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X/Y Character Customisation


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New to Pokémon X and Y is the ability to customise how your trainer looks. Throughout Kalos, there are boutiques that allow you to change your trainer's outfits, and a salon to change their hairstyles.


Each boutique specialises in a different style, allowing you to change your clothes, hat, shoes, and accessories to put together different looks and differentiate yourself from other trainers. Updating your trainer's appearance also updates their appearance in the Player Search System (PSS).



There is also a salon, which allow you to change your Trainer's hairstyle.



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I'm genuinely impressed by the level of customisation you're able to do in these games. Right from the beginning, when we deduced you could do it from the mirror in the first trailer, I expected to be disappointed by the customisation options - I expected things like hair colours, skin tones, and maybe clothes recolours at best, maybe with hats if we were lucky. As it happens, it looks like the customisation is very extensive, which I'm pleased about.

It'll also mean link battles are far more interesting. No more will you just see Nate fighting Rosa, or two Rosas fighting.

Mind you, I am not at all surprised we got a schoolgirl outfit. >>;


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I just realized that we haven't seen much customization on the overworld. Other than hair color, hats, and a haircut, I hope we get to see more of that soon. But then again... the game is less than a month away, so i'll be fine with waiting:?


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This. This is PBR done right.

My thoughts exactly. ♥

One of my favourite features within PBR was its customization options, yet that game barely scratched the surface of what real customization in Pokemon could be! Everything I'm seeing with X&Y re: custom characters looks great and I'm really going to enjoy tinkering around with the various options. It'll make every one of my many playthroughs feel that much more unique character-wise too. ^-^
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The disconnect between the in-game model and the clothes-doll model is kinda creepy. The latter ages the player character significantly, too.

Hoping there's a decent selection here. Certainly, I wouldn't go for any of the options shown so far as my character. Would be nice to see some (free) DLC related to this too.

Would also be nice to see the option to pin an earned badge to your hat or something too.
This was one of my biggest hopes for x and y and it came true!It's realy nice to change you're look and not look like gamefreak and nintendo made you to.
I really hope that you can also change what color said clothes are, and maybe pull an animal crossing and make things for yourself? While that's a bit farfetched, I'm glad this is a feature~ I just hope that we can finally take off the hat, I can go anywhere from there so long as I'm not required to wear a hat.
I know for a fact that we can change our socks! Freaking socks! I know for sure that I'm probably going to be spending more time customizing my character rather than playing the game.
There are rumors that the player character can dress up as the protagonists from older generations. I'll be looking forward to being stumped by the (supposedly) massive selection.
Oh my God! This is incredible!! :love:

I hope they have pigtails in the hair styles!! I have my hair in pigtails, and I really want my girl to look like me...

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For the same reason people don't always want to make their characters in other games featuring character customization to resemble themselves.

Creating new characters is fun on its own right.
What is the best type of clothing (it is the black background?)?

There is no "best" type of clothing. For all intents and purposes, any sort of color or design next to a piece of clothing only symbolizes either where it's bought at, what set of clothing it's from, and/or how expensive it is. As noted by when the lady in the Lumiose City Boutique won't let you in because you're not stylish enough, style has nothing to do with clothes. In fact, clothing has no real impact on literally anything in the game. Being able to change your appearance is merely a generous thing gifted unto us by Nintendo/GameFreak.
If I ever get a 3DS and pokemon x or y I would probably spend my entire time dressing up my charector. Bad thing is that I'll probably never get a 3DS and if I ever do I probably won't get pokemon x or y:(