things were already getting interesting.

"This is a true man's footwear! As is the rest of my outfit, of course. The name's Cayman." He replied, glancing over at the screen telling everyone to select their enemy. Was that what this man had approached him for? He couldn't blame him, he was already raring to go!

"You interested in a Duel?" The man asked, facing Chai once more. "My muscles are already burning hot at the sight of all these fighters! Surely you feel the same way!"​

This was a nice place. A little different from the usual stuff back in Smash Bros., but it had a nice vibe to it. The crowd's cheers made it difficult not to get pumped for battle...

It took little time for someone to approach Pit, the angel turning to face a tall man---or what seemed like it, since his body was glowing and transparent, showing a cardiovascular system within the Prime Soul. He introduced himself rather respectfully, speaking in some outdated form of English he had a hard time following, but he got the gist of it. Pit bowed in return a little awkwardly, looking up at the soul that towered over him.

"Uh- I'm Pit, servant of the Goddess of Light." He responded, not quite sure how a former 'King of Hell's' would react to his affiliation. Hopefully he wouldn't be aggro. "Lady Palutena, who is this guy?" He spoke directly to his goddess, voice a little quieter.

"Beats me. He seems to be a powerful soul taken physical form."
That sounded a little menacing.

...aaand there were a LOT of people here. Not just contestants, but there was even a huge crowd watching on, expecting battles to begin right away. Grazie couldn't help but feel a little nervous at all the attention, but she managed to keep her composure, looking around for someone to chat with. She wasn't sure if going with the Dragon Saviors was a good idea, so she instead walked the other way, before she stumbled upon a red-haired kid with a shield-like device on his arm, definitely no older than twelve. There were fighters this young here? How odd...

"Hey there lil' guy," Grazie said, looking down at the boy. He was pretty cute. "How's it goin'?"​
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Previously Deathstalker62
Minos had listened up. A second voice spoke up, not befitting of the angel that stood before him. A deity, perhaps? How very interesting this one was. The angel just affirmed this hypothesis as he stated to be an emissary of the Goddess of Light.. hm, Goddess? Perhaps a part of the greek pantheon? How very intriguing.

" Ahh, thy need not be afraid, angelic one. While I have seen many corrupt ones from the heavens already, thy kind is not the same as the ones that have wronged me. "

Minos now bowed again, affirming any suspicions of the two, if they had them, that he could in fact understand Palutena's voice.

" And I assume thee to be thy soldier's commanding deity, Goddess of Light? That thy identity of mine is unbeknownst to thee is a surprise, I will say. I was a former Judge of Hell after all. Until I arose to rebel against evil, that is. " @ArmedBlue

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

Oh? This guy is already preeeetty motivated to make a pancake of my face. But considering he doesn't look like some kind of deranged magic clown or giant vampire guy, meh, at least it's more down to earth!

"Straight to the point, huh? You sure seem fired up about all this." Chai commented. "But hey, you do got something there. This hype is contagious! If we are gonna fight, we should put on one heck of a show!"

"Okay, before all of that..." 808 interjected from behind Chai, floating to his shoulder. "Looks can be unassuming, Chai. We should be careful. Especially here where the 'people' are significantly different than where we come from."

"Oh come on, live a little peppermint! Aren't you excited too?" Chai asked her, before turning to his chosen fighter. "Name's Chai, Future Rockstar, not to brag."

"Woah." The wielder of the lightning sword couldn't help but feel wonder and excitement as she saw the crowd appear. All those eyes on her, ready to watch as she showed these losers what a HERO could do....

It terrified her, honestly, deep down. Any mistake, and she could be seen as just another nobody like all those people watching.

Still, she shook her head, her sword held to her back as she looked around. Some familiar faces, some not...
Oh, hey, that was that hedgehog the Doctor hated.

"Oh." She grumbled under her breath as she realised the issue there, resolving to push her communication device to the deepest part of her pockets for the time being. She continued looking around for a moment, until her eyes settled on what appeared to be a couple. It was a little unfair if she had to fight two, but...maybe a challenge she could overcome was just what she needed to show the crowd the kind of person she was! (Or rather, wanted to be). She walked over to the pair known as Troy & Allison.
"Sheesh, don't tell me they actually let two people work together as a team? Seems a little unfair." She murmured, not saying that loudly. "Well, hello, little...um, lovebirds, I'm guessing?" She tried to figure, losing confidence in her own words as she shook her head. "I'm assuming you two aren't some, I dunno, tag team, or anything, but you two don't look to be fighting each other. Mind if I ask your names?" She asked, trying to remain cordial - Thank the Doctor and Metal for giving her those lessons...


The little protector was surprised as he listened to Master Hand explain - This was certainly a much nicer environment than the previous tournament...Nonetheless, the first thing he did when the crowd appeared (And he got over the obvious confusion), was look for his friends. Sure enough, he spotted them not long after, nearby a not-small amount of supporters for him. He gave them a wave, and they shouted something back that Axe couldn't quite make out - But it sounded like support. He also saw, just barely, Pasmina shyly blow him a kiss (Likely for good luck), which he paused at... Until he snapped back to reality as people began to talk around him. Right, had to focus.

Something about...uh, choosing enemies? That seemed like a recipe for disaster, right off the bat, but Axe decided to choose better than to question it.

As he looked around at those around him, he noted in his head that some people were kind of similar; Some looked like the hero he always thought he'd become - The one to leave the doomed hometown on a huge, epic, adventure. Some looked...well, like supervillains you'd find in those imported comics. And others were just plain weird. Eventually, however, he had to stop as someone else came along to him. A girl with glasses, who looked nearer his age despite being a fair amount taller.

"Hey, I ain't little!" He huffed a little, straightening up his back. "...But Alright. Name's Axe, who're you?" He decided to ask, attempting to seem as calm as possible (His nervousness at the whole situation, after all, was expected.).


A world's strongest man was never one to double-check his circumstances: The crowd around him, real or not, was large - Not that it mattered. What was far more important was the Hand's rules stated right before, which Masaru began to note in his head. He was almost tempted to ask about the possibility of sparring with anyone who had lost in full - At least to learn from them - but chose to withhold his question until it was needed.

"'Select your enemy', huh? Guess I'd better find someone I can easily learn from...a lot of these people are using weapons, I'm not exactly sure about matching against that as I am..." He began to think, a hand to his chin. If it weren't for the semi-blank face, it would be easy to assume he was smarter than he actually was. Looking around, he made several notes; There was several other fighters who would fight like him, but either they were already talking, or...well, some of them gave off a feeling he wasn't sure of. He kept his feet steady as he thought on his surroundings. His key goal was not to find someone he could easily beat, or a challenge specifically...No, he needed to learn. But he wasn't sure of how many people fought with martial arts or anything like that.

