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Ask to Join Camp Half-Blood: A Long Overdue Aftermath

(If You Are Interested In Joining, Discussion and Sign Ups Are Here
So far The People Who Can Post Here Are @Fraseandchico, @Generation Sect, @HydreigonBorn37, @Ultimate Roleplayer, @SMRPG64)

Saice Dion Was Dreaming, He saw Each Of The Olympian Gods running from The Giants, He Watched As Each God Got Squashed, One by one, until he saw his father get crushed, He Woke Up, and Muttered
"Stupid dreams, Why Do All Demigods Have To Get Foreboding Dreams?" Then His mentor, Leo Valdez Came Down To Saice's Room Under The Cabin
"C'mon Saice! Time To Train!" He Shouted Happily As He Pulled Saice Outside, Near A Fireproof Room "Come, Saice, Let's train!" Leo Said as he pulled a hammer out his tool belt, and Saice Pulled A Black and grey katana Named Katora, Which Uh, Has A Secret, off his back
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Koen was in his cabin asleep, dreaming of cute kittens, but then the kittens became evil, and scratched his eyes out koen then woke up, and said "that was a horrid dream" he then looked outside his window seeing some guys going to a fireproof room koen thought to himself "they must be the sons of that firegod maybe i should introduce myself" he put some clothes on, and ran out the door to Saice, and leo, and said "Hey im Koen whats your name"
Leo and Saice Were surprised, and Leo said
"Uh, Well, I guess we should introduce ourselves, I'm Leo Valdez!"
"and I'm Saice Dion." we are the only children Of Hephaestus that can use fire." Saice Said as If it was no big deal
"Uh, just Saying, You Probably shouldn't follow us in there, after all, Things will be getting very 'Hot' In There!"
"I hate Your Puns."
"I Know, That's why they're fun!"
"But Can You Do This!?" Leo Boasted As His hands Set On Fire! Saice's Did the same
"Yeah. You Do Not Wanna Go In Here, Unless You Like Being set on Fire."
"Come On Saice, Let Him Come!"
"Ugh, Fine. C'mon."
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Koen replied "Nah regenerating my whole body would be very tiring, i just wanted to say hey, well have fun with your training" Koen then went to do some target practice with his bow, he hit the targets bullseye everytime.
Leo and Saice entered the Small Compartment, and set their hands on fire, stupidly, some sprinklers started, Saice Complained
"Just In Case, I'll Just turn them off." And The Water Stopped, They Then Trained Until Breakfast time, then They Went with the rest of their cabin, Ready To Eat.
Daniel was in his Cabin. He studied his tome closely. The Hecate cabin was almost completely empty. Except for Bobby, but no one liked Bobby. Daniel shut his tome and decided to walk out side.
Daniwl decided to head to lunch. He had really yalked to the other kids at camp,although he was an valued soldier in the battle between the Romans and the Greeks. He got his food and sat down quietly.
Sitting Down, Saice Was Thinking About His Next Invention, A Teleporter, Unfortunately, His Father Hadn't Been Dropping Materials ANYWHERE For A While By Then, He Had Discussed this With Leo and His Other Cabin-Mates.
On another side of the school, a girl in a golden dress sat, eating, and carefully watching everybody.
She smiled as she watched everyone gather, of course there was nobody else at her table, she was the only Demigod at Camp Half-Blood who was a child of the "Beekeeping God" but she didn't care.
After Breakfast was over, It was Time For Chiron's Special Training, Which Was Usually Something to Help You Survive, For This Activity, Chiron Had Said
"I Want Each Camper To Pair Up With Someone From A Different Cabin, In This List:
Hades Cabin- Anyone Else In The hades Cabin Because there is Only Two of You.
Poseidon Cabin- Athena Cabin
Athena Cabin- Poseidon Cabin And Yourselves
Zeus Cabin- Aphrodite Cabin
Aphrodite Cabin- Zeus Cabin And Ares Cabin
Ares Cabin- Aphrodite Cabin
Hephaestus Cabin- Nike Cabin
Nike Cabin- Hephaestus Cabin
Apollo Cabin- Hermes Cabin
Hermes Cabin- Apollo Cabin
Demeter Cabin- Dionysus Cabin
Dionysus Cabin- Demeter Cabin
Hestia Cabin- Nyx Cabin..." After A Long Time Of Names Of Gods/Goddesses Being Called Out The last One Was Said(Aristaeus Cabin with Heracles Cabin(Remember, Heracles Became A God After Death) Since Each Cabin Only Had One Member.), It Was Time To Get Partners, Saice Was Worried, He Had Never Been Good Around Nike's Children, They Always Made Him Wanna Punch Someone in The Face.
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Violet dove back in before anyone noticed she'd been gone, and looked around at children pairing up. "Huh?" she said aloud, confused. After asking Chiron, she ventured back into her cabin holding her book, looking for Nico.
Lilly heard the announcement from Chiron for special training. Personally, She dreaded training. But she heard that Nike children were being paired with Hephaestus cabin, she was bit nervous. She had heard these kids were tough, not Ares kids tough but tough. She slowly walked over to a group of Hephaestus kids and looked around for a partner. She saw a few kids who looked like they could fight Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee back to back and be perfectly fine. "Better stay away from them, they probably hurt me for being weak." She walked up to a couple of other Hephaestus kids. She was about to say something when they immediately turned her down. She walked away from the small group and asked a few more Hephaestus children ho also turned her down. She was abut to give up when she looked around and saw another Hephaestus child. He looked the most tough out of all of them. "Maybe if I choose him, he could make up for my lack of strength." Once again she slowly walked over to the demigod.

