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Private/Closed Bootleg Smash Bros!

Tch, persistent little thing. Seems that's a common trend among small fry, unable to do any real damage so they decide to make as much of a nuisance out of themselves before they inevitably get destroyed. Kaiba scoffed as he watched Toad manage to stay in the fight. "Give up already, you've wasted enough of my time already." The president of Kaiba Corp said to himself as he grabbed the locket around his neck and opened it. Mokuba, how are you staying afloat back home?


"Flying Body Pre-!" Zangief was ready to squash Starfy when he managed to create a shockwave that blew him away. "Impressive noise for small body." He admitted as he got back up after landing. "But if pain is what you want to do, big body is more important!" Letting out a primal shout, the Red Cyclone decided to live up to his name as his skin turned red again and positioned his body at a sharp angle before preforming a Clothesline. The velocity at which he spun around caused a suction to be created, and at the end of that suction was a very muscular man ready to do very much damage.


Previously EeviumZ
Surprisingly, Sans had appeared as well, although not as a competitor. He was standing/hovering off to the side of the battlefield, seemingly floating in the void. A semi-transparent barrier was surrounding him, both preventing attacks from getting in and Sans from getting out. "heya."
Sans shrugged. "i'm the moral supporter."
Before Papyrus could scream at Sans in response, the short skeleton added "don't ya know? the moral supporter's a super important job. i'm not being lazy, i'm doing my job."
Papyrus huffed, but he seemed satisfied. "WELL, CONTINUE MORAL SUPPORTING, THEN."
He then turned back to his opponent, putting his hands on his hips. "MY APOLOGIES FOR THAT SMALL DISTRACTION! NOW! TAKE THIS!"
A series of bones erupted from the ground, each about a foot tall. They were slow moving and admittedly very easy to dodge as they moved towards Curly.


Previously Kid_Nukas
Starfy, unable to keep up the roostar form, promptly turned back into the little star after creating the loud shockwave that pushed Zangief back. He was hoping this would be enough to put Zangief out of commission for a while, but no such luck. The Hairy giant started spinning around faster than even Starfy could spin and created a suction pulling everything in. Starfy practically weighed nothing and was pulled into the suction from the man's spin. At the center was the large man and as Starfy was pulled in, he was hit by the man's large fist. There was nothing he could do about it and was knocked far away. He tried to hold on longer, but he couldn't take the man's strong punches anymore; he passed out.

Curly watched as the wave of bones approached her. Bones. So that's his thing. Shouldn't be too hard to deal with. The bubbler was fully loaded. She came out from behind her cover and ran around the trees. Luckily she had leveled the bubbler up to level three before she went through the portal so it was a fairly decent weapon. Sadly she couldn't level up all of her guns in time, but a level three machine gun and bubbler should serve her purposes for this fight. She ran past the bones which were pretty easy to dodge and started shooting white bubbles out while she was running. As soon as she had released about 20 of them, she let her hand off of the trigger. The bubbles then all popped and sent out ice like projectiles in the direction of papyrus.
Zangief slapped his chest three times, starting with his right hand slapping the left side and alternating between the right and left side with the opposing hand before raising his fists into the sky with raised index fingers. "Whahahaha! Victory goes to me! You put up good fight for small body, but not good enough. Work on your body a lot more, then face me again." He said to Starfy before looking at the sky. "Big hand, what now?" The Red Cyclone asked out loud, hoping for Master Hand to show up.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
On cue, last hand snapped his fingers, warping into the stage. The hand gave a big thumbs up with it’s whole body.

“Excellent! This is the second match to be over! I like that speed. Now you can return to the main plaza area.”

Master hand snapped again, a gateway appearing back to where they had come from. Then, he turned to face starfy.

“As for YOU. You cant win anymore. You can either watch the other matches or go back to where you came from. The ocean or something.”

With a stifled laugh, the host hand snapped his fingers a third time, warping out of sight.
Zangief bowed at Master Hand before he left. "Horosho. Star Boy, you put up good fight. I am honored to have fought with you." Flashing a grin, the large man extended an equally large hand for Starfy to shake or smack into. He didn't mind too much. "How about you watch next match? I promise it will not disappoint!"