Honestly, he was tempted to shout out-loud, to ask if anyone was willing to fight him like that, but for all his will, he knew it would be slightly awkward and crude. He decided the best way to make it clear the kind of opponent he needed was to rewrap his basic set of wraps a couple of times, stretching out his limbs widely to try and make space... He just had to hope the kind of fighter was obvious to those who were also looking for a foe like him.

The Warlock

Dhar-Hur Mordenna was not one to rush in his thought process, to make that clear in this realm. While he chose not to disregard the rules, it was clear he cared little for the crowd's sudden appearance nor the stipulation of how the opponents were handled.

Instead, he simply sat down on his spot, and focused his breathing - Meditating, to a degree. The air around his body was thick, as if filled to the brim with energy despite there seemingly being naught but air; In truth, it was the Chosen's brimming Psionic energy as he waited for someone to come to him...


Previously Gamingfan2
The mage's advertising spree came to a quick pause as smoke burst in front of him, revealing a extravagantly dressed man chattering about competition and whatnot.
Quickly skimming the flier, Magolor looked back up at Mr.Miracle with an amused expression. Was he challenging him? Well, Magolor figured it would happen eventually, what with this being a competition, but to imagine his business practices resulting in a fight...it was funny.
"Well...I assure you I'm not here to promote my-admittedly awesome-magic skills." Magolor assured, folding the flier and storing it. "But this is a competition. If you want to compare magic, then I accept."
"Assuming, of course," Magolor winked mischievously. "Yours isn't just smoke and mirrors."

Alter Knight
As Ripper Roo leapt at her, Alter Knight unsheathed Libera, almost striking the deranged animal right then and there. But they held back, barely. Though Roo didn't seem all there, it clearly acknowledged them, and wasn't immediately hostile.
But Alter Knight wasn't sure what to make of him aside from that. Perhaps they could study this odd creature. It responded to their presence. Maybe they'd try talking again.
"You may call me..." Alter Knight took a moment to consider a name. They had all but forgotten their old one. "Alter. Is there a name you go by?" They asked the creature experimentally.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Ripper Roo

What was his name? How exactly would he go about explaining that? The kangaroo out a foot to their chin, thinking for a second.


That's when he had a brilliant idea. Jumping to action, he hopped madly in one direction, then another, and another. All the whole depositing materials he could scrounge up from the plaza. Sticks, trash wrappers, gum, rocks, and many others. He then went straight to work. One using his legs, he seemed to be doing a montage of putting an elaborate piece together. One could practically hear the introspective music of a masterpiece being formed in the background.

After half a minute passed, Ripper Roo revealed what he was working on. It was a miniature statue of himself made of twigs and leaves. The leaves making up his straight jacket and ears while the sticks made up his body, and two different colored grapes for his eyes. It seemed...shockingly detailed, down to the nose and nails. On the front of the sculpture showed a little nameplate, made of tiny little lettering etched into rocks that were held together by gum: "Ripper Roo"

"Ta Daaaaaah! Hheheha-hohohohehaha!"


Previously turnt3chGodh34d


Two months had been plenty of time. The mercenary from Seles had been rigorous in his training, getting himself back into tip-top shape, and going so far as to brush the dust off his classic red armor. It had been years, but after Gunvolt...

It felt good to be back.

A strange and grand plaza was where the contestants awaited the beginning of the tournament. Dart could feel his excitement boiling over—he was getting pumped up! When Master Hand proposed the rules, and the following announcement, the dragoon was left to ponder for a moment. He was allowed to... pick his opponent? That didn't seem normal, but it was definitely different. He liked it!

His eyes scanned over the gathered contestants, trying to weed out who looked strongest based on sight alone. His eyes landed on a very tall individual hovering toward a blue woman. "Rats," Dart muttered. They'd already claimed each other as opponents! He had to work quick if he wanted to get the best contestant to test himself against.

His eyes eventually landed on a large, blue-faced, maroon-armored individual, who was just... sitting. Dart's eyes widened—that guy looked tough! He had to be quick!

Racing over toward the Warlock, Dart felt the air grow heavy as the distance between them closed. It didn't take a genius to deduce that this blue-faced guy was the source. Talk about exciting!

"Wow, hey!" Dart greeted enthusiastically. "You seem strong! We should fight!" He punched his right fist into his left palm, the gesture of a friendly challenge.


"Most curious" seemed to be a fitting way to describe this place. The sights, the smells, the sounds... Neph had to be honest with herself, it was actually exciting. It was sparking something inside of her that had dimmed long ago. The spirit of competition. The crowds cheering... the strong competitors... the gardevoir had to take a moment, closing her eyes and just feeling the raw energy in the plaze.

A grin split across her face as she looked toward her right, about to send a telepathic message to her trainer—

And she remembered.

She'd gotten caught up in the moment. It was almost like a cold slap in the face. It had been stupid of her to lose focus like that.

Despite her souring her own mood, the air of the plaza remained intoxicating. It was here that a human girl approached the Pokémon, offering what most humans would refer to as "small talk."

Neph wasn't the type to give any ounce of trust to others unless it was earned. She gazed back at Kirin for a couple moments, but gave no verbal or mental response, instead blinking once. What was this human's angle? Could she be seeking her opponent from a champion's Pokémon? That seemed a likely case. Neph had to remind herself that Ranamon had been a taste of this tournament. She couldn't afford to let her ego stand tall, as it usually did.


She'd forgotten what this was like. The anticipation and excitement for battle. 400 years of travel without many challenges often desensitized a person, but the misthios could feel herself getting pumped up just from the energy others were putting out. Still, she had an ulterior motive for accepting Master Hand's invitation, but it was proving unfruitful. The only individual in a floating chair was some giant head with baby legs.

Where was Specter?

She then shifted her attention to looking for Master Hand in order to ask him about Specter's whereabouts, but the hand had vanished. This was frustrating. She instead tried to look for any familiar faces from the tournament she'd participated in. There had to be... oh, there was one. The small boy with the red hair. Surely he wasn't over 400 like she was, was he?

As Kassandra approached, another woman beat her to the boy. A young girl, a bit flabby in the face. Kassandra wasn't exactly impressed by the appearances of many others, so far. As Axe replied in kind to Grazie, Kassandra came to a stop behind the young woman, practically towering over both of them. Not that she was absurdly tall, Kassandra just often exerted a larger-than-life demeanor, especially among those that had to look up at her.

"Axe, wasn't it?" Kassandra asked, folding her arms. "We were in one of these tournaments together. The ah- less friendly one. Do you know who won?"


"EXCELLENT," M.O.D.O.K. rubbed his hands together, large eyes looking over the competition. His great height coupled with being in a floating chair meant that the Man-Mind got a clear view of every possible contestant. What a bunch of lugs! They would be crushed underfoot!