She walked over to what she believed was a guy named Saice and stared at him for a few seconds. "Maybe it isn't such a good idea to be paired with him. He seems like he could kill me with his pinky finger." Lilly shuddered at that though remembering a few bullies from her past. "Ex...Excuse me? I'm uh, Lilly. Daughter of Nike. I was wondering if maybe we could be partners? I need a partner with your kind of strength so I choose you. ?" Lilly mentally face-palmed at how awkward and desperate she sounded. "It's okay if you say no, nobody really wants to be partners with a weak Nike child." She turned away and face-palmed herself, this time for real. "I'm such a loser" She softly whispered to herself.
"Um." Saice Was Very Nervous, He Was Bad Around Nike Children, Worse Around Girls, He Said "Uh, Sure." He Surprisingly Didn't Feel Competitive, Maybe It Was Just The Girl's Difference From Other Nike Children. But He Felt Normal.
Lilly was very surprise when the demigod accepted her offer. She was hoping he did, but she highly doubted it. "Look, I have to say something before we start this um, special training. I am not like the other Nike kids who want to win all the time. I'm weak and I know I can't win. I'm just a shy loser who has asthma." Lilly laughed bitterly. "But I am going to try my hardest to win this time, no matter what." Lilly then did a small smile.
"Eh, Don't Worry About It, I Have, Uh, Have A Friend Who trains Me, He, Uh, Had To Battle Nike Once, And Won, Which Is Kinda Impossible." He Sighed "His Name Is Leo Valdez, Anyway, Let's Do This." He Started Towards A Large Obstacle Course, Which Chiron Said Would Test All Their Skills.
"He knows someone who actually WON against my mother? The goddess of Victory? Wow, He is either very smart or super powerful" Lilly though to herself. Then she remembered he said Leo Valdez. This guy was trained by THE Leo Valdez. During her time at Camp Half-Blood, She had heard many stories of the Adventures of the "7". For once she felt excited to do special training, especially with someone who actually has met him. She had seen the some of the 7 but she had never actually spoke to them, much less trained with them. She walked over to the obstacle course and looked at it. Her stomach dropped at the sight of it. She HATED obstacle courses, especially the timed ones. "No matter, I am going to win this." She accidentally said out loud. "Oops" Lilly blushed then looked away from the crowd that was staring at her.
"Eh, Don't Worry, In Fact, Don't bother Thinking About Losing, It Might Make You Lose." He Laughed "Let's Go. Looks Like Its HOW We Adapt To Situations." He Started Towards The First Area "Ready? Cause I am." He Said.
(I'll just RP Nico for a short while, if thats OK?)

