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XY/ORAS Singles Charizard sun team help? ((Only one Pokemon Decided on))

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So I've been wanting to get into competitive battles and I've finally gotten the breeding down but now I need to pick a team to go with my focal point.

My first pick is Mega Charizard Y.


Nature: Timid
IV's/EV's: IV's are in HP, SP. ATK, SP. DEF, Speed, and Attack/ EV's are split 256 in SP.ATK, and 256 in Speed.
Fire Blast
Brick Break

Any other info let me know but other than that I've got no idea. I heard that Venasaur could be pretty good but I'm not sure. Any help is appreciated and I'll update things as this goes along.


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From the Clinic rules:

The Doctor's Clinic rules said:
2. Do NOT ask for someone to make a team for you - this is not only lazy, but it's also pointless if people recommend team members that you cannot acquire or if people recommend Pokemon that you just plain don't like.

I think that says enough.
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