Previously Deathstalker62
(Cleared this up with Ace, I was allowed to auto Toad and allow Sting to win as to end this battle)
Struck with pain from the chameleon sting shots, Toad was trying to avoid the spikes falling down onto him, frantically moving around in a panic. Sting shook faster and harder than normal out of anger, which caused the pickaxe to fall out of his tail, falling backwards off the stage. However, this fast shaking also caused him to loose his grip and fall down, slamming onto the ground. The reploid let out an audible grunt, and got up again, realizing this moment of opportunity that opened up. Quickly, the Reploid ran to the mushroom creature who was on the ground with his hands on the back of his head. Sting turned around as he got closer, trying to move his tail the best he could, swinging at Toad with it. It was a hit and a homerun, as the Mushroom Creature was hit like a baseball and flew out of the arena into the depths below, screaming in pain and panic as it did. Sting waited for a few seconds, hoping this would be it. When he expected the mushroom creature not to return again, he raised a fist into the air as celebration. " I'VE BEATEN MY CHALLENGER AND WON THIS BATTLE! " The reploid celebrated, shouting out in pride. Then the reploid crossed his arms and looked around. " Where is that giant hand? I think he'll want to know about this. " He asked, to no one in particular while looking around for it.
@Shen: King of the Mist
Kaiba closed his eyes and smirked. "As I thought, the weak fry got destroyed. Looks like I am up against that chameleon robot, if I'm lucky the stage is different than this one. My Blue Eyes needs to be able to fly around for it to be truly dominating." Chuckling at the idea of obliterating that robot like everyone who dared to face him, Seto went back to the main area to prepare himself for his own fight.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Master hand appeared rushing from the unknown, wearing what appeared to be a baseball glove...over his glove. He caught Toad in his grip, before hurling him into a opening rift back to the main plaza.

“Goal!” The hand yelled out.

The hand’s baseball glove vanished as the hand approached the chameleon. Pointing toward him with his index finger.

“Excellent win in there, a major upset to many viewers! Look forward to watching that next fight of yours.”

With that, he gestured with his thumb toward the teleport gateway in the stands. The way back to the plaza. He then snapped his fingers, vanishing from sight.


All of time stopped around Gex, as he looked at the camera, gesturing toward the beam attack.

“Fire beams. How original.”

After he broke the fourth wall, time resumed, gex darted to the right, using double team to shroud his movements and avoid the beam as much as possible. The real gex’s tail got hit however, even though it was a glancing blow it still threw him to the ground. He blew off the flaming tail, glaring daggers at MinMin.

“You know what? Run baby run, Faster than my bullets!!”

He sprayed a bullet seed attack at minmin’s position. All the while he closed the distance by sprinting toward them, preparing something on his right arm...
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Previously Deathstalker62
" Eh, no patching up the wounds? What kinda tournament is this? " The Chameleon Reploid scoffed, shaking his head and crossing his arms. The reploid walked towards the exit gateway and took the teleporter back to the Lobby, where he met up with the other Reploids. They all congratulated Sting on winning, but also belittled him a little for taking so long with such a small creature that was almost half his own size. Everyone was congratulating him. Everyone... but Sigma. Sigma just paced around the lobby in silence. He wasn't gonna congratulate Sting. It was already bad enough that he had trouble with something that small compared to him, he saw that there was no praise to be given out. He was preparing himself for the battle, and he briefly called out the Reploids to do the same.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
As sting chameleon left his gateway, his broken bits, wounds, and even scratches seemed to repair straight away with some kind of white bubbling magic...in a very similar way Reala’s did just minutes prior.

Speaking of Reala, Reala growled as he saw the chameleon join with the rest of his team. The jester uncrossed his arms, floating over toward them, primarily Sigma.

“You. Sigma.” Reala addressed with a snarl. “Don’t think your failed attempt to seige my Dimension will go unnoticed. If you think you can with this tournament, I would be most pleased to reenact your folly.”

His lips curved a bit upwards with that comment, remembering how Storm eagle and Storm owl both attempted to defeat NiGHTS and himself, just to be smashed apart.