Violet delved into the Hades Cabin calling out her brother's name. "Nicooo?" she called, tired from the small venture in the woods. When she didn't hear her brother, she jumped back outside, looking for him impatiently.
Mark stood around looking stupid.He watched as the kids trained.He was surprised to see some kids fight.The Aphrodite children kept running away from the Zeus and Ares kids.It was kinda amusing.Although,he shouldn't laugh.He was the one standing in the corner while the rest of his siblings were fighting like animals.He stood there for a while until he saw an Aphrodite priss trip over.He started laughing really hard...until the whole Aphrodite cabin came over."I don't think they paired Aphrodite with Nyx..."He said,backing up.The Aphrodite kids pulled out their weapons and Mark dipped.He grabbed his necklace and drew his broadsword.He stopped and used his shadow evaporation to teleport behind the kids.He then used his hellhound to chase those dumb Aphrodite kids.He stood there and laughed evilly as they got chased by a fiery dog that was the size of a basketball player.
Lilly started to shake a bit when she looked back at the obstacle course. She knew she had to win, but did the course have to look that tough? At least she could have advantage due to her asthma. "Who am I kidding, I'm a demigod like the rest of the people here. I don't need a advantage." Lilly thoughts were interrupted by the sound of screaming. She turned to see what it was when she saw a large hellhound chasing some for Aphrodite kids. She never really liked because they were generally prissy and rude but no one deserved to be chased by a hellhound, even if they were kind of adorable. Lilly looked and saw a Nyx demigod was laughing at the poor kids and just rolled her eyes. It was typical for Nyx or Hermes kids to do something like that. "I should probably focus on the special training." She then walked back over to the start of the obstacle course with determination in her eyes. "Alright Lilly, You are going to win this."
Saice Entered The First Area with Lily, And Looked, He Said
"Oh, My, Gosh, This Is My Element." He Looked At The Area, It was A Fire Based Room, He Looked At The Fire Covered Bridge, And A Shadow-Made Figure Stood, Chiron's Voice Boomed Through A Loud-Speaker
"This Room Will Test how You Fight In fire!"
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Mark sighed.He walked over to the obstacle course and begun it.He saw many demigods doing.But,the Aphrodite kids kept failing and they looked a little shaken."Great job,"Mark called to the Aphrodite kids and he begun the course so they wouldn't get him.
Lilly looked around the first area nervously. Fire wasn't her least favorite element but she was still a bit scared of it. She then noticed a shadow made figure standing there. Assuming she had to either defend herself from it or fight it she then dug around her purse and pulled out her hand-mirror which turned into her shield. She then took out her tube of lipstick which was her dagger. "Okay Lilly, you can do this." Lilly whispered to herself.
Saice Drew His Katana, He Set His Other Hand On Fire, He said
"Let's Dance." He charged, Through The Fire, He Looked Like he Could Have been A Superhero, He Leapt In The air, Did A Front-Flip, Then Clashed his Sword With The Shadow Figure's Scythe, he Said "What the? A Scythe? Alright!" He tried Lighting The Guy On Fire, It Did Nothing, The Shadow Guy Did The Same, It Did nothing, Saice Said "Okay, Let's Try Proper Combat." He Clashed Again.
Mark finished the obstacle course,but he was too busy laughing at the Aphrodite priss who was crying a over a broken nail.He stopped and looked at the room.Fire.Not the best choice for him,but he didn't mind.He looked around the room.But,the grand final of his tour was seeing a Hephaestus kid and a...shadow fighting.He didn't complain and wandered around the room.He decided to hide in a dark corner and wait for the shadow thing to be done fighting Sir Spicy-Hands.
Violet looked over at the course, Nico complaining. "We have to do it, and yes, I heard Chiron say we had to do it!" She hefted her daggers, gave Nico one last glare, and jumped in. She dodged and blocked any incoming fire with a bit of wounds. She sped through the course, looking behind her quickly to see how Nico was doing. When she found she couldn't see him, she groaned and backflipped, almost burning her entire face right then and there. Spotting the olive skinned boy threw the embers she threw him in front of her and ran through.
Mark finished the obstacle course,but he was too busy laughing at the Aphrodite priss who was crying a over a broken nail.He stopped and looked at the room.Fire.Not the best choice for him,but he didn't mind.He looked around the room.But,the grand final of his tour was seeing a Hephaestus kid and a...shadow fighting.He didn't complain and wandered around the room.He decided to hide in a dark corner and wait for the shadow thing to be done fighting Sir Spicy-Hands.
OOC: Saice Is Going To HATE Being Called That, Love It!