Well, under-psychic beams, but it was close enough.

"M.O.D.O.K.S CONQUEST OF THESE PUNY "CONTENDERS" BEGINS NOW. BUT WHO TO CRUSH FIRST?" He pondered aloud. He was allowed to select an opponent, but none seemed to exactly stand out. Those that did had been quick to resign themselves into their own matches already. A shame. They were too afraid to face the Mechanized Organism Designed Only for Killing. Their fear was not misplaced, however.

"YOU!" M.O.D.O.K. whipped around a complete 180 degrees, raising a hand to point at a red-skinned fellow in a dorky get-up, complete with apple eyewear. He would be easy prey. "YOU WILL BE MY FIRST VICTIM. WHAT IS YOUR NAME? NEVERMIND, IT IS NOT IMPORTANT. I AM M.O.D.O.K. AND YOU WILL FALL VICTIM TO THE INNATE POWER OF SCIENCE!"


The entire vibe of this place was far more welcoming than she'd expected, though it maintained a degree of underlying hostility. Master Hand had promised them all a prize, yet he still had yet to disclose that. Now he was letting them select their own opposition. An unexpected move, but he'd clearly been doing this for some time. He probably knew more than she did about hosting tournaments.

It was here that she was approached by a tall, robed individual. Some form of royalty, maybe more than a noble, which was obvious. He hovered off of the ground on his approach, and his sallow skin gave her hints to her connecting conclusion. He introduced himself as "Lord Dracula" and resigned himself as her opponent. His request for objections sounded rhetorical.

Her eyes scanned him over once more, just to be sure, before she responded.

"Your name is foreign to me—not of my world, clearly. Your robes indicate a form of nobility: you're of high-standing where you're from. Tense shoulders, head held high, sallowed and unimpressed gaze, you're experienced. Immortal, judging from your tone of voice. Your skin, your eyes, you're a vampire. You perceive yourself as superior, and due to your condition, it's likely you despise the race of men, and falter to the element of light." She paused, tilting her head slightly to the side. "I'd guess you lost a loved one before you became a vampire—most vampires have that reason. A wife, I'm certain. I..."

She allowed her voice to trail off, suddenly feeling very awkward about her precarious situation. She did this often, and usually couldn't stop herself. She tried to quickly move on, hoping she hadn't offended him. "My apologies, Dracula. I forget myself. I am Irnane Bethryon."
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Previously mallard
The hitman stood off to the side, analyzing. He watched the interdimensional crowd mingle from afar. Others were already choosing their opponents, and although he was confident in his skills, he couldn't help but to optimize his chances. There were a couple easy pickings present, but he wasn't interested in an assassination. He was there for a fight.

He narrowed down his ideal opponent rather quickly, taking note if the obvious display of his fighting style. Taskmaster approached the muscular man from behind, before putting a hand on Masaru's shoulder.

"Hey, biceps. Mind showing me your moves?"

Woah! This place was super new and cool to the small semiaquatic creature, it was nearly overwhelming! From the contestants of all shapes and sizes to the roaring crowds, it was all so... cool! As the small water-type's eyes glittered with amazement, a wiser and more experienced Pokémon would approach him.

"Hello. Pardon me, but I'm surprised to see a pokemon like yourself in this tourney. How are you here?"

Mudkip cocked his head to the side. A tournament? He didn't know what that even meant. So, he inquired.

"Mudkip? Mud mudkip mudkip mud-kip mudkip! [Tourney? I'm looking for a red-haired human!]"

The shark-man didn't need a lot of stimulation to excite him, and the roar of the crowd in this brand-new area sent him into a near-frenzy; the slightest thing could set him off. He slunk halfway into the ground, a crazed grin plastered on his face. Then, he caught the scent of a evil being- a devil, which was approaching him.

"Hey, you look like a cool one. A big ol' shark guy. Haha, how many you think you killed, big boy?"

A second passed, and Beam lunged at the boy. He resisted the urge to snap at his fellow demon, and instead attempted to grab the boy by the shirt, lift him into the air, and shook him excitedly.


The Earth's Bastion stood still. His eyes grazed over the cast, quite a colorful group. Kragg didn't care to interact, he was a bit shy, nor did he want to look his enemy. He didn't mind fighting any one of these people, so he'd just use his usual tactic: letting his foes come to him.

He did wish he'd brought a stone tablet or two for some light reading, however.

Kool Kats
Troy Monet drunk in the applause of the crowd- he knew it was all for him. Allison was his neck ornament as he absorbed the external validation. There came a false hero behind them, and as she talked, Troy leaned backwards until he could see her- he would kill at limbo- and Allison, still with her arms around his neck, was dragged along so that she was laying atop his torso. The two took note of Audrey's lack of fashion. The cult leader cocked an eyebrow at the "lovebirds" statement, while his enforcer blushed at the "hero"'s observation. Troy really didn't enjoy the girl's observations- they weren't cool. They were dangerous where he came from. Allison got her crush's vibes and took over formalities.

"Duh, we're totally a team. We're the Kool Kats- this is Troy, and I'm Allison, and we're here for a prize~"

There was movement inside the buildings. Something noticed their arrival, and was responding accordingly. Each store had a sign atop them- from Regular Resturant to Regular Magecraft, and Regular Electronics to Regular Weapons, but the grandest of all was a store with a huge neon sign that read:

The Regular Shop

Simultaneously, each shop opened their doors at once, each with an identical thin man, with well-kept brown hair and a killer smile. Each were dressed in the respective clothing of their shops, and took a deep breath of the fresh air through their noses. Then, they put on their award-winning smiles, looked around- a smile that was soon to drop. They noticed advertisements placed around the plaza, advertisements that weren't for any shops in the plaza.

The Regular Shop owner ripped a poster off the front of his store and read it, a hand on his hip. He looked up, scanned the crowd, and his eyes fell on the culprit, judging by the likeness on the flier. All of the men marched down from their shops, phasing into each other as they neared, leaving only the Regular Shopkeeper speedwalking towards Magalor.

"Hey pal, what's this?"

He held up and tapped the flier to make sure the smaller businessman could see it well. His head was lowered and turned to accentuate the fact that he expected an answer, all the while wearing a false smile.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist


Beam was more unhinged than he was originally expecting, the shark man even hoisting him right off the ground and shaking him about, just excited beyond his seams. Rinku shook his head, fighting of getting dazed by the energetic shark enthusiast. His bloodlust was insatiable.

"Hey hey- cool it muscles!"

Rinku squirmed, having not prepared for this outcome. After all, the rules state a contestant can't hurt another outside of rounds no? Guess it didn't cover annoying them...

"Geez, save some for the fights, why don't ya?" Rinku pressed off against Beam.