Previously TheJustinMan
{Max & Sam} (I've decided I'll just kick em out, their fight isn't really going anywhere)

"Alright Sam, lets get out of here." Said Max, dodging Johnny's punch but getting out of the ring. "I can't stand anymore of this. This isn't my style. At least when we're fighting other peoples, they have motives, but here? We were literally just pulled in because a magical space hand said "Come and fight people who couldn't make into actual Smash." Even if you think about the real deal, isn't it just iconic characters fighting for little to no reason, Sam?" Max spat out. "Well, that's a great thought Max. But usually I'm the philosophical and intelligent one." He said, a bit confused. "Well, I guess that settles it. You win, Johnny. Good match." Sam continued, holding out his arm to shake Johnny's hand.


"She is not like before. Even most experienced Spies don't move like this. She has boosted power. She also has Merasmus-like magic. I must find way to deal with this. Sasha take too long to spin up. I need to use this. Even if I take big damage, I still have that." Heavy thought, as he saw Chara running towards him. He couldn't just pull out Sasha as he previously noted. Instead, he pulled out a rather tactical looking shotgun, nicknamed the Family Business(not that you need to know that). He then took five shots with it, as it had a rather fast firing speed and bigger clip, but less damage(it's in game stats are like that). One was aimed in the center, directly where Chara was coming from, two to the left and right, one slightly below, and the final one slightly above. He then guarded his chest with his arms, knowing that if she was aiming for his chest again, she might be trying to go deeper into his other stab wound.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Chara cackled like a madwoman, dodging the first shotgun blast by swerving to the left, and then barley escaped the second by lunging toward heavy, knife crackling with power. Just as she was to deliver a blow with the determination knife...


A shotgun spray hit her chest. She fell back to the ground, tumbling as blood oozed from her body. Her body quivered as the knife disappeared.....


*But it refused.

Suddenly, out of a twinkling golden light from behind heavy, cans a whizzing blade. Aimed square for the back of his head while chara herself came sprinting down toward him with her hands stretched out. She would jump at him and tear at any bit of flesh she could get her hands on. Like a feral animal.


Previously TheJustinMan

Rather quick to the draw, Heavy quickly side stepped, and the knife caught his shoulder instead of his head. He made the tiniest wince, but was aware of Chara as well, and held out his right arm as he dashed, putting all of his weight into his attack. He then pulled out the... "Knife is gone! Where is knife? No, it was not normal knife. It was red and glowing. It was magic." Heavy thought, now understanding that he was playing not only with a psychopath, but a knife caster(sounded cooler in my head). "Well, I know what this calls for!" he said, for whatever reason happy. Oh, right, that's why he's- ahem, anyways, he pulled out the very thing that he had come to this realm to take back because it was stolen from him. This was, of course, his trusty Sandvich. Without hesitation, he began chewing, and slowly his wound began to heal. "Ah, so filling!" he said to himself after finishing. "Little girl, it is best you not ask. I not know how this works either." He continued, unsure of what his attack did to the girl.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Chara, trying to claw at Heavy’s body, was given a sour surprised with the juggernaut of a man bashed him back. This caught the murderous child off guard, momentarily having her breath slammed out of her. She tumbled back, gritting her teeth as she staggered to her feet.

She gave a momentary pause, giving a bewildered expression on the mid-fight snacking.


This expression quickly turned to annoyance, as her eyes narrowed on the Russian man. She hunched her back, getting on all fours, before rushing him madly, leaping like a dog toward his chest to bite and claw at his collar and neck.
Johnny gave his thumbs up as the rabbit fell, "Alright buddy. You go rest now. You did well. I'm proud of you little guy" Johnny said adjusting his sun glasses. He stood there looking around the now empty arena, "I wonder if Sonia say this fight? Or my manager? Strangely enough I still haven't been able to find any hidden cameras around this place ,and I thought I was a pro at finding them. Im sure they just have some somewhere. Just gotta look harder" Johnny said confidently believing that he was stuck in some sort of bizarre inter-dimensional game show. That or an average Japanese game show. Either way Johnny was enjoying the spotlight.


Previously EeviumZ
Papyrus dodged the projectiles easily, a white heart appearing in front of him momentarily. He was grinning widely, having fun with this battle.
A faster wave of bones appeared from the ground, tearing apart the snowy ground, while some flew through the air.