Saice Hopped Back As His Sword Was Flung Out His hands, He Muttered
"Oh, Poop, A LITTLE HELP! PLEAE!?" He Shouted To His Teammate, Then He Looked At The Rest Of The Bridge, It Was On Fire "Oh, Uh, hang On A Sec." he Went Towards her, And Said "Ya Might Wanna Hop On Me."
"Oh, Sorry. I'll try to help" Lily then hopped her partners back. "Terribly sorry about that. If you want you an uses my shield. It's a tough shield given to me by my mother." She then gave him the shield. "I'll try to fight with my dagger the best I can but if we need to, I can summon my master shield, but you'll need to defend me." She then hopped off Saice's back when they walked across the bridge. Lilly attacked the shadow figure with her dagger but it avoided her attacks. She managed to land a blow but it seemed to do nothing. She then lost her dagger. The Shadow figure was about to attack her when she summoned her wings and flew to pick up her dagger. She then managed to get Saice's Sword and she gave it back to him. "Let's fight this thing together."
"Right, Its Made To Adapt To Any Demigod, But Only ONE At A Time." Saice Felt A Rush Of Energy, he Ran Forward, As The Shadow Figure Tried To Attack, He Brought Up The Shield, Then slashed With His Celestial Bronze Katana, it Did A Lot, And Also Stunned The Guy, Taking His Chance, He Mouthed To Lilly NOW!
Lilly then flew up to the shadow figure and manage to stab him with her dagger. After she did that it it seem to disappeared. After that, her wings disappeared as well as they did after a battle. Lilly's face then stared to grin. She had defeated the shadow figure. Sure she had help, but even defeated it was a lot for her. "Thank you Mother." Lilly thanked her mother for the victory and the wings. "Um, I kinda need my shield back, it was gift from my mother and she doesn't really like it when other people keep it for themselves." She then remembered when one of the Hermes kids, a Stoll brother stole her shield as a prank and he ended up losing everything they did for a week.
"Okay, here." Saice Passed The Shield Back, And Then Said "Let's Head To The Next Area." After Getting Their scores, Which Were:
Saice: 6/10 Not Quick Enough Reactions.
"Well, That's Neat." They Headed To The next Area, Which Was Filled With Snow And Ice, The Loudspeaker Said
"THE COW GOES MOOOOOOOOOOOOO, All Da ladies Luv Leo! This Area Will Test How You Fight On Ice!" Saice Said
"Well, two Things, One, Leo has Been Here, two, This Is NOT Going To Go Well." he Saw The Shadow Figure, This Time Holding A Sniper Rifle And Had A Flamberge, Which looks Like This:

Saice Drew His Katana, And Whispered To Lilly "That Shield of Yours Is Going To have to Do A Lot Of Blocking."
Lilly smiled. "Got it!" Though she was a little disappointed with her score she understood why. She should have helped more then she did.
She giggled with the loudspeaker said THE COW GOES MOO but was silent when she noticed what the next shadow figure had as a weapon. She then raised her shield in defense, which was her strong suit. The Shadow figure then fired some Celestial bronze bullets in Lilly direction and she trembled behind her shield. She tried to aim to hit the shadow figure with her dagger but it kept avoiding her hits.

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Mark got up and the shadow creature appeared,again.It took a ready position.Mark grasped his necklace and pulled it.It transformed into his broadsword.His hellhound ran up next to him and growled at the shadow.Mark advanced and swung his sword.The shadow blocked the hit and the hellhound pounced.Mark stabbed the shadow and advanced.Mark waited for his score."Seven out of ten?!I did way better,"Mark said walking to the next room.
Saice Smirked As The Shadow Figure As He tried Shooting Lilly, Saice Literally Walked Up To the Shadow, And Stabbed It. He Said
"That Was Disappointing, Let's Get Scores." He And Lilly Walked To The Score Giver, It said
"10/10 For Both Of You! Excellent Work!"