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Starting World?

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The MultiVerse's Frontier has never been better! Or has it?

Ever since the Great MultiVerse Wars ended, the Pokémon regions of Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, Alola, Galar, Straya and Rainbow, along with all the other places in the MultiVerse, have been in complete peace. But Queen Cosmica has overseen a terrible future: Something is in the shadows, and evil has been rising once again. The protector of the cosmos has even gone missing!

Now, a young girl and her allies must work together to stop the source of the evil. But for this special girl, there's a catch. She must learn to harness her dangerous powers along with everyone else's while learning about her true past. Can she do it?

This is it. A big, big story is about to begin. Whether you own a creature like a Pokémon or you're a different creature instead of a human yourself, you must discover the inner magic inside and the destiny you are meant to have. But be careful that you don't fall into evil!

Note: Unlike my other stories, fan-regions and Fakemon ARE included.
Here are the rules:
- Creature on Creature violence is not going to be allowed unless for comedic purposes (except for antagonists). However, there may be a time when there's no choice but to fight back.
- No Mary Sues are included! I don't like them one bit!
- Romance is included, but it's kept PG-13.
- Swearing is bleeped out.
- All heroes remain nice.
- If you want to make your own main cast team, let me know via private message.
- Overpowering is removed!
- This is the beginning of your journey, which means you are all sent to help yourselves and others learn about friendship. Specially, not counting THAT goal...
-- For Trainers, you only have one starting Pokémon.
-- For Equestrians, you're NOT an Alicorn from the start.
-- For fairies who live in the WinxVerse, you're starting with the basic standard form, or Magix in my canons' case.
- Most importantly, do NOT make fun of what happens or force me to change the plot!

Below are the character sheets needed to be filled in:​
Homeplace (Town or City, Region)/(Planet, Universe):
Age: [10 to 15 for humans or 6 to 25 for ponies]
Trainer Class (PokéVerse only):
Hair/Mane Style and Hair/Mane Color:
Eye Color:
Skin Color:
Aura Color:
Cutie/Harmony Mark: His/Her mark is [put info here].
Element of Harmony:
Part of Team (optional):
Magical Abilities:
Stats [F- to A+ or infinite]:
  • Destructive Power:
  • Magic Power:
  • Attack:
  • Defense:
  • Special Attack:
  • Special Defense:
  • Speed:
  • Accuracy/Precision:
  • Evasion:
  • Development/Magic Potential:
  • Form Persistence:
Partnered With: [fairy mascot/Dream Animal/Pokémon/anything else; if any, remove if none]
Love Relationships?:
Group: [Pokémon or anything else]
Its species is known as the _____ Pokémon (only fill out if creature is a Pokémon)
- There will be a lot of places outside the Pokémon world to explore, and different characters will star in each universe.
- Everyone's backstories will be rewritten (though a lucky few are only getting minor changes). I will still let the OC creators suggest ideas.
- Outfits are completely changed.
(If you thought of any other changes for this story, feel free to PM me. As for whether you're allowed to join or not, everyone is free to do so! No need to ask!)
All the users from the roleplays I attend will have all their OC Trainer characters included for crossover reasons. Currently, they are @PokémonWingsOfFire, @tokkiyo, @XxMrNinjaxX, @Abra Kadabra Alakazam!, @Cmeriwether and @DeanPE_Gamer.
Currently, the following characters from fans and OTHER creators are included:​
Put "United Friends!" at the end of your character bio post.
EDIT: Tweaked up the lore after forgetting something...
EDIT2: Added additions
EDIT3: Added poll. If you want us to start in the Pokemon world, first tell me which version (human or Mystery Dungeon). If you chose the former, tell me which region we should start in.
EDIT4: Updated lore due to out-date-ness...​
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That's not how it goes! Let me give you an example on what SHOULD be done:

Name: Nina Woods
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Homeplace (Town or City, Region)/(Planet, Universe): Postwick, Galar
Age: 12
Trainer Class (PokéVerse only): Pokemon Trainer
Hair/Mane Style and Hair/Mane Color: Brown pigtails
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Color: Tan
Aura Color: Yellow
Cutie/Harmony Mark: She does not have a Harmony Mark due to an accident that prevented her from even unlocking her potential.
Personality: Very cheerful and sweet
Element of Harmony: Bravery
Part of Team (optional): Neo-PokeFaith
Skills: Nina is very knowledgeable and uses her Pokemon's abilities to help her.
Magical Abilities: She has not been able to unlock them fully, but her aura is still accessable.
Spells: None yet
Power: Unknown
Stats [F- to A+ or infinite]:
  • Destructive Power: B
  • Magic Power: C
  • Attack: B
  • Defense: A
  • Special Attack: B
  • Special Defense: A
  • Speed: C
  • Accuracy/Precision: C
  • Evasion: B
  • Development/Magic Potential: B
  • Form Persistence: None
Partnered With: Pero IV (Dream Animal), SparkleDex (her PokeDex)
Family: Victor (father), Gloria (mother), Lea (younger sister)
Love Relationships?: None

But since it looks as if you're not creative enough, I'll create another character for you.
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Previously RubyGus
Name: Sabulo
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Homeplace (Town or City, Region)/(Planet, Universe): Straya
Age: 13
Trainer Class (PokéVerse only): Ace Trainer
Hair/Mane Style and Hair/Mane Color: Red
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: White/Normal
Aura Color: Blue
Cutie/Harmony Mark: His/Her mark is [put info here]: Dragon
Personality: Sabulo Is the Tricker type the only way that he makes friends if they trick him or scare him
Element of Harmony: Bravey
Part of Team (optional):
Skills: Sabulo is kind of a fan of doing backflip and acrobatics
Magical Abilities: Shapeshifting, Telekinesis, Teleportation, Telepathy, Super Speed, Flying
Spells: Fire Blast , Energy Blast, Turning people into animals for 10 seconds, Taking over people’s mind and Clones
Power: Shadow
Stats [F- to A+ or infinite]:
  • Destructive Power: A+
  • Magic Power: B
  • Attack: A-
  • Defense: C+
  • Special Attack: A-
  • Special Defense: B+
  • Speed: A+
  • Accuracy/Precision: C+
  • Evasion: A+
  • Development/Magic Potential: B+
  • Form Persistence: A+
Partnered With: [fairy mascot/Dream Animal/Pokémon/anything else; if any, remove if none]
Family: Pokémon
Love Relationships?: None
Name: Gereta
Gender: Male
Species: Half-Saiyan (I'm from the Dragon Ball universe!)
Homeplace : Universe 7
Age: 31
Hair/Mane Style and Hair/Mane Color: Brown Hair
Eye Color: Black
Skin Color: Fair
Aura Color: Normal: White Saiyan Power: Yellow
Personality: Fun!
Part of Team (optional): Z-Fighters
Magical Abilities: Kamehameha, Ki Blast, Spirit Bomb, Super Saiyan Form (lvl 3)
Stats [F- to A+ or infinite]:
  • Destructive Power: E-
  • Magic Power:F-
  • Attack: A+
  • Defense: B
  • Special Attack: B+
  • Special Defense: A
  • Speed: C+
  • Accuracy/Precision: B-
  • Evasion: C+
  • Development/Magic Potential: B+
  • Form Persistence: A+