Previously Gamingfan2
Believing the pokemon deserved some kind of explanation, Lucario answered. "It's...something like a pokemon battle, except you'll fight different opponents after every victory, until you either beat everyone in the tourney, or lose a battle."
The little water-types confusion was genuine, prompting even more confusion in the steel type. How did he get a letter if he didn't know what this was? Perhaps this person they looked for had an answer.
"As for this red-haired person, do you see them here?"
As Lucario asked, he looked around for someone fitting the description, catching sight of only one person with similar hair, already in conversation.

Alter Knight
Alter Knight rubbed their chin as they looked over Roo's handiwork. "Curious...."
So it was sapient, and understood them, though it didn't appear capable of verbal communication. Unless that laughing was some kind of advanced language.
Looking at Ripper Roo's bulging, unfocused eyes, Alter Knight found themselves doubting that was the case.
"Well, it's nice to meet you. Erm, Ripper Roo." Alter Knight "Given you have been invited to this fighting competition, I presume you must be proficient in combat, yes?"
Honestly, it was hard to imagine this thing fighting at all, especially since it was restrained by a straitjacket.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Ripper Roo

The kangaroo's eyes didn't focus on one thing, looking opposite directions as they swirled like red and yellow striped orbs. So as Alter Knight popped their question, his head titled to the size, and started to rumble and gyrate.




His stomach convulsed, the blue animal vomiting up a stone brick with a big chomp mark on it. The stone brick dropped to the ground, a thick thread of saliva still connecting it to the drooling mouth of roo. Was...that brick from the bottom of the fountain? As if this were some kind of answer, Ripper Roo stared back at Alter, making hushed chuckles and giggles, as if a elementary school kid holding back laughs from a funny joke.
Weevil Underwood

Weevil looked over the other fighters, carefully taking them in and watching them. Allowing them to choose their opponents, a waiting area where all the competitors were together before the tournament... It was all very similar to Duelist Kingdom. But who should he pick for his opponent...

"Just what are you doing here, termite?!" A familiar, growly voice called out. Weevil's eyes widened, and he swung around with surprise. Rex Raptor, of all people, walked through the crowd towards him! The idiotic dino duelist he had squashed back in the regional championships, here too. "Don't you have other maggots to take care of at home or something??"

Weevil scowled, walking towards Rex.
"I should be asking you the same question!" Weevil said. "I thought Master Hand said he picked the best candidates, but I find myself looking at my own sloppy seconds."
Weevil adjusted his glasses with a grin.
"If he pulled another duelist from our world, I would have expected someone like Seto Kaiba or Bandit Keith. Obviously, I was picked for my dueling prowess, but how did a fossil brain like you end up getting picked?!" Weevil asked.
@Shen: King of Digimon


The warrior of the Ginyu Force stood with his arms crossed. The air here was far too lighthearted and happy for his taste. He had answered the message in the hopes of battle, and now they had to wait? Choosing an opponent first. Jeice tapped his scouter, trying to pick up the power levels of the nearby opponents. But the readings it gave were... strange. The was an incredibly large variety, the readings ranging from levels close to his own, all the way down to 5 or 10? Jeice frowned, taking off the scouter and tapping it before putting it back on.

"YOU!" One of the competitors, a massive creature, abruptly turned around and faced him down. It was something Jeice had never quite seen before. A massive, singular head, with a pair of small arms and legs as well. It wore some sort of gold and purple armor, and hovered off the ground in a strange flying chair.

"YOU WILL BE MY FIRST VICTIM. WHAT IS YOUR NAME? NEVERMIND, IT IS NOT IMPORTANT. I AM M.O.D.O.K. AND YOU WILL FALL VICTIM TO THE POWER OF SCIENCE!" The creature declared loudly. Jeice frowned, using his scouter to observe M.O.D.O.K. A power level of 17,000. Even less than that super-dweeb that tested him. Jeice grinned.

"You're a loud bloke, ain't ya?" Jeice said. "Very well..."
The red alien tensed, before kneeling and throwing his hands up in the air. He jumped back to his feet with a grunt, before swinging his arms and around and twirling in place, finally striking a pose!
"I am Jeice, member of the Ginyu Force! The Red Magma! The most elite fighting force in the universe! And I accept your challenge." Jeice said. With a sneer, he relaxed.

"I'd say I'd put you in a shallow grave, but with the size of your head it's going to be quite deep." Jeice said.

Dagr & Nótt

Dagr looked around the plaza excitedly. The pair of princess casually walked around the waiting area, taking in the sights and sounds of all the other competitors. A lot appeared to be pairing off already. Dagr had a bright grin on her face as she walked around.

"Oh man, oh man, oh man! This is sooo great! It's been so long, I forgot how much I loved tournaments!" Dagr said.
"Do at least try to maintain an air of elegance here, Dagr." Nótt said with a sigh.
"Why should I? It's not like anyone here knows us. Or even knows what Jötunheimr is." Dagr said.
"Just because you can act like a fool, doesn't mean you should. After all, I can tell that our opponents are also quite elegant." Nótt said.




The pair of princesses looked over to the fountain to observe a strange, straighjacketed creature throw up a full stone brink in front of a woman knight. Dagr looked to Nótt with a raised eyebrow.
"Oh yes. Quite elegant." Dagr said. She grinned. "That must be a custom around here, right sis? The ol' brick vomit."

Nótt scowled, pushing past her sister.
"You are insufferable, and I hope you lose in the first round." Nótt said to Dagr. "I am going to find an opponent."
Dagr gave Nótt two thumbs up as she walked away.
"Same to you, sis! I hope you get your butt kicked!" Dagr exclaimed. Looking over to Ripper Roo and Alter Knight, she gave the pair a thumbs up as well.
"Weird choice for opponent lady, but good luck!" Dagr said to Alter Knight before walking away.

As Dagr walked through the crowd, she began to notice that there were quite a few kids in this tournament. Something that was a little disconcerting to her to be honest, but then again that Master Hand guy had said all wounds would be healed after the matches, soo it should be fine. Right?

Dagr watched as a man in a skull mask approached one of the younger competitors, a funky-looking kid with blue hair. Wait, not blue hair. Were those... tentacles? Cool. Dagr approached the pair, raising an eyebrow at Ryuji.
"You're not really gonna challenge a little kid, are you?" Dagr asked Ryuji before shooting a quick smile at Blue. The massive Jotun eagle perched on Dagr's shoulders looked down at Ryuji with a menacing glare.
@Gamingfan @Captain Pokémon

Storming away from Dagr, Nótt pushed through the crowd. There was a hearty 'smack!' as something hit her back, and the princess whirled around to see a strange yellow creature darting away through the crowd.
"Hey!" Nótt called after Magalor, but it was gone. With a frown, Nótt removed the piece of paper from her back. An advertisement, for a shop. Rolling her eyes, Nótt folded up the paper and put it away in her pocket.

