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Can Fusion Work in Pokémon

Can Fusion Work in Pokémon?

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This was a little discussion idea that I've been debating for a while & I wanted to see what other people think.

I've seen people make their own designs of pokémon fusions before, but I never really liked the concept since all people seemed to be doing was randomly taking two pokémon and slapping them together. I always liked fusion as a concept due to stuff like the fusions from Steven Universe or DNA Digivolution from Digimon, but it just seemed like pokémon wasn't fully utilizing it.

I tried designing my own fusions similar to the other two examples, where fusion works like a form of evolution where the fusers become an entirely new pokémon that makes them stronger & more complete than they are when they're apart. However, the more I played around with this idea, the more I realized that fusion opens a moral can of worms, similar to how Pokémon battles are normally compared to forcing animals to fight. Unlike Steven Universe or Digimon, where the fusers are inorganic beings who can turn back into their original selves after fusing, fusing Pokémon can be wrong & disturbing from a moral standpoint since they're real living creatures that can't go back from fusing. This could basically be compared to the chimeras from Full Metal Alchemist.

The only way I thought of working around that issue would be to push fusion as an evolution mechanic by using stones to fuse & making sure the pokémon give their consent with fusing. The only problem with that is for the games you need to make it so that any & all pokémon can fuse and the consent thing is only seen through the dialogue or stuff like the anime, which a number of people will more than likely gloss over. This is a similar problem to mega evolution since the game dialogue & anime say you need to have a strong bond with your pokémon in order to mega evolve, but in the actual battles all you have to do is slap on a mega stone and -poof- you've got a mega pokémon.

So, this is what I want to discuss. Do you think pokémon can introduce fusion & work around the dark undertones behind it? If so, how can they do it?
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I don't think fusion would work in Pokémon and sure Pokémon fusions have been made by fans and I agree that it seems wrong to fuse living beings but the way you think of working round that by making it an evolutionary method, I don't think would work. I mean like what Pokémon would the Pokémon you want to evolve, fuse with? Though, maybe it could work, but only under VERY particular criteria such as:

1. Having a Pokémon of the same type in your party (If dual-type then they would have to be the same dual-type)
2. Both the Pokémon having the same level
3. Both being same evolutionary stage (e.g. Flaaffy and Pikachu both being middle evolutions)

And those are my criteria for Pokémon to fuse!

Thanks for making this and I hope you understand my opinion. Let me know if you agree or disagree and tell me why.

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The only way a Pokémon could „fuse“ is if two Pokémon wich have similar DNA live in the same habitat and start breeding. The offspring would be a „fusion“ of both races.