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Called [WoD Dice RP Format] 13+

A world similar to our own in peril. The nations of the worlds are crumbling due to unknown causes, but the god of this world still has a trick up his sleeve. With his last bits of power, he will be able to summon five heroes into this universe. Each one with their own special traits and skills, they might be able to overcome the odds and save this world of the tragedy.

So, I intentionally tried to leave the introduction vague. I wanted this to be a mystery to why the world was crumbling into oblivion and leave it to be discovered.

Like the Title says, this will be a dice RP. That means a dice logger will be used in order to determine actions. I chose the World of Darkness format due to it being easy for beginners to learn and a great introduction into dice RPing.

I will not be using storylines from the World of Darkness book itself, rather I will create an original storyline that still uses its elements.

Dice works differently than most others in this one. Rather than rolling a dice with a modifier on it, you roll multiple die. The dice are 10 sided. For a success, you roll an 8 9 or 10. Other dice do not have to be this amount, only 1. However, if a task requires multiple successes, then you will have to roll dice until you reach the success requirement

So, how to make a character? Well, I have a website that gives a good introduction to character making.
http://www.surreality-rp.com/topic/321-basic-new-world-of-darkness-nwod-guide/ (Basic New World of Darkness (nWoD) Guide) (Basic New World of Darkness (nWoD) Guide)
Though I will explain it myself.

So you have three classes of Stats and Skills (with their specialties). Physical, Mental, and Social. (Note, Social is a very important stat class, just my character happens to be lacking in it severely. Animal Taming is listed in Social)

Each one gets assigned a certain amount of ‘Dots’. Dots happen to be the system for how high the stat is.

For the stats themselves, not skills, each one is assigned one dot automatically. Then for each stat class, you assign extra dots based on how much you choose to be in that stat. (Note, if you want to max, five dots, it will cost you 2 dots to go from 4 to 5)

You get 5 Dots in one class, 4 dots in another, and 3 in the last.

Next, you get skill dots. Each skill is in the subset of Mental, Physical, and Social. You do not start with a dot in each skill.
( Here is a link to the book itself. Skills start on page 54. https://goo.gl/XjTbmB )

You can assign which Stat class gets which skill points. They do not have to be the same as which one you assigned dots too, but it is suggested. You also get 3 Skill specialties in total to assign. Skill specialties are found near the end of a skill's description. Not all skills have a specialty.

11 Dots for one class, 7 dots in another, and 4 in the last.

Lastly, Merits (page 108 for a list of them) is what really gets into your characters specifics. It would be smart to have them compliment your current skills and stars, but sometimes certain merits that don’t compliment work out very well in certain situations. Though if you have a character that is maxed out in the driving skill, Stunt driver would be suggested.

Unlike all other stars, some merits have fixed values that cannot be changed while others have levels. You get 7 Dots to spend on merits.

Lastly, Gear. Gear can be found on page 169 and 170. This includes guns, knives, and armor. I have set the values so you can only spend 6 dots on weapons and armor, so choose wisely. Strength is important in these. If your strength is below the amount used for these, then you cannot use the equipment, however, these do not add up, so if you had a strength 3 and strength 2, you would only need 3 strength to wield both items, not 5.

So, you up for the challenge? Dice RP is difficult and takes some time. Creating your character will either be fun or boring to you. However, once we are in RP, it is a blast for everyone. Just focus on playing your character, and I’ll focus on setting, NPC, and my character. This is one of the few Dice RP games where the DM(Basically runner of the game) can actually have a character.

If no one has a problem with it, I’m giving my character the ability to talk to ‘God’ due to the fact that I am the DM. That is the reason for my low social stat, so I can’t abuse the power and my character always know what is ahead.

The dice factor will be done through this website. If you plan on joining, please sign up so I can add you to the log. I will be the only one rolling dice, I just wanted to make sure that no one gets mad if their character happens to fail 7 times in a row.

(Man, that felt like a mess)

Sign Up Format

Race: Human
Virtue: One of 7 Heavenly Virtues
Vice: One of 7 Deadly Sins
Chronicle: Called
Group Name:
Initiative: (Dexterity + Composure )
Size: 5 (if human)
Speed: ( Strength + Dexterity + 5 [if Human] )
Defense: ( Dexterity or Wits. Whichever is the lowest )
Willpower: ( Resolve + Composure )
( Stamina + Size )

Mental- (Stat Dot Amount) (Skill Dot Amount)
Intelligence: .
Wits: .
Resolve: .

Physical (Stat Dot Amount) (Skill Dot amount)
Strength: .
Dexterity: .
Stamina: .

Social (Stat Dot amount) (Skill dot amount)
Presence: .
Manipulation: .
Composure: .

Merits: 7 (Dots)

Flaws: (Required)

Morality: 7 (this is standard)

Starting Equipment: (Up to 6 dots)

Name: Tarna Nilad
Age: 22
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Gluttony
Concept: Antisocial Survivalist
Chronicle: (TBD)
Faction: N/A
Group Name: (TBD)
Initiative: 5
Size: 5 [ All Humans are 5 ]
Speed: ( Strength + Dexerity + Species factor [5 if teenage human or higher]
Defense: ( Dexerity or Wits, but lowest of the 2 )
Willpower: ( Resolve + Composure )
(Stamina + Size)

Intelligence: ...
Wits: ...
Resolve: .

Repair Item: ..
Medicine: .. Pharmaceuticals
Healing Wounds: .
Science: ..

Strength: ...
Dexterity: ...
Stamina: ..

Firearms: … Rifle
Stealth: .
Survival: … Foraging
Weaponry: ..
Drive: ..

Presence: ..
Manipulation: ..
Composure: ..

Animal Training: ..
Persuasion: .
Intimidation: .

Merits: 7
Disarm: ..
Stunt Driver: …
Quick Draw: .
Direction Sense: .

Flaws: Antisocial

Morality: 7

Starting Equipment: (Up to 6 dots)
Rifle DMG5 200/400/800 CLIP5+1 STR2 SIZE3 ••
Revolver, Hvy. DMG3 35/70/140 CLIP6 STR3 SIZE1 ••
Knife DMG1(L) SIZE1 •
Kevlar Vest DEF1/2 STR1 DEF0 SPD0

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Our RP forum rules don't exactly accommodate for tabletop-style shenanigans, I'm afraid. The very nature of such suggests short-posts and autoing through DM actions, and that is not consistent with how we do things around here. So - if you're interested in DMing a tabletop RPG, this is not the right forum for it.

Now, we don't actually have a specific board for that sort of activity at present (and it is unlikely one will be made due to general lack of interest by most of the userbase), but @Teapot proposed shifting it and future threads in this style into the Playground. This is what I'm going to do.
Alright. I didn't expect much interest to begin with, but I hoped at least one person would take on the challenge. Hope we can take on a RP of this kind though, would gladly participate