As Nótt looked around, a pair caught her eye. The first, a strong-looking young man with glistening muscles. His brown hair was pulled out of his face with a red bandana, and he did not appear to be armed. And with him, a mysterious skull-masked man in a white hood, armed with a great many weapons. Nótt glanced around, looking to see if Dagr was paying attention. But the other princess was off, talking to others. Well... surely there was no harm in getting to know some of the other competitors...

Nótt approached Masaru and Taskmasker, clearing her throat as she reached the pair.
"Greetings." Nótt said to two men. "I am Nótt, princess of Jötunheimr. Who are you two?"

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Rex Raptor

"I should be asking you the same question! I thought Master Hand said he picked the best candidates, but I find myself looking at my own sloppy seconds."

"But I don't have maggots at home...!" Wait that wasn't right. Shaking his head, Rex focused on the second part. "Hey wait a second! The match between us was close and you know it! You just drew one lucky card is all!"

Aw geez, how am I gonna make a name for myself when this perpetual pest is gonna keep looming his big bug biting face over me? Hmph! I gotta eliminate him first! Then I'll prove right out the gate that it was just a fluke for Weevil to get first place in the regionals!

"I have you know I was actually the Hand's first choice to get here! Hear that? FIRST. CHOICE. HA! You were just an afterthought! Or maybe a before show so they can see me stomp all your insects into a crunchy paste! Nyheheheh!"
Weevil Underwood

"You were the first choice?! Ha!" Weevil laughed at Rex's boast, his cackling making him take a step back. "Yeah, right! And why would a sorry, second-hand loser like you be picked first? Listen to you, still complaining about that match. No matter how much you whine and cry, I beat you. I crushed your monsters, right in front of everyone, and there was nothing you could do about it. And just like that match, I'll see that your dinosaurs are extinct long before my amazing insects."

Weevil chuckled again. Rex, always pushing and charging in. He was predictable. Familiar. And particularly dim-witted. A perfect opponent to start out this tournament against.
"Why don't we settle this right off the bat? I'll get a nice warm up, and send you crying down to the loser's bracket." Weevil said to Rex.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Rex Raptor


Weevil called his bluff right off the bad. Ngh! It always made him so angry! He dare make mock him to his face?? He was ready to crush every last bug that he could spawn out of those cocoons of his when Weevil challenged HIM to a duel.

"You wish! That's my line! You'll be begging for mercy from by Jurassic giants! You want a fight? I say bring it on! Cant wait to see the look on your face when your pests get reduced to slime!!"


Previously Manu456Alola
“Not much of a talker, huh…”

All she was met with was a blank stare, which left Kirin wondering if the creature could even talk. Not the best way to start things off, but maybe she could make it work. Hopefully.

Clearing her throat, Kirin held a hand out to Gardevoir, a warm smile on her face. “I’m Kirin, Battle Priestess of Shadow Yakumo. It’s nice to meet you, um, whatever your name is.”

“Future rockstar? A manly career choice, Chai,” Cayman replied with a smirk, crossing his arms. “I personally seek to become the manliest there is! Training hard every day and never missing the chance for a Duel!”

He was getting more and more excited by the minute. The idea of fighting all these warriors from a bunch of different universes already got his blood pumping, but doing it in front of a crowd? He’d never gotten the chance to do that before. It was the only way to make a Duel even better!

“Man, I can’t wait any longer!” Cayman exclaimed. “I came here for Duels against powerful fighters, and I’m going to get them! I’ll meet you at the arena, friend! We shall have a glorious battle!”

With that, he was off to the archway in front of the fountain. It seemed his love for battle knew no bounds.

“Aha, now I remember.”

“You do?” Pit asked as he stood up straight, Minos Prime’s words reassuring him that there was no ill will towards the angel. That was a relief.

“Legend tells of King Minos, son of Zeus and Europa. Every nine years, he ordered King Aegeus to send seven boys and seven girls to Daedalus’s labyrinth to be eaten by a mythical Minotaur. He was deemed in such good esteem that he was made one of three Judges of the Dead in the Underworld.” Palutena explained, Pit listening intently. How come he’d never heard of the guy?

“You said you rebelled against evil and that I was different from the ones that wronged you. What’d you mean by that?” The angel spoke, genuinely curious. There was definitely some lore hidden deep in there…

Even the boy’s reaction was cute.

“I’m Grazie,” the Adept responded with a smile. “Lotsa different kinds of people ‘round here. Out of the human lookin’ ones, you look like the youngest-“

She stopped in her tracks as another woman approached from behind, practically towering over the two of them. The woman crossed her arms, talking as if she already knew this Axe kid. She even mentioned already participating in a tournament!

“Hold on, this ain’t the first time y’all have been in one of these?! Big Handy didn’t mention none of that!”


Previously mallard
The Shark Fiend
The smaller demon's sneaker-heel dug into Beam's face as he kicked off and out of the shark's grasp. The devilman didn't mind much, though, continuing his yelling and raving while throwing his fists over his head.


It seemed like he wouldn't be much for conversation at the time.

The Mud Fish Pokémon
The Lucario had a good idea, and so Mudkip turned 360 degrees, waddling with his stubby legs as he did. He scanned the area, and although he wasn't very tall, he couldn't see her anywhere. This saddened the small water-type a bit.

"...Kip... [...No...]"

Then, Mudkip remembered! The letter! He'd used the letter to guide him in pursuit of the woman! He looked at the ground and spun around in search of it; his effort bore no fruit- though that wouldn't stop him from trying again!


Previously turnt3chGodh34d


The red organism decided to introduce itself anyway, as "Jace" (a rather dumb name), only after doing a little dance.


"I'd say I'd put you in a shallow grave, but with the size of your head it's going to be quite deep," Jeice replied smugly.

"HAH!" M.O.D.O.K. laughed. "I WILL GRILL YOU LIKE THE UNCOOKED HOT DOG YOU ARE. THIS GRAVE IS YOURS ALONE, JAX!" As though to accentuate how hilarious he found Jeice, the Man-Mind banged his small fists against the arms of his chair with a monotonous laugh. "MY GENIUS WILL UTTERLY DOMINATE YOU!"


The human introduced herself. A "Kirin." A "Battle Priestess."

Her hand extended, a purely human gesture that the gardevoir had no intention of returning. Her scarlet eyes flitted down to look at the hand, then back up at the girl's face.

< You wish to be my opponent? > She asked, getting right to the point, forgoing the continued formalities.


Before Axe could respond, it was the girl who spoke, finally drawing the attention of the misthios, who looked upon her with more scrutiny than before, inspecting her. She was ignorant to the past tournament(s), clearly a newcomer to these events. "I imagine he was scarce on the details," Kassandra replied in reference to the Master Hand comment. "He doesn't strike me as the most vocally illustrious. But yes, we've participated in a tournament before, but not like this. The one Axe and I shared was... a bit deadlier."
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Previously Deathstalker62
Funny Australian Magician
Ohoho! This little guy got some spunk with his words! This would be a fantastic debacle! Mr. Miracle crossed his arms over one another and proceeded to spin on the spot before striking a pose, leaning back, slightly crouched, one hand on his top hat and the other pointed at Magolor.

" I like your funny words, magic man! You're on! "

That was, until another figure approached the pair. It was another person like him, with Charisma just oozing out of every corner. The little hooded figure in front of him seemed to be the culprit behind this man's sudden appearance, so with metaphorically widened his and practically overwhelming interesting, the Magician leapt up and threw himself back, laying down mid-air as if having jumped on an invisible, floating couch. Dramatically, he put both hands to his cheeks, making a goof out of the situation like a middleschooler who just witnessed a classmate getting called to the principal's office.

" Ooooh! Sounds like someone's got trouble! "

Corrupted Vampire Dad
Well, wasn't this interesting. This individual he elected to approach seemed to be quite the intuitive one, picking his history and common traits apart just by a simple matter of observation. It seems his foe is smarter than anticipated. This would certainly throw a wrench into his grand master plan of gears, but it would only be but a temporary stop before the clockwork of victory would begin turning once more. She even dared try to guess at his losses, which granted got the Vampire Lord a bit of a temper raised within, but he had kept it under control like he usually had with his emotions. With a now-impressed, yet subtle and very brief smirk cast momentarily on his face, Vlad had lowered himself to the ground, though still not being quite eye-to-eye thanks to his hulking size.

" Hmm, quite the intuitive one, are we? I've not met many who could come to figure out quite so many observations from vision alone. You have certainly left an impression, Irnane Bethryon. However, you are not the only one who had learned the talent of visual analyzation. "

Dracula paused, now crossing his arms under his cloak, not that it was visible as it was still pulled closed.

" Given your unusual tone of skin and shape of ears, I'd assume you to be of elven descent, which are quite the rare species within my world and, given that you have not heard of I, it is but a certainty that we do indeed not stem from the same reality. With your excelled intuitive abilities, you seem to have amounted quite the experience already which, given your apparel, indicate to be thanks to the origin of being an adventurer, maybe a wanderer or perhaps, most likely to be that of a hero of your place of origin. "

The Vampire King paused once more, now holding a finger up as to let Irnane know he was not yet finished.

" With that, you would consequentially have amassed quite the amount of equipment throughout your journey and have picked up on a large variety of magical talents, especially given your potent arcane flow that I'm sensing radiating from you. All this gathered experience would have undoubtedly trained your reflexes and senses and your physique appears to be just as refined, indicating that ,once all these factors are combined together, you would've had to prepare all you could to take down a very dangerous force, which could very well be a motivation of yours to have participated this tournament - to either use the prize to claim victory over your greatest enemies back in your homeland, or, in the case of loss to learn from the experiences you've come to find here and apply them to attempt to gain the upper hand on your own. "

With a raised brow, Dracula now hid his arm back in his cloak.

" I would say this to be a fairly accurate assessment, wouldn't you? "

Self-employed Stand
Minos Prime looked to Pit, which didn't really seem like it given his lack of a face as the only thing indicating this was the fact his head was turned to look at him. Then, Minos did something that would usually seem out of character for him to do in front of an angel - at least one from his dimension. He crouched, not fully but just enough to get on an more even eye level for Pit, showing respect that would have had not been there if this were Gabriel - for instead, he'd have dragged the Archangel straight through the Gate himself to absolutely rend him to nothingness.

" In thy world, angels of origin such as Pit are cruel and unjust. I declared against the punishment of those within the layer of lust, for I could not criminalize those whose only 'sin' was presenting the gift of love to one another. Whilst the Heavens were in turmoil, thy former Judge took hold of the reigns and birthed an era of peace, built on a civillization that man could live within in peace. Upon Order being restored, the Heavens cast down thy errand boy - Gabriel, the Archangel of the missing Father in the Sky. Thy civillization was burned to ruins, thy ruler was slain and thy soul imprisoned in a jail of flesh while the corpse lived on as a titan of a hollowed husk, returning to becoming a mindless punisher of souls. Now, with thy freedom, I shall use this opportunity to take thy tournament's prize to restore all hope that was lost and repair the broken fragments of mankind lying in anguish within hell. That is which I hope to achieve, Pit. And thy kind is unlike those angelic creatures that I am aware of. I can sense good within thee, unlike the false justice that the dreadful Archangel had displayed. "
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Previously Gamingfan2
"Hmph, it's decided then." Magolor nodded in agreement, before turning away. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have more fliers to-"
"Hey pal, what's this?"
Magolor's retreat was cut short by a man shoving his own advertisement in his face, clearly annoyed.
Magolor raised a brow as he looked over the man, before summoning up a smile of his own, though it wouldn't be visible to the regular shopkeeper. Clasping his hands together, Magolor replied innocently. "Well, I'm just a humble shoppe owner spreading word of my wares. Nothing sinister, mind you. Just good, honest sales. Sales that I'm sure you'd be interested in. We've got quite the selection, such as this lovely magical girl outfit, and-"
Magolor continued to list off his wares, either trying to annoy the man or entice him to buy. Knowing him, it could very well be both.

"...I see."
Reading into the mudkip's aura, Lucario was beginning to get a picture of what was happening. An odd circumstance, to be sure.
"That letter wasn't an ordinary letter. Opening it brought you here, as a participant in this competition. You could say it's a one-use item. I presume the letter didn't originally belong to you?"
Well this wasn't good. A pokemon like this one shouldn't be in this. Not when almost everyone exuded dangerous auras beyond what he assumed the little water-type could handle.
"Should we ask this 'Master hand' to take you back? There are a lot of dangerous people here." he offered.

Alter Knight
...And here she thought they were making progress. Just as she got a name from the creature, it vomits up a brick and laughs as if it told a hilarious joke
Alter Knight hardly knew how to respond to it. Even less when another woman remarked over its strangeness and left. Alter Knight almost followed her to escape this likely rabid animal.
Yet...it also gave her an idea. Sure, this animal was hard to read, but she had even less of an idea about what the others were capable of. Meanwhile, this one was clearly impaired mentally. And if its skills happen to equate to vomiting up rocks...it certainly sounds like an easy victory. Playing fair never got her anything before, why start now?
Alter Knight smiled at Ripper Roo, a smile that had a hint of dark intentions.
"Well, that's interesting. I'm sure you'd be an...unique opponent to face. How about it, would you like to compare battle prowess?"
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Audrey took zero notice towards the pair's dislike of how she spoke. Or of her in general, actually.
"Sheesh, that's weird." She bluntly said, both in response to the fact that the pair were indeed a team and...well, their general vibe. "Well, too bad, cuz I'm the HERO, and I'm going to be the one who wins whatever the prize is." She boasted, her sword on her shoulder, her stance relaxed yet every so slightly tense.

"I'm definitely not the youngest..." Axe began to grumble before he gulped, seeing the much taller lady approach.
It took a moment to recognize Kassandra.

"I- Um...Yeah, hey. Oh, wait! You're the one who beat Kohga before I did, right? Sorry, I didn't get to know anyone best there, hehe...And nope! No clue who won it." He explained, sheepishly as he tried to avoid being too awkward. "Last I remember about it was fighting this guy called Snake, and a bunch of explosions." He added, shuddering off that memory.
"Oh, yeah, maybe he didn't mention it cuz it was that weird other guy hosting it?" Axe soon suggested when Grazie said that the Hand never mentioned the last one.


"Huh?" The martial artist stopped, interupted by...a guy in a weird skull mask, with more than a couple weapons. The mask reminded him of the Great Aja, so perhaps this man was also some kind of wrestler. At any rate, he asked him to show him his moves. Masaru wondered if this was a request to fight, or if he was seeing if Masaru would show off what he could do before deciding wether or not to fight him.
"Well, yeah, wouldn't mind. But you'd need to fight me to see 'em, heheh." He explained. If this person wanted to learn his arts, he'd need to learn the same way he did (Of course, he'd be perfectly willing to teach him the normal way if they weren't in a tournament.).

Soon after, another person approached - A very tall and buff lady, announcing herself as the 'Princess of Jötunheimr' (He could've sworn he'd heard of that kind of place before, but he had no idea in all honesty.).
"Name's Masaru Takahara, martial artist." He quickly introduced himself, half-bowing.

The Warlock
The Warlock quickly stood up as he heard someone speak in front of him. Opening his eyes, he couldn't help but slightly scoff - Only slightly, however.
Of course it was one of the humans who approached him, foolish as the species was...granted, something about this one told him to be careful. Something was off - Not the gift, but something else...

Still, he couldn't help but feel pride at the statement of this 'Dart', saying that Dhar-Hur seemed strong. Just to be safe though, before he responded, he gleamed the first of what he could from Dart's mind...it was a tough shell. Still, there was little. He looked down at the warrior, twice Dart's height, and began to speak in response.

"Very well, Dart, Survivor Of Neet." The Chosen agreed, towering over The Red Dragoon. "If you require my own name, before we fight; I am known by many names. The Mindripper, the Elder's Greatest Champion, but you, and all here, may and will call me The Warlock." He almost commanded in his voice, prideful and superior to all.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

Out of Beam's grasp, the demon child looked up at the cackling fiend, who seemed to love nothing more than the thought of ripping others to shreds. Hmmm...predictable. Someone like that would be a good warm up session. Sneering, Rinku crossed his arms and cocked his head at him.

"You know what? I choose you. We are gonna duke it out compadre. You and I. I wanna see how far that bloodlust will take you alone. Unless you are less shark and more chicken~"

Ripper Roo

Upon the declaration of combat, the blue animal's muscles under his eyelids rose, his tongue shaking out of his mouth and lopping down limply down the middle of it.


His laugh started low and slow, before becoming faster and and more forceful after that. Seemed like he understood what she said and was way more than excited for it. He then began to hop from one foot to the other, side to side, clearly expressing his competitive spirit in some kind of oddball way.


Previously turnt3chGodh34d


She could detect the briefest hint of agitation from Dracula at her words, but it had a strange mix of... was that admiration? Respect? Recognition? Whatever the case was, it prompted the vampire to begin making his own observation. Irnane's somewhat closed-off demeanor shifted, her long ears twitching as she perked up. When Dracula had finished his equal measure of deduction, a rare smile had pulled at the dunmer's lips.

"Very accurate," she agreed with the vampire. "It is not often I meet like-minded intuition. It feels strange... yet welcome," Irnane felt a similar twinge of respect toward Dracula. Their small and brief interaction had already risen her hopes for this tournament. "And yes. My world is under assault from the forces of Oblivion. If a certain hero fails to stop it, I will have to step in. This tournament is, I hope, a gateway to improving myself enough to succeed."


Snake and explosions... she recalled that man. He'd gotten into some trouble with that weird siren that was obsessed with herself, then blew her up as well. Axe had been in the tournament longer than the misthios, Kassandra knew that, and it seemed Snake had beaten the kid as well. Was Snake the victor? Was he here at all? More importantly: was Specter?

Nevertheless, when Axe gave his suggestion, Kassandra was starkly reminded of the Generic Host. What a weirdo. She was glad he wasn't here.

"Oh, my uh... my ears are ringing, heh heh...."

A near-solid holographic figure had appeared right beside the trio, and almost immediately, the spear of Leonidas was stuck through his face. It of course did nothing. Kassandra pulled back her weapon, baring her teeth in a clear display of anger upon seeing the Generic Host, who grinned back at her, one of his eyes winking a bunch of times. Maybe it was a condition.

"Host, what the hell are you doing here?" Kassandra demanded.

"Nice to see you too..." his grin didn't waver, but his eyes shifted down to Grazie, then to Axe. "Don't look so red, red-head, I'm sadly not the one in, uh... in charge this time...." he blinked dolefully as he finished his sentence, speaking slowly.


Whoa! This guy had a lot of names! Dart tried to keep each one memorized as they were delivered, before the Warlock finally ceased booming. The mercenary pumped his fist in the air, seemingly unperturbed by the Mindripper's sudden knowledge of Dart's name, and a key part of his tragic childhood. "Alright!" Dart cheered. "Don't worry, I'll try to use each one of your names, you've got a lot! Man, I'm so pumped!"
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Previously Manu456Alola
Ookay, no handshake then. Maybe her chosen enemy just did not want to interact—

< You wish to be my opponent? >

Oh, that explained things. For the most part, anyway. The lack of a handshake was still a little rude. Pulling the outstretched hand back, Kirin brought her attention back to the tournament’s main focus: fighting. If her opponent wanted to get straight to the point, then she would do just that.

“Yeah, I do.”

Minos’s story made the angel feel pretty bad about things, even if he or Palutena had nothing to do with it. Guess even Underworld residents could be good guys…

“Well, I’m glad you think I’m pretty nice…” Pit chuckled. “Sorry you had to go through all of that. It must’ve been real torture.” He added, additionally giving the former judge a slight bow. Not something he did often, but there was almost like sense of mutual respect between the two. He felt it was fair.

“Minos, are you interested in choosing Pit as your foe?”

“Oh right, I almost forgot.”

“I think both of you have some experience dealing with each other’s kind. At least in our own worlds.”
“I see…”

This was news to her. A deadlier tournament, hosted by a different guy? It sounded a little scary… Guess they were lucky to have Master Hand as the host this time—

And then the other Host appeared with a grin, a spear jabbed into his face. That woman was quick to react. Must’ve brought up bad memories.

“If yain’t the host this time around, what are ya even doin’ here? Got demoted?”​
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Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic jumped slightly as the uproarious crowd quite literally appeared out of nowhere and cheered for everybody present. Several familiar faces could be seen in the crowd, such as an excited orange fox with two tails and a very confused red echidna.

Giving a light wave to the crowd, the hedgehog turned to his purple pal as she spoke, commenting on some precious events through stifled laughter. “Heh, tell me ‘bout it.” Sonic said with a smirk. “There was practically steam coming out of his ears and he doesn’t even have any.” The hedgehog crossed his arms with a pondering expression. “He’s probably watching everybody like the world’s weirdest shaped hawk now, hope it doesn’t put a dampener on the fun.”

Looking back to his friend, Sonic gave them a grin. “But did ya hear what he said? We get to choose our opponents this time.” The hedgehog raised an eyebrow and a playful smirk appeared on his face. “Whaddya say we finally have that fight of ours?”
@Shen: King of Digimon

Inkling “Blue”

The starry eyed inkling turned in circles to fully take in the absolutely massive crowd. He was used to crowds where he came from, since he was the equivalent of a pro sports player, but never like this! “Talk about a change of scenery…” Blue muttered under his breath, comparing the extravagant plaza to the Main Street of Splatsville or the Station Square at Inkopolis. Both were nice, but this was something else.

After the big hand‘s speech the squid kid looked around with a noticeably nervous expression. “Oh man…we have to choose our enemies?” He said, scratching the back of his head and looking around the plaza. Fortunately for the teen, someone walked up to him instead. The guy was taller than Blue and had a slouched posture and a…totally fresh mask!

Cocking his head to the side as Skull spoke to him, Blue smiled. “Close, I’m half-squid!” The inkling waved his hands above his head in a squiggly-fashion to represent tentacles. “We have less tentacles. By the way I love your mask, it’s totally fresh—“

Before the inkling could say much more, a very tall woman approached the two, glaring at the guy in the skull mask. She scolded him for ‘attempting to challenge a kid’. “Uh hey, I think he was just—“ Blue was about to defend Ryuji when he noticed the large metal bird on Dagr’s back.

“Wooooooah! What’s that crazy thing on your back?”
@Gamingfan @Captain Cardboard


Aegislash had never been in a tournament before, let alone one of this magnitude. The crowd alone dwarfed that of the Kalos League stadium, stretching on for what felt like miles.

Slash then turned as a small creature covered in grass approached. The sword was about to dismiss it but then it spoke to him telepathically, much to his surprise. It called itself “Shaymin” and seemed to be a Pokémon, curious about whether or not the ghost sword was one himself. Deciding to indulge Shaymin, Aegislash responded telepathically.

“Hello, Shaymin. I am Aegislash, a Pokémon like you. Although, I could say the same thing to you regarding never seeing one like you where I come from. Is your species rare?”


The circus clown flew up into the air in spirals, giggling maniacally. What a nice change of scenery, he had no idea that the outside was this expansive! Jevil did a fly-by in the crowd, playfully sticking his tongue out at them before looking back at the plaza and seeing a familiar face.

The jester vanished and reappeared right next to Axe with a toothy grin, staring right at him. “Well hello again, little one! Have you also come to join the fun?”

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

"Oooh! You took the words right out of my mouth!" NiGHTS snapped their fingers. "We didn't get to have ours in the last tourney we were in. But now? I think it's about time we set that right. Whaddya say, ol' blue? May the best Maren or Hog win?"

NiGHTS gave Sonic a wink, putting up a bro fist to him, knowing just how to speak his language. This tourney was going to go off to a great start if this is how it was going to open up with! They almost felt bad for the following act after this match, they'd have big shoes to fill!


Previously mallard
The mercenary stared at the other man. Of course he meant in a fight, that was the idea. Taskmaster didn't respond to that, and let the silence speak for him. He just hoped Masaru's skills were sharper than his wit. Then another joined the two men. A tall blonde woman clad in fancy armor and accompanied by a large metal raptor. Asgardian, or something similar, given her height and armor. He'd studied up on alternate realms before he came, but it seemed like a lot of the fighters came from worlds beyond any information on the multiverse he could access. He read her face and mannerisms closely, noting that she seemed to have a particular interest in the two beyond just good sportsmanship. While seduction was nowhere near his forte, this could be a useful advantage if he capitalized on it.

"Pleasure to meet you, your majesty. You can call me the Taskmaster."

He had little charm, especially with a skull mask on his face, but formality was something he could do, something he assumed Nótt would appreciate given her own demeanor.

Kool Kats
"That's no fact," Troy spoke up, "I see you, and I see all the other cats prowling around this place- you're gonna get eaten alive."

Troy twisted around, Allison rolling off him and narrowly catching herself in a squatting pose, chin resting on her palm as Troy loomed over her.

"I could vibe with an easy kill if you haven't lost your nerve. What say you, Alli?"


Mudkip paused his spinning to listen to and digest Lucario's words. One use item... dangerous... it made the Mudkip really sad that the letter had disappeared, so she wouldn't get it, but the Pokémon still felt obligated to do something.

"Mudkip mudkip, mud-mudkip! Kip mudkip mudkip! [Thanks for the help, Lucario! But I have to find her!]"

Determined to make things right, he thought of how to make it up to the trainer he didn't even know the whereabouts of. The only possible present a wild Pokémon could think of was food, and so following his nose, he wandered away and into a shop with a sign that read "Regular Resturant".


The shark devilman cackled again, wholly ready to battle the smaller demon.


The shark raved some more, raring to go. He didn't contribute much, nor did he respond to the chicken comment, but boy was he excited.

The Regular Shopkeeper

The Shopkeep shushed Magalor, cutting him off. Then, the man took a moment to choose his words shifting his weight, jutting his jaw, and furrowing his brow as he did.

"I get it, man. We're both businessmen, we both want to bring in the biggest bucks we can get. But."

The man clapped his hands together, and his casual fidgeting came to a halt, swapping it out for a more formal demeanor.

"I came here under the condition that I would be the sole proprietor, and I have authority. And I don't put up advertisements for free, if you catch my drift."

The man leaned forward with a grin, rubbing his thumb and forefinger together to further hint at his